Tortorella post-morning skate


Morning skates are dull. I already knew that, but it’s been a while (since the Bryan Trottier regime) since I attended one on the road.

The big news? Well, Daniel Alfredsson said he did suffer a concussion, and the Senators are not ruling out that he will play in Game 3. It’s  game-time decision.

John Tortorella said he didn’t know who will be in the lineup in place of Carl Hagelin tonight. Which means he knows but he’s not saying. The possibilities: Kreider, John Scott, or one of the extra d-men, Steve Eminger or Jeff Woywitka, play and Stu Bickel moves up to forwards. But Bickel dressed as a D during the skate, and Eminger was the last player off the ice, so that seems unlikely.

I think it will be Kreider, making his pro debut … but it’s entirely possible, with all the bad blood, that Scott gets a few shifts. Either way, I think Ruslan Fedotenko moves up to the Brad Richards-Marian Gaborik line, where he practiced yesterday … and where the Senators had him on their lockerroom grease board.

For laughs, here’s the coach’s presser:

John Tortorella:



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  1. if scott plays over kreider that would be a dumb move. they have plenty of toughness scott brings nothing to the table. NADA……….

  2. I just saw Cindy’s post game interview from last night and almost died.
    When talking about pushing Giroux’s glove away with his stick Cindy said, “what was I supposed to do?” as if the glove was a player who was attacking him. Hilarious!!
    One of the interviewers said, kind of quietly, “uh, skate away?” Best Cindy interview ever. He was tougher than that glove and he knows it.

  3. I got my money on Kreider and once again…here are the lines.

    Gaborik – Anisimov – Stepan
    Callahan – Richards – Dubinsky
    Fedotenko – Boyle – Kreider
    Prust – Mitchell – Rupperstilskin

  4. Wish torts would be more respectful of the media who are reporting for the fans and give a full question and answer period. His lack of respect reflects poorly on the organization IMO.

  5. I just say this. If Alfredson was truly diagnosed with concussion (I’m assuming it’s grade 1), then playing him tonight is beyond reckless, it’s plain stupid. Especially with his history.

  6. eddie eddie eddie on

    they want to see the game on saturday, they want to be your friend

    we walk on common ground, we dont need to fight each other

    what we need, what we need, is solidarity

  7. if alfy plays tonight i target him but keep it clean. so similiar to graves/mario in 92 playoffs

  8. Cool, Fedo to the top line. I thought they’ve been moving way too fast with Hagelin there anyway.

  9. Let me state something for the record. I am not, by any means, suggesting that the whole thing is shady. Alfredson said he sustained concussion. I’m assuming it was diagnosed by a physician who followed the new protocol. There is no reason not to believe what he said. If that organization allows him to play tonight (and I’m sure Alfredson wants to), then it is a horrible decision to make, regardless of protocol.

  10. Absolutely, playing in a playoff game 2 days after suffering a concussion is playing with fire, matches and gasoline all at once……or some other really bad situation.

  11. ThisYearsModel on

    So Alfredsson says he received a concussion? If he plays tonight, the name on his jersey should be LAZARUS instead of Alfredsson. Who plays 48 hours after sustaining a documented concussion?

  12. My disdain for Crosby is already documented, but I can’t see what the big deal is about “The Glove” incident. Some of you would have applauded Avery for doing the same. And if Pittsburgh had mounted a comeback after the brawl and won, everyone would be extolling Crosby’s great “leadership”.

  13. Right Eddie, we’re all in this together.

    I ran into Gary Bettman at game 1. I said, “Let’s go Rangers Gary.” He said, “whatever you say.” Later on my buddie was next stall to him at the urinal. He didn’t have the guts to start the this water is cold routine.

  14. And he will get hit. You think? Second impact syndrome, anyone? I know it’s playoffs, could be his last year and all. But he has children….I’m going to say again, if he plays, it’s idiotic.

  15. If the league is insistent on basing disciplinary decisons on the severity of injuries (which as most agree, is a stupid concept to begin with), then they have to insist on getting an independent medical opinion, otherwise there is an obvious Brodeur-sized conflict of interest.

    If the victim’s team does not consent to the independent evaluation of their player, fine, but only if they understand that any potential injury cannot and will not be used in the league’s decision-making process.

    If the independent evaluation cannot take place before the next game, the victim’s team either consents to the opponent playing until this can happen (and any future suspension being reduced by a game to prevent the team trying to delay a suspension to their advantage) or that the league proceeds as above.

    If there is any circumstance not covered by the above, Jonathan Toews and Joel Quenneville decide what happens, as per the existing NHL rulebook.

  16. You would think that these guys would take into consideration that the guy they abused today, might be his team mate tomorrow. Now I’m not a nervous Nell, and I know that fighting has been a part of Hockey lore since Adam dropped the apple first and dared Eve to pick it up without getting slammed. But there has to come a consideration for what is legit and what is shameful..Asham strikes out completely…and the Flyers are certainly no angels, but he was really the pits. I would absolutely put the new guy, Big John in the first game Rangers play Pens …if they do. They carry lots of small guys, that even Crosby isn’t scared of, and that gives the Ashams of the league what is called incentive to go full bore. You who say we have enough toughness….not the kind in evidence yesterday. Why the rookie from college? Plenty of time for him to make his bones, by why now? When there is mayhem looming on the horizon?

  17. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Still no mention of any hearing for what went on yesterday with flys & pitts just saying they acted real fast on Hags didn’t they?

  18. Fran- it looks like the next time Rangers play Pittsburgh will be not earlier than October. They are down 3-0 at the moment.

  19. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    And just as I post that I see on the widget that ASSham & Neal have hearings today.

  20. eddie eddie eddie on

    Fran – the rangers to have their A-passing game going tonight…crisp, clean, tape-to-tape

  21. My first thought last night about potential suspensions to Neal and Asham was that the league would pretend to flex some muscle and display neutrality to the Penguins by suspending them both for the entire playoffs. Or two games fewer than Hagelin, as another way of looking at it.

  22. Alfredsson is a game time decision = Torts not sure who is going to replace Hagelin yet. gamesmanship = BS

  23. Morning skates would be more fun if the writers had to skate along with the players during Q&A.

  24. You know what? Unless you’re the Penguins, if a team gets an early lead then that should ease the goonish stuff since being in the penalty box decreases your chances of erasing the deficit. The Penguins for some reason don’t know that putting guys in the penalty box hampers your chance at getting the tying goal. I assume that Ottawa isn’t that stupid.

    So, what player MIGHT help the Rangers get an early lead, Scott or Kreider? I’d give the edge to Kreider.

  25. A lockerroom grease board? I thought that was what Brodeur’s pre-game (mid-game and post-game) meals were laid out on?

  26. eddie eddie eddie on

    LW – you should have seen the time marty heard “set up the massage table” and he ran to get his Bib

  27. although I am a Ranger fan, I had the opportunity to go the Flyers-Pens game yesterday, and took up the offer. All of that orange in there made me cringe, but I have to say it was a crazy, entertaining game.

