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Courtesy of the Rangers:

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, Game 4
Scotiabank Place – Ottawa, ON

(Series tied 2-2)                         1st     2nd    3rd     OT      F
New York Rangers                  2        0         0        0         2
Ottawa Senators                       0        2         0        1         3

Team Notes:

– The Rangers were defeated by the Ottawa Senators, 3-2, in overtime tonight at Scotiabank Place in Game 4 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal matchup.  The series is now tied 2-2.

– New York is now 200-218-8 overall in postseason action, including an 89-134-6 mark on the road.

– The Rangers have tallied the first goal of the contest in each game this series.

– The Blueshirts notched two goals in seven power play attempts (10:35), and are now 3-18 (16.7%) on the man advantage in the playoffs.  The two power play goals were the most by the Rangers in a postseason game since they tallied two against the Washington Capitals on Apr. 26, 2009 in Game 6 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series.

– New York was credited with 30 blocked shots in the contest, led by Brad Richards’ game-high, six blocked shots.  The Rangers had five players with four or more blocked shots – Richards (six), Dan Girardi (five), Ryan McDonagh (five), Marc Staal (four), and Anton Stralman (four).

Player Notes:

– Brad Richards tallied two power play assists, led all skaters with eight shots on goal and six blocked shots, and won a game-high, 14-23 faceoffs (61%) in 22:07 of ice time.  He is now tied for the team lead in playoff scoring with three points (one goal, two assists), and has tallied 11 points (four goals, seven assists) in nine career postseason contests against Ottawa.

– Anton Stralman notched the game’s opening goal with a power play tally at 0:49 of the first period, and was credited with four blocked shots in 19:13 of ice time.  He has recorded a point in three of the four games in the series (two goals, one assist) to tie for the team lead in playoff points, and is tied for first among NHL defensemen with two playoff goals.  Stralman also leads all NHL defensemen and is tied for the league lead overall with two power play goals in postseason action.

– Ryan Callahan tallied a power play goal at 6:10 of the first period, and led all forwards with 25:35 of ice time.  He has registered a point in three of the four games in the series, and is tied for the team lead in playoff scoring with three points (two goals, one assist).

– Marian Gaborik recorded two power play assists and logged 17:29 of ice time.  He is now tied for the team lead in playoff scoring with three points (one goal, two assists), and is tied for first on the Rangers with two power play assists/points in the postseason.

– Henrik Lundqvist made 28 saves and is now 17-22 overall in the playoffs, including an 8-13 mark on the road.  His shutout streak ended at 87:04 (7:04 of the second period).

– Dan Girardi was credited with five blocked shots and logged a game-high, 31:17 of ice time.

Team Schedule:  

–        After a scheduled off-day tomorrow, the Blueshirts’ next practice is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on Friday, Apr. 20, at Madison Square Garden.

–        The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Ottawa Senators on Saturday, Apr. 21, at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in Game 5 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal matchup.  The game will be televised live on MSG Network, and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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  1. you’re right, Lev. Carkner had a wonderful game. Took an idiotic penalty, stepped in crap for a goal, did nothing the rest of the night. amazing.

  2. I think czech said it on the previous post about Hagelin being this important.

    Damn right, he’s important.

    The NHL knew this when they suspended him for 3 games. They knew that the Rangers finally had a dangerous top line, so they stole him away for 3 games.

    Obviously, the key game is Game 5, its important that we win it, but we need to find scoring. We’ve scored 3 goals without Hagelin, and Gabby has been unnoticeable, and 2 of our goals were PP goals.

  3. Tiki, you can’t seriously believe that Turris’ shot in OT was weak. That was through a screen and a complete snipe in the top corner. If Henke stopped that, it would’ve been a save of the year candidate. He got a late look at it because Turris used Stralman as a screen.

    Definitely not his fault on that one.

  4. Rangers were not aggressive enough out there tonight. Dubinsky and Richards need to get their confidence back. Get your stuff together boys. Rangers in 6.

  5. I’m not usually a negative Nancy but the Rangers lost 3 out of 4 in the regular season to the Sens for a reason. I don’t see the rangers winning this series, just don’t see it. Sens have there number and has looked like the better team.

  6. JimboWoodside on


    Olga, the problem is, maybe Scott could have done that, and maybe not – Carkner basically ended Boogie’s career without much effort last year. And tonight, I thought he played well and was well under control of himself.

    We don’t have anyone on this team who can play as well as Carkner and Neil and still bring the nasty stuff when it’s needed.

    Who have our fighters been during the season? Where have they been in this series? I’ve seen a lot of guys skating away from trouble in this series.

    Lev, yes, I meant Carkner, and I thought he played a good game tonight – and so did Neil – and none of our guys wanted to do anything other than to yap at them while there were officials in the vicinity so nothing much could happen.

    Our team did NOT play that way during the regular season – they are playing timidly.

  7. tomg, remember the feeling when they lost game 2. The series was over. Then they won game 3 and we were gonna win in 5.

