Rangers-Senators Game 1 in review



1) Oh, Captain. Ryan Callahan set a tone early, as usual, found a way to score an uglier-than-hell goal — and he’s made that an art form — and helped will his team to victory. I know, that’s a bit dramatic, because he sure wasn’t alone. You’d have a tough time finding anybody in a blue uniform who didn’t play pretty darn well in this one. I think that black hat is silly sometimes, but Callahan’s had it as much as anybody (other than the goalie, maybe more than him, I don’t know). Fitting that he got it for Game 1 after missing last year’s playoffs.

2) Brian Boyle had some freight-train hits early on, scored an enormous goal, won faceoffs, took Erik Karlsson off a power play with some sneaky little punches, and sent a whole bunch of messages to the Senators that they’d better be ready to face four, five, six or seven games of this style. Not sure they all will be willing to do that. Boyle=Beast.

3) Once again, the Marian Gaborik, Brad Richards, Carl Hagelin line was solid, and everything a No. 1 line needs to be. Gaborik used his speed and his hands. Hagelin’s speed created two goals. Richards was good all night. Against Ottawa’s top guys a lot, against Ottawa’s top checkers a lot. And Richards took plenty of crap, and gave some back, with that Zach Smith guy, who’s going to be a pain in the aasen this series.

4) Um, what was that about this being a bad matchup for the Rangers?

5) Though I wouldn’t start celebrating just yet. I still think there’s a very good chance this is 1-1 going back to Kanata.

6) The Rangers, as promised, didn’t change a thing with the way they play. Just played it at a higher level. And were sure not perfect. But good enough. Plenty good enough.

7) And if you break it down to simplest terms: Henrik Lundqvist — a.k.a. the Rangers’ biggest advantage in this series — was better than Craig Anderson, who wasn’t awful, but is going to need to give up fewer than four, fewer than three actually, for Ottawa to have a chance in any game. Lundqvist was really good when he needed to be, and he even admitted he had to calm himself down because he was complaining to the officials early on.

8) Scoring? Rick Nash who?

9) How good is Karlsson? But will he want to play four or five or six games like this? Boyle took him off, and he seemed to handle being banged around. But he was banged around. The kid is magical with the puck, and he can skate, too.

10) Even though one of you in particular, maybe more, disagree, there is no momentum between playoff games. In other, simpler (slower) words, nothing that happened last night is going to matter tomorrow, or carry into tomorrow. Nothing. The Rangers aren’t going to win Game 2 because of the way they played last night, and Ottawa’s not going to lose Game 2 because of tonight, and vice versa. Is that simple enough?

11) Chris Neil tried to start trouble when it was 4-0 (shocker) and again in the final minutes when he was kicking out skates and slashing legs. I imagine somebody’s going to have to take care of him at some point. Brandon Prust, Mike Rupp or Stu Bickel.

12) Speaking of Bickel, he didn’t sparkle like Hagelin, but I thought he handled himself quite well in his first playoff game. And Anisimov, not a rookie, was as good as he’s been in a while, as John Tortorella said.

13) Don’t underestimate those three PKs against that Ottawa PP.

14) Today’s Friday the 13th. But it’s also April 13, or the anniversary of the Rangers’ 1940 Stanley Cup clincher. Which means today it’s officially one Cup in 72 years.

15) My friend Mike Vaccaro from the Post, best sports columnist in NYC, came up with this. The last time the Rangers hosted a Game 1 of a playoff series, Derek Jeter got his 22nd and 23rd career hits that night.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan Callahan.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Carl Hagelin.
ilb2001’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brian Boyle.
2) Ryan Callahan.
3) Brad Richards — could be surprising to some, but I think he was a calming force for this young team all night long.
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  1. NJ Heat # 24 on

    Also, look who scored the most goals last night in the four playoff games? Prust say’in.

  2. Great win. Here is a video I made a few days ago (the turn around time was less than I would have likmed) and I thought you guys might enjoy it, especially after a win. Let’s Go Rangers!

  3. I don’t think Ottawa will be able to maintain the forecheck and gritty style of the players. Atleast not enough to win 4 games.

  4. Stranger Nation on

    3 lines scoring is hard to contend with and Rupper almost made it all four with his empty net attempt.

    Thought girardi was a little immobile out there and the Staal and Stralman pairing has trouble moving the puck out at times but TO by Torts helped reset their focus and the rest is game 1 history.


  5. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    TYPO – series not seires in #7.. don’t you love it when poeple point out your misteaks.

    Thank you Carp for number 14– what will it be in June

  6. I thought the ‘Yotes would get swept and Joe Micheletti thought the Rangers would get swept. Looks like we both have to eat crow this morning.

    I fully expected a loss past night. Still thought the Rangers would pull the series off but thought we would lose game 1. What a great, tone-setting game by our heroes last night.

    Anyone surprised that Hagelin wasn’t rattled by the playoff atmosphere and continued to be spectacular? Hope Chris Kreider was heeding Torts advice and watching Hags.

  7. Did Micheletti really say that Ottawa would sweep? If so, maybe he’s looking for an NHL network/NBCS job. That would be a gift…

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yo ilb , ya have to say Hank is the first star ….prust saying…

  9. I highly doubt Joe M thought the Rangers would get swept and if he was quoted as such, it was probably taken out of context…

  10. First thing I did this morning after a GREAT night at MSG was come here to read CARP’S review. Insightful as always. Not sure I agree with the overall tone. Thought the rangers were outplayed for significant portions of the game. But, they have Hank, they have heart and like so many different times this year… THEY FIND A WAY TO WIN!


    1. Cally is the epitome of a CAPTAIN. He is a heart and soul guy. Two thunderous checks on one shift. (one of them was an open ice beauty) The MSG crowd loves the guy and I loved the “CALLY” chant. Great stuff.

    2. Man was Hank good. Cool, Calm, collected. Fantastic positioning. But, he has to be careful when he tries to clear the puck. He always trys to go up on the boards and the Sens have obviously studied this. They hugged the board and kept some pucks in. Could lead to bad things if he is not careful.

    3. Man love for TORTS! Called that time out at just the right time. I stood up to watch him during the time out. He was so animated and you could tell how intently the team was listening. When they came back out on the ice, they were a DIFFERENT bunch.

    4. HAGS! Buzzing all over the ice. Amazing play to pickpocket Gilroy behind the net and feed BRich for the 4th goal. There are assists and then there are ASSISTS! That was an ASSIST!!

    5. Brian Boyle is the object of derision here so often. I absolutely love the guy. OK, the 22 goals were an aberation. But, his game is subtle and he does SO MANY important things. I think he is underappreciated here.

    6. I have been critical of Marc Staal since he came back. I thought he had a GREAT game. His stick work was fantastic. He will be so important this series since Girardi and McDonagh are out against the Spezza line. Staal was out with Alfredson who is still a VERY dangerous player.

