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Carl Hagelin had his hearing with the NHL today and probably faces a suspension. Daniel Alfredsson is reportedly feeling better and will be re-evaluated tomorrow … which could be part gamesmanship: “Let’s see how many games Hagelin gets before we say Alfredsson’s OK.” Or it could be the reality of a head injury to a guy who has had a concussion history.

Hagelin idolized Alfredsson in Sweden and said he texted him yesterday to say he hopes he’s OK. They spent a lot of time together at the all-star game in Ottawa.

Ryan Callahan had stitches in his chin from the shot that most of us thought hit him in the collarbone.

John Tortorella won’t say if he would play Chris Kreider tomorrow, or how he would formulate his lineup if Hagelin is out. Henrik Lundqvist was given a day off.

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  1. Wicky©I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on


    Wicky©I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! April 15th, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    doodie and I both think the other 3rd man in situation was the salvador jump in with the devs rangers 3 tilts at the drop of the puck game

  2. Wicky©I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    monday, after alfie says if he is going to play or not!

  3. If hagelin is suspended I am done with the NHL. Completely done. This league is already irrelanvant, why would anyone watch or care when you can no lose 2 of your top 6 forwards for laughably outragous officiating? Why care? Why watch? F that

  4. Carp! It’s great! Got 15 entries, gonna post them over the next week. Along with some other good stuff. Hope you have a great trip!!!

  5. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    wicky, have you read any of the comments on that link? HAGS IS A GOON!! LMFAO!!!

  6. Because it’s fixed and biased, that’s why you stop watching. Like when people don’t invest in business in Somalia. Can’t trust the government. Why would I spend my time and money carrying about something that can be completely ruined because of cheating? Shea webber= money and viewers, therefore no suspension. Carl hagelin= no money or viewwers, therefore suspension. F that.

  7. Boyle – all inconsistencies aside, I do think there’s a good argument to suspend Hagelin. It was an elbow to the head, plain and simple. Yes, lots of other illegal plays go unpunished, but this was still a head shot.

    What is BS, though, is that I foresee the Shanahan suspension video saying that Alfredsson’s “questionable” status for tomorrow is a factor in the decision. This encourages teams to milk injuries. The act should be treated the same regardless of the result.

  8. Wicky©I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    after the first one, I lost all faith in the hockey IQ of most of the commenters and decided to spend my time more wisely watching the grass grow in my backyard

  9. Boyle, get ready to find another hobby, then, because he’s probably getting suspended.

    Sally, let me know when you put it up, so I can link to it here.

    Lin, you are a goon for posting that. :)

  10. Here’s one of the many reasons the severity of the injury shouldn’t be linked to the suspension:

    Let’s say Hagelin concussed Carkner. Wouldn’t Ottawa just say his career’s over to get Hagelin out for the series? I mean, they won’t ever need Carkner again in this series.

  11. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    Yes Carp, Yes I am!!


    1:24 PM on April 15, 2012

    I really like that idea of forcing the suspended player’s team to play one short on the bench. Or finding some other way to punish the entire team and not just the suspended player. When a team like NYR sends out one of their least valuable players to take out Alfredsson, even a simple suspension (however long it might be) doesn’t hurt the team. In fact, even if the NHL had harsh suspensions, a team like the NYR might send out a Hagelin to take out top players. And guys like Hagelin might not even have much choice in the matter. I would imagine that a guy like that either does what he’s told or he doesn’t have a job. So frustrating to watch bs like this!!! Why is the NHL so stupid??

    just dyin over this comment!!

  12. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    so he’s ok with Carkner and Konopka and Neil, but leif garrett hagelin is a menace. bwaaaaaaaaaahahahaahahahaha

  13. Injury should have nothing to do with suspension! This is like having a criminal justice system based on victim’s rights. Either you do something wrong or you don’t.

  14. I am really just arguing about a nonevent. No chance in the world he is suspended. No chance. They can’t possibly be that blatantly incompetent and stupid.

  15. Wicky©I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    Jim Cerny ? @JimCerny Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    “I am not that kind of player…I have never had a major before”-Carl Hagelin discusses unfortunate penalty from Game 2

    totally bogus comment by hags, he had a fighting major against nielsen from the islanders a few days ago form my NHL12 season a few days ago!!

  16. Carp

    what did you say to make Torts laugh? Hard to make it out from the sound bite.

    So Torts said no adjustments necessary! Alright!

  17. Agreed Carp. And if the league wants to take injury into account, they should have a neutral physician examine the allegedly injured player to assess his injuries. Relying on that player’s team to accurately report his injuries when they have an obvious incentive to withhold information or exaggerate the severity of the injury really takes the objectivity out of the supplemental discipline process.

  18. Wicky©I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    yes, I’ve only lost two fights all season and I have 4 guys over 100 PIMs and 1 guy over 200 with only 38 games played so far

  19. Carp- Well, it’s golf season so I should be okay. But I firmly believe they can’t be that ridiculously transparent in their incompetance. if they are the they can take their product and shove it. It has less fans than the WNBA right? It just sucks because I f ing love it.

  20. Wicky©I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    so 2 games for hags? Your best guess on line up if he is suspended?

  21. Wicky©I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    on another note, did you guys see jagr’s tweet re the universe and being afraid of bears in the forest and then the pens fans subsequent reaction?


  22. Matt Cooke is rehabilitated. No way at all he stuck his knee out on Jagr there. Emrick and McGuire didn’t comment on it, so it can’t have happened.

  23. I figure Hagelin for a game- don’t know about dressing Scott- at the risk of sounding optimistic- Sens abandoned their style of play after one game (you know, the skating style that more than a few Ranger folks were worried about)- to play “slog hockey”- they got a couple of bounces and managed to win- but will they stick with the style in front of their home crowd? Rangers play like this every night- less likely to give it up after one loss- and should be happy playing games decided by hard work and hard-ly pretty goals.

