Post-game notes … and a Live playoff chat tomorrow


Don’t forget, the plan is for us to do our second playoff Live Chat at noon Tuesday. I hope to be at the arena with a decent internet connection by 12 … the Rangers practice at 2, so we can go a while. Be there.


Courtesy of the NYR:

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, Game 3
Scotiabank Place – Ottawa, ON

(NYR leads 2-1)           1st     2nd     3rd     T
New York Rangers        0       0       1       1
Ottawa Senators         0       0       0       0       

Team Notes:

– The Rangers defeated the Ottawa Senators, 1-0, tonight at Scotiabank Place in Game 3 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal matchup, and now lead the series 2-1.  The win was the Blueshirts’ 200th playoff victory in franchise history.

– New York is now 200-217-8 overall in postseason action, including an 89-133-6 mark on the road.  The Rangers are 34-42 all-time in the third game of playoff series.

– It was the 38th postseason shutout in Rangers history, and the 11th time the Blueshirts won a playoff game with a final score of 1-0.

– The Rangers have tallied the first goal of the contest in each game this series.

– New York’s last playoff game/win in Canada was on Apr. 28, 1996, a 5-3 victory at Montreal in Game 6 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series.

Player Notes:

– Henrik Lundqvist turned aside all 39 shots he faced to post his fourth career playoff shutout, and improved to 17-21 overall in postseason action with an 8-12 mark on the road.  He passed Andy Aitkenhead for fifth on the Rangers all-time playoffs shutouts list, and moved into a tie with John Vanbiesbrouck for third in team history with 38 career postseason appearances.  The 39 saves represent a career-high for Lundqvist in a playoff shutout, and he improved to 6-7 with a 1.83 GAA, .945 Sv% and two shutouts when posting 30+ saves in the postseason.

– Brian Boyle tallied the game’s lone goal at 7:35 of the third period to extend his goal streak to three games (three goals over the span).  He also tied for the game-high with five shots on goal, was credited with three hits and two blocked shots in 18:55 of ice time.  Boyle now leads the Rangers with three playoff goals, and is tied for the team lead in playoff scoring with three points.  Including the final nine games of the regular season, he has recorded eight goals and 10 points in the last 12 games.

– Dan Girardi registered the primary assist on Boyle’s goal, tied for the game-high with five blocked shots and led all skaters with 26:10 of ice time.  He has tallied an assist in each game of the series (three assists over the span), and has recorded 17 blocked shots in the series.  Girardi is now tied for the team lead with three playoff assists and three playoff points.  Including the final three games of the regular season, he has tallied five assists in the last six games.

– Ryan Callahan recorded an assist and was credited with two hits in 17:37 of ice time in the contest.  It was his fourth career playoff assist and 11th playoff point in 30 postseason games.  Callahan is tied for fourth on the team in playoff scoring with two points (one goal, one assist) in the series.

– Chris Kreider registered one shot on goal and was credited with a hit in 11:11 of ice time while making his NHL debut.  The last time a Rangers player made his NHL debut in the playoffs was Lauri Korpikoski on May 4, 2008, in Game 5 of the 2008 Eastern Conference Semifinals at Pittsburgh (goal).  Kreider, who signed with the Rangers on Apr. 10 after winning his second NCAA National Championship with Boston College on Apr. 7, is the first player to win an NCAA title and make his NHL debut in that year’s playoffs since Tony Hrkac in 1987 (University of North Dakota and St. Louis Blues).

Team Schedule:

–        The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, Apr. 17, is 2:00 p.m. at Scotiabank Place.

–        The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Ottawa Senators on Wednesday, Apr. 18, at Scotiabank Place (7:30 p.m.), in Game 4 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal matchup.  The game will be televised live on MSG+, and can be heard on Bloomberg Radio.

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  1. I am posting this again because SHEESH I don’t want to hear this garbage about Kreider being a 4th liner when Hags gets back.

    iManny April 16th, 2012 at 11:12 pm
    I will say this now: What was the weakest part of Kreider’s game? That’s right, physicality and defense. Hes a bit of a statue out there.

    I am in no way blaming him. Kid looks like more than the real deal and boy did he pick up on some basics quickly.

    But – He cannot play on a fourth line. It’s harder than you guys think and for Kreider it’s the hardest transition he could make.

  2. it’ll be interesting to see how CK learns to defend and be physical, and how quickly he learns. Because he probably doesn’t play fourth line if everybody’s healthy when Hagelin comes back. Don’t know if he can handle a defensive role. He looked pretty good on the first line at times, though, didn’t he?

  3. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    repost: (I hate catching up to Carp….this will be toast in 5 minutes)

    manny blew off off his other stars didn’t he? No credit….Here’s mine:

    1) boyle
    2) Hank
    3) golden boy

    LaTONYa……belated 100 lunch points and continued status as the lunch arbitrator for your name…..

    btw, my lunch was a simple dog with mustard, but the best dog and the best mustard from the best deli where I grew up……amazing nothing has changed in 26 years!!!

