Day 4 with no hockey … what are we, camels?


So, to help satisfy your hockey urge, to quench your thirst for pucks, we will have a Stanley Cup playoffs Live Chat today at 2 p.m. Bring your comments/questions right here. Quit your job if you have to. Whatever it takes. Or else.


Seriously, I’m going to solve another problem for the NHL:

In the future, have the Western Conference season end Saturday and the Western Conference playoffs start Wednesday, and have the Eastern season end Sunday (but not Easter Sunday) and the Eastern playoffs start Thursday. … or go Friday-Tuesday, Saturday-Wednesday.

This time off is just dreadful for your fans. You are shooting yourselves in the skate again, giving people reasons to go watch baseball, or find something else to do, when there’s nothing they’d rather be doing than watching hockey.

You’re welcome.



Hope to have my match-ups done tonight, or else first thing tomorrow. And my predictions. And whatever else I can squeeze in between practice and the chat and, hopefully, some sleep and nourishment. I plan to post audio from practice, including some Chris Kreider stuff.

Reminder: Our little Sally, a/k/a Hambone, is running the third sometimes-annual Paul Mara playoff beard extravaganza at her site: Or you can click here for info, or to enter. Please do.

Also, I am looking for volunteers to do the Three Rangers Stars for each playoff game. I already have a few. If you’re interested, drop me an e-mail at

Finally, because this is probably the most-anticipated playoff the Rangers have had in 18 years, and maybe the second or third most-anticipated since 1971 or thereabouts, please tell some friends or other fans about Rangers Report. I see that a bunch of our regulars are finding their way back here. I’d love it if we could use this opportunity to grow our readership. And I’d appreciate your help. Spread the word. Thanks.

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  1. Late last night I was catching up on reading our favorite blog here. I got a kick out of seeing how much newcomer Joe was getting into being. It will be fun watching him figure out the creative cursing and other inside stuff that makes this the best blog on the planet or perhaps the humangus universe even.

    Welcome aboard Joe or Jobi Wan Kanobi. That makes we want to create my own stage name here now.

  2. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Morning heads!
    Agreed Carp 4 days is just way to long but on a positive note some of our dime a dozens can get rest.

  3. Where does the parade start? Does Hank and Gabby get to ride the float with Kreider on it?

  4. I’ve been quiet Carp, but this is the 1st site I read in the morning. Great job as always with the entries and in general being the Blogfather. Glad to see you’ll be getting out on the road for some meaningful away games. Keep it coming!

  5. Good morning all! Carp, what next? World peace? Only day I can’t make the chat this week, and you have it again!!! Conspiracy!!!!!

  6. Morning Carp! One more day till Rangers hockey. I’m busting at the seams here. LOL I can’t wait!

  7. stranger Nation on

    No Twitter from players during POs —————————>>>>>

    Second good thing to happen during the second season for Rangers.

  8. Congrats to the Oilers I guess. Maybe next time they can beat the Canucks with this mystery player they will draft.

  9. Counterpoint for you Carp… it’ll only be 4 days before our boys start their quest. Okay, it seems like an eternity for the fans but the players must enjoy a few consecutive days with their families and use the time to heal a bit and prepare themselves for the upcoming war. Coaching staffs are studying their opponents and preparing game plans. Personally, I get more pleasure from beating a healthy and prepared team than one which is depleted and injured. NO excuses! And one day ahead of our game, we do get to watch what could (should) be a great series in PA. I am thirsty, but I don’ mind waiting.


  10. Good morning, boneheads!

    Here we go, the real season begins!
    Just a quick note to remind everyone to be thankful to Carp for what he’s done for us. Just over three years after he took over this place, look where we are now! You can come here 365/24/7 and always find some thoughtful, meaningful comments. And a high quality g(j)ibberish too. New people come to visit, they stay. It’s a lot of work for Carp, and one can only hope that he enjoys it. That’s why it sometimes irks me when people get into peeing contest with him. Well, he made this place (hopefully with our help) big enough so that now he can do some travel with the team. Not sure he likes it, though. Too bad! :-)
    Anyway, I know it will be difficult, but I think we should try to grow enough to become bigger than their Yankees blog. Let’s get as many boneheads out there to join as we can. And LGR!!!!!