  24. @68Jagr: Bryz is scared of bears. There were like 70 bears at the game! I wonder what would happen if he said he is scared of beautiful naked girls?!

  25. JimboWoodside on

    We should have gotten Briere instead of the Pizza Man back when Buffalo was getting raided…

  26. I don’t see Torts as the type of coach that would panic and put in Scott or Kreider. He teaches consistency and I think he’ll be consistent with his coaching. No gooning it up or inserting a guy straight out of college in the third game of the series.

    Remember the Rangers are the 1 seed and the Senators are the 8 seed. If the Rangers play their game they are the better team.

  27. I agree, Cross Check, but if Hags unfortunately gets suspended, he may have no choice.

  28. wow Pens are really tough. Crosby hides behind the ref then starts throwing punches. Letang puts Timmonens jersey over his face and throws punches. fuggin losers.

  29. You can stick a fork in the Pens. And Crosby is gettin’ chippy!

    Hey look, the referees stepped in to stop this fight once the guy Letang was beating hit the ice.

  30. Good trade for Pittsburgh, I think. Timonen’s very solid, and Letang’s been sucking big time!

  31. JimboWoodside on

    Universe can even this game up pretty quickly, though – it will take more than 3 goals to beat the Pens today..

  32. Are they SERIOUS? They went to COMMERCIAL? NBC is pathetic.

    Asham is even more pathetic though. What a piece of cooke.

  33. Listen to Pierre and his righteousness, “you can be a Penguins fan and you dont like that.” Says who? Says your pen()s shaped head?

  34. Wow. That hit looked clean. Schenn gets a penalty? I guess that’s so they don’t have to toss Asham as well

  35. Hags really isn’t that kind of player. At the most I think he should get one game. Personally, I thought it was only a 2 minute minor, but who even knows with the inconsistency rampant in this league.

  36. NBC own idiot announcers said 15 times Scehnn made a clean hit nothing wrong with that

  37. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    damn crazy shabicky going on in this game!


  38. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    had the odd misfortune of sitting next to Philthy fans at lunch today while watching start of game. I tried to be nice and friendly, I swear, but this big ape was just a jackwagon…..Even though I am rooting against Pitt and not for Flyers, I couldn’t help but say this when Pitt scored their goal….”Big hole in the universe.” He didn’t so much as crack a smile. Asshat.

  39. bull dog line on

    my reply from the previous thread. playing Scott for maybe the 4 minutes of ice he may get in hopes that he may be on the ice for a scrum after a whistle does not excite me. it would be a waste of a uniform.

  40. How did Pitt end up with a 2 minute PP after all that Crosby stuff? Was that because they showed Mario standing up on tv? If he gets upset, do we all have to bow?

  41. Rangers were intimidated last night. They were backed off and abandoned their banging of Karlsson which they clearly need to get back to. Many examples but one in particular, Staal had such an easy attempt to slam Karlsson as he released the puck on the sideboards and Staal turned away. (Speaking of which Staal is terrible). And the activity around Lundqvist is unacceptable. Let’s see the response in Game 3.

  42. Maybe Carp is talking about Downie being the 3rd man in during the “Russian Sniper” incident?

  43. If I have to hear Peter say JUICY REBOUND one more time… What a despicable broadcaster he is.

  44. Peter is English for Pierre, and he is a “peter” and he looks like a “peter.” Thus, Peter Maguire.

  45. Wicky©I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    I want to see goonsmanship the rest of the way in this series!!

    Letang can play on my team any day!!

  46. I got that one, Orr. Before Cyndy was poking at Bryz after the whistle then he pushed someone’s glove. He ended up in the box and Pitt ended up with the advantage. How?

  47. It goes, back to Orr/Latona, if a Ranger did those things, what does he get?Cyndy showing his true colors. We all knew it. if he REALLY is great, let him lead his team out of this.

  48. JimboWoodside on

    This one is far from over – I can see Filthy getting overconfident and Pitt bouncing back. Flys seem to play better from behind.

  49. JimboWoodside on

    Yes, Carp – I will be, but I don’t want Philly to go any further than this round…

  50. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Next stop….take out Philthy!!!! I hate that they’re kicking asham, but looooooove the prospect of Crybabies being sent back to their cribs!!!

  51. It was overheard that between periods, Peter Maguire said that he thinks Semin is juicy.

  52. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    I hate the pens more than the flyers. Never thought another team could ever replace filthy on my hate list.

    Knock Crosby into the next decade

  53. Carp, the million dollar question, is this Philly team now a different team than the one we beat 6 times in the regular season?

  54. Wicky©I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    why did letang and timmonen get kicked out? jersey straps?

  55. That was one of the best periods I’ve ever watched. I hate both teams and they beat the carcillo out of each, a couple of game misconducts, a fight for hot dog lips, a probable suspension for Aaron Asshat, and totally abysmal goaltending on both sides. Or was that adissimal goaltending?

  56. Matty, no. Universe still looks horrible. Thing is, MAF looks about 3 times worse than him. And Malkin isnt showing any effort. That’s why the series is going the way it is.

  57. Same for me and the Devils, eddie. I always hated them more because here in Jersey I have to deal with obnoxious, arrogant Devils “fans” all the time. But Pittsburgh has replaced them on my list.

  58. If I had to guess why Letang and Timmonen are gone for the game it’s because they fought after the officials seemed to calm everything down and they continued to go at it.

  59. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    I need to lay down….too many post-2 a.m. mornings for me this week. And too many posts after 2 a.m. :)

    later all!

  60. RangerSwede TONY!! on

    Swedish color commentator Calle Johansson (ex WSH D man) has had a couple of lengthy tirads about the whining pens and especially the “cowards” Crosby and Malkin. Went on about the special rulebook for Crosby.

