Alfredsson out for Game 5; post-practice interviews


As Carp said earlier today, I was at the Garden for today’s practice. Much of the talk focused on the Rangers’ struggles in overtime. They are 0-7 in their last seven playoff forays into OT, including 0-2 this series.

Somehow, someway, they have managed to not trail for a single solitary second through four games yet find this Eastern Conference quarterfinal deadlocked 2-2.

You’ll find much of that in the audio files below. Henrik Lundqvist also shared some interesting thoughts on whether or not the Rangers remain in control of the series. (Short version: Not really.)

Perhaps the biggest news came out of Ottawa, where Daniel Alfredsson and Jesse Winchester have both been ruled out for Game 5. They won’t even accompany the team to New York. But the Sens will be joined by Canadian junior star Mark Stone. He had 123 points this year skating for the WHL’s Brandon Wheat Kings and led Canada’s U-20 team in scoring at the 2012 World Juniors.

According to the link, Stone skated with the club’s top power-play line at Friday’s practice. Of course, Paul MacLean voiced no actual hints as to whether or not Stone will play tomorrow night.

The Rangers split Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik up in today’s practice after the pair were separated late in Game 4. Today, Richards skated between Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky and Gaborik was alongside Artem Anisimov and across from Derek Stepan.

Also, Steve Eminger continued to skate at practice as he recovers from an ankle injury. He told me he would benefit from a couple more practices but believed he could play if called upon in Game 5.

On to the interviews…

Henrik Lundqvist:
[audio: henrik.MP3]

Ryan Callahan:
[audio: callahan.MP3]

Marc Staal:
[audio: staal.MP3]

Brandon Prust:
[audio: prust.MP3]

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  1. Matty'"Rangersin6"boy on

    Ya know, this Eminger stuff. Is he our savior? I kind of remember him being a journeyman d-man. Is he really THAT good? With Bickel out, we have one less physical deterrent with a team that is playing us tough already and beating…er..ah..playing us our game. I realize Bickel has limited talent, but this leaves two guys, an all-of-a-sudden-unwilling-to-fight Prust and Rupp, who rarely plays, to defend our finesse players.

    If Carkner, Konopka, Neil continue to indimidate us, who stops it?


  2. They will win or fail on the strength of their play in the opposing zone. They are not going to defend their way to the cup. So far they’ve put an enormous onus on Lundqvist and frankly he’s the only reason they are still alive in this series.

    They have not mastered the Sens defensive zone, and they simply do not put enough rubber on the goal. It’s really that simple. They must already set some kind of record as having made the most, passes per shots on goal in the entire history of the playoffs…..if not I stand corrected, but………..

    What did you do in the playoffs Daddy? says the tot…
    “Oh….well, ah, harumph, I didn’t score any goals…but IO\ sure scared the pants off them with my passes.” “Wow, Daddy” says the Tot…so did you win the game?” “Oh well, that wasn’t really the objective, what we were doing was demonstrating how this game could be played when you know how to pass…..and we sure showed them that.”…………….. “oh”

  3. This Hagelin-Alfie thing has been a debacle. Team misses Hags and Alfie’s absence has inspired his team to play better individually than they did when they had him in the lineup to expect great things from.

  4. Many of you pointed out that I seem to be “considering” Rangers advancement to the next round.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. My burger comment was a mere joke to break up the chat and amuse you.

    This team isn’t even sniffing the next round. It’s been done since Game 1 and the next game will prove how talentless these clowns are … the Rangers will lose by at least 5 and only because the Queen will get lucky on some shots and actually make some saves.

    Less than 28 hours until the gutless scoundrels get one game closer to elimination.

  5. MacLean somewhat agrees with Carp on the momentum topic…uh-oh:

    “Every game is a different beast altogether and it’s just important that we get finished with today before we start getting to tomorrow, but the fact that you won the game before gives you a little bit (of momentum) starting out.”

  6. Eminger is a physical d-man. And lets face it Bickel makes Eminger look like Chara when it comes to offense and shooting the puck. As Ive said before Bickel is not THE problem, but Id play Eminger any day over Bickel.

  7. JimboWoodside on

    Bickel is hurt? When did that happen? Geez, at least he could have scrapped with Neil or Konopka before getting hurt. :-(

  8. Stranger Nation on

    Respectfully disagree on Eminger better than Bickel – more experienced may be the appropriate term. But he is not better on either side of the ice. His skating will make Bickel seem like Jeff Skinner, especially if he is nursing a sore ankle. Bick is young – the stage is big – if Torts thinks Em makes better decisions in the 4 mins Bick or Em will play, go for it.

