It’s a brand new season, and today is Day 1


Got a lot of stuff coming up this week to kick off the playoffs.

First, I’m going over to the practice today, and hope to post some audio later on. And maybe I’ll do some tweeting (yes, me, tweeting) from the rink.

And hopefully we’ll have some news on Chris Kreider today, too.

I think I’ve told youse that I’m not doing the third sometimes-annual Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest Extravaganza and Picnic or whatever we’re calling it today. Not enough interest last year, and way too much work for my tech guys …

That doesn’t mean there won’t be the third sometimes-annual Paul Mara contest. There will. Sally’s running it. See the artwork she did while risking all her jobs (right). If you want to join, and you really, really should … Sally needs some “before” pictures. So you can go to her blog site at … or you can just click here.

FYI, I’ve already got a Senators fan/jackwagon harrassing me via email, which is nice.

Let’s get right to it.

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  1. Let’s start off the week here with the appropriate tone.

    This team has met every challenge thrown its way. So much so, that it’s been nothing short of remarkable. Why should that stop now because we didn’t get the Presidents’ Trophy.

    I’m disappointed we didn’t get the trophy but that’s in the past and the chase for the real prize starts now.

    The Sens present a challenge just like every team we face the rest of the way will present a challenge. However, don’t you think we present more of a challenge to them? Time to bring the jam!

  2. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Maybe it’s Rod who’s emailing you disguised as a senators fan…Prust sayin’

  3. The Sens are the one team I didn’t want to face. The Rangers always have problems with their speed and skill. While I hope this isn’t the case, I could see the Sens winning in 6.

  4. Waaaaaahhhhhh. Sens are the ONE team I don’t wanna face. As if you couldn’t make a case for any of the other seven. Even Philly. Have some faith. I am sure sens fans are feeling their three game losing streak to drop to eighth and play the eastern conference leaders?! Cmon. Let’s go Rangers!!

  5. nyrmessier011 on

    Give me that jackwagons name carp, ill take care of it. I’ll be the enforcer around here

  6. Good morning, boneheads!

    Now the real season starts. It sounds like everyone’s preference would be to play Florida. Well, while it’s understandable, it wouldn’t guarantee a walk in the park in 4 games, would it? And even if they were to win easily, they’d have to face someone else afterwards. I understand the anxiety, but there is a reason they are number 1 in the East, and Ottawa is number 8. The Rangers need to play the same game that landed them in number 1 spot and they’ll be fine. This team showed us what they can do all year long, we need to believe. It’s going to be an exciting time, enjoy the ride, folks!

  7. We have our resident blog goon already, messier011…But he is on paternity leave, so thanks for stepping in….Imagine if Carp posted this jackwagon’s email address? Too bad he can’t.

  8. Rick, sorry to hear there isn’t much interest in the Mara contest. Need something to do with those who wanted to participate? Why not advertise ? The proceeds to the pledge drive go to Garden of Dreams. Good Idea right?? You can repay the favor by pledging money to me. I was the guy who got screwed by Callahan missing the empty net in the first ticket contest this year. Whoa is me. Anyway, when you go to pledge my beard use my first name Andrew and the last name found in my e-mail. You’re a trooper. Thanks.

  9. I don’t understand all of this talk about Ottawa being so dangerous like they were the last team we’d want to face in the first round, and I really don’t undertsand where I hear all of this Ottawa fan swagger like they can steamroll the Rangers.

    Throw the regular season record out the window come playoff time. If I recall correctly the Rangers beat NJ every game of the 93-94 season and we al know how much that matter come playoff time. But looking at the body of work, the Sens are 25th in the league in goals against, they’re young, and have questionable goaltending. If the Rangers play Ranger hockey, they have this. Ottawa is going to want to open it up into a track meet, but if the Rangers can limit chances against, they will definitely get their own chances. As Washington has shown us over the past couple years, offense first teams don’t do well in the playoffs.

    Regarding Kreider: Obviously he shoukd sign with the Rangers ASAP. I don’t like the idea of throwing a kid into his first NHL game in the playoffs, when he’s unfamiliar witht he system, and the style of play is so intense. However, he’s accustomed to big games having just played in the Frozen Four, and given how little John Mitchell has contributed to the cause as of late, Kreider can’t be much worse. Having John Scott as the extra forward is terrifying, the guy can’t move

  10. THE KREIDER needs to replace Gaborik immediately. It’s the only chance we have not to get swept.

  11. I would rather have * John Scott* dress in this series than Krie/eider. We need *Scott* to shadow Chris Neal and be prepared to put a hurtin’ on him.

