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  1. JimboWoodside on

    Lev is a *RANGER* fan – but that doesn’t mean that he’s blind.

    Which team looks more hungry, aggressive and willing to mix it up in this series – get in the goaltender’s face? That’s all I’ll ask of anyone.

  2. Staal offensively was unbelievable tonight. He created a couple really good scoring opps.

    For the people that think we were severely outplayed in the 3rd period tonight, I disagree. We created at least 5 good scoring chances, we opened the 3rd period pushing them, and then they pushed back. I thought it was an even period. Then in OT, we came out pushing them back and had a couple of good chances, and then they get 1 measly opp and win.

  3. Everyone needs to step it up.

    And the infighting here is pretty pathetic. We’re all NYR fans. We all want them to win. Don’t make it personal.

  4. Czechthemout!!! on

    Zanon Kanopka and Chris Neil have outplayed BR and Gabby. There is just no way anyone can try to spin it any differently. That is just inexcusable.

  5. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Repost Slatsko Folkyerself April 18th, 2012 at 11:51 pm

    Jimbo, yes you’re right. We do not have anyone that brings both toughness and ability in the same package.

    (Haha Olga said package…)

    So why does Slats continually get these one-dimensional players like Scott. Or Boogaard. Or Shelley. Or Brashear.

  6. Thats not a fair question, Jimbo. If we get in the opposing goalie’s face, we’ll get called for penalties, but they can swat his glove with their sticks, they can poke his eyeballs out through his mask, they can barrel over him and not get called for anything. Not a level playing field.

  7. Thanks, Jimbo. It’s ok, though. For those that are here regularly you know that I dont get into this ridiculous personal carcillo with others. Like I said during the game thread, been a carcilloy day all around. It’s good to disagree sometimes. Life isnt always peachy. See y’all tomorrow and Go Kings.

  8. I don’t really think the officials were the problem tonight. Sure there were a few phantom penalties called but the Rangers had plenty of power plays and didn’t do a damn thing with any of them after the first two. Most of the later power plays looked like the get-the-other-team-going variety they specialized in throughout the season.

  9. Jimbo, much easier to stand in front of the Rangers net than the Sens. My seats are close enough to see the size of Cowen, Philips, Carkner. You are not planting yourself in front of that net with those guys there. Gonchar is not as tough and Karlsson is small.

    We don’t have that kind of size.

    Being aggressive and mixing it up we should be able to do. This team, I believe has out his us in this series. In the regular season we out hit everyone.

  10. Carp, I think its fair to say that BR and Gabby have been less noticeable on 5 on 5. The 2 goals were power play goals, and they werent that noticeable in Game 3 either. Its not their fault, IMO.

  11. isn’t Boyle a monster who can just push his way by anybody? surely he should be able to get to the front of the net, right

  12. I Rarely Speak on

    Konopka and Neil better than richards and gabby so far?? wow…. im leaving until after saturdays win the negativity is incredible.. so they were suppose to go 16-0 in the playoffs?

  13. Instead of fighting with each other, we should all unite and find a way to take out Bettman et al. and take over the NHL and make it more suitable to the Rangers. First thing, hire me to regulate the refereeing, handle the replays in Toronto, and handle suspensions.

  14. The reffing was fair tonight. The first two Rangers PPs came on soft calls against the Sens. We didnt get to the net enough and challenge Anderson enough so you can’t even say the Sens were allowed to get away with things in front of Henke that the Rags weren’t in front of Andy.

  15. JimboWoodside on

    +1, Lev – I don’t like to see a fellow Bonehead getting flak, especially when I mostly agree with him! ;-)

  16. 16-0 with no shots allowed, I Rarely. Because if a team gets a few shots in a row, the Rangers suck. This guy sucks. That guy sucks. They’re done. Season over.

    They haven’t trailed in any of the four games so far. But they’re finished. They suck.

  17. pretty sure the Rangers got out hit tonight by a decent margin. dunno about the other three games, though.

  18. Boyle has actually become a bit tough for other teams to handle. Sorry, mistake on my part. To his credit he is playing with great confidence. He has worked hard for that.

  19. Someone must have told Sather to get Boyle. No way he brings in someone with size and future talent (with some hard work on skating and getting in shape). That kind of vision our GM doesn’t have.

  20. Still think they’ll take this one. Just a little less confident. Not sure how I feel about the kid. When Hags comes back does the kid stay? Not sure and not Torts so i guess it doesn’t matter what I think. Interesting to see how the next 2-3 games play out. Fingers crossed.

  21. JimboWoodside on

    I had no beef with the officiating tonight – I saw soft calls made on both teams.

    I saw soft physical play by my Rangers, and I didn’t like it. It’s not how they won their division.

  22. Boyle is big enough, but it’s hard to get there when you are exhausted in the 3rd period.

    I hate even hating on Torts’ coaching because he’s rarely done anything I’ve disagreed with this year. I just didn’t get his thought process tonight.

