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The news: Daniel Alfredsson did not skate, and Paul MacLean said there was no change in his condition, so you’d assume he will not play in Game 4 tonight. Again, it’s playoffs, so never say never.

MacLean would not divulge his lineup, but Matt Carkner, back from his one-game suspension for mugging Brian Boyle, said he is playing.


Today is the 13th anniversary of Wayne Gretzky’s final NHL game in 1999. Earlier that week, right here in Kanata, Ont., the Great One played his final game in Canada. When he was applauded throughout, and then took a little twirl at the end of that night’s game, waving to the fans, was when it became apparent that Gretzky was hanging ’em up.


Here are some interviews from this morning. Before I could get my recorder close enough to Ruslan Fedotenko — whom John Tortorella said has raised his level again, as usual, in the playoffs after, the coach said,  he “was brutal” at the end of the regular season — Fedotenko talked about the battles he’s had with Tortorella over the years. And he said, “it’s not all flowers” that they’ve disagreed, and that it’s all been part of a learning process that has been beneficial to him.

John Tortorella:


Ruslan Fedotenko:


Brandon Prust:




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  1. Hey New Post!

    John Scott’s ceiling is so low none of us could stand up in the room. Mike Rupp’s ceiling is much higher. Much. Stop being silly people!

    Rupp > Scott

  2. Mike Rupp is a C-/D+ level at this point. Yes I know he singlehandedly won a Stanley Cup 10 years ago. John Scott has been an F player since he entered the league and isn’t going to fight with anyone since no one will fight him.

  3. re-post – Nice insult…..I see your point but I disagree. Scott is absolutely awful. I believe the guy has 1 career NHL goal and can’t skate form here to there without tripping over his own feet, even at the 1 mph pace he moves at. Rupp isn’t an offensive dynamo but he does bring more to the table. Not to mention starting Scott just creates a circus that doesn’t need to be there. The fact the we are talking about either of these guys is silly.

  4. also, the idea that you have to dress a guy to match up against Matt Carkner is almost as silly as trading for John Scott.

  5. If Carkner plays and goes all nutso…..let him, take the PP and laugh your way to the 2nd round.

  6. eddie eddie eddie on

    s. nation – what’s the matter people?

    everybody wants a happy ending

    everybody wants to be forgiven

    everyone wants shelter from the storm

    no one likes to ask for money

    nobody wants to wait in a long line….

    look at me, i aint your enemy,….no time to fight each other

  7. sorry if the audio’s not playing yet … the internet connection here is brutally slow. at the Garden it takes about four seconds or less for each interview to upload. here it takes five minutes or so per. they’re coming.

    Scott is not going to play, nor would he make a difference. To do anything to answer Carkner’s return to the lineup would be stupid. The Rangers should be celebrating that he’s playing.

  8. Guys…please stop with the Scott BS.

    Manny is 100% right.
    Rupp won a Cup. Knows how to skate a little. He won us the Classic. LOL. Enough already.
    Scott has been a tripod in this league since day one. And btw, he didn’t even cleanly win any fight he has had in Rangers’ uniform.


  9. Stranger Nation on

    As a 23-year-old *rookie*, Rupp scored the Stanley Cup-winning goal for the Devils in Game 7 against the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. The quest for a second title has kept his competitive fires burning ever since, encompassing stints with the Phoenix Coyotes, Columbus Blue Jackets, Devils, Penguins and now Rangers.

    Out on a limb, but guessing Stevens, Neidermeyer, Farty et al had more to do with Devils winning the Stanley Cup that season – just a big flaming hunch however. Remarkably Rupp has been unable to duplicate that effort since.

    Rupp is playing like Carcillo, however Scott is NOT going to play. If Carkner runs McD or Richards or Gabby, we are entering a gun fight with a pocket knife.

  10. eddie eddie eddie on

    e walk on common ground….what we need…what we need….

    is solidarity….

    everyone want their family protected….what we need what we need…….is solidarity…and john scott….

  11. Let’s face it: the totally bogus way Shanahan enforced discipline, and the league was officiated, during the regular season has come home to roost. The NHL needs to abandon lip service, embrace finesse over violence (sad as that may seem) and get the NHLPA to realize what’s in their best long-term interest — a good, fast, clean game that moves well on HDTV.


