Tortorella: Rangers will try to regain momentum


In the wake of Game 4, the Rangers held a conference call with John Tortorella and reporters a little while ago. Our friend Carp was a healthy scratch. He’s in the air returning from Ottawa, so I handled the call in his absence.

Tortorella’s club lost 3-2 on Wednesday night to even the series two games apiece. It dropped the Rangers to 0-7 in their last seven overtime playoff games and was highlighted, in part, by their failure to produce a third goal after scoring a pair in the opening 6:10. Their power play converted both goals to start the night 2-0 but went 0 for its last 5.

Those items, the absence of Carl Hagelin, and whether or not his players were gassed were among the topics Tortorella discussed this afternoon. But he really stressed the need to regain momentum.

Here’s a complete transcript of the call…

Question: How did you miss Carl Hagelin in Game 3?

John Tortorella: “That’s not the reason why. I thought we played really well yesterday. You want to see him, but we’ve made do. We’ve done a lot of good things so we’re not going to use that as an excuse. That’s for sure.”

Q: Certainly, some of the guys are gassed and he brings a lot of speed and he’s played big minutes for you.

JT: “No, guys aren’t gassed. I thought the third period was our best period. That’s when we — other than a couple spurts that they had — really played our best hockey. You may look at minutes and think our guys were gassed. Our guys weren’t gassed. I thought that was our best period, really, since the first game.”

Q: Your best guys need to be your best guys. Outside of Henrik, do you feel that that has been the case often enough in this series?

JT: “I’m not about in Game 4 to start naming names. We’ve had some people, some secondary players, play some good minutes. I thought a number players through our lineup gave us some good things here. But after I’m not interested in naming names. We’re going to win or lose as a team here. Again, I thought we just didn’t get it done in overtime. I thought we played a pretty good game last night, so we’ll just get ready for another one.”

Q: Can you talk about the overtime issue? Is that becoming a concern for the team?

JT: “They’ve made a play. They’ve scored a couple goals and we haven’t. Before they scored last night, we had a couple of chances. It’s not about a concern. It’s about trying to find a way to win. They have done that in two games here. If we have another opportunity we’re going to go about our business and see if we can get it done.”

Q: Brad Richards talked before the series started about that ’04 run in Tampa where you guys won one, lost one, won one, lost one, basically from the start of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals through the Cup finals. As a coach, how do you guide a team through that?

JT: “You just get ready for your next game. As I have said, it’s about momentum. I thought going into the overtime we had some really good momentum as far as how we played. Our second period we struggled a bit because we took three penalties, which changed the momentum of the game. But going into the overtime I thought we had really good momentum.”

“Again, they scored a goal on a 2-on-2. They get a win so they’re entering this game with the momentum. We’re just going to try and grab it back — play our game and try to grab back the momentum.”

Q: Are you more encouraged by what you saw from your power play on those first two chances ore are you concerned about the last five where you could’ve put the game away with another goal and you didn’t get one?

JT: “That was the key to the game. We had some good chances to get that third goal, even when it was 2-0 and 2-1 at the time. Staal had a great chance. It was getting that third goal. When we didn’t that you could see in the second period the momentum changed a bit. It turned into a really good hockey game.”

“In the third period, I thought we had the better chances other than a couple spurts by them. I thought we battled hard. We blocked shots during those spurts, but we just weren’t able to find that next goal in the two losses that we’ve had here.”

“Again, I know everybody wants to know what we’re going to do here. We’re going to go out and play. We’re going to practice tomorrow. They’ve away from the game today. We’ll look at some things as far as, really, some of the good things we’ve done. We’re going to go out and play and gain some momentum and maybe score two (wins) in a row.”

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  1. Oh, this is great. Torts is blathering on and on about momentum and Carp isn’t even around to point out to him that it doesn’t exist. what horribly bad karma.

  2. Sioux-per-man on

    4th…… now we need to win 4 games in this series.

    Just win!!! I don’t care how, who, or when. Just win!!!!

  3. I agree that there wasn’t fatigue. They played worlds better in the 3rd than the 2nd period. They were stationary in the second period. They did not dictate the play of the game. They lost all of the battles and races for loose pucks… they tried to sit on their two goal, then one goal, lead.

    I will give this team a break in that you have to learn how to win in the playoffs. This is part of that process. Now, we just need to see if we can hook up Stepan, Anisimov, and Del Zotto to a PS3 remote so we can get them to shoot instead of making those pointless extra passes. Shoot and crash, baby!

  4. Blast Tyrant on

    Played well? Didn’t seem like there was any sustained puck possession to me. Played well? They can’t seem to even chip the puck out of the defensive zone. Played well? Key faceoff losses. Played well? Zenon Konopka received more mentions on the broadcast than Marian Gaborik.

