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1) Well, the ending and the post-game sure saved me, because I had no idea how I was going to fill out an entire review on this game.

2) This is why some people hate John Tortorella, and this is also why his players love him. That was an awesome post-game press conference when he said what most of the NHL and most non-Pittsburgh fans believe, but most won’t say (and Mike Milbury and Peter Laviolette were probably applauding). The audio is at the top of the previous thread. The Brooks Orpik knee on Derek Stepan wasn’t the dirtiest hit ever, but it was dirty, and it seems to happen all the time with that team that does nothing but whine and complain and cry to the referees when it happens to them. Remember the outcry whenever Mario got hit (including the ridiculous Adam Graves incident in ’92), and the promise to get this stuff out of the game when Skid got hurt. What a pile of garbage they spew down there in the Steel City.

3) I’m sure Brendan Shanahan will muster all his power and hit Orpik with one of those signature $2,500 couch-change fines. Will jump through hoops explaining that it was not so bad. But I’ve said all along, and with some admiration, that Pittsburgh plays as nasty a game as any team in the league — even Letang, the born-again piece of carcillo Cooke, Skid, Malkin of course, Kennedy, Dick Vitale, Engelland. That makes them doubly dangerous because of all that skill. And triple dangerous if the refs let them get away with it.

4) If you understand human nature, it’s easy to figure out how the Rangers played a luke-warm game. It really wasn’t a big game for them. And I don’t think this had anything to do with effort. Instead it has everything to do with the Rangers not having enough anger, enough push-back (except for Ryan Callahan on Chris Letang). And until their second joust, I don’t think the Rangers matched the Penguins physical game. I thought the Rangers were out-hit, and out-battled for pucks, most of the game.

5) I’m not absolving Martin Biron. Far from it. But I don’t know if Henrik Lundqvist could have stolen this game.

6) That said, Biron wasn’t great. His turnover led to one goal, and two of them could/maybe should have been stopped.

7) I didn’t like the Artem Anisimov-Derek Stepan-Callahan line at all. Not one bit, except for Callahan’s run-ins with Letang. I also didn’t like the Carl Hagelin-Brad Richards-Marian Gaborik line at all. Not one bit. They were the line pinned, during that woeful shift on which Biron coughed up the puck and Marc Staal got into one of his run-around modes. And even when they were decent, I thought that line over-passed the puck. Lately most Rangers goals have come off the PP, or off dirty plays (or both). They looked a bit too fancy.

8) And I thought all six defensemen were bad. I know, the Penguins can make you look bad. But if you let guys behind you, and start chasing pucks, so can Columbus.

9) I hate to play doctor, I really do. But judging by Stepan skating off on his own, not leaving the bench for the remainder of the game, and only slightly limping after the game ended, I’m going to guess it’s a knee tweak, or more likely a charley horse. I just don’t think you react to a blown-out knee that way, having blown out both of mine.

10) Gotta also say, I didn’t think Pittsburgh looked so unbeatable in this game.

11) So the Baby Buffaloes are out (along with my Baby Buffalo chicken sangwich). This is a classic second-guess, but I wonder if it was a good idea to do all that buying last July 1, then selling off at the trade deadline. Wonder if Paul Gaustad could have made a difference; could have helped them win one more game.

12) So it’s Washington, Ottawa or Florida now. And we wait.

13) I am going out on a limb here, but it’s a very short limb based on what these Rangers have shown us for the first 81 games … I’d expect them to get it all fixed and play a really, really good Game 82 tomorrow against the Capitals (don’t forget it’s a 6:30 start). That’s just how they bounce back from games like this one … and there haven’t been many of them. If they win, they get the Presidents’ Trophy … for what that’s worth (almost nothing).

14) One more thought about the Orpik-Stepan thing. What do you suppose Pittsburgh’s reaction might have been if that had been, say, Brandon Prust vs. Sidney Crosby? What do you suppose the suspension might be if that were the case?

15) No Chris Kreider until after Saturday.

16) Happy Passover and Good Friday.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brandon Dubinsky.
2) Brian Boyle.
3) Ruslan Fedotenko.
ZzZz NYR ZzZz … says Greg L’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brandon Dubinsky.