    Carp – Im on my iPod so I can’t hear the interview, but did Torts talk about why he only rolled 3 lines tonight?

  23. Disgraceful.

    And now it’s a 3-game series.

    What a bunch of clowns.

    Almost time to golf.

  24. I Rarely Speak on

    one more thing for everybody.. look at all the other series…. and were really flipping out about it being 2-2??? sometimes i shake my head… we will win this series, probably in 7, and that still probably wont be good enough

  25. be interesting to see how many minutes Kreider plays on Saturday (if he plays). barring a pretty epic performance from him, I highly doubt we’ll see him once Hagelin comes back.

  26. I have a beef with officials no matter what the circumstances. In my eyes, they exist, and thats enough. So even though there wasnt anything egregious this game, Ill still blame them.

  27. First period, entire third and beging of the overtime Rangers outplayed te Sens. Weren’t you watching, Lloyd?

  28. Boyle is great. We should make sure we keep him. He has passed Dubi by a country mile on the teams depth chart, no?

  29. And we shouldn’t be worried unless they play like this I game 5. Nothing we’ve seen from this team could or should lead us to believe that they wont come out extremely hard in game 5 after this loss.

  30. Rangers were outplayed for most of the first period, outplayed for the entire second period, and down the stretch in the third. They started out well in the third but were fading late. (Diving for your life to block shots isn’t indicative of being in control no matter what Joe Micheletti claims.) Overtime lasted about 10 seconds.

  31. Rollin Dubious on

    Need a laugh…I was asked to join a fantasy NASCAR league this year…..and I am in first place. VROOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM……

    Extra day rest is huge, come out firing sat and take next two….

  32. Jonny, I agree 100%. But the problem is with this now being a best of 3 series, we can get screwed by bad luck, which is entirely possible. We already lost Game 2 because of bad luck.

  33. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    The was a great game. Two great teams playing intense hockey.

    The rangers win this in 6.

  34. checked

    Total Hits Game 1:

    Ottawa 37
    Rangers 37

    Total Hits Game 2:

    Ottawa 30
    Rangers 30

    Total Hits Game 3:

    Ottawa 48
    Rangers 33

    Total Hits Game 4:

    Ottawa 32
    Rangers 26

  35. Will we, the number 1 seed, once again get stuck with these 2 losers on Saturday on CNBC? Nice treatment of the biggest media market and the number 1 seed, to get CNBC and 2 worthless piles of carcillo that openly cheer for Ottawa doing our games.

  36. Lloyd

    Have you not seen any games this season? This is how they play. Blocking shots anyway possible. Rangers have been the better team in all of the games.

  37. Lloyd, Im not in NY. National TV has every playoff game, but the Rangers are stuck on CNBC with 2 pro Ottawa losers. Its sickening.

  38. CCCP:


    now back to reality, Rangers were the better team for two power play tonight. they were the better team for a chunk of the third. they were the better team for overtime before they lost. they were not the better team the rest of the time.

  39. Tiki:

    Honestly, having to listen to Joe Micheletti isn’t any better – dude is almost excruciating to listen to at this point. Imagine Chico Resch if basically everyone in the league was Martin Brodeur and that’s Joe Micheletti in a nut shell.

  40. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    This is the perfect series for the rangers. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This might go 7.

    Lucky is the team that plays flyers/pens winner. Those 2 team might as well empty net from the start. The universe can’t stop anything and the Vezina winner MAF, is wearing 2 eye patches under his mask.

    The capital could score 25 goals against either of those teams.

  41. CCCP, thats not true. The 2 CNBC losers acted as if the Senators were the only team on the ice.

    Everything positive our team did was because of Ottawa mistakes.

    Everything positive Ottawa did was because of how great they are.

    Everything was Ottawa Ottawa Ottawa. A neutral observer wouldnt even know there was another team playing this series.

    Lloyd, I despise Joe Micheletti too, but these guys are much worse.

  42. Hits stats are skewed. Home team picks the scorer, so those stats like hits, giveaways, and takeaways are all subjective.

    Also, if the Rangers don’t come out hard in game 5, this series is over. Don’t see Ottawa not winning game 6 if they take game 5. Even last game, they were the better team for more of the game. Rangers owned at MSG though.

  43. Jonny:

    So the subjective MSG folks gave Ottawa a 15-hit edge on Saturday? I’d to think what it was without the home crowd bias.

  44. What are you talking about Lloyd? MSG doesn’t collect the stats. They just give what the official scorer had for the official game sheet.

    I didn’t think it was 48-33, but the Sens def outhit the Rangers.

  45. by “MSG,” I was referring to this: “Hits stats are skewed. Home team picks the scorer, so those stats like hits, giveaways, and takeaways are all subjective.”