  5. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Eight m-bombs from Torts in one presser!

    Could a genuine s-bomb adjustment be in the works to recapture the m-bomb from the Sens? (More screaming and shot blocking won’t suffice.)

    Time for Jack Adams to outcoach Maclean.

  6. Be more agressive, get the puck deep, stop giving up center ice and get out of your own zone quicker. Keep monday night’s lines. Let the kid play more – gee he’s fast. Gab, Richards, Dubi and particularly Stepon need to stop underachieving. Think of putting Scott out there. Some of their guys are getting away with a lot of crap. Doesn’t look good. Wish I were more confident. I hope Torts post season record doesn’t continue. He sure looks quite confused at times. Henrik must be excellent in the last three games

  7. Is it Torterella’s MO in the playoffs to just make everything seem peaches and cream even when you lose…the whole “I thought we played well” schtick is getting tired, and is a bunch of baloney for the most part. Hope he’s laying into the team behind closed doors. They simply spend too much time in the D zone and rely on Henrik to save their asses. And every clearance of the puck is such a complicated task – there’s sometimes clear opportunities to get the puck over the blue line, but then players cut back and swirl and try to make a pretty pass…just freakin’ clear it!!

  8. Tell Torts to carry his momentum all the way to the golf course.

    I bet he’s alread scheduled his tee time.

  9. Torts is the worst interview in all 4 major sports. He gives up nothing. Not even to co-worker and Dolan employees like Sam Rosen. If I hear “we need to play the right way” again I will scream. We get it.

  10. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Does Kreider know about the big-magic no-stepee-on-the-logo thingee yet? Rupper’s good in the room; I hope to God he fills him in before it’s too late and we lose a promising player to a stupid mistake. This time of the year’s about discipline.

  11. I thought we looked pretty mediocre for the second 2/3 of the game last night, but I have so much faith in Torts that I assume I’m missing something. Is that bad?

  12. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Jon V:

    In the world of criminality, it’s called “Stockholm Syndrome.”

  13. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Josh!!!! My 26-year-old man!!!! Awesome to have you back involved buddy! I hear that you, Carp and another pal o mine had a great meeting with Mr. T a while back… it!!!

  14. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Carp a healthy scratch!! ha…..Josh, you’ve been away too long…You mean Carp was prucha’d….

  15. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Wow, that call didn’t cost a dime even on a pay phone did it :)

    Torts was talking about momentum in a game…..that’s allowed isn’t it???

  16. JimboWoodside on

    *“If you can’t beat them in the alley, you can’t beat them on the ice.”* Conn Smythe, First GM of the New York Rangers.

    What he said! Who have our tough guys been all season, and why aren’t they being so tough in this series? The guys who have been our toughest during the regular season have been silent – when is one of them going to step up to Konopka, Neil, or (God Forbid!) Carkner, and take one for the team!?

    Lord knows, we don’t depend on them to *score goals* for us, so why aren’t they doing what they’ve done for the team all during the season!?

  17. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Torts believes in momentum between games!!! (Like regular folks.)

    Look and believe:

    ” They get a win so they’re entering this game with the momentum. We’re just going to try and grab it back — play our game and try to grab back the momentum.”

    “We’re going to go out and play and gain some momentum and maybe score two (wins) in a row.”

    I just hope the old momentumeer believes in strategy adjustments.

  18. Krieder is fast but he seems scared to death to hit anybody, he is just a kid in a pretty intense situation.
    We did not do our thing. The Sens beat us at our own game. They seem to be the aggressors phyisically. We need to get back to that again, the entire team and not worry about the refs and the fans and all the other BS, just play (jeez, now I sound like Torts!) lol

    Game 5, thats all that matters right now.
    Lets Go Rangers!!!!

  19. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Love the Conn Smythe wisdom.

    Torts doesn’t even have to find people to beat Neil, Konopka and Carkner, just sacrificial lambs to bleed on them on the way to the box.

    Maclean grabbed the strategic momentum in Game 2 and it’s time for Torts to use a little imagination.


  20. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Jonny D:

    Torts and Maclean are both Momentum Truthers, so it’s a wash.

    But who’s the real strategist?

  21. better beans on

    Occasional fits of energy do not describe/define the current
    state of Ranger fuel reserves.

    All the “bad” things this team is doing fit very well with the
    notion they are way low on glycogen. I’m with original
    poster William of Occam on this one:-).

    The “fits” are testament to their character. The jumplessness
    a more worrying testament to Isaac Newton.

    Pray the extra day helps…

  22. Anyone know if Carp got in safely, or please let me know when he does? Id rather not text him and bother him.

  23. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Don’t know when tiki…I assume he is, and catching up with sleep, wife and work….probably in that order :) That’s why he’s a healthy scratch :)

  24. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks, R.I.R.!