    Soo refreshing to hear the truth on TV for once, even though it’s in Swedish…

  61. Yev, thanks for including the link to Webber’s head crunching on Zetterberg. I hadn’t seen that. Kind of reminds me of Killer Kowalski crunching Pedro Morale’s head into the turnbuckle as in WWF. If that gets $2500, Hagelin’s should get same.

    Sickened if this first time offender, lightly penalized, rookie finesse player gets suspended because Lord Alfred, who has regularly had his bell rung and is a bit feeble, couldn’t rebound and play. Given what they are saying in the media, I guarantee after the ruling, he miraculously can play.

    Sorry. Something smelly there.

  62. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    I know you are busy, but any thoughts on the hags suspension possibility/length and line up if so?

  63. JimboWoodside on

    I think “geographical” rival hatred is different than overall “conference” rival hatred. I almost *always* root for whoever plays the Devils or Fishsticks! (unless us making the playoffs is going to be affected by the game’s outcome)

  64. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    if that is the case…BOOOO. LET THEM PLAY!!!
    bad officiating once again, 5 minutes for fighting and let them play after that…boooo NHL!!!

    btw did you guys hear the stat of the 200 NHL players polled if they wanted fighting out of the game? 199 wanted it in the game…Good on the 199 players

  65. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    nice laureling!!

    thanks, I missed it!

    re above…sorry I missed it!!

  66. When will we get word on Hagelin . . . .and after we get word how long before they announce Alfredsson is fine and playing?

  67. I’d like to see what goes on in the ‘evaluation room’ in Toronto or where ever it is. “uh”, Brendan asks, “is the guy that got hurt a good player?” “oh, he’s…..gulp…..Lord Alfred?” “What does Mario want me to do?” “Any input from Boss Gary?” “Did you ask the GM’s that I need to listen to?” “and who hit him?” “Is he a star?” “Oh….I see…””hmmmm……yep…He’s a rookie….2 games””Uh, Mr. Shanahan, what about Phillips hit on Callahan, or Webber’s hit?” “Oh, those players that got hit were able to finish because they are not as old as the Lord”. “Two games”.

  68. i hope the Flyers score some more and this gets uglier. even though i think it will either way

  69. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    i would love to see the pens win this one

  70. JimboWoodside on

    Johnnyboy, I meant MY feelings against geographical rivals – I hate the Devs and Piles more than any other divisional or conference rivals.

  71. JimboWoodside on

    They’re worshiping at the feet of the Mary-O statue, hoping for a miracle from *Our Lady of the Miraculous Wrist*.

  72. E3 it’s not the loss but how they lost that is disconcerting. They should have doubled their efforts on Karlsson, rather than play as if carkner’s message was well taken.

  73. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    miraculous recovery by schenn btw

  74. Hey, that icing was waved off. When was the last time an icing was waved off for the Rangers? 1994? Nope, not then, not now.

  75. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    we didn’t need waved off icing in ’94, we had larmer

  76. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    hahahahahhaha! Wheel of Justice is my new toy obsession. I got this:

    Sidney Crosby has been fined the paltry amount allowed in the CBA as a result of his actions on anyone. In reviewing this play, we also took into consideration that Sidney Crosby is a superstar.

  77. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    shanny will not deliver the rulings until he is done helping mario compose his letter to the league

    wooo hooo 4-3, go pens

  78. I’d actually like to see pens win this game. Love to see the home team fans of these two teams go home with a loss.

  79. This all Pennsylvania series is all about the d. It will be Ny-bos in the semis. At least that’s what the little lady in Newburyport told me

  80. Let me be the first to say that if the Pens end up winning this one, it will because the Flyers have been intimidated by Bylsma’s strategy and momentum.

  81. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    take off playoff mode and hit the todd bertuzzi option

  82. Mattyboy:

    In my opinion, the Weber hit was 100x worse. He took his hand and with INTENT slammed his head/face into the glass.

    Because this league is so screwed up, I still expect Hags to get a game and as soon as it is announced word will start to leak that Alfredson is feeling much better and will be a game time decision. He will of course then play tomorrow night.

    It will be a travesty..

  83. I got a +1 . . . I’m so excited :-) . .. . . maybe I should keep this blog thing up!

  84. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    so clearly fighting and concussions are NOT interlinked judging from combatants giroux, crosby, and letang

  85. duckbill platy-pus on

    the Shea Webber play does not deserve suspension because of sheer creativity. He channeled his inner George the animal Steele.

  86. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    however, if I were the NHL I would be looking into the direct correlation of visor wearing and concussions!!

  87. Weber didn’t get a hearing! It’s already a travesty!!!!!

    And for the record, I am not wicking……I’m on iPad while laying down…..

  88. if the Flyers had somewhat decent goaltending they would be the cup favorites by far. they really are a good team.

  89. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    BANJ!!! after you posted it last night, i posted it on FB, it’s a hit!!

  90. Man look at all that orange!!! I wish we could get Ranger fans to wear all blue like that so the entire arena was a wall of blue!

  91. jorek, yes!!!! You have been missed!!! Hahahah, autocorrect turned you into Korea…….

    This game is insane…..

  92. Jorek, there is always a lot of blue, but against the dark seats and the dark colors, I don’t think it shows up as much as puke orange

  93. No cause n the lower bowl people are wearing suits and then you got the white jerseys . . . .people who wear anything . . . the 400s are all blue but not the rest.

  94. First time ever I agree with something NBC dopes say…..this game is out of control

  95. Cross Check, you ask, we deliver:

    Boston scored 28 in a four-game series against expansion St. Louis (the final) in ’72 (28-8 total). The 36 total was also a record for two teams in a four-game series.

  96. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bryzgalov counting constellations again.


    I agree, college is different than the NHL , but Kreider is not 18 years old. He has played in the WC against men and in the WJC where those games are very physical. I just think his upside during the game is much greater than what Rupp,Mitchell,or Scott can bring.