    The Penguins totally embarrassed themselves. Even if they somehow win this series (don’t think so – they will lose the next one too), their image should be tarnished for the rest of the playoffs. Just a total disgrace.

    I predict Neal and Asham will each get 3 to 5 games suspension.

    And that weasel Crosby should have been the subject of a hearing too….he instigated several fights and was shameless in hiding behind his buddies.

  28. Sioux-per-man on

    Game Day makes a long day at work.

    Who’s in tonight Kreider or Scott? Torts may want to clean up the mess with Scott.

    I was looking forward to Kreider 1st game.

  29. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Stanley Cup question. If you play 1 game in the tournament do you qualify to have your name on the cup? or do you have to play in one game in the finals?

  30. I don’t like either of the replacement options but forced to make a decision, Kreider has to be the way to go. Dressing Scott would almost be the equivalent of playing a man down the entire game. This team is more then tough enough to handle the situation without Scott.

  31. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    easy solution – ask Mess to lace ’em up for these three games until Hags comes back

  32. Stranger Nation on

    Eddie – one of the greatest drum and bass songs via Sly and Robbie backing the Uhuru

    What we need? What we need?

  33. What I’m saying is if Kreider dresses he plays more then 4 minutes and has more of a positive impact on the game then Scott does.(imo) We don’t need to further the circus, we need to win the game. Kreider gives us a better chance to win then Scott does. Again, we are tough enough to handle Ottawa without Scott.

  34. It’s true 1940! We don’t need Scott to handle the Senators. I doubt Torts wants to send that message to his team that they are going to go goon it up. Also the Messier quote on the white-board leads me to believe that Kreider is playing. (“Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the action in the face of fear” -Mark Messier).

    Kreider will play and he will play on the 3rd line and play around 11 minutes.

  35. I’ll say this again, Kreider can play…. in Mitchell’s spot.

    And Bickel can move to the fourth line and dress John Scott.

    You don’t allow Chris Phillips to run at your captains head like he did the other night and get away with it. I am so sick and tired of watching our players get run by two-bit organizations like the Senators.

    I mean why on earth is Michael Rupp on the team if he wasn’t going to be put on the ice every single time that POS Neil or Phillips went over the boards? There are more important things in this world than winning a lousy playoff game, it’s sticking up for your team, and the Rangers failed the other night.

    They let Boyle get jumped for what? Rubbing his gloves in that wuss Karlsson’s face?

    Absolutely disgraceful to allow another team to get away with that roller derby crap on your own ice. This one is on Torts and there needs to be the correct response tonight.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    If Kreider plays on top two lines, you have a point. But he won’t and don’t downplay the significance of Hags ability to create scoring opps for B Rich and Cally.

    Feds or Dubi will not have the same impact and Kreider hasn’t played checking winger in his life is my guess.

    You play Scott and move Bickels up to wing to win the battle AND the War!

  37. REPORT!! – Claude Giroux’s glove ordered before the NHL discipline board for its threatening actions toward Cindy Crosby!!

  38. If Alfie passes all the tests, then he’s able to play. He must’ve passed the concussion tests, otherwise the Sens have huge fines to pay if he plays and he didn’t pass those tests.

  39. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    Our entire roster & coaching staff should just turn around tonight when they play “O Canada”

  40. Its a fair point, I’d just go the other way. Kreider is a big body with speed who can also score. I’d argue you can win the battle and the war as you put it, without Scott. Bickel can handle anyone on their roster, plus you still have Rupp and Prust if need be, not to mention Boyle and Dubi etc. There is plenty of toughness on this team without Scott. IMO speed kills and I’d personally rather see Kreider out there. I just think he brings more to the table no matter what line he plays on. That being said, I think the win this game either way.

  41. duckbill platypus on


    that is all!™ duckbill’s lines for tonight…

    warm regards,
    the duckbill

  42. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    If Scott’s the call, then the Sens got as good a trade off as they could have imagined

  43. That is all speculation from the wonder NY media members who can’t stand Torts. I think Scott will play, but it has more to do with him not wanting to rush Kreider into something than can hinder his growth and less to do with John Scott.

    Putting a young kid into his first NHL game with all the bad blood like this, especially since he hasn’t even had a training camp to get accustomed to anything, can have way more negatives than positives. Sens will be after him all night.

  44. Did Shanahan really say that Carkner was treated more favourably because Boyle was asked to fight on the faceoff before?

    Would Boyle’s presumed refusal (whether or not the correct thing to do from a team point of view) not make Carkner’s pre-meditated assault more worthy of a longer suspension not less?

    And the reasoning about the punches after the first few not landing on Boyle’s head is pathetic.

  45. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    Look, Kreider may be young, but he is not a small guy. All he would need to do is spear the first guy in the balls who even looks at him cross eyed. Once the blood and andrenaline start flowing, there all the same age with the same rage, except Kredier is bigger and faster than most…from the looks of what the Sens put on the ice Sat night, he’ll do fine. Then again, who am I to say any of this – Torts’ staff gets paid to know more than a fat desk jockey

  46. Lloyd – I would too. I’m a hell of a lot faster than him. Don’t think I’d score, but I could at least exit the zone with the puck haha.

  47. I agree Johnny. I said earlier I don’t like either replacement options. I just feel like given the other option(Scott) they can’t let the fear of “what if” stop them from making the decision that will best help the team. Why be so adamant about signing him quickly and getting him here then? He could be playing meaningful minutes in CT, we have all praised the Whales coaching staff for what a great job the do in preparing our young guys. Of course this is just my opinion. I just don’t see the upside to dressing Scott. Unless your only concern is turning the game into a UFC event.

  48. Automatic bullseye for Sens if The Kreider plays.

    After the boomer interview, Shammy said next year he will take into consideration the teams win/loss record, if the game is home or away, the official attendance and if it is an even or odd day of the month… But, that will only apply to the regular season, that all gets thrown out the window for the playoffs.

  49. So, wasn’t it Adams of Pittsburgh that came to Cyndy’s rescue and eventually pulled Hartnells’s hair??

    Why o why, in this Romper Room of Justice, is he not a third man in??

    Anyone see that, or is it me?

  50. I don’t understand the idea that fans should boycott the Canadian national anthem or chant U-S-A during it. People understand that most of our players are *not* American right? They may want to hear the Canadian anthem. Maybe that gets Dubinsky, Stepan and Girardi going?

  51. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    The stars are aligning for my Sens in 5 pick.

    My Pens in 6 pick… not so much.

  52. duckbill – Latona – Manny


    This line will dominate due to chemistry and enigma.

  53. Thanks Jonny. I loved the look on Hartnells face when he did that. Man, I would have just brought a fricking electric razor and given him a crew. That’s some nest, he’s got.

  54. Vogs I’m with you. Most importantly, they need to bang Karlsson, Gonchar and Philips every oppty, and all night. This is not just revenge, it is what they should be doing anyway as part of their game plan. Karlsson is the key to their team and his smallness needs to be exploited- he looked foar too smug on the bench after the Carkner attack.

