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First the big news of the day: Daniel Alfredsson had a “setback” according to the Senators, and did not skate today. So, though you take everything with a grain of salt in the playoffs, and never rule out anything, it doesn’t look as if he’ll be available for Game 4.

Now, on to your favorite team.

Brian Boyle is just Beatlemania in this series. It’s the perfect storm of a guy having an out-of-his-mind series and being involved in every single significant event, and an extra-large media contingent because it’s Canada, and a really good guy who will talk forever … to anybody, any time, anywhere. So his locker today was just swarmed for like half an hour … they took players out for press conferences, and the coach, and the New York reporters would go out and come back in, and Boyle would still be talking.

Artem Anisimov, who sits next to him all the time, and who pretended to be a reporter the other day, holding a water bottle as if it was a microphone, just watches and laughs. Today he told Boyle, “Tongue must be tired.”

And because you asked, I asked Brandon Dubinsky — who’s sporting a growth of beard — if he is planning to grow the ‘stache this year. “Stay tuned,” was all he’d say.

Here are today’s interviews. The first answer from Chris Kreider was about how many texts he had last night.

John Tortorella:


Ryan Callahan:


Brad Richards:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Brandon Dubinsky:


Chris Kreider:




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  1. I wouldn’t hold a player’s brain injury against him as to why his performance has faltered. At the same time it’s fair to say he’s not the same player as he was, with hopefully the caveat being that it’s only for the rest of this season. In other words you can be dissatisfied that Staal isn’t playing how he used to, but there’s a very good reason as to why that’s currently the case.

    Still, I’d trust him a hell of a lot more than Woywitka or Eminger.

  2. Carped.

    Hey guys.

    ilb, awesome what you’re doing for Tony. If I didn’t respect you before, I respect you now!

  3. A “setback”? If he really sustained a grade 1 concussion, the earliest he should be back is 7 days. Setback my foot!

  4. Oh, so now you starting something again, Latona? You didn’t respect me before? You want to discuss it? :-)))

  5. Id trust Eminger any day over Bickel. Guy saves a goal and suddenly all of you forget how actually terrible he is. Ok…

  6. I think it was the best game in the series between Rangers-Senators, both teams play great hockey not fight.
    Some negative comments. Senators play better with the puck always try to pass instead of dump like Rangers did in a lot of situation. Senators defense in contrast of Rangers tried to not let other team offence go over the blue line so easy.
    Chris Kreider look lost most of the play, but we forgot that Brian Boyle was looked out of place for more than one season.

  7. I’m not a huge Bickel fan, but the difference between him and how Eminger was playing before he got injured again was pretty negligible.

  8. bickel and emminger are more or less equal…

    emminger is not exactly Brad Park… Torts will not upset the apple cart unless Bickel really starts struggling.

  9. Carp – who was Torts yelling at when he said to “get that damn thing out of my face”. Sounds hilarious!

  10. Even if Staal had never been concussed, why the desperation to declare a 25-year-old finished as a top pair D-man based on a rough but nowhere near disastrous half a season?

  11. They’re both not exactly Lidstrom or Chara, but here’s why Id play Eminger over Bickel. a) eminger isnt soft, he defends teammates, he’s even fought before so bickel doesnt +1 him there b) eminger shoots the puck and can score, i dont know when was the last time bickel looked up and knew where the net was c) experience/vet presence. Girardi and Mc.D wont be able to play 30 the entire playoff run. Sooner or later the other D will have to get more mins, a healthy Eminger who can play 15-18 mins a game might be the answer

  12. It’s not completely unprecedented for coaches to lean on their top D man/pair even more during the playoffs. Guys like Duncan Keith, Pronger, Lidstrom and Niedermayer all had playoff runs where they averaged 25+ a game even when the latter 3 were well into their respective careers.

  13. It really bothers me when everyone talks about how lucky we are to have won last night. We have Henrik Lundqvist for a reason, he’s the highest paid netminder in the league for a reason: to allow us to win games that we don’t play our best in. I’m sorry that fans of other teams are not privy to this.

  14. Rinne will have the highest cap hit next season.

    Bryz has the highest salary paid.

    DiPietro (LOL) has the richest goalie contract in history.

  15. Latonya, I know what youre saying, but think about it, we definitely were outplayed for most of the game. Also, Spezza and Michalek have done pretty much nothing all series. And Alfredsson has been out. Yet Ottawa has outplayed us in most periods. I did not think they would be able to play our style of game, and thankfully for the most part it has been our style of game, not theirs (wide open hockey) but theyve done pretty well.

