Carl Hagelin suspended 3 games for elbowing; Carkner gets 1


The NHL and Brendan Shanahan have suspended the Rangers’ Carl Hagelin for three playoff games for his elbow that injured Ottawa’s Daniel Alfredsson in Game 2 Saturday night.

Which, in my opinion, is extremely excessive given some of the crap that has gone unpunished, or has been met with couch-cushion-change $2,500 fines both during the season and in these playoffs. Indeed, there is no comparison in the intent between Hagelin’s elbow — for which I believe he should be suspended, maybe one game — and Shea Weber grabbing Henrik Zetterberg by the back of the helmet and driving his head into the glass in the Nashville-Detroit series. Weber was not disciplined.

And I think the Chris Phillips elbow on Ryan Callahan in Game 2 was every bit as bad, but Callahan didn’t get hurt. As I’ve said many times, I don’t think the severity of the injury should ever, ever, ever factor into the decision.

Here is Shanahan’s explanation video.

Here’s the official announcement from the NHL:


NEW YORK (April 15, 2012) — New York Rangers forward Carl Hagelin has

been suspended for three games for elbowing Ottawa Senators forward Daniel

Alfredsson during Game 2 of the teams’ Eastern Conference Quarterfinal

series in New York on Saturday, April 14, the National Hockey League’s

Department of Player Safety announced today.

The incident occurred at 10:32 of the second period. Hagelin was

assessed a major penalty for elbowing. Alfredsson suffered an injury as a

result of the hit.

For a full explanation of the decision, complete with video, please

click on the following link:


Here’s the announcement of the Matt Carkner suspension, from the NHL:


NEW YORK (April 15, 2012) — Ottawa Senators forward Matt Carkner has
been suspended for one game for continuing to inflict punishment upon an
opponent who was an unwilling combatant in an altercation during Game 2 of
the team’s Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series with the New York Rangers
in New York on Saturday, April 14, the National Hockey League’s Department
of Player Safety announced today.

Carkner instigated an altercation with New York forward Brian Boyle,
who did not respond. After knocking Boyle to the ice with two punches,
Carkner continued to throw punches at his opponent, who was an unwilling
combatant. Carkner’s actions classified him as an “aggressor” under NHL

The incident occurred at 2:15 of the first period. Carkner was
assessed a minor penalty for instigating, a major penalty for fighting and
a game misconduct.

For a full explanation of the decision, complete with video, please
click on the following link:
Statement from the NYR:


New York, April 15, 2012- The New York Rangers accept the NHL’s three-game suspension of Carl Hagelin and will not pursue an appeal. However, we are thoroughly perplexed in the ruling’s inconsistency with other supplementary discipline decisions that have been made throughout this season and during the playoffs. We will have no further comment on this decision.

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  1. Tiki TONY got spongebathed by 4 nurses!!!!! on

    Loser Shanahan. Im getting rid of my 600th goal as a Rangers DVD of that piece of worthless trash Shanahan.

  2. …the NHL is turning into a clownshow. I’m shocked that Hagelin would get more than a game, wonder what’s going to happen to Asham. He should get at least 15 games then…but won’t happen.

  3. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    I won’t even bother to watch his ‘explanation’

  4. it’s ok to grab a guy by the head and slam his head into the glass if you’re a captain and marquee player in one of the nhl’s signature series, but if you’re a rookie who gets his elbow up high on a respected player, you get three games. what a disgrace the nhl disciplinary system has become.

    if they wanted to give hagelin a game, that’s fine, but three games is a disgrace. shanahan is making a mockery of his position

  5. The nhl is a joke. They will continue to have people in the usa ignore it if they continue to bury their ny city franchise

  6. BroadwayBlueShirts on

    Hagelin being a rookie and the hit resulting in injury to a star player = 3 games

    Weber is an veteran + star = no suspension

  7. I hope Kreider gets his opportunity now. Certainly would put him in over Scott.

    Carp was right when he said an opportunity would present itself – unfortunately at the expense of Hagelin. I hope he’s taking this ok.

  8. Complete bullcarcillo. I’d love to see what they have to say about Asham and Neal. Or don’t have to say, for that matter.

  9. N.CountryNYRFan on


    N.CountryNYRFan April 15th, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    I am sorry to say, but I love the sport of hockey and the NHL has turned io a total joke of a league, it’s sickening!

  10. Tiki TONY got spongebathed by 4 nurses!!!!! on

    Here is what I do:

    Send John Scott out as a 4th line forward to start Monday’s game.

    Give him brass knuckles to put in his gloves.

    Have him find Karlsson and have him beat that kid til Karlsson can no longer open his eyes.

    Beat him, take your 5 minute major and take out their best player.

  11. bull dog line on

    why are you all shocked? Canadian team involved. wait till you all see how little Carkner gets.

  12. I Rarely Speak on

    your telling me Hagelin gets three games and carkner gets none???? WTB?!!!!!!

  13. The league has dropped all pretense of impartiality with this one, extremely disappointed in Shannahan. Soooooo Kreider watch?

  14. N.CountryNYRFan on


    N.CountryNYRFan April 15th, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    Injuries should have no affect on a ruling…total BS…Shanny is a total Cooke eating Carcillo bag!

  15. Tiki TONY got spongebathed by 4 nurses!!!!! on

    They came out yesterday like goons, tried to injure our people, and in the end, we lose Dubinsky for the game, we lose the game, and now we lose Hagelin for 3 games. And they lose nothing.

  16. his crosscheck on Schenn was really no different then what Simon did to Hollweg, he should get at least 10 games. Pieces of cooke like Asham should be made an example of, but in the upside down world of the NHL, it won’t happen.

  17. 4generations 4 cups on


    DUDE IS THIS FOR REAL!?!?!?!? Yo. I dont understand this at all. There is NO consistency in this league! I dont understand this?!?!?

  18. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Hags has no history of dirty plays and gets three games, wow just wow…I would have been upset by a 1 game suspension but not too suprised but this is just disgusting. Watch Alfie be just fine and dandy.

  19. 3 gsmes for that. anyone who thinks that is fair is a friggin lunatic.

    what a friggin joke the NHL is…

    Hagelin 3 games for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    unf-cken believable……………….

  20. Evening all,

    3 games for Hagelin, when Shea Webber only got a $2,500 slap on the wrist for basically smashing another player’s head through the glass?

    What is Matt Carkner going to get for basically mugging Brian Boyle?

    Sheriff Shanahan has helped to turn this very early NHL post season into a clown car.

    But there’s something much bigger – and far worse going on in these playoffs.

    There is intimidation through punishing body checks and the occasional well-timed fight. Series can be won and lost in these situations.

    Then, there is intimidation by sheer thuggery and a downright incredible lack of sportsmanship – that Carkner mess – and it happened today in the Flyers/Pens trainwreck.

    This is beyond the “frontier justice” that has been part of this time of year for well, years.

    Someone is going to get seriously hurt out there – and keep in mind, these guys are all in the same union – and one of them is going to cross over the line and sooner than later – and take away a fellow player’s ability to make a living by maiming them right there on the ice.

    There will be more thuggery tomorrow night in Ottawa – the Sens feel they can turn the series in their favor with such tactics. Hopefully, the Rangers will be ready – and will know when – and when not – to retaliate.

    Its getting beyond ridiculous out there folks – and its turning this amazing sport into a freak show.

    Interested to get your thoughts on this.

  21. kredier will play no chance they play John Scott. the guy cannot play.

    canadien teams get all the calls it is a sham……..

    a disgrace….shea webber got zippo…………………………………………………

  22. Don’t think less than a week with the club will result in Kreider stepping in just yet? I imagine Torts would feel more comfortable with Newbury coming down from Connecticut? Plus he knows he can handle his own on the ice. Kreider would become an instant target… but maybe the kid could hack it?

    Gonna be interesting. I would bet on Newbury over Scott though.


  23. Tiki TONY got spongebathed by 4 nurses!!!!! on

    If piece of crap Alfie is fine, John Scott should make him not fine and beat the living tar out of him, til Alfie’s entire jersey is covered in blood.

    Guys, this is nothing more than the Rangers getting jobbed. Ive said it for 10+ years now, can this make it any more obvious?

  24. I am really ok with the suspension to hags if it was 1 or 2 gms and weber got a game or 2. this league is a joke because they fine guys $.25 for a head smash but fine a coach $20000 for “cursing” and suspend a kid 3 gms for first time offense

  25. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    where exactly in Canada is Nashville???

  26. Rollin Dubious on

    All shanny is doing is forcing rangers to start Scott and mission is to James Neal guys….

    Ummm what happened to Ken danyeko’s eyebrows?

  27. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    ben, if carkner and phillips get nothing, you KNOW they have carte blanche to goon it up!

    is it true that one of those asshats said Richards and DelZotto will be targeted, or is that just fans talkin out of their hineys?

  28. authorben, you just described the NHL in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s….

    I don’t think it’s that far off from any playoffs I’ve seen over the last several years… it’s always this chippy and nasty.


  29. F%&^ Shanahan. Bush league butt-monkey of Buttman.

    No respect whatsoever for him anymore. He’s a complete joke.

    And I’m sure Alfredsson is fine. They waited for the suspension.

    We lose our top line player for three games. That’s crushing.

    Rangers need to step it up team-wide and take out this team. I don’t think I’d dress Scott, he’s one dimensional and Ottawa has it over us in the speed department.

    Hagelin out is gonna hurt the top line. Who moves up? Dubinsky? Callahan?

    Visions of Adam Graves’ suspension in ’92 are going through my head.

    Shanny…you’re a tool…a useless, clueless tool

  30. If you ask me Shannahan if the mouthpiece, but that weasel Campbell is still running the displine dept.

  31. This comes from higher than Shanahan. This is Bettman and Campbell. They are going to teach Tortorella a lesson if it takes them all year. Where is Vince McMahon?

