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First the news … Ryan Callahan (personal reasons) and Marian Gaborik (flu) did not practice. Not a big deal.

And Chris Kreider, as of this moment, hasn’t been signed … not that we know, anyway. Might happen today. Might not. Remember, he’s past the point of getting any money for this year … though if he plays a certain number of playoff games (doubtful unless there are unforeseen circumstances) he could get a games-played bonus.

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  1. reposting after getting Carped:

    One important aspect that hasn’t been mentioned is the coaching staff and the game plans which are implemented for a series which differs significantly from the regular season. This was an issue addressed by Torts sometime in March. In essence he said that during the regular season the Ranger coaching staff focuses on their own team. You play a team once and they’re on to the next opponent. Game plans don’t really go into depth regarding the opponent. Consequently, regular season series means very little. Game strategies, line combo’s etc are being developed now and will continue throughout the series. So, in addition to the players, is our coaching staff better than the Sens?

  2. Anyone having any doubts about the Ottwah series just needs to hear ilb’s voice for reassurance.

  3. Repost:

    Are people really saying Ottawa is a tougher matchup than Filly? The best thing that happened to the Rangers is that the Flyers-Pens have to play each other, hopefully for 7 games, and hopefully with some carryover effect into subsequent rounds.

    Of course the Rangers still have to take care of their own business, but the only team I’d really be worried about in the 1st is the Pens. I’ll be less worried if the Rangers are facing the Pens in the conference finals than if it were this round (if that makes any sense).

  4. Just curious, Carp: when you say that Kreider won’t play unless there are unforeseen circumstances, is that something that was said to you or is it an assumption? That’s not an attack on your contention (though I personally don’t see why he shouldn’t play); I’m just curious. Maybe I missed an explanation in a previous post.

  5. My girlfriend flew up to Rochester last night to go visit some grad schools/her brother. Apparently Callahan was on the flight

  6. I’ve been away for a bit but I cannot believe how many people are upset with this match up. Especially considering the alternative. The Rangers could be dealing with Washington in the first round who happens to be playing some of their best hockey, getting healthy and also gives them trouble, especially in the playoffs. Washington would not be any easier.

    Ottawa is the weakest team in the tourney, other then Florida. If the Rangers can’t handle them then they aren’t the team we or anyone else thinks they are. All the regular season record does is ensure that they don’t take Ottawa lightly. It probably even gives them a little extra kick in the pants. Other then that the heads up record means next to nothing.

    I’m not usually an optimist but I personally think they are going to trounce Ottawa. I think this team has been waiting for this for months now and they are going to come out of the gate stronger then Man o’ War……..just my opinion.

  7. @JulieRobenhymer I’ve just been told @ChrisKreider WILL return for senior year w/ Boston College #NCAA. @thenyrangers mgmt NOT happy

  8. On paper, the Capitals are a weaker team than Ottawa. Don’t sleep on Ottawa, there are some really talented players on that team and some legit depth. But I’m not buying Craig Anderson as a guy who’ll win you a playoff series (unless the Rangers decide to make Craig Anderson look like a Vezina finalist as is their wont), and I think the Rangers will do a good job of containing Ottawa’s dangerous forwards.

  9. Anderson, Alfredsson, Spezza, and Karlsson – if these guys have a good series, it will be tough. I am not saying Rangers won’t pull it off, but nothing comes easy in the playoffs. Almost every team plays like it’s life or death. That’s why it is the most grueling road to a championship in all of sports.

  10. *No Touching*

    I hope nothing is wrong with Cally’s grandmother if he’s headed home for personal reasons!

  11. I don’t think anyone here is dumb enough to sleep on Ottawa, at least I hope not. We all saw firsthand what they are capable of. They have a hell of a lot of talent, but so does every other playoff team. Ottawa, IMO, is not a tough enough team and toughness wins in the playoffs.

  12. I’d argue the Sens have more offensive talent than the Rangers, however their D is pretty brutal and goaltending is inconsistent. It comes down to the Rangers suffocating their skilled forwards and keeping pucks deep so that they can’t use their speed to catch the Rangers off guard.

