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  1. High Desert Roberto on

    Carp- do you think a low scoring contest favors the Rangers or the Sens and why? Thanks

  2. Guess we will see how much the NHL hates the Rangers after this Backstrom hearing regarding his cross-check. That could be a devastating loss to the Capitals.

  3. Lloyd Braun April 17th, 2012 at 2:34 am

    thanks. you must be a doctor.


    Not yet. But you must be a very knowledgeable hockey analyst.

  4. My good Manny, we wont gain anything from a Backstrom suspension. The league loves the Bruins as much as they hate the Rangers, so a Backstrom suspension is likely IMO.

  5. cam bam connor on

    carp, thanks for taking the time on the chat. your insight, honesty and humor are second to none!!

  6. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    thanks for the chat and in response to the how many rangers in the sens crease would be adequate in my book…2 rangers for every 5 second stay in the sens zone, or if you prefer one ranger for every 2.5 seconds in the sens zone..;)

    also here is the link to the sharks hit I referenced, I don’t think it was a bad hit but I also don’t see that it is much different than the hags hit (or the philips hit for that matter)

    Sharks announcers sound so homerish don’t they?

  7. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    I hope when hags come back he isn’t gun shy with hitting!

  8. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    it was great per the norm, I was a late arrival though!

  9. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    and a bag lady minus the shopping cart and the sunday paper

  10. Let’s hope none of our D sprains an ankle playing Soccer in the hallway. Europansies!

  11. Also, I saw someone walking around downtown Buffalo in an Islanders jersey a couple hours ago. Says a lot about Islanders fans, doesn’t it?

  12. Sally- sheesh everybody knows that women, although a majority of human beings are members of this sex, they are clearly inferior!

  13. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Hagelin had the worse hit, Shaw with the equal penalty because it’s a goaltender.

    Mike Smith flopped around on the ice holding his head but didn’t have to go to the quiet room. Why not?

  14. AGrossRecord Artem Anisimov, always funny, with two funny lines sitting next to Boyle: 1. Says media must pay him $5 to get close to Boyle then jokingly asks Boyle whether his tongue is tired or sore from talking so much


  15. ORR, would you rather play the Devils or the Flyers? I’ve debated this for the past week…obviously we need to take care of business but I’m not sure I have a preference.

    I think the Flyers 18 are better than the Devils 18 but knowing we have Hank, I think I’d rather face Bryz than Marty.

  16. I guess guys who miss an entire year of not playing hockey and miss training camp due to post-concussion illnesses aren’t allowed to have ANY holes in their game lest they be labeled as “just not that good anymore” at age 25.

  17. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    vogs, it’s not some holes in his game. He’s a shadow of the player he was.

    And he didn’t miss an entire year. He’s played 49 games now, including the playoffs. He should be in midseason form.

    And plenty of guys have come back from longer periods without play and have performed at or near the level they were at prior to missing time.

  18. Regarding Kreider -I want my money back. I was led to believe we had a goal a game guy, what a misrepresentation of the facts. Absolutley Nothing! A debaclious performance! Unexceptable!
    I repeat. Unexceptable!

  19. Isn’t it a little early to be saying “he’s just not that good anymore”?

    And for what it’s worth, IMO he had not yet reached his potential prior to the concussion and has taken a step back.

    And many people would have thought Boyle wasn’t any good as well 1 month ago, but now that he has been our best player in the playoffs and scored most of his goals in the last 2 months, people might be having a second opinion of him.

    Personally, I think it takes taller, lankier players time to find their game, I think Staal will be fine in the end.

  20. Lol, DDE. a lot of opposite conclusions about his play, isn’t it? All based on 11 min of play in the NHL. A playoff game, no less. I’d judge his performance based upon how many diapers he had to change last night…

  21. ilb…exactly. I missed the chat too so I’m sure I’m covering tread-upon ground already, but c’mon guys! He was nervous in the first, showed flashes and almost scored in the 2nd and appropriately sat for most of the 3rd.

    As the kit kat commercials used to say…GIVE THE KID A BREAK!

  22. I wouldn’t hold a player’s brain injury against him as to why his performance has faltered. At the same time it’s fair to say he’s not the same player as he was, with hopefully the caveat being that it’s only for the rest of this season. In other words you can be dissatisfied that Staal isn’t playing how he used to, but there’s a very good reason as to why that’s currently the case.

    Still, I’d trust him a hell of a lot more than Woywitka or Eminger.

  23. Hey guys.

    ilb, awesome what you’re doing for Tony. If I didn’t respect you before, I respect you now!

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