    I’d like to see Prust do this often and cleanly. Boyle better have one of his games where he hits like a train, anything less and it shows he was intimidated. Dubi in their face all night. Cally, well we know we can count on him. And if Scott is dressed then yes he needs to take the initiative and go after Neil and fight mad, not just win on points.

  55. High Desert Roberto Smoking and Toking on

    if the NYR does not come out on fire and absolutely dominate tonight in every aspect of the game they seriously need to get their huevos checked.

    what more motivation could you need? you got out-muscled at home and lost a winnable playoff game, you’ve got alfredson taking a page out of Crosby book, all the b.s. with shanny/the league, the rangers should be ready to take some heads off tonight.

    call me crazy but i think Henrik suddenly has something to prove tonight. can’t wait.

  56. Jonny D:

    I don’t believe they called the third man in penalty during the game, though. Was that assessed later?

  57. If Alfredsson plays, his coach has to be lying. There is no way you can have a concussion go away in a day. If his coach is lying, he should be fined $20k. That is worse than swearing.

    If the Senators played him without appropriate testing, release, insurance, treatment, they are wide open for a huge liability law suit. This is an important game, but not that important.

  58. czechthemout!!!! on


    Where did you hear that Scott was playing instead of Kreider. Btw, if true just as dumb a move as not adjusting the the team to attack in the third instead of sitting on the lead.

  59. FREEHageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    You guys are byfuglien dynamic! Awesome posts!
    HEADZO… Lmfao!!!

    Thanks for first line minutes Ducky!

    Shameahan twisting logic beyond its breaking point!

    Lets Go Rangers!!!!!

  60. Lloyd – I don’t know if they listened in on the audio broadcast, but he was immediately kicked out of the game and the scoresheet says “Adams: 5 min major – Fighting, Game-Misconduct”

  61. Henrik needs to prove something tonight. He needs to come up with a stellar performance that will be deserving of the ‘king’ label.

    I know everyone will hate me for this, but I am not convinced that he has played to the level he can in the first two games. While not weak at all, the 2nd Ottowa goal, to me, could have been stopped. Staal made his usual mistake. But aside from that he needed to come out.

    Goal 3 was because of McD getting cubed, traffic and Henrik losing his stick.

    In essence, when you play tough, playoff tough, around him, crowd the net, jam it in, check guys into him, he gets off his game a bit. I am not so sure he can handle it. Convince me you’re the best, Henrik!

    Don’t throw me out of here, but prust saying my thoughts………….

  62. Dubinsky’s Alaskan. The Alaskan Assassin!

    Aww, ducky’s got me on a line! I love u ducky duckbill man!!!!

  63. Matteau – You said it! Forget Gonchar though, he’s just not the same player anymore.

    Phillips and Karlsson need to be run into the boards early and often by Boyle, Callahan, Dubinksy… can we sign Hollwegg for one game?

    And as soon as that cowardly POS Neil hits the ice you put John Scott or Rupp out there and ask him to dance… same with Konopka and Smith.. put Bickel or Scott out there, and it’s howdy doody time.

    I know it’s real easy for me to sit here and say these things when I’m not the one who has to go out there and do it. but the thing is this team HAS done it all year, they’ve tango’d all season long and all I can say is they were all put on a leash the other night. Well the leash needs to come off.

    This goes for Girardi, Staal and Stepan… time to look in the mirror boys and decide if you’re gonna let yourselves get run out of this playoff round or stand and fight.

  64. Maybe that gets Dubinsky, Stepan and Girardi going?

    Dubie and Stepan were born in the United States and Girardi is from Ontario so I dont understand the point. Nonetheless the Canadian anthem should be respected as we would expect ours to be.

  65. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    MSG free giveaway at game 5 – “F Canada” shirts for all kids 10 and under

  66. Haha that’s right! Dubinsky is Alaskan. I totally forgot for a minute. Ok…um….Mitchell then!

  67. LW3H: You’re absolutely right about Sham-A-Ham. He is looking like a total bafoon in all this. His reasoning is similar to a 5th grader.

    So you’re telling me if Prust lines up next to Crosby on a face off and challenges him to a fight and then does what Carkner did ito Boyle he will only get a game if Sidney is not injured?! Bull-Crap. Sham-A-Ham’s reasoning is idiotic. NHL is looking like a two bit organization that can’t keep it’s house in order. What a shame!!!

    Also what kind of superhuman I’d Alfredsson if he is going to play two days after getting concussed. What if he gets his bell rung again and really suffers an injury. This makes no sense.nif he plays tonight than all the concussion talk is BS. End of story.

  68. czechthemout!!!! on

    I will repeat. If Torts dresses Scott tonight than we will have 3 useless non NHL level forwards in the lineup in a playoff game no less. You might as well hand them game three tonight.

  69. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    I am personally placing a hundred-dollar bounty on the head of Tim McCracken. He’s the head coach and chief punk on that Syracuse team.

  70. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    The fans are standing up to them! The security guards are standing up to them! The peanut vendors are standing up to them! And by golly, if I could get down there, I’d be standing up to them!

  71. I realize that Torts likes to be mysterious and vague, but Kreider is a no brainer. I just wish I knew how he has practiced and on what line. Oh well…not too much time to wait. Carp??? Any additional news on the above??

  72. Dubeliveau – I heard, via Twitter, that Kreider was on a line with Boyle and Prust (or Fedotenko)

  73. Sioux-per-man on

    Nice recap of the Pittsburg / Philly game yesterday.

    If ever there was a reason needed to hate Pittsburgh more. Glad Philly put a Thrashing on them yesterday.

    Crosby – WOW. What a punk. He’ll start everything, but I’ve never seen such a p*ssy that can’t stick up for himself. If he can’t drop the gloves then stay out of it. Three wacks on a covered up puck, would allow you to pick up some teeth if he did that to Hank. Then backs down to Schenn after starting it.

    For the Golden boy to brush away the Philly glove with his stick, as the player bends down to pick it up, is as bad as a poor sportman ship I’ve ever seen from him.

    I have lost all respect for him, and a whiner is to nice of word for him.

    That said Philly up 3-0 makes you smile on the inside – just a little.

  74. micheletti believes allfredson plays tonite based on morning skate. what a joke. hit him again.

    shades of graves and mario all over again

  75. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    The emphasis on punishing for injuries, especially those to the head, and deemphasis on intent to injure and severity of the actual crime just goes to show that the “Department of player safety” should be renamed “Department of limiting future liability”

  76. Thanks, eric – I love how Mike is getting all preachy and know-it-all about hockey now.

  77. McSnobbelier on

    Hey I just spun the wheel of justice on Hagelins hit and it came up right between hockey play and 1 game suspension. Can we please get Shanny to use this in the future??? Tried Carkner and got 2 games suspension! Damn thing seems to work great!