    7. The Sens were 11-1-1 in their last 13 trips to the Garden…. MEANINGLESS!


  11. Thought our boys looked a little awed in the beginning but regained their game after Torts slapped a little “After Shave” on. I hope Boyle continues his Monster Truck tour and Hags keeps winning his NASCAR races. Favorite goal of the night was his awesome takeaway and feed to Richie who buried the gifted biscuit. Nuff said, time to tune the engine for game two.

  12. btw, I thought that (other than Callahan of course) Anisimov was our best forward in the first half of the game. He was the only guy that any determination to get the puck deep in the early going as the rest of the team looked perfectly happy to just clear the zone and let Ottawa bring the puck up again.

    I absolutely hated the way they played after Prust took that penalty in the first period. Ottawa’s defensive game is awful and we need to attack them and not sit back and defend all game. The Rangers did a terrible job early on and were constantly in their own end, but thankfully Gabby made it 2-0 and the Boyle goal took the air out of their sails…

  13. Forgot to also mention Prust who, if he continues playing like last night, deserves to be resigned for next year.

  14. Callahan’s goal was not an ugly goal. Granted it was not an end to end rush or a wrister in the top right corner. That takes skill, being in position, he didn’t have a huge opening to put it in. A true garbage goal is one where you are in front, the puck is just at your feet or a rebound and you just whack it in. This goal took some skill. Not many on the team who would have put that in from that tight a spot. Watch some replays of garbage goals.

  15. That was a good win to start off what we all hope will be the first of 16 total! They played how they have all year, hard! Great timeout by Torts last night to calm the boys down, and then all of a sudden they took over the game. Staal may have been the best I have seen him since he came back and that is going to be huge moving forward. And of course Cally getting us going with some big hits and that beautiful goal. Hank, do we need to even say anything anymore about his play?

  16. Rhode Island Ranger on


    I enjoyed your write-up this morning. Many good insights.

    But, on your annual momentum-denial hobbyhorse, you and I… and Torts and Cally and Staal and Hank and Gretzky and just about everyone else in the hockey world will just have to disagree. It’s real. We’ve all lived it.

    Perhaps your disagreement with the overwhelming majority of players and coaches (try counting how many times the word and concept are volunteered by the participants this spring!) stems from confusion over the definition of what momentum is.

    Most of us observe and experience momentum as an execution-enhancing surge in confidence resulting from recent success. It’s a psychological phenomenon with physiological implications. It can’t be bottled or quantified. It guarantees nothing. But it helps. That’s why teams and individuals are sensitive to its swings in games, series and seasons. They know when they have it and when it fades and disappears.

    You would never deny that teams and individuals occasionally suffer from the loss of confidence (ie. momentum). So, your denial of the opposite seems willfully illogical. Because the feeling often carries over from shift to shift and period to period, it frequently carries over from one game to the next- not always, but enough to be an important factor among many.

    I think reexamining your own idiosyncratic definition would eventually clear up your confusion. You seem to understand and use the term very differently from everyone else. No one else in the game claims momentum is absolute, victory-ensuring and permanent. But you do so you can drag your straw man out at playoff time and knock it down with repeated denials. There’s very good analysis in the rest of your summary, but the momentum denial stands out in its flimsy opposition to the bulk of the eyewitness testimony.

    Loved the Rangers’ win last night and also enjoy your forays into some of the semi-serious (ie. very human) aspects of the game.


  17. Good win, nice to get the first one…lets keep it going!
    I was pleased early on in the game to see Stralman just launching the puck from the point, we dont seem to do too much of that and need to do it more. Lots of rebounds but no one collected however, we need to capitalize on those in teh next games.

    Brian Boyle does equal MONSTER. Love when he plays to his “size”
    Cally, no comment needed :)

    And for all the speed that Sens posess, they sure were clutching and grabbing a lot of Ranger players throughout that game, quite a few that could/should have been called.

    POUND, POUND, POUND em down is what they need to keep doing to win this series.
    No mercy.
    Lets go Rangers!!!!

  18. Great review Carpsy, as always….so I was very happy this morning obviously and decided to mosey on over to nhl.com to read about the other games and the rangers….then I see the title “rangers hang on to win game 1″…what? as if the sens were trying to tie it with 1 minute left …down by one….I just cant stand this bullsh$$t league and their bush league moves….also…didnt see the hit on zetterberg by weber until last night…best impression of the WWE ive seen since the 80’s…how does he not get suspended for that…it wasnt even a hockey play….

  19. Good morning, boneheads!

    To me, the most important part was that they came out playing exactly like they were playing all year long, but took it to a different level.

    Brian Boyle, on top of what everyone said, was in Spezza’s face whenever he played against him. Watch Ottawa trying to avoid that much up as much as they can. Gotta to live what Torts said about Boyle’s GWG. He said Boyle was in a great defensive position ( he was above the hash marks), and pounced on a loose puck. That’s where your checking center should be when your team is up 2-0. Boyke gets it!

  20. Heave – I agree with you that Prust was great. I would already argue that he should be re-signed no matter how he plays in the playoffs!


    I wonder what Torts said (or didn’t say) during that timeout in the 2nd period. Because IMO the flavor of the game changed after that.

  22. Great win last night! I think that this whole thing where they told Kreider to watch Hagelin was not only for Kreider’s benefit but also an incentive for Hagelin to really go out there and turn it up a notch and set a good example for the new kid on the team watching from the stands. If that was the plan then give the coaches credit for having it published because Hagelin played one heck of a game.

  23. What the Rangers, and us, the fans, should really take into the next game, is how superior our defense is. The Rangers exposed Kuba first, then Gonchar a few times, including on Richards’ goal. Gilroy is susceptible to giveaways, if pounded. Karlsson is a great offensive force with excellent speed, but he may not be able to sustain the punishment the Rangers are willing to dish out. Cowan ended up at -3. Phillips is the only steady defenseman back there. Keep the forecheck, boys, and their goalie will give up a few.

  24. It’s true, ilb – I don’t really understand why, with Karlsson on their Defense, the Senators thought it was a wise idea to trade a solid Defensive D-Man for an Offensive one in Gilroy. Odd Choice.

    Which brings me to my next point – Karlsson being the favorite for the Norris. I think it’s absurd. The trophy is about offensive defenseman and nothing more. A GREAT Defenseman doesn’t have to score goals, its about the goals he prevents.

  25. real tired this morning staying up late to watch yotes.

    thoughts the rangers were solid for stretches of the game particularly last 7-8 mins of 2nd. loved the pk lat night taking spezza and karlson space away. got sloppy late allowing two. all in all like the players i feel good today but tom the nerves start back up.

    its not 1 down 15 to go. its one down 3 to go. one series at a time. stay the course as torts would say.

  26. Nice review Carp..

    Think it was lib that said the two late Sens goals were a very good thing. Gotta agree, can’t get too high too fast.

    Boyle is a monster!