    Just look at what an 18 year old Cotourier is doing in the playoffs. And yes I know that he had the benefit of playing this season. But remember a couple of things. Kreider has had far more big game experience before this season started and he is bigger and better than Cotourier.

    I also appriciate the cordial response. Thanks look forward to your reply.

  97. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Boston scored 28 in a four-game series against expansion St. Louis (the final) in ‘72 (28-8 total). The 36 total was also a record for two teams in a four-game series.

    Wasn’t that the series that ended with a flying Bobby Orr scoring the Cup winning goal, Carp!?

  98. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    if torts coached the pens, kunitz wouldn’t see the ice again

  99. Ha!!!! NBC just got the record wrong!!!! They should read here!

    Wow, I forgot the dress designer was that young……

  100. it was indeed, Jimbo … he launched himself after the goal … people in Boston still make it out like he scored while he was flying. He was Superman, but he didn’t do that. There’s also a statue of Orr flying outside the new Garden.

  101. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    schenns throat is going to get 5 games for being in the way of ashams stick
    just ask feds

  102. Czechthemout!!! on

    You have got admire how the Flyers are taking it to the dirty birds. I hate the Flyers deeply but can’t help myself rooting for them against the cheap,dirty whining Penguins.

  103. I think the real loser in the whole LA-Philly-Columbus menage a trois is Columbus. Philly is the clear winner, but Carter and Richards look good for LA right about now too. Columbus is stuck with Jack Johnson! LOL!

  104. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks, Carp – to me, he WAS Superman – best player I ever saw play – in his prime, before his knees gave out.

  105. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    lol re orpik

    valid points certainly, i just don’t think in the WC or WJC had guys with the physicality/edge that neil and konopka have. again, just my opinion

  106. You can actually hear the pain in Pierre’s voice that his beloved Penguins are losing.

    I’m watching the game with my father and brother, we both hate the Flyers…but we’re rooting for them as if they were the Rangers.

    My brother’s best friend is rooting for the Flyers…he’s an Islanders fan.

    The Penguins have certainly done one thing: They’ve united the fans of 29 other teams against them. And it’s not jealousy. It’s hatred. Hatred for the most favored team of the NHL. Hatred for having Cindy Crosby shoved down our throats.

    How hysterical would it be if the experts’ pick for the Finals (Vancouver vs. Pittsburgh) both go out in the first round?

    Rest assured, though. If the Pens lose this series, Bettman will IMMEDIATELY get to reworking the playoff system.

    To make things fair?

    No…because Mario will be complaining about why his team had to take on Philly.

    I’ve never taken such pleasure in watching another team get beaten as I am right now. In ANY sport.

  107. But Orr . . .Gross Pointe Blank was good so was Midnight in The Garden of Good and evil, and Runaway Jury!

  108. CCCP April 15th, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    what did you say to make Torts laugh? Hard to make it out from the sound bite.
    So Torts said no adjustments necessary! Alright!

  109. JimboWoodside on

    CJP, I echo your sentiments about the Pens exactly – not so much about the Flys..

  110. “Cross Check, you ask, we deliver”

    You’re better than Domino’s!! I think the Flyers are going to threaten that record in this series. If the Pens don’t take Fleury out then I’ll retract all the good things I said about Bylsma.

  111. Bravo CJ! Newspaper to tiki!

    C3, I listened to it twice, yes it is hard to make out, but based on what I heard carp say, I think it had to do something with Carp brain freezing on the timing of tomorrow’s game…..or, I could be wrong……but I always love hearing Torts call Carp Carpy….lol!

  112. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    thanks for clarifying that statement Tiki!

    i just now picked myself up off the floor!

  113. What do I get a newspaper for?! Your mind went to Pittsburgh (the gutter)!!!! I shall not be punished for that.


    LOL Linzo!!!

  114. This game is NEVER GOING TO END.

    ORR, I almost agree, but High Fidelity is one of my favorites. GPB is great, too.

  115. Cusak rules!! Grosse Pointe Blank is one of the best movies ever!!!!! Serendipity, not so much :)

  116. OMG Orr!!!!!!! See Runaway Jury! and Grosse Pointe Balnk they are great . . . Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil I thought was a big hit when it came out and Kevin Spacey and Jude Law are in it. . . . .Runaway Jury is my favorite John Cusak movie (I am obsessed with juries though .. .)

  117. eddie eddie eddie on

    MAF = The best netminder EVER

    is there anyone more clutch? not in my lifetime

  118. Unhartnelling real!!!!!!!

    All, you are forgetting the most classic Cusak of all……Say Anything…..with an awesome Lili Taylor and a crappy Ione Skye..

  119. Just caught up with you, watching this craziness on DVR.
    A couple of things. Milbury sounds sooooo good on fast forward! These teams should’ve just adopted the long proposed stategy on this blog and start every game without goalies. Wouldn’t make a difference. And the Pens need to win a game or two, no? Short series isn’t something we need to root for.

  120. Thats in the 80s Blogmama we were naming post 80s cause Orr said all his good movies were in the 80s.

  121. Jorek, Runaway also had Gene Hackman going for it :) I am obsessed with Gene Hackman…..

  122. LMAO at Milbury on fast forward!!!!!

    Ah, got it J…..and yes, Cusak and Piven together are comedy gold….see GPB……

  123. eddie eddie eddie on

    only thing better would be for malkin and crosby to crash into each other and both spontaneously combust

  124. LOL E3!!!!!

    Holy —-! just realized there is still 14 minutes left in the third!

    At this point Pens gotta take a page form the great Doc Holiiday grab a shot down it and announce that they have not yet begun to defile themselves! Then go all wild west on the Flyers :-) and prepare for the next game

  125. and the piece of carcillo Cooke, e3.

    CCCP, I asked him if it mattered to him when the Hagelin announcement came down — if it would be this afternoon, tonight, or tomorrow? Meaning, how much notice he would like to have to make his lineup decisions.