  12. Scott will be just fine if he is needed…. how much toi do you think Torts is going to be giving the 4th line guys anyways??

  13. Outside of Florida, the Sens are probably the best opponent for the Rangers. The Senators struggle defensively and have allowed the 4th most goals which is very promising given that we’ve struggled to score at times.

    Given our defensive style, I expect us to be able to shut down their offense and play in their zone most of the game. They also aren’t very good on the PK, which should def help us.

    Craig Anderson is certainly capable of stealing games and they do have a good PP, but I just can’t see Ottawa being able to overcome our physicality.

    Biggest stat – The Rangers record when outshooting the opposition is 68% (1st place by far) and we should outshoot them pretty much every game…

  14. bull dog line on

    you guys are kidding with the Scott stuff, I hope. if Kreider signs, he will play before Scott. he will probably bump somebody out of the lineup along the way.

  15. Oleo, are you out of your mind? Have you seen any of the NYR – Ottawa games this year?
    Aside from the Penguins, Ottawa is one of the WORST opponents for NYR to play.
    They just don’t match up well with their speed and skill.

    I couldn’t believe they laid down in that last game of the regular season. Forget the President’s trophy, it’s the first round match up that is going to kill them.

  16. I love that Brooks is saying that Kreider/Krieder will play for free because he won’t get paid until AFTER the playoffs. Could that actually be a concern for this kid? If that is then he’s a moron. I think he understands that he will get paid and he will. until then, be flown around the country, put up in hotels and given unlimited OJ and free WiFi. Who does the think he is!? Oh, by the way, he will also be playing in the NHL STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS.

  17. Yeah somehow the Rangers went 9-1-0 against the higher scoring and more skilled Flyers and Bruins, 11-5-0 when you throw in their games agaisnt the Most Favored Team. But since regular season records mean nothing then we’ll throw out the Rangers record vs the Sens.

  18. Cool Poster Sally!

    *WELLMAN* (that is on the condition that *CABER* is unavailable)

  19. Oh I forgot about *CABER!* Sorry, buddy!

    Thanks & good luck! Do you know if Mannu is going to enter the contest?

  20. What’s the rush with Kreider for everyone? He may be considered NHL-ready but that certainly doesn’t make him NHL-playoff ready. I’m sure Torts would prefer Kreider go through training camp, the Traverse tournament, and maybe a few Hartford games before getting him in there.

    The financial side is something that goes through his agent. Not only are there no paychecks now, I believe there are also no signing bonuses now either.

    The kid will be here soon enough – there’s no need to rush him.

  21. bull dog line on

    there is a need to rush him. he is there top prospect, and they are going into the playoffs with John Scott as there only spare forward. he is going to be needed. you know that someone is going to get hurt or slump, and Kreider will have to be the guy to replace them. do you think the Rangers are going to go on a long playoff run without an injury of some sort? Kreider, whether ready or not, is going to be needed.

  22. Wasn’t it the ISLANDERS who started the playoff beard thing? Look at pictures of the 94 Ranger team after winning game 7. With the exception of Anderson, they are ALL clean shaven.

  23. CTBlueshirt: It’s not the record of the regular season that counts it’s the style of play of the team.

    FACT: Rangers style of play does not match up with Ottawa’s style of play.
    FACT: Rangers style of play does not match up with Pittsburgh’s style of play.
    FACT: Rangers style of play matches up very nicely with Flyers.

    Styles make fights and no matter what their regular season record was, Ranges just DON’T match up well against OTTAWA. PERIOD.

    I hope I’m proven wrong but it is what it is.

  24. bull dog line on

    I agree with you about style of play with the matchup. I think this is going to be a very tough series for the Rangers to win. I think they will, but to me it is not the preferred matchup.

  25. Yeah, you’d much rather play a much better team that will pound you for seven games. My God, it’s Ottawa.

    And, Rob C, I’d be willing to bet the first-round series, no matter who the opponent is/could have been, will be 1-1 after two games … with, of course, the ridiculous amount of panic by fans … even though it happens almost every series.