  9. Eminger sucks. That’s all I have to say. He isn’t physical enough, he isn’t fast enough, he’s too slow and he wears too much gel in his hair.

  10. JimboWoodside on

    Didn’t our boys have the most fighting majors in the league this past season? And yet, what is the image that is burned into our minds when we think of this series so far? Boyle, down on the ice, face-down, with Carkner on top of him, raining blows down upon Boyler.

    What is wrong with this picture?

  11. Henrik needs to win us an OT game, I agree, but in a lot of those games he got unlucky (Game 4 vs. Washington last year, Game 3 vs. the Devils in 09), and in the majority of them, the Rangers didn’t have much of the puck at all.

  12. Stranger Nation on

    damn straight Jimbo – they have to stop ‘turning the other cheek’

    Manny – *no gel*

  13. Great point, Jimbo. Great point.

    I don’t think John Scott is very good but if Bickel is out we lose even more size in our lineup. I MIGHT play him on D before I play Eminger. If the Blackhawks had kept Scott he would probably be playing in their playoffs, right?

  14. My biggest thing with Bickel is that he makes it seem as if he doesnt even know where the opposing net is. Ye he protects the crease, and I like that, but dude we need shots sometimes too. Eminger’s offensive ability, physical play, and defense are, for me, more valuable than Bickel’s. But again, if we’re talking about 6th D-men as our main issue, we’re in good shape.

  15. Rangers West on

    I just got a text from Christian Backman! It reads:

    “Tell Torts I’m ready! If he puts me on the ice I’ll f@%k some mothers up, yo! I’m an animal! Release the beast!”

    Ten minutes later his mom texted me asking if I knew where he was. He escaped rehab:-(

  16. If someone doesn’t tell me what happened to Bickel I am going to go all John Scott vs. Kevin Westgarth on each and every one of you.

  17. Lev, if you look at even bigger picture, both of them will be fighting for a 6-7 D-man spot next year. None of them could be asked to fill any offensive role(even though Bickel had 9 assists this year). Eminger is 3 years older, doesn’t nearly have the physicality and meanness of Bickel, and has had similar occasional brain cramps this year. If Bickel is in their plans next year, and imo he should be, let him get the invaluable experience to play when it really counts- the playoffs

  18. THREE!

    I do not want to have to beat up Dr. Ilb but I will because he betrayed me just like the rest of you.

  19. He is? Why are people saying he’s out!?

    I was just kidding about beating you all up. Please don’t call the police (Carp) on me.

  20. Manny, I think you’ve been reading that environmental crap for too long today. You are reading into stuff too much. Matty meant “if Bickel is out”


    I am a Complete MORON. I am going to go beat the crap out of my face and then eat it like Silence of the Lambs, II

  22. Tonight is a *MUST WIN* I don’t care if they aren’t playing! MUST WIN (how’s that for eric?)

  23. LMFAO!!!!!!!! Tony’s PT guy is an Islanders fan. Tony told him exactly what he thought about the Islanders.

  24. By the time he’s done with Tony, I think the Islanders may lose the last one, Latona…

  25. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    Just got done running errands…

    WTF is wrong with BICKEL???? how did he get injured??


    Carp (or Josh, 26)
    on the pruster interview, who was int he background giving him a rash of crap during the interview about sweatpants?? MDZ???

  26. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    I think I’m going to quit posting on the blog, I seem to be the buzz kill!! I mean I never get a response on anything…everyone disappears….It’s like I work a lot of long strange hours and am a couple time zones away or something……


  27. So, also, in defense of letting Bickel play, Torts in the last post game said he is coming along, improving all the time and working real hard. At least, that’s what I thought I heard. I saw his mouth and lips move, too. He said it!

    Maybe he was trying to say nice things to him because he only played a handful of minutes in the game.

  28. Let’s Go Pittsburgh!!!! All I know is I want to see Pitssburgh bring there series to 7 games before losing to the philthies. It all means nothing if the rangers don’t advance to the second round.

  29. “Henrik needs to win us an OT game”

    Henrik can not win an OT game. All he can do is prevent a loss. It’s up to the skaters to win the damned thing. If they’d score a goal in the OT then Henrik will be a winner. People are acting like it’s all the goalie’s fault. The offense has to score a freakin’ goal!

  30. Cross Check,

    If you read the rest of my post, you would see that I am not acting like it’s all Henrik’s fault.

  31. What’s with all the talk about defense (and a third pair no less)? Okay, it’s important, but a far bigger issue is OFFENSE, or more specifically, NOT NEARLY ENOUGH GOALS! We need to tilt the ice and spend lots more time putting the pressure on their D. Then the much discussed Eminger vs. Bickel debate takes on much less importance.

