Rangers sign Chris Kreider


It’s official. The Rangers have finally signed their 2009 first-round pick Chris Kredier, who won his second NCAA championship in three years with Boston College on Saturday.

The big winger, whose skating has had scouts raving and the Rangers hoping he’d leave school early for well over a year, will join the team for practice tomorrow.

However, the organizational plan is to go slowly with Kreider, who finished his junior season and is near an early graduation. He is not expected to be able to actually get into a playoff game straight out of college … though that could obviously change if the Rangers have injuries, or if Kreider blows away the coaches in practice (unlikely), or if something unforeseen happens.

But the Rangers have taken the steps needed to be sure Kreider is eligible to be on the playoff roster, and GM Glen Sather has said that he believes Kreider can play in the NHL right out of school

Rangers coach John Tortorella is very rigid in his loyalty to his lineup, and in his belief in what each of his players brings. He’s not likely to want to replace one of his regulars with a newcomer, unless special circumstances dictate doing so.

Recent college players have made the Rangers, but none jumping directly into the fire. Ryan McDonagh and Carl Hagelin each spent time in the minors first, and Derek Stepan had a full off-season and training camp, in which he made the team without playing in the minor leagues.

Kreider went 23-22-45 in 43 games for Boston College this season. By signing, Kreider burns a year of his entry-level contract, meaning he’ll be a year closer to restricted free agency and arbitration eligibility.

I will update with the official announcement from the team.

AP photo, above.

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  1. And that’s 1st as in “Kreider will score his 1st NHL goal en route to his second championship in 2 months”. Holler!

  2. Mister D:

    I mean even if he doesn’t play Thursday, he’ll be in the lineup at some point in the playoff. I think what we saw with Zuccarello is that Tortorella has no point jumping someone ahead of the bottom forwards on this team if they can step in and contribute. Zuccarello would still be in the lineup and somebody (probably Mitchell) would be in the press box.

  3. bull dog line on

    when Kreider plays, I would play him with Stepan and Cally. top line would stay as is, and Boyle would center Dubi (lw) and AA (rw). Rupp Prust,and Fedotenko.

  4. Kreider!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

    Carp, were you really drinking with Boyle over the Red Sox collapse last year?

  5. If *he* even dares to wear a stupid FULL CAGE on his face then I want him OFF THE TEAM immediately.

    “Visors are for Europeans and Soft Guys” – Tanner Glass

  6. I still believe it is a formal (strategically necessary) signing and he will NOT be used in any game this season (again, IF no injuries occurs to main roster’s forwards. We will see in a short…

  7. “Visors are for Europeans and Soft Guys” – Tanner Glass

    “Totally.” – Bryan Berard

  8. Was there any reason the Rangers had to sign Krieder now rather than wait until after the season and not burn off a year of ELC?

  9. LOL! Boyler is coming on offensively at the right time. We’re gonna need to get timely scoring from guys like him, Prust, Dubi.

  10. going to be waiting awhile for timely scoring from Brandon Prust. reincarnation may be necessary.

  11. I see this as a great depth signing if nothing else. MZA going down with the broken wrist and Scott’s inability to play actual hockey without being a defensive liability necessitate some depth at forward with players who are truly offesive minded.

    I also feel like Mitchell in particular has been a total non-factor as of late, being unable to score even when given glorious opportunities and hasn’t been superb without the puck either. I feel like Kreider could jump into the lineup and soak up 7 minutes a game without too much of an issue, especialy if he gets time on the PP where defensive responsibility is kept to a minimum. His size and skating ability should allow him to play int he NHL setting immediately.


  12. the burning of the year of elc was an incentive to get him signed now rather than later. the club doesn’t believe that it will have any trouble re-signing him after the elc expires.

    and, as for him playing … well, if the Rangers go far it’s likely they’ll have injuries at some point and need a forward … and if they’re on the verge of a flameout, then it’s likely they might make a desperate move and see if the rookie can help them.

    So he could, and probably would play under those circumstances. Just sayin’ the plan, right now, is not for him to replace anybody in the current lineup.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    do you really think the Rangers would burn a year for a single practice?”