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Oilers would be an ideal trading partner. They have all of those young, high-end forwards, but no defense. We have all these young, high end defensemen, but are limited on offense.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, what’s wrong with how the league has it now? Some teams start today, some tomorrow? Besides, having the west and the east on separate days hurts TV. It’s harder to have hockey from 7 through the night if you have all the West on one day and all the East on the other. Especially in the East, where every team would start at 7 or 7:30.

    Are we going to do playoff predictions before tonight? I don’t want any predictions sullied by the results of the first three games.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, a couple of technical questions for Blog HQ:

    1) Is it possible to post the interview audio in a format that is accessible on Apple mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad? An example of such a format is .mp4.

    2) The Rangers players are shutting down Twitter for the playoffs, so would it be possible to move the official Rangers twitter down from the reporter section and into the players’ section, so that this way we can have a longer feed of reporters, without losing anything from the players?

    I’m guessing the answer to both is no, but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Messiah, it seems that way, either by mandate from Torts or just an agreement within the room.

  15. Did Bettman take that 1st pick from the Oilers and give it to Pittsburgh and fine Edmonton yet?

  16. Does anyone have a link to video of the 1997 Gretzky 2nd period natural hat trick against the Florida Panthers?

    I’ve been looking for it for years …

  17. Sioux-per-man on

    Ding Ding Ding Ladies and Gentlemen . . . let the games begin!!!

    Carp will Kreider join the team today? Everyone is healthy, the King is rested, Cally and Staal are healthy, Richards and Gabby are coming in strong. Home ice advantage to start. Last day of rest before the war begings.

    Even though its not the Rangers, it will be fun to watch the blood bath of Philly vs Pittsburgh.

    Live chat at 1 central, see you there boys.

  18. I wonder if the Oilers deal the pick. People are making a big deal out of this Yakupov kid, but they need defense. But knowing then, they’ll just draft Yakupov.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    DJK, they are certainly open to shopping the pick, but it would take a hell of a return to get it. I’m thinking they probably draft Yakupov, then deal someone’s rights like Sam Gagner or Linus Omark to help bolster their defense.

    Buying out Horcoff also has to be a consideration either this year or next. Either that or giving him the Souray treatment.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    With Yakupov and Hall, they are set on LW. With RNH, they presumably have a #1 center. With Jordan Eberle they have a #1 RW. Hemsky gives them a short term answer for #2 RW. If they keep Gagner, they will have a very, VERY good set of top 6 forwards.

  21. HELP

    I don’t have NHL NETWORK or MSG … is there any website I can use to watch tomorrow’s game?

  22. Doodie – Thanks for the link. That’s hilarious. I always thought that Luongo looked like Ali G but the Carrot v. Brian Campbell is hilarious. Sadly, most of the resemblances are “hey these guys both have the same haircut”

  23. Somebody should tip Sally off to the link to the Zetterburg(er) vs. Jared Leto one. That is relevant to her blog. (Her blog is *not* defending the core)

  24. The problem with this draft is it lacks a legit top pick so Edmonton would probably do well to trade down…

  25. Manny, yes, Zetterberg TOTALLY looks like Jordan Catalano. I think I’ve seen these all before… are they just recycling this post for the playoffs?

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    oleo, Yakupov has been the consensus #1 from wire to wire. Scouts rave about him. I think he’s the real deal. He isn’t a Stamkos, or even a Tavares, but he’s certainly on par with Hall and Seguin from their two player draft a few years ago.

    While it’s true that after Yakupov, there are a lot of opinions as to who is #2, most say Grigorenko, but I’ve seen Filip Forsberg listed there as well, among others. But the point is, there is no consensus for the remainder of the first round. So that makes trading down risky. Sure, you might land a great player that slipped further than he should (like Boston getting Dougie Hamilton last year), but at the same time, you might draft a guy that ends up being a total bust (like Columbus with Nikita Filatov).