  32. Forgot to add…watching our team score is way more entertaining than watching them block shots. Just keep repeating “He shoots, he scores”.

  33. I want Torts to do something drastic to the team. You know, something like allow them to re-enter the Tweeter world! Theyre suffering from Tweeter withdrawal!

  34. Since bickel Plays 4 minutes a game. When Hagelin comes back sit Bickel and play a speed line of Krieder gaby and Hagelin

    Only put the line on when the face off is caused by a senators offside. Win the draw and motor up ice. Lose the draw and neutral zone trap with speed plays. Oh Garidi and Mc D as the D pair in case all goes wrong.

  35. “It was a clear statement that what he did was wrong,” Bettman said. “I have pretty high confidence in Brendan Shanahan — having been on the ice recently and the type of player he was — he knows exactly what took place there and how big a deal it was. … Whether or not it was the maximum fine or a one-game suspension hardly has anything to do with any of the other things we’re talking about.”

    He added Shanahan “is doing a very, very good job.”
    Statement from our Commissioner today. Brilliant. Shea Weber’s $2500 fine is the same as a 1 game suspension. Gary, put a helmet on, pretend you’re Zetterberg, have Shea Weber put you in a headlock and ram your head a few times into the boards. Then, tell us all that’s worth a $2500 fine and that fine is a deterrent. $2500 to Shea Webber is a cup of coffee to me. With that kind of logic, start putting teams in the most remote big towns possible. Oops, you’ve already done that. Jerk-0.

  36. pierre is just horrendous to listen to… it’s like you get kenny calling the game and then you hear this jackwagon, ‘chip, chase, check’

  37. i wonder if the Pens will goon it up if the Flyers start blowing them out in this elimination game

  38. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    aaah LLLLLLLLLEV!!!!!! how ya doin mon amie

    ahoya LaTONYa!

    buon natale eddie

  39. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    Preds on the power play 16 seconds in lol

  40. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    and 15 seconds later, Preds get called for interference……wth lol

  41. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    still lol @ Hage

    so, did Raffi Torres get his slap on the wrist today?

  42. 2-1 Flys! Hartnell!

    I’m recovering from a sinus infection, so I missed two days this week.. plus I had vacation last week.. not looking forward to all the work I have to make up. Hopefully the NYR can throw me a bone and some motivation!

  43. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    lol Lev, we think alike

    LaTONYa, allergies killing me like nobody’s business. I can’t wait to get to NY and have a few clear days before coming back to this allergy hell hole

  44. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    and a commercial during play!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAARGH how does a SPORTS STATION not know how to broadcast sports and wait for the tv time out?

  45. A commercial during play?!?! WTB!! Sickening fools. I wonder if they did that here on CNBC, I record these games. BYFUGLIEN!!!

  46. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    its always during the games on Fox SPorts South.. so very frustrating. actually missed a goal the other day

  47. It’s probably not much better up here, hate to break it to you, Hage..

    Anoyone else think the first period of PHI-PIT was kinda boring?

  48. Olga Folkyerself on

    Just woke up. I was having the oddest dream. I dreamt that that esso bee Torrez knocked out Hossa and the Coyotes, of all people were leading Chicago in the series 3 games to 1.

    Weird, Huh?

  49. Olga Folkyerself on

    great check malkin laid on crosby hahahahhahahah

    There is your perfect crime Eddie. Grab Malkin by the feet. Swing him around until Malkin hits Crosby in the head with his head.

    Two victims with heads smashed, and no murder weapon.

  50. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    damnit a commercial AGAIN during play! I need to write to fox sports south and comcast and find out what genus of asshat they have running the show there

  51. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    i bet they dont do that during NASCAR!! asshats


  52. I don’t even know why they need commercials during NASCAR, all the ads are on the vehicles…

  53. Tyler Kennedy needs to be careful celebrating by jumping into the glass. If he gets the angle slightly wrong, the two suction cups on his face will get attached to it.

  54. Philly needs to win either tonight or Game 6. No way they’re winning a Game 7 in Pittsburgh, especially with the aid of the officials.

  55. How does a -guy- pig like Kennedy look himself in the mirror everyday? I couldnt live w myself if I looked like that. One of my favorite activities is admiring my gorgeous self each day!

  56. does anybody know what’s the longest in minutes that this Pitt-Philly series has gone without a goal being scored?

  57. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on


    that’s a great question Carpy

  58. Tiki,

    What if they’re the loudest crowd you’ve ever heard, but all they chant is “POTVIN SUCKS!”