    He said that they have to let him know by tomorrow because they have a game tomorrow. So I thanked him for such an insightful answer, and mentioned how I needed that info because I didn’t have a playoff schedule with me.

  126. kinda surprised there havent been more altercations since the 1st. 3 goal game now…. Pens need to show some life at least

  127. Remember Mama, relief is spelled N E A L. Thanks to the brilliant humor of PeePee Maguire

  128. czechthemout!!!! on


    Your points are also valid. I just hope we get a chance to see because what is there now is of zero benefit to us.

  129. Chris, how do you suspend Hags if you dont suspend Neil for the same thing? How, u ask? One wears the Rangers sweater and the others do not!

  130. eddie eddie eddie on

    Pens maybe the best defensive team in the playoffs, but then again, maybe not

  131. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    best cusack movie hands down is war inc.

  132. So LOLing at the Pens again. Watching Crosby ‘try’ to goon it up then hide behind the ref is amusing and disgusting at the same time.

    I think both teams got jealous of the Rangers/Sens nastiness last night and tried to top it all in the first period.

  133. Ha!!!!! Sorry Carp! Makes much more sense now that you explained it……it was the first part of your response that got lost, hence my brain freeze.

  134. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    Docs verbal diarrhea today is immense. holy ship, stfu for a few seconds

  135. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    i can’t believe my concussion comments got zippo response earlier, I must be losing my touch!!

  136. Last two don’t really count as “Cusak movies.”. And for the record, his sister, Joan, is also awesome, and was brilliant with him in GPB….ok, sorry ilb, I’ll stop now

  137. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    you should watch war inc, hilarious!!

  138. Malkin has had 3 shots, I believe, one on the PP. He has barely checked anyone and is asking for his final checks this year be mailed to PO Box 5498 Moscow, Russia

  139. Grifters!!! Ah! Totally forgot that, with the brilliant Angelica!!!

    Oops, I wicky’d on that comment

  140. What is War Inc . .. never heard of it?? Grifters yes .. .. good movie . . .very young Cusak!

  141. And 16 candles….they often do flicks together… this game over yet? I’m losing my momentum

  142. no doubt theyre waiting for official word from the Sens regarding Alfredssons condition.

  143. Carp, your gut feeling, you think Hags gets suspended, considering his clean history and the fact Neil did same thing to Cally?

  144. eddie eddie eddie on

    tiki – malkin mentioned it in an interview…said he has to pinch it with thumb and finger to do pee pee…all the other players laugh and watch

  145. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    war inc, he plays a hitman and it’s pretty funny!

    don’t let that stop you from watching it, very funny

  146. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    pretty funny and very funny in the same post..i’m a nugget

  147. eddie eddie eddie on

    flyers taking a strangle hold on the series…..SWEEP, do you believe in miracles? YESSSSSSSSSSS

  148. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    “Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear. Doesn’t make me Madonna. Never will.”

  149. Rollin Dubious on

    Hahahahaha….this is awesome. So glad I don’t root for these trash organizations all the time.

  150. Thisyearsmodel on

    Malik’s instigated that entire mess and will probably walk away with no penalty.

  151. LOL Hartnell is my new fav Flyer for pointing to his hair and saying “he just pulled my hair”

  152. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    I know i’m in the minority here, but I love this!!!

  153. Wow! The linesman jumped in when Hartsy’s hair got pulled.

    But they didnt bother to jump in when Boyle was being brutalized by a thug.

  154. This is awesome. We need 7 games of decimation between these teams. With one good haymaker to Skid’s lips.

  155. I just threw up in mouth…a lot. Hartnell I hate you you hartnelling hartneller hartnell!


  157. Joekuh - 15 more... on

    lol @ neal looking around like he did nothing at all. the officials just lost control of this game completely. wait minute, will asham get a 3rd man in penalty on that?

  158. And here I thought hair pulling only happened in the WWE and in girl on girl fights.

  159. “Hockey is a tough, physical game, and it always should be. But what happened Sunday afternoon in Philadelphia wasn’t hockey. It was a travesty.”

    “It was painful to watch the game I love turn into a sideshow like that.”

    “The NHL had a chance to send a clear and strong message that those kinds of actions are unacceptable and embarrassing to the sport. It failed.”

    “We, as a league, must do a better job of protecting the integrity of the game and the safety of our players. We must make it clear that those kinds of actions will not be tolerated and will be met with meaningful disciplinary action.”

    “If the events relating to Sunday afternoon reflect the state of the league, I need to rethink whether I want to be a part of it.”

    Just tweaked a few words for you, Mario, but it’s good to go now. I won’t charge for my services.

  160. JimboWoodside on

    >>>I know i’m in the minority here, but I love this!!!

    So do I! Yes, I’m a neanderthal!

  161. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    I am not a fan of I’ve been shot but now I’m tough schenn at all!

  162. You know what . . . I hope this series goes seven . . they will all be suspended by the end of it

  163. Excellent point tiki…I’d like to pull out Hartnell’s hair….starting with the short ones. With a lighter….

  164. i love this too tbh, but it’s embarrassing for the NHL. half of the Pens team shouldnt be playing game 4.

  165. Hate to say it, but man, imagine what Pronger would be doing in this series if he was playing and healthy…. Some Whiner might actually be dead by now.

  166. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    Two things I want to see

    brent johnson knock briere little punk aasen out and mcintyre dressed for the next game

  167. Lev, agreed. This fun for the moment, but not something I want to see become the norm. bad precedent..and I can not believe they just scored again

  168. JimboWoodside on

    Come on!! Can’t we extend this game into overtime? Yes, with the score remaining the same, of course!!

  169. Flyers scored as many goals as the Phillies did. At least I know the Mets bullpen isnt great, but I thought the Whiners defense was amazing??