  26. Vitaly

    How the Rangers did against Ottawa during the regular season is completely irrelevant, especially since the Rangers wont have Biron in net…

    The Sens are very inexperienced, they struggle defensively and they don’t play a physical game. Oh and we have Lundqvist…

  27. Bull Dog Line: Aside from the Penguins, the second team I would not want to face in the first round are the Senators. Watching the Rangers play the Senators this season was like banging your head against the wall b/c all you would see is Rangers grind, grind, grind … get 10 shots on goal. Ottawa rushes up the ice, shot, goal. You can dominate the game but if you don’t score (2,3,4) goals … good luck winning the game.

    So frustrating. I hope the playoffs are different.

  28. bull dog line on

    profesional sports is all about match ups. the football Giants do not matchup well with the Eagles, but they do matchup with the Cowboys. there are situations like that all over sports. to discount the fact that the Rangers did not matchup well with the Sens in the regular season is a mistake. like I said, I think they will win the series, but there were better matchups out there.

  29. Public Service Message:

    Please, please, should the Rangers do not sweep the first two games at home, remember that Boston lost BOTH its home games to start last year against MTL. And Carolina had the same experience the year it won the Cup. This will be a long hard slog, with many highs and lows, and I ask in advance that the panic button be held in reserve until the day it is truly required. Thank you, and we now return you to your regular programming.

  30. LOL loving this …. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

    I think the NYR fan base will be in for a rude awakening against the Sens.

    I am one of them and I hope I’m wrong on all counts.

  31. Carp has it right — Ottawa does present speed problems and a healthy PP. But you would much rather face them that a team that fights tooth and nail for every inch of ice, and leaves welts all over your heroes.

  32. No chance the panic will be held in reserve, Hospodar.

    bull dog, I’m not disagreeing with that theory … I just think there is far too small a sample size to flat-out conclude the Rangers don’t match up with this mediocre No. 8 seed to the point where it should be a concern. It’s not as if Ottawa steamrolled the Rangers, with Lundqvist in goal, this season. The Senators won some games. Period. I don’t believe it had anything to do with styles.

  33. bull dog line on

    the problem with that theory Hopodar, is that the Ranger could fall into the trap of playing Ottawa’s style. the Rangers play a very physical game. playing against another physical team goes right with what the Rangers do. physical matchups are best for the Rangers.

  34. bull dog line

    The Rangers played Ottawa 4 times this season. They lost once in the skills competition which doesn’t exist in the playoffs. Rangers won the next game. They got shutout once at the Garden and they lost the most recent game in which our best player didn’t even play.

    I don’t mean to be rude but anyone would prefer Philly over Ottawa is a complete jackwagon who knows Carcillo about the game of hockey…

  35. if john scott dresses for one game we are in trouble. please i will take kris newbury over hime if we needed an extra forward.

    the x factor going into the playoffs is BRANDON DUBINSKY. if he scores goals and makes up for his horrific offensive year we are a force. if not sens in 4. lol. you get my point

  36. Bull dog — I do agree that OTT is no easy task. But if the Rangers forecheck and take the body and pound their defensemen beneath the hashmarks, they will eventually break their will. It is a matter
    of pounding the body until the head loses heart. OTT is dangerous but “not hard to play against” as they old cliche goes. If this were a five game series I would be more worried. I am not without worry, believe me. But the NYR should win and I think win going away.

  37. Just to address what I meant before, I would’ve rather played Washington or Florida. Washington has 2 young goalies who we’ve had success against in every game outside of the last one (after we had everything clinched and the Caps were fighting for 3rd place). Florida we played well all year as well.

    The Sens are just a bad matchup for us. They dominated most of all of the games we played against them this year mostly because they move the puck quick and eliminate our hard forecheck. Then combine that with their speed through the neutral zone and it’s probably the worst matchup other than the Pens.

  38. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    As that immortal hockey announcer Moses Malone once said, “Fo’, fo’, fo’ fo'”

    We’ll only know in hindsight if they were able to turn the spigot back on in time for these games. I hope the Blueshirts go out there and play borderline-dirty old time hockey for 6 weeks. Get back to the way we dominated the Pens early this year. Clear the zone emphatically, let Boyle loose, no odd-mans against, be decisive, and for G-d’s sake man, “SHOOT THE PUCK BARRY” (but on net for once)

  39. oleosmirf: ‘I don’t mean to be rude but anyone would prefer Philly over Ottawa is a complete jackwagon who knows Carcillo about the game of hockey…’

    I’m sorry was that a little side swipe at me? I didn’t say I prefer Philly to Ottawa I just used Philly as a comparison.