  27. Btw, have you seen LB’s article from yesterday where he hinted ( strongly) that Ottawa, quite possible, lost a few games at the end of the season to get the match up against the Rangers? I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but it looks like the team certainly read it.

  28. Brooks is a moron, as we know. But that crap is SO annoying. Like any team would purposely lose to get a matchup. I would hope that as professional competitors it wouldn’t be in their nature to lose.

  29. observation from my part:
    boyle did play his size, AA and Staal played their best games.
    The Capt. played as a Capt. should best player on ice.
    Neither of you guys had Gabby as a top 3 Star? i thought he was great, beautiful goal that broke their back and he did the board work to get it.
    Hank to me looked not quite settled, he was good maybe very good not great though. The speed of Ottawa will burn us if we have a letdown, they are fast, but we are as well and we go to the dirty spots a whole lot better that why its the good guys in 5.

  30. I did, Johnnyboy. What I meant that it was a good thing since it reminded them of what could happen if they stop playing the way they should, and could, against this team. I bet you Torts is going to use that all series long.

  31. The Rangers in general seemed to be giving off the “You can’t beat us” aura the whole game. Keep it up!0

  32. Can’t teach what Gaborik has. It’s not only hands, it’s his ice awareness too. He knew exactly how much time he had, put the brakes on, telling Anderson:”OK, show me your next move”. Anderson had as much chance on this one as my Yorkie would.

  33. Great game. Sure Ottawa controlled play for a bit in the middle, and somewhat in the last 5 minutes, but you are not going to dominate teams for 60 minutes in the playoffs.

    What I was most impressed with was the way that Anisimov and Dubinsky elevated their games. The top line, Callahan, Hank, and Boyle all played the way we all expected. But, if they can get consistent pressure with three lines, it’s going to be tough for any team to beat them.

    Obviously one game means nothing…have to keep the foot on the gas. Last night reminded me of how emotionally draining the playoffs are for a fan. I was so into it, and this was only the first game.

  34. bull dog line on

    I agree that Staal was much more engaged last night, but he was far out of position on both Sens goal. I thought AA had the best legs on the team early. he really played well. Hank seemed nervous early, but really settled in.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Speed through the neutral zone? Sens in 5? Guarantee of 0-1? Eddie Shore? Old time hockey?

  36. Yea I blew it by not only predicting a loss last night but assuming and assuring that we would lose game 1. OOPS

  37. Sioux-per-man on

    Happy Friday the 13th. 1 down 15 to go. Great Day to be a Ranger Fan!!!

    About as nice a first game win as a team could have. I was pulling for Hank to shut them out, but Alfie goal was bang, bang, off the post and in. The was a puck luck goal if there ever was one, but by that time the game over. Perhaps the team let off the pressure just a bit.

    Carp #14 – wow that was a kick in the balls. It does surprises me how long it really has been. Then you look at this team, and see where we are today, and what we could add over the summer, and how strong we could be for several years to come. Just to look at today . . . and how special this team could be THIS year if they play like last night……. oh this could be the year.

    Carp – To look at the odds of number #14 and try to use them to my advantage. I always buy a ticket in July when Im in Vegas for the WSOP. I always buy a ticket on the blueshirts, not alot, but as loyal Bonehead I feel its my duty, and tell myself “This Could be the Year” But this year after the news of signing Richards I put down my entry fee for the day. In July this team was at 40-1. So I bought a ticket, and a book, spent the whole day by the pool with the wife, and she goes don’t you have a tournament today? Nope not today… :)

    Today is 1 win. . . . as I say to myself . . . This could be the year.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    In all seriousness, they played a perfect 50 minutes. The last 10 they took their foot off the gas a little bit, especially in the defensive zone. Alfredssen’s goal was a thing of beauty, but there was no reason he should have been all alone in front like that. Same for the 2 on 1 down low on Condra’s goal. PS, Nick Foligno: Ranger Killer. Condra is becoming one too. He had that dirty goal against Lundqvist earlier this season, and this was also nice. Very rarely does a shooter get Lundqvist to move first, and he was able to do that.

    But after both Ottawa goals, Alfie’s in particular, did the crowd at MSG make my night. Cheering for Lundqvist after getting scored on was just so classy, and it’s not something I would expect from the crowd at the Garden these days. It’s not just the team on the ice that has changed…

  39. I also had a lot of fun re-enacting the Weber-Zetterberg incident last night. And I got in a long discussion about Levon Helm. All around – awesome night.

  40. Stranger Nation on

    Torts is going to have to roll all 4 lines and 6 D in this series to keep the legs fresh – depth is now a problem on back line and also up front, only big John Scott and the ‘second coming’ to bring out.

    Dubi had such a see-saw game with mental gaffes followed by solid offensive zone board work. Kept throwing puck down the ice for icings on D, but on O was scraping along boards and maintaining possession.

    Not to get on the ref conspiracy bandwagon, but those officials were horrible last night – Karlsson tripping Artie in front before Boyler’s goal, Neil on 4 or 5 occasions tripping, slashing, or interfering.

    One particular strategy late in game was is Sens posting man in middle of PP to screen PK forward from getting over to block shots, ingenious, but illegal strategy.

    Karlsson is absolutely horrendous on D, especially in front of goal and very active with the stick in a Letang kind of way. More of a forward than a D man – led team in shots with a Jason Spezza on the team. Need to keep putting the body on him and he will fold up like a deck chair.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    “real tired this morning staying up late to watch yotes.”

    Me too man. I’m just glad St. Louis and San Jose wasn’t on the west coast or I’d be in rela trouble today.

  42. great Win!!! 1 down and 15 to go to the promised land. Nice to see the balanced scoring from all 3 lines!! Let’s win Saturday!

  43. czechthemout!!!! on

    Great win! A few thoughts.

    They did not play all that well until the timeout. I thought they were really outplayed for apathetic chunk of the first period and a half.

    Tough game for Mdz . He played nervously out there. Did not make quick decisions on the defense and the PP. Also didn’t shoot when he had the chance. Hopefully it is only first game gutters.

    Excellent game by Strahlman. He did not play like of was his first playoff game. I love the fact that he took every opportunity to take a shot from the point.

    McD and Girardi were excellent as well.

    Welcome back Marc Staal! We really need you.

    Bickel was solid ing small amount of time he played.

    What else can you say about Cally? He has been a favorite of mine from the time I watched his play in the WJC and later QE a member of the Wolfpack.

    Big game for BiG BAD BOYLE!!!

    Hagelin was Hagelin again after a five game absence. Probably because of fatigue.

    The first line all played well and were what need to be for us to to have a chance to win the Cup.

    His Royal highness performed like his regal self.

    And Torts showed why he is such a great coach .

    All in all, I am very pleased this morning but it is still very early.