  12. eddie eddie eddie on

    Maurice richard won a few cups too…let dig him out of the ground and dress him….

  13. eddie eddie eddie on

    everyone wants to live forever…everyone wants their family protected…everyone wants a happy end

    what we need…..what we need…….is john scott and solidarity….

  14. Sioux-per-man on

    Carkner is a tool. I have no problems with Rupp or Bickel defending our players. Just once Bickel is going to connect with his sledge hammper of a punch, bones will be broken. The more I watch him play the more I like his “willingness” about him. He has become a Tort’s type player, that is going to have a Blueshirt in his locker for awhile.

  15. eddie eddie eddie on

    s, nation, my brutha, no one like to play the clown, no one likes to wait in a long line

    what we need…..what we need……..

  16. dunno if anybody actually watched that series where Mike Rupp single-handedly won the Stanley Cup for the New Jersey Devils in the 4 total games he played in the postseason, but he scored a chipped deflection goal off a Niedmermayer wristshot that trickled through Giguere’s legs about 2 and a half minutes into the second period. realizing the greatness of Mike Rupp, the league decided to negate the remaining 37+ minutes of Game 7 and handed the cup to Rupp on the spot.

  17. Sioux-per-man on

    Scott was brought in just incase Rupp broke his hand, and if he was needed for a Philly/Devil game. It’s not like he cost anything. Philly can’t beat us with their thugs, but they can sure can run up the score on the Penguins :)

    Carp – how’s Kreider looking today?

  18. Stranger Nation on

    Did anyone see the replay of a recent Rangers/Bruins game the other night on MSG – just caught 2 mins, but Sauer power was so impressive – miss that guy – solid as a rock.

    Get better Tony and get better Sauer

  19. eddie eddie eddie on

    johnnyboy – we all want to see the game on wednesday, they want to be somebody’s friend…..

    what we need, whooooooooaaaaaaa, yes

  20. Rupp also single handedly won us the Winter Classic which is the mid-season equivalent of a Stanley Cup. How could we not dress him? Do you know how hard it is to have such a huge impact when you play such a minute amount of minutes!?

    (*please note that this post is tongue-in-cheek and thus to be taken with a grain, or multiple grains, of salt)

  21. Faceoffs. That’s what is concerning me the most. This team is going to get burned in a big way unless the centers improve a lot, especially in their own end. I just watched the tape from Monday night and it is astonishing how many times the Senators took control —- and I mean clean control, 100% wins right off the dot. Sooner or later that is going to cost, and it is not inconceivable that a series might turn because of that deficiency.

  22. 3e…. I’m not afraid of anything in this world , there is nothing you can throw at me that I haven’t already heard…. Your stuck in a moment

  23. Amen, Carp, on the Rangers should be celebrating if Carkner is playing, I said similar stuff in previous thread.

    I’m reposting because I still need some answers, especially on NHL Game Centerice:

    Some news- Tony is stable. He, finally, will be able to watch the game tonight. He has a good internet connection in his hospital room. We need to find him a reliable link. Does anyone know if NHL GameCenterice carries this game tonight? That would be the best way to do it.

  24. Boyle? Impossible to bang on him, he’s been huge. But he lost the one in OT Game 2 that led to the goal. Lost one after another in the defensive zone Monday night, esp in the third. And of course it’s not just him. With everything else he’s done, he gets a pass. But if it doesn’t get better team-wide, look out.

  25. ILB – are you talking about NHL Gamecenter? watching the games live via the NHL website?

  26. Is watching the game the best thing for someone in the, my stomach is in pain for days after these games

  27. Boyle was 5 for 16 last night……I thought he’s been better then that recently though.

  28. 1940:

    That’s a surprise. MSG folks made it sound like he was winning every faceoff.

  29. Oh I was under the impression they we’rent carrying any. I’ve been a subscriber all year but every time I’ve gone to watch a playoff game they’ve been blacked out.