    I actually prefer the Panthers or the Capitals, who will give Bruins all they can handle.

    Take a look in the mirror first before calling someone you know nothing about ‘a complete jackwagon who knows Carcillo about the game of hockey’

  40. Carp – the Rangers play a hell of a lot better when they are physically challenged. When they play the Flyers/Devils/Bruins, they play so much better since they know they have to play physically to win. It suits their team’s strengths.

    Teams like Ottawa always give them problems because they aren’t as physical and try to use their speed to beat them. When they aren’t moving the puck as fast, that is when the Rangers will dominate them. But if Karlsson and Gonchar are moving the puck quickly from the back and letting their forwards skate into open space, it will give the Rangers many problems.

  41. bull dog line on

    right on Jonny D,
    that is the the point us jackwagon’s who know nothing were making.

  42. ottawa is not a bad match up for us. case closed move on geez. We won the Conference and bounced back every time we should have, have some faith. NY in 5.

  43. Vitaly

    I was referring to anyone who prefers Philly because we beat them 6 times. If you believe Philly is an easier opponent than Ottawa, then yes I was referring to you. If you don’t believe that way, then no i was not.

    The Rangers have the most regulation and overtime wins out of any team in the NHL. Ottawa has 12 less than us. That is a significant difference and losing track of that based on 1 or 2 games during an 82 game season is bush league.

    Would I rather play Florida? Who wouldn’t? but Ottawa and their 92 points is nothing to be worried about at all…

  44. bull dog line on

    I have plenty of faith Hedberg,
    I think the Rangers are going to win the series. just would have preferred a different first round matchup.

  45. I can’t imagine going through life finding and believing the potential negative in every possible situation.

  46. Pittsburgh would have been Nighmare #1

    Ottawa is Nightmare #2

    I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is. I hope they dominate them, win in regulation and make their defense and goalie’s look like mush and make their forwards dissapear. Do I think that will happen? NO. Can the NYR win the series. HELL YES.

  47. We can absolutely win but the Senators are a nightmare. Even Milbury said it on NBC Sports. Senators are a tough matchup for the Rangers.

  48. I’m just taking a shot in the dark, but atleast some people who think that the 1-2-1 regular season record is a terrible omen would also worry that a 4-0-0 is evidence the opponent is “due for some wins”.

  49. We lose the first round if Scott sees 4min of ice time? Lol
    Zenon will get a hat trick every game and will skate circles around the fourth line!

  50. so we should be scared of a team that’s style of play has led them to win only half of their games this season?

  51. Through the PO’s you eventually will play a team with the “style of play” like the Sens, what does it matter what round it is? Unless your looking for anything less then the Cup.

  52. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Everyone is getting way to worked up over this. The Rangers win this in 5 and the Senators don’t score more than 12 goals. We will dictate the pace of the game and once we do that, we will completely control this series. The Rangers work harder than any other team in the Eastern Conference and thats what matters come playoffs.

  53. bull dog line on

    first off, nobody said scared. next, the style of play is not going to be against everybody else, just the Rangers. if you have watched the Rangers this season (and I know you have), they have trouble with speed and skill. Ottawa is a speed skill team. Ottawa is not an ideal matchup for the Rangers. will the Rangers win the series? I think they will, it just might be a little longer than we all would like.

  54. Fact is vitally is not a ranger fan. My opinion is fact. Why else would you come in here and stir up this nonsense. As vitally or Lloyd Braun says I hope I am wrong. Is vitally Sean Avery?

  55. bull dog line on

    why would you think that John M.
    because his opinion is different than yours? stop!

  56. the Carolina Hurricanes rely solely on speed and skill, led by their little figure skating teenager and we dominated them handily.

    The Rangers have a week to prepare for their “style” and will be playing with maximum effort, something that doesn’t always happen in the long season. They will have a game plan tailored specifically to Ottawa and will be able to prepare the entire week for this series.