  170. This stuff is all acceptable IMO if it isn’t caused by a dirty play. But unfortunately tonight it was.

  171. If this game was called correctly, they’d have two players left deciding the series in hopscotch…

  172. the sorrow in Mike Emrick’s voice at the seal clubbing Pittsburgh’s getting this afternoon is one of about a Gideon’s Bible worth of reasons to hate Mike Emrick’s guts

  173. eddie eddie eddie on

    Notice how no one really goes after that little poo-see crosby?…..afraid of suspension no doubt

  174. Hey Emrick, in the history of hockey, only one man has ever slept with his sister in law. Your hero and a giant zero, Fatso.

  175. Lol Sally!!!! Man, glad I’m not in Philly today…too many joyous asshats about to be in the streets…hope Fozzy is keeping the shades drawn and doors locked.

  176. No doubt about the entertainment, but still completely embarrassing for the NHL to have three playoff games in two nights turn into complete sideshows like this.

  177. keep telling us how many teams in the history of civilization have come back from 3-0, Emrick. maybe next you can tell us how amazing Martin Brodeur was 10 years ago.

  178. Flyer douche nozzle fans chanting “you can’t beat us”. Wonder where they heard that? What a bunch of asshats!

  179. JimboWoodside on

    Well, that was an interesting game to watch – it wouldn’t be so great if our guys were in one like this, though…

  180. That has to be a penalty record in one game? This game makes me feel dirty…..a lye bath may not be enough

  181. This isnt embarrassing at all for the NHL. This is what the fans want, this is what the NHL wants.

  182. JimboWoodside on

    I have an ugly feeling that tomorrow’s game in the capital city of Canada isn’t going to be a love-fest, either.

  183. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    wholly crap, matt cooke didn’t have any PIMs

  184. The Rangers might still lose to the 8th seed and might easily be a worse team than the Penguins still, but I have a hard time believing they would be capable of completely losing all semblance of discipline and nerve like the Penguins have.

  185. Flyers could have used a John Scott on their bench today.

    Fighters are starting to be important in these playoffs, unless you want your stars concussed.

  186. JimboWoodside on

    The way that the Sens players were chirping last night about how their series was going to end up with lots of blood and stitches before it was done doesn’t speak well for a Lady Byng-type match.

  187. A very, very entertaining day here. Do you think the penguin players are making a pact now in the lockroom that no one participates in the handshake line when they get eliminated in the next game?

  188. I agree with the second half of that thought LW…OK all….been a blast…..later!

  189. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    vince mcmahon fired by WWE and shanny named as his replacement

  190. Asham should be done for the playoffs.

    Neal needs some time off too. That was pretty dirty man

  191. boxcareddiehospodar on

    I know the NHL is a joke.

    But after Neal’s two cheap shots he has to go.

    he left his feet on the first and hit a defenseless player and then a head shot to giroux.

  192. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    perhaps, just perhaps shanny should have suspended weber for a couple of games for the turnbuckle shot!!

  193. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on


  194. JimboWoodside on

    Crosby spending extra time on the bidet after this game – the one that he inherited from Mary-O after she hung up her tutu and became an owner.

  195. eddie eddie eddie on

    i cannot believe how happy i feel about a flyers victory on the heels of a ranger loss…

  196. Penguins fans might even be more classless than Flyers fans; I’ve been investigating their blogs and you should see some of the stuff they’re saying. At least Flyers fans can handle them getting their asses handed to them now and then…

    Torts is 100% right. Most arrogant organization in the league.

  197. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    That was embarrassing don’t these refs no how to control the game? Just start throwing people out

  198. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    never underestimate the impact of physical intimidation/goonsmanship in a game based on physical contact!

  199. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    I hope everyone here that is so flyer happy remembers the phrase “careful what you wish for”

  200. The refs bring this crap on themselves. I do love it though. Really to p*say teams. Pens need to win a dirty one next and make them go at least 5 and travel.

  201. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    you maybe should have edited that post a bit bro

  202. eddie eddie eddie on

    Wick – as you know, hockey is a game played by men…playoff hockey – very tough men

  203. NBC was right about one thing…the refs blew it when they didnt give Neal a misconduct the first time…that resulted in the last brawl

  204. eddie eddie eddie on

    Pittsburgh blog –

    “crosby doesnt use botox, its from estrogen injections – get real”

  205. Lloyd,

    I didn’t write it; I copied a direct quote without realizing it was in there. It should be removed.

  206. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    eddie x 3
    vibin’ and vibin’ and I forgot about the devils being 6 seed

  207. LaTONYa

    I’d be totally fine with removing censorship from this board. I think the whole thing is pretty damn silly, personally.

  208. The refs had two opportunities towards the end to prevent the brawl – penalize two dirty hits by Neal – and they blew it. The fact that Neal didn’t get called for either of those hits, and then Rinaldo got called for a nothing hit, shows the refs today were incompetent. I really hope the league has a talk with them, because that kind of officiating is embarrassing for the league and is just asking players to take matters into their own hands.

  209. Whether or not we agree with it doesn’t matter; I should have edited the post. It’s my mistake.

  210. Adams gets an automatic suspension for the instigator in the last five minutes anyway. Can’t see how the league can use it’s discretion to retract the suspension in the circumstances.

  211. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    Darren Dreger ? @DarrenDreger Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Asked west conf coach prior to playoffs to predict postseason trend. He said fighting and nasty, physical hockey. Will ask for lottery #’s.

  212. eddie eddie eddie on

    i tried to create an account on the pens’ blog…but crosby’s gay lover was already taken

  213. eddie eddie eddie on

    if the rangers can get by ottawa, i dont mind seeing NJ, by then Bos/Flyers will both be dead….into the finals we go….

  214. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    I wonder if it is for the avatar??

    Happy early birthday btw!!!