  4. Rick Nash ended up with what, 27 goals? Do you think either of those kids could turn into a 27-goal scorer? Forget him. Get J.P.’s kid.

  5. Carp’d!

    First time, loooooooooong time.

    Love the w . The stats for shots, hits and and (most of all) faceoffs were terrifying. This is what we feared comin in right? A ‘speed team’ outplaying us. But we’ve got THE KING. What a competitor!

    Aaaaaaaand now I go and buy a boyle jersey online…

  6. Yea – what Carp said. Kreider cannot play a defensive role. Not yet. It’s not what we signed him so early in the draft for.

    Kreider is fast. Like…..Joe Sakic in the mid 90’s in a videogame fast. Wow. Aside from a few _tiny_ things I think the kid will look completely comfortable by the time Hagelin returns.

  7. On the MSG feed, they showed Kreider hustling back to cover the winger on the far side and waving off the defenseman. I thought that was a good start.

    A dog and mustard is the best! Five points! And it’s an honor to include Tony in my name.

  8. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    If everybody seriously judges Ck (yow he needs a nickname!!!) based on this one game, there aren’t enough Sunday papers in the world for me……

    I gotta go…Carp, praying for now work job during chat for me….you rock dude! The Cameo kids and Tony were thrilled at hearing him on radio!!!!

  9. Kreider looked totally lost at times and unsure of what to do at others. but that is to be expected. He got better as the game went on though. I’m sure Torts will have a bit of video session with him tomorrow and that Richards will talk to him about stuff. All in all, an ok debut for a kid just outta college and with less than a week of practice time.

  10. Hit post too soon…

    Kreider will be better in the second game, and the next and the next and so on.

  11. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    TONYa, depends on the dog etc…..this was not your average dirty water dog…..grilled, snappy, brown mustard…..heaven….thanks for the points though!

    Who is this Nash of what you speak?

  12. hey Carp
    who was the reporter who got tossed out of the Stepan interview?
    i imagine it was a Canadian writer since Ranger beat writers know
    that it’s not a one-on-one interview.

  13. Kreider: thought he got better as the game went along, hit a couple sens, almost scored the goal, went after the puck, got some sense of grinding it deep in the offensive zone.

    when i watched him play with BC he did a lot of gliding when he didn’t have the puck. i’m guessing that it was okay to do and part of the system to be hang around positionally
    but he seemed to learn and get better with each shift.

    so, i have far less to gripe about with him in his 1st game than i do with Artie, Dubi and Fedotenko who wasted opportunities or didn’t get the puck deep or were too casual in getting puck out of their zone (whether it was chipping it off the boards of passing it FORWARD to a teammate)

  14. if they don’t send in
    then use Mama’s
    or my 3 would be

    Bickel for his big save to help out Hank

  15. Impressive character win, seeing as how they were skating uphill
    much of the night (the usual: faceoffs, zone clearance, PP).

    Loved the LGC (low goonery quotient).

    Which Alien group has kidnapped BB, and replaced him with
    a scary five-tool robot???? Come back, BB. We miss you:-).

    I swear, there are moments when Dubi looks like he’s just
    comin’ out of a trance, only to discover he’s on the ice like he
    dreamed as a nine-year old.

    Feds, minus being out-guessed by Kid Karlsson on the 2-on-1,
    continues to make great little contris all night long.

    That would be BB, described by the painfully xenophobic Ottawa
    guys as “the player involved in the altercation with Matt Carkner.”
    Like Bernie Goetz was involved in an “altercation” with five young
    gentlemen seeking his wallet.

    As feared, Derek looks overdrawn at the energy bank. The match
    with this style of play is a difficult one for his particular game…

    Thanks for the confirmation of a season with amazing grace, boys!

  16. heck no
    leave Alient Brian Boyle (ABB) alone and let him stay here!!
    send back E.T. home instead!!!!

  17. czechthemout!!!! on

    By the time Hagelin comes back, Kreider will have cemented his spot in the lineup. They will then scratch one of the useless twins and drop Feds to the fourth and put Kreider on the third line.

  18. Back from Vegas. Played ok out on the courses, lost a bundle at the tables, and took the RANGERS at 5-1 for $100 to win the cup.

  19. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Hey Boyle, some fans here think you suck too…Prust sayin
    Ranger 3 stars

  20. they do not need either hagelin or Kreider to get 30 because Nash would cost them a ton of coin also and addtl players.

    kredier did real good tonight under rough circumstances. I think as the game went on he looked better but the top line misses Hags. Hags has been playing with them for almost 50 games or so. He also was in the AHL so he had a clue. Kreider was thrown to the fire….

    bickel had a huge save tonight… dubi also played well except for the fact the guy cannot score…….

  21. chezhthemout,

    from your lips to g-ds ears.

    mitchell sitting and Kreider going 3rd line with boyle and prust sounds good to me when hags gets back.