  16. Not sure what the right call is on these, but i do expect theyll get something. Asham will definitely get 3+, in fact id say he’ll get 5, and Neal will probably get 1 or 2. Based on the way that series has been played, Neal might just have to hope for his own safety that Shanny suspends him for the rest of the series

  17. Ottawa’s played great, Lev, and they were the better team last night. We have plenty of under performers as well, though.

  18. The Rangers were lucky? As in Lundqvist makes the save of the playoffs lucky? It seems that Hank gets lucky a lot.

    “. Senators play better with the puck always try to pass instead of dump like Rangers did in a lot of situation”

    The Rangers dumping the puck in so much drives me nuts, especially on the power play. There are times when they have the room to carry the puck in and dump it in anyway. Why give up possession of the puck?

  19. Lev…Torts doesn’t trust Eminger. That should be clear to anyone who has followed the team. And Bickel is much tougher, bigger and stronger. Bickel can skate too. You will not see Eminger again barring injury. He will be gone before training camp. Hopefully Sauer will rebound. We are LOADED on D.

  20. Carp, I will “stay tuned” indeed! Thanks for asking the harding hitting questions that matter. This is why you’re the *awesomest!*

  21. Adam from Chicago on

    Well, I asked Carp about the Dubi stache, he said he’d ask, and he did. Thanks!

  22. Ottawa has played great, and the Rangers have played very well. Ottawa will need to play flawless hockey in order to overcome the number one seed.

    The Rangers have been designed to win games in which they were outplayed for the past number of years. They are built on the strength of their goaltender, just like the Debbies of 1994-2003. This season, they actually have some scoring punch (Richards, healthy Gaborik, Callahan, etc), as well as more grit, so they can win the one-goal games.

    I am not worrying about the Rangers being “outplayed” – they are winning the series, right?

    Case in point – the Rangers are 6-0 against the Flyers – but did they really dominate the 6 game season series – they are 6-0 because Henrik badly outplayed the Universe…

  23. I disagree that Torts doesn’t trust Eminger. I wonder if he came back too early from the separated shoulder. He didn’t seem to be as physical.

  24. He Likes It! on

    Bryz: Fulltime astronomer/Tu/Thurs/Sat goalkeeper!

    Pear Juice: One of the consistently fine voices here. Kudos
    Soup for you…

    LW: Point was made by the mope who claims his life was turned
    inside-out by concussions, and by others often here: concussions a
    mystery; each is unique, more than one beyond unique, give it time,
    lotsa time, but prepare for all possibilities.

    I think Rangers not as deep on D as some do – need someone with
    some Leetch skills (Tim Erixon?) someone with some Beukeboom ones:-)
    (speaking of more than one concusssion:-(.

  25. I’d have to argue that “outplayed” notion…Based upon what? Shots on goal? Scoring chances? How difficult were the saves the goaltender had to make.

  26. Um, to say Torts doesn’t trust Eminger is baloney. The guy’s hurt. Been hurt for more than a month. Second injury of the season. He couldn’t have played no matter what. He’s getting close to returning just now.

    was that more body-language analysis?

    Need someone with Leetch skills? I think maybe, oh, I don’t know, 30 teams need someone with Leetch skills.

    I expect either/or on Asham. A) that it’s such a no-brainer that Shanahan gives him five games, because Pittsburgh’s only got one or two games left, so it’s a piece-of-cake decision; or B) that Shahanan jumps through hoops as Ray Shero finds video of Asham’s stick grazing Shenn’s jersey on the way up and they rule that he hit him in the chest and the stick rode up : $2500.

  27. Jonny D, a Canadian TV guy who had one of those long microphone handles and put the mic right up under Torts’ schnozz.

  28. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Artie seems to have a good sence of Humor. Does he not like to do interviews?

  29. Wow, Bickel is sooooo much better than Emminger. I can’t believe there’s even any debate.

  30. I missed everything day!!!!! And will tomorrow, too cause of work….argh!!!!

    Btw, wicky, a shopping cart full of papers for you!

  31. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Game 4

    Rangers 7
    Senators 0

    GWG Boyle (who else?)


    Rangers 32
    Senators 75

  32. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    What is interesting isn’t that Boyle will score 25 goals this playoff season, it’s that 16 of them will be the GWG.

  33. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY MICKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is it for the reason I”m thinking?????

  34. Hey, hage!

    Mickey, happy you’ll be back here to be with the boneheads! Besides me, of course.