  46. Damn, I wanted these loser Canucks to get swept out of the playoffs like the bums they are.

    Btw, the CNBC losers even called Ottawa the pride of their nation. How much sicker could they get? Ottawa, a loser organization, is the pride of their nation? How about the team that lost in the Cup Finals last year, or the Presidents Trophy winners this year. 2 CNBC losers.

  47. Yeah. The Sens were the home team for game 3. So they are responsible for the official scorer for that game.

    It’s the one thing I wish the NHL would standardize because some rinks have huge hit numbers while others don’t. Same with giveaways, takeaways, and even blocked shots. They need to just hire people to do the job and train them on how to track each stat so numbers aren’t always so skewed.

  48. well, it’s not like Ottawa has a lot of competition for Canada’s national pride at the moment. the supposed best team in the Western Conference is going to get bounced by the Kings. the other Canadian teams are off shoveling snow somewhere.

  49. Plus Ottawa is the capital and just like the US, Canada has East Coast bias. Vancouver is like the LA of Canada. Most of Canada can’t stand the Canucks.

  50. oh christ, did I actually say game 3 was at the Garden? sorry. please ignore all of that.

    didn’t actually know that about the stats btw but I guess it’s similar to what you get in baseball where the home team’s guy categorizes plays as errors and whatnot.

  51. It doesnt matter whats going on currently with the Canucks. The Senators have always been, and will always be losers. If they are the pride of that nation, then that doesnt speak much of Canada.

  52. Jonny:


    Here’s the thing about this series. Rangers were good in 1 and 3. Senators better in 2 and 4. Senators felt good heading back to Ottawa having secured the split at MSG, but there is a feeling that the Rangers, as the number 1 seed in the conference should have done better than split 2 of the first 4. I think the Rangers will get past Ottawa, grinding it out like they’ve done all year, but I feel the inconsistency we’ve seen through these four games (where for half the series they’ve looked like the 8 seed) is what’s worried me about them in the round(s) after this one.

  53. Who cares how many playoff wins they have. Theyre a loser organization, and theyll never win anything. Like I said, if the Ottawa Senators are the pride of your nation, then your nation has no pride. IMO

  54. if the Dallas Cowboys are “America’s team,” what does that say about the United States?

  55. There are plenty of teams that represent America. The Dallas Cowboys have a history of winning. Americans are known as Yankees. The Yankees are the winningest team in US sports history. And Im not bashing Canada, Im bashing the loser Senators. They ARE NOT the pride of that nation, and the 2 CNBC losers that said that were unprofessionally cheering the Senators all game.

  56. ottoawa has out shot the rangers in the series but I believe the rangers have had more top notch scoring chances.. the rangers had numerous in close opptys. tonight.

    these games are games of a few plays or non plays….

    rangers have not trailed at all during the series except OT. ithink 0 for the last 8 OT games…..OUCH

  57. do not agree tonight that the Rangers had “top notch scoring chances.” A few times the Rangers made Craig Anderson look like something more than the mediocre goalie he is but all the toughest shots were at Lundqvist.

  58. How in the world can you skate backwards all night playing “not to lose hockey” and expect to win. It appeared like a 2:15 Power Play. The Senators not withstanding the first two periods of the game 1 have completly outplayed us. Why didn’t he leave the same lines that worked so well on Monday. Kreider could be a big offensive supprise. Lunqvist and some timely scappy play have been our only weapons. You got to play more aggressively or we’re going to lose the next two games and we’ll have another Caps series like 2 years ago except in 6 games and not 7. Torts just can not get the ring or the cigar.

  59. JimboWoodside on

    within a shift or two from the time that they scored their second goal, I had the sinking feeling that the other shoe was about to drop – I knew within every fiber of my being that if they gave up even a single goal in this game, that Ottawa was going to tie the game up and most likely win it.

    I could just tell that Ottawa feared going down 3 games to 1 and then going back to New York for game 5 much more than the Rangers feared going back tied.

  60. Still think we’ll take this in 6 or 7. Rangers have to play with more intensity. Props to Ottawa they seemed to want it more and smelled blood after the first goal. Rangers needed to step it up at that point. OT record is worrisome.

    Shanahan’s School of Hard Knocks:

  61. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    Just got done with the dvr’d game….

    I couldn’t decide initially rangers in 5 or in 6, I picked 5…..looks like rangers in 6 though!

    I really think 4 lines need to be rolled, if we can’t use the players we have to roll four, maybe we need to put different guys in so we can roll four (I seriously have no idea who it would be). Just my opinion though.

    I’m glad the pens won for no other reason than sybilahan only giving Neal one game and now he plays and I hope the game gets so nasty because he is in it. Maybe sybilahan should have driven him the appropriate 5 or 6 games.

    I would pretty much have Bickel on the ice every time Neil is just to be able to battle him in front of hank.

    Go nucks, woooo hoooo!!

    LGR and LGT!!!

    Night aasens!

  62. I’m not sure if I’m a terrible fan — and I do love the Rangers — but let’s just sit back and watch.

  63. better beans on

    Did the Rangers not fear Carkner comin’ out of the box at all?