  22. Some day, CK will admit what it really felt like to be drawn into a raucous away game arena with the possibility of an absolute blood bath right out of college. Scared? He should be. Ok, he was. After 30 years of being a diehard, there have been so many overhyped rookie pandas in this organization. What I was looking for I got. What was his skill level? Can he skate? Yup. Is he fast? Yup. Does he look like he’s got some size? Yup. Does he have hands?Yup.

    The rest will come. He’s a week out of filling in multiple choice questions and essays. He left his college girl friend and drinking buddies behind. He’s a kid and a lot has happened this week.

    I’ll take him. He will get better. He’s gonna be good.

  23. So, C Giacomo, what was the line in Vegas in October of last year that the Rangers would finish first in the east conference with defensemen named Bickel and Strahlman??????

  24. i think we can all agree that the 3 stars are Hank Strahlman and Boyle. should be in that order, too, but i guess you can switch Boyle and Strahlman. an ok debut for Kreider, let’s not make it any more than it was though. i agree with Manny’s assessment.

  25. Man, it is Playoff time……Schmoozing with Stevie on you Fan, New york City…..all night long.

    Hockey has returned to the media, my friends. Back page Daily News. Could see Post tomorrow. Here we come. Despite Betman and Shanadummy.

  26. Stralman had about 4 great plays in a row in the first, Matty. Girardi/McD type plays. And continued to be the only Dman that shot the puck. Plus for all the carcillo he’s gotten so often i think he deserves it. Whatever, not like it really matters lol.

  27. We are seeing some very special coaching. Boyle has had Torts pushing him for over a year. He has given him the confidence to achieve. He is doing it. Coach has knowledge of what’s going on in each players head and exploits it. Have NEVER seen a change like the one in BB. Great few games.

    Time for Gabby and Richie to help out some, now

  28. Agree, Lev, that Strahlman is there. He had an awesome game. But, with all the facefoos, scrums, eloquent passes, shots, uncheckable by the other team, getting jumped yesterday by a thug……he has earned it. Nice goal, too.

    Strahlman, 3

  29. I really don’t get people who criticize Kreider in ANY way after his first pro game. Kid was put in a tough spot and did well. Be proud and shut up!

  30. RE: Torts

    Anyone gonna criticize Torts now for running Avery out of the lineup, then out of town?

  31. Im gonna criticize the Rangers crowd. The Senators crowd tonight was electric. While our losers are doing Potvin sucks chants late in the 3rd period and the beginning of overtime. Disgraceful.

  32. This game looked great but I only got to see the first period. How’d the kid do in the 2nd and 3rd. He looked a little hesitant in the first…not finishing some checks and stuff like that. Sounds like he got his sea legs pretty quick though. Excited game 4 will be the first full game I get to watch. Also, getting to watch them on CBC is so much better than the NBC clowns.

  33. Tiki, disagree. The crowd tonight was good in spots, but it was silent a lot during a 0-0 game. I didn’t think it was special at all … but neither has been the Garden. Nobody can sustain the noise anymore. Too busy texting/iPhoning/whatever?

    Welcome, Stizzy.

    jpg, some radio foof from Canada.

    LaTonya, I left my list home, then two Boneheads did them tonight. So I don’t know what’s going on, or if I have anybody lined up for Game 4 or 5 … but if you want to do them, that would be great. Can’t be bad if we have more people selecting them, right? Thanks.

  34. Got word from Rose and Rose’s brother … Tony’s doing better, therapy, etc. and appreciates all the thoughts and prayers and mentions. He heard the game on the radio … and Dave Maloney’s shoutout.

  35. Thanks for the input. Since u were there, Ill take your word for it. Excellent point with the phones and technology.

  36. Rangers West on

    We won’t win the cup if Avery doesn’t return. If we let him redesign the uniforms he’ll totally come back.

  37. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    Carp, or if anyone else wants to answer, what is your role with the Rangers? How long have you been covering them? Im just curious and dont want to be clueless. :)

  38. Prust is the guy I called a dime-a-dozen. I probably said Boyle wasn’t very good a whole bunch of times back when he was putting up one point per month.

  39. well one is 6’7″, 240 and the other is just some dude with a cosmic underbite.

  40. Stranger Nation on

    The King was spectacular and stole 1 of the 2 we need to pass on to Round 2.

    Boyle = Hart trophy?

  41. Great win, Great Response after the tough loss! As Carp said, typical for this team to bounce back like that. Lundquist was so amazing and the save at the end rivals any save you will see at the end of a game like that! LOVED IT!
    Who would have ever thought Brian Boyle would be our best skater in this round? The D men are playing strong, Stralman has been better than expected and I think Staal is finally rounding into shape.

    My only complaint about this team, and its minor, on the penalty kill, sometimes I wish they would just try and clear instead of always trying to make a play. Notice how the they will sit with the puck for a few seconds and then try and make pass? That can spell trouble. Anyone else have thoughts on that?

    Solid effort all around and the Kid Kreider did nicely for his first game. Now lets finish this series in 5 and move on!!

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