    I hate the Devils a lot.

  35. Devils fans singing ole oleoleole… and doing the joseeeeeee chant. do they not have ANY originality?

  36. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Bickel made a schnazzy save, and he WILL score a goal in these here playoffs

  37. Bergen County, my friends. I just haven’t ever been involved in any Bonehead fun or met any of you guys!

  38. John Scott made the Senators not want to fight last game. And he didn’t even have to play. BIG. JOHN. SCOTT.

  39. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    LaTONYa, I’ll be in NY in May, we’re planning a shindig and I’d be honored if you would join us

  40. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Funny how Niklas Lidstrom speaks better English than half the people born here ;-)

  41. Keep me posted on it! I’ll see what I can do.

    Mickey, are you trying to start something?

  42. boxcareddiehospodar on


    are you kidding me with Bickel?

    Eminger skates no where as good as Bickel and Eminger is far less physical.

  43. billybleedsblue on


    I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been able to keep up with things around these parts as much as I would like to…

    Carp, that bit about Anisimov and the water bottle was great! And Boyle is totally Beatlemania, you’re so right. I’d love for him to keep that up (wouldn’t we all?) especially since the Sens have targeted him…

    I really loved the fact that Hank got the shutout in a 1-goal game! I was all about that last night. What a great win!

    Ok, I will try to check in around here for all the chatter, but in the meantime… Tony, please get well soon!

  44. billybleedsblue on

    I for one, having missed the prediction opportunity, am going to throw this out there: How about the Devils vs. Rangers in the 2nd round, and let Philthy take on the Bruins… Flyers v. Rangers Conference Finals anyone??? :D

  45. Amen, ORR! I *love* Garrison. You may have seen me begging for his bomb of a shot and $650K contract to be part of the Rangers playoff run!

  46. Way too much time left for me.

    The infamous Devils swarm will work its magic, I’m sure.

  47. The hockey gods automatically grant the Devils momentum in the last five minutes of any game.. especially if they’re trailing.

  48. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    ORR!! I knew you’d be the first to comment. That site has some absolutely HILARIOUS shirts… it’s where my daughter got her JOHN SCOTT MURDERSAURUS shirt last year

  49. LOL! Great shirt, Lin.

    That photoshopped Seguin sign still gets me. And the photos of Obama behind Thomas were pretty great last night too.

  50. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    these shirts are hilarious! my daughter has that one too ORR. She wears a different hockey inspired t shirt to work every day during playoffs, to piss off the bandwagon bruins fans that she works with lol

  51. Oh, just caught up on DVR. Classic Devils collapse. That always brings a smile…

    Latona, I’m with you. There is no team I hate more than Devils. Not even close. Same reason as you- Essex county from the end of 1994 to 2002.

  52. Essex County is Devils Country, ilb, a lot of the players live there.. Bergen has a sizable proportion of Rangers fans..

  53. I know, Latona. I played tennis against a lot of Devils players in West Orange, Livingston, and Short Hills. Most of my friends and neighbors were Devils fans. You go to a car dealership- all their byfuglien pictures with SC. Signed. During those years, no less. Imagine? I enjoy every goal that’s scored against them. Even in preseason.

  54. That’s pretty awesome, actually, ilb. What a poor time to be a Rangers fan in Essex County, though.

    But wait, you said you were FRIENDS with Devils fans? Eeeek.. I shudder at the thought..

  55. I WAS NOT friends with them. A lot of them played tennis. Mostly Russian guys. I play singles. Trust me, I always had an extra jump, and a lot of pros could envy my foot work when I played against those suckers!

  56. C’mon Panthers finish this one out. Make this Parise’s 2nd to last home game at the Pebble.

  57. ilb, is it natural to feel much more comfortable with the backhand stroke in tennis? The motion comes much more rhythmically for me. I’m not very good, but I can hang around well enough in a friendly match. I usually only score on my backhands, though.

  58. Spoke too soon…

    He’ll need to go on ventilatory support if they lose this series…

  59. So far, the great Ilya Kovalchuk has won exactly two playoff games in his illustrious career.

  60. ilb, wait just a second??! You, aka Mr Perfect, actually hates something? Is this hate similar to my boston hate?

