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The news: Both Ryan Callahan (personal issues) and Marian Gaborik (flu) returned to practice today after missing Monday’s workout. So the Rangers were able to focus on the power play and special teams in general.

Nothing new on Chris Kreider. I still think he’s on the verge of signing. I don’t think it matters much at all whether it’s today or tomorrow or yesterday … don’t think the plan is for him to play in the playoffs barring the unforeseen. That said, the unforeseen usually does happen in the playoffs — injuries, etc. So I suppose a door could open for him at some point.

John Tortorella:


Marc Staal:


Henrik Lundqvist:



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  1. forecheck , forecheck, and more forecheck. rangers hit and check and punish Karlsson cleanly they will win………

  2. I have a guy named Eric Carlson sitting next to me. Different spelling but I’m not taking any chances. I’m not speaking to him until Sens are eliminated.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    x factor is Marc Staal. If he plays like he used to, most nights we are only going to have to score 2 goals to win.

  4. I think Staal is a good x-factor pick. If the nastiness of the playoffs can help get his game back we will obviously be in much better shape.

  5. FiveFootZero on

    Tiki, I almost spit my water all over my keyboard with that Jeff Gillooly comment…hysterical!

  6. These are interesting so I am going to keep posting them.

    Odds to Win the Cup Belonging to Lord Stanley:

    Penguins: 4:1
    Rangers/ Canucks: 11:2
    St. Louis Blues: 15:2
    Bruins: 8:1
    Detroit: 12:1
    Nashville/Philadelphia: 14:1
    Blackhawks: 16:1
    Sharks: 18:1
    Kings: 20:1
    Devils: 25:1
    Caps: 30:1
    Panthers: 35:1
    Senators/Coyotes: 40:1

  7. The x-factor is Mike Sullivan. What will his rotations on the back end be, and can he help Torts pick out a decent tie?

  8. It’s always interesting to discuss the start of any playoff series and from what our boys accomplished this year, it’s still hard for me to see a team (in the East anyway) beating them in a 7-game series. But more than that, how much better would we all feel if Staal was Staal again on D? If Dubi & Stepan would start scoring? How about Artie – he’s seemed pretty invisible on the O-fence this year except in spots? What if Boyle, Prust & Feds were THAT LINE again? Our boys accomplished a lot without any of the above happening so if these 5 or 6 players lifted their game to where we think it should be, wouldn’t we all feel that much more confident (oh yeah, and if Hank played like the Hank of the first 60-games!)

  9. Speaking of Mike Sullivan, one of the contributors on HNIC mentioned him as being a prospective head coach for teams searching for a new bench boss. I don’t like that!

  10. I think Phoenix has a decent chance to win their series, too. It would be sad if we didn’t get to see another Chicago-Vancouver matchup, though.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Sully isn’t going anywhere. Nobody wants a piece of our coaching staff until the Rangers win something or do well consistently for a long time.

  12. Btw, “The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence” is available on Netflix instant watch! The Human Centipede 2 – i’m gonna enjoy it!

  13. You get love too Sally. I think you know that since your showered with victories, attention and admiration around here.

  14. manny

    if i had 1000 to bet i be real happy. with my son and these ranger playoff tix i could only afford a $1 at this rate to put on nashville.

  15. Last night I had a dream that we won game one 10-5 and Artie had a hat trick. Needless to say I was disappointed when I realized its only Tuesday and it was just a dream.

  16. x factor is our goalie with the perfect hair. going as far as he brings us. Not rocket science boys

  17. If Hank gives up five you have to *trade him* immediately and put *John Scott* in goal. Panic time.

  18. Remember when Sully and Torts weren’t speaking to each other and were standing too far apart on the bench, according to banned Bob?

    The Rangers probably looked tired and burnt out in Winston’s dream too. Inexcusably debacle-esque.

  19. I miss Banned Bob. Those are the type of observations that regular Boneheads just can’t wrap their heads around. We *need* Banned Bob.