    I am fully confident the Rangers wrap this one up in no more than 6 games…

  57. LOL … funny. Actually I’m Dick Vitale and Dick Vitale is NOT a Ranger fan.

    I’m not stirring anything up just telling you what my observation are.

  58. Ugh, I hate days when we talk about hockey. Can we get some g(j)ibberish going?

    What’s everyone doing for Dyngus Day? Lunch?

  59. What in the holy heck is Dyngus Day?

    Lunch? I am trying to lose weight because Mrs. Manny is concerned about the state of my mid-section

  60. Good late morning all! Yikes, Thursday better come fast … the hissing and scratching has already begun!

    Happy Dyngus Day Sally! Have we fired Kreider yet?

  61. Further proof we’re screwed: Edmonton is another very fast, skilled team. They beat us EVERY SINGLE TIME WE PLAYED THEM THIS SEASON!!!

  62. No one changes their style of play much in the regular season when you see a team once and then they’re gone for a month until you play them again. The Rangers will adjust their system to slow down the Sens and force them to fight for every inch of ice which the Sens are not built to do. Spezza/Alfredsson will see so much team defense that they will be controlled enough. Our grit is a lot more of a problem for the Sens than their speed is to us.

    And what’s the number 1 playoff rule? – better goalie wins. We have that by a lot.

    I’m confident we win the series, not expecting a sweep, but we will move on.

    Last – if we can’t beat the Sens then we don’t deserve the Cup. I’m not afraid of any team. Let’s play whoever we have to and run right through them. And if we don’t win, it’s all part of the process and we grow and get better for next season.

  63. We do have the better goalie unless Auld and Ben Bishop a/k/a The Stormtrooper decide to play and then we are screwed because we can’t beat untested rookies.

  64. Oh get this: I have two friends that are Caps fans. One just told me that there was talk in the Caps fandom that the Rangers didn’t want to play the Caps in the playoffs so the Rangers didn’t try hard to win so they wouldn’t have to face the Craps.

  65. Dyngus Day is when everybody becomes Polish and you attack people with pussy willows and water guns and then you get drunk and dance the polka, if I’m understanding correctly.

  66. I know a lot of experts didnt pick us for 1st, but alot did pick Ottawa for dead last in the conference, but if you listen to some it’s a bad match up. i’m scared

  67. But you dont think Ottowa is coming in thinking that 1-1 back to ottowa is a major victory for them, and NYR is saying that going in 1-1 to Ottowa is not good….

  68. For all you Arrested Development fans – While Mrs. Manny and I were getting breakfast at a local eatery on Saturday the one and only Mr. Tobias Funke arrived and ordered a sandwich to go.

  69. I’m not saying the Rangers can’t/won’t win. As bulldog said though, the Rangers have problems with fast teams who move the puck. Chicago gave them fits. Montreal gave them a ton of problems in Montreal because they move the puck quick with their fast d-men (minus the pole Hal Gill who was there in the first few matchups) and look to feed their quick forwards.

    The Rangers send 2 forwards deep 75% of the time on the forecheck. The key to beating them is having their forecheckers get trapped deep and create an odd-man rush or open ice to skate through the neutral zone. Karlsson and Gonchar are great at doing that because they move it quick, look for the unorthodox passes to the middle of the ice, and can jump up into the play after setting up the breakout.

    When the two forwards get caught down low, it opens up the neutral zone and creates a 3-on-2 or at least makes it a 3-on-3 game with a ton of open ice. Boston and Philly don’t do that. Pittsburgh doesn’t even do that as well as Ottawa does. They just aren’t as consistent at it, hence why they are in 8th and why the Rangers can/should beat them. Still a scary matchup.

  70. “Michael if I may take off my pants and pull my analrapist stocking over my head, I think George Michael may be suffering from what we in the soft-sciences call “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”, or the “The O.C. Disorder”.”

  71. ?”In the all-time series between the two teams, the Senators are 23-13-0-1 at MSG — 11-2 since the lockout and 14-3 in their last 17 visits.”

    *PANIC NOW!*

  72. Tobias Fünke: “Gob, I would like to be in your trick and there’s someone I’d like to put in a plug for. Or… should I say 4,000 plugs?”

    Gob: “Oh god…”

    Lupe: “Mister gay is bleeding! Mister gay!”

