Rangers-Senators Game 3 in review; Live Chat at noon today


Reminder: We are doing a live playoff chat today at noon, internet connection-willing. Be there. And you don’t have to ask questions. If you want to comment on something, like Chris Kreider’s debut, I’d love to hear what you think, too.


1) Game 3 was the Rangers’ season in a nutshell. It followed a loss, and they responded. They won it by playing the way they play, defensive, straight-ahead. And they won a game that could have gone either way. How many of those have gone the Rangers’ way this year?

2) They also won because their best player, their MVP, was, well, their best player and their MVP. Henrik Lundqvist was sensational in this game. If you look at the goals he’s allowed in this series, he’s been pretty spectacular in all three games. Loved the way he went after Zenon Konopka, too.

3) Brian Boyle=Beast. But now he’s not just a beast. Now he’s looking like Mario Lemieux, too. He looked like Lemieux on that breakaway, and he looked like Lemieux on the pass that sprung Ryan Callahan out of the penalty box. He did all the dirty stuff. And still blamed himself for taking that penalty, as he did for losing the faceoff in OT that led to the game-winner in Game 2.

4) He’s a guy who’s still young, but blooming a little bit later than some. I think he can get better still. Most important, he wants to get better, and to do what it takes to get better.

5) Interesting how this game really didn’t get nasty. It was physical alright. There were some typical playoff shots delivered, too. And a few scrums. No fights. Really good hockey game.

6) As first-time commenter Stizzy pointed out last night, the stats were lopsided. I don’t put a lot of credence in some of the stats because sometimes they’re home-cooked. Like the hits were 48-33. I can believe Ottawa out-hit the Rangers. I do not believe it was 48-33. Most troubling, as Stizzy noted, was faceoffs. The Rangers won 15, lost 29. Yikes.

7) How about the save from Stu Bickel, and the consecutive defensive plays Anton Stralman made? Wow. Great sign when your fifth and sixth D-men are doing stuff like that.

8) Everybody off the ledge now?

9) I really liked Chris Kreider’s first game, jumping out of school and onto a moving locomotive. He was nervous at first, and he was kicking himself for whiffing on that one shot in close. Maybe he was a little bit unsure at the start. Geez, that’s some jump for a kid, though, and I thought overall he did fine. Would love to see more of him as this goes on, even when Carl Hagelin comes back (assuming the Rangers can win two of the next four).

10) I brought this up with Dave Maloney on the radio last night. If Paul MacLean is going to get all this credit for making the lineup adjustments he made in Game 2 … and I thought Konopka really helped in Game 3, too … then shouldn’t he get some blame for not having enough grit in his lineup in Game 1? I mean, could he really have thought he was going to win by out-finesse-ing the Rangers? Did he watch any of their season? Did he understand why they were the best team in the whole NHL for 80 games?

11) Also thanks to Dave Maloney for joining me in a radio shout-out to Tony from AZ during the intermission. Tony heard it and it meant a lot to him.

12) You guys are nuts with the traffic. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate it.

13) Visting teams went 3-0 Monday night. That runs the total for these playoffs to 14-8 for the road teams. Um, home-ice advantage?

14) You should see the way they cover hockey in the papers up here. The Ottawa Sun treats it the way the Daily News and Post treat the Yankees. Eight, nine pages of stories, photos, stats, back page, front page. They also have something that would drive you guys nuts. A special called: “87 … Sid the Kid Watch.” Yesterday it focused completely on the play on which Crosby knocked Jakub Voracek’s glove away from him. With quotes from Skid, who wasn’t happy to be asked so much about it.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Brian Boyle.
3) Anton Stralman.
Lev’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Anton Stralman.
3) Brian Boyle.
Sioux-per-man’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Brian Boyle.
3) Stu Bickel.
I’m giving Stu the 3rd star for saving THAT goal that would have made it past Henrik.  Thinking back that is the one play in my opinion, that was the play of the day.  If that goal goes in, its a different game.

AP photos, above.


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  1. NJ Heat # 24 on

    Awesome performance by The King!

    Extremely entertaining game, despite only one goal being scored. LGR!!!!!

  2. Tony had a stroke and is recovering in a hospital, Salty. It happened while he was visiting NYC for game 1 I believe.
    He’s improving and his dic has even allowed him to watch the games:)

  3. Wow that is terrible news…sorry to hear that…I hope you’re doing well Tony


  4. GREAT REVIEW CARP! When I fire up the computer in the morning, the FIRST thing I want to do after a game is come here and read your review. And thanks for this nutty site. I was in a car a lot yesterday being driven from appointment to appointment. Had my laptop and was just cracking up from the characters here.


    1. Winston (Above).. Ahem, I think you meant that Tonys Ahem… DOC has even allowed him to watch the games. :-)

    2. That game was gut wrenching to watch if you were a fan. Wow…. As JD famously said… “Get your Heart Dr”

    3. On the Post game show they played clips of Brian Boyle’s night. Not only was he the best player on the ice last night, but in my opinion that was the most complete and most dominant game ANY RANGER has played this season. The guy did EVERYTHING. The transformation the last couple of weeks for him has been jaw dropping.

    4. Kreider: A little tentative? OF COURSE.. But, for a first game…. NICE JOB KID! He took the body, he back checked and most importantly the KID CAN FLY. As I have been saying all year, while he might not have the ability to twist and turn on a dime like HAGS (because his body is so different); when it comes to speed up and down the ice, he is blazingly fast and can hang with anyone. He has an excellent shot and I think we have a daimond in the rough with this kid!