  61. Wheel of Justice on

    According to Shanny, since there was no penalty called on the play, even though it resulted in injury he will fine Torres $1.25. A mockery and Buttman is at the game too. If Hagelin got 3 games, Shaw got 3 games and note Smith is playing Torres who hit Hossa LATE and left his feet should get 5-7 playoff games. Shanny has his hands tied by NHL Board of Govs but he has ruined his own name and reputation

  62. I actually have a friend thats a Red Sox fan ilb. And my girlfriend’s brother is a Red Sox fan.

  63. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    ORR, i just called CNBC to find out why i don’t have the game that is supposed to be on their channel Apparently COMCAST SUCKS TURDS. The CS Rep was awesome, he thanked me for NOT calling last night after i told him how mad i was lol.

  64. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Byfuglien yeah ORR, and they shut down Game Center for the playoffs! They better not dip into my bank account for any freakin payment or it’s on!!

  65. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    did you notice the official just nonchalantly starting to skate past Hossa as he was down?
    play kept going on for another 5 or 6 seconds before the idiot blew the whistle

  66. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    the hits are getting worse, probably because they know they aren’t going to miss much time, especially if you’re a vet

  67. I like the Wings, but I don’t mind Nashville. Just bothers me that Shea Weber is still on the ice.

  68. at first i didnt think the hit was that bad but on replay he clearly left his feet, direct hit to the head, will be quite lengthy. id bet he’s done for the playoffs.

  69. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Preds up 3-1. wow, and with all those penalties called against them too lol

  70. I think Weber would be more apt to leave. He seems like he would enjoy the spotlight. Suter might feel at home in a smaller market.

  71. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    depends on if they have the $$$ to pay them both. they gave Rinne a huge contract over the summer.

  72. Stranger Nation on

    Debbies lose – holy bajoley – this is working out great – need Pens to extend series – more dirty stuff – and Caps to grow a pair against the Big Bad Bees.

    Since NHL reseeds after Round 1 we play Flyers if Panthers and Bees win, correct?

  73. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    so maybe we do end up playing the flyers, which led me back to all the flyers “fans” on here….careful what you wish for

    not sure how I feel about the torres hit just yet about how “dirty” it was…

    Did I miss the pens/flyers suspension announcements yet??

    Am I just too concussed here by saying I wouldn’t mind seeing an AA cally rupp line and a line of dubi step mitchell (leave the other 2 lines as is from game 3) to really add balance?

    Of course if we feel a bit “froggy” and carkner is in the line up and want to dress scott instead of mitchell, then never mind the previous part of my post.

    back to work, later aasens!!


  74. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    WOW, A worthy LAUREL her

    Neal only get 1 game and asham only gets 4???

    Sybilahan at his best!!!

  75. So the first Shanny suspension (Shaw on goalie)…I thought, look Hagelin sets precedent. Then Neal gets one. With his history?

  76. Stranger Nation on

    Wicky that Dubi/Step/Mitchell line would be a train wreck having a nightmare in the fun house at the freak show

  77. Hit on Hossa…is Shanny allowing the ‘vibe’ of playoffs to continue being nasty & dangerous? Some NHLers seem to think so!

  78. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to these suspensions. I think shaMahan is drugged. My daughter said he looks soulless during his video explanations of the suspensions.

    Watch Torres 2500 fine

  79. Stranger Nation on

    Hags is obviously known for his goon like tactics.

    IMO – if they hit was on Smith or Neil or Sens sc*m-buckets of that ilk, he gets 1 game – since the aggreived was old man river (Alfie), the penalty was more severe.

  80. orr

    neal is a repeat offender was suspended 2 games last year for a hit from behind on derek dorsett on columbus and got fined for high stick to pk slewfoot for $2500.

  81. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    wait, Neal had 2 hearings…………..didnt he? where’s the ruling on the Couturier hit?

  82. This just gets worse and worse. Asham’s deliberate attempt to injure and subsequent punch to an injured player is only worth ONE more game than Hags?! Disgraceful….

  83. Linda:

    Let’s be real. There’s plenty of logic behind these suspensions. The guys suspended play for the Pittsburgh Penguins, a team that the league would basically allow to pull a gun on opposing players without repercussions. We should be grateful that Shanahan didn’t decide to suspend Schenn, Couterier and Brier for getting in the way of Penguins players.

  84. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    actually Lloyd, you ARE correct! Schenns throat 5 games for interfering with Ashams stick

  85. What in the hell is Shanahan smoking? These suspensions are insanity defined. Someone is really gonna be killed on the ice this playoffs.

  86. I have a question: how the hell has Arron Asham never been suspended or fined?

    actually better question: how the hell does Arron Asham have a job?

  87. what an embarrassment. basically Neal gets away for the Couturier hit and gets suspended for 1 game for a much smaller incident with Giroux ON THE SAME SHIFT.