  73. “You are a worse psychiatrist than you are a son-in-law, and you will never get work as an actor because you have no talent.”

  74. “…I’ll never understand? That you can never be nude?… I’ll understand more than you’ll… never know.”

  75. “Time for me to take off my receptionist skirt and put on my Barbara Streisand in the Prince Of Tides ass-masking therapist pantsuit.”

    (I can and will do this *all day*)

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m just going to say this and then be quiet until prediction time rolls around:

    Going back about a month now, I’ve said consistently that the worst possible matchup for the Rangers in round one would be Ottawa.

  77. I agree 100% Doodie. I have been fearing this devilish matchup for a very, very long time. And wouldn’t you know……

    …and back to Tobias:

    “My schedule however, is as open as my relationship with my wife. So why don’t we pair up? And hit the town together! I’ll be your wingman. Even if it means me taking a chubby, I will suck it up!”

  78. Mrs. Eminger on

    Gotta love the goofy Flyers fans…on the Comcast Sportsnet website they have a poll:

    Who will win the Flyers-Penguins playoff series?
    Flyers in four games: 1%
    Flyers in five games: 7%
    Flyers in six games: 50%
    Flyers in seven games: 17%
    Penguins win: 22%

    Over 1550 votes in…

    I know it’s OT but I always find Philadelphia an amusing sports town. I’m just a little shocked that no one selected “Flyers in three games”.

  79. I don’t think anyone disagreed or is disagreeing with that now, Doodie, so I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make.

  80. Tobias Fünke: “I booked a wonderful spot for the party – the Queen Mary. Perhaps I should call the hot cops and tell them to come up with a more nautical theme. Hot sailors. Better yet… Hot sea…”

    Michael: “I like hot sailors.”

    Tobias Fünke: “MMM. Me too. “

  81. Buster: My army training is telling me that this is a hot mission.
    Michael: Hot mission! We’re on a hot mission!
    Buster: Maybe we should call it “Operation: Hot Mother.”
    Michael: No, no, let’s try to top that.
    Narrator: They never did, and later, Operation: Hot Mother was under way.

  82. “I didn’t get into this business to please sophomore Tracy Schwartzman, so… onward and upward. On… “

  83. “Here he comes. Here comes John Wayne. I’m not gonna cry about my pa. I’m gonna build me an airport, put my name on it. Why, Michael? So you can fly away from your feelings? You can keep them bottled up, Michael, but they will come out. Sometimes in the most unexpected… “

  84. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    LW – I remember saying such way back then. I agreed with you then and I don’t agree with you now.

  85. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Sally – I know you voiced concerns with our domestic violence posts over the weekend, but bestiality is a much mure disturbing act. Shame on you

  86. as far as this potential Krieder signing goes, does the timing eliminate him from being part of the playoff roster or could he still theoretically play?

  87. Fine! I will switch to some ICE quotes

    “You can’t have a party without ice”

    “Put your problems on ice”

  88. “Lord, let Buster forget everything. And if you need to take another hand to make that happen, please make it G.O.B.’s.”

  89. One important aspect that hasn’t been mentioned regarding the PO’s is the coaching staff and the game plans which are implemented for a series which differs significantly from the regular season. This was an issue addressed by Torts sometime in March. In essence he said that during the regular season the Ranger coaching staff focuses on their own team. You play a team once and they’re on to the next opponent. Game plans don’t really go into depth regarding the opponent. Consequently, regular season series means very little. Game strategies, line combo’s etc are being developed now and will continue throughout the series. So, in addition to the players, is our coaching staff better than the Sens?

  90. Are people really saying Ottawa is a tougher matchup than Filly? The best thing that happened to the Rangers is that the Flyers-Pens have to play each other, hopefully for 7 games, and hopefully with some carryover effect into subsequent rounds.

    Of course the Rangers still have to take care of their own business, but the only team I’d really be worried about in the 1st is the Pens. I’ll be less worried if the Rangers are facing the Pens in the conference finals than if it were this round (if that makes any sense).

  91. Franklin Kistner on

    Rangers fans, I need your advice. I have ’til midnight to cancel flight (SFO – JFK) for GAME 5. Will there be a game 5? I am too much of a fan to not expect a sweep, so I need some “objective” viewpoints. If I keep the reservations I will lose 100,000 miles or fly to NYC to just walk by the Garden. Help!

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