  44. Point 15. “Mike Vaccaro from the Post, best sports columnist in NYC….” Besides your insights, I couldn’t agree more. I have communicated on more than one occasion with Mike about his columns and he always respects the point of view, comment or question and responds back. Nice to know I have good taste in two of NYC’s elite sports columnists.

  45. I think we can write off both goals that Ottawa scored because we were playing prevent defense and prevent defense ALWAYS makes the losing team look like their dominating play.

  46. Point #10… “In other, simpler (slower) words, nothing that happened last night is going to matter tomorrow, or carry into tomorrow. Nothing.”… if that was the case than why the emphasis on Boyle sending messages and getting physical with Karlsson? If nothing matters going forward than why would that stuff matter?

  47. the two late goals meant nothing. what the Rangers did last night certainly will carry over into Saturday. up to them to maintain it, though.

  48. I think a more accurate assessment would be that momentum exists from shift-to-shift and game to game, but things that can shift the momentum can happen so easily and quickly that it is often inaccurate to assume that the momentum one team gained in a given victory will in any way propel them to the next one. Just as the Rangers will come out confident and hitting and buzzing tomorrow night, maybe the Sens get a lucky break, go up 1-0 and suddenly they have the momentum.

    Saying it doesn’t exist is tough – just ask the 2007 team that was 7 seconds away from coming home up 3-2 on top seeded Buffalo if that tying goal by Drury and the winner by Afingenov had no bearing on the outcome of the series – you could see it in all of their faces, the series was lost that night and they never recovered. And considering the team ran right out and signed Drury, it actually took this orgabnization 4 years to recover.

  49. Stralman leads the NHL in plus minus +3!

    I think its best not to get ahead of ourselves, with the victory, we have earned at least 4 more opportunities to watch our Blueshirts this season.

  50. Carp, a little confused. You say the Sens may not want to handle the violence and grit for 7 games. Doesn’t that imply the Rangers got in their head with their game style and it will impact the next game? Isn’t that momentum? You don’t think teams get beaten mentally when they’re beaten physically and that forces them to back down as the games go on that way?

  51. Great game & great time. I met Billybleedsblue & his Dad, Another Tony from AZ & his wife, & of course Mama & Carp.
    Also had a $15 Pastrami sangwich !! But I guess it was worth it because we got a tee shirt & a towel.

  52. i thought Gaborik deserved a star. He played a great game last night. Defensively and offensively.

    Game two is even more important than game one! Gotta be ready!

  53. I put on the t-shirt but I threw the towel in the garbage as soon as I got off the escalator.

  54. Guys – North Korea rocket launch was a failure. This does NOT bode well for the Rangers.

  55. Please, you guys who don’t seem to understand what I’m saying about this: give me just one example in all the playoffs — other than the historical comebacks from 0-4 — where what happened in one game caused the result in the next game.

    I go back to ’94 … where was the momentum in the Devils’ series? Where was it in the Vancouver series? Non existent. Let’s see tonight if Philly’s “momentum: carries the Flys over Pittsburgh again.

    Obviously, RIR has a comprehension problem, and historically a problem with anything I try to pass on. So he doesn’t count.

  56. I was saying to my wife last night that in Hockey momentum doesn’t exist because there are days in between the games where your emotions can rebound and instead of feeling down you can feel determined. You are only as good as your goalie’s next start

  57. I think there are certain cases in which momentum can carry over, but in most situations, I dont think it does.

    With the 2007 Buffalo series, something great happens for one team and something completely dejecting happens to the other team, and momentum can carry over.

    But last night, I fully expected Chicago to win after tying the game so late, because I thought the in-game momentum was Chicago’s. And I believe if Chicago won the game after tying it with 14 seconds left, the series was over in favor of Chicago.

  58. bull dog line on

    I agree about momentum, with the exception of how you lose the previous game. if you blow a lead in a game 5, and lose in overtime, there may be a carry over. if you just lose the game 4 – 2, I agree, there probably is no carry over.

  59. I agree bulldog. If the losing team loses in devastating fashion, the winning team wins in unbelievable fashion.

  60. do you think in Philly-Pitt tonght that Philly has any kind of advantage because of what happened in Game 1 …

    another notion to dispell: that the Rangers have to roll four lines. There’s not a chance they will roll four lines. That chance got slimmer last night when Prust took the dumb offensive-zone penalty, and when that line got pinned for half an hour by Alfredsson’s line.

  61. bull dog line on

    thats why I picked a game 5 Carp,
    I do not think there is a carry over from a game 1.

  62. I didn’t realize how bad Ottawa’s D was.I know Anderson is a hot and cold goalie but their D did not look very good.This is actually very good for the Rangers sometime stagnant offense.I wish they would have kept pressing and won 6-0.That defenitely would have been a nice statement.But like Carp said,Saturday is a whole new game.Seemed like the Garden was a rocking.

  63. bull dog line on

    so if there is a game 7 Manny, you would rather play it in Ottawa? completely disagree. you fight all season long to get home ice just for a game 7 situation.

  64. Well, bull dog, I think the Rangers have a better record on Ottawa’s ice than they do at home and the Senators have a worse record on their own ice than they do at MSG, accordingly.

    Last time I checked the ice at MSG blew. Also, who knows if the Knicks will play the day of our Game 7 and maybe they are going for their 31st win and a .456 winning percentage. That might make the start time of the Rangers game 1:00AM or later.

  65. Hey All,
    A friend of mine bought my tickets for tomorrow nights game but he may not be able to make it now so if anyone is interested let me know. Real good price. ajp9977@msn.com

  66. Manny- I beg to differ. NY is 1-0 against Ottawa in the *playoffs* at MSG all-time. And 0-0 in Ottawa.

  67. … also check records for home vs. away teams in Game 7s in recent years. I don’t think it’s tilted toward the home teams.

  68. Great point, Ilb. I stand corrected. Let’s blow up the Ottawa arena (when no one is in it and make sure we hurt no people) so we have to play all four (*4*) games at MSG

  69. Good point, Carp. I dont think Game 1 will have any effect on the rest of the Philly Pittsburgh series.

    Yes, bulldog, youre 100% right. Home ice advantage means little, but teams play all year to get that possible Game 7 at home. The Bruins pounding the Canucks last year was an aberration, not the norm.

  70. This isn’t Football. In football home field advantage is HUGE. In baseball it can play to the team that has the team better suited to the park. Hockey? Home Ice = *0* importance.

    Unless you’re the Caps and you’re used to piped in extra noise!

    Watch out everybody! They might wave their stupid towels! That will distract the away team.

  71. I’m SO over this momentum conversation… it’s so 2011 Playoffs.

    More important topic: You’re at karaoke. With your crush. What do you sing?


  72. But you could say football doesnt have any home advantage either, Manny.

    Right off the top of my head, the Giants in 2007-08, the Packers in 2010-11, and the Giants in 2011-12 had to win 8 total playoff road games to reach the Super Bowl.