    Does that account for Marc bein’ in front of Anderson when he did?

    Should McD, as good as he’s been all season, have been able to
    thwart the 2-on1, which looked very similar to the one Kid Karlsson
    stopped against Feds two nights ago? Did John Mitchell blow his
    responsibility to cover for Marc?

    On second goal faceoff, Marc, in corner to Hank’s left, having fudged a
    clearing pass about a minute prior, was pushed to the ice easily
    allowing Neil(?) to begin the game-tying process unimpeded.
    He then rushes to goal mouth, where he seems to lose his balance
    a bit, and actually sorta pushes a Sen toward Hank, so there’s no
    room for Hank to address the puck. Post-concussion
    balance blues? End-of-period fatigue? Normal, or concussion
    related? My balance, always excellent before, was not even close
    after. Same with energy. So I wonder, and am inclined to give him
    a pass, and applaud him for all the good stuff he’s doin’ (he WAS,
    as some have suggested, part of some nice rushes). And, yes, it’s
    possible I’m makin’ too much of this. Possible, ilb:-).
    As for blog unity, not gonna happen. Some guys/gals here wanted Spezza
    to miss the third period, because “winning is the most important thing.”
    (Weber, Torres, Neal, Crosby, MacLean, Carkner and Barry “Hate is Good”
    Melrose share that view, along with dozens of Goon-groupies at this place.)
    Some guys wanted Spezza to come back, and hope Alfredsson does, so that
    if the Rangers are to be champs, they will be genuine champs, unafraid of the
    hardest tests, like their amazin’ cousins in the Meadowlands. Torts talks all
    the time about the “right way,” though I’m not sure what he thinks that is.
    How y’gonna make a mellow puddin’ outta those ingredients, and a dozen
    distinctive others??
    As for third goal, nice play by O’brien kid to set up Turris, nice marking by
    Stralman, excellent shot by young sniper, credit where credit is due.
    It did go over Hank’s glove, an area he’s made huge improvements in this
    year. Gotta think it woulda gone over most goalie gloves, if not all.
    Game turned, IMO, on first goal, with sloppy attention to Carkner, then
    Mac’s failure to make the kind of play Ottawa had on Monday. Mitchell
    didn’t help by failing to mark Michalak more closely.
    Still a lucky-bounce series for me….Neither team has demonstrated “clear”
    superiority. If any edge (and I’m not sure there is one – the extra day might
    help Rangers recoup energy) might go to Sens psychologically, since many
    “experts,” local and North American, thought this was an easy chore for NY.
    Longer it goes, more confident Sens, also kinda young, could get. Could.
    Not an easy read for this ex-gambler:-).

  64. better beans on

    Torts ends tonight’s tape pretty much the same as
    the last time: “we need more guys involved.”

    As an outsider, I wonder if he really thinks he has the guys.
    As has been pointed out before, you don’t really design this
    shot-blocking strategy if you think you’re managing a
    powerhouse roster. I continue to be skeptical the “guys” are
    there. Is he waiting for Dubi, Derek, Artie? Uh-oh…
    I think they call that, “skating on thin ice…”

    Just read Allen Muir’s copy re: tonight’s game. Nice read.
    He had the same take I, and I suspect many of you, had at 2-0 –
    maybe this Sen team is finally realizing they are an eight seed.
    And for another five minutes, I thought that might be so. Then
    they settled down, killed another PP, and my next thought was
    that I am not crazy about THIS Ranger team up 2-0. Don’t know
    particularly why; just am not. Strangely, I think I woulda been
    happier if they were up just one, or even zip-zip, like the other

    Allen agrees with what seems to be a majority here – that the
    Rangers are the much better club, and shouldn’t be having
    this much trouble.
    Puzzle for me – ’cause I thought it would be difficult for Rangers,
    as for any sports team, to find the kind of hockey they were
    playing in December and January, at their peak. And they haven’t,
    to my eyes. They’ve played OK, overall, just as they did the last
    week, but nothin’ like the mid-season brand. I gotta think it’s
    a fuel problem, and many of us talked about that months ago –
    with some derisive responses, (well-meant, I’m sure:-). And
    absent a return to that mid-season dynamo, I thought any of the
    possible eight seeds would be a stiff test.
    I’m hoping this extra day of rest will show on Saturday, and you and
    Allen will turn out to have better eyes than I do.

  65. Now do you finally see what I meant about those idiotic lateral passes back and forth along the blue line?
    I wasn’t a bit surprised at this outcome…in fact I’ve
    been expecting it.

    Now compare the tactics of the two teams. Rangers get into the Sens zone and spend , oh, maybe 3 or 4 minutes at a time, and whatta they do with those minutes..? They pass they pass they pass. How about shooting? Oh, now and then someone decides to put a shot on goal. Now how about the Sens? how much time did they spend in Ranger territory? How about
    half a period at a time? And whadda they do when they’re in? They shoot they shoot they shoot.