    We never backed down from the Flyers, Devils or Bruins during the regular season – why are we backing down from Ottawa now, when our whole season is on-the-line?

  25. I’d like to see Torts needs to unleash them in every way. Open up the offense. Waves of relentless (clean) physical pressure on the dmen and goalie. And direct, ill-humor confrontations with their tough guys.

    I still can’t believe their goon punched one of our key guys twice in the face, then beat on him while he was on his back, and there has been zero response. Not against the aggressor, not against their star players. So what if Carkner beats another one of our guys, you show up for your team.

    We can debate whether this translates to the scoreboard but it’s certainly not how they played all season. I dont think Boston would have played it this way on their Cup run last year either.

  26. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Miami….please…Jax may not be a joy, but the beaches/towns just south of city are some of the best in Florida…makes Miami look bush-league.

  27. Rhode Island – what would you suggest to grab some “momentum”?

    If they start Konopka and Neil to begin the game, do you send out Rupp, Prust and Bickel to tango?

    He hasn’t done it all series, why would they do it now?

  28. so, not to get into it with the thick-heads again, … the Rangers had momentum after Game 1. Ottawa won Game 2. Ottawa had momentum after Game 2. Rangers won Game 3. Rangers had momentum after Game 3. Ottawa won Game 4.


  29. Matteau!

    They won game 4, and that’s why they probably didn’t take that stance in game 4, just guessing.

    But enough is enough now.

    time for a momentum change!

  30. Yes, Ponte Vedra is nice. But nothing spectacular.

    Don’t you dare call Miami “bush-league”. It is far beneath that. It is a “clown-filled, third-world cest-pool of amateur-hour populated with two-bit ugly-morons who drive like drunk-rats”

  31. I don’t know if it’s that Kreider is scared to hit people so much as he’s been forced to try to figure out a game that’s pretty close to being the polar opposite of what he’s used to in the toughest, most pressurized setting imaginable. You could see after a few of those shifts the other night he was completely wiped – the intensity and concentration required at the NHL level are just so much superior to anything he’s dealt with before, I think it’s impressive he’s been able to hang at all.

  32. Rhode Island Ranger on



    Whether or not it’s wise to answer the other side’s violence and intimidation at a given moment in a game is one thing. But not answering what Carkner did to Boyle is psychologically debilitating.

  33. better beans on

    My cousin “Cryin” got carped on his Madeline Kahn thesis.

    He has another winding piece of gallimaufry at the end of the last electronic
    meet, worth it if y’like that sort of contrariness.
    Credits to JohnnyD and Manny (somewhat at odds, but nicely)
    and credits and debits both (a complex world, after all) for
    The Mean Dood Machetto.

    Also thanks to Marz, Matteau (all except the Goongroupie one: on principle,
    and practically, ’cause it’s too late, say the Coots),
    Buster (nice laugh), Dan Shea (though disagree hard about Marc),
    Newman, Vitaly, Gronze (?)(that’s what my chicken-scratch looks like:-),
    Tiki, and a half-dozen others, for the lights.

    LW at 12:33. Not so much saving them “for” anything.
    Saving them “from” further performance-debilitating max minutes,
    and the beating their confidence takes (first typed as “the
    confidence their beating takes” …see what fatigue will do?)
    from failing at hockey moves and split-second decisions
    they were succeeding at so consistently in the winter.
    Confidence, for all players, especially younger, can be fragile
    this level, damaged short AND long term fairly easily, in some

    I do not mean with that testimony Torts’ choice is easy.
    It’s one of a dozen and more basic hard ones the shortcomings of
    the roster declare he must deal with. I do not envy him; don’t want
    to be glib with my counters.

  34. Look. Neutral Zone Turnovers kill this team. So does losing faceoffs in our own zone. Why not Call up Newbury and have him win some faceoffs in our own end late in the game, play PK when Boyle or Prust is in the box (because Richards on the PK is not cutting it) and have him fight whoever with his lightning quick, tiny fists?

  35. better beans on

    Add: Those guys, and a handful of others, become MUCH
    more vulnerable to injury, as well as poor play, the more
    their minutes grow.

  36. Rhode Island Ranger on


    You better straighten Torts (and Maclean) out on this momentum thing. For some crazy reason, they (and everyone else in hockey) seem to define it differently than you!

    But wait, sorry, didn’t you write something about Torts not really meaning it? Mind games. Shot blocking on three levels.

  37. Man. RIP Levon, my favorite drummer of all time. Guess I’m spending my weekend with some whiskey, curled up with my favorite The Band albums.