  27. The Ovie-Richard Kiel one is *hilarious!*

    Also, I’m pretty sure I saw Ryan Miller walking a dog in his pajamas on the way to work this morning. Wrong neighborhood though, unless he moved, so maybe it wasn’t him.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Sally he’s been walking since before dawn trying to get the hell out of Buffalo.

  29. TheMessiah11 on

    What about the Sports Illustrated Curse? As if the Rangers dont have enought to worry about………….NOW THIS!?

  30. Doodie

    he is the consensus #1 this year but he is not the same type of prospect as Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins etc.

    For a team like Edmonton, trading down to #5 and getting a top D-man and an additional pick

  31. Good morning, Sally! Considering it will be his first pro game, I wouldn’t count on Kreider to get more than six goals. But you never know.

    Quick heads-up, in addition to the chat, I hope to do a predictions contest. However, I think I’m going to have the contest announcement and rules in the comments section to try to keep it mostly to our regular commenters. I don’t need people cherry-picking in here to try to win prizes (if I actually come up with any, and I might).

    So pay attention to that.

  32. Nice stuff from “The Prospect Park”.

    “So while all the attention has been focused on Chris Kreider and JT Miller this season, there has been a third Ranger first-round pick who is going to be quite capable of being an impact player himself. His name is Dylan McIlrath (NYR 2010 1st) and he is thinking about taking the next step himself.

    While everybody wants to talk about all the offense the Rangers will be having in the future, McIlrath is gonna be there taking care of the defense. Against the Medicine Hat Tigers in game 3 of their series, McIlrath was a defensive force all night long.

    McIlrath put on a clinic on how to play defense without taking a single penalty. Whether he was disrupting shooting lanes or passing lanes or forcing players to change direction; McIlrath was a force and because of that force his Moose Jaw Warriors won game 3 4-2 to take a 3-0 series lead.

    McIlrath was special tonight, on the road with just an assist earning the game’s first star because his presence dictated how Medicine Hat tried to run their offense.”

  33. THE KREIDER is going to totally dominate tomorrow’s game. Hat trick goal will also be the GWG.

    He is going to make Gaborik look like a bad EHL player.

  34. Dead on Carp = I think you should work for the NHL – maybe you do; maybe, just maybe, your are really Bill Daley in internet disguise – and you are hoping that the comish will at some point listen to your opinions and perhaps ponder them during his next chat on NHL live.. lol –

    Have you ever had a chat with the comish? If you could. other than the SCTDHG (Skills Competition that decide hockey games) what else would you tell him about the status of our game ?

    Seriously though – I have started watching DJ tear it up for the Yanks – and actually looked at their sched last night cause I can only watch so many DVR’d games of the Rangers – I need to save those for the summer when I am dying for some hockey –

    I say that Rangers take this series in 7 – and that Dubi will be the star of the series –

  35. Good morning ‘heads. Looking forward to the next 16 wins with y’all.
    CArp – haven’t posted much but I read the blog everyday. I also have my beer hockey league team reading it now. Keep up the great work.


    Hire Sather!!!

  36. Leetchhalloffame on

    Bettman looks like the penguin from Batman, so I guess that’s why he’s partial to the pens. He’s a joke of a commiss.

  37. Leetchhalloffame on

    Come on Slats – After Rangers win Cup propose Staal, Dubi, Bourque & NYR #1 pick to Oilers for #1 overall draft pick.

  38. Here are my predictions:

    Eastern Conference
    Senators over Rangers in 6.
    Bruins over Capitals in 6.
    Panthers over Devils in 7.
    Penguins over Flyers in 7.

    Western Conference
    Canucks over Kings in 7.
    Sharks over Blues in 7.
    Coyotes over BlackHawks in 7.
    Predators over Red Wings in 6.

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