    Like the old song “Where do ya worka John?” The Delaware Lackawan etc.” Plain dopiness…they got what they deserved. I don’t think I’m gonna be too quick to laugh at the Pimp anymore.

  66. The only thing I can say at this point is the Rangers are in trouble. They lost 3 out of 4 to the sens in the regular season and it appears they aren’t the better team. I hope I’m dead wrong but it appears the Rangers aren’t winning this series against the Sens. I will be extremely disappointed if the Rangers don’t advance to the second round.

  67. JimboWoodside on

    The Rangers can still win, but they must not play “timid” – and that’s how they’ve been playing against the Sens – in the physicality department, the Sens have been all over the NYR players – they’ve been the team with the physical “swagger” in this series so far. Neil, Konopka and Carkner have been getting a very wide berth during this series.

    They’re crowding our goalie, they’re pushing & shoving after whistles, and *all* they’re getting back from our guys is yapping – a hint, fellas – yapping isn’t gonna get it done.

  68. Agreed. the rangers have to get more physical and just throw the puck at the net whenever they can. this passing crap has burned them plenty of times and taking hits and letting them get close to the goalie has to stop. Get on them from the start.

  69. I felt like they tried to sit on the lead when they went up 2-0. Sort of like playing prevent D in football, it usually prevents you from winning.

    Ottawa had the puck for all of the second period.

    Have to fix that… and oh yeah, SHOOT THE PUCK GABBY! SHOOT THE PUCK! Stop dishing it to other people… fire that biscuit!

  70. Stranger Nation on

    Like the intensity of PO hockey, but when the game is called so dramatically different it allows no-talent like Neil the opportunity to shine. It’s a joke.

  71. Good morning, boneheads!

    LMAO@ “Comments are closed” on the new thread. I think Carp had enough with BC comments last night. Just kidding.

  72. My hair and beard got a little more grey last night. I know Kreider can make a mistake but maybe give him a few more shifts since everyone else looked spent.

  73. Wow, that was a brutal loss again. Losing in Playoff OT is so painful. Why are comments off for CARP’S game review?

    Torts needs to come up with a better game plan!

  74. You guys think that Carp kept the comments off so that we would have to take a deep breath and think before we post our armageddon stuff?

    Best of three. Let’s try not to lose back-to-back games and we’ve got it made.

  75. Fran – the Sens did the same thing the Rangers did, they just did it much more effectively. Jason Spezza is the king of not shooting. He opens space up by cutting through the middle and looking for a pass.

    The Rangers didn’t play all that bad, but they stayed along the boards rather than getting to the slot. Ottawa on the other hand used their skill and speed to get to the slot and open up more space.

    As I said, the Rangers seemed to play not to lose this game instead of playing to win. Once they got up kind of early, the game took a 180 and went in the Sens favor for most of the rest of the game.

  76. For all those who think the sky is falling, I’d like to point out that the Sens have led for all of 0 MINUTES in this series. That is a pretty key point.

  77. Right on Jonny – the lesson is do *not* go to OT with the Senators or with Hank in net. (Sorry Hank).

  78. Not sure if it was Sens turning it on in 2nd or Rangers running low on gas, but you could feel the game turn.

    Pretty confident in still winning the series, been too great a year. Lots of emotions from some intense fans……and that’s ok!

  79. No Lev! We are all banned. And as a result of being banned must BANJ.

    When Banned, don’t fret, just BANJ.

    I predicted Rangers in *6* – so why am I scared?

  80. Rangers in 6 was my prediction and I’m sticking to it!! This team is not the Rangers of the last decade…. They have something special about them and will pull it out. Have some faith!! We need 2 more wins. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!

    Leaving for Florida(Disney) with the family tomorrow and will have to find a bar to watch the game Saturday…

  81. I’m glad there are 2 days off before the next game. This one is going to hurt. But I think by Saturday, they will have put it behind them.

    I just keep shaking my head, because I believe the Rangers have been the better team throughout the series, but the Sens are outworking us and raising their game when needed.

    I mean when at some point does the strategy shift to goading Neil or Konapka into a fight in order to get them off the ice? When is this team going to say enough is enough and play the game they have played all season long instead of this prevent defense nonsense they are playing?

    There are too many guys doing nothing out there… Gabs, Duby, Step, AA are not getting any offensive chances and I believe it because of this ridiculous “play not too lose” mindset that has set in.

    Open the game up some and drop the gloves and start challenging the other team, like we have all season long!

    Oh, and give Kreider some ice time.

  82. Stranger Nation on

    This next game is not a must win, but as close to it as you can come. if they play like they did in first 15 minutes of 3rd period, we are going to beat them like a drum.

    Liked when Rupp was on with Gabby and B Rich in OT (if my memory serves me correctly). Need to mix grit and skill.