  38. I don’t understand the difficulty with this momentum debate. Momentum is a confidence boost coinciding with the opponent’s confidence loss which often translates into an advantage in play. It is one factor among many which determine the next 5 minutes and possibly the next game or games. It obviously does not by itself dictate an outcome.

  39. Who’s stupid now?


  40. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Yes, with the last change at MSG, Torts should try the role of initiator rather than reactor. Send Rupper, Bickel and Prust after their very effective tough guys. If they all head to the box after a dance, that’s a great trade for the Rangers. If any of them turtles and the Rangers PK has to earn its supper, that’s a psychological victory for the home side.

    Call it a Strategic Violence Momentum Shifter. Maclean may sue for copywrite violation, though. The lawyers can sort it out.

  41. better beans on


    Of course there are some stupid comments here.
    I always do my share:-). Mean Dood Machetto makes some.
    Manny does, on occasion, though he’s pure brilliance today.
    LW, the logician, is not entirely without marks on his
    escutcheon. Ilb is occasionally goofy…:-).

    Let me get my spine straight and say even you contribute,
    like making declarations about the series’ course the
    other day after the FIRST SIXTY MINUTES. Dumb and
    dumber, as pointed out to you, with humor, when you
    made it.

    And how can a self-professed admirer/disciple of Butthead be
    surprised or chaffed by stupidity?

  42. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Carp, welcome back!!!!

    Sally, good move….on the post-Levon and matzo ball idea.

    Manny, I am NEVER stupid…confused sometimes, yes…..

    Miami, you give Miami too much credit….But come on! Atlantic Beach….all the way through Ponte Vedra and St. Augustine…the north will always conquer the south!!! (well, your south, not the lower south…..)

  43. better beans on

    Duties call….later….hope the extra day brings back some
    of the regular season “jam.”

  44. Allow me to state some obvious stuff- 1)first team that doesn’t “respond” to a loss is gonna be done-2) if we’re going to play the four corner- take the air out of the ball- (forgive me) Lemaire hockey- you’d better win at least SOME of your overtime games- because by leaving teams in games you’re going to end up playing a few of them- 3) forget about “sneaking” thru this first round without expending a lot of energy (which seems to be Torts’ strategy)- when are we going to approach the game like WE ARE the better team (or at least we believe we are). 4) Any overtime goal that goes in on the primary shot is a BAD goal- I don’t care if it’s a breakaway. Doesn’t make a Hank a bad person- it’s just a bad goal.
    I still believe in this team (at least in this series) – Sens have still not won a game in regulation- but you have to wonder what they were thinking when that kid was able to score without someone sitting on- interfering with Hank.

  45. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Orwell predicted all of this decades ago:

    Momentum-denial is Torts Hate.

    Strategy-denial is Torts Love.

  46. My only comment about Torts is that he seems a lot calmer this time around in the playoffs, and im not sure if that is a good or bad thing. When he won a cup with Tampa he seemed to always make the headlines by getting into it with either the media, the other coach, or by ripping his players, and yes, naming names of players who stunk in the game/series. Perhaps he has matured and realizes that if he does that again in NY it will be blown up 10x, but maybe that’s what we need. Wasnt accountability one of the main reasons why people were so happy to get rid of Renney and hire Torts?

  47. Don not worry, Rangers could already win this series, but they like to extend it for more fun and money. Some players make per game more than many of us in one year.
    This series take so much nerves that need to go to doctor. NHL needs to cover visit to doctor and pills for Rangers fans before game.
    It is a joke, but seriously Neil has to be nailed.

  48. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Sally, Skype date!!! brilliant…..I’m ready now as soon as I finish laundry! :)

  49. The only stupid comments flying around are Tort’s.

    Watch the Rangers lose 9-1 next game and that clown will say: “I thought for the most part we played well. Stupid penalties by Dubinski. Really handed momentum to them. Other than that, we kept it pretty close.”

  50. I can’t believe we’re going to lose the series to these hacks.

    I mean, we’re hacks ourselves, but it’s unbelievable that we’re tied 2-2. This team is gutless.

  51. Keep Callahan, Lundqvist, Girardi, McDonaugh …

    Everyone else needs to be traded.

  52. Gregm-section403 on

    Played well? I’m not so sure. Rangers almost put me to sleep in the 2nd period. 3rd period they were a bit better, but not good enuf to win a playoff game. Rangers are showing a startling lack of urgency the past 2 games (except for Hank).

  53. They were good early on when they scored those (miraculous) power play goals. They were good for about half the third period (rangers managed three shots after the midpoint of the period). They had good shifts at the beginning of overtime, one of which turned into a goal for the other team. That’s about all. No matter how the coach or whomever tries to spin it, Wednesday night was one of those games you just put behind you and get ready for Saturday.