  88. Really, Brendan Shanahan? James Neal “arrives in position to deliver a bodycheck?” Is that really what he was doing?

  89. Hard to figure which is the bigger disgrace- what we’re getting on the ice on a nightly basis- or the response by the league. Shanny is either incompetent or he’s allowed his hands to be tied- either way he’s in way over his head and should just resign. You can officially add me to the list of people who are just waiting for that really serious “Masterson” injury. Oh well, it’ll be just one more “name” trophy for Bettman to give out . ( I do have to admit that though I deplore the extreme violence we’re seeing, what kind of “sport” has one guy sticking his finger in another’s ear- let those guys play one shift in the NHL and we’d see how fast they could actually run.)

  90. Asham has no history? Is this the same Asham that has been playing in the league since 1998?

  91. That was a *wonderful* outcome of the game in Newark tonight!! I turned on the game just as Bergenheim scored that first Panthers goal on fatso – I had no idea that NJ was already ahead by 3 – I turned it off in disgust, only to hear the knobs on NBCSN say that the game had been tied!

    I tuned in again, and the Panthers immediately went ahead 4-3 – it was great!!

    DeBoer says that Maaaaaaaaaaaaaarty will be right back in net on Thursday – that’s GOOD!! ;-D

  92. i guess Marian Hossa should have left his feet or dove in anticipation of Raffi Torres leaving HIS feet and hitting Hossa in the head. something ugly will happen pretty soon and it will be because of the lack of balls shown by the nhl. will it take a career ending injury or god forbid a death? better do something before it’s too late

  93. the video of the Shaw suspension is probably my favorite. Brendan Incompetan says: “Shaw has never been fined or suspended in his 37-game NHL career.” And I mean who can argue the guy’s intentions with such an extensive body of work.

  94. Backstrom is a huge loss because going down 3-1 is WAY worse than 2-2. It’s a “swing-game” if you will.

  95. And after Parise flubbed that near-certain tying goal in the last minute of the game, I’m wondering if we should sign him next season – he may be all washed up! He’s lost his scoring touch.

  96. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Lev, obviously Hossa was never a boy scout! If he was, he would have been prepared for that!

    WOW! good thing these head shot rules are in place eh?

  97. Amen, Jimbo! We have Kreider to flub goals and take flack from the fan-base despite being in his first 12 minutes of his career!


  98. Um….Lin! Awesome shout out to the boy scouts. I am the first generation of my family to *not* attain the level of Eagle Scout.

    Manny = Failure

  99. I did Boy Scouts for a few days. I also played an instrument for a few days.

    Both of these experiences ended tragically for me.

  100. I think it may be a bit premature to write the Devils off down 2-1 to Florida. I mean, Jose Theodore and Scott Clemensen played tonight. Think about that for a minute.

  101. Shanahan looks like the biggest loser doing those videos. Id like to jump onto the set during one of those videos and take a stick and beat him repeatedly until he was unconscious. And then say to the camera. Im going to jail, for 3 days!!!

  102. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Tiki, i think he IS unconscious! maybe you can beat him back to the living! He’s like the UNDEAD.. oh crap……..another Count!

  103. From: Gary Bettman
    To: NHL Fans
    Subject: If You Think…

    We are going to be consistent in how games are officiated and suspensions are handed out then you are dumber than we thought.

    Especially those of you who cheer for Big Market Teams not owned by Ed Snider.

    That is all so please return to your utterly perplexed states.


  104. Shanny proving once again he’s a complete and total moron and that the league has an absolute love affair with the Penguins.

    James Neal went head hunting TWICE on the same shift! But he’s a star Penguin player…I’m sure it killed Shanny to have to give him even one game.

    And Asham’s actions were beyond deplorable. At least 5-10 times worse than ANYTHING Carl Hagelin did. But he only gets one more game?

    Brendan Shanahan and the NHL have become a complete and total embarrassment.

    One thing I keep thinking about with all of these high hard hits. And maybe it’s me being nostalgic.

    But I keep thinking of Mark Messier. A dirty player, yes. But if anyone tried to hit him high and hard they would eat either an elbow or a hockey stick. Maybe players need to start protecting themselves like the old days to have guys think twice about going for the head.

    Shanahan’s lame discipline isn’t doing anything. The respect that used to be out on the ice is becoming lost. Maybe they need to get it back in an old-fashioned way.