    Dubi is just a Carcillo show out there. Can’t finish, can’t carry, holy bejesus he is frustrating to watch.

    Calls against McD were just atrocious, but they were calling it tight both ways, but not when Foligno crashes Hank?

    Capt Cally – come out and set the tone tomorrow night.

  83. So they’ve never lead a game in the series yet, they have the same amount of wins? Makes sense.

  84. See… the Sens have Konopka and Neil, two players who are Avery like players… they (Konopka and Neil) create a lot of bull-stuff and as Carp said attract a lot of attention and force our players to expend a lot of energy to try to contain them. If only Avery was a Ranger… oh, wait… DUH!

  85. Amen Stranger – Rupp looked pretty flipping good on that line. I was also wrong, I thought Kreider would be pwned (South Park?) if he played on the 4th line but he looked fine.

    Rupp for Top Line LW!

  86. Joekuh - 14 more...LGBT! on

    the biggest place konopka is killing us is faceoffs, imo. on our o zone draws they clear easily, and on our d zone draws they keep us pinned. gotta be better on faceoffs. it all starts from there.

  87. yes he does, Manny.

    I don’t want to start another Avery love-fest over here but i think you need someone like Avery in a series that is pretty nasty. Sens turn out to be much more physical and in your face type team than i expected. They crash the net every time they’re in our zone! Rangers dont do that much AT ALL! So frustrating!

  88. Well if you want someone to be an agitator I think we have guys that could play that role.

    I stick by what I was saying yesterday – don’t sink to their level and get taken off your game. Continue to grind and score.

    I think we are seeing how bad the loss of Hagelin is. He really creates chances for that top line and without him the lines are all jumbled and messed up.

  89. what kind of a hockey team are you if you can’t win a freaking faceoff?!


    Your 2011-2012 New York Rangers!!!

  90. Avery wouldn’t do anything in this series. Neil would beat his brain in again and he’d be out of the series.

    The faceoffs are killer. I’m not going to lie, I watch the Sens a decent amount. I had no idea that Konopka was such a good faceoff man. I knew he was a fighter and thought him to be pretty much just a goon. But he’s killing Boyle on the faceoffs and that’s something that isn’t easy to do.

  91. i love u all. thank god u guys ar ranger fans. ur the funnies coolest boneheads in teh entire planet

  92. Good morning everyone. This will be a tough couple of days to get through. Da boys have to do a lot of thinking. Do they want this bad enough? Are they willing to take and give the hits enough? We were the hitting team in the regular season. Now, in this series we are getting out hit.

    Why? Is that Ottowa is bigger? In part. Are some of our guys banged up? I guess so. But it’s gut check time. They have done this before so you’d have to believe in them. But, boy, it sure seems like a whole number of guys are banged up and concerned about hitting or getting hit, starting with Callie and on down the line.

    Ottowa’s strategy has been what we have done all season. They may have found it through watching us. They are using it against us quite well.

    Sure we have been in control of the score all series, only being down when OT goals were both scored. Yet, there is a lot of scrambling in our zone which is just not healthy. Their point guys are holding the puck in beautifully, creating long periods of play in our zone.

    I have confidence Torts will rally the troops. I have confidence the MSG crowd will encourage. I have confidence we are the better team. After a regular season like we had it wasn’t suppossed to be this hard vs. team 8. Yet, our team did over achieve in the regular season, now didn’t we.

    We can and will do this. We are better.

  93. and i promise i wont watchgames5-7. i jinxed us last night. i tried not watching but when i heard we were up 2-0, i said, ehhh why not. and i let u guys down. im a playoff jinx it seems every time i watch, we lose. im done til nextr season.

  94. Haha. I told you a million times, I like Avery. I think he’s hilarious and I enjoy his antics and I really want to see him succeed. I just gave up on him like every team he has ever been on. Then i had that awful experience at Warren77 and …. I can’t defend him anymore. I think his OJ loving attitude and his penchant for WiFi causes more detriment to the team than his few positives.

  95. im finishing th mikes harde lemonade i left out last night. i had 8 of them. they got high alchy content!!!

  96. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good morning all! Holy hahahaha……Carp accidently….or did he ???….turned the comments off. I feel bad for others who may not know how to BANJ, or go logging……I let Carp know but who knows when he’ll get the message if he’s traveling….

  97. The key to Game 5 is Wellman. Johnny “Malkin” Mitchell wouldn’t hurt either. He needs to score a hat trick in the 3 minutes he’ll probably play in Game 5.

  98. it isnt my fault, but i am superstitious when it comes to that stuff. but the only reason i missed the first and 3rd game were because of work. i watch game 2 n 4, and look what happened. we scored both goals while i was watching pens game!! cmon, somethings wrong

  99. They also have a lot of sugar, Grabby. That makes you drunk faster and makes for a horrible hangover!

    It’s not your fault. I am superstitious too and I did everything right and we lost. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Best of 3!