  54. Rhode Island Ranger on

    OK, so like, Torts was like mad rockin’ the m-bomb on the phone with that Josh kid, you know the kinda sexy one from study hall that i have such a nerd-crush on, and then Carp was like Torts is sooo thick-headed, but Torts really likes Carp and doesn’t know about this yet, even though Carp is like this spooky mind-reader who has bonded with Torts and knows that Torts didn’t really mean all that awful m-bomb stuff today.

    I hear there’s gonna be a big like real break-up fight after practice tomorrow! So Torts should be available for prom.

  55. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    ilb, LMFAO!!!!!

    Yeah, I’m off to finish chores etc….love you all (most :) but can’t handle….color me a loser…at your peril :)

    later all!

  56. Quenneville fired $10,000 for daring to criticize the officials. NHL couldn’t go a day without doing something foolish.

  57. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    I don’t know if the Rangers will lose the series..

    what I do know, is that they loose more than they win.

  58. Isnt it interesting/funny how there are like 75 different ways people can see the same exact game? Kinda cool

  59. I find it disturbing that:

    “CHICAGO — Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville has been fined $10,000 by the NHL for public comments critical of the officiating after Tuesday’s 3-2 Game 3 overtime loss to the Phoenix Coyotes, the league announced Thursday afternoon. ”

    Didn’t Torts do the same thing at the winter classic and got whacked with a 20k fine? Why the Chicago discount?

  60. pretty sure Tortorella got fined $30k. he did say quite a bit more than Quenneville, though.

  61. 10K for criticizing refs in playoffs. 20k for criticizing the Pens (ye i know he was fined for swearing blah blah). didnt he get fined 30k after the winter classic for criticizing the refs? oh well, w/e. i just hope Hossa is ok.

  62. Rhode Island Ranger on


    “what is your problem, RIR?” -Carp

    I’m “thick-headed” just like Torts !!!

    Why so serious? It’s just silly sports talk. Grown men playing a children’s game. Thank God we have this diversion from real life: wars for the banksters, the Second Great Depression, etc.

    We’re all just having fun in all our “stupid” ways.


  63. Better Beans, let me know when you’re back. I’d like to discuss the “glycogen” theory with you. I think I found a hole in your logic :-).

  64. This Rangers team has more holes than Swiss cheese.

    Better we lose in 6 than in 7.

  65. I just realized that “Skyfall” is the perfect name for this blog after a Rangers loss.

  66. there has to be a middle ground between Pollyannaisms and the Suicide Brigade.

    I’m guessing those people don’t use this blog, though

  67. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    I think I fit in the middle ground minority. I mean if I criticize it is done logically and constructively.

  68. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Oh good adam gravey…maybe I was wrong when I said I was glad for a break before next game. No Lin, or Lun….or anything….just plain insanity!!!

    I officially say TA! til tomorrow alll!!

  69. Tony, btw, is being moved to a rehab floor from the acute stroke unit today. You can now say that he is no longer considered to be a high risk for complications patient. Now the hard work begins. You can do it, Tony!

  70. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    Awesome news!!!! Thanks!!

    Quit lounging around, get off your aasen and start working ;)

  71. well, the good news is that there are only two days left of this wait to see what happens to our boys in this series.

  72. and the bad news is that there are still two days left to wait to see what happens to our boys in this series.

  73. Manny / Sally – if you haven’t read Levon’s book ‘This Wheel’s On Fire’, get a copy – it’s a great read. Levon was truly a one of a kind. Lots of great clips on youtube, too.

  74. I agree, Tiki, but then Rupper needs more time and Prusty has to show some more stand up to your antics type grit. THe finesse players need to feel ‘defended’ by the tougher guys and as a fan, it sure feels like Neil and Carkner and a handful of Sen’s have made it their priority to push our guys around. We need to stand up like we did in the regular season.

    I am sure we will on Saturday in front of 19000 c-r-a-z-y fans!!

  75. guest bloggers stink on

    Great. Just great. The Rangers are on the verge of playing golf and we get a guest blogger.

  76. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    a bag person (really a wicky)….when Tony can wear pants again and can take them off, we know he’s good :) And he will get there! Right now, really Tony, stop having so much fun being legally pants less…..

    mama love…..

  77. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    an admitted wicky….

    what Carp said at 7:02

    and just for good measure….guest, are you that dense? Carp has been on plane and Josh is NOT a guest!!!!

    Yes, I am in a mood…..byfuglien!

  78. This has to be the worst team in all the NHL. Steve, Chico, Daneyko, and Deb. Pathetic!

  79. “Ah yea, they did what they wanted to …and they got the goaltending”

    Chico Resch brilliantly speaking to the Dev’s first period.

    DO they pay this imbecile??? Must be volunteer position.