  59. Oy. Always startin’ trouble LaTONYa!!! See, in order to do that stupid chant, the crowd must be quiet for some fool to whistle for 30 seconds.

  60. all of a sudden fleury found his game. should the pens pull this off watch out they wont look back

  61. oh shut up about Fleury being superhuman. cant wait till these fools rip him once the Pens lose…

  62. I don’t mind a Potvin Sucks chant in the first period. It makes me smile. But after that, focus on the game.

  63. every time i hear Dupuis, i think it’s somebody with a speech impediment trying to say DuPree. Like Elmer Fudd… this diwector is weally starting to wub me the wong way.

  64. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    thank you Carpy, and about Dupuis, he sounded like he had a speech impediment. Then again he’s on the Pens, so i’m sure his tongue is too large for his mouth

  65. thanks eric. and lol. Try not to get too down if we go down. Never stop believing that the good will triumph. And I must admit, when I go to games, though Ive only been to regular season games, I just sit quiet for the most part.

    Carp, are u mad at me?

  66. good evening ALL

    read that Hags was listening to Avicii’s song “Levels”
    sounded like it might be the team’s post-game WIN SONG
    or at least it is for him

    well, there’s an On Demand Music Video channel on our TW cable system
    so i played it for jpg’s sister and jpg’s mama
    i think they’ve replayed it a half dozen times now.
    (but if it brings some good luck, go for it!!!)

  67. Dumb point shot at the end. He had a guy wide open on the far side with plenty of people in front for a rebound!

  68. Tiki,

    Carp’s not mad at you, I’m sure; he’s probably just angered that I’m around.

  69. hahaha LaTONYa!! How could anyone ever be mad at you? :) Im pretty sure he read a referee tirade of mine from a few days ago and wasnt too pleased.

  70. hate to say i told youse so
    living near pittsburgh i’ve seen waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much
    of this ugly comeback carcillo

    it’s Jason from Friday the 13th coming back again and again.
    here’s to hoping there’s no momentum and the flyers finish ’em off
    in philly. (even with the refs showing mario hockey league Favoritism. i.e. where’s malkin or kennedy’s suspension for concussing grossman?)
    don’t want the chance for it to go to 7 games.
    you kill the Beast when you can and move on.
    besides…………..ah, byfuglien it!! i just don’t wanna think about it.

  71. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good evening all! I’m sure I missed a stellar day here (hartnelling work!) but just got home a tad ago and am poached! Just popped in to say a belated Happy 26th Birthday to CTB!!!!

    and LGT! and LGR!!

    see you tomorrow…..ta!

  72. Could you imagine what it would be like around here if the Rangers were doing what the Flyers are doing

  73. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    lol Tom, i think for some people it IS like that

  74. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    arew you freakinkidding me

    120 left in the game and they go to commercial while the preds are in the wings zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m about to have a meltdown

  75. My friend is a Phlyers fan. Tonight he txted me, “I don’t get how come game after game bryz can give up every decent scoring chance. He stops NOTHING.”

  76. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    holy hartnell they come back with 15 seconds left in the game

  77. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    it jsut went from 3.9 to 4.2 wth OFFICIAL CLOCK CONSPIRACY!!!!


  78. Sad the Wings are out, but cool seeing the respect everyone has for Lidstrom. They seem honored to shake his hand, and I don’t blame them. Greatest player of the past decade, unquestionably.

  79. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    Mr SOCKO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i hope this is NOT the last we see of Niklas Lidstrom

  80. Good for the Preds to advance though. Nice seeing that David Legwand gets the series-clincher; I have a lot of respect for players who stick with their franchises through some rough years. Not that he’s a star who was highly sought after, but he could easily be a reliable third line center on many teams.

  81. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    Weber probably would have bitten off Zetts fingers lol

  82. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    well said LaTONYa
    they just talked to him on the post game show. i can’t wait to see them talk to Trotz

  83. Thanks, Hage!

    So many respectable players on both Preds and Wings. Sad to see one of them had to go in the first round!

  84. so NBC is doing a show about how NBC has all the games, and how hockey has taken over the sports scene (stretch), and the guest they’re interviewing is an NBC executive. Um. What?

  85. I wonder if Skidney saw everybody shake Nick Lidstrom’s hand tonight? See that Skid? At the end of a series, you shake hands with everybody, especially the other captain. Got it?

  86. JimboWoodside on

    The *Golden Child* doesn’t need to lower himself to the level of shaking the hands of mere mortals, Carp!