    5. HANK! (There are no words and there is nothing that needs to be said)

    6. HEART AND CHARACTER! Overused cliches in the sports world, but this team has both and then some.


  5. Funny part is on NHL live yesterday afternoon they had one of the Sens announcers and he made 2 stupid comments…That Hank “could be had and is part of the Rangers system” and that they were glad to be home where the ice is much better than the Garden ice…uhhh wrong and wrong…Do any of these guys do actually research?

  6. My stomach will.not be right again until June.

    Besides Hank and Boyler, Stralman and Stu were great….Richards too.
    MDZ looked lost on the offensive rushes and PP.Think the lesson was learned, and it will be heads down gritty play… the right way from here on out.

  7. Tremendous game. The King was the usual backbone. Boyler was awesome. Stralman made some big time plays. McD was a rock. MDZ played a tough game and has matured so much. Bickel with the glove save. Pruster taking Spezza to the box. Kreider played hard and smart to get his feet wet in an extremely tough position to start his career. Gabby absorbed some big hits and kept on trucking. Anisimov elevated his game. Dubi played hard and so did the Captain.

    Could you imagine a line of 3 Callahans, or even Neil and Callahan on the same team forechecking? Geez that’d be tough for opposing dman.

    Don’t know what’s up with Rupp, not much time on the ice but showed nothing. Didn’t see any hits. Mitchell was…..eh…so/so.

    Certainly the faceoff loses were alarming but its been that way all year, definitely something to look into this offseason.

  8. Sioux-per-man on

    Top 10.

    Good Morning Boneheads!!!

    It’s a beautiful morning after a win.

    The king should get an extra jewel for the crown today. And he should give that jewel to Stu for one save he made. I took a shot off the inside of my forarm, no padding there, and I couldn’t make a fist for a week without it hurting.

    Oh how I wish Kreider would have made that goal. First game-first goal-on that stage. He played well, can’t wait till he plays with confidence, and can enjoy HIS game.

    Off to work!!!

  9. First off, I thought Richards was just about invisible. Second, Mitchell and Rupp are 4th liners that got the team back on track after killing a few penalties. I do not see peoples problems with these players. They are both solid and keeping the puck in deep and coming out of the corners with it. They had a huge shift in the game when the Rangers were starting to look like they were lose it a little.

  10. Great write-up.Can’t argue with this being Boyles’ best game.And Strallman really played well.Torts is right about Boyle and Prust picking up their game and the “stars” not so much.Not to mention Stralls and Bickel on the back end.That was defenitely a nerve wracking game.Great to see Kreider out there,and he didn’t do anything stupid,smart kid.

  11. Sioux-per-man on

    Dore – I agree the ice is better in Ottawa. Most rinks ice are better then MSG. Most rinks don’t have a train station under them either. The ice is harder when it’s built into the ground and isn’t used as multi facility with a basket ball team.

    Hank is my favorite player, but he is a part of the Ranger system. He benefits more than any other goalie in the NHL, nobody blocks more shots than the Rangers.

    Can he be had. Good Luck with that statement. We should thank him for the bulletin board matterial. Anything that motivates Hank to pitch another shutout in the playoff is fine by me.

    Kids won’t get out of bed this morning.

  12. Stranger Nation on

    Gabby is invisible in these games

    Mitchell played very well in what I saw (first two periods)

    Stralman and Bickel should be getting more ice – take some away from MDZ and Staal.

    The golden child/chosen one/second coming/prodigal son had a nice baptism by fire (pun intended!)

    Hank had to steal a game or two in every series for this team to go deep – last night for one example.


  13. I was listening to NHL Radio on XM on my way home from work and they had one of the Ottawa talk radio guys on. They asked him about Hank and he said, the guy is beatable, overrated, and he went on to name about 4 or 5 goalies who he thought was better than him. The usual suspects, Quick, Elliot, Thomas, Renne and so forth. He says, he’s very good on the first save but gives up his “fair share” of rebounds and is beatable on those. Well duh!! You can say that about EVERY goalie in the league. It’s controlling that first save that makes Hank great. Wonder what the dude thinks now!! Overrated? It’s obvious he doesn’t watch him every day. He was just fantastic last night.

    Boyle? He looks like the Boyle that carried the Rangers first half of last year, only better. He’s starting to remind me of those power forwards like Tim Kerr, and Kevin Stevens, or dare I say it, Phil Esposito. He does all the little things right, stands in front of the goal and just plays.

    Kreider? I thought the kid didn’t look lost at all. Maybe a little bit of the yips with the puck once or twice, but you can see he can play. Still, I was surprised they put him with Gabs and Richards. I expected him to be a 4th liner and either AA or Step would play on that line.

    And boy was the MSG TV crew confused. First they say Kreider is playing, then right before 7 Trautwig says, it’s going to be Scott. Then the opening with Sam and Joe announce it’s Kreider’s first game.

  14. I was a bundle of nerves watching the end of that game last night, but I knew they would pull through. This is the most stressful time of the year for me. LOL LGR!!!!

  15. I’m with Tony, folks! The 3G stinks here, so I’ll be short. He is in good spirits, remembers everyone, and says:”Hi, Boneheads!”. More later.

  16. FREEHAGELINCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY!!! on


    Loved your wrap up Carp!

    Dore and Steve, thanks for those interesting tidbits! LMFAO @ Hank overrated! Must be because he’s NOT Canadian! He put on a clinic last night, with a lil help from STUUUUU!! I bet he bought him dinner for that!