  80. I hate Deb. She used to be on the Islanders team, and she referred to the Rangers sarcastically as “the OTHER team.” Please!

  81. Well, that’s ok, Latonya. She doesn’t even rate the ‘other ‘ announcer. She’s the non-announcer.

  82. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Are the Debbies done yet?

    tiki, stop quoting wicky…and never underestimate my moods!

    feeling better now….

  83. I really think Parise is done in NJ. I sure hope so!

    He either goes to Minnesota, where he can’t harm us, or across the Hudson to MSG. Only two acceptable options.

  84. ^yea he really doesn’t have many places he can go. I feel stupid saying I would love to have Rich Nash but …… i kind of would? Imagine if we had another legit scoring option right now. This series would be OVER^

  85. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Mickey is moving back to NY!!!! Rochester…..but still…..yay! Sorry for spilling the beans Mickey!!! LGR

  86. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    mama, me and wicky have had extensive conversation about u, and i know ur moods better than anyone else on here!

    i wonder if ilb can still be friends with me since ive cheered the devils in the playoffs in the past for various reasons. id still be his friend if he was a bostonian (probably not)!

  87. Yay Mickey! We’re gonna be watching playoff games together in THREE WEEKS! I’m sure you guys in NYC will be able to hear us…

    Carp, do you think Neil Young is a Senators fan?

  88. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    wicky….tiki….newspapers…..and Sunday is soon

    Sally….ahhhhhh! I want to blink my eyes and be there!!!

  89. BANJ, *old post*

    ilb, so far it’s just me, the cats, & the ghost of Levon. I bet you could really cut a rug though, wanna come over?

  90. Manny, wait, how am I moody? *no moody*

    PS I have work stories for you.

    PPS How’s your Tribute going? What are you drinking?

  91. ^Mrs. Manny vetoed the Rye I was attempting to purchase (Willett Rye – the cheapest and one of the best small batch ryes you can purchase at $38, hand numbered and barrel proof at 118proof). She has a point about how unhealthy it is for me and my heart condition to consume 1/3 a bottle of whisky a day. So I am drinking some delicious Ribera Del Duera that a handsome man let us taste and tried to impress Mrs. Manny with his wine knowledge.^

  92. thanks for the full report, guys! I guess i asked for it!

    Well, if you all MUST know, mine are hanging low and dry ;)

    The lower they are the more momentum there is! BOOM!

  93. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    if i come over, u have to promise me u wont force urself on me for sex. i know im irresistable, but im a one lady man. :)

  94. Ni, Tiki, I wouldn’t care if you cheered for tge Devils. Because I know who tge played against when you did… And I saw your comment, but I had to talk to Sally first. Lady’s….

  95. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Manny….I can barely read your whisper

    Sally, LMAO!!! belly bands for everyone!!!!

    Sally, if you didn’t live a billion miles away in same state, I’d be on your couch right now :) Cripple Creek…

  96. 1st game in MSG coming on Sat. Night,for me this year. After 20 something yrs of season tix I’m not coming a long way for a loss.

  97. BANJ, that’s the best one yet!

    He must be, Manny. He usually only splices his commas.

  98. ^ilb told me to whisper because he was watching the Bruins @ Capitals game. I really want the Bruins to win. Is that bad? I don’t want to play the Capitals should we be lucky enough to advance and I hate the Capitals and two of my friends are Caps fans^

    *No Comma Splice*

  99. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    ilb always has typos, and he always blames the ipad. he is an excellent shot blogger!!!! wicky!!!

  100. Ilb is never drunk, Manny. It’s your silent posts that are making me blind….

    Tiki, that newspaper may have a brick inside of it this weekend…

  101. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Manny, be proud, be loud!!! You crack me up!

    you all are making me lol, and I’d love to play but….

    Sigh….just got work assignment for tomorrow….involves early alarm, long commute, long day…..therefore…..mama love! Niters! LGR! LGBT!

  102. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    why is my ipad not charging even though it has lightning bolt inside charging area while plugged in?

  103. Tiki, I’ll try to resist…

    Manny, drinkin’ Blue (unfortunately). I do like to think of myself as a drunkard’s dream, if I ever did see one, so thanks :)

  104. Sorry, I disappeared. Had to call my dad to commiserate & he didn’t disappoint. Told me he had to go for a walk in the woods to talk to Levon. Then told me a Levon story. Then he described the band as “just magical” a few times.

  105. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Fug, fug!!!! Sally, awesome response….

    ahhhhh. I am a bag person! Hartnell!