  87. I was rooting for the Wings but I have no problem with the Preds advancing. I hope this isnt the last we see of Lidstrom. I agree, everyone seemed honored to shake his hand, but I kind of got the sense that he’s done. Maybe thats just me reading body language. LOL. But that’s what hockey should be about. Like Torts said, we need respect in this game.

  88. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    Trotz lookin like a spiffy CLASSY pimp in this suit lol

  89. I don’t advocate violence, but if I were a team captain and he snubbed me, I’d punch his lips off.

    By the way, a special Thank You and Well Done to Josh, 26, for filling in the last couple of days … and he’ll be with me again tomorrow night, and filling in at a few practices while I’m going to and fro Ottawa. At least I can watch Pitt-Philly during my four-hour layover in Toronto. I don’t think the Leafs are playing.

    These are Sunday’s times, just released by the NHL:
    Series Game Time (ET) Networks
    Pittsburgh at Philadelphia Game 6 Noon NBC, TSN
    Boston at Washington Game 6 3 p.m. NBC, CBC
    Los Angeles at Vancouver Game 5 8 p.m. CBC, NBC Sports Network, FS-W

  90. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    punch his lips off! dying lol

    i hope the pens lose in quadruple overtime on Sunday

  91. Wouldn’t it be something if the Preds, Yotes, Kings, and Sharks all advanced in the West? Over Chicago, Detroit, Vancouver, and St. Louis? Talk about non-traditional hockey markets!

  92. Damn crappy Flys! Cannot put the d-nuzzle Cindy and his team away! I have a feeling the Pen()s are gonna win this series… IT’S DISGUSTING!

  93. Hm, so the Bruins play Saturday and Sunday. In another 48 hours, I could be… Oh, nevermind, no sense thinking about it now.

  94. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – Crosby has a little you know what. Malkin is dirty. That team disgusts me. Good live chat today.

  95. I agree, Lev. Lidstrom did look like he was finished. I just wish he could have his last game at the Joe in front of his home crowd.

  96. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY on

    time for pregame prep! have a great night ‘Heads!!

  97. Miami,
    I don’t get you…..are these the same Ranger clowns that kept the East since December? or different clowns? I agree that they aren’t playing their best and could lose the series, but to call them clowns is a bit of a stretch….no?

  98. Can you guys approve my life?

    So I had my second interview today with the guy that is in charge of this law firm I might work for…..he was wearing a FULL face of makeup. I mean liquid foundation from the face up to the bald head he had going on.

  99. Manny, you should not work for a guy who wears more makeup that I do!

    1994, it’s an inside blog joke. The more Miami slams the team, the better they do. Better to just accept and move on :)

  100. Now now Matty, I find guys in dresses and heels to be quite amusing ;) On a stage that is, lol

  101. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    WOW!! So apparently my very arid sense of humour and the nevermind at the end of the last post I put up wasn’t quite enough….I was kidding folks! LOL!!

    why would the police in Iowa be looking for me???LOL again!

    sorry, I know you were looking forward to 09 MAY of this year and 20 APR next year, but sorry to disappoint you but it was just a joke!!

    just say no to the guy that interviewed you from the Tim Burton movie

    punch his lips off made me spit out some molson…LMFAO!!

    Glad the pens won, want that series to go 7 so who ever wins gets a bit more worn out when we eventually play them after our 6 game first round series victory

    Anyone watch that show NHL 36, it’s actually pretty good

    What tirade did I miss?

  102. 4 hour layover in Toronto? No direct flights between Ottawa and NYC??? Man Carp, you need to move to a city that has a bigger airport.

  103. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on


    thanks x2 and I’m not in Iowa nor have I been, but grabby is…are you???

  104. Oops, I always forget where u live. Iowa, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, one of those bush league amateur hour states!!!

  105. You do, Tiki?? That’s pretty impressive since I don;t know where I’ll be living, lol.

  106. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    lol, montana btw. Still coming to visit??

    You can’t leave the lou fast enough. Go GIrl Go!!

    On that note, I have to be at work in 6 hours, so night aasens and LGT and LGR!!!!

  107. Oh, ok, Tiki!

    Damn straight, wicky. I need to get back to NY!

    And on that note, I have a zillion things to do tomorrow, so time for bed. Niters all!

  108. Rangers were meant to FLY!!!!!!
    Hands up and touch the SKY!!!!!
    Cant stop cuz we’re so HIGH!!!!
    Lets do this 14 more times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. jpg's sister on

    carp, thanks for saying that Neil gave Boyler another shot when Boyle was on the ground. Neil didn’t need to push on him to help himself up. It also looked like he pushed his stick into Boyle’s back, too.

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