  17. McSnobbelier on

    Carp, nice call out to the Canucks print coverage of hockey. I was in Windsor in Feb and in Norfolk in March and was so happy to see front page coverage of hockey. Didn’t see any of the Sid Kid crap though…maybe because I was so close to Detroit (windsor) or Buffulo (norfolk).

  18. You know what the difference was between game 2 and game 3? It was the way the Rangers played in the last 5 minutes. In game two they acted like there was a 5 minute match penalty and just sat back in their own zone.

    In game three they kept playing! Yes, there were a couple of plays that made me nervous (or worse) in those last 5 minutes, but for the most part they played it the way it should be played.

  19. As good as Hank’s save in the final 8 seconds was…Bickel’s arm save was as good if not better. I’ll give a pass to Gabby and Richards. Playing with the kid they were somewhat tentative and thinking D first. Kreider didn’t embarass himself at all but needs to keep his stick down when in front. All in all a good night. Hank stole 1 for us. That’s what elitre goalers do in da playoffs!!!

  20. A great series so far.

    (1) You have Henrik LQ as the best player through the first 3 games – as he should be, for the Rangers to win.

    (2) you have the surprise story of Krieder stepping into game 3 on the first line and playing very well. Would live I see him play stronger along the boards, but that will come.

    (3) you have Brian Boyle getting hot at the right time. He’s been a force in both ends of the ice consistently every shift. He has been the Rangers’ best skater.

    (4) penalty kill has been great. Power play has moved the pic well, but hadn’t been a factor. But neither has the senators’ power play become a factor.

    (5) Ottawa is playing great, too. Giving the Rangers everything they can through the first three games. Anderson has been great in goal, Ottawa’s offense has created chances, the defense has held up very well against the Ramgers’ forecheck.. Ottawa has showed more physical toughness than most people would have given them credit for before the series. This is a real good team!

    Rangers in 6.

  21. If it wasn’t for the King Henrik the raqngers lose last night. I couldn’t believe with 20 or so seconds left in the game how wide open Turris was, just him and the king and the King making a unbelievable save. That was close to blowing another game. Rangers need to start shooting more and crashing thew net for ugly goals because one goal is unexceptable.

  22. Hey long time reader, first time commenter here, love the blog–

    Posting to talk about Chris Kreider, because I thought your comments would be very different:

    From my point of view, he looked completely lost in this game. He seemed to do an awful lot of standing around with a look of “where should I go” on his face.

    Offensively, he never clicked with gaborik and richards. He seemed VERY tentative going after loose pucks and in general making any physical contact with the other team. I will say he did cover the blue line well when a D-man jumped down on one play.

    Defensively, he was a liability and his confusion in the defensive zone led to at least two good scoring chances from what I saw. He seemed to mostly just float in the middle of the ice, unsure of when to go the boards or go out to the point.

    Now maybe I’m missing something, because I was surprised after the first period that torts hadn’t bumped his ice time down and moved him off the top line, and I was shocked that he didn’t do so after the second period. The coaches (and Carp) must have seen something that I didn’t, because he kept going out there. I know he sat the last 10 minutes at least so they must have seen some of this.

    Let me also say, I know its a lot, and really downright unfair, to expect any more for a guy playing his first NHL game in the middle of an intense playoff series. But the fact of the matter is, thats where we are right now, and I’m not sure if we have time for him to learn on the fly.

    So just curious, what did everyone see that they liked about him so much, as far as him helping the club in these playoffs? (I get the upside for the future)

    Also don’t want this post to sound negative, I really am just genuinely curious, the boys played great all around and I it meant a lot seeing them get the win after the Shanahanigans in game 2 and leading up to this game!

  23. Intense game. Nothing to add on Henrik and Boyle, outstanding.

    Agree with the comment that Bickell and Strahlman should get more time, and Staal less. AA was soft an ineffective.

    Prust had a strong game, as did McD and Girardi. Rich, Gabby, Cally, Dubi didn’t break through but had chances and overall were fine, as were Rupp and Mitchell.

    Kreider showed promise.

    Team took it to Karlsson a bit more than Game 2 but would like to see more.

    Faceoffs and inability to clear the zone still a problem.

    Most of all, as a team they found a way as they have all season.

  24. Jon C:

    an example of how subjective fandom is. I thought for a first game EVER in the NHL, the kid looked excellent. Took the body and backchecked. Flew up the wing a couple of times. Showed that he is willing to get down and dirty.

    I think you have to give him some slack. this was about as big of a pressure cooker as you can get; considering what happened in game 2 and considering that this was a 0-0 game until 8 minutes gone in the third and 1-0 for the rest of the game. Taking all of that into account and the fact that he was thrown out on the #1 line…

    The Kid DID GREAT!

  25. Well I am rooting for the Bruins because when they win, we win.

    Also – Kreider was good. The more I think about it. Wow. He did not embarrass himself and it took until the 3rd period for him to get replaced by Stepan. Keep him going like that and show him video and teach the kid how to hit. His speed is unreal. If he gets some grit he could combine Callahan and Boyle and Hagelin into some Beast David Backes / Dustin Brown type player.


    The Senators had loads of good chances to score during the game, as did the Rangers, but perhaps the best one came in the dying minutes when Kyle Turris missed.
    That’s one I have to get, he said. I had one like that to tie it up and send it to overtime and I missed on it tonight, but I won’t miss in the next game.

    He didn’t miss it, he didn’t fan on it. Give credit where credit was due. It was a bang bang play on a rebound. Good shot from the corner and Hank made a save but put the rebound right to Turris. He got a good shot off but Lunqvist’s positioning was PERFECT and he made the save.