    Manny, still can’t hear you…..

    tiki…..niters! :)

  106. ^whoah Sally – your dad rules. My dad got me into The Band as well (I assume yours did). I was taking a train from New London, CT to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to visit family and at the “layover” in DC my dad bought me a boxed set of “The Band” and I popped that into my disc-man and it didn’t come out for a long, long time. Memories. My dad actually has all my dvds of The Band because he is a Prof. and he teaches a music course and he shows them those dvd’s. Kids are lucky^

  107. This guy Holtby/Maltby has been pretty good for the Caps. In fact he is telling Tim Thomas:” You’re not Tim Thomas! This is Tim Thomas…”

  108. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on


    BANJ…same as C3!

    Oh hartnelling hell…I really want to stay and play, but……:(

    consider me a bag lady cart full of papers in case….:)


  109. LMAO! Pierre just said to Claude Julien:”I know Holtby’s been frustrating a lot of teams, especially in this series” WTB?

  110. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    sally, im promising u… wont be able to resist me. thats why ill stay away from u and find my sugar *mama*

  111. Manny, your dad sounds pretty awesome himself. Mine’s pretty amazing. We’ve had our issues but I love him to death. I can tell you stories some day. He says thing’s like, “Man. First Etta, now this.” and I just know he’s my real dad :)

  112. Stranger Nation on

    Chi/Yotes is some game – these guys are flying with Dave Maloney doing color.

  113. Stranger Nation on

    Imagine if the boards were padded like the walls in the outfield – that would make they game much more interesting….or not….

  114. The Last Waltz greatest way to break up a Band, best rock movie ever and best friends jamming on Thanksgiving…Dylan, Clapton, Neil Diamond, Joni Mitchell, Ringo, van the man, Emmy Lou, muddy waters and the best ever Neil Young. What a movie, plus the band at their peak. Wow RIP Levon

  115. Are you watching our “favorite” team play, Latona? I’m watching Caps- Bruins. I CAN NOT listen to Chico. She strongly reminds me of my work environment: lots of crying sick children.

  116. I turned off that debacle long ago, ilb. Chico praising the sellout crowd was laughable. I have on Phoenix-Chicago. Dave Maloney is great.

  117. He plays when he wants..

    He plays when he wants…

    He’s Alex Semin

    He plays when he wants!

  118. billybleedsblue on

    there was a good 12-minute led-down last-night by-the Rangers in the 2nd-period. Bush-League.

  119. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    not a wicky bag man……just an fyi…..job makes me be in a court all day…hartnell etc…no chat, no news, no nothing….no joy ……

  120. billybleedsblue on

    of course by “led-down” I meant, “let’s go flyers?”

    That didn’t go over so great when I let that slip-out while leaving the Garden after Game 1.


  121. billybleedsblue on

    I’ll take a 3-game series v. the Sens with home-advantage. We just gotta forecheck and shut down the 7th skater — the back boards. Garden-ice here we come!

    Btw, there’s no such thing as momentum, Carp.

  122. billybleedsblue on

    of course by “7th skater’ I meant, “let’s go flyers?”

    is this thing on?

  123. Neil is so cool got to be a Ranger fan. He’s been seen in the Shark Tank, living up in Northern Cali for the last 35 yrs

  124. Hi Hedberg! BTW, I have not read that book, but I want to!

    Neil is from a town in North Ontario… are you SURE he’s not a Senators fan? I have a friend from Timmons. I’m really happy I am not from Timmons.

  125. Nothing worse than watching Peter DeBoer in a press conference.He answers every question with the question. He said he almost pulled Brodeur tonight when the Dev’s scored their second goal.

  126. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    ok, so many things some of you need to straighten out for me..

    Who the hell is drinking labatts and NOT sharing?

    Why the fugg am I getting a newspaper already? And the Sunday edition no less?

    Did I miss tGe blog captain posting about tGe great shot BLOGGING MALTBY was doing??

    carp rarely replies to me either, he acts like he has a job and then a blog full of lunatics to worry about….total bogus charlie!!

    vibin’ re nash

    birthday BANJ

    Is it bad that I do not know who these people are (famous ones) that are dying?

    the bag lady is staying at a tennis court??

  127. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    and grabby’s in buffalo with sally eating wings???


  128. LMAO @ the gifs, BANJ! Hahaha! Happy 26th.

    Momentum is the product of an object’s velocity and its mass.

    Therefore, Chris Kreider = huMANgous momemtum.

  129. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    LOL my bad. I didn’t know tom poti played for the yotes!

  130. i wouldnt mind seeing the sharks winning. rangers-sharks would be nice. just to see jumbo shrimp and torts go at it

  131. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    Speaking of hank, does anyone think if he doesn’t go very far in the playoffs (not saying he won’t now), is he a bit of a bust career wise?