  73. bull dog line on

    game 7’s in the final are heavily tilted toward the him team. I think it is 11 and 3 for the home team.

  74. 3 of the last 5 SB champions have had to win multiple road games to reach the SB. The only team I know that never loses a home game, the Patriots, have lost 2 playoff home games in the last 4 years, to the Ravens and to loser Rex Ryan and the Jets.

  75. More importantly, is there a momentum as far as talking about *momentum* from one playoff year to another? Because I can vividly recall having exactly the same conversation last year about it. Including pretty much same participants. With exactly same amount of success.

    I’d me more interested in Tiki’s opinion about Chris Kreider. Considering his place of birth, that is.

  76. Did Levon pass? I was speaking to my friend Jorma yesterday (who has worked with Levon) and he told me how sick Levon has been. I went to google and didn’t see anything about it? Levon is a giant! God Bless…

  77. ilb, and by the way, Laurel was telling me that when I was explaining to mrs ilb why I watch games on mute because of biased commentary, you and Mama were laughing and saying “mrs ilb doesnt know who she’s talking to!!” You punk!!! :)

  78. bull dog line on

    I did not participate in last seasons momentum discussion, ilb. this is my first time. and i have added nothing, since my opinion is right down the middle on it.

  79. Levon is sick again? I thought he beat the throat cancer, learned to sing again and was rocking and rolling?

  80. eddie eddie eddie on

    great game…..rangers have all the momentum going into game 2….

    rangers in 3

  81. Game 7s in the Stanley Cup Finals history is 12-4 home team. A 75% win percentage. I think Ill take my Game 7 of the Finals at home, thank you very much!

  82. Sally –

    “What a Difference You’ve Made in My Life – Ronnie Milsap” or “Country Grammar – Nelly”

  83. I didn’t mean you specifically, bull dog….Or at all. But I was expecting you to come out this morning and praise Anisimov’s play last night, even though he was your whipping boy all year. And you didn’t disappoint. You did the same about Staal last year too, iirc.

  84. eddie eddie eddie on

    yev – did your freind Jorma play in bands called Jefferson Airplane and later Hot Tuna?

  85. I was SO pissed that MSG didn’t show the anthems. They get me in the mood for playoff games! Carp, can you fix that?

    It doesn’t make any sense to me. They’ll show the anthems in Game 23 against the Florida Panthers when the East Timorese U-14 Gospel Choir is in town, but not Game 1 of the playoffs with the legend John Amirante?

  86. eddie eddie eddie on

    i thought AA played a great game…so did Fedtank…and i gave up on him mid season…he has a lot in the tank come playoff time it seems…cause he sure was great last year against the craps too…

  87. bull dog line on

    AA did not have a good regular season, and i gave that as an opinion. he was very good last night, so I gave that as an opinion. I don’t mind being wrong about a player I may have knocked, I want them to succeed.

  88. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – i knew after last year’s game 4 where the rangers blew the 3-0 lead and lost in 2OT that game 5 was NO CHANCE….the rangers were done emtionally after game 4…there was some carry over there…dont you think?….i think so, regardless

  89. I’m a lot more in the NoMo camp, if I had to choose, but it’s basically an argument that can’t be proved either way and people’s opinions on it are always going to be plagued by confirmation bias.

  90. What do you guys think of the non-interference call on Logan Couture in the Sharks-Blues game? He set a big time pick which led to Havlat’s winner.

  91. eddie eddie eddie on

    LW – sorry, but momentum does exist and can be proven…it is equal to mass times velocity

    the mass of the ranger team (their collective weight divided by gravity) multiplied by their skating velocity translates into big MO

  92. Rhode Island Ranger on

    “Obviously, RIR has a comprehension problem, and historically a problem with anything I try to pass on. So he doesn’t count.” -Carp


    I don’t have any comprehension problem. Quite to the contrary, my difficulty is that I’ve read you’re momentum-denial theory too carefully and I assume you’re serious. Maybe you’re really just having us on.

    Spelling out your definition of momentum clearly would be helpful because then it would be clear to everyone that you insist on an understanding of it that no one else shares. As long as you insist on momentum as the only, irresistible factor in the outcome of the next shift, period or playoff game, you can dismiss it with vigorous hand waving. But everyone else defines it as one (desirable) factor among many that determine who wins a seven-game series.

    The scientific community has published hundreds of studies on the tangible benefits of momentum (ie. confidence from recent success) for performance on mental and physical tests. It’s simply not in dispute except in your playoff rhetoric.

    Since momentum is a psychological phenomenon with physiological implications it can often carry on from moment to moment in games and beyond. Of course, PP strategy matters too!

  93. If the fourth line is going to receive limited ice time…I would like to see Kreider on the ice…his speed may back off the Sens D and give the other 4 Rangers on the Ice a bit more skating room

  94. RIR- we are bringing up a scientific community now too? And physiology? I’m in. Can you cite a single specific study you’re referring to?

  95. Really? You want Kreider to get onto the fourth line? You realize that the fourth line is a checking line. Kreider is going to come in and help shut down the Senators offense and possibly add secondary scoring? It’s *not* happening. He isn’t ready for this. College is WAY different than NHL

  96. eddie eddie eddie on

    LW – why do you the devils won all of those cups…

    RIR – i side with you…..tremendous psychological and emotional support result when positive results are in the near present…

    Henry Ford said “if you think you can, you just might, but if you think you cant, you surely wont”

  97. I dont really care enough to get into a back and forth discussion regarding momentum, but Ill point out this. Players and coaches are always talking about momentum, in all sports. Most recently, last night after the game, Callahan spoke of THE TIMEOUT, and the message received was that Ottawa had the momentum and they wanted to take back the momentum.

  98. eddie eddie eddie on

    ILB – here is a cite….you are playing the best 3 of 5 in a tennis match….you lose 7-6, 7-6, you really think you are able to come out in the third full of hope, after losing 2 close tiebreakers?….very few pros on tour comeback…only the strongest mentally….

    the rangers were donr in game four last year after the caps tied it….there was no way the rangers were going to win that game in OT…you could see it on their faces…

  99. Sorry, Latona. I actually agree with you. I have seen a lot of what I would call “picks” getting allowed these days.

  100. I agree with the emotional side of the game. Players are human. Theyre affected by circumstances as all of us are. But I dont think human emotions have anything to do with the momentum discussion.

    I just heard Gaborik use the momentum word three times in his Giannone interview, haha!

  101. Tiki – that is momentum *within* the game. I don’t think anyone was debating that type of momentum.

  102. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – its not a medical issue, its a pyschological and emotional issue and unless ilb has a phd. in psychologogy, and a trained psychaitrist, he is no more qualified to comment than anyone else on this…

  103. Psychology isn’t my field. But when you talk about science, you need to back it up with studies. My initial search of UpToDate produced this:


    Pay attention to two separate phrases:
    1. “Within the academic sport psychology community, it is probably fair to say the jury is still out (Crust & Nesti 2006).”
    2.”I have found no research that explores the importance of psychological momentum to the result.”