    Canadian Douche Nozzle coverage! ;-)

  27. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good morning all! Beautiful day! What Chopper said!!!!! I am beyond running late…….hope to be on chat….if not….LGR!! LGBT!!! later!

    Whooo hoooooo!!!

  28. I love that Dime-A-Dozen “Bootstrap” Boyle went from gutter to Lemieux comparisons. BOOM!

    The hockey coverage up there sounds awesome, Carp. I am pushing Mrs. Manny to move to Canadia for the colder weather.

  29. I have to disagree *Matteau.* I thought Anisimov was really strong in our own end. The kids defensive ability should not be undervalued, especially in a game like this.

  30. Stranger Nation on

    Boyleee is playing great, but to compare with Mario is a little bit of a stretch, don’t ya think. Mario never played PK and took the body like Boyleee – HA!

  31. I think the Sens would prefer if Boyle didn’t want to be part of the league anymore.

  32. 2 down 2 to go. we need more from arty and dubi. they need to hit the scoresheet. there success will go a long way if we are to have this dream of going far.

  33. The Sean Payton on

    Agree John C. Kreider looked like a good AHL player. Nothing more, not sure why some are all juiced up like he brought anything to this game. Yes it was his first game, but this is the PO’S, not a time to “get your feet wet”

  34. Yes, I agree with all who thought the kid did well for a school boy ( OK he’s more than that), but he looked natural out there to me. Of course he’ll have growing pains, but watch out…they’ve reached into the owl’s nest and pulled out a baby eagle.

    Give him a bit of time in Hartford to get used to the professional style and whoof and warp, and he’s gonna
    bump someone off this lineup.

    I am always amazed at the creation they made of Boyle ( recall when he could barely skate?), and now look at him. He’s molding his natural God given physical condition into a professional hockey player’s
    domain and look at him now.

    I have been a bit worried lately about DelZotto and his overall demeanor on ice. Beginning to remind me of the lost days of Roszival……some timidity showing here?

    You know, when Staal really wants to play this game he’s quite good at it..wish he’d be a bit more steadfast in his overall game persona. On ward and upward…and may God be kind to Tony, and as we all hope for the best.

  35. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Butler for Ottawa had a good game. Wouldnt be surprised to see him back tomorrow night. How about the Rangers defensive effort – Bickel with a Lundqvist”esque” save with the righ arm. Classic!

  36. I wrote yesterday about the overblown playoff imtimiation stuff and that Hank has to be great especially early, that is our advantage coming in. Well that was excatly right but, we have to give that boy some relief, bury our chances and dont expect that every night. BTW I love Stu but who thought Hank was going to save that one anyway?

  37. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Lundqvist flat out stole that game. It was clear halfway through the second that Anderson was going to have to carry a shutout into OT for Ottawa to win because there was no way, under any circumstances, that Lundqvist was going to give one up in regulation.

  38. Manny he was fine in our end, as he should be. I’m probably being hard on him but it bothers me the way he skates with his head down and gets decked repeatedly, and turns away from too many opportunities to take the body.

  39. Artie’s been one of their most productive forwards after Boyle. Dubi didn’t change his stonehands from the regular season though. Stepan has faded into the background a bit.

  40. It would be great if Artem Anisimov could beat people and split defenders and score but he isn’t Marian Gaborik, and few are.

  41. You’re right Manny, I just googled Marian Gaborik and after about the 40th page of results I gave up trying to find someone else named Marian Gaborik that didn’t refer to the New York Rangers, Minnesota Wild or Slovakian hockey player.

  42. Tony update, ‘heads!
    I spent some time with him this morning talking, remembering things about life etc. It’s amazing how your life perspective changes when you get ill. He is in good spirits, his memory is preserved, and he is determined to make a full recovery. Knows it’ll be a long road, but he is ready.
    Told me to specifically tell you how much he appreciates your support. He was especially touched by Carp’s shout out on radio last night.
    He got a best wishes card, and is now sporting a brand new Hank 30 Crown Collection Hat courtesy of Boneheads! Go Tony!

  43. I disagree with Gaborik invisible statement. You have to give Ottawa credit. They’re playing great, giving the Rangers more than most, myself included, expected. This is turning into a great series, played with grit and with excellent defense. How much has Spezza done so far? Both teams have effectively shut down respective first liners. The Rangers are winning because their dime-a-dozen players are better than Ottawa’s at the moment. And because we have Hank!

  44. Thisyearsmodel on

    Kreider had a rough first period, but by the 3rd he was fitting right in. Very exciting to see what he will bring to te club. The SOG was also off. A Skid the Kid watch? Ugh. Chin up Tony!

  45. How much momentum has Ottawa gained from game 2? Any opinions? And which coach won the *strategy* part in game 3?

  46. Gaborik invisible? Who said that? Gaborik was very visible and remember, he had the job of making Kreider not look out of place. He did a great job carrying the weight of two players on the top line. It’s the third line that is carrying the scoring in this series.

  47. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender?

    If they can play, they can play.

  48. Johnny LaRue on

    I hope Tony isn’t in that hospital that is doing those government pigmen experiments.

  49. Kreider looked fine. Improved from period to period. He was thrown into the biggest stage in hockey right from the NCAA. On the first line wing, no less. You don’t expect him to have a hattie, do you? He belongs in NHL, that’s for sure.