    And I know I’m not making any sense here. I didn’t sleep much last night and I’m too busy giggling about the Devils blowing a 3-0 lead tonight. :-)

  105. From: Gary Bettman
    To: NHL Fans
    Subject: Reality

    I’m an empty suit presiding over a professional sport I know nothing about.

    Because of this, I employ a few so-called insiders (i.e. brainless Canadians) who the brainless dopes that shell out their hard-earned money will think, however briefly, actually know what they’re doing.

    Sidney Crosby is Jesus Christ and I’m sincerely considering a conversion to Christianity because of it. You should, too.


  106. I found the coolest cufflinks today. They’re my grandfather’s; he used to work for Pepsi, and they have the Pepsi logo emblazoned in the center with some small jewels framing it. Real gold, too. Awesome stuff!

  107. >>>Amen, Jimbo! We have Kreider to flub goals and take flack from the fan-base despite being in his first 12 minutes of his career!

    +1, Manolo!! We will have our own *Superstar*, who needs their old one? ;-D

  108. FREE HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    get a good night sleep ‘Heads! GAME DAY QUICKLY APPROACHING!!!!!! Hopefully no injuries!

  109. Sounds cool, Latona! He must have worked for them for a very long time – sounds like a retirement gift.

  110. 40 years, Jimbo. It’s a cardinal sin to bring Coke products onto the premises of any address with the Latona name!

  111. Czechthemout!!! on

    Can Granyhan embarrass himself anymore than he has this week? I guess we will find out when he”rules” on the terrible and dirty hit By Torres. I think Torres should use the Neal defense. Say that he had arrived at the same time as Hossa and only jumped up and smashed him in the head because he was trying to avoid being hit by Hossa. I think Grannyhan is the wrong man for this job. He obviously got hit in the head one too many time with the puck and by other players. I think he is seeing little bluebirds fly who look like Penguins. What Putz he’s turned out to be.

  112. Watching a rangers Habs game from early 1991 on MSG vault – Messiers first game – and what I am watching is the hitting. And it is nowhere near what you see in the game today. It isn’t the speed of the guys, or the size,mor the rule changes at all that have resulted in all these concussions. It’s that the culture of the game has changed. Where it once was a means to separate the man from the puck, it has now become finish every check, hit everyone really hard all the time. I barely saw a single check out there and the few I saw were nothing! Those guys back then just didn’t have nearly the focus on hitting one another that there is today. The reason concussions are on the rise in the game is that hitting has become a much more central part of the game. And let’s clear something else up – this Rangers team led the league in fights, blocked about a million shots, hit everything that moved and yet only once did anything even close to suspendible, and it was a career AHLer who did it. so it is more than possible to play a tough, exacting brand of hockey without running around taking headshots at guys . Hagelin should have been suspend as should anyone delivering these hits because intent or not these guys all have complete control over what they do.

  113. Unfortunately, I never had the privilege of meeting him; I’d have to ask my parents. I’ll let you know! It’s somewhere near me, though. I reside in my grandparents’ house; it’s been passed down through the generations.

  114. Could it be because the players have a) lost ALL respect for each other and B) grown up in the same age where the huge hits in hockey and the NFL are glorified by the league as the reason for fans to be watching the game?

  115. The only reason shannys rulings make sense is because he is taking any resulting injuries from the hit into consideration when determining the length of suspension. I don’t agree with it but that’s what it is. If Neal had injured giroux then his suspension would have been longer. If asham injured schenn then his suspension probably would have been doubled. Unfortunately for hagelin, he injured alfredsson on a poorly timed, slightly high hit.

  116. To clarify…I don’t agree with the way NHL is reviewing these plays. I think a players intent to injure is much more important in determining punishment then any actual injury incurred. I think all these other plays getting one game suspensions are far more vicious then what hagelin did… It’s just that Alfie was only player to come out of play injured.

  117. And hopefully for the hat trick…

    Torres better get a huge suspension for leaving feet, high hit, targets head and leads to injury. Add his suspension history and I’m thinking 10+ games if hossa is concussed. 6 games if hossa is “ok”

  118. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    It’s like shooting a gun at someone but not getting in trouble because you missed. So stupid

  119. ThisYearsModel on

    Torres is a serial cheap shot artist. As with Asham and Neil, Shanahan will probably choke on this instead of slapping Torres with 10 games like he should.

  120. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Good point Peter.

    Tommorows game should be a dandy!!!!

  121. Torres is one of the foulest players ( and I used the term “players” advisedly) in the league. He routinely manages to seriously injure an opponent but seldom called on it. He should be wearing a Pitt jersey.

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