    The author did a good amount of published studies and found nothing to support or refute the notion. And it is his field of science. So what are you referring to, RIR?

  104. Fourth line kept getting trapped and offered little IMO…so while I realize the college game is different and having watched many Cornell games with Moulson and Murray playing… I still think Kreider doesntdowngrade the line.

  105. Bwahahaha. Remember when you guys said Ilb would know? It’s interesting though that ilb would be useless because he doesn’t have a *phD* in psych. Who does around here?

  106. if Mitchell’s only going to play 4:59, I’d just as soon see Tortorella skate with the team

  107. eddie eddie eddie on

    ok – carryover…..andy roddick has lost many many close, long matches to federer…..lets say the next tournament, roddick is playing tremendous tennis…he feels great, moving great, seeing the ball…..regardless of his past history with federer, his own MO from the previous matches that tourney will give him hope as to winning against fereder…

  108. I think we should contain the momentum argument to HOCKEY and not just bring in all sports

  109. eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – this doesnt exactly back carp’s claim either…

    Pay attention to two separate phrases:
    1. “Within the academic sport psychology community, *it is probably fair to say the jury is still out* (Crust & Nesti 2006).”

  110. No, it doesnt matter about Roddick’s personal momentum. Roddick aint beating Federer in a Grand Slam event even if he has all the *momentum* in the world.

    Btw, Roddick just recently beat Federer in Miami at the Sony Ericsson Open LOL

  111. Rhode Island Ranger on


    For those of us who don’t specialize in the field, the archive at Psychology Today provides dozens of articles that digest the experimental findings on the benefits of confidence (justified or not) for performance.

    As a head shrinker yourself, you’re well aware of the consensus on the issue. But here’s a very recent and pertinent one if you want to refresh:

    “Snappy Answers: In-Group Status Perception and Blog Sycophant Reaction Time” (Ulyanov & Bronshtein, 2011)


  112. It’s true, Tiki – even if the tournament is Wimbledon and the tie break ends up 16-14.

  113. Federer could be 90 years old in a wheelchair and Roddick aint beating him in a grand slam!! ;)

  114. eddie eddie eddie on

    many athletes that train with a psychologist all the advice centers around being positive, staying in the moment, and remembering past successes and what that felt like…if you have a dry well with recent success, and a lot of recent failure, it is tough to be positive…hence a lack of your own momentum

  115. Eddie- you missed the point. I have no idea about psychology, not my field. But I am a scientist and now how to do literature search. My response was to RIR posting of:

    “The scientific community has published hundreds of studies on the tangible benefits of momentum (ie. confidence from recent success) for performance on mental and physical tests. It’s simply not in dispute except in your playoff rhetoric.”

    I did a simple literature search and apparently there is not enough studies published, let alone “hundreds …on the tangible benefits of momentum” to support or refute that notion.

  116. eddie eddie eddie on

    i dont need a study to tell that when i am playing well (tennis/chess) i feel unbeatable…..similarly when i am not playing well, it is much harder to go into the next match/game confidently…

    to me it is common sense

  117. eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb = i thought you posted a study that said re: Mo, the jury was out…my bad

  118. eddie, I agree with your 12:57 post except for the last word being momentum. I dont think psychology has anything to do with momentum.

    When I think of momentum, I think of it being in the moment.

    So in essence, when I said earlier that Pitt wont be affected by their Game 1 loss to Philly, I just think that Pitt is the better team and wont allow the Game 1 loss to get into their heads. And I thought if Chicago won last night in overtime, I think that Phoenix isnt a good enough team to not allow the loss to affect them mentally.

  119. Yes, RIR, that tactic will certainly cement your point. I’d suggest next time, instead of posting general, narcissistic statements to support your desire to prove your point by referring to a science, use the scientific evidence. Or, if you can’t, simply say it’s your opinion. Nothing wrong with that.

  120. eddie eddie eddie on

    but tiki – that emotional boost translates into a feeling that is almost omnipotent….when you are playing well it will carry over….sure the pens feel as tho they have a great chance in game 2….but lets say that in game 2, the pens are up 3-0 and the flyers tie it up and send it into OT…you dont think MAF is getting nervous simply because of what happened in game 1?

    i say in this case there is a trickle effect…and i classify it as momentum…..the flyers even down in game 2 – can recall what went on in game 1…there is carryover…

  121. I was watching Tiki! Thank god the office has a flat screen in one of the board rooms. Now I can run back and forth all day.,

    Really nice ceremony for Hip-Hip-Jorge Posada!

  122. eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – i am tune with science as well…i have an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, and my graduate degree is in applied mathematics….this is more of a social science….more pyschology based…..so basically, whatever point one wants to make uses whatever statistics they need…..not so scientific actually….

  123. Rhode Island Ranger on


    I suggest you get out of the habit of butting into my discussions with Carp. State your opinion on the issue like everyone else. Or better yet, get your momentum-denier friend to define his terms so we can all meet the straw man.

    For the record, your suck-up bias distorted your search. There is voluminous scientific literature on the benefits of confidence for mental and physical tasks. On beating the Sens in hockey? Not so much yet.

  124. You work in an office that has keeps the Yankees game on?!?!?

    I need to work where u work!!!!! You bastage!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. No way, Tiki. This place is h-e-double-hockey-sticks. I promise. I listen to baseball mostly. Love the radio. And with MLB Gameday I can listen to the broadcast of the opposing announcers and avoid The Waldman and Sterling Road Show.

    So much fighting for a victory day!

  126. Can you produce a *SINGLE* study, RIR?
    And I will interject in any discussion I feel I want too, since it’s on the blog, no? It’s a free country. Especially if someone talks about science without having a real clue about it. I find it highly offensive for a scientific community.

  127. You know what I wish has *momentum?* The relationship of Sally and her new beau!

    LMAO, Manny!

  128. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – i really believe in momentum…from game to game —-match to match….i know you dont…..but i think it exists…

  129. eddie eddie eddie on

    i would argue that confidence and emotional well-being which do carry over from game to game, match to match, is just another name for momentum…it is an absolute that win game 1, you win game 2…no one is saying that,,,,but going into game 2, you feel have to feel good about your prospects in the next game compared to the team or player that loses….

  130. Stranger Nation on

    momentum [moh-men-tuhm] ? noun, plural mo·men·ta ?[-tuh]

    1. force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events: The car gained momentum going downhill. Her career lost momentum after two unsuccessful films.

    2. Also called linear momentum. Mechanics . a quantity expressing the motion of a body or system, equal to the product of the mass of a body and its velocity, and for a system equal to the vector sum of the products of mass and velocity of each particle in the system.