  50. Stranger Nation on

    Re Kreider – he is not a play maker – but a scorer. Richards has 3pts and with O PP pts in April and Gabby is getting extra attention from Sens. Both of their goals this POs were set up either directly (Richards) or indirectly (Gabby) from Hags fore-checking. This line will be less productive w/out Hags which makes secondary scoring more important needing Cally, Dubi, Artie, and Step to raise their level of play and fill the score sheet.

    Dubi had a perfect chance last night and could not bury it. He is painful to watch out there – plenty of hustle, but little focus.

    Stralman has to be the biggest surprise this series so far, probably our third best Dman the last three games.

  51. I think Kreider will eventually start scoring some goals if Torts keeps throwing him out there.

  52. great recap per usual.

    rangers were outshot but had plenty of good scoring opptys. boyle breakaway, cally breakaway, the fed and prust scramble, kreider in front, girardi in the slot, gabby goal post, etc.

  53. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    “I hope Tony isn’t in that hospital that is doing those government pigmen experiments.”

    Pigley…. :*(

  54. I’m at this a little early, so I’m just gonna do my 2-cents
    before reading the comments already posted. Sorry for any
    repeats of good thoughts:-).
    1. Some hockey guys, not payin’ attention, have been using the phrase
    “sum of the parts.” Which misses the original, and APT one: GREATER
    than the sum of the parts.
    Still don’t see a cup challenger, yet, but this was the kind of trek I
    had in mind when I said, at Gnash/Nash time, let’s see what this
    bonded group can do with the tools they already have – they’ve earned it!
    2. That’s pushin’ it a little hard for me – still don’t think he’s back to
    December/January peak, not quite at TT’s level from last spring yet.
    But I’m hopin’ he gets there. Star #2 was the Alien Clone of BB.
    #3, Goalie Number 2 from Minnesota.
    3. Mario Lemieux? Easy on the caffeine, Rick:-).
    4. Yup!
    5. I had it 60-40 to go this way. Often they do when the few anonymous
    adults at league hdqtrs say play the game, abandon the gamesmanship.
    6 One of the reasons I’ve said all along they are not real contenders, yet.
    PP, faceoffs, zone clearance bumbles – two of three have to get better.
    Amazing they win so many skating uphill. A real tribute to the quality
    of the bond, the “greater than the sum” thing.
    7. Stu, star #3. And nice take on Anton. I noticed him a couple times;
    one play was so good I had to double-check the the 32:-).
    8. Many of us never on it. Many already have this season’s “essential”
    reward. This is all icing, gravy, whatever…
    9. Nice metaphor. Very nice.
    10. They CAN win by outfinessing Rangers, it says here. CAN. But they
    gotta add some legit grit. This had the look of a lucky bounce series, not
    game by game strategic dominance.
    13. This keeps up another year or two, and the phrase will become
    “road ice!”
    Additional thought: When going gets tough late in games, this team
    sub-consciously goes (and too often stays!) where it has built its rep –
    the D zone. It’s where they are most comfortable. The deep and young Flyers,
    on the other hand, go where they feel on top – where goals are scored,
    not prevented – attack! attack! attack! Why they are such a good comeback
    team (at least against the rest of the league:-).
    How long will Rangers continue to “get away” with it? Still hard for the other
    guys to score when you’re in THEIR zone…

  55. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    I know it’s a Seinfeld reference, but I’m hijacking it to go in a different direction.

  56. nyrmessier011 on

    That’s three years in a row the road team will have a better record in round 1 (unless there is a big turnaround). Hard to explain that one.

  57. Re: Kreider

    I thought the kid looked good. Maybe he looked lost a few times, but I think that is only because fans were probably focusing on him so much. There are plenty of times throughout the game, where other Rangers looked lost out there too.

    I think he brings two things to the table that cannot be found in the AHL or anywhere else: 1. Speed and 2. Size.

    I thought he only got better as the game went on and when he gets more aggressive on the boards he will be even better. I think his conditioning is probably an issue, but should get better relatively soon. Obviously, a tough position for the kid. But I don’t think we have anyone better in the system or roster. (maybe Avery, YIKES)

  58. Joekuh - 14 more...LGBT! on

    i think it was a great save by anderson on that dubi chance, not stone hands. kreider only got his ice time cut halfway thru the 3rd when we were protecting the lead, not because he was stinking up the joint.

    i think a more interesting point is stepan being pushed back to the 4th line with rupp/mitchell, until he moved up to take kreider’s spot.

  59. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Jon c – agree completely regarding KREIDER. However, it was to be expected. Baptism by fire. Nervous beyond belief I have to think. He did too much standing around. Too many nerves. Just move your feet kid and keep it simple.

    That all aside, if it were me in lieu of KREIDER, I would have pooped my pants on the ice. I think he will be fine.

  60. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    As far as the “home ice” stuff goes, I think we also need for it to be a little further in the round. Other than Philly and LA, every series split the first 2 games.

    I also don’t think it applies unless a series is close. Take out LA and Philly dominating their opponents and you are at 10-6 in favor of the road team, including last night when the three higher seeds all won on the road, which higher seeds are presumably supposed to do once in a while.

    In the end though, I don’t care

  61. Could just be me, but does anybody else think Kreider was taken off top line after Boyle scored because Torts trusts Stepan defensively and has a little bit more experience than Kreider? I dont think Kreider was replaced because of anything he did, i just think Torts wanted someone who has done it before to b out there….anyone?