  20. I don’t think Bob (or Rod or Boom Boom) was banned.

    LW, I don’t remember that because I had been out drinking all night with Brian Boyle over the Red Sox’ collapse. But I don’t like Sullivan’s body language.

  21. Here we go:

    Boston Hockey Blog ? @BOShockeyblog Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open
    BC junior forward Chris Kreider has signed his entry-level contract with the New York Rangers
    Retweeted by NickPerri
    8m Boston Hockey Blog ? @BOShockeyblog Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open
    Kreider will be flying to NYC tomorrow to be with the team. He is eligible to play with the Rangers in the playoffs.
    Retweeted by NickPerri

  22. perfect hair? is Lundqvist a werewolf of London?

    I think the Canadian officiating bias tends to rear its ugly head only in Montreal and Toronto. … Though I’m sure the moment there’s a bad call or non-call against ya boys, it will be the refs, NBC, Crosby, Malkin, Comcast, Bettman, Mr. Snider, the Knicks, and the Empire State Building’s fault.

  23. If Sully leaves, who deals with the “strategy” of writing “JAM. BALLS. STIFF.” on the whiteboard during timeouts?

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m guessing he shows up tomorrow to burn the year on his ELC, then goes right to CT for their season finale and playoffs.

  25. Speaking about betting. The right thing to do IMO, is to bet AGAINST Rangers. If they win SC, your lost money is definitely good and justified price to pay for your unbelievable happiness, and if they lose, you, at least, sweeten this bitterness by some money reward.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Can’t wait to see how Chris Jessiman, er, I mean, Hugh Kreider, er, I mean, you know, the big college guy, does in his first practice with the team.

    I kid, of course. It won’t take much for him to be better than Jessiman.

  27. Noah-auer-uccarello, 29 on

    Been a while since I jumped in with you ‘heads, but I have to say, I am not a fan of signing Kreider for several reasons:

    1) This team just got finished winning the conference without him.
    2) He exhausts his first year on his entry level deal to play a few games.
    3) He has not practiced or played with this team all year…a team, by the way, that has thrived because of its chemistry and cohesion stemming from a process that began before the season started.

    I do not doubt his skills at all based on what everyone says about him. But, I just don’t see how this will end up working. Also, who do you bump for him?

  28. The Cup in Times Square is more about it being Times Square and NY being the NHL headquarters rather than the Rangers playing here. No superstition need apply.

  29. Carp, that SI cover is making me thing the Sens will win this thing in 6 games.

    I hope I’m WRONG.

  30. Noah – As I read from the Wild beat writer, buring a year of the deal doesn’t really matter to a team that has a lot of good young players in the pipeline because it does not effect the player’s RFA status (especially without playing any regular season games). The Wild had a player or two play for the last week of the season, but future free agency depends on age and games played, not by the ELC expiring a year early.

  31. 4everanger,

    You should be put on probation on this blog for that sellout, hedging approach.

    You want to make a bet against your team, put money on the Penguins. You would be called smart with money. In the least you would not be chided for being an idiot.

    But betting against your team is chicken little, weak-ass sauce, BS.


    (Certainly torn on whether I want to see him. Kreider dressing probably means someone is hurt / our offense is stagnant.)

  33. “But betting against your team is chicken little, weak-ass sauce, BS.”

    I think its the perfect hedge, especially when your team is the favorite and you can bet the other side’s money line. Either you’re happy or you’re $100 richer.

  34. New Newman,
    easy pal,… buy a little bit of sense of humor in a corner newsstand, Geezzzz!

  35. bull dog line on

    do you really think the Rangers would burn a year for a single practice?

  36. He is Risen.

    I guess Kreider will play. Why else would he sign? He can sit behind the bench without a Contract.

  37. Yes vitaly it was Ottawa in six yesterday. I called it nonsense then and I call it nonsense now. Bull dog line didn’t like me calling you a “concern” troll but here you are tossing up the salad again. I really should avoid this place until we kick carcillo on Thursday. I just hollered at my son for no reason. If it’s any consolation, v Denis potvin has Ottawa in six as well.

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