    I think it is semantics. In a pragmatic way, everyone is right and wrong because the word has been misapplied. Is it confidence, as in, are the Rangers more confident after their win, that is a fair statement. However the confidence can be lowered if they come out and lay an egg in period 1 of game 2 (we know, that will not happen…)

    It is a moot point and unworthy argument which has very little hockey relevance IMHO.

    More importantly, what nickname can we bestow upon the hated Chris Neil

  131. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – i dont think RIR is being a donkey…your words

    :10) Even though one of you in particular, maybe more, disagree, there is no momentum between playoff games. In other, simpler (slower) words, nothing that happened last night is going to matter tomorrow, or carry into tomorrow. Nothing. The Rangers aren’t going to win Game 2 because of the way they played last night, and Ottawa’s not going to lose Game 2 because of tonight, and vice versa. Is that simple enough?

    are lined with sarcasm that looks to me like a personal attack …prust sayin

  132. Roddick loses to Federer because he’s not as good. The Caps won game 5 last year because they were a better team.

    Whether or not momentum is significant or tangible, the effect is swamped by more important factors, so it’s a bit pointless to my non-scientific mind to try and attribute results to it.

  133. Carp. Do you think hat if Anderson has another so-so game again, the Sens may consider Bishop for Game 3? Not that Anderson was bad at all, he just seemed to be a bit out of position on some of the goals and got a little lucky with some of the Rangers’ misses.

  134. Oh Tiki… :p

    Had a Mike’s Sangwich for lunch: scrambled eggs, cheese, & cream cheese on a toasted everything bagel. Not so healthy, but SO yummy.

  135. If anyone is interested in game 5 next sat april 21st my friend in front of me selling his pair for $300. $150 per tix. Face is $109. Section 330. Email me baum27@aol.com. Higher on stubhub

  136. eddie eddie eddie on

    lw – yes, the caps were a better team…but do you think game 5 would have been such an ugly game for the rangers had they won game 4? I dont….the rangers were DOA in game 5

  137. bull dog line on

    man you guys took a fun debate on momentum and turned it into the most boring exchange I have ever read here.

  138. CraigWeather on

    Okay, I have GOT to jump into this. Who here remembers our 1st playoff series vs the Devils after the lockout? Granted, the Devils DID own us up until the following year…. But I’ll never forget how awful we looked going INTO the playoffs. That awful momentum undoubtedly continued on into that series as we were swept by our crosstown rivals. Nevertheless, here’s my theory- momentum, positive or negative will shape the outcome of an event ONLY if you let it. Playoff success comes from thick skin.

  139. I take offense to that Mama! Who would u rather have if you got the chance, the Bruce or the Tiki?

  140. Yes! Good one, Sally. Charlie’s ability to sweat is unreal. Some other gems

    “I ate a little cheese….about a wheel”

    “I’m a full-on-rapist”

    “Some jerk in the bathroom wouldn’t give me his shirt”

  141. “How’s about I clear out the coat room and you guys hit it in there while the milk is boiling.”

  142. Oh that is also a relevant episode, Sally! Because of the hornet thing.

    “I think you can get milk from hornets”

    “No, you can’t.”

    “There’s no science to back that up.”

  143. Eddie

    Maybe, maybe not. I don’t think it proves anything any more than the Rangers winning Game 3 proves the opposite.

  144. Ahhhhhh…..back to normal here….lovely!!!

    tiki, I think we all know the answer to that question….:) sorry pal!

  145. Call me crazy, but I think the team that plays better and scores more goals is going to win the series.

  146. Eddie Eddie Eddie:

    My friend Jorma is in fact, that Jorma. He is playing a concert in ohio tomorrow night with Levon’s long time guitarist Larry Campbell.

  147. “There’s some sort of weird chemical reaction that happens when you combine catfood, beer and glue. It makes you feel like, extremely sick and tired and you’re able to fall asleep.”

  148. Oh boy, just realized I will not be home for game 2….taking the wifey out for her b-day dinner, then staying over her mother’s. Do I ignore the score, DVR, and try to watch later that night? DVR at home and watch on Sunday? Follow the game on the phone? Try to convince my wife to go to a sports bar after dinner??

  149. “I’ll tell you what, let me pop a quick ‘H’ on the box… This way we’ll all know it’s full of hornets.”

  150. “If animals have taught me anything, it’s that you can easily die and very quickly under a bus and on the side of the road.”

  151. “But if I’m being honest my problem is less with the fact he is drinking and more that he is doing it without me. And then I start thinking, what’s wrong with me? Am I not fun to drink with?”

  152. Rhode Island Ranger on

    “RIR, why do you have to be such a donkey?” -Carp

    In this disagreement with you over your all-or-nothing, experience-denying declaration that momentum does not exist, I began civilly, reasonably intelligently and without any ad hominem. Rather than resorting to “because I say so”, I tried to argue from experience, observation and overwhelming player and coach testimony. An honest review of your response will find you getting snippy first. That’s fine. It’s your backyard.

    But, I confess to taking your wild claim seriously. I also confess to enjoying argument as much as the crazy characters from the classic Monty Python sketch. I also confess to not liking the professional buttinskis who won’t argue their own position but, instead, act as semi-official thought police.

    I really do think, though, that given your very strong and unusual denial of momentum as a factor in playoff series, you ought to define the term as you understand it. If you don’t want to, I understand. I’ll check back later just in case.


  153. Hmm, dinner reservations at 7:15, may not get out until the 3rd period. She may want to go to a movie after, since we don’t get out much with two kids. I may be able to squeeze the 3rd period in between, but what if the game goes to OT? Did I mention she’s not really a sportsfan? Not that she dislikes them, but she’s just not really into them.

  154. look back last night just before 3 a.m.
    Mama has a GREAT STORY
    about one of this board’s favorite Rangers

    and Mama
    i thought you’d do things the Right Way!

  155. Gravy, face the facts….you’re screwed :)

    Off to salvage what’s left of this beautiful day…..later all!

  156. as far as bringing up Levon Helm
    he’s been off and on ill
    i know they had to postpone some of his
    Rambles because of it.

    haven’t heard a recent status.
    wish him well.

  157. “Why do we never play ‘nightcrawlers’ anymore huh?”

    The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention episode is probably my favorite of all time, after the Nightman episodes.

  158. jpg, in hindsight, I should have blown off the train and asked to share the cab since I was “heading his way”……

  159. Carp.

    Disagree with your statement that it will be 1-1 after Saturday. If Rangers score first it will be 2-0 going back. Rangers have too much for this team and seem plenty motivatied. They did not even play at their best.

  160. SALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    one of the reasons i was up so late last night
    watching that end of that episode of Sunny

    maybe some day, i too, will become a phil. philan. philanthropist

  161. Gravy could do I what I do with my lady! Slap her in the behind and tell her if I miss my game, you aint gettin’ any later!