  62. Not gonna quibble with the result, but – frankly – I don’t think they deserved to win last night. The effort was there but they were physically dominated, and I use that word deliberately… indeed, I don’t think the hit totals are that far off from the situation I saw on the ice. The Senators were the more aggressive team, they were the more active team and they were the faster team to the puck with their bodies and their sticks. And it doesn’t look like the Rangers have an answer for Konopka and Neil in front of the net on the PP.

    Again, I can’t quibble with the result – Hank was off the hizzook, Boyle was a beast, Kreider acquitted himself well, and all the other observations have generally been right on. I’ll add that – except for one shift in the third – I thought Staal was ineffective. Maybe he’s a victim of the standard he’s set in previous years? but I thought he was slow, made bad decisions, had the yips with the puck on his stick, etc. Bickel and Strahlman picked him up.

    There was good effort, but not enough purpose, if that makes sense. They’ll have to be better next game… and I think they will be. This is another one of those “best of both worlds” games when they didn’t play their best but came away with the win. There should be lots of chalkboard material for Torts.

  63. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    In tennis parlance, KREIDER was flat footed. Just needs to move his feet – largely nerves I think.

  64. That’s exactly why, Vibz. If Kreider keeps improving period-by-period then who knows. He might play all 60 minutes by game 5.

  65. The Sean Payton on

    “might be ok”…”period by period” ..”nervous”…”first game”…”baptism by fire”…
    On and on. Kreider will be a great player in this league, but these are the PLAYOFFS, you don’t want a huge question mark on your first line “getting his feet wet” in the PLAYOFFS!!

  66. Nice thread, everyone.

    Jon C – a legit take, if you’re a consistently hard grader.
    I thought he was predictably overwhelmed, and did OK with
    that in mind.

    “Dubi, Dubi, Dubi,” says the grandfather, smilin’ and shakin’
    his head.

    Life changed in late twenties due to rugby concussions overlaid
    on early childhood skull fracture. Cumulative concussion syndrome.
    Everything got harder – balance, mental acuity, physical strength
    and quickness, test-taking, to mention a few.
    Marc Staal is struggling with all that, in a very tough arena. Possible,
    even likely, he may never be quite the same.
    Give him the summer off, some good fortune, and he MAY look a
    little more like Previous Marc next time…

  67. Stranger Nation on

    Mid series grades – discuss amongst yourselves

    A+. Boyle, Hank
    A McD, Cally, Stralman
    B+ Girardi, Artie, Prust
    B. Gabby, Bickel, Feds
    C+ Richards, Staal, Mitchell
    C. Dubi, MDZ, Step, Rupp

    Incomplete Hags, Kreider

  68. Chris Kreider’s presence is a good answer to those who somehow
    believe there is considerably improved depth in the organization
    with “New” Glen.

    There isn’t – at least not at the level where the proposition gets proven,
    and not on the offense side of the ledger. See Paul Holmgren and Co’s
    work in Philly…..

  69. The Sean Payton on

    How does anyone know if Kreider>Scott or Bickle or Newbury for that matter.. By watching BC? lol..

  70. Hagelin might deserve a “W” depending on how this series goes.

    Um…beans? Kreider is easily one of the top prospects in the entire NHL. Did you see the kid skate? Did you see how big he is? Have you ever watched a college game and seen the difference between NHL playoff hockey and College hockey? So what? He got caught a little low on one shift and didn’t go high when Del Zaster went low. Big Deal. He’s learning. He was even trying to finish checks by the 2nd period.

    I will stop ranting and just assume you were joking.

  71. I am saying as an option for this series in which you need to replace a top-line speed player:

    Kreider > Scott > Bickel playing forward

  72. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    beans, And what of Holmgren’s work with the defense? Coburn is the only true top 4 defender they have that is under 30.

    And their goaltending situation is just as bad, if not worse than ever, since instead of paying his goaltenders a combined 5 million to be awful, now he’s paying them a combined 7.5 million to be awful.

  73. Stranger: good stuff today, all your posts.

    A+ – the Alien Clone taking BB’s place (come back,
    BB, all is forgiven!!!)

    A- Hank.

    The rest would be less….I’m comparing present work
    to December and January peak.

  74. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Payton, just by watching Kreider last night, I can tell you that he is definitely better than Scott, Newbury, and Bickel at forward. Honestly, those three don’t set a very high bar.

    Also, Kreider looked like he could hack it at the World Championships, which are filled with NHL players.

  75. The Sean Payton on

    Bickel or Newburyport at forward and Erixon on D. Or roll 7d or play a forward down, which is better and what ended up happening last night.

  76. I always support the rolling 7 D-Men theory.

    But really, come on. You can’t put Bickel on forward. That’s another “experiment” idea. Newbury wasn’t able to hack it during the regular season, although he is good at faceoffs.

  77. The Sean Payton on

    DisagreeDoodie… Just my opinion, like I said, Kreider WILL be great, but his time is not now.

  78. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Payton, every coach shortens his bench as the game comes to a close. Just because Kreider was one of the players that didn’t see the ice in the last 5 minutes doesn’t mean he should be taken out of the lineup. Newbury or Scott would have been glued to the bench from the opening faceoff.

  79. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    I didn’t say he was great. Just that he’s better than the dregs you are talking about. Newbury sucks. He just plain sucks. Erixon isn’t ready to play at this level yet, so moving Bickel up to forward isn’t an option either.

  80. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Boyle looks like Daniel Day Lewis as “the Butcher” from Gangs of New York.

  81. The Sean Payton on

    Then play the game short a forward, and 7d!

    Kreider wasn’t only not good last night, he was extremely close to being a liability.