  13. Absolutely no one here will “sleep” on Ottawa. If you post on this blog you at least keep up with the team on a game-to-game basis and you probably watch at least 70% of the games. Therefore, you saw the team struggle mightily against the Senators all year.

  14. While the Senators were my least favorite team of choice, I still don’t think they pose a huge concern. The 3-0 trumping at MSG was a bad display by us, but I thought we outplayed them in the other three games for the most part. The 5-4 win for them at MSG was the result of a soft finish. Our win in Ottawa was not too difficult, and Anderson played well in our other loss at Scotiabank in an otherwise even display. Sure, the Senators had the puck in our zone for substantial lengths of time, but what team hasn’t? They have top end talent, but so does almost every other team in the playoffs. Like Carp said, if we can’t beat the Senators, we can’t beat anyone else.

  15. No worries about Rangers and Ottawa. They’re the NY Rangers–they can beat anybody! ( ;

  16. Hey Latona: I will fight you on that point. (Starting Stuff!) I don’t think you have to be able to beat the Senators to be able to beat the Penguins. The Phlyers do well against the Pens and the Pens are a much better team. We beat the Phlyers handily but don’t fare well against the Pens. I think it’s all about matchups. While Ottawa is a weaker team all around and in consistency, they pose a huge matchup threat for us because we don’t have that fast-flying ability to score, score, score. Therefore, it’s a similar style of play where the harder working team wins.

  17. This team is made for the playoffs. Phenomenal goaltending, great defense and they are tough as nails. In order to make a deep run they will have to get timely scoring, just like every other team.

  18. And Manny, if we fall to the Senators, we are eliminated from the playoffs, and so we have no chance to defeat anyone else.

  19. If we’re going with the “Ottawa’s style is a nightmare matchup for the Rangers”, the “the Rangers are more similar to the Bruins and Flyers” and the “small sample of regular season results are a hugely important indicator of playoff outcomes” angles…

    What does the Senators’ 1-5 record against the Bruins and 2-2 record against the Flyers this year mean relative to their apparent utter domination against the Rangers?

  20. Ah – you got me on the second one, Latona. You’re use of wit is fascinating. Your intellect is dizzying…..Never get into a land battle in Asia and only slightly less known…never get into a battle with a sicilian when death is on the line.

  21. Hey, Manny, Vietnam was a tactical withdrawal! I’m never putting my thumb beneath my hand!

  22. It’s funny you bring it up – I am reading a book RIGHT NOW about Vietnam and the LRP units over there. Vibin?

  23. I agree, ORR. Im pretty confident that Devils will lose to Florida. I think people are way overestimating Ottawa. Someone said that they think the Sens have more offensive talent than the Rangers. That can be said for about half of the league, if not more. If Rangers D plays the way it did for most of this season, this series will be over rather quickly. Lundqvist > Anderson any day of the week. Rangers collective D > Sens collective D even if you may argue that Karlsson is the best D-man on both teams. Girardi + McD > Karlsson.

  24. I would also not be surprised if the Caps beat out the Bruins in 7. Pens/Flyers will almost surely go 7 games, the winner being a toss-up.

  25. I can appreciate the back and forth on who will win round one, etc. My contention is that if we can stay healthy we’ll be fine for round one. We have minimal depth, however. We get injuries, we are in trouble. We have no depth this year.

    Hope the general manager takes care of that in the off season. I think that is something he can figure out. Perhaps.

  26. How could we forget?

    “We can have unlimited juice? This party’s gonna be OFF THE HOOK!”
    -Sean Avery- Buster Bluth

  27. Lev – that is true. But in the playoffs, teams with consistent scoring threats are extremely dangerous. Spezza has been one of the best players in the league this year. Combine him with Foligno, Alfredsson, Michalek, Karlsson Gonchar, and even Turris and possibly Greening, they can get consistent goal scoring.