    I think that was the incentive to get Kreider to sign now.

  14. bull dog line on

    what do you suppose the Rangers incentive was to get him signed now? I will answer that myself. they think he can help them now. he is the 13th forward on the team right now. ijuries and slumps happen. it should not be long before he replaces Eric Mitchell er John Christensen.

  15. The incentive, bull dog, is to get him signed now so he cant return to BC for his senior year.

  16. Tiki:

    That actually makes sense, especially if they felt the guy was sort of predisposed to opting for another year of college rather than turning pro. I seem to recall similar feelings last spring/summer and he ended up going back to BC.

  17. Well, that was obviously coming….Insurance move. Carp, I do not believe him signing automatically burns one year of his ELC…He actually has to play in one NHL (not AHL) game- CBA rule for college players, it’s 10 games for non-college. So, if he doesn’t play any playoff games, his ELC is extended by one year.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, their incentive is that he doesn’t go back to school for another year and that he can’t get a big signing bonus, which keeps his cap hit down.

  19. bull dog line on

    if wanted to return, he would return. the Rangers could have waited till summer to sign him. Kreider would have gotten a signing bonus. the reason they signed him now is because they think he can help with a playoff run.

  20. he wasn’t returning for his senior year anyway. he was going to graduate this spring or summer. but they want him here now. they wanted him here this time last year, actually.

  21. From DGB — Funny:

    #1 New York Rangers vs. #8 Ottawa Senators
    The matchup: In a nice change of pace, the Senators have decided it might be fun to suffer a crushing playoff defeat to a different original six team.
    The view from New York: Henrik Lundqvist says his injured forearm has healed enough for him to play, he supposes, since every time the team doctor shows him an “x-ray” it’s actually just a picture of Martin Biron inside a circle with a line through it.
    The view from Ottawa: The Senators have to be considered spoilers, assuming we’re talking about all the great Senators vs. Bruins jokes I had written for this preview a week ago.
    Player to watch: Erik Karlsson will try to continue racking up the points with his impressive offensive instincts despite being a squishy wet stain on the end boards after Brian Boyle’s first shift.
    Prediction: Two straight weeks of facing John Tortorella in the playoffs has Senator fans longing for the calm, even-tempered days of Pat Quinn.

  22. very funny, Jeff … though I’m sure Karlsson won’t think it’s funny when he actually is wearing Boyle’s jersey.

  23. Great news! Finally! He probably needs some time to adjust to “extremely” hard system that Torts preaches but he’s a nice addition since the team’s only spare forward is John Scott…

  24. Thanks Carp. DGB is very funny. I thought that, “a picture of Martin Biron inside a circle with a line through it.” was a great line too.

  25. You would have to think that if the Rangers have a long playoff run, someone will get injured. Fedotenko or Anisimov seem to suffer a lot of 1 to 2 game injuries and with no Zuccarello it would seem fair to suggest Kreider might see some action.

    I’m not buying the whole argument that you can’t make the jump from college to the NHL, particularly if he’s only going to be called on to play 6 minutes a night. Kreider has played at the upper levels of the college game and international tournaments with nothing but success. If you watched the first minute or two of Minnesota/BC I would argue it was as fast, if not faster then 50% of the NHL games. Granted, the physicality will be higher but at 6’3, 220lb he should be okay.

  26. That cap hit is Avery-Like. I hope Kreider can deliver and fill those large skate left by Avery.

  27. Win-win either way. If the team needs him, he plays and burns one year of his ELC. If not, he still has full 3 year of ELC starting next season with fully attainable bonuses and salary. Protected ( to an extent ) from new CBA since it was signed before the current CBA expires. Both parties gain, that’s how you do business.

  28. so he burns a year even though he wont play a single game or get paid. I know the Rangers don’t care but that’s silly

  29. Doodie. Good article. While we all know anything can happen in the playoffs, this Ranger team is NOT losing the series to Ottawa. I am not saying we should plan for a parade, but the Rangers have the better defense, goalie, PK and their game is more suited to competing in the playoffs. While I do not think it will be Rangers in 4 (or even 5), the Rangers will win this series. ‘Nuff said.