  82. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Payton, I disagree. We don’t have a 7th D who is good enough to be on the ice (Eminger, Erixon, and Woywitka all can’t hack it), and Kreider looked just fine to me.

  83. Joekuh - 14 more...LGBT! on

    one more thing i forgot to mention about boyle…how about him getting booed every time he had the puck, then scoring the game winner? a casual fan would be hard pressed to explain the boos when the game started, but not by the end!!

  84. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Eddie, what you said is something I planned to ask Carp about in the live chat. we now know that he had his head issues last year, excusing his poor performance in the playoffs. What’s the excuse this year? It’s been almost 50 games now and he still plays like crap.

  85. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    The Senators are learning that Boyle cannot be stopped you can only hope to contain him

  86. Doodie is right – Erixon is NOT ready. Just not. Newbury would be a humaingous liability out there. Kreider on the top line LW is really the smallest liability.

    And also, Eminger should *not* play when his stupid foot feels better. Sorry Mrs. Eminger.

  87. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – yep… Either staal’s noodle is strudel or he is paranoid and passive and won’t engage because fear, a killer in it’s own right, has crept, maybe seeped, into his play.

    Stall is NOT the same stall. He gives away pucks, shies from contact, is awful along the boards, and the worst D man we have.

  88. Here’s something no one has been talking about:

    When the Rangers go deep into the playoffs, what will that do to the MSG reconstruction plans?

    Will a significant delay mean a schedule re-shuffle, and the first month (or more) spent playing on the road? Or will they push back the reconstruction a year (not likely IMO)?

  89. I thought Dubi and Richards both played really well for most of the game. They may not have showed up on the score sheet but I thought they were both on top of the puck all night. I haven’t been able to find a replay but I believe it was Dubi that made a great single effort to gain the Ottawa zone that eventually lead to the goal.

    I also thought it was a gutsy and smart move by the coach putting Kreider on the top line and he handled it very well, imo.

  90. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    Is there any doubt left in anyone’s mind that I am the mf’in MAN?

    Oh, and let’s go Rangers

  91. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    All you need to know about Crosby occurred when the live mic picked up on ice sound late in the 3rd in the flyer/Pitt scrum. Player were dropping F bombs all over the place and calling each other names that cannot be repeated here.

    Crosby grabs schenn and said ” you are a poopy head and a stink player – you are a woo woo”

  92. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Staal to Edmonton for one of Taylor Hall (unlikely), RNH (very unlikely), or Eberle (not a chance).

    Staal to Edmonton for Yakupov… that seems possible.

  93. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Dubi was robbed twice by Darren pangs younger twin brother last night – robbed

  94. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    Haven’t read thru all these posts, but am I in the minority in thinking that Staal played well last night? Why are we talking about trading him when he is still < a full season removed from banging his head?

  95. ilb, thanks for checking in on Tony & for the updates! How’s he likin’ those hospital gowns? *LGBT!*

    Carp, why do you keep doing live chats when I’m out of the office? Boo.

    My name is Inigo Bontoyle. You killed my father. PREPARE TO DIE.

  96. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Fat guy – excuses or not, valid or not, staal is horrible. I watched the replay again concentrating on KREIDER and staal…

    KREIDER stood still, stall a turnover machine.

  97. Kreider was ok. Made some very bad mistakes and was not physical. Some of you are right, Gabby and Richards basically covered for him. Look i get that the kid belongs and like i said he was OK. But OK wont cut it when we play the Flyers Devils or Bruins. As ive said all along im not willing to risk this playoff run for him to get his feet wet. Thats what training camp is for. He needs to play better and he probaby has been told. But again he was OK.

  98. Did anyone else think they were a little “too cute” early on with some of their chances? I just remember thinking “C’mon you have to shoot that” on more then one occasion.

  99. Lev – should we make it that far *Hagelin* will be back. If Kreider happens to become un-benchable I am sure he will take over for someone down the rung and push Fedotenko down a line. It’s a problem I would love to have.

  100. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    Eddie x 3 –

    If that’s the case with Staal, don’t you think all the other rink rats around the league have noticed also? Who would want to trade for him, let alone trade a top guy for him? Geez, talk about getting your career derailed by injury. He was dominant when he got hurt, and now we have the wrong Staal brother by far.

  101. czechthemout!!!! on

    Jon C And the Sean Payton

    Kreider looked shaky on his first two shifts and got better with every shift there after. That was obvious.
    He also had one of the best scoring chances in the game last night for either team. He is already a better option than anyone from Hartford or Scott. Why would you want to take Bickel away from the defense? He has been really good there and is not even close to Kreider on the offense . It was also apparent to me that both Gabby and BR did not pass the puck to him on a number of plays for some reason which might have made a bit of a difference. He will be much better next game and I bet pops in a goal or an assist.

    I do respect your opinion though, just don’t agree with it.

  102. Is anyone really willing to risk a playoff run to get his feet wet, including the coaching staff? I sure don’t think so. If it doesn’t play much better, he doesn’t play at all. But right now it is simply a case of the lesser of two evils, between him and Scott. And again I personally don’t think he was that bad, ridiculous circumstances or not.

  103. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    KREIDER will likely improve in the next game. How much notice did torts give him? Torts might have gone back and forth for a while before deciding. The kid HAD to be nervous. Good lord, did you hear spezza’s interview on ice moments before the pick drop? His heart rate had to be be 140 and you could barely understand him and he is a VETREN

    Mitchell sits when hags comes back and let KREIDER play.

  104. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Fat guy – agreed. Damn shame. Staal preinjury was a monster. I never said trade him tho, more like psycho-therapy to help him get over his fear of reinjuring the noodle.