  32. The way these playoffs are going, someone is going to get really really hurt, worse than a concussion and the legal actions against the league will be justified.

  33. LOL! to the twitter picture.

    Tomorrow is going to be ridiculous. When do we hear about Carker . . .. what a joke.. . . .

  34. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    there is no hartnelling way i’m gonna be able to concentrate at work tomorrow now! good thing i’m a day ahead lol

  35. Hag,

    I know the Rangers will not back down from any team, anywhere – again – this is going beyond intimidation and heading towards a criminal type of element.

    How does Carkner – a known goon – get away with that mugging and Hagelin – a known skill player without a single offense on his record – get three games?

    The sheriff has lost control.

  36. Paul in sunrise on

    Poor kid. He is a swede. Loves alfi. Alfi ducks a bit get the elbow. Ok a game maybe. A fine for sure. But three is just terrible. I really feel bad for hags. He deserved better. Shanny has lost all perspective. He doesn’t suspend weber because of fear of redwing bias then throws book at future lady bing candidate because of fear of ranger bias. Only thing I can think of. Horrible suspension. Just horrible.

  37. Noah-auer-uccarello-minger, 29 on

    Okay, this made me giggle.

    Down Goes Brown ? @DownGoesBrown Close
    If Alfredsson head-shotted Hagelin instead of vice versa, I bet the suspension would be less. Hagelin would only get two games. #nhllogic

  38. William,

    the guys are bigger, stronger and faster out there than in days gone by

    plus – there’s no room out there

    someone is going to lose a career out there

  39. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on


    Do not take your hits like men, take them like drama queen brayden schenn. Do not under any circumstances get back up, stay down, roll around, embellish all you can. If at all possible get off the bench and go down the tunnel. Make sure you stay in the tunnel long enough for the on ice officials to determine you are severely injured so the punishment for the “offending player” will be more severe. Once the penalty is assessed to the “offending player”, come back to the bench and take your normal shifts (due to no real injury, the embellishment is no reason to stay out of the game).

  40. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on


    i fully expect them to be ON FIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH tomorrow! This is going to just add wood to their fire. They are going to do what they did all season long, respond and win.

  41. Authorben, I agree with you…there is a way to win with class. Having class and being tough can go hand-in-hand. Despite my joking around that they should play Scott, I really think they should play their game and let the Sens create problems/penalties for themselves….Hopefully, they can keep their emotions in check and have winning on their mind instead of revenge…hopefully.

  42. I guess this is what Carp meant when he talked about us not seeing Kreider unless there was some dramatic development.

  43. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I would definetely appeal this, how can the Rangers organization not, it’s a total joke. I would have loved to see Torts react to this nes.

    Let’s GO RANGERS, let’s beat the NHL and the Sens!!!!

  44. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    and I was off by a game for hags, I thought he would get two.

    Did philips even have a hearing?

  45. Hag,

    I agree with you that the team will respond as they have all year.

    But they have to be smart about it – don’t want to be shorthanded against Karlsson too much.

    and with the refs dishing out the Canadian bias – the Rangers have to watch every move they make.

    Anything less than 10 games for Carkner would be an absolute travesty.

    Hate to say this – ’cause I’ve followed the sport for over 40 years.

    But its becoming a joke – and on many nights – unwatchable.

  46. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on


    guess because it was ONLY Brian Boyle

  47. Weber=0

    What has this world withing a world come to? Guess the NHL really wants to see Kreider

  48. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    one game for carkner?? WOW!!

    Bahama Bomba up for tomorrow’s game and john scott for game 4

  49. I wondered last night if Shanahan would use this an excuse to teach a young player a lesson for cheap shotting a star player on a grand stage. I think that’s exactly what happened here. But is the punishment a joke (particularly given why it was levied)? Absolutely. The league has established a very arbitrary, and in my opinion, very dangerous pattern of discipline, where under the guise of making the game safer, the league flat out plays favorites.

  50. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    wow, just wow. i don’t even know what to say!!!

  51. Noah-auer-uccarello-minger, 29 on

    Boy, I have a hard time thinking fondly of Shanahan’s Rangers career after how badly he botched this.


  52. Hopefully the 3-game suspesnion encourages Torts to put in Kreider. John Scott for 1 game is one thing, but for 3 games?

    And might as well replace a fast skater with a fast skater…plus Kreider’s scouting assignment on Hagelin is obviously on hold for 3 games.

  53. One game for Carkner? For deliberately going out to attack another player in cheap shot fashion?? ONE???

    But three for Hagelin for an in-game play that unfortunately resulted in an “injury” for someone with a glass head.

    What about Callahan taking an elbow in the same manner? Oh, wait…he didn’t fall on the ice…wasn’t “injured”.

    Brendan Shanahan…you’re a complete and total disgrace to the sport. It’s safe to say every NHL fan and every NHL player has lost any and all respect for this a$$-clown.

    Totally disgusted. Torts is gonna blow a gasket.

    C’mon Rangers…band together and win this series despite the NHL doing everything it can to work against you.

  54. Funny thing is, I could see them not even dressing Carkner again anyway….

    Senators win this one big time….

    I vote for playing this game safe and dressing Newbury…. he has been with the organization the longest and had a good year. He’s also tough and can play center or wing.


  55. ottoawa could care less if they suspended Carkner for a year.

    I know where nashville is.

    the webber penatly was a joke and the Canadien teams always get the benefit of the doubt.

    and cindy crosby is a sacred soul in canada and he is a joke.

    the ruling is a joke……3 games for carl hagelin….they can suspend neal for 5 games it does not matter the pens are done……………..

  56. One game for Carkner?

    So he gets to skate onto the ice for game 4 after basically assaulting a player – and Hagelin has to sit for games 3-5?


    Sorry, folks.

    Our game – and the people who are running it – are becoming more disgraceful by the day.

  57. I can’t really complain aboot the Carkner suspension to be honest. No suspension history, no injury. Maybe he should have gotten an extra game, maybe, I don’t know. The Hags suspension is more BS. The comparison to Weber isn’t good though.

  58. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    Damien Cox ? @DamoSpin Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Shanahan has turned himself into a punchline. This is very, very sad to watch.

  59. This is the biggest load of carcillo I have ever seen. The Hags incident does not even compare with what Shea Weber did.

    I am furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And the worst thing about it is that you know Alfredson is going to play….

    Hags has no history, there was absolutely no intent.

    How on earth could Shanny justify this in light of what Weber did??????????

  60. bull dog line on

    can’t replace one of the few skill players the Rangers have with Newbury. it has to be Kreider. if MZA were healthy it would be him.

  61. The league is really looking foolish right now.I would have to say they have reached an all time low.And the officiatting is the reason why guys like Hags are getting mad out there.I can’t believe all the cheapshots on our players.I guess the only way to handle it is to play dirty too.I think Kreider would love the opportunity to step in.If Rupp is only getting two and a half minutes,I would dress Scott in his place.

  62. Carkner got suspended for same act earlier this year….broke an Islander’s orbital bone.

  63. The more I think about it the more I believe Carkner was just a kamikaze player to begin with. Gets put in and immediately pulls that garbage.

    I can see the speed replacement being a strong factor in Tort’s decision. He likes to express the importance of what Hagelin has brought to the team.

    Still not sure it’s the best move for this next game??


  64. I don’t even want to see that byfuglien video, honestly. It would make me more mad. But I’d love to see video of Torts when received the news.

  65. This is a travesty. It’s a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham!

  66. I just don’t get it at all. How do you suspend Hagelin for THREE playoff games!? Wolski did this once in the same arena and got *zero* (0) and now Hagelin gets three in the playoffs – and with *no* injury? It makes zero sense. NHL needs a court system like America with precedent and an efficient appeals system for consistency. What an absolute joke.

  67. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    Done watching NHL. Between the refs not knowing the rules tossing Dubi, and the suspension bs I have no respect for the corrupt league in major sports


    This league will continue to be a bush-league as long as the NHL will more about disciplining the outcome of a hit and not the intent.

  69. Tiki TONY got spongebathed by 4 nurses!!!!! on

    So what the NHL is saying is…

    A goon punching a guy repeatedly and unprovoked, outside the aspect of a hockey play is 1 game.

    A kid with no track record of violence accidentally elbowing someone during a hockey play is 3 games.

    One wears a Rangers sweater, the other one does not.

    At least the NHL isnt hiding their anti New York bias any longer. Theyve made it loud and clear.

  70. The Carkner & Hagelin suspensions must be another tribute for Mr. Snyder since the Flyers are going beat the Pens, but haven’t beaten the Rangers all season.

  71. bull dog, this player is only going to see limited minutes to begin with. It could very well be Kreider, I just don’t know if one week in the system, and entering into the ‘next’ game is the right move with this kid… we’ll have to see.

    My bigger point was Newbury over Scott. Nobody is going to fight Scott anyway.


  72. WOW, Shanahan’s videos are a joke. He says Hagelin has no prior history of injuring an opposing player so he is assessed 3 games while Carkner does have a history of injuring an opposing player, so he only gets 1 game.

    Makes a whole lot of sense

  73. Hahahaha wow…3 playoff games. That is flat out unbelievable.

    All we can hope is that this is somehow a blessing in disguise.

  74. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Is shanahan kidding me.

    Carkner did not deliver any blows to the head of a defenseless player?

    Whoever said it earlier was right.

    fake the injury.

    ShaHnaha should have gotten his ass kicked in years ago against Brashear.


  75. Guys – this is the *exact* situation in which Kreider will play. Injury, suspension or disaster time in the series. This is the place. This is his time. He’s playing.

  76. I think this calls for a line of Prust – Bickel – Rupper to start the game. Let Torts send the message back to the woolly lipped fugg, Maclean.