  215. did not see the 3rd period of the pens/flyers debacle. flyer radio guys were going bananas.

    cindy was in rare form. nah.. the asham brutal intent to hurt should not get any suspension because shenn did not miss any action the hagelin hit was a 1 and the sham hit was an 8… the NHL OFFICIATING IS A JOKE…

    THIS IS NOT DEBATEABLE. Imagine the pens make the flyers look sympathetic.. the pens are the cheapest whiniest team in the league again the flyers are sympathetic compared to the cindy’s…….

  216. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    he has my wire tapping device right now!

  217. eddie eddie eddie on

    schenn was totally faking….a cross check in the adams apple is like a hangnail

  218. ORR the Neal charging penalty was from the way he jumped into a scrum. The two missed calls against him happened when he hit Couturier high and away from the puck, and when he hit Giroux high. Those hits were really what made everything get crazy in the end.

  219. eddie eddie eddie on

    There is tremendous joy in rangerland

    This is akin to the niners beating the saints…..

  220. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    Mike Johnson ? @mike_p_johnson Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Interesting to observe that most media found the pens/flyers game disgraceful while most players on twitter found it exciting.

  221. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    i picked the wrong time to go food shopping for a sick fiancee! damnit!

  222. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    puck went in off of your skate, I’m sure carp understands

  223. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    that it wasn’t malicious (hit enter too soon)

  224. Looks like old time playoff hockey is back. Problem is that the officials have no experience with this kind of play, and don’t know how to handle it. R.I.P pansification.

    PS – I kind of like it – it takes me back to the days of my youth!

  225. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    eddie x 3
    james neal, he won’t be doing anything else!

  226. Thanks guys. I kind of want to hide for the rest of the night – very embarrassing!

  227. >>schenn=drama queen

    I notice lots of tough super macho hockey players are turning into drama queens lately. You hockey fans can no longer criticise diving footballers.

  228. eddie eddie eddie on

    James Neal – You have a nice summer vacation, and we will see you again in October…y’all be good now, hear

  229. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    Laurel, you’re only 26, how much younger are your younger days?

  230. So…will the NHL give Tortorella his money back and allow Milbury to rescind his apology after Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins go out and prove true every accusation against them that they are a dirty team full of punks?

    I’ve never, EVER, taken such delight in seeing another team get embarrassed on the ice. I read on TSN that they’ve now allowed the most goals in the first 3 games of a series in NHL history.

    That means they are HISTORICALLY pathetic. I can only imagine how much Mario and Gary are wringing their hands over this.

    Sweep them right out of the playoffs and let every fan of all other 29 NHL teams sleep easy knowing that Sidney proved himself to be nothing more than a two-bit punk on national TV just like we all knew he was.

  231. Yes, Dingleberry, it was a bad idea for Boyle to rough up and target Karlsson for that stuff. :eye roll:

  232. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    even though you may be the ‘favored franchise’ the law of averages catches up to you every now and then.

  233. hagelin is not getting 4 games. no way.

    milbury is a dope, whenever he talks pure stupidity comes out.

    to compare hagelin to; asham, carkner, or neal is laughable.

  234. The NHL should ask these TV talking heads to refrain from calling for player suspensions. That’s really putting a lot of pressure on Shanahan to meet certain expectation.

  235. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    Inquiring minds want to know:

    If the pens lose in the first round, will Bettman cancel the rest of the playoffs because NOONE is as good ans they are, therefore no other team deserves the mantle of Stanley Cup Champions?

    How is Count Bettmancula going to brush their goonery and asshattery under the ice after this game? What excuses is he going to make? And will Shanny get his man nuggets back?

  236. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    one game would be better than what I think (shich is two).

    In a way I hope shanny had already made his decision prior to the pens flyers game…he may have orders from above to come down “hard” on everyone, if so…hagelin gets 5 (intentional exaggeration on my part)

  237. Will Cindy Crosby be suspended for slamming Claude Giroux’ head against the boards?

  238. I have a serious question. Has anyone seen two twin-trolls from Pittsburgh lately? Forgot their names, had something to be with Crosby, lol. Thought so! Under their benches!

  239. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    yep, there real names are mario and gary and I saw one of them on TV earlier

  240. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    JOHN SCOTT!!!!!! JOHN SCOTT!!!!!!!! JOHN SCOTT!!!!!!!!

  241. I’m just so sad. I think I’m going to jump off the verrazano bridge! Goodbye, cruel world.

  242. ORR look at the play by play on The hit by Neal on Couturier was at 14:38. There were a ton of penalties called at 15:18, including a penalty on Neal for charging Voracek, stemming from a scrum in front of the benches. The scrum occurred after Coburn cross checked Malkin in front of the bench seconds after Neal hit Giroux high. After the earlier hit by Neal on Couturier, the announcers specifically said that Neal was on the ice for the ensuing face-off and implied there may be retribution.

  243. one side of me really likes games like these (especially when no ranger gets hurt) and feels like it brings energy into the games, but the other side says that this isnt hockey. in any case i think the playoffs will be ugly the rest of the way. our game tomorrow will not be pretty either.

  244. been busy with this post accident all weekend. both wife and son ok. just watched flyers pens on dvr. wow i wouldnt even know where to be begin. crosby haha. u loser i hope they end your career in game 4

  245. No problem, ORR. Thought you may have been a ref the way you were defending their missed call j/k

  246. duckbill platy-pus on

    Duckbill didn’t see philly game, but watching highlights one the eweTube. Wasn’t Giroux a third man in when Crosby was engaged with another player? Giroux is disgusting trying to pick on a player with concussed history.

  247. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    eating pooping sleeping (and that is just me LOL)

    hope all is well

  248. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    eric, i had no idea you family was in an accident until someone mentioned it last night! I hope everyone is doing well, and forgive me for not posting sooner!