  78. Oh Mike finally said something great, “if you don’t watch this sport day-in-and-day-out then you can’t comment.”

  79. Sioux, actually, it was Schenn who backed down from Crosby. Crosby clearly asked Schenn if he wanted to go, then he called him a p###y after he declined.

    Maybe Schenn was scared after what Asham did to him. Didn’t want to take any more chances putting a target on his back.

  80. Why in the wild, wild world of sports would Micheletti agree to go on that blowhards show? I am not listening to it but I can just hear that fat bastige holding court like he’s got seats right with me in the blues…assen.

  81. What a joke with Allfredson. NHL really has it in for Tort’s for this remarks in that Pitt game. Hope he controls that temper and history doesn’t repeat itself. ie Caps 2 years ago

  82. need Hank to be great especially early. You know if you get shoddy goaltending its over, just look at the Pens, they are hitting, hustling,fighting and scoring and BTW getting SMOKED. A bad goal slumps everybody’s shoulders, that’s are advantage coming into this series it needs to be the difference maker, because all this fake imtimiation stuff isnt what wins or loses.

  83. Rollin Dubious on

    Who said sign Hollwegg for the game….HAHAHAHAHA!

    “We play today…We win today…dassss it” -in Mariano Duncan voice

  84. someone might have touched on this already, but what evidence did shanahan ever have that alfredsson had a concussion? he’s made that contention on radio and in an official release by the nhl. he either assumed or took the words of the opposing team. he’s explained that the concussion was, partially, the reason for the length of the suspension on a player with absolutely no record of playing dirty and on a play with no intent to injure — unlike many others that he let’s slide. the rangers lose a top-line player and potentially millions in revenue on an assumption?

    shanahan is not up for this job; he’s not particularly smart and he’s made a joke into an even bigger joke.

  85. Sham-A-Ham said he spoke to Alfredson’s doctor who said he had a concussion and could be out from o e day to one year. I guess he will be out one day.

  86. If Alfredsson had a concussion how did they let him fly? Isn’t that a severe no-no in the wake of Sidney Crosby and his double concussion debacle?

  87. Hey Tony from Az.

    I dont post much anymore….but I wanted to wish you a speedy recovery. Get well soon.


  88. McSnobbelier on

    Congrats to Cindy and the Pens, five years of Hartnell hatred goes down the tubes in one series!

  89. DuBeliveau,
    Dubi has really improved his chances for the Conn Smyth with the Gatorade tank takedown. I’m worried about our bet considering I did give you 500-1 odds on your $10 bet. If he comes back and gets a hat trick tonight the trophy is basically his.
    Supposedly after practice today Dubi was teaching Kreider how to fight. Hmmmmm, if that’s true maybe the Conn Smyth is not a lock.

  90. No way Scott plays. With Carkner out, nobody will fight Scott. If anyone fights Neil it will be Prust or Rupp anyway. Kreider will play.

  91. Have we EVER seen an instance this season of a player diagnosed with a concussion and playing the next game?

    Answer: NO

    This whole thing reeks. Alfredsson might be a stand-up kinda guy…but there’s something very, very, very fishy about this whole thing.

    Carton called it right this morning when talking Shana-lana-ding-dong head

    “Based on your reasoning, if a player takes any kind of hit the message should be STAY DOWN! Don’t get up!”

    Shanahan insisted that they didn’t just rely on the medical advice of the Ottawa training staff. Supposedly they had an independent party diagnose it.

    If so, what’s his name?

    Don’t ever come to MSG again, Brendan.

  92. @fchamps:

    The alleged severity of the injury was a BIG FACTOR in the imposition of 3 games.

    I do NOT UNDERSTAND for the life of me why the rangers are not appealing this in that Alfredson flew home with the team, took the morning skate, and coach saying he might play tonight.

    If he plays tonight (As I predicted he would in my first post this morning) then the 3 game Hags suspension is even more egregious.

    As an aside, the posts today are classic. $200,000 for Karlsons knee from “The Sean Payton”.. LOL!!!

  93. I like ducky’s lines the best!

    Who are the defense pairings though? Who’s in goal?

  94. @Manny:

    If you have a concussion you ARE NOT ALLOWED to fly. Personally, while he might have been woozy, I don’t think he had a concussion.

    Think about it! With a guy like that with a concussion history, would they let him fly? Would they let him skate this morning and would he be a game time decision??????


  95. *LGBT!*

    I think they have a lot more *FREE HAGELIN* down in the cafeteria, Sally.

    That’s what I am talking about, Yev! vibin’

  96. Well, if in fact the Dr said that Alfredson could be out 1 day to 1 year… IT BEHOOVES the rangers to revisit this issue in an appeal now that it appears that he was out for LESS THAN 1 GAME.

    HAGS should be suspended for 1 game …. END OF STORY!

  97. Stranger Nation on

    One critical attribute about this team and their coach; the play hockey the ‘right way’. While they have their guys who mix it up, for the most part, the teams plays with a sense of honor and sportsmanship. Dressing Scott provides a reality check for Mclean and his 4th line of goons – Konopka, Carkner, and whatever clown plays with them – (Dr. zachary Smith – Lost in Space?)

    It is almost up to this team to show how toughness can win without being cheap and bring down the sport (right pissburg?) Sad that it has come to this, but if they wanted to an alley fight, we have the guys to bring the noise.


    PS – Brenda Shamahan is a just Bettmna’s monkey – have some pride dude.

  98. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    I really think Bickel will play forward tonight and Woljwitka will move into the 6 d spot.

  99. I don’t think you’re completely out-of-line there Kenny Powders. That is a big possibility.

  100. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    forgive me if i am repeating something already discussed.

    My fear for putting C-K into the lineup tonight is that he has never played an NHL speed shift. Everyone on the ice is bigger and faster than he is used to. He could leave himself open for injury against a team that is very openly looking to hurt the opposing team. There should be some sort of break in period and it should be longer than a couple of practice sessions.

    Good Luck boys! LGR!

  101. So Konopka was fined $2,500 for “pre-game chirping” at a Rangers player during a pre-game interview and the Sens were fined $10,000 because of that.

    The NHL, where you can physically beat someone up while they are defenseless and get a 1 game ban, but if you talk you will be fined!!!


    Such a joke.

  102. BWahahahaha! Good one, Sally.

    I was just commenting on your amazing *new post* on the Logging thread. Whoah oh oh you’re on fire.

  103. Exactly. Shanaloser is just Bettman’s monkey, and this is what Bettman wanted. Bettmania sent a message to the New York Rangers and all NY fans, and the message was his middle finger.

    And Im not being biased. I wouldve been okay with a 1 game susp for Hagelin and a 2-3 game suspension for that guy that criminally assaulted Boyle.

    But the 2 suspensions levied against Hagelin and that guy made less than 0 sense, and the league isnt stupid. It’s biased… against New York.

  104. I forgot to mention that I went skating yesterday. Hopefully it will spur the team to great victory!

  105. Ye Carkner was criminal. If the police investigated Zdeno Charra’s hit on Patches last season than they should probably look into this Carkner mele.