  77. So Hag’s hit is deemed worse than Bitz’s hit. Disgraceful.

    Bitz hunted an unsuspecting player. Alfie had time to brace. But to the NHL,
    Hag’s hit is 50% worse. Incredible.

  78. lets not try to spin this this is a major blow to our team. carp is momentum being used now

  79. Haha, eddie – My wife, a/k/a Mrs. Manny, said “for once I actually miss Avery based on that trash game last night.” I have to agree with her

  80. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    it’s not about fighting scott or scott’s “lack” of mobility, it is about scott pulling a carkner on foligno or someone, us killing off a 5 minute major and scott being suspended for one game…that is all!

  81. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    i try to never speak for everyone, but i think we’re all in agreement that shanahan is dead to all of us.

    NOW, our boys will do what they do best, as i said a few posts ago. They got a ruder awakening to what they are up against, and they WILL band together and play their relentless brand of Rangers hockey, the right way, and through all this adversity, they will win

  82. To be honest, I’m not even sure Carkner should have been suspended at all but I don’t think one game is unfair. Three games for Hagelin is a joke

  83. He is paying for Torts’ PERCEIVED sins, Winston. He absolutely is.

    I don’t know whether or not the Damien Cox tweet is good or bad. Everyone regards him as a joke, but, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  84. bull dog line on

    I do not agree William. Hagelin is a top 6 forward, you need to replace his skill. if Kreider plays, it will be for actual minutes, not 4th line minutes.

  85. Eddie – you can tell her yourself! We will be in Santa Barbara and Napa in September.

  86. Do you think this is why the NHL is less popular than the WNBA? Why it is totally irrelevant and more attention is paid to spring training baseball than playoff races in hockey?

    The game is an abosolute disgrace. A disgrace. What I dont understand is why any rational person ever would spend their free time (time they could be spending with their family or doing another hobby) following and paying attention to hockey like it is a real sport. it isnt. its the f ing WWF. Its a tv show. i am done. i woud be better off watching real housewives. at least some thought was put into scripting that.

  87. The Betz hit on the King was worse and heonly got 2. Makes no sense, vendetta vs. NYR

  88. so Carkner comes in to start a fight and then punches a player while he is down on the ground and that only gets 1 game. What the —-???????

  89. Just watched the video of Carkner’s ruling…really have lost a lot of respect for Shanny.

    Sad what happens when you join the Dark Side of the force.

  90. I wouldn’t dress for revenge… I would dress to win, there’s nobody on this team that is intimidated by anyone on the Senators. It’s not necessary imo, just dress what’s safer here.


  91. Tiki TONY got spongebathed by 4 nurses!!!!! on

    This was a statement by the NHL. A thumbing of its nose, a sticking up of its middle finger, to the city of New York, to the Rangers, and to all New York fans, that theres nothing we can do, theyre going to cheat us. And we have to deal with it. And thats what the Rangers will do tomorrow night. Torts aint gonna take this lying down. He wont.

  92. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    I have no problem with kreider playing, but I want mitchell to sit (no offence John) and the Bomba dressed tomorrow night and Scott in for Carkner’s “return”

    we don’t roll 4 lines so the minutes for the last two guys mentioned above will be minimal anyhow!!

  93. Only two out of six Canadian teams made the playoffs to begin with. Vancouver is already down 2-0. Maybe there is something to this Canadian bias.

  94. ORR, I guess I misunderstood Shanahan’s video. What was the history of discipline for similar actions? Small fine? I still can’t believe that didn’t factor in more…


    On suspensions in general:

    HOW do they justify basing suspensions and fines on the injury the player took?

    Do they think by doing this that they game will ever progress to a point where there are absolutely minimal incidents? They need to step it up IMO, punish ANYONE, for anything dirty. oh, and that even includes the pens (lol).

    Not defending anyone, just ranting.

  96. I am in total shock! The NHL authorities should be ashamed of themselves. absolutely disgraceful!

    Btw after that insanity with flyers/penguins…where is lemieux w his wailing??

  97. I want a video explanation from Shanny with him playing the video of the Hags hit and Shea Weber taking his hand and slamming Zetterbergs head into the glass; then I want him to explain to me that the only difference is that one player got hurt and the other didn’t.

    If Alfredson plays (as I suspect he will) my head will explode.

    I hope this bullcarcillo motivates the Rangers.

  98. The way it stands, I think it would be easier to accept if the NHL mandated that the Senators start every remaining game with a 2-goal lead but then agreed to call the rest of the game fairly. At least, the Rangers would then have a fighting chance.

  99. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    If we rolled 4 consistent lines, my “solution” would be a bit different than my 8:57 post, but we don’t so the minimal minutes 2/3 of the 4th line gets will not affect our dress to win strategy!

  100. Waiting for the steel cage to be dropped on the ice. I have lost all respect for this League. I’m now waiting for the Rock and Hulk Hogan to show up with Vince.

  101. eddie eddie eddie on

    Torts: i am going to ask you one more time, who set hags up?..was it campbell or buttplug?

    Shanny; Buttplug

    Torts: your punishment is that you are out of the family business!! Sully – take shanny to the airport

  102. yeah, that’ll fix Ottawa, give Mike Rupp more ice time. Ottawa may just decide to forfeit game 3.

  103. I can’t believe I was actually almost convinced that Shanahan might be an OK choice for this position.

  104. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Carp can the the Rangers appeal it? Right now I am stabbing Shanny’s picture I had hanging up with push pin in his onions as a matter of fact because he can’t feel it. He took to many blows to the head when he played thats the only explanation I can think of. He should be ashamed of himself allowing himself to be a puppet for Campbell & buttman. If he had any pride or dignity he would would resign ASAP. but then again he has what 4 mouths to feed so I guess he needs the job ! SHAME SHAME SHAME on you puppetman.

  105. Yes, I should have said that Hagelin is paying for Torts “sins.”

    Let’s hope Kreider can handle the big time!

  106. There is honestly no rational explanation for suspending hags for 3 games in the first place. one games suspension would be a joke, let alone 3? 3 fucking games? you honestly think crosby woud be suspended for 3 games? what abouy weber. i hate the NHL right now.

    its cheating right? can we all admit that? its cheating biased garbage? the NHL is rigged and run by a bunch of f ing goons right? they better give out 35 games in suspesnions for this afternoons flyers game.

  107. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    excellent post William!!

    Hurt ’em where it counts… on the score board. Give the league the finger right back. Stay within the system, do things the right way, as they’ve done all season, and just win baby!

  108. shanny will be forever booed every time he steps into garden again. i have now lost all repspect for the man.

  109. eddie eddie eddie on

    THE PRUST in italian, remember, is Luca Brasi – judgement comeing and ye right soon

  110. Look, this is the reason Kreider was signed on such a hurry up terms. We lost one of our skill players for three games- three may well decide this series. He replaces Hagelin’s speed, and may add some more. Could be a blessing in disguise. Let’s hope Torts saw enough of him to trust.

  111. reminds of the graves slash on lemieux in 92 that led to four games yet mario leads them to cup after miraculous recovery from broken wrist

  112. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    NYP_Brooksie profile

    NYP_Brooksie In a couple of months, Shanahan has become the object of as much ridicule and derision as it took his predecessor years to accumulate.

    i know a lot of us ride Brooksie, but he’s correct!.

  113. the precedent is set…put Scott in for the next game and have him beat an unwilling opponent like Spezza or Karlssen..he gets his one game suspension and than Kreider can go in for game 4. Only way to discourage this behaviour from other opponents is if they know you will do the same to their star players otherwise it will be open season on all our skilled players

  114. eddie eddie eddie on


    never before will 1 man have done so much !!!!!

  115. bull dog line on

    in theory correct. but what is to stop the Sens from doing the same thing again in game 4. the Rangers need to play it straight. they are the better team. beat them on the scoreboard.

  116. eddie eddie eddie on

    john scott should bring a semi automatic and kill the entire Senators’ team… eye for a whole team

  117. dressing Scott in place of Hagelin would be as worthwhile as dressing Biron as a forward

  118. Maybe Crosby will get suspended for endangering himself by dropping the gloves against another europansy

  119. bull dog line…because in the end we are the deeper team…once they lose Karlssen or Spezza they will not be able to lose anyone else so it will be their choice on how many of their players they want to lose

  120. I haven’t chimed in. Just read it. Absolute bull shilt. No other way to describe the arbitrary actions of the thoroughly inconsistent, Mario-led, GM-led NHL front office. See, Torts, I guess you should fall in line, too.

    What absolute BS. LETS GO RANGERS. Us against the league. F$(*( them!

  121. LaTONYa…they steal from us bc we r AWESOME! Haha

    Been a long time since I have posted…but this sent me to a new level of PO’d.

    I really wish hbo was still taping bc I loved seeing them behind the scenes.

  122. e3, cracking me up with the Godfather stuff.

    Ria, I don’t believe there is an appeal process.

    correct, Wicky. The answer is Wellman.

  123. Czechthemout!!! on

    What a Fugging joke the NHL has become. And Shanahan has become its tool.
    Hagelin should not have even been given a major in my opinion. Phillips delivered an elbow to Cally with an obvious intent to injure and only got two minutes! Any pretense that the NHL is not biased against the Rangers is now gone of course. So the NHL is trying to impact a series involving a Canadian team because it is now more than likely that Vacouver is in deep trouble so you can t have a quarter final without at least one Canadian team in it. Right Buttman?

  124. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    how about this

    Steven King ? @sck1ng Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    @BlueshirtBanter has disabled all comments on their articles due to the backlash from fans.