  105. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    CTO, I’m with you. I give him until Hagelin gets back to see if he can put it all together. If things are much worse tomorrow night then sit him in game 5, but he certainly did enough to warrant another look. If he doesn’t show much improvement over the next 2 games, then he comes out of the lineup for Hagelin, simple as that.

    1940, I agree. Right now he’s the best option we have, and when he isn’t, he should come out.

  106. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Banj – already there

    Everyone – the pace of the NHL is hyper speed compared to NCAA. Playoff hockey is light speed compared to college hockey. That alone requires getting used to. KREIDER will be much better in game 4. He threw some nice checks and showed speed on the rush. Just has to keep moving his feet at all times…

  107. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Anyone see the new Devils playoff t-shirts? They have dice on them and say “Swarm It Up.” Puck Daddy predicted the easy “Swamp It Up” retort.

    But the dice and the phrase make no sense, so it reminds me of something different. It reminds me of when the Isotopes were being moved to Albuquerque.

    “Mesquite-grilled onions, jalapeño relish … wait a minute, those are Southwestern ingredients. [the crowd gasps] Mango-lime salsa? That’s the kind of bold flavor they enjoy in … Albuquerque!”

    “Dice? That’s the kind of entertainment they enjoy in … Las Vegas!”

    Now we just need Lenny to see that the backs say “Las Vegas Swarm.”

    For the record, I think Sin City Devils sounds a lot better.

  108. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    Eddie 3 – Yep. This team with pre-injury Staal and Sauer would be smothering teams even more than we already are….that being said, it’s hard to imagine that even Sauer would be playing THAT much better than the stand-ins have played. Someone on here pointed out that pps, faceoffs and zone clearing blunders would be our downfall….for how much longer can we keep fooling Mother Nature? I mean, are we leading a good Ottawa team 2-1 because we are mac daddys, or are we leading only an average team that we’re playing down to because they can exploit our weaknesses?

  109. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Sung to big bad john

    Every morning at the rink you’d see him arrive
    Stood 5’11 weighed 175
    Kind narrow at the shoulder narrow in the hip
    Everyone knew it’s sausage lips, the skid

    The skid, the skid, the lil baby skid

  110. Guys – if you’re complaining about Kreider in the lineup than complain to the NHL about suspending Hagelin. Kreider is getting 3 games, during the playoffs, against a speed-oriented team to keep our team speed up. Unless he shows something special, he is back to the press box sharing juice boxes with John Scott when Hagelin is back.

  111. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Fat guy – agreed – Something must be done on the face offs we r getting killed

  112. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    Guys – Great news…Fat Guy in A Little Coat plans, no wait, DREAMS, to get alot fatter.

    Brian Boyle a Five Points Thug – that’s classic!

  113. Oh i see that Doodie already said something similar. I should have read instead of posting my “thoughts-while-getting-lunch”

  114. I think what was most apparent from Kreider’s debut was that he was gassed after every shift and that he still is in a learning curve as far as the team’s system goes. The Rangers surely didn’t anticipate putting him in at such an early stage of his indoctrination but carcillo happens. Other than that, I enjoyed watching him play and he did say that Tort’s sat him down after the Rangers had taken the lead so that he could observe how the team plays when preserving a lead late in the game. I’m anxious to see more from him as the Rangers advance through the playoffs. He certainly seems like a different type of player.

  115. A few people are bashing Kreider here. He played fine, tough putting him on that line anyway which is not defensive at all. Yes he was looking around a bit, trying to make sure he was in the right place. Glad he sat to watch the third and learned a little.

    I don’t know why some people here are expecting him to become a superstar on shift # 1.

    But are those same people remembering it was him or JOHN SCOTT? Do you think John Scott would have looked out of place on line 1 also???????????

  116. The combination of failure on face offs and clearing the D zone causes constant pressure- and our heart attacks.

  117. Some great discussion about Kreider, just a few notes:

    I trust torts and the coaching staff 100% whatever they decide to do, so I am mainly interested what in particular they saw to give him so much ice time, and critically on the top line

    Kreider played more minutes then Bickel, Rupp, and Mitchell—I find that very interesting in and of itself. Has Mitchell really declined that much from the middle of the season that the coach wants Kreider playing more (maybe yes, unfortunately, he looks shaky)?

    So the point is, its not just a question of whether or not Kreider should have been in the lineup, but the role and ice team he was given. Again I don’t have a problem with it, because I trust the coaches, but I was surprised and so I’m genuinely curious as to the thought process behind it. I thought Dubi might play on the first line given what happened in game 2, as a way to fire him up out of the gate.

    Off topic: Out of all the players on the ice (not counting Henrik), I think Prust is skating the best out of anyone right now.

  118. Franklin Kistner on

    Prusty is skating very well. Un-noticeable. Does anybody see what I see about Staal? Should he be playing? Is it up to the measure of ERICSTAALGATE?

  119. Anyone know what that countdown cheer the fans were doing last night was? I thought the arena was going to explode.

  120. I’ll tell you one thing about the
    Rangers that bothers me a LOT;

    They do too much screwing around with the puck at the opponent blue line, and it sets up the great possibility of just a tip of the stick be a defender’s breakaway with one or two skaters in alone on LQ…and it has happened more than once. When it comes out to a blue, don’t diddle around with it looking for a perfect set up…BLAST IT ON GOAL! This nonsense of letting the defenders poke it off the stick and spring a breakaway by one or more skaters on LQ…and this could cost a game.

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