  30. This is the message I get when I sign into my GameCenter Live account.
    “All Stanley Cup Playoffs games are being broadcast on television and therefore not available in NHL GameCenter LIVE™ at this time.”

  31. Llyod- you are right they definitely have made him seem like a face-off god. I think he has been better then that 5-16 showing though.

  32. Thanks, guys. I have the subscription too, but was hoping they would show tonight’s game since it isn’t on NBCSC or other national TV.

  33. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I am still very perplexed that Hagelin got 3 games for his elbow and now a bunch of players are only getting 1 game for, IMO worse offenses. Oh I forgot, big bad Carl hurt somebody! What a JOKE!!!

  34. For someone as opinionated as you LloydBraunn, makes me laugh to hear you take
    your cues on a game fromthe ‘Msg folks’ instead of your own eyes.

  35. Agreed, it sure did look like they lost a number of them cleanly. That will definitely come back to haunt them if it continues to be such a non-contest.

  36. eddie eddie eddie on

    johnnyboy – solidarity….time is nothing more than a collection of moments…we are all stuck in a moment, my brutha….

    s. nation….my brutha, i dig

    i be jamming to my next location….

  37. This video is pretty cool.

    Carp is shown at the 1:00 mark of the video. He’s on the far right, and closest to the camera.

  38. ilb:

    did you see my message in the other thread about the hospital offering a cable package? they usual include MSG.

  39. I have this fantasy. as much as I’d like to see the Penguins go out in disgrace in 4 games in the first round, I think it would feel even better if they came back down 3-0 to win the series in 7 and then got bounced by the Rangers.

  40. That would be sweet Lloyd but I would rather not take my chances with that beast! I would be fine with the Penguins getting swept. Might take up some of the media space and get some focus off the constant blood and death that is occurring in the playoffs.

  41. Manny:

    Basically, I agree with you. It’s entirely that if Pittsburgh went on a roll that saw them coming back from 3-0 down to win a series against a pretty strong team they’d basically turn into a juggernaut and steamroll everyone (including the Rangers). There’s just something undeniably sexy about Pittsburgh thinking they’ve got the league by the shorthairs only to have the lowly New York Rangers send them home.

  42. Tiki:

    My grandfather spent a lot of time in hospital the last couple of years of his life, and generally speaking, they all offered a cable package that you could pay something like or $5 or $10 a day for. I’m not positive it would include MSG, but it’s worth finding out.

  43. I wouldn’t even a problem with the hit if dummy hadn’t left his feet, and given the position Hossa was in at the time Torres hit him, there was no reason for him to jump if not to go for Hossa’s head.

    In short, screw Raffi Torres. Give him a seat for the rest of the playoffs.

  44. also, we can confidently blame the recent rash of headshots on Brendan Shanahan.

  45. ilb, Game will be nationally on CNBC, but unfortunately will not be shown in NYC on that station since MSG is carrying it. It’ll be blacked out(happened to me the other night with the Blues game) . And I assume firstrow will carry it. Now, if the hospital is DISH or Direct and not cable company (CVC, TWC, etc), you might be in better luck.


    I’m going to be driving from Boston to NY pretty much from the start to finish of tonight’s game. Anyone aware of national (non-satellite) radio that will be carrying the game? Or anywhere online where I can just turn the iPhone volume up for as long as the battery will allow?

  47. Lloyd, they dont carry MSG Network. After being connected to 5 different departments, I finally found someone with answers.

  48. MD – I think the NHL app for iPhones allows you to hear the broadcasts for free! Woo Hoo! Also – ESPN Radio tends to carry sporting events.

  49. Cryin' in the Wild on

    One of my favorite cousins, Lon Chaney SR., got Carped last thread.

    Has his say regarding the myth that hockey generates a special and
    overwhelming emotional buzz that other contact sports can’t
    even imagine, causing little Dr Jekylls to turn into big Mister Hydes.

    He also reveals, for the Very First Time Anywhere, who the REAL
    instigators and third men are.

    And what hogwash the “self-policing” gang is emptying into the public trough.

    All this is free!!!!!! It’s the last message, by a full hour!!!! (Lon SR is
    having continual trouble with this whole fast-typrewriter thingy).