  125. Lloyd – here are the lines for the next game:

    Gaborik – Anisimov – Stepan
    Callahan – Richards – Dubinsky
    Prust – Boyle – Kreider
    Fedotenko – Mitchell – Rupp

    If *Scott* plays over Kreider than:

    Gaborik – Anisimov – Stepan
    Callahan – Richards – Dubinsky
    Prust – Boyle – Fedotenko

  126. eric – that’s EXACTLY what’s going through my mind. Mario hiding his “broken” wrist when he saw the cameras were on him in the press box. Suddenly he makes a miraculous recovery that no other player ever did with a “broken” wrist.

    I’ve got nothing but bad vibes over this. Hagelin was a BIG key to our top line. Now he’s out. Who steps in? Does Kreider get a shot?

    And I’ll be SHOCKED if Alfredsson is out. He’ll play and if he does I wanna see Sather go on TV and ask “So if he’s not hurt, doesn’t that mean his suspension should be reduced considering you gave him 3 games ONLY because Alfredsson was supposedly injured?”

    Brendan Shanahan, and I don’t think I’m wrong on this one, didn’t have the best relations with his fellow players back in the day. Maybe Carp can help me out but I seem to remember there being more than a few whispers that alot of players didn’t like Shanny.

    Maybe because he was a front-office suck-up?

    No respect at all for the man. None. If he dares walk into MSG again he’ll be booed right out of the building.

    And Larry Brooks called it right – He’s become a joke in a tenth of the time it took Colin Campbell

  127. The only way to deal with it is to come out and play their game. Gooning it up won’t do any good. The moment refs see Scott’s name on the scorecard, he, and the team will be warned. He won’t be able to do much, will be sent out and will waste the spot. Kreider is the way to go. They have enough guys to handle their goons.

  128. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    last night I said hags would get the nhl’s rath.. let’s see who get the same or harsher penalties from the PA. gang. and hags hit wasn’t intentional imo.. crock.. the NHL must still be watching rugrats between periods

  129. Yes Hag,

    Sheriff Shanahan is dead to all of us.

    As I wrote in an earlier post – what a clown car this whole thing is turning into.

    And you know Torts is boiling.

    Keep this in mind – team identities and reputations are forged in such situations.

    Remember the Isles and the Bruins during the ’80 playoffs – when the B’s tried to goon it up agains the Isles – but the fishsticks fought back with not only their fists but with their skill, grit and determination – on their way to the first of four consecutive Stanley Cups.

    The Rangers are still in the midst of forging their team identity. How they handle this series – and whatever may happen beyond it – will go a long way towards doing just that.

  130. the lines to start the game should be

    dubi, richards,gabby
    cally, stepan, anisimov
    feds, boyle, prust
    kreider, mitchell, rupp.

    see how things go and adjust from there…..

    the nhl is a joke. no way around it. just to really show what a joke it is the suspend a piece of garbage Carkner for 1 game, like he matters. he matters as much as John Scott……………

  131. How can someone who was so well liked and respected when he played be hated as much as he is now? The Sheriff does not mete out equal justice. That’s how.

    It’s sad how a great player has become one of the worst arbitrators in the NHL. I thought by putting someone of his stature and who knew the game in this role it would be great for hockey. Instead he’s sending the sport of hockey backwards. Who would have thunk he’d become a puppet for Buttman and Campbell.

    I hope he reads this blog, because he truly is a disappoint.

  132. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    On a different note, one of the many things I hate about post concussion syndrome…the random fuggin nose bleeds I get that I don’t initially notice!!!

  133. alfreddson will play tommorow to put the cherry on the sundae in this joke of a league.

    shanahan is a moron…….again weber got $2500 fine. the guy slammed a players head into the glass like a WWE wrestler………..

    neal did not even get a penalty on his couturier cheap shot………

  134. Sha-na-na-sham logic behind his suspensions and fines are a piece of loose Carcillo.

    I’d dress Scott, John as well as Krieder in plave of Mitchell for game 3. What has Mitchell done in the playoffs? Nothing.

    Where’s Colie Soup-nazi campbell when you need him? This NHL is a farce – between the Bettman’s extra-points (hey, ‘everyone wins boys and girls!’), the Post-game skills competition, the pittsburgh penguins, and these disgraceful playoffs… Argh!

  135. You guys realize that if this suspension set the precedent the NHL would quickly run out of players.

  136. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    carkner .. who precipitated the flow of the game gets one game ???

  137. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    don’t know how you guys can hate milbury now

  138. Realistically, are there any options who could dress tomorrow night ahead of Krieder? And please don’t say John Scott, Sean Avery, Casey Wellman or Sam Rosen’s wife.

  139. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Is that really true Wicky if so the next step we should take is a protest outside of their headquarters demanding that Shanny & company step down now & we don’t leave until they do. I agree Linda Shanny is dead to me also & to think he was once one of my all time favorite players (-:

  140. Lloyd and Stuart– here are the lines for the next game:

    Gaborik – Anisimov – Stepan
    Callahan – Richards – Dubinsky
    Prust – Boyle – Kreider
    Fedotenko – Mitchell – Rupp

    If Scott plays over Kreider than:

    Gaborik – Anisimov – Stepan
    Callahan – Richards – Dubinsky
    Prust – Boyle – Fedotenko
    Scott – Mitchell – Rupp

  141. Czechthemout!!! on

    If Alfredsson plays, than I hope Rupp drops his gloves and beats on him so much that he does miss enough time to equal what Hagelin is suspended for.

  142. ilb2001, I was actually thinking much the same thing, though I wouldn’t call it a blessing in disguise.

    First of all, the Rangers should be able to beat Ottawa with or without Hagelin — regardless of whether Alfredsson plays or how effective he is.

    Since it’s 3 games and not just 1, I feel that Torts is now pretty much forced to use Kreider in some capacity. He’s not dressing John Scott for 3 games, that’s for sure, and I think everyone including Torts remembers what a disaster Kris Newbury was last time he was up.

    Look at how well the Flyers’ young players are playing — Read, Couturier, Schenn. Why is it such a stretch to think that Kreider can’t at least show that he can play at the NHL playoff level right off the bat? I’m not expecting or asking for a hat trick like Schenn got the other night, just a threat that Ottawa needs to respect.

    In a perfect world, Kreider plays, shows he belongs, the Rangers beat Ottawa and Torts can’t take him out of the lineup. Like lots of other people here, I think John Mitchell needs to sit since he hasn’t contributed anything over the last 2-3 months.

  143. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    it was on twitter, so take it for what it is worth

  144. Czechthemout!!! on

    Sorry for the last post. I am so pissed off I got carried away. But Rupp needs to take care of Neil tomorrow.

  145. Folks, I hope you’re not serious about that Teams from Canada bias conspiracy theory. If NHL could alter it to an extent that some of you describe, don’t you think there would more teams from Canada winning the Cup since 1993?

  146. yep Orr start out Kreider in his first game on the top line.

    ORR you are a pathetic moron.

    I said start him on the 4th line, if he does not pee in his pants and looks good, go from there.

    Orr do me a favor putz do not comment on my posts you f-ckin moron……

  147. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    Bahama Bomba!!! I just like to type it!

  148. this is not good news to receive
    around my late dinner time.


  149. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    sadly, I think some people are serious with that

  150. Carp- Do you know of any way to write to shannahan? Do you have his address. I feel like I would like to write him a letter and explain to him what he is doing to the NHL. How he is an embarassment to sports in general and one of the chief reasons why it is totally irrelevant as a sport in america and should resign. Why they would have some f-ing goon mete out sports discipline is an absolute disgrace. it should be a former head of offiicals or at the very least, it should be someone who has officiated an NHL game before in his life. I mean, have these clowns learned nothing from lockout/death of the league? this league is run like a union rather than a private business and thats what you get. skullduggery and mornic displays of unbridled bias and intimidation.

  151. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    comment on mine all you want!!

  152. start kreider on the 3rd line that is not unreasonable. just give him a few shifts to get his bearings and get organized….

    if he can play and skates like he can get him off the line with the cement legs of mitchell and rupp. and then they can use mitchell and rupp sparingly………

  153. Honestly – I don’t know what conspiracy theories I wouldn’t give 30 seconds of thought to at this point.

  154. Czechthemout!!! on

    Can’t wait to hear how Sam the shill Rosen tries to spin this disgrace in the leagues favor. Another tool who needs to retire.

  155. I never said to play him on the 1st line you floppy weiner. Play him on the third line with guys that at least have *SOME* talent.

    Thankfully you’re not the coach. Erskine would get all the PP time and all the prospects would not be ready for prime time, so they’d be in the AHL!

  156. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    re your adams auto suspension earlier…here is the with 5 or less minutes left get out of jail free card on the suspension

    Bob McKenzie ? @TSNBobMcKenzie Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    …NHL Hockey Ops chooses to rescind the instigator if NHL doesn’t feel it was violation of spirit of anti-message-sending intent of rule.

  157. bull dog line on

    I said before the series started, that one of the reasons I did not like the matchup was because of Canadian bias with the Refs. I have no doubt that we are seeing it . that said, the Rangers are good enough to overcome it. it should not be used as an excuse by them.

  158. for those who would like to write in other places as well
    there are these twitter accounts

    National Hockey League
    1185 Avenue of the Americas
    15th Floor
    New York, NY 10036
    United States


  159. Czechthemout!!! on

    It’s not about a Canadian team winning the Cup. It’s about having a Candian audience watching the playoffs past the first round. Because ratings is all that Buttman cares about.

  160. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    I’m sorry but “floppy wiener” just made me spit my beverage out all over the fuggin place. LMFAO!!

  161. loneranger April 15th, 2012 at 9:31 pm
    Carp a good post as usual but differ with 3 of your thoughts: Thought (4) How do we love games like this. We were screwed by not having Dubinsky for the rest of the game and on the whole they got us off our game with this rough stuff. Spoke with Fotio before the game and he said they were going to play tough. Thought (12) How was Dubinsky the third man in. Boyle wasn’t even fighting. He was a human punching bag and didn’t fight back. The ref was standing there allowing this to happen. He didn’t stop it. Thought (13) Henrik was buying time. The Sens were spending a great deal of time in our end and this was planned. Goaltenders do this all the time. Agree with you on the second puck: wierd.