  100. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Torts is right when he says “more people have to get involved”…HOWEVER…
    All year long, the entire team plays better when more of the dressed players get playing time.
    It is Torts that does not play the 6th D and 4th line in some games.
    Everyone plays better when all 6 D and all 4 lines play.

    I really think Torts is a terrific coach, but he must share in the blame when the team does not play real well and he is the one that decides to only play 14 of the 18 players

  101. i can say this for mitchell. he doesnt make to many defensive mistakes, or do anything supidlike penlties. i rarely ever see him git called for anything actually. but h neds to bury some of his chances. or he’ll be in hartford nex yar. these guys have to realize theres kids just waiting to tak their spots. time to takeit up afew notches now.

  102. ANF, Manny’s told the story several times, i think the summary is that once Avery was Whaled and had 0 chance of returning to the big club they stopped showing Rangers games atW77. Manny stopped by once and they told him Avery doesnt care about the NYR anymore so we dont show the games any more. I think thats about right. Right, Manny?

  103. how dare u steal my spotlight manny!! itsall on me!!!! ok. not you! me!! ts all my fault and thas it. ok pal! shine box for u!!

  104. I don’t think Torts means more people just have to play. I think he means more people have to go out there and skate hard and hit hard and forecheck and chase the puck and grind and jam and heart and tough and……

  105. “All year long, the entire team plays better when more of the dressed players get playing time.”

    well i sure as hell dont wanna see naked duby and boyles out there!!

  106. That’s 100% correct, Lev. Thanks. Mrs. Manny says I tell stories like a Grandpa these days so I am glad you covered it for me.

  107. The second period was the loss last night. They stopped moving their skates. Too many times 5 on 5 looked like Ottowa had a PP. Too many lost foot races to loose pucks on the boards. They seemed to be content to let Ottowa control the puck on the outside and clog the shooting lanes. When they pressed on offense, they created some havoc. Not enough offensive pressing during the second. Too many people just standing there.

    This was one of those games where I am not sure Rick Nash would have made any difference. Sometimes this team just gets a lead and sits on it. They let the other team attack in waves and hope to block shots. I guarantee they will not win a cup with that strategy. Even the Devils had more of an attack mentality than that when they won cups. The Rangers seemed to lack the counter punch that is needed for that style of play.

    However, all of that can be fixed if they just move their feet. SKATE!! I have no idea how many times I yelled that last night during the second period.

  108. some of youse guys should come visit me when sally comes out here. its amish paradise out here

  109. ewww mama!! wayne simmonds would be cheating though. u cant play with 2 sticks. what about scrums after the whistle? ohh hell no!!!

  110. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    I’m only talking about the Rangers you knucklehead!!!!! Boyle good. Hartnell……very hartnelling bad!

  111. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    Morning ILB, tony, and all.

    So I’m reading the review thread and then I go to post……. I never went back and read the go time thread, were you guys bad little comment monkeys or what?

  112. dan, we just have a hard time with fast teams in general. ottawa, montreal, tampa… i actually thnk this is deceptively one of the toughest matchups for us. so if we can get through this, i like our chances better againt devils or philly. even boston. we just play bettr against more physical teams. but youre right. we should not have this much trouble against them. however, just like we had phillys number, u can bet if we faced them, it would go 6 most likely 7 games. we just arent skilled enough up front.

  113. we ca be happy that pens are most likely out. if we had to face them, i doubt we make it past round 2. if anything, lets hope all the series go 7.

  114. Dan – they were tired. That’s why. Plus will all the special teams play, the usual PKers didn’t get much rest. Look at how many minutes the usual PKer’s played:

    Boyle: 20:54 (avg 15:14)
    Callahan: 25:35 (avg 21:02)
    Prust: 17:11 (avg 15:14)
    Fedotenko: 15:41 (avg 13:35)
    Dubinsky: 18:09 (avg 16:16)

    I think that’s why when the 4th line of Mitchell – Krieder – Rupp came out, they held onto the puck extremely well because they were completely fresh.

  115. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Ok, off to enjoy some of this lovely day….no work!….then chore my aasen off. Later all!

  116. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    P.S. when Carp turns the comments back on, I think we should ignore him and continue BANJ logging….that’ll show him!!!

  117. Stranger Nation on

    Put Bickel on 4th line if he is only playing 3-4 mins on D – kids got some snarl and can bang the Sens D to cough up the puck for some good chances. step, bickel and kreider on 4th line.

    The former AG gets a bad rap on here – his back check on their 2nd goal was more the result of Staal not burying that shot and a good pass by Mr Irrelevant (and poor play by McD). Heck, he was the only one hustling back.

    Step – where have you been?

    Dubi – get brain transplant immediately

    Artie – keep skating brother, you are working hard out there

    Girardi – cannot believe people had him in top 3 stars – really? – had him and MDZ as worst performing D men last night. Staal had a very strong game and Stralman has played solid.