    It is also a wee bit windy, as his stuff tends to be. If you’re from the
    text-blitz generation, skippin’ it is recommended. If you’re a geezer, well into cootage, TRY IT!

  50. Fatso’s comments…from the NY Post:

    But I’m surprised at the media. Look at the Rangers’ statement. ‘We accept everything, but…’ ”

    Brodeur referred to the Rangers’ reaction to Hagelin’s three-game suspension for elbowing Daniel Alfredsson out of the Senators’ lineup.

    “When you get to this point and you see what’s going on, [Shanahan] has got to stick to his guns and do what’s right, what he or the league believes has to be done,” Brodeur said. “People are really tough on him as far as comments. Every team has their own people talking about it. On national TV, one guy supports him, another doesn’t. For the fan watching, which at the end of the day is what I am, it’s weird to hear that.

    “You’re getting ‘Why this guy who never did anything, and what’s the reasoning behind it?’ ”

    Brodeur said crossing the line is part of the playoffs and has to be patrolled.

    Something tells me Fatso should focus on his own team….

  51. I shouldnt have said that. She’s now gonna be head coach emeritus, while her long time assistant will be the new UT head coach.

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Did somebody say GO TIME!!!!???????

    GO RANGERS !!!!

    yeah baby!!!

  53. Mister D … I still am not sure of all the things an iPhone can do … but if you can get to the Rangers’ team site, it offers the live radio broadcast on the internet in the game box at the top right of the page.

  54. Carp, do you think they should consider using McDonaugh a little more on the point on the power play as he does seem able to get shots through?

  55. Carp, per a thread here today, is there any concern with Torts about the face-off
    disparity? Or how badly they’re losing the many they do lose? I agree with those
    above who see this as a potential ticking time bomb in a close game.

  56. Impressive early must win from Eric. Not sure how it can be must win when the last game was also must win and they must won it though…

  57. Thanks, Lloyd and Tiki, got busy…No, that hospital doesn’t offer MSG channels. His brother is bringing the laptop at 7, he will connect him using some of the sites in Tiki’s link. He’ll be fine.

  58. if you know me i lobbied for guastad for 2 weeks leading up to deadline. upgrade over mitchell

  59. By the way, Shanahan buying Neal’s explanation that he launched himself off the ice in order to “brace for an unintended collision” with Couturier is not getting enough attention for the total idiocy it demonstrates.

  60. better beans on

    Faceoffs have been on the time-bomb list in
    this neck of the woods since February.
    One of about four reasons I saw them as
    20-1 for Cup.
    Amazing (sorta like last year’s Broons and the
    PP) they win so much while skating uphill…

  61. LW! Are you being a punk? I do agree that eric was early on the must-win. I usually expect them at about 4:30 when he’s all caffeine’d up waiting at Starbucks for the Garden to open up.

  62. manny

    did i see earlier u say something about biron getting some time this series. are you nuts

  63. They have to go with what they have in terms of face-offs. Having Stepan hurts them in that department. He hasn’t improved his faceoff prowess at all. Try to win it by someone helping, you may lose your defensive position.

  64. If Biron has to play this playoffs, as well as John Scott, we may as well start talking about the July 1st strategy.

  65. Yeah, Biron aint playing unless Henrik gets blown out in the first couple periods of a game and gets pulled for the rest of that game.

  66. Incidentally, Stepan was our best face-off man in game 3……..going 1 for 2, hahaha.

  67. @They should play Biron if they make it to the ECF, he’s played there and Hank has not@

  68. Noah-auer-uccarello-minger-agelin, 29 on

    I think I’d rather see Redden quarterbacking the power play than John Scott taking up a forward spot.

    /not joking

    //okay, maybe joking a little

  69. better beans on

    Neal’s statement, Shanahan’s acceptance, all make sense, in
    a world where the mental processes would shame baboons.

    More Lesser-Baboonery:

    NHL hockey generates a passion,
    an emotional level, like no other contact sport in the history
    of the universe. We must attack each other’s brains at times
    or we will explode. We attack each other with blind vengeance
    (It is mine!!! we say; it is NOT the Lord’s!!!), so that we do not explode,
    and cause much collateral damage in the stands).