  162. leetchhalloffame on

    Yeah Shanny, Hagelin was out on the ice head-hunting like he has done every shift since he entered the NHL. The NHL in general and this year’s playoff officiating is a joke. Shanny should never ever be allowed amongst Rangers faithful in The Garden until the end of time. Too bad it’s Buttman who will hand Cally the Cup this year. Rangers should put a * next to Shanny’s name on the roster of all-time NYR players.

    *effin a-hole

  163. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    bringing up the bahama bomba and playing him the next game makes more sense than playing hags in the next game

  164. Wouldn’t want Shanny’s job at any price- spent a lot of time thinking today about how the sport has come to this -what we saw in Philly today. Jousting is more of a sport. I was tracing the (de) evolution beginning with the John Ferguson- Bobby Hull battles- the Broad Street Bullies (who were such an outright disgrace that even the NHL was embarrassed by them- anyone remember the quote”I’d rather lose the way we lost than win the way they won”- Tiger Williams doing everything short of raping Mike Bossy- Dale Hunter’s stellar moment cheapshotting Pierre Turgeon after he essentially eliminated Hunter’s team-and how can we forget the “father of ‘I kill skill’ hockey- Scott Stevens. He made the deliberate injuring of an opponent part of winning strategy. Somewhere along the line the game has ceased to be about forcing guys to play with their “heads up” and has become about taking their heads off. Everyone shares in the blame- including we fans who marvel over the brutality of the hits- but ultimately the league and the players association deserve the brunt of it for not coming up with harsh and consistent punishment for acts that have no place in ANY sport. For example, a guy like Asham should be “Donnie Murdoched”. Lets see what he gets- more than three games? He could have killed that guy! Sorry for the rant – but between that game in Philly and this ass-backward ruling it’s a depressing day to be a fan of the NHL.

  165. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    bull dog
    I agree, they should be good enough to overcome this

  166. Rangers’ statement:


    New York, April 15, 2012- The New York Rangers accept the NHL’s three-game suspension of Carl Hagelin and will not pursue an appeal. However, we are thoroughly perplexed in the ruling’s inconsistency with other supplementary discipline decisions that have been made throughout this season and during the playoffs. We will have no further comment on this decision.

  167. Crosby's gonad on

    Orr – floppy or not, at least stuart has a weiner…wish i could say the same

  168. Sooooo, Hagelin gets 3 games, Carkner gets one and a good friend of my family is in heart and kidney failure and is in CCU. And we have tornado warnings here.

    Can Sunday end already??

    I’m hoping Monday brings good news- personally professionally and Ranger-wise.

  169. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    Mike Mazzeo ? @MazzESPN Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    #nyr issues statement: will not appeal, but “perplexed” by inconsistency on discipline decisions in the playoffs

  170. What a motherfluffing clocksucking hose job. ARE YOU FUGGIN KIDDING ME!!!

    Does anyone have that Doochbags explanation on why Weber got jackshik after grabbing a guys head and slamming it into the glass??

  171. bull dog line on

    what is it exactly he would add? what is it he does that the Rangers need?

  172. Kreider in for Hags, Scott to replace Mitchell. Scott kills a Senator, Michell back in for game 4…done

  173. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    sorry, didn’t mean to post what you already had!

  174. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Thank you jpg i’m going to fax them a picture of shanny with 2 huge black eyes just like he’s given this sport!

  175. National Hockey League
    1185 Avenue of the Americas
    15th Floor
    New York, NY 10036
    United States

    THAT is right near my office! PROTEST! Old School Vietnam-Era style.

  176. bull dog line on

    they do not no better because they are not good enough. they are certainly given the benefit of many questionable calls and decisions.

  177. Interesting statement, indeed. Translation: Torts’ household needed 3 fire trucks to put the fire out of his MZA tonight. I think he’ll use it as an extra motivation to fire up the team tomorrow. Not that they need any, bet you.

  178. ORR!!!

    did you say something to the effect that you didn’t think carkner should be
    suspended or
    would be suspended?

  179. Future Ranger Zach Parise will win the game in OT after Shoulda-been-a-Ranger Kovalchuck ties it….

  180. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Shannanhan is completely incompetent, biased, an idiot, unfair, unjust, irrational, d-bag, and he should lose his job. Hagelin had no intent to injure whatsoever, and should not have been suspended. Perhaps fined, but not suspended. Carkner, should have been suspended for the rest of this series. (therfore 3 games minimum, 5 games maximum).

  181. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Orr I wouldn’t be surprised if he does play tomorrow which will make this smell even worse then it already does so therefore he should also be open to PHYSICAL contact by our team.

  182. Czechthemout!!! on

    I think they should dress Scott and obviously Kreider instead of Hagelin and Bickel. Bickel doesn’t play more than five minutes. Than they should execute the following plan. Have Scott sucker punch Spezza enough to take him the rest of the series and have Rupp do the same to Karlsson. Rupp will then be only suspended for one game and Scott would than bring more value to this team than he ever could as a real player. And who cares how long he would be suspended for.
    Problem solved and Shanny can then save face.

  183. Czech – Who takes over Bickel’s spott on Defense? No chance Scott does. Other than that I *love* your plan.

  184. eddie eddie eddie on

    Shanny was at the grassy knoll …lee harvey oswald did not act alone

    footage at the ambassador hotel shows shanny shanny shanny with sirhan sirhan sirhan

    draw your own conclusions

  185. Czechthemout!!! on

    Manny it doesn’t matter. I am sure they can roll five dmen for a game spreading those 5 minutes to the other five dmen. Or you can dress Biron as a dman.

  186. here’s something to make you laugh
    (or drink more tonight)

    remember a time when we were frustrated by CC’s
    horrible (and seemingly anti-Rangers) decisions
    were all excited that Shanny was taking over?

    how the dream turned into a nightmare.

  187. eddie eddie eddie on

    marty may be great…but MAF wins the Vezina…greatest clutch goalie in the game plays for the pens

  188. jpg, I don’t really care all that much that he only got one game. Like I said, no injury, no history. It’s definitely not a Chris Simon/Todd Bertuzzi incident. I think one game is fair. If more damage was done, then it would be another story.

  189. eddie eddie eddie on

    cccp – look at the replay again…crosby didnt drop the other glove because it was down his pants

  190. And This One Will Last Of A Lifetime, I love that comment so much I’m gonna copy and paste it again because it’s exactly what I wanted to say:

    “Shannanhan is completely incompetent, biased, an idiot, unfair, unjust, irrational, d-bag, and he should lose his job. Hagelin had no intent to injure whatsoever, and should not have been suspended. Perhaps fined, but not suspended.”

    Shannahan and the NHL just proved how incompetent and clueless they are at these affairs. They give goons couch-change fines all year, and then give Haglin (of all people) this? DURING THE PLAYOFFS??!! I don’t know what to say, and I don’t want to watch NHL Network or ESPN or anything like that because you KNOW that in order to save their own jobs working with or for the NHL, they’ll have to agree.

    On top of all this, the referees all across the league are taking the Playoffs into their own fat, grubby, lifeless hands.

    Keep on keepin’ on Dubi!

  191. bull dog line on

    I could accept the Hagelin suspension a little better if Carkner had received a big suspension. then the NHL could say the playoffs have gotten out of hand and it was taking control of the mess the playoffs have become. these playoffs are as close to what the 70’s were like. it is out of control.

  192. Czechthemout!!! on

    I am ready Manny. I only wish I could dust off my old skates and play tomorrow.

  193. So, if you’re going to worry about the extent of the injury, why not worry about the import of the offending player to his own team. If that case, Carkner is a 7th d-man and should be suspended for a year and Hagelin is a first liner.

    I have no doubt Shanahan is not thinking on his own. As much of a jerk he must be (idiot, don’t let other people push you around so you are the figurehead for their stupid decisions, just resign. you have the $$$$), there is no objective thought in this process. Where is the logic? Where is the past precedent? No, he was told what to do. What a tool.

  194. leetchhalloffame on

    Agree Educator – enough already with the Potvin nonsense. So many others we can replace that with. Shanny for starters.

  195. “I don’t have to sit here and explain why I pushed a glove away,” Crosby said defiantly. “They’re doing a lot of things out there, too. You know what, we don’t like each other. Was I going to sit there and pick up his glove for him? What was I supposed to do?”

    – Crosby

    LOL! What a dope!

  196. The past precedent is that Wojtek Wolski exacted the same penalty on the same player on the same ice surface except he added a devastating injury. He got what? *0* Games!

  197. lol eddie! Crosby’s a wanker!


    exactly. we all wished for Campbell to leave. Be careful what you wish for.

  198. bull dog, I get what you are saying and a lengthy Carkner suspension may have softened the blow. However, if you are going to throw down the gauntlet on the BS that is going on in most series, why start arbitrarily in game 2? Send a communication to all teams at game 2 that a ‘no tolerance’ order will come down at the beginning of series 2. Or, for any infractions occurring from game 4 on. To just arbitrarily pick on Hags NOW?

    No. BS.

  199. Does Shanahan actually have to answer questions from the media for his decisions, or does he just make them and never responds to questions or criticism? It is obvious how crazy this stuff and has been, and the NHL acts like if they ignore it, people won’t notice there is something wrong. I actually thought Shanny was going to be an improvement over Campbell when I first heard he had taken the position. He has proven to be the largest failure of all time.