  30. Gary Bettman says Tortorella got fined for the F bombs and not for talking about the Penguins.

  31. Carp – I think you are wrong about Krieder getting a year closer to arbitration, as I posted on the last thread.

    From the CBA: “A player aged 20 or older…earns a year of professional experience by playing ten or more professional games under a SPC in a given League Year.”

    Don’t know if this refers to playoff games, but just by signing, Krieder is no closer to arbitration or unrestricted free agency.

  32. JJP, I don’t think anybody’s arguing that the jump from college to NHL can’t be made … just that they’re not forcing this kid into the Stanley Cup playoffs fresh out of school with no practice time … I don’t think they’re ruling out that he could play …

    but obviously, if the current lineup is on a roll and healthy, he won’t be taking anybody’s place.

  33. wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong on a CBA issue. Never have, never will, read that document.

    Gary Bettman is full of orpik. or is that Konopka this week? or Neil?

  34. Spider- that rule is for players from juniors ( the ten games, that is). I’m trying to find the rules for college players, I saw it said in CBA it had to be at least 1 game….Could be wrong, I’ll let you know.

  35. Carp – I only went looking for it because Michael Russo mentioned it in reference to Wild signing players for meaningless games this season.

  36. How is it ilb finds time to know the entire CBA too!?!?!??! There’s nothing this guy doesnt know!!!!

  37. Oh, Kreider might need a number if they put those on the 5th-line-no-contact-jerseys for practice.

  38. Hi Carp! Greetings from the Research Triangle Park….

    Quick question…..What is the status of Mike Sauer? I know he is a non-factor for the Rangers team at this point because he missed alot of time and probably is still hurt….

    but are there any reports how he is doing as an individual? or do the Rangers keep that stuff hush-hush?

    Thanx, LIQUID

  39. Spider- it has something to do with NCAA eligibility rules, those are separate between NHL and NCAA….Can’t find it now….Could be wrong, though. But it is not 10 games for college players…

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    oleo, he’s worn 20 in international competitions as well.

    LW, I have no idea. It wasn’t my research and I don’t feel like doing it.

  41. yeah baby. they signed another high end assett who over time should be a difference maker.

    just have him around and seeing what goes on, will only help. i only seeing him play if there are injuries and he for sure would start on the 3rd or 4th line in a very limited role.

    feds and mitchell are gone next season and Kreider should take 1 of those spots…..

    addtl young talent. all is good in Ranger land, they are geared to be good for years………….

  42. I asked LB, now I’m just curious, lol…

    Tiki, I can’t even start telling how much I do not know….

  43. yup, stuart … add Kreider and Parise to the top six next year.

    LIQUID and Noah!!!! where youse been? don’t be strangers during the playoffs!

    Johnny, he’s one of those fancy boys. He’s a real dandy.

  44. carp they add parise and this team is going to be real good for years. there d would be younger and better then the pens and parise, gabby, richards, kreaider and others can almost compete offensively with the Pens.

    Man unless Sather screws things up they are going to not be a 1 year wonder. they are building a whole organization……I do not think Sather will screw wthings up either…

    btw the rumor of Christian Thomas, JT Miller, Erixon, Dubi, and a 1st for Nash was a good haul for COlumbus. Miller is going to be a good pro, so is Erixon, Dubi as big of a bricklayer that he is, he is a legit player who last year played real good…

  45. Czechthemout!!! on

    I think he will play only if they lose either of the first two games. This nonsense that some o he other reporters are writing about loyalty, going with the team that got the 109 pts, blah, blah, blah. All that is a bunch of crap. If Torts feels that by playing Kreider the team stands a better chance to win than say with the useless twins, Mitchell,Rupp, than he most defiantly will play and play well!

  46. “I think he will play only if they lose either of the first two games.”

    Yes, because it would certainly be panic time at that point.