  106. Mike Francesa literally just called Karlson “the young defenseman” the entire interview. Not once did he call him by name! I just don’t understand how anybody enjoys that show.

  107. He also has no idea what he is talking about. He was fine when he was reading the questions off the paper, but he has no idea how to respond to the callers.

  108. Horrible that Hagelin gets 3 and Carkner gets 1 for diving on Boyle and punching him in the face as he’s stuck down on the ice.

    Weber gets none for slamming someones head into the boards.

    But because “Alfredsson” gets hurt Shanny uses that as justice for the 3 game suspension?

    It’s not always the end product of a hit, it’s the initial intent of it…Hagelin by no means meant to elbow Alfredsson in the head. The other guys did what they did on purpose and didn’t get any suspensions.

    Brendan Shannahan can ruin his legacy by being a complete idiot if he continues dealing with things this way.

  109. Just listened to the B & C interview of Shanny. The explanation of the Shea Weber decision and how it differs from Hagelin was PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I have to give Carton Props. He is a douche nozzle who knows NOTHING about Hockey…. But, he was tough on Shanny and asked good questions! Boomer of course knows Hockey and did a good job as well.

    There is absolutely no reason why the Rangers SHOULD NOT APPEAL DIRECTLY TO GARY BETTMAN.

    What on earth do they have to lose by appealing? Why not compare and contrast the pre-meditated criminal actions of Carkner and Weber vis-a-vis the actions of HAGS!!!!!!


  110. Ottawa said to Shanny “ALFREDSON IS DOUBTFUL” for the game tonight. If he plays, contrary to what Shanny claims, he was in fact “DUPED”

  111. DOn’t know if anyone has seen this but check out Alfreddsson’s take on the suspension from Jim Cerny- Alfredsson on #NYR Carl Hagelin: “Carl is not that kind of player…in intensity of a playoff game things happen”

  112. 100% agree Koa! Shanny had a great career and it will all be pointless if he continues down this idiotic path.

  113. Because Torts just talked about how hypocritical the Penguins are and how they whine and complain about everything when it happens to them but they are OK with it when it involves other franchises.

    If we appeal, that’s pretty much showing how hypocritical the Rangers franchise is as well. They did the right thing by not appealing.

  114. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    Messier just e-mailed Callahan a PDF instruction manual on how to deliver playoff cross-checks to the face with no penalty.

  115. Konopka fined $2,500 for verbale abuse to Boyle during a pre-game tv interview? Video anybody?

  116. Yeah Orr I posted that a little before. That’s such a joke. Like I said, if you talk you get more of a punishment than if you physically harm someone in a non-hockey related way.

  117. eddie eddie eddie on

    look at me, i aint your enemy…we dont need to fight each other…..


  118. Noah-auer-uccarello-minger-agelin, 29 on

    Kudos to Alfredsson for saying that about Hagelin and the hit. Class act.

  119. @johnnyD: wrote

    If we appeal, that’s pretty much showing how hypocritical the Rangers franchise is as well. They did the right thing by not appealing.

    Johnny with all due respect, I could not disagree more. Who cares how we look? We have lost our first line wing to an unjust suspension. The suspension according to the guy who gave it out was based in large part on the “injury”. The injury is bullcarcillo as that player will play tonight.


  120. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    If Alfie plays tonight NYR should appeal Hagelin’s suspension. If the decision was based off of the fact the Alfie was hurt and he plays next game Hagelin should only get 1 game.

    Seems like ever since Dolan sued the NHL they don’t like us very much.

    FUN FACT: Ian Walsh was a ref for game 2 where Dubi was tossed erroneously. Ian Walsh was on the ice for Winter Classic

  121. But it’s not an unjust suspension. It’s an appropriate suspension. Matt Carkner’s suspension is unjust. Shea Weber’s lack of a suspension is unjust. Carl Hagelin being suspended for elbowing a player in the head with a very high hit is not unjust, it’s the correct call.

  122. eddie eddie eddie on

    message on ranger blackboard

    The energy that is all becomes the existance of each other. Translation: The tree sways as the wind blows

  123. And while I get based on reasons that Shanny gave (NOTE: he said it was and wasn’t based on the injury, which makes no sense) you can perceive it as being wrong, but Hags deserved to be suspended and 3 games is fine with me. You can’t have guys elbowing other guys in the head, no matter if they mean to intentionally do it or not. He elbowed Alfie really high and aimed at the head. That can’t be tolerated no matter what his reasons are.

  124. But Johnny for a player who has shown no inclination of playing dirty isn’t three games unjust? I thought one would be just.

  125. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    I forget his name but but the dude who boarded the guys head into the boards only got 2, and I heard the inure urged player hasn’t returned yet. 3 games too much, period. Shanahan specifically said play suspensions will be handled as if it were a 7 game season. A 3 game suspension in playoffs is like over 30 games in regular season. Shanahan is a failure

  126. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    so let me get this straight – the Hobbit is out tonight and Hagrid is in?

  127. I agree with that, and I too thought it’d be one game. But in the grand scheme of things, if they are going to continue to do this (they started to early in the year and were suspending guys for multiple games for things like this), then I’m fine with it.

    The issue just becomes consistency, and realistically we know they won’t be consistent.

    Personally, I want to see any hit to the head count for 10 games for first offenders and if it’s an elbow or illegal, make it 20. You do it again? 20/40. Still haven’t learned your lesson? 40/Season. Get the point across by penalizing this guys for real.

    What bothered me is Shanny said he needs to judge his ruling based on the importance of the games in the playoffs since it’s not 82 games like the season. Uh, no you don’t. A ruling should be a ruling. If you are dumb enough to do something stupid or happen to make a bad hit, it shouldn’t matter if it’s playoffs or the regular season, you should get the same punishment. That is the only thing that will keep players in line and keep the game clean, but the NHL won’t do it because this crap brings in news on ESPN and other outlets. They see it as “no news is bad news”, hence why hockey will never be considered a mainstream sport since the outside viewer thinks it’s a bloodsport like MMA.

  128. iWicky "Rupp yours" on

    Just checking in from work……

    No d or goalie, not going to win many games that way lol, just look at the pens

    Sybilahan given any suspensions yet for blues or pens series?

    Any idea who is in the line up yet?


    LGR and LGD!!!

  129. Slamming head into boards X2 is worth 2,500.00
    Major for elbow to head is 3 games
    “Verbal abuse in pre game warm ups is 2,500.00
    Unpenalized elbow to head (Phillips on Cally) Free
    Who exactly is helping Shanny with these decisions? Will be interesting to see what he doles out after yesterdays Philly Penguins game.

  130. Sorry if this has already been discussed, but does anyone know or have a video of what Kanopka said pre-game 2 to get that fine? Thanks. Watching Rangers 1994 game 7 vs Vancouver in 60 on MSG right now. Soooo good. LGR!!!