  200. eddie eddie eddie on

    Glen Sather: torts, the traitor will reveal himself when he asks for a sit down, that is how you will know:

    Shanny: torts, lets have a sit down with barzini and tattaglia and sort this mess out

  201. Czechthemout!!! on

    Oh an by the way, I want no part of any more ex-Devils anywhere near this team or any future Ragers team. We have been completely screwed by all of them. The dubious list as follows:

    And now Granyhan. I have had enough of them. No more Devils.

  202. Shanahan sucks. What a freeken disgrace. Someone said earlier we was an ass kisser to the NHL hierarchy. Couldn’t agree more.

  203. Czech,

    Rupp, I don’t get. But you forgot Gomez.

    Although we did get everyone else on our team through him.

  204. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Just watched neil smith on the nhl network

    He is another tool.

    Said hagelin should have gotten 5 games.

  205. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Just saw Shannahan’s videos to explain himself.
    I repeat what I said earlier…seeeing how Yergs said it was good.
    Shannanhan is completely incompetent, biased, an idiot, unfair, unjust, irrational, d-bag, and he should lose his job. Hagelin had no intent to injure whatsoever, and should not have been suspended. Perhaps fined, but not suspended. Carkner, should have been suspended for the rest of this series. (therfore 3 games minimum, 5 games maximum).

    He said in the video that Carkner has a history of doing this. That he fractured a New York Islander players orbital bone while he was defenseless. Now he throws 2 and 5 punches to a non combatant, and gets 1 effin game ? He said Hagelin has no prior history, and gives him 3 games? For finishing his check too high ? At least finishing a check is a hockey play. Throwing down with an unwilling combatant is not a hockey play.

    Shanny, you have disgraced the office you hold, made yourself out to be a stupid no good fool, and you are as bad at your job as you were good as a player.

  206. Czechthemout!!! on


    Forgot to wright Gomez in the post but his name came to mind first.

    Rupp sucks! He had one good game this year and lost or tied almost every fight he was in.

    But last night, was the worst. He did nothing to Neil all night and that is what he gets paid to do. He is stealing money from the Rangers. We were better off with the Bahamas bamba then him.

  207. i think the bigger point on carkner is that the sens put a goon in the lineup.
    he did what a goon was expected to do and it was just a good stroke of luck
    that Boyle has a hard head

    just watched the replay again
    and it was basically intent to injury by a goon
    if John Scott
    did that to foligno or spezza
    then we’d be talking about the same thing.

    it’s only going to encourage his behavior in game 4
    especially if sens are down 2-1 in the series.

  208. N.CountryNYRFan on

    So basically what the NHL is telling it’s players is, if you want an opponent to get suspended just fake an injury after he hits you. Because if you aren’t hurt it doesn’t matter they can cheap shot you all they want. Shea Weber – no suspension, no injury. Chris Phillips elbow to Callahan’s head – no suspension (or even hearing), no injury. Hagelin elbow to Alfredson’s head – 3 game suspension, Alfie left game, possible injury. What a joke. I bet Alfie plays tommorrow.

  209. Czechthemout!!! on

    Dumb deal Neal has no credibility left. No one cares what he has to say anymore. I will be greatull to him for the Cup but also think that he destroyed the team with his dumb trades in getting rid of Zubov,Norstrom,and a bunch of others so as to make Colin Campbell the fool happy. Screw him!

  210. Watched the Shanny videos and could not believe what I was hearing. From the explanations he gave, logically it should have been Carkner who received three times the suspension. He is a repeat offender and has previously broken someone’s orbital bone. Hagelin is a first time offender who threw the elbow as part of a hockey play, not as part of a premeditated attack.

    And that circus in Philly today was unbelievable, Can’t wait to see Assham not get suspended because his victim wasn’t seriously injured. Why can’t they tell the difference between a premeditated attack and a freakin’ mistake. I am so pissed!!

  211. Great stuff from the Hockey Rodent

    “But that wasn’t the root cause of NYR’s demise tonight.

    Root cause was simple. In the Ranger end, enemy skaters were always first to get to the loose puck or chopped and outworked NYR so as to cause the cough-up and steal.

    This was the precursor to the winning goal, too. What led to the winning goal was the icing. What led to the icing was that stupid clearing work from behind Hank’s net when everything appeared under control.

    Gotham skaters were not only skating in slow motion this evening, their hands and their heads were working in slow motion. Everything about their actions suggested Quaaludes compared to the Ontarians.

    And now that Maclean has some video of what works, Tortorella can promise his minions that’s what they’re gonna see in the Province on Monday. Sens have found a “targeting solution” and they also know that when they switch to that extra gear of quickness, they can force NYR into scramble, chase and panic-icing.

    In the overtime, watch the play leading to the icing again.

    Why the eff is everyone wearing blue moving in slow motion?

    Plodding, deliberate hockey is for the AHL. It won’t work here. But that’s what we witnessed on Broadway. The Rangers plodded their way into extinction tonight.

    It’s clear the likes of Chris Phillips are taking advantage of the Hudson Bay Rules. My gosh, he was wrapping his arms and stick around Gotham forecheckers worse than New Jersey’s Dainius Zubrus. Nary a call. Okay. If that’s the way it’s going to be then New York is going to have to find a way to outrush Ottawa rather than dump and chase. Or you make Phillips handle the puck and you smash his ass into the glass so that he plays hot potato.

    Now home ice advantage is gone. The only way to advance is to win one in Kanata. Trust me. That won’t be easy.

    Senators drove the pace of play from opening draw to final buzzer. Rangers were reactive rather than proactive. That’s suicide because the Rangers demonstrated so very clearly o’er the final 22 minutes that they cannot react as rapidly as Ottawa can act.

    This is not a coaching thang. You cannot instruct or remediate reflexes into your athletes.

  212. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    north country
    that is exactly what I was saying earlier in this thread

  213. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Also Campbell called out the linesman Sericolo the other day about the missed call in flyers pitts game and then he shows up in last nights Rangers game . He was probably the linesman standing there doing nothing while the asshat was punching Boyle. How do you allow him to work another game after you call him out for a missed call? Boggles the mind.

  214. agree Ria

    i thought that CC would have “suspended” him
    from working more games.

    well, it is the mhl (mario hockey league)

  215. eddie eddie eddie on

    carkner: alfie can i play tomorrow or not?

    Alfie: what?

    Carkner: can i play tomorrow?…what does suspension mean?

    alfie: what?

    carkner: how many games is one game? (hold up 3 fingers) is it this many?

    Alfie: what?

  216. I am apologizing in advance for the following…but I just feel it needs to be shared:
    I hearby decree all decisions by the league disciplinarian will now be referred to as Shananigans!

    and so this will now be Shananigans legacy…which he is still building…nice work cleaning up the game…you taught that goon Hagelin a lesson…good news is, if Alfredson plays tomorrow and takes an elbow and really gets concussed–you will have already handled the suspension with Hagelin–so his head is now free game…sorry to have to reduce myself to your level–but after may hits to your head you obviously can’t think straight. I also apologize that Cally’s head was not concussed by a far more vicious hit…but your goal is to prevent injury and therefore only injurious hits need to be dealt with…sort of why high sticking is 2 minutes–but if you can be entertained by some blood–well an extra two minutes…intent to injure (because you can read minds) is worth five…please spare us the cleaning up the game bs…you are too incompentent for that…you actually make me yearn for Campbell…at least he didnt attempt to mislead us….

  217. What a byfuglien joke. What difference does it byfuglien make if the player got injured or not? I agree with other – the Phillips elbow was the same if NOT WORSE. You can clearly see from the video that Hagelin’s hands touch the glass and then the elbow makes contact. Phillips LED with the elbow.

    I’m not condoning the hit Hagelin put on Alfredsson. The league’s player safety judgements have been complete bullcarcillo the entire season.

    I don’t understand why the NHL has it out for the Rangers. When the Rangers are doing well, the NHL reaps the benefits. It’s like they go out of their way to make sure there is no suspected conflict of interest.

    I’ve complete lost respect for Shanahan. He’s sold-out to the man.

  218. i have a feeling Shanahan’s non-suspension of Wolski on the Alfredsson hit earlier in the year, and the outcry from that, plus yesterday, all played a role in the decision. It’s really pathetic. I respected Shanahan. I really really did. I enjoyed watching him play in Detroit, and then in NY. When he collided with Knuble and was knocked out, I was gravely concerned for him. He actually liked Avery. Maybe that should have been my sign that something was off.

  219. Olga Folkyerself on

    The family is just fine eddie. NHL “justice” has us a little confused though.

  220. if the rumor about Mike Sullivan getting a coaching job is true, make Mike Rupp an assistant coach. we hear so much about how good he is in the locker room and he clearly has zero value on the ice. let him work behind the bench. pretty hard to lose a fight there, too.

  221. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Shanny has just disgraced his whole playing career in just one season as the NHL Sheriff. Way to go you stupid CARCILLO!

  222. >>I won’t even bother to watch his ‘explanation’


    There’ll be no Center Ice for me next season. I’ll give the $170 to some charity instead.

  223. Boston Bonehead on

    Lame. It didn’t go through. Though the rage at this discrepancy of supplimental discipline is rising

  224. nice to hear ORR!!

    i don’t have a problem with carkner challenging Boyle
    for bopping karlsson
    while i wouldn’t have been pleased
    if he would have tried to get him to fight with the first hit or two
    but if Boyle doesn’t agree to fight then it’s over
    and once Boyle hits the ice

  225. ilb

    i haven’t been keeping up much since i originally heard
    the news (been a matter of sick still and going back and forth to Cleveland to cover Rock Hall stuff)
    is Tony back in AZ
    or is he in NY?

  226. Shanny Toucan Folkyerself on

    Now I understand the phrase “Blind Justice”. Shanahan needs some Ray Charles glasses.