    It’s a series. Best of 3. This team plays us well, but we have the Garden and the best goalie. We’ll be ok. We will win.

    It’s a great learning experience for our young players. They will build on this over the years.

  8. Carkner was physical and kept the Rangers forwards away from the front. He’s pretty much the Sens equivalent to Bickel.

  9. Jonny, I figured others would say it was because of the screen. Im sorry, thats a save that has to be made in OT. He didnt even move until the puck was past him, as if he wasnt prepared for a potential shot.

    The sick thing is, Tim Thomas plays like carcillo most of the year, and he just turns it on for the playoffs, and he’ll throw his body around and make acrobatic save after save, being 47 years old, and he’ll win games for his team.

    And Henrik is just Henrik. King of the regular season, steals regular season games consistently, but when it comes to playoffs, its 240 seconds of OT and 2 losses.

  10. Carp – why did Torts roll only 3 lines all game? Last game he only did it in the last half of the third period, which makes sense when you are trying to hold that lead. But why would he do it starting from the 1st period?

  11. Carkner played 12:31 and was noticeable for every second of those. Stepped in crap for a goal? Because we’ve seen so many Rangers get out of the penalty box and make a beautiful pass for a goal this season…. jesus christ, it’s ok to be wrong once in a while. Unless of course youre sure you know the Sens team better than an entire blog full of Sens fans. If Bickel played the way Carkner played today Id LOVE for him to get more minutes.

  12. I Rarely Speak on

    Carkner did nothing tonight.. he made a backhand pass out of pure luck.. give me a byfugelin break.. and btw if staal plays like tonight for this rest of the season, we will win the cup.. all the negative nancies should get on a bus together and just not watch the games..

  13. JimboWoodside on

    If Carkner were a Ranger tonight, he would have had a chance to kick Neil’s ass – and doing that would have helped us a lot – Neil seems to be the heart and soul, the *sparkplug* of the Sens. Until somebody mans up on our team and takes him on, we’re not winning this series.

  14. did that OT goal not remind anyone else of the fedorov shot through redden’s legs a few years back?

  15. ye because im totally a NN….Staal plays like this we win the cup? well if our opponent is Edmonton, possibly.

  16. Tiki – have you ever played goalie before? He reacted late because he didn’t see it. That puck was right under the bar. It was a beautiful goal and a perfect shot. I know Henke gives a couple up top that he should save, it’s been his one weakness throughout his career, but that wasn’t one of them.

  17. Carp, I see that Richards stats look impressive. Face off wins, leading team in scoring, etc. The stats look impressive. I don’t know what game 2’s face off stat’s were, but he sure didn’t win many down in my end of the ice. Let’s not forget he’s out there for a lot of PP time.

    Everyone says that he’s great in the locker room. To hear what Hags says about him is really cool. That’s invaluable stuff.

  18. We can disagree Jonny. Thats fine. This right now is heat of the moment talking, and Im frustrated, and I know that he should have saved that puck. Under the bar or not, he didnt think a shot was coming, and thats the only reason why it wasnt saved. An OT goal to a loser Kyle Turris is unacceptable.

  19. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Look at the Sens team TOI totals, pretty damn evenly spread out, the Rangers not so much. IMO thats a big problem, you can’t win playing 3 lines and 5 d-men all night everynight in the playoffs. Every playoff game is gonna be a tough close game (except Philthy vs. Pens) Torts has to trust his players a little more.

  20. Don’t know what happened to Staal. Remember last year, he was our #1, Girardi #2. Whatever it was, he was awesome, like old self. That will help our ‘d’ a ton. A cup? Hmmmm……not so sure, but it is great to see him play this way.

  21. Everyone needs to step it up.

    And the infighting here is pretty pathetic. We’re all NYR fans. We all want them to win. Don’t make it personal.

  22. Problem is, N.CountyrNYRFan, he doesn’t for proven reasons. I get why he cuts down to 3 lines and 5 d. Certain guys it’s hard to be confident in. Next year our line up will be more complete, if the GM provides hiim with more depth. He has done a great job this year, given what he has. Great job.

  23. Stralman a close second. Stralman and Boyle have the series MVPs. and that wont get you very far

  24. Czechthemout!!! on

    Another point. When Chris Neil and Zanon Konopka are out playing Brad Richards and Marion Gaborik, something is wrong.

  25. 2 to 2 and the Sens have only lead after OT…….

    did not see the first period… why do the ranger forward fall back when they are packing it in in the d zone and leave Karlsson open. Fed’s does this more then anyone.

    if dubi could score… the guy has zero hockey iq and step has to find a way to contribute. did not even see the anisimov hooking but I am sure it was moronic.

    they miss Hags….they are just not very creative offensive, they are such plumbers it is head shaking. I thought staal plays more then fine not sure what he did wrong.

    mdz still does not shoot enough.

  26. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Jimbo, yes you’re right. We do not have anyone that brings both toughness and ability in the same package.

    (Haha Olga said package…)

    So why does Slats continually get these one-dimensional players like Scott. Or Boogaard. Or Shelley. Or Brashear.

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