    Net-net: We miss Hags as the fore-checking machine to spring chances for Gabby and B Rich.

    While we have only been trailing twice – both times at the of the two losses – feels like we are skating up hill for long stretches.

  118. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    I agree with torts being a good coach and I also agree he needs to be plaing all players a bit more regularly in the physical playoffs.

    Neil and konopka are a load in front of the net, I would play Bickel more to counter.

    Didn’t like the gas line in the game nor was I fond of the dubi line…

    Got to give credit where credit is due, the sens played a very ranger like effort game and just kept coming

    We need the get on that crashing the crease every 2.5 seconds carp

  119. Stranger Nation on

    Grabby – we have negated the sens speed – it is their jam that is killing us IMO

  120. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – let us in!!!!

    Why have the comments off today?

    You have a bone to pick with me today :)

    You should have a BONEHEAD for the office. Would you like a mount for the wall?

  121. Rupp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Grabby, I agree with all of that. However, they will have zero chance against faster teams if they stay stationary. I thought they did well in the first and third. I was watching the game with my son, and I am one of his coaches. The second period was a clinic on what not to do when playing 5v5. The entire period, with and without penalties, looked like a PP. There was just so much standing there waiting for the Senators to make a move. You don’t wait, your force moves, which produces mistakes, which leads to chances. They were doing that in the 1st and 3rd.

    I know speedy teams cause them problems. They cause everybody problems. They were letting Ottowa dictate the game in the second, and that is what cost them.

    I was really happy to see Staal play like that last night. Seemed like a different player. My only gripe with him is when he passed up that one chance to shoot while he was pinching in the middle and threw a pass to the side. They scored two goals by rebound last night. He had the better shooting angle. Put it on net and collect the garbage if you don’t beat the goalie. When the Rangers are willing to put real shots on net, good things are happening. Even though the Rangers won game three, there were times I was pulling my hair out watching Anisimov and Stepan over pass instead of putting a solid shot on net and getting dirty going for rebounds.

    This is why Stepan seems to disappear during the playoffs. He is still playing regular season hockey instead of going to the hard areas to get the job done. Same reason why Boyle is looking like John LeClaire at times. He gets it.

  123. SoRRy folks but I’m gonna have to disagree with most of you on last night’s game. I do not believe that Rangers can continue playing the style that they do…and become winners.

    This business of letting countless odd man rushes on their goal and then staying there for long moments at a time, and causing Lundwist to perform almost superhuman saves just to maintain his safety, and his dignity. There is no reason why they should be content playing most of the game in their end of the ice.

    They have the players….but who is coaching them?
    Why do they make the same approaches every single time, like a set alarm clock. and be content with the practice of shuffling passes in the general direction of their team mates and hoping that he can corral them before he gets pasted. What has worked for them in the past is memorable and should be repeated, but good grief..not on every single play.

    And they seem oblivious to the danger created by
    allowing lateral passes to their team mates with that blue line lurking there behind them just waiting for an interception and a full team press by Ottawa back to the (probably ) exhausted Lundqvist’

    They keep on at this pace and they can watch the rest of the action from their living rooms..

  124. I’m starting to regret entering the beard contest. How in the hell am I supposed to beat Wickarello or Millie Vanillie. CCCP looks like he got a pretty big head start. It’s a no-win, no-win, no-win situation.

  125. Youse guys can blame me for the 2 loses. I wasn’t wearing my Messier sweater. Don’t knock it, it got us a cup in ’94.

  126. Some day I may invent the bacon-flavored Matzo Ball.

    Want to join me Sally?

    Hambone/BANJ Matzo Ball Co.

  127. Once again…When you refuse to be Carped, it’s called a BANJ.

    When everyone else moves on to the *New Post* and you hold your ground in the previous thread. It’s a BANJ.

  128. Just as I thought, Carp flying back to NY now.

    Flight Attendant: More anything Mr Carpiniello?

    Carp: More everything!

  129. We can incorporate bacon grease into the Matzo Ball or just use crumbled bacon bits. But shhh, don’t tell anybody yet!

  130. BANJ, forgive me for asking, but have we met in real life? Were you at the big W77 boneheadfest a couple years ago?

  131. 8:00???!!! There should be a law against that! “The Hambone/Anti Crazy-Hour Work Act.”

  132. Oh cool, I love the internet! So many pictures of CATS.

    Yes that video is one of my favorite things of all time. I found The Last Waltz on vinyl on my last trip home – I’m happy to have it join my collection. Levon ♥

  133. Don Cherry ? @CoachsCornerCBC

    · Open

    If your car is overheating it is better to speed up and turn up your heater as more cool air goes thru system & heater draws heat off engine

  134. BANJ, you just made my day with that .gif!!! Thanks!

    How’s your bday going? Did you eat any bacon matzo cake?

  135. Sally (Future CEO), BANJAPALOOZA is winding down. Had a pretty good day despite having to go to work. Thanks for being a part of it!

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