  132. WIcky, he certainly, this year, had a great regular season. He deserves some credit for that. Personally, I believe he was over rated in past years. He was an above average goalie, but not ‘king’. This year, regular season, he was king

  133. I still take Richter over him because Richter was clutch and won series and cup. Hank has to prove that. He has done it on the global stage so he should be able to do it here. Until he does, he is just a damn good goalie, IMHO

  134. wicky, Lundqvist is a top 3 goalie that’s never had a potent offensive team in front of him…Prust sayin’. And, he has had some amazingly great games in the playoffs. But, he still hasn’t won anything. He can’t win every game 2-1 or 1-0.

    Stats alone tell another story.

  135. just to weigh in on the Richter vs. Lundqvist debate

    Richter is my favorite player to ever wear a Ranger uniform. I think he brought an excitement and athleticism to the game that I’ve not seen a goalie approximate since. That said, there’s no doubt Hank is great and probably (at worst) the second greatest goalie this franchise has ever had. But until he wins a Cup, he’s behind Richter. I’ll reevaluate after Lundqvist gets his Cup. :-)

  136. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    thanks guys, I was just curious about the topic.

  137. Will Holy Goat Balls Batman be an acceptable term around here? Cause if it is, I am TOTALLY stealing that from a friend.

    Has anyone jumped yet??

  138. and as far as Lundqvist being a bust, well, let Martin Biron start 60+ games this season and the Rangers are lucky to be a 7-seed.

  139. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    is it me or does the sharks coach have really bad hair??


  140. nyrmessier011 on

    Anything that can be talked about from now til 7pm Saturday night aside…, I will vomit on my living room floor if we lose game 5 and face elimination as a 1 seed in ottawa

  141. High Desert Roberto on

    this team is badass and they will come ready to play saturday. that’s their whole vibe.

  142. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    We are the # 1 for a reason. Big game Saturday. They need to keep things simple. Move their feet, finish their checks, get shots on net, go to the net, stay out of the box. I predict a shutout.

    Rangers 3-0. GWG not haglin

  143. better beans on

    ilb: Curses!!! Caught with my phosphoglucoisomerase down!
    But I gotta warn you, I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

    I bought this particular batch of glyco at Billy Collins’ Metaphor Store, capisce?
    Not from Krebs and Fischer, ok?

    Good on yer…

    And good on Ben Franklin: “Fatigue is the best pillow.”

    The lads are tired; gassed; spent; knackered, whacked, zonked. And deserve to be, and are honored by the being..

    Thanks for stoppin’ by:-).


  144. better beans on


    PS; I have a word or two of Real World praise for ya.
    Not sure how to construct and deliver it. Not to do with

    In case I forget, fresh outta phosphorylase as I am….:-)

    And as far as the GWG, I’m feelin’ bold as E3 – it will be Not Hagelin, pride of

  145. better beans on

    That would be the Krebs and Fischer who got prizes each from the
    Great Dynamiter, while workin’ nights at Billy Collins Metaphor Store.

  146. better beans on

    I would rest Carp for game five. Carp and Manny. Carp and Manny and Mean Dood Machete.

    Carp and Manny and Mean Dood Machete and all the girl commenters except JPGs sister.

    Carp and Manny and Mean Dood Machete and all the girl commenters (including Sally and Wicky), and Winning is the Most Important Thing Grabby “Rusty” Torres, and all the Goongroupies. I would rest them. Yes, Rest. Fatigue: the best pillow. Yes. For game five.

    And six, and seven. Good long rest. Hockey rest.

    JonnyD can comment. Matteau when he is free of Goon Demons. Rhode Island Ranger.
    Game five. Torts may not comment. Torts is over-commented.
    JPG may comment. Game five and six and seven. JPG is good. JPG’s sister is good.
    Beavis and Butthead may not comment. Beavis and Butthead are not good.
    Hockey. Game six. Game seven.
    LW must rest, and study logic, and compassion. Game seven. Manny may come back, Game seven.
    Rangers must rest, especially the young ones, before they get hurt.
    Prust may not twitter. Prust may not give or take punches. Prust must rest, and change.
    There must be a birthday party for John Scott. He must show pictures of his infant child.
    Carp may not comment. Dan Shea may comment. Fran may comment. Good stuff.
    Ryan and Derek and Artie and Marc must nap. Long naps. Hockey.
    Beans must go quiet, and work at Billy Collins Metaphor Store, buy enough Gluco for all the kids in ilb’s world. Magic Beans. Billy’s Gluco. Happy Kids. Happy Hocking. Game seven.

  147. boy, lots of very knowledgable coaches on this blog. Did anyone notice that Torts main idea through every comment was TEAM,WE,etc etc. as long as they stick together and get to what got them here, they will be fine. Rangers in 6.

  148. What coach barely plays his 6th dman 3 minutes a game, then says they’re not gassed, what a tool.

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