Same drill today; Live Chat tomorrow


The good news: I’m definitely going to Kanata, Ontario, you know, the outpost where the Senators play at another arena that changes names every five minutes. Well, that’s good news for The Journal News, for, and for this here blog. Not sure it’s such a great hotspot for me.

But it’ll be my first real road trip with the Rangers since I left the beat in 2002 … the fabulous Bryan Trottier era. You remember that, right?

More good news: With me at the home games will be Josh Thomson, 26. Honest.

I’ll do more playoff specific stuff — predictions, matchups, etc. — as we go on these next couple of days.

I’m headed to practice again this morning, and will have audio from there.

Also, we’re planning our first Stanley Cup playoffs edition Live Chat for Wednesday at 2 p.m. So be there. Or else.

Today we’ll be looking to see if Ryan Callahan, who missed Monday’s practice for personal reasons, and/or Marian Gaborik (flu) are practicing, and also if Chris Kreider is signed. Or if he’s going to wait until later in the summer … or if he’s going back to B.C. for his senior year.


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  1. The Senators are bush-league. It may be our only saving grace.

    Gotta love a matchup between two amateur-hour squads.

  2. I think the key to this series is The Kreider … how well can he penetrate the Senators’ defense? How many goals will he score vs Anderson?

  3. No, but in all seriousness, I do think that this team makes it past Ottawa, if only because it’s a total embarrassment if we don’t.

  4. The Kreider better be signed today or Mickey Mouse will rear his head come Thursday.

  5. bull dog line on

    BC’s coach said yesterday that Kreider and 1 other player ( name escapes me) would be signing professional contracts.

  6. well if that is his intention, and please don’t bar me, he might want to be unselfish and sign already. What are his intentions? To lose a year of eligibility? ok. To play in the playoffs and HELP his team? If so, he has today, tomorrow, and Thursday am’s skate.

    Hmmmm….not so sure a college kid can learn too much about the team he’s joining in a couple of days. If I wanted to join a team, it would have been Saturday night after game or, sorry Easter, Sunday am.

    Regardless, the player I watched sporadically has a nice, quick shot, can sit in front of the net (against much smaller than NHL’ers) and has a good slapper. His slapper is good. His size is nice and he will probably grow more. Is he ready for NHL prime time? Based on what I saw. Nope.

    Has anyone a tape of his playing that can convince me he is ready for the NHL now?

  7. Good morning, boneheads!

    According to LB, all indications are that Kreider will sign soon (last paragraph):

    If Kreider plays as much as one game this season, he forfeits one year of his ELC. If he doesn’t play, his three year ELC starts ticking next season. On one hand, if he loses one year of ELC, he will have lost around $1.875M dollars. That includes max salary of $925K, plus $92.5K signing bonus, plus whatever performance bonuses he can get (CBA Section 9.3, and exhibit 5). He will not be able to attain any of possible performance bonuses on any level ( team level or league level ) this year. That is the bad news for him. On the other hand, the good news for him is that he will become a RFA one year earlier. And also there is a very good chance that ELCs rules will become much more restrictive come new CBA, including less salary, bonuses, eligibility to become a RFA, etc. So, financially, it may make more sense for him to sign now, even if he loses one year of eligibility.

  8. I get the feeling that Kreider won’t sign until tomorrow at the earliest. I work at BC and the university is having a big celebration for the team today (starts @ 4PM). In reading about him, I get the feeling that he is the type of person who would want to be with the rest of his teammates enjoying the fruits of their labors.

  9. nyrmessier011 on

    Always too many off days scheduled in NHL. Three full days where nobody in the league plays a single game.

    Fire up that passport carp

  10. I am not concerned with Kreider. If he wants to finish up his college years, good for him. So many athletes refuse to finish college because there is money on the table. His money will be there in a year so if he wants to get an education we should be proud of him. Then if we don’t win the Cup we should completely blame him and then trash his name and boo him relentlessly when he does sign.

  11. CCCP – it’s 2012. 2009 was 3 years ago. If Cally’s last game was in the 2009 playoffs, that’s 3 seasons ago, not 2 haha.

    Rangers West – So Kreider plays without getting paid and during the playoffs gets hurt seriously and then is forced to miss time next year. He’s not getting paid until the start of next season. While I’d like to see him play this year in the playoffs, I highly doubt he does since I’m sure he’d rather make sure he gets that money first. I know it’s not like the NFL where they can just cut him, but I still think he’d rather start up the season in camp next year.

  12. Senators have the *lowest* odds to win the cup. That is scary to me? Is that real?


    Penguins: 4:1
    Rangers/ Canucks: 11:2
    St. Louis Blues: 15:2
    Bruins: 8:1
    Detroit: 12:1
    Nashville/Philadelphia: 14:1
    Blackhawks: 16:1
    Sharks: 18:1
    Kings: 20:1
    Devils: 25:1
    Caps: 30:1
    Panthers: 35:1
    Senators/Coyotes: 40:1

  13. BroadwayBlueShirts on

    Kreider is not going back for his senior year.