  47. Great point by Carp. If Rangers sign Parise and have added Kreider, they will have the top end offensive talent that they lacked at times this year. These are really exciting times to be a Ranger fan!!!


  48. HAHAHAHAHA Carp!!!!

    Ilb Knows!!!!!!!

    Yeah, you said that the other day ilb. I just dont believe it :)

  49. If they weren’t going to play him, why have him practice with the team and burn a year of his entry level contract? The Rangers have enough generic players (Feds, Mitchell) that don’t bring anything special to the table that h can replace for 1 game to see how he does. If h does well, he’ll get more time. If he doesn’t handle himself well, the put Feds or Mitchell back in. I think Mitchell is the one to sit btw. Kreider’s size and speed will cause some problems for other teams, so unless he makes some bad mental mistakes I think he’ll play.

  50. Does signing Kreider now give the team the advantage of starting the kids pro development now? He’s able to practice w/ the team and start getting comfortable w/ coaches and most of the teammates he’ll play w/ next season. He’ll also be immediately enrolled in Tort’s advanced seminar in what it takes to be an NHL pro. The organization can also get a better gauge of what the kid needs to start working on in the off season. Of course, there’s also the option of using him now but this will only be if he’a badly needed. Surely, the team is taking a long range approach to secure Kreider’s contribution for many years of Cup contention.

  51. Czech, big flaw in your point: Tortorella completely, entirely, and wholeheartedly disagrees with your assessment of Mitchell and Rupp.

  52. Heave, he could also go play AHL playoff games … though I must admit I have no idea if the Whale even made the playoffs.

  53. Good point. He’ll be more prepared for next year, which is the view I believe the team is taking.

  54. Czech:

    The biggest argument against the whole “team that got us there” nonsense is/was Mats Zuccarello. He wasn’t a guy who figured into their planning, came up late in the season and would be dressing Thursday night if he didn’t break his hand.

  55. Carp, not sure what you are even talking about. If you think burning one year of his entry level contract is an incentive, that is purely speculation and your opinion. If Sather releases a statement saying you were right and that is the point, I’ll admit you were right. But I don’t think Sather would comment about players joining the team after college during the press conference after not signing Nash if they only wanted to burn a year on his ELC.

  56. Joe, do you think I guess at this stuff? do you think I don’t check around, ask people in the organization?

    *new post.*

  57. Carp, didn’t know that you had any ties to the Ranger organization or were received insider tips from closed door meetings. To be honest, unless you’ve heard this from Sather, Tortarella,mor maybe Messier, I wouldn’t believe everything you hear

  58. Kreiders looks better with the 15 in my opinion. He could also choose 91 since that’s the year he was born and that’s a popular thing these days…

  59. Joe, when I say *new post* that means there’s a new post.

    and I’ll take your last several comments as “suggestions” about how to do my job, which I’ve been doing for 35 years. So, no thank you.

  60. Carp, I have no idea what you meant by “new post.” I don’t frequent these things often and am not familiar with the lingo. If i posted something here that i wasnt supposed to, i am sorry. I am not “suggesting” anything about how you do your job. I thought this was a place where we could comment on the Chris Kreider signing. Sorry for disagreeing with you, but I think that’s it’s allowed. If you don’t want people disagreeing with you in real time I would suggest sticking to the printed word and not Internet articles that have comments sections.

  61. no, I mean, move on to the next thread … that’s where the discussion goes …

    you suggested that I am guessing or speculating, when I am telling you what I know, from people in the organization. and you sounded like you didn’t believe that I actually do talk to Tortorella and Messier, not to mention Jim Schoenfeld, and other people in the team’s hockey operations department, and scouts. I speak to all of them, some of them very regularly.

    so, no, I don’t have a problem with you disagreeing with me. I have a problem when you think I’m making up crap. … anyway, thanks for joining the discussion and please move on to the next thread if you want to continue the discussion.

  62. Franklin Kistner on

    CARP is KING! Kreider is baby prince! Nuff said!
    Let’s GET STARTED!
    Let’s GO Rangers!

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