2) Dan Girardi.
3) Brian Boyle/Ruslan Fedotenko (Boyle gets the nod cuz he scored).
Honorable mention to Hank, Hair looked great on the bench!!

AP photos, above.

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  1. First-time poster … been following the blog all season in China. I agree that Orpik’s hit wasn’t the dirtiest play we’ve seen, but why was a defenseman taking a run at an opponent at the blue line while killing a penalty? He’s taking himself out of the play, essentially leaving his team two men down. It’s not a smart play at all, so suffice to say the Orpik had bad intentions.

  2. I give Torts a lot of credit for speaking his mind. I bet a bunch of coaches have been thinking the exact same thing just haven’t had the nuts to say it. Its extremely frustrating how the league deals with some of this nonsense. Hits like that END CAREERS. This game is far too fast and players are far too big. It should not be tolerated.

  3. Wish the guys had reviewed the two games the Islanders beat the Pens soundly last week. Just clogging the slot and keeping them to the outside in the D zone and anticipating rebounds in front of Fleury. Before this game, he gave up 15 goals in the past 3. I hate that the Blueshirts didn’t pressure him more.
    At least they’re not our problem in the first round, I’m hoping the Flyers beat the crap out of them, it should be a fun high-scoring series with those two goalies.

  4. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Happy Passover to all our lovely Jewish Boneheads and to all my Catholic bros and sisters, remember to honor Good Friday! I’m going to try to NOT curse today.


    Carpy, my first post last night after the hit was about the $2500 fine.. Torts will be fined more than that $#%#& ( see, no cursing lol)

    IF ANY information about Step is released before 6 pm EST, can someone please text me?


  5. “Penguins can make you look bad. But if you let guys behind you, and start chasing pucks, so can Columbus.”

    There was a play in the 3rd period where the Penguins came down two-on-two (I forgot who the two-dmen were), but both dmen went after the puck carrier and left the other Penguin forward all alone in front of the net. I screamed at the TV, “What the hell are you guys doing?” uh…my screaming didn’t help.

  6. Carp, it’s ENORMOUSLY refreshing to know that your opinion of Pittsburgh is the same as us average fans. Instead of trotting out the usual cliches and nonsense, you call it like it truly is.

    And the simple fact is that the Pittsburgh Penguins have enjoyed “Favored team status” of the NHL for a long time. Led by the biggest whiner and diver I’ve ever seen as a fan – Mario Lemieux.

    Lemieux, who towered over most of the opposition, would crumple to the ice as if shot whenever anyone so much sneezed on him. He “retired” because he complained he didn’t have the freedom on the ice anymore. He cried like a girl when Cindy got hurt and proclaimed that the entire league now had to change because his golden child got hurt.

    All this while making excuse after excuse for Matt Cooke…with a player like Malkin who is among the dirtiest in the league.

    It’s games like yesterday that have me pining for the days of Messier.

    Imagine what Mess might have done. A quick shoulder to the head of Cindy as he cuts across the blue line (A la poor Mike Modano). A high stick to the forehead or elbow to the teeth if Malkin tried something nasty. (Remember how he laid out Doug Gilmour in the ’97 Devils series? In front of the Devils bench no less)

    The Penguins have now gone two games in a row where an opposition player took a shot to the knees. I forget who the Bruins player was at the moment, but he needed help off the ice.
    Stepan stayed on the bench…that’s the only reason I’m moderately hopeful it won’t be a long term thing.

    I’m waiting to hear the league come down on Tortorella. The NHL simply won’t stand for ANYONE insulting their darling franchise.

    The NHL is a one man/one team show – Cindy Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. The rest of the teams, players, coaches and fans are supporting players. The NHL has made this VERY clear over the last few years.

    Myself? I hope Sidney takes an elbow to the head in the next week or so. Hope he’s laid out drooling in his soup. Why? Because when it comes to karma…the Penguins are LONG overdue.

    I said it last week. I hate the Flyers and Philly fans with a passion. But there is no team, no bunch of players, no franchise, no group of fans that I truly HATE more than the Penguins.

    The same loser fans who abandoned their team in