    Pay no attention to football at all levels, where fighting is simply not
    tolerated. Pay no attention to the mayhem that is Rugby, where
    fighting is not thinkable, the occasional big child who tries it
    immediately dismissed in disgrace.
    And certainly pay no attention to the hockey played at all levels, all
    over the world, where the notions that are seen as “manly” in the NHL
    are identified as the tantrums of spoiled brats. Commie Propoganda!!!
    Turn off your sets at Olympic time: the American kids in Lake Placid
    were duped into playing Russian pansies on pansy terms. That was
    not hockey. Not Hockey. No…
    Replay Boyle against the little Swede. Replay Carkner against Boyle;
    Neal against a nineteen-year old; Torres-the-Thug against an aging
    Hossa; one brother Staal with a wonderfully “clean” hit against another;
    Dion Phaneuf, his proud HockeyDaddy in the stands, demolishing Michael
    Sauer, “cleanly.” No, none of those hits was at all necessary to accomplish
    a hockey task. But they were THRILLING; better than car crashes!
    THAT is hockey. Yes. That. Hockey….

  70. I wonder if Redden has improved his game at all with the Whale. I also wonder if the salary cap applies during the playoffs. CBA interpreter *ilb* would know the latter, maybe not the former.

  71. One last comment about Scott- you don’t play him tonite. If somehow Neil or Carkner is an issue you save him for Game 5 when you have last change and can guarantee he’ll be on the ice with one or the other- of course that’s no guarantee they won’t run- but at least Sens won’t be able to remove them before the faceoff.

  72. In light of everything that has happened during these playoffs … I wonder if Phaneuf’s hit on Sauer would result in a suspension taking into consideration that Sauer was concussed?

  73. Wow! What a pass to Ramires and what a first touch by Ramires and perfect pass!!!!!! DROGGGY!

  74. eric – I couldn’t agree more and I second you request for Gaustad. I really wish that we had made that move. The Sabres didn’t get much in return even!

  75. Stranger Nation on

    Paneuf would be banned for life if today’s rationale was applied. it was a clean hit however…

    Remember kiddies…buckle your chin straps

  76. Noah-auer-uccarello-minger-agelin, 29 on

    Sally, thanks for setting up the beard contest by the way!

    Already got a pretty fierce one going. I only hope it continues!

  77. Noah, my pleasure. Thanks for entering! Based on your shadow, I’d say you’ve got a good chance of winning in the Actually-Grows-A-Beard Category. But you should look out for Nasty…

  78. Giddyup.

    Time to mount the horses and ride into the sunset.

    That’s what this team will be doing after they get obliterated tonight. I’m thinking that this will be the worst playoff spanking that the Rangers will ever experience. Something to the magnitute of 8-0, or worse.

    Queen Henry will finally be exposed for the hack that he is. His glove will react so slowly, only a miracle will keep the final score in the single digits.

    Our young defense is primed for the taking … and taken they’ll be. Taken to town, downtown, by the faster, more talent, overall superior Ottawa squad that can smell blood and will stick in the final dagger by the stroke of 10pm EST. Just enough day left for you clowns to contemplate which of the losers on our team you would release / trade before we do this dance again next season.

    Thinking Gaborik will have something to say about my argument? Think all you want. He is a has-been whose best days are years behind him. He relies solely on reputation to get double-teamed. Personally, I’d leave him uncovered.

    Less than 3 hours now until amateur-hour is redefined by these “heroes”.

  79. Do you know how much duty is?

    Jorek, CCCP’s always cheatin, and if you ain’t cheatin, you ain’t tryin.

  80. iWicky "Rupp yours" on

    I am clearly not on here enough, what the hell is solidarity? I know what it is in the real world, but what the heck is it being used for and why so much in boneheadese??



  81. Wick, I just saw a pic of your little one on Sally’s blog ( She’s almost as cute as you.

    Johnny, I asked for one tuck, one no-tuck. But Lupe messed it up. There goes her tip.

    I also was stopped at security because I had some moisturizer in my bag.

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