  227. BTW, I don’t understand some of the nasty comments I’ve seen from Rangers fans around the web regarding Alfredsson. He took a hit to the head, has been concussed before, etc. Even if they sat him for the rest of the game due to headaches or etc… Alfredsson isn’t a dirty player. Don’t hate on the guy for getting his bell rung. Hate on the league for the mickey mouse bull-carcillo disciplinary rulings.

  228. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    John Scotts fists better connect onto Karlsson cheeks tomorrow night resulting in Karlsson’s head hitting the ice.

  229. Lloyd,

    I think Rupp is playing with a bad hand. Even the fight he had a couple of weeks ago, you can see he just stopped punching the guy and took a few shot.

    Can we sign Joey Kocur for a couple of games? I miss that dude!

  230. Free the fans on

    The only way to show the NHL what a joke this is would be to very publicly boycott the advertisers of the NHL in it’s largest media market. Hit them the only place it hurts in the only way they will really feel it. Who’s building the website, petition and emailing and calling the advertisers?

  231. Tiki TONY got spongebathed by 4 nurses!!!!! on

    Isnt that kind of cool, that Chara has no disciplinary history, after breaking the neck and back of a player on the Bruins main arch rival of the past 100 years, and this baby faced kid Hagelin has a playoff disciplinary history now because of an accident?

    Kind of refreshing if u ask me!

  232. eddie eddie eddie on

    olga – i, and all the folkyurselfs, are perplexed, in the context, reading the text, was it a hex, remember Rex?, crosby’s pecks, gregory peck, richard speck, chairs on the deck….of titantic, mid atlantic, hit the berg, not bill berg, zetterberg, hit the glass, want some azz, weber got what?, or not, tater tot, bed or a cot…


  233. Matt L:

    completely agree. I don’t think the length of the suspension was kosher, but there’s no doubt in my mind Hagelin’s elbow to Alfredsson’s was dirty. Hagelin should be criticized for an undisciplined hit that put the team down a man for 5 minutes.

    but, as I said before, 3 games is ridiculous

  234. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I am predicting that starting tommorrow you are going to see the refs call every little thing and bring pansification of the game to a whole new level, as they try to bring everything under control. What a Bush League league the NHL has become. The NHL is the problem, let the players police themselves a little more and get rid of the disrespectful acts against each other.

  235. Czechthemout!!! on

    Matt L

    If he is injured as you think he is, than all the more reason why he shouldn’t be in the lineup. Because he certainly brings nothing to the table as a hockey player.

  236. Shanny Toucan Folkyerself on

    I can’t wait for game 4 of the Pitt-Phi series. Game three was everything I hoped the matchup would be.

  237. You’re right about that, N.Country. Especially after today’s Pens-Flyers fireworks. There will be a memo in am that the games are starting to get out of control and the refs need to tighten it up. The best action would be to skate the best available roster tomorrow and play their game.

  238. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    You guys are all saying how this Hagelin three game suspension is ridiculous but it is not. It is completely fair and just. The problem with this byflguein suspension is the @#%R@#QRT fact that Shea Weber uses the @#%@# boards as a weapon and doesnt get suspended or that Carkner connects two punches to the head of a defenseless opponent and gets one suspension or the fact that Phillips throws his body …. i could go on forever. You get it

  239. Amazing that Hagelin has been suspended 3 games…it sends a clear message that the NHL does not wish to and cannot control the players on the ice, and they need to make a goat of a player that has no malicious intent to send a message to the ones whom are out to cause serious injury to their fellow players. What courage! The video of the Carkner mugging of Boyle (part of Shannahan’s announcement) shows an official with hand raised, simply standing like the Statue of Liberty while Carkner flails away at a defenseless Boyle. Then they have the audacity to penalize his teammates for interceding. What a disgraceful display of inept and ineffective officiating!;>(( If that is not enough, the officiating during the Philadelphia-Pittsburgh game today was enough to turn any potential hocky fan to another sport. I don’t know what can be done to change it short an avalanche of fan and team disapproval. Shanahan would be found incompetent as an assistant principal for discipline of a high school, much less the NHL!

  240. Czechthemout!!! on

    And can Torts please play Strahlman with Girardi or even MdZ on the first pp unit. Like I said earlier today, Strahlman is the only dman on the team with an NHL caliber slap shot. Their pp was at its best when the second unit was out there.

  241. Yeah, looking at some of the suspensions, someone on the widget mentioned that Duncan Keith was suspended five games for his elbow on D.Sedin. Unlike Hags, Keith is a star player in the NHL and is hitting another star player. So, the more I think of it, the more I agree with it. Still, Shanny is way too inconsistent.

  242. eddie eddie eddie on

    ORR – duncan keith purposefully threw his elbow maliciously…..what hags did is not even in the same ballpark

  243. I think Carp mentioned it, but this smells of the 92 playoffs, with Lepieux getting whacked on the hand and dropping like a ton of bricks. Graves got a ridiculous suspension for a play that happens about 50 times a game.

    They Rangers never recovered and dropped the next 3 games to Pittsburgh.


  244. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – i squirt you with a water pistol …..3 games

    i shoot you with a machine gun …..5 games

    does that make sense to you?

  245. it’s kinda like if you don’t play Krieder tomorrow, can you even play him the rest of the series? 1-1, first game on the road, I don’t think it’s an ideal spot, but you can sort of experiment a bit. but are you going to put a guy in his first NHL game up or down 2-1? 2-2? 3-2? seems like the spots just get worse and worse after tomorrow.

  246. I agree with Stralman needing to go on the first unit. Seems like he’s the only one that’s taken any PP shots other than Richards. I would also rather have McDonagh over Girardi on the second unit; he always looks for opportunities to skate, maybe that would create some movement all around?

  247. I think Rupp provides experience. He’s not the player he was for Pittsburgh (who lit us up every time we played them!) but I think some of that has to do with the knee problems and hand injuries he’s been dealing with this year.

    I disagree with the folks who want to dress Scott to “send a message”. No one is going to fight Scott, and he’s a major liability skating-wise against a speedy team. The problem is, I don’t think playing Kreider is the answer either. Too raw, only a couple of practices under his belt, etc.

    Why not move Bickel up for the next game, let him get some forward minutes to bang the crap out of guys (legally / along the boards) and dress Eminger or one of the other D? Wowhatshisname hasn’t played awful when given an opportunity, and he can certainly skate better than Scott?

    Bickel should be fresh, he hasn’t played much the past 2 games.


  248. eddie eddie eddie on

    john scott is the man, to take a stand, rubber band, skates like sand, hold my hand….

    punch out neil, make him squeal, lemon peel, make a deal, roll like a wheel,

    great paul song, hit the bong, right or wrong, eat a ding dong, love king kong,

    one big gorilla, name was magilla, could be malkin, christopher walken

    need more cowbell, how in holy hell, does hags get 3….i gotta pee…


  249. Orr – I thought about that too – “watch this guy” … watch him get suspended.

    Still, I don’t think they should throw Kreider in tomorrow night.

  250. I hope Karlsson keeps his head up tomorrow or grows eyes in the back of his head tonight because no doubt that it is ON. Hope that fiery Torts dresses Scott and Scott does a little policing. I hope that Neil clown meets up with him sometime too. Amazing how ridiculous the NHL has become.

  251. Olga Folkyerself on

    Kreider should debut tomorrow. Save Scott for when Carkner gets back. Then have Scott go postal on Carkner. See how he likes getting pummeled while not trying to fight.

    Then Shanny can suspend Scott for a game.

  252. i wonder how everyone will feel once Neil/Konopka board Kreider on his first shift tomorrow.

  253. kinda hard to imagine Tortorella would suddenly start giving 4th liners additional ice in this series. game 1, Mitchell played 4:59, Rupp played 3:39. Prust played 8:10 but received PK time. game 2, down a forward, Mitchell who I thought didn’t look that bad (and did get some PP time) played 4:31. Rupp played 2:38. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of confidence in those guys.

    also, Bickel has played about 10 total minutes in the 2 games, and has played about 6 total minutes since the awful penalty in game 1.

  254. It’s a risky move, but, this is the playoffs. We lost a skilled guy, so there’s really no other player to replace him beside Kreider. I think you have to take a chance with him. But, don’t skate him on the 4th line with Rupper and Mitchell, like that schlong, Stewie A, said. Put him with Boyler. BC connection!

  255. one guy who really hasnt done much is Stepan. with Hagelin out im expecting a big game from him. I think Dubinsky will have a good one as well

  256. eddie eddie eddie on

    john scoot needs to play tomorrow …during pre-game skate, stand at center ice and just taunt the Sens’ team…..then, right after star spangled banner…and oh cant-a-ter……Scott/Rupp/Bickel …..puck drops….BAM

  257. agreed. with Boyle playing better, put Krieder and Dubinsky on a line with him and leave Rupp, Mitchell and Prust on line 4. if you play Krieder with Mitchell and Rupp you might as well dress Jeff Woywitka and let Bickel skate as a forward.

  258. Lloyd,

    I have to respectfully disagree. I think Mitchell’s game has regressed considerably the last month. He loses puck battles along the wall, he can’t seem to hold onto the puck in open ice. I’m not sure if it’s a confidence problem, or that the game got quicker due to more deperation as playoffs neared/arrived.

    I’d almost prefer they play Bickel up front as a banger. Get in, take the body, and get out. Plus, as he is normally a defenseman, he’d be more responsible defensively on the ice.

  259. Hey, when will the NHL dept of player safety and discipline announce suspension of refs and linemen?

  260. really, it’s not an argument worth having. Mitchell on his absolute best day is barely a 4th line forward. the rest of the time he’s a minor leaguer. Mike Rupp to me should be charged with grand larceny for the contract he got. so you put Bickel in place of Mitchell and skate who else with Rupp? Prust? I don’t really see any of the permutations mattering much.