  131. Hagelin’s hit was dirty. I’m not buying any of the arguments to the effect of, “well, Alfredsson wasn’t really hurt so whatever.” When you lead with an elbow from the distance Hagelin did – and when you watch replays you can see he skated at Alfredsson from a considerable distance with his elbow up – you’re going to injure a player. Human beings have different levels of susceptibility to head injuries and it’s completely illogical to say that since Hagelin’s a nice guy and Alfredsson’s season isn’t over he should get a slap on the wrist. Hagelin could have done serious damage to Alfredsson and was lucky the outcome wasn’t worse. Those kind of cheap shots are far too easy to pull off in hockey and have far too devastating a potential consequence to not suspend a player for them. The length of the suspension could be applied given the extent of the injury, so in this case, three games may be a bit much. But I absolutely feel a suspension of at least a game was warranted.

    If you want to contend that Shanahan’s administration of discipline has been embarrassingly flawed and arbitrary, I certainly have no argument for that. In this instance, I think he basically did the right thing.

  132. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    Eddie – who is Liam? Is he the guy who was hurt or the guy the did the boarding? What does his height have to do with anything?

  133. Can an elbow really do much more damage than say a forearm or a gloved hand from the head-on route Hagelin took? I thought elbowing was serious when you use the actual joint on the back of the arm to do the damage.

  134. We need to stop whining about Hagelin being lost for 3 games. It’s a done deal, the Rangers appear to have gotten a bit of the shaft (again), but time to move on.

    The puck drops in a couple of hours – we should all focus on how many pucks we are gonna put in the net.

    I hope Callahan gives a great pre-game speech, then goes out there and plays like a human wrecking ball, and the team follows suit!

    Lets Go Rangers!

  135. eddie eddie eddie on

    waiting on a sunday afternoon, what i read between the lines, the lies……

  136. And Lloyd if he did the right thing more often or even close to consistently there wouldn’t be any argument. But since there is no consistency this is the result. . . . I thought a game would have been fair. . .I think three is to much. I especially think three is to much when Weber got nothing and Carkner got 1.

  137. Actually I think that starting tonight you will see a lot more special teams play as everything starts getting called. It has now reached the point where large media outlets are spouting off that the NHL has completely lost control of the games and as such the directive to call ’em real tight and maintain control will come down from NHL HQ.

  138. eddie eddie eddie on

    leaving on a southern train
    only yesterday you lied

    all of these things you said to me

  139. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    Pro – if the blow is landed by an elbow is will do more damage then a fist or forearm. It’s the basic mechanics of the human arm. The hand or forearm may cause the arm to bend at the elbow joint during impact lessening the blow, where there is no give between the elbow and shoulder joints so all force is delivered. Same effect as if you strike someone who is laying on the ground. If opponent is standing he will move backwards on impact, lessening the force. If opponent is laying on ground there is no give, so more damage.

    Finally, my near 20 years as a martial artist was finally useful, lol

  140. Matt I hope the Rangers come out firing. . .I want to see a face off win to start the game and strong pressure in the Senators zone. I don’t expect a goal in the first shift (though that would be awesome!) But I just want to see a roll through the lines with each one keeping pressure. . . .wonder who will it be Kreider or Scott?????

  141. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    My mistake, I should clarify. They were Gordon’s guys originally, but when you keep them around for 2 years, you adopt them. Now he’s throwing them under the bus to save his own skin. Gutless puke.

  142. If they are going to be calling everything then Scott is really pointless . . .I mean the refs will just be waiting to toss him from the game

  143. If anyone needed any confirmation of my conspiracy fact regarding Hags suspension, Mike Francesa just dispelled that notion by saying the NHL is a business blah blah blah and are better served with the biggest media market blah blah blah in the playoffs. Blah blah blah Francesa.

  144. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Yes Orr, Scott for Stepan makes all the sense in the world, especially Hagelin out as well. I do appreciate the attention to detail though, especially the hashtags at the beginning of the tweet instead of the end.

  145. “Morning skates are dull.”

    Is that so when they get them sharpened for the game they can go faster?

  146. Ouch. I guess we are playing 3 lines tonight. I don’t think our record was very good with Scott in the lineup.

    So, what are going to be the lines tonight?
    1. Feds – Richards – Gabby
    2. Callahan – Stepan? – Anisimov
    3. Dubinsky – Boyle – Prust
    4. Scott- Mitchell – Rupp

  147. Jonny D:

    That is a response to something you posted like 2.5 hours ago, but during the game, the call was Adams was marked for fighting and instigating. Didn’t hear anything about third man in even though he very clearly was.

  148. Oh wait – Correction: Always trust ORR when it comes to Ben & Jerry’s flavors. He’s pretty good at that. Anything else he is only trying to ruin your day.

  149. @johnnyD: Wrote

    Carl Hagelin being suspended for elbowing a player in the head with a very high hit is not unjust, it’s the correct call.

    No one here said he shouldn’t be suspended. Not that I saw. But, there has to be consistency in punishment. How do you justify three games for a player where we all agree there was no intent (That was the kids first major penalty in his entire hockey career) as opposed to shea weber intentionally grabbing the back of Zetterberg’s head and smashing it into the glass.

    Shanny can say WHATEVER he wants about the “injury” factor. If you want to be correct about it, he said that injury was DEFINITELY a factor, but allegedly not the only factor.

    I can’t see anyone with an ounce of honesty comparing Weber and Hags in terms of what they did. Weber’s actions were much worse.

    But there is one HUGE difference…. “INJURY”

    So, Shanny can say what he wants, but the evidence is clear. This was an injury based punishment. And if in fact that injury is minor; meaning that Alfredson only missed half a game; then the punishment far outweighs the crime.

    Yev Kassem, counsel for The NY Rangers rests…

  150. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Stepan is hurt…? ahhhhhh just kindin!!!!

  151. to celebrate The Kreider’s pending insertion into the lineup, I just bought myself a pound of Jamon Iberico Fermin.

    If you’ve had this stuff, you know what I’m talking about.

  152. ORR, you got me! LOL

    I assumed it was a legit post.

    I’ll crawl back into the corner now in shame…

  153. Manny / ORR,

    I just picked up the Ben and Jerry’s Colbert Americone Dream. That is my new favorite flavor! It reminds me of an old flavor they used to have called Nutty Waffle Cone.

  154. Excited for Kreider, pissed at Shanny, disappointing for Hags and expecting the world from Hank tonight.

    For all the pissing and moaning about Shanny today, I for one am STOKED on Boyles play. Finally throwing that body around and becoming an imposing force. LOVE it and wonder just how far he can take it… I’ll disagree with the masses when I say 25 goals a year isnt out of his grasp as it seems he’s growing his game at a nice clip each year focusing on the next important aspect of his game. Give me someone with an upward trajectory any day.

    I for one dont think losing a close one ultimately isnt in our best interest. Keeps us hungry and humble and while we’ve demonstrated a desire to play that way year-round, a stark reminder of what victory and defeat tastes like in rapid order might get them playing in that sixth gear again.