  162. Dennis: Let’s talk about your likes and dislikes. Umm…how about your favorite food, what would that be?
    Charlie: Oh, milk-steak.
    Dennis and Mac: (simultaneously) Hmm?
    Dennis: What?
    Charlie: Milk-steak.
    Dennis: I’m not putting milk-steak.
    Mac: Just put regular steak and then-
    Charlie: Don’t put regular steak, put milk-steak, she’ll know what it is.
    Dennis: No she won’t know what it is! Nobody knows what that is. Okay, alright what’s your favorite hobby?
    Charlie: Uhh…magnets.
    Dennis: Wha-like making magnets, collecting magnets?
    Mac: Playing with magnets?
    Charlie: Just magnets.
    Dennis: I’m just gonna put snowboarding. We’ll just put snowboarding.
    Charlie: I don’t really snowboard.
    Dennis: What are some of your likes?
    Charlie: Uhh…ghouls
    Mac: Son of a …. What are you talking about?
    Charlie: Just funny little green ghouls.
    Dennis: W-What like in movies, or in cartoons?
    Charlie: Little green ghoul buddies!
    Mac: Don’t write ghouls!
    Dennis: I’m not! I’m putting travel! Jesus Christ, what are your dislikes?
    Charlie: People’s knees.
    Dennis: Oh come on dude! Come on!
    Mac: Bro, you gotta be kid-you know what we’ll just make it all up.
    Dennis: We’ll make the whole thing up.
    Mac: We’ll doctor the picture.
    Dennis: We aren’t even going to use you for this.
    Charlie: Cover your knees up if you’re gonna be walking around everywhere.

  163. Mama, definitely should have held off on reservations until the playoff schedule was out. Of course, there was plenty of speculation that there would be a game on Saturday, so it’s just poor all around planning on my part.

    Perhaps the meal will make up for it. I may have to forego beer for wine. Life sure throws you some curveballs….or would deflected shots be more appropriate?

  164. Heard that Colie Campbell voiced his displeasure that the Flyers beat the Penguins and that every Flyer player was fined $25,000. He warned that the fines will increase with each win.

  165. Dee: Stop wearing clothes you find washing up under bridges.
    Charlie: Oh they’re boiled. We boil all our denim.

  166. Carp can you just calm my fears that something happened last night in the lockerroom or on the ice that we didnt see that caused Torts to not play the 4th line? He didnt sound happy with them, in particular Mitchell and Rupp. Though Prust played only 8 mins too.

  167. RESERVATIONS? Mrs knows to not even bring that word up until she checks the playoff schedule.

  168. I think there may be only one solution….”date night” at the Garden and prime rib sangwiches.

  169. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    my three stars
    1) Cally
    2) Boyle
    3) Joe M—for basically telling sam to shut the hell up about baseball it’s Rangers playoff hockey!!

  170. Dont think Torts toys with the notion of Kredier breaking the lineup unless they lose….but I honestly dont see what the difference would be if he plays for Mitchell….since Mitchell has been nonexistant lately, he has to be an upgrade….

  171. eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – is 230 thompson, the home of an old book store/chess shop? i am sure i have been in there if it is the old place i am thinking of…..when i am in the city…i hang out at the marshall chess club on west 10th street…do you know it?

  172. Lev, they were pinned for half an hour by the Alfredsson line and Prust took a bad offensive zone penalty, so I don’t think he was thrilled with the fourth line …

    and I think he was less thrilled with the question that was more of a statement about him “rolling four lines” because he clearly didn’t roll four lines. He played his fourth line some early, and a little more once it was 4-0, but he clearly did not roll four lines.

  173. eddie eddie eddie on

    yev – your friend jorma is one one of the sweetest guitar players this world has ever seen

  174. To be clear, I think he was angrier with the person who asked the question than he was with the fourth line.

  175. I was only kidding, Gravy! I treat my lady like a queen, because she is a queen!

    Wow, mrs ilb knows her stuff!

  176. Yup, Eddie, I do. Mrs and I went to 230 because we arrived for dinner too early. I havent played for months. Did ok. Some good players there. Fun area in general if you like chess.

  177. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    I would also like to give kirk maltby honourable mention for his great goaltending against the bruins last night in honour of ILB!!

    he is also a great shot blogger!!!

  178. eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – chess is the greatest use of time in the world…..i know you have met Kasparov….you know that 4ever’s brother was good friends with misha tal, yes?

  179. if I’m Torts, I’m not thrilled with the way this team played last night … seriously.

    it was amateur-hour at times. That “pinned down for half-hour” that CARP mentioned is right on the money … it was bush-league-at-its-finest

  180. Ive challenged ilb to chess matches before, but Im pretty sure he doesnt wanna get pulverized by Timsanity!

    LOL Gravy. You got that right!

  181. Eddie Eddie Eddie:

    I couldn’t agree more! I have been studying with jorma once a year out in 0hio since 1998 when he opened up an incredible music camp. If you are a fan of his music, send me an email address and I will send you a link of me playing some of his tunes. You might enjoy it! :-)

  182. eddie eddie eddie on

    yev – i last saw jorma play new years eve in Oakland….2003 or so…he and jack cassidy, playing as hot tuna, opened up for the dead (minus jerry of course)…

  183. BIG fan of the Band. i get into moods and just can’t stop listening.
    lucky enough to see Levon play at Bonnaroo several years ago.
    still give mrs. jpg grief that she didn’t check it out.

  184. btw
    if someone’s in touch w/ Mama
    tell her Bruce is hitting baseball stadiums this fall
    and if someone’s in touch w/ Tony from AZ
    Furthur plays Vegas on Oct. 4

  185. “I still don’t understand how “solid as a rock” helps people forget that we built homes in Iraq”

  186. Czechthemout!!! on


    Mitchell is border line NHL player in the regular season. In the playoffs, when everyone steps up their game, a guy like Mitchell is even more of a liability.

    In Rupp’s case, he is a way past his prime goon who is very slow and is a very big liability on the ice in the regular season. In the playoffs, his lack of foot speed is even more apparent.

    Prust on the other hand is a very capable fourth line player who also happens to be a very good penalty killer. He is the perfect fourth line NHL player and guys like him tend to score a big goal every now and then in the playoffs. He can also drop the gloves against a piece of trash like Neil and take care of business.

    If they had another option instead of Mitchell on the fourth line, I would be all for it. But they don’t. So to me, the right move is to sit Rupp,drop Feds to the fourth line and play Kreider with Boyle and Dubi. You can then at least roll four lines while dramatically increase the scoring of the third line. Who knows that could still happen perhaps as soon as tomorrow or game three.

  187. jpg and eddie eddie eddie:

    I just sent you guys an email. Enjoy! :-)

    jpg, been a big jorma/tuna fan since the mid 70’s. Been studying at the Fur peace with Jorma since 1998 and have become friends with him over the years. Great guy! And of course one hell of a player!

  188. I agree with Carp here. Momentum is an invented term by analysts and talk show hosts because they need something to talk about. Same with bulletin board material…

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