    He has 3 more classes? I believe, to get his degree. He said he plans to do that this summer.

    So, no need to go back to school.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Here’s a question for you folks. I’m the only person available from my ticket group for Game 2. One person is in a wedding, and two others have Eastern Orthodox religious services to attend. I can’t afford to pay for both tickets myself, but I feel weird asking someone I go with to pay for their ticket. Usually I just tell them to buy me dinner or drinks, but it’s for a $59 ticket that I paid for 6 months ago, not a $109 ticket that I am paying for right now. Is it rude to ask them to pay for their ticket?

  15. No, Doodie. You are *not* wrong to ask that. They should pay for their ticket. When you enter into something like that, you are agreeing to pay for the tickets regardless of your own schedule.

  16. Good morning, Carp! Bah, I have staff lunch tomorrow and will probably miss most of the chat.

    Miami, jeeeez. Please take back everything you said this morning, especially at 5:52. You know better!

  17. That couldn’t have been Miami, Sally.

    Good morning, Sally!

    I don’t think Kreider is going back to school … just a matter of contract and the NCAA celebration before it gets done.

  18. No….No……….NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hank is on the cover of Sports Illustrated for it’s NHL Playoff preview issue.

    I’m not superstitious. Nope.

    No such thing as an SI jinx.



  19. eric, me n u can go to a game when they build that bridge/walkway deal above garden ice and then jump off together in a blaze of glory

  20. That’s it 4ever. Krieder/kreider is here! Long live the savior! Just in time for Easter! FOR HE HAS BEEN RESURRECTED!

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Mnany, I’m not talking about the people from my group. I wouldn’t ask them if they weren’t going. If I’m taking the tickets, I’m responsible to pay for them. I was talking about my potential guest.

    eric, just a friend. I’m not even sure that he would be available (I assume so).

  22. Oh – I see. The people you want to bring to the game, you want them to pay for their ticket. I don’t think it’s rude. It’s the playoffs, man. People expect those tickets to cost well over $100. I guess at this point it depends how you approach the other people. If you already said “hey I have an extra ticket you should come to the game withe me” then you are probably on the hook for the money unless you want to destroy a friendship. If, on the other hand, you have not offered yet, then I would say, “hey I have access to some tickets to this game, the people want to sell them so I can get them for you at a huge discount.” Play it like you’re doing them a favor because if you didn’t speak up the ticket holders from your group might vote to sell them for top dollar.

    Better advice?

  23. Interesting that Gaborik has the ‘flu’ considering my friend saw him having dinner at the Palm Sunday night….

  24. Jonny D

    i was counting by seasons… he played in 09 playoff but missed 10 and 11. Right now its 2012 and he is about to play again. So… TWO SEASONS (10 and 11) OF MISSED PLAYOFFS FOR CALLAHAN!


    P.S. Kreider is greedy.

  25. tough to call a guy greedy when if he signs he gets zero dollars, and if he holds out, he still gets zero dollars. :)

  26. If Kreider doesn’t sign right now, he’ll never be more than a fourth line journey man/ part-time AHL player.

  27. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    “But it’ll be my first real road trip with the Rangers since I left the beat in 2002 … the fabulous Bryan Trottier era. You remember that, right?”

    Ten years of therapy wouldn’t be enough to erase the memories of Trottier behind the bench.

  28. Ron Low, Bryan Trottier, Glen Sather…those coming off of John Muckler and Colin Campbell…

    No wonder Tom Renney looked like Obi-Wan Kenobi next to those jackwagons.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought Campbell was an OK coach, given the mess he was inheriting roster-wise.

  30. The Cally thing scares me because his grandmother was so old and so awesome and he went home for the issue.

  31. I’m not suggesting anything. I just recall that it was reported Sunday that he had the flu and my friend, who is Czech/Slovak, saw him having dinner at the Palm. I know when I have the flu, I don’t typically go out for steak dinners …….

  32. Almost always…

    Also, I find it funny that my friends who are Sens fans are so much happier they are playing the Rangers instead of the Bruins. They were deathly afraid of facing them in the first round. I hope the Rangers smoke them now.

  33. What’s a decent/fair price for tickets in the 200’s, thinking about going the StubHub route?
    Don’t want to take it in the Asham..

  34. Torts says “we are a sum of the parts team…that’s been our identity”

    methinks Tortorella got the metaphor backwards

  35. Good for you, 3C, Im happy for you!

    Now Im starving for good stuff. Im craving Nabeyaki Udon and sushi rolls, but Im eating fresh steamed asparagus in an attempt to be healthy :(

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