    Lets GO RANGERS!

  155. Oh and by the way I am a physician and if Alfredsson plays tonight then he either has the worst docs on the planet or he never had a concussion. Because if he had a concussion, standard protocol is for him to return to activity in a graded stepwise fashion, and p[laying with his kids yesterday and going for a morning skate today hardly qualifies as enough to pronounce the guy ready to return to Game 3 of a high speed, intense, violent series. So either the guy did not have a concussion at all and is lying, has the worst docs ever, or isn;t playing. My guess? The AM skate was part of his graded return to action and was gamesmanship – he won’t play.

  156. There wasn’t any audio, but the CBC coverage replayed a clip of Konopka skating past Boyle and talking at him as he did the interview on NBC.

    They also explained the two puck incident. The shift before, the puck went onto the netting behind Lundqvist and dropped onto the back of the goal, but nobody picked it up. Next shift, it was dislodged.

  157. Boyle has gotten much better the last month of the season. I think our biggest frustration with him is that he appears to not have much aggression when he plays and hands of stone when handling the biscuit.

    I really wish someone would work with him (like they did with Youngblood LOL) to teach him how to fight.

    I’m not saying he needs to play dirty, but man, if he had Messier’s mean streak in him he’d be a monster!

  158. I haven’t tried the strawberry shortcake one yet. Have you tried Shwetty Balls yet? I saw it at the local Target but didn’t pick it up. Can’t even imagine what that tastes like!

  159. OK, If he doesn’t play I will admit I was wrong about the Horsecarcillo nature of his injury. But, that still doesn’t make it right that Hags got 3 games in light of the actions taken by Weber. It is still a disgrace.

    Pre-game meal. My wifes amazing homemade gravy, turkey meatballs and chicken sausage over homemade pasta. (With reggiano parmigano on the side) Etheral………..

  160. Now Hags for Alfredsson seems like a fair trade-off.

    The optimist in me wants to see Kreider get the call tonight and take off solidifying his spot in the lineup by game 6 (or game 1), when Hags returns.

  161. DarrenDreger Chris Kreider and John Scott both taking warmup for the Rangers. Gametime decision.

    John Scott??? Really??? The guy can barely skate. I know we have NO IDEA what Kreider will do or how he will play.. BUT JOHN SCOTT???? Say it aint so…

  162. Less than 2 hurs yay.

    Lets Ikck their aAsens tonight. most excited I’ve been for a while!

    Is it GO tIME yet???

  163. Schwetty Balls is GREAT. As is Ben and Jerry’s new Red Velvet Cake.. Delicious :-)

  164. Watch Alfredsson pull “Bobby Valentine” and play tonight by wearing porno mustache and someone else’s jersey!

  165. Julie Robenhymer
    ? @JulieRobenhymer
    The Word of the Day is…. Yes. As in, Yes, Chris Kreider will make his NHL debut tonight. #rangers #stanleycup #playoffs

    Does anyone know who this women is? This is the source of the Steve Zipay tweet at the top of the feed on the blog..

  166. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    No worry , no problem , no fuss , no panick , no confusion , no chance in hell Ottawa has to win this series. We play our way and dictate the play OUR way. We are Number one in hits and fighting so yeah were tough. We play our hearts out today and reclaim our home ice advantage. We come out hard and set the tone , New York Rangers are NOT the team anyone wants to play..were just that good!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!

  167. Wow, Just Googled Julie Robenhymer.. She is a blogger for But forget about that…. Do a google image search..

    MAMA MIA!!!!

  168. Let’s try standing up at our blue line tonight instead of back skating into our zone and watching the Sens cycle all night like they did nearly the entire 3rd period. Let’s try proacting instead of reacting. I hope we have some more jump in our first steps, even without Hags to get that first line going. Who is going to step up tonight?

  169. Former Miss New Jersey Manny, and well deserved. I’d like to give her my pro bono work if you know what I mean.. ;-)

  170. Boom! I love legal-ease sex jokes, Yev. I made a living on those in law school. “I’d like to show her a _prima facie_ case.”

    I also enjoyed in Mock Trial when I had a “hot bench”! Not so much anymore.

  171. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    That was the best Torts presser ever!!!! hahahahhahah!!!! “you missed man, you missed……”


  172. Manny, you might have had a hot bench, but in terms of your gavel, I believe the proper saying is …

    De minimis non curat lex

    OK, enough lawyer humor and latin for tonight! ;-)

  173. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Nothing Jobi, that’s why it’s so funny….go click the link above in this post…..

    well, that didn’t take long for unforeseen circumstances to arise and Kreider to take the ice……wow!!!

  174. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    My spider sense told me we would see Kreider this series. The Force is strong with me, lol

  175. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Put you pro bonos away will ya all!

    fyi, sorry if this got posted earlier by anyone, but just in case.
    If you want to send our pantless hero a card:

    Lutheran Medical Center
    150 55th Street, 3320B Stroke Unit
    Brooklyn, NY 11220

    c/o Tony Caminiti (patient)

  176. I know it’s exciting that Kreider might play, but is it good if he does? Kid’s never been in an NHL game. Sure he’s got skills, but he may be a liability for now. Hope not.

    Still outraged that Hags can get 3 games and Weber none.

  177. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    i think he may be a situational fit tonight. i.e. power play situations like mza

  178. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Mama that isn’t a very good hospital should be at NYU or NYP in the city they are two of the best for stroke victims I speak from experience

  179. You just hope, if the kid plays, that nothing bad happens … he doesn’t get scored on, doesn’t cough up something that costs the game. Could scar him.

    but I agree that he should play, unless what they’ve seen in practice tells them he’s really not ready for this.

  180. Getting very pumped up. Want this win. THis is not just a normal game. This is now a grudge. We will prevail!


  181. FREE HAGELINCalPruBoylahan GET WELL SOON TONY!!! on

    MUST WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. i just hope no one here will be crying about Kreider getting boarded or elbowed or something along those lines. because that’s a high probability. kreider isnt exactly a hidden gem. everyone knows who he is and all the hype.

  183. Carp, if you can hear…would love to hear about the atmosphere, if there are any Ranger fans at the game, etc.,


  184. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Well I did say last week when they signed him if he played it would be on the road but I didn’t think it would be under these circumstances. (-:

  185. FREE HAGELINCalPruBoylahan GET WELL SOON TONY!!! on

    I have a feeling Young Mr. Kreider will be able to handle himself. it’s not like hes Zucca sized.

  186. seriously tho… Tony swallowed liquid for the first time today and is moving his left leg a little. Which is a great sign! LET’S GO TONY!

  187. Watching Ryan Callahan’s Beginnings episode. His wife has an annoying voice. Good episode, though. No chicken parm in New York better than what he had in Rochester, haha.