  249. thanks for all your thoughts. it was as severe a you could get without major injuries. cars can be replaced lives cant

  250. by the way my take on the rangers. its panic time once again. there pp did them in last night again. will kreider get the shot to play with richy and gabby

  251. Glad to hear your wife and son are ok, eric. Car accidents are scary scary things. And dealing with the insurance is a nightmare, but the car can be fixed/replaced, the people can’t

  252. i tell you one thing if flyers beat pens and we lose to ottawa how deflating that would be.

  253. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    So relieved to hear that your wife and son are fine eric! that’s great news!!

    and i agree, that five minute failure play was the death sentence last night. mustered 2 sogs! I still had hope, and when it hit the 4 minute mark i was saying in my head, JUST HOLD ON!!

    I am sure they will be a different team tomorrow night! Loaded for bear. Just hope we actually get to see a GAME and not a travesty.

  254. duckbill platy-pus on

    eric, you want to see a player’s career ended? did you really say that? This coming from the guy that is the biggest negative nancy I ever did see, and cries enough to fill up the tigris and euphrates. that is all!™

  255. That’s a 36 game suspension in the regular season, Carp. Which means that it’s worse than Chris Simon’s slash on Hollweg a few years back.

  256. Tiki TONY got spongebathed by 4 nurses!!!!! on

    So, according to loser piece of crap Shanahan, you can take a guys head and smash it into the glass like in wrestling and get a $2500 fine. But 3 games for a kid that was trying to avoid a hit and got his elbow up unintentionally.

    Cant wait to see the Bruins do something violent and have Shanny, as a reward, give the Bruin a spongebath.

  257. duckbill platy-pus on

    duckbill shall take to the twitter and unleash a plethora of questionable vernacular at Mary Shelley’s new Frankenstein aka Brendan Shannahan.

  258. Rollin Dubious on

    3 games and weber got zip? No wonder this league is slightly above MLS in terms of popularity in this country…go back on strike…

    (just venting….. )

  259. If *THAT”S* 3 games then some Pen()s should be banned for life after what happened this afternoon.

  260. Tiki TONY got spongebathed by 4 nurses!!!!! on

    Effing loser.

    Zdeno Chara nearly murdered Max Pacioretty. Broke the kid’s neck, back, whatever. No suspension.

    This kid gets 3 games, for “recklessly” doing something as that loser Shanahan said, but Weber who did something intentionally gets a fine.

  261. Tiki TONY got spongebathed by 4 nurses!!!!! on

    I guess loser Shanahan got the memo from Bettman, that the Rangers top line is now good, and to break up our top line for hopefully the remainder of our season (3 losses).

  262. Tiki TONY got spongebathed by 4 nurses!!!!! on

    Linzo, its no Weber effect. Its the Rangers jersey effect. Nothing less.

  263. I guess if Alfredsson’s stick hit his head first, then there would be no suspension.

  264. Tiki TONY got spongebathed by 4 nurses!!!!! on

    They cheated us, thats all. But Ive gotta keep perspective, Tonys health is much more important, and this is just a game. Oh well. Do our best, Leave it all on the ice.

  265. Tiki TONY got spongebathed by 4 nurses!!!!! on

    Larry Brooks ? @NYP_Brooksie
    If the standard 1 playoff=2 reg season gms, then Shanahan believes Hagelin’s crime more heinous than Keith concussing DSedin. Laughable.

  266. Now I guess Ottawa can let everyone know that Alfredsson didn’t suffer a concussion.

  267. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    exactly Gravy, we all KNOW and KNEW he’d play monday.

    Winston, as much as I loved Shanny as a player, he’s nearly dead to me.

  268. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Just saw the news what a fuggin joke you have to be kidding me…3 games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  269. Noah-auer-uccarello-minger, 29 on

    Mr. Kreider’s in the building…swagger on a hundred, thousand, billion.

  270. Hags deserved a game or two, but three is just way too excessive. Any word on Carkner?

  271. I don’t think there was intent, but it did look a bit nasty. However, where has the precedent been set that this is worth 3 games?

  272. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I am sorry to say, but I love the sport of hockey and the NHL has turned io a total joke of a league, it’s sickening!

  273. NYDNRangers: Appears Shanahan gave Hagelin one for the elbow, plus the two he never gave Shea Weber


  274. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hags gets three games for that then the entire penguin team should be disbanded

  275. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Injuries should have no affect on a ruling…total BS…Shanny is a total Cooke eating Carcillo bag!

  276. Evening all,

    3 games for Hagelin, when Shea Webber only got a $2,500 slap on the wrist for basically smashing another player’s head through the glass?

    What is Matt Carkner going to get for basically mugging Brian Boyle?

    Sheriff Shanahan has helped to turn this very early NHL post season into a clown car.

    But there’s something much bigger – and far worse going on in these playoffs.

    There is intimidation through punishing body checks and the occasional well-timed fight. Series can be won and lost in these situations.

    Then, there is intimidation by sheer thuggery and a downright incredible lack of sportsmanship – that Carkner mess – and it happened today in the Flyers/Pens trainwreck.

    This is beyond the “frontier justice” that has been part of this time of year for well, years.

    Someone is going to get seriously hurt out there – and keep in mind, these guys are all in the same union – and one of them is going to cross over the line and sooner than later – and take away a fellow player’s ability to make a living by maiming them right there on the ice.

    There will be more thuggery tomorrow night in Ottawa – the Sens feel they can turn the series in their favor with such tactics. Hopefully, the Rangers will be ready – and will know when – and when not – to retaliate.

    Its getting beyond ridiculous out there folks – and its turning this amazing sport into a freak show.

    Interested to get your thoughts on this.

  277. Wow – 3 games for Hagelin…

    Does Kreider or Scott dress?

    I’d dress Scott, John

  278. This playoff season has become a joke. Hockey is the most passionate and beautiful game in the world. But due to incompetent officiating on the ice, as well as Brendan Shanahan’s ineptness as league “policeman”, these playoffs are disgusting and not about sportsmanship.

    So hags 3 games, but Carkner 1 game? Carkner usually is scratched anyway.

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