  261. I say put Kreider up on the #1 line and see how it goes…leave the other lines alone, or promote Cally

  262. I say, move Artie back to the top line. He’s been playing well in these two games. He has three assists. He’s the right choice.

    I agree, Step-On has been a ghost, just like last year. Only difference is, he has the experience this time around, so there’s no excuses. He needs to do something.

  263. Olga Folkyerself on

    How long before Vancouver fans riot? Burning buildings is a sure sign of a Canadian spring lately…

  264. boxcareddiehospodar on

    How does Bickle play so well at the end of the year and his ice time is cut?

    The problem with Torts is he wears down his best defensemen.

    Play Krieder tomorrow and forget about the BS.

    The best players will win and they happen to play for the rangers.

  265. Really sad, after the long Shanny explanation and video where he describes 5 blows to Boyle, then says Carkner is a repeat offender I was expecting him to say 5 games. But 1????

    So Carkner jumped an Islander in the past and fractured his jaw. If Boyle was hurt it’d be 3 games. If Boyle was a star it’d be 5.

    Problem is players like Cally have pride and are too tough to leave a playoff game like Alfredsson, so we suffer for Cally taking a hit like a man.

    What will happen is they dress Scott, he will start the game, probably unload blows on Neil or someone he finds, the refs will be tighter in this game and hand out a double match penalty ejection or 60 minute powerplay for the Sens. WATCH!

  266. Im still bitter too about Carkner. He engaged Boogard last year, started fighting before Boogie was ready. Then when he didn’t want to take punches he threw Boogie to the ice because he knew he’d be getting beat soon. Then Boogie has the injury, goes on the pain meds…..and…..

    Carkner should be in jail!

  267. Reginald Dunlop on

    FARCE………………. hitting a guy in the head with a follow through of a good check, by a first time offender is a MORE SERIOUS offence than a repeat offender taking off his gloves and hitting a guy in the head, with your bare fists from behind????????????

    I guess INTENT is a foreign word as is precedence………..

  268. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    LaTonyA, yes, it cracks me up every time too, madcap hilarity!!

    i can’t wait for ShaMahan’s farces for the pen()s, or have they already been absolved of all wrong doing because it was against the Flyers?

  269. Problem is players like Cally have pride and are too tough to leave a playoff game like Alfredsson, so we suffer for Cally taking a hit like a man.

    really? wow.

  270. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    I love all these series except the panthers devils which doesn’t seem to have too much animosity in it!

  271. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    alfredsson is not going to miss that game tomorrow. they don’t have to ‘save face’ with him missing a game. if he was truly in a compromised state, he would not have been on the plane trip to ottawa

  272. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan says GET WELL SOON TONY! on

    455 comments on this..

    we will break the blog tomorrow night

  273. Was just watching some highlights from the Flys – Pen()s game…some hockey!

    Crosby’s a *chemistry* killer for the Pen()s!

    Flys must feel pretty good so far but if they think they can continue giving up 4+ goals per game next round (IF they advance), they are gravely mistaken!

  274. Wow! What a disgrace Shanahan has become!

    He should go in hiding. What a joke. Did anyone watch Shanahan in the 90s? He was a villain. How many flying elbows did he throw in his career? Fuggin hypocrite.

    Carl Hagelin grew up idolozing guys like Alfy. Again, intent needs to be punished. Not the result.

    NHL – National Hypocrites League…

    Aaron Assham should never play another NHL game after that crap he pulled today. Disgusting!

    James Neal is a piece a shyte!! He should get a few games!

  275. Random thought, but didn’t some of the current Rangers play with Shanny?? Hank, Cally, Danny G, Dubi and Staal- is that right? I can only imagine how disgusted they are right now and how fired up they will be for tomorrow’s game.

  276. I read on the flyers blog that Giroux and Couturier didnt look that great after the game after the Neal hits…that could be big.

  277. remember when Shanny fought Brashear and acted like a good teammate and had MSG chanting his name? ye me neither.

  278. I dont want to take Shanahan’s side but I don’t think Shany’s playing career should be taken into account here. He indeed was a great power forward that played mean and physical and did it better than most. But right now he has a different job. Consistency would be nice but I don’t think NHL has a problem with the way he does his job.

    Personally, if i was Shanahan, I would never take that job where I have to punish players for playing the way he played on most of the nights.

  279. CC, I only bring up his playing career to make the point that he is unfit for his job.

    Look at the plays in those videos. He hacks a guy with a stick in the stomach and punches him relentlessly…how can the NHL seriously have this man for a disciplinarian?

  280. I think Shany is perfect for the job! He used punish guys with dirty hits and now he punishes them with dirty suspensions! ;)

  281. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    If Rangers make it through this mess of a series they have to feel good about there cup chances if the 0-3 Pens and 0-3 Canucks get bounced

  282. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    doughty is quickly moving up my punk aasen little beeyatch chart!

  283. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    brayden schenn is no henrik sedin!!

  284. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    Do we have any eta on any “discipline” (cough cough) for pens flyers participants yet??

  285. Wicky© I say Frontier Justice is the ONLY way to go!!! LGT!!! on

    night all….a bag lady with a newspaper lurks!!!

  286. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    I can’t believe I just gained a bit more respect for NBC how Milbury thinks 1 game is way to little for Carkner and his cohort doesn’t understand why 3 games for Hagelin

  287. RE Flyer Pens game……………………………

    Did anyone notice what that rat Aron
    Asham did? This lousy punk came racing off the bench ( where he usually is), and charged over to a Flyer player stunned and lying on the ice having been decked by someone else. and jumps him and immediately starts throwing punches with both hands into the defenseless guy, and no one seemed to care or notice. This louse is a tough kid and drops them with anyone, but he is a rat, pure and simple.
    I don;t know about you all, but this game after game of immediate and endless punch outs is growing stale , and in fact is gonna destroy the game if it keeps up. Like in Slap Shot, the punch outs are becoming the attraction – not the game. You can get to a point of boredom of course with anything, and this is taking away from the art and beauty of the game itself with it’s great plays and the flow of on ice action without two ( or twelve ) marginally talented people slugging it out in the corner while the game is going on. enough! If the front office of the game won;t recognize and nip in the bud this nonsense that is taking over their sport, they will when the staleness sets in, and the seats begin to empty.

  288. >>I love all these series except the panthers devils which doesn’t seem to have too much animosity
    >>in it!

    I was thinking the same thing while watching their Game 2 [on mute, of course]. It’s as if that whole series is an afterthought. Devils have a been flying under the radar all season. They’ll be a very dangerous and healthy team if they get past Panthers.

  289. And if anyone wants to see a deadly team at work, just watch the Vancouver Canucks. Man they are a great skating team, and will be in the finals, in my estimation, no matter who else is there.

  290. This is a travesty. There was no “fight” between Boyle and Carkner. If there was Boyle would”ve gone to the box, right? It was a mugging. I’m so tired of the fighting in the NHL. The only major sport that sanctions it. And what does it lead to. Stupid stuff like what Carkner pulls. The game will remain plenty physical. Ban fighting!

  291. Forget us all being NYR fans and feeling a bit biased about the situation, but lets be clear about this, Shanny is in way over his head and it tainting his legacy by remaining in this postion. I agree that he should ahve been suspended and 1 Game would have sufficed, but three is as carp puts it excessive. You could see straight away that Hags knew what he did was wrong and he had remorse right on the ice, Honestly I was surprised to see him go for a hit as he rarely engages like that. With that said, it will be interesting to see what happens to some of the players in the Pitt\Philly series…

    The bottom line is until the NHL and bettmans bitches put out a clear and concise set of rules regarding elbowing, kneeing, etc, each case will be at the discretion of Shanny, and that is just not the way we do things in America period. It would be so much easier for a fan, player, coach, GM to understand the punishment if there were rules in place. I don’t understand how the NHLPA lets this happen, but I suppose thats why they hired Donald Fehr.. Without a down, it will be an issue in the upcoming bargaining session… Any thoughts??

  292. The precedence set here is astounding.. Teams now have the OK to send out a goon for a game to just attack somebody with a 1 game ban for that player as the punishment… Way to go NHL you have failed again.

  293. I listened to Shanahan’s further explanation of the ruling(s) on Boomer and Carton this morning. He didn’t sell me on anything. In fact, he made our argument for us. He basically said that the suspension to Hags would not have been as great had Alfredsson not been injured on the play. While he said the injury caused to the player is “A determinative factor,” he should really just admit that it is THE determinative factor. He said Hagelin is a good kid and did not intend to injure the fellow Sweded. I just don’t know how he can sit there and argue Carkner’s pre-meditated assault warranted only 1 game (and it seemed that it was very close as to whether Carkner would get any suspension at all).

    It’s a dangerous precedent. What if Alfredsson plays tonight? The Rangers should appeal the decision if so. What about taking into account the player’s prior medical history? What if he had hit Crosby and sent him out for the rest of the playoffs? Would he be out for the remainder too? What is the purpose of these rules anyway? Isn’t is supposed to be deterrence of violent, outside-the-game, malicious behavior? This was certainly lost on any excessive discipline to hagelin.

    The League cannot continue to make disciplinary calls based on the RESULT and not the ACTION (as well as the prior actions of the player / propensity for violence / etc.).

  294. B.S. from B.S. To understand this league, you need to wear your boots , the B.S. is so high .

  295. The NHL wants the peguins to win. Despite thier best efforts to suspend EVERYONE but that group of dirty thugs, they still are losing. The suspension on Hagelin was excessive. If Alfredsson decides to play tonight, do they take back a game or two? The inconsistant calls, suspensions and fines are ruining an otherwise great palyoff season. Shanahan needs to be replaced.

  296. Did they release what Neal or Asham will get because what they did was much worse than Hags but because they are penguins and there was no injury I doubt that they will get anything.

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