    I don’t even have words for the suspensions, except for the fact that I thought the NHL had mixed up Hagelin’s and Carkner’s games when they released the suspensions. Carkner should be out for the series. Hagelin should not have been suspended since Weber wasn’t. Shanahan is just a Bettman puppet, though. Probably not his fault.

  188. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    Carp, can you clarify something for me? I was reading NHL rules regarding 3rd man in. It’s says rule doesn’t apply if there is a match penalty in the initial altercation. After reading rule 21.1 it seems like Carkner got a match penalty since he was tossed and we had the 5 min pp. The game misconduct penalty rule said a player could immediately take the tossed players spot.

    Also,mod you think Ian Walsh should have ever been scheduled to do a Rangers playoff game after the Winter Classic post game comments by Torts? Walsh also officiated the Classic and I know these guys are supposed to be professionals, but they are human too. Must be some I’ll feelings from Walsh toward Rangers and Torts, it’s human nature

  189. Alfredsson was set to go tonight but he sneezed and got a concussion. He’ll be a game time decision for game 4. Unless he sneezes again.

  190. Yeah, Alfredsson was *so hurt* that before he grabbed his head (following the hit) and went to the ice, he looked at the referee.

  191. Jobi, im sure the “these refs suck” chants at MSG didnt exactly help either. What’s the crew for tonight?

  192. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    C3, good adam gravey!!!! even when you’re accurate you’re a pig!!!!! Newspaper!!!!!! With a brick!!!

    from Tony’s kids on FB:

    UPDATE ON DAD: Yay! We got some good news. He drank for the first time today, meaning that he is able to swallow again. He also moved his left leg a little bit today for the first time!!! We were really concerned about that. It’s only been 3 days, so he is starting to show progress.

    Ria, he was in Brooklyn when it happen, so Lutheran made most sense….you have to act fast with stroke patients…..and ilb says they have an excellent stroke unit….he and mrs. ilb know that hospital very well…..and ilb is checking on him…..Tony is in great hands!!!!

  193. Jobi-Wan – Good point about Walsh, hadn’t seen that mentioned before. The answer is, probably not. But for Carkner, I don’t know if it was determined to be a “match penalty.” In the NHL’s crazy rules, game misconduct does not always = match penalty.

  194. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    I will eat a puck if Scott gets played…..ok, maybe just a piece of a puck if he gets played for two minutes…..oh, who knows until the lineup is announced…..where is it!!!!

  195. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    Lev – that’s part of the being professional part that these refs must ignore. These guys should be used to hostile fans, so it shouldn’t matter what the crowd chants. I’m more concerned about bad feelings toward the players, coach, organization based of Torts comments. This they might take to heart (although I thought the same thing as Torts did about the winter classic officiating).

  196. FREE HAGELINCalPruBoylahan GET WELL SOON TONY!!! on

    did any of the golden children pangwins get suspended today?

  197. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on


    If I’m reading the rules correctly, it says a game misconduct penalty would allow another player to immediately take the tossed players place, which to me means no PP. A match penalty is described as having a teammate sit in the box for 5 minutes before the tossed player is replaced. So by the NHL definitions it seems a match penalty was called, thus negating the third man rule.

    They may have called it a game misconduct penalty, but if I’m reading it right it was called that mistakenly so. If I described a shape as four equal length sides that intersect at right angles, but tell you it’s a circle, isn’t it still really a square?

  198. Jobi and anyone else. Please dont ever even entertain the idea that any referee is a professional.

  199. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    I think Adams got 1 game and coach got 10K fine as per fight instigator rule in last 5 minutes of third period or over time

  200. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    bull dug, I clarified that with “unforeseen circumstances”…..who knew they’d come up in 2 games!!!!

  201. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    @ Tiki

    I cannot argue with that you say. From what I’ve seen, the NHL is the most biased and corrupt of the major sports in the USA.

  202. FREE HAGELINCalPruBoylahan GET WELL SOON TONY!!! on

    holy sheep crosby is such a 10 year old girl!

  203. bull dog line on

    I, by the way, said Kreider would play by game 4. so even if he does not play tonight, I still have a shot.

  204. personally I would play Scott and Kreider and scratch Mitchell, but that’s just me and by play Scott, I mean let him beat down on Neil, Konopka, etc.

  205. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Um, I am within the rules…..even Shanahan agrees :)

    besides, though I am a very honest person, never believe me when I say I’ll eat my real, game-played personal puck that my brother caught for after a game (and gave me, that’s the real shock!)….and even has stick nicks in it…..been my desk paper weight for at least no longer than 26 years :)

  206. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    Oleo – part of me wants both Kreider and Scott as well. Mitchell has been invisible

  207. bull dog line on

    I think you could play Scott, and scratch Mitchell, if Hagelin were playing. if you play Scott you pretty much are dressing 11 forwards. 1 of them would be playing in his first game. so you may be at 10 before you start.

  208. Stranger Nation on

    For everyone scared that the second coming will be a target, let’s just clarify a couple of thing:

    1 – he is a 6’3″ 225lb hockey player, who can skate circles around most of the Sens

    2 – he has been playing hockey at a very high level and has been the target before

    3 -he is the second coming, the chosen one, the prodigal son, the golden child

  209. jobi, I know, I should have gotten rid of you when I had the chance :)


    I don’t know the rulebook or the CBA well enough to answer those complicated question. where in Holy Hell is CTB when you need him?

  210. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    @ stranger

    If may add to your list

    4 – he will be a bigger force than Cindy Crosby in a few years, except Kreider will have all of the correct boy parts

  211. Jobi-Wan – But in that case, a player would have to serve the five minutes anyway because the Rangers had a power play. Somebody would have to come out of the box at the end.

  212. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Jobi….as long as you have mama love, you’re good :)

    Stranger, I would add to that……I am nervous that he’s so green in these circumstances, but despite his NCAA run, I would add this….(channeling Joe M….) he’s got young strong legs and a great reach with those young strong arms…….:)

    keep your head in the game Kreider! We are all rooting for you!

  213. bull dog line on

    statement from bull dog line regarding ruling on Mama not having to eat puck.
    “I will not appeal the decision in favor of Mama not having to eat a puck. but I am perplexed by the decision.”

  214. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    I trust what you are saying Mama don’t know much about the doctors there just a bad experience with the hospital . Tony please get well ASAP!!!!!

  215. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Yeah, where in holy hell is CTB???…must e-mail!!!

    and fyi, If I have to read any carcillo about Golden Boy here tonight, given his unforeseen circumstances…..I will personally visit each of your homes with a month worth’s of Sunday papers……

  216. FREE HAGELINCalPruBoylahan GET WELL SOON TONY!!! on


  217. uncanny shanny on

    I knew Hags was gonna get something pretty big and stupid for a suspension and cause of that I was actually hoping for 5 games to really get the NHL in the press for their bs. Looks like 3 worked just as well though. Even NY Times is taking Shamhampster to the woodshed for a beating.

    I am fine with 3 game suspension for a first timer and not dirty player if it’s 5 for a repeat offender, but looks like the exact opposite

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