    Also, Lundqvist is definitely the better goalie, but Anderson isn’t some scrub. Plus Lehner and Bishop played well, albeit in a small sample size.

  28. Whether it was Washington Ottawa Florida. We are the 1 seed we have had a magical regular season. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is yes Florida may have been easier. We cannot Lose this series otherwise everything we have done this year will mean squat.

  29. “I really don’t know. Maybe it was the eleven months he spent in the womb. The doctor said there were claw marks on the walls of her uterus. But he was her “miracle baby.” And I-I was just too burnt out on raising you guys to care. So… he turned out a little soft, you know, a little doughy.”

  30. I think it’s fair to say the Rangers have consistent scoring threats. Gaborik, Richards, Callahan, Stepan, Del Zotto, recently Boyle and Dubinsky..

    Consistent scoring threats are different than consistent scorers. If Ottawa only pays attention to Gaborik and Richards, they’ll get burned.

  31. “I prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run, if you will, so now I’m afraid i have something of a mess on my hands.”

  32. “You lied to me… you said my FATHER was my father, but my UNCLE is my father. MY FATHER IS MY UNCLE.”

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  34. Jonny D, i actually posted some current ranks for Anderson a day or two ago. He’s not a scrub but he’s not exactly elite. He’s either been really hot or really cold keeping the Sens in the race. One sec ill try and find the stats again to show.

  35. Out of 72 goalies that played in the NHL this season, Anderson is ranked #31 in Save Percentage. Lundqvist is #5. Anderson is ranked #54 in Goals Against Average. Lundqvist is #4.

  36. That’s all well and fine Lev, but he’s had a .927 SV% since the ASG and 2.63 GAA (which is highly inflated because of 1 bad game the Sens had in March). And SV% is a better (but not great) stat for goalies rather than GAA. A guy can make 50 saves and give up 4 goals. His GAA is 4 but his SV% is .920.

  37. The Other Tony In AZ on

    All I know is that I am getting ready to hop on a plane to JFK for 2,500 miles,with nothing but confidence in The NYR. They have shown their meddle throughout the year and I have no doubt that they will rise to the occasion.By no means do I expect a sweep, as it is playoff hockey and it’s not supposed to be easy.Lord knows that when The Cup is raised,the victors will be battered and bruised and here is to hoping that The Hockey Gods smile on The Rangers and their tireless work ethic. LGR!!!

  38. “A camcorder. That’s so you can videotape it when they put you in a naked pyramid and point to your Charlie Browns.”

  39. Anderson is twice the goalie that Lundqvist is … he’s going to shut us out four straight games.

  40. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    afternoon ILB and all!!

    just checking in to say hello, pretty busy so that is all!!

    a mini-laurel
    just love mcilrath’s twitter pic. So can’t wait to see this guy with the rangers!!

  41. Either way (goalie) we wouldn’t be able to score even if this was a 37-game series

  42. MichaelDelZotto @CarlHagelin tempted to spin at @beatsbydre. Sick setup. #swedishhagmafia


  43. Just watched Brian Leetch’s greatest moments countdown on MSG. Now they are playing Game 7 of 94 conference Finals. A couple of random observations while I reminisce:

    1. Players still used wooden sticks, although the majority of the players were using Easton Aluminums shafts. Leetch had that gold Easton shaft, and Kovalev played with that shiny Gretzky model.

    2. CCM 652 Tacks were the popular skates back then.

    3. Wow did they mug each other in this series. Guys are getting TACKLED out there and no call! If that game were played under today’s rules, they would never play at even strength!

    4. Brodeur played his butt off in this series. I remember thinking that he was going to be another Sean Burke – a good goalie but would flame out after this epic run as a rookie. Wow was I wrong.

    5. That being said, Richter was as big as they came in big-time games. He made some incredible saves in this game and in the whole 94 playoffs.

    6. Do you think Keenan looks back and regrets leaving the Rangers after this epic season? I wonder what would have happened if he and Neil Smith could have gotten along well enough to co-exist.

  44. ORR is a good one.

    That advertisement is SALL[y]acious!

    I think it’s pretty ORR’ the top!

    MANNY that is hot!

  45. Prince Hal of the Stanley Cup on

    Brilliant Poster: “The regular season is completely irrelevant….and anyone who doesn’t
    agree knows offal about hockey.”

    Brilliant Poster, five subsequent posts, convincing those of us who are not nearly as bright as he:
    “And in the season just past…” “in that series, the Rangers….” “…while the Rangers compiled 109…”

    Help me out here, Brilliant Poster. Does the regular season count or not?

    As for Hank being the final consolation for those of us making the mistake of treating Ottawa with some respect, would that be the Hank of December/January, or the first three weeks in March,
    or the up and down Hank of late? The Hank of so many previous playoff series triumphs?
    The Hank, winner of (fill-in-the-blank, or just say blank) Lord Stanleys?
    Tim Thomas, ’til last year’s four-round brilliance, had never shown he was THAT guy. Gotta hope he’s the mold for Henrik, ’cause it’s hard to be confident when recalling the classy Swede’s limited previous participation.

    Mister D: we already knew, that with regard to imagination, there were some limits….:-). Some of us prefer to think of it as honoring every piece of the puzzle.

    As for Manny and Sally, thanks for rivalling the mope of a coupla weeks ago who assaulted us with that Unending Scroll of Fourth Rate Political Claptrap. Didn’t think anyone else could be that narcissistic….you’re the new champs! Prizes are in the mail (a good venue for private ceremonies, that).

  46. I’m more confused now than I’ve been….huh??? Anyhoo, no time to catch up…It’s almost Boss time!!!! Yeheeeeehhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa! Toodles!!

  47. Can’t get universe …will have to listen at home. If a bear falls in the forest, does anyone hear it except the universe?

  48. billybleedsblue on

    “I am afraid of bear, but bear in forest.”

    hahahaaaaaaa gotta love it!

  49. Leetchhalloffame on

    If Kreider returns to BC for another men vs. boys season the Rangers should trade his rights to any Russian team that flies in 50 year or older planes. For God sakes Kreider it’s the Stanley Cup playoffs.

  50. True fans bleed rw&b on

    Outside of playing Pittsburgh, I think Ottawa was the toughest team the rangers could draw.

    They just don’t match up so well.

  51. i must have missed the season where ottawa was this dominating force that everyone makes it out to be.

  52. Kreider OR death! …obviously.

    Bear in woods!! Can this guy be any more hilarious?! Can’t wait for Wednesday!

  53. I think everyone I don’t agree with is Sean Avery. It’s a fact. Scott Cullen at tsn breaks down this series really well. He is definitely not Sean Avery.

  54. One thing I am eagerly looking forward to is to see how Ryan Callahan performs in playoffs this year. It’s been two years since he played his last playoff game.

    And I hope Lundqvist can be strong enough mentally to take us deep.

  55. CCCP – you mean 3 years. Rangers didn’t make the playoffs in 2010.

    Also for those saying Kreider should sign, would you play for free after everyone you played with just got paid all season long? Might as well wait until after to sign that EL deal.

  56. We made playoffs in 08-09 then missed playoffs in 09-10 and made playoffs last season 10-11 when Cally got injured and didn’t play. So…it’s two seasons.

  57. Good early morning all! Bruce……sigh.. Other than the Cup, no better night at MSG….

  58. Jonny D:

    If I had the opportunity to play in the playoffs with the top seed team in the East knowing I would not get pay check for a couple of months…yes. I think the Rangers are a long shot for the cup but winning it all before you play your first regular season game would be pretty cool. It would be great if he came in now. The question is can he and will Torts play him? A lot of people with much more inside information and hockey smarts than me are disagreeing on this. So I’ll just wait and see. Interesting either way.

  59. Asshating hartnelling carcillo cooke….sorry all. I won’t let that byfuglien ruin my night!

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    “If we play our game we will beat them” said by an OTTAWA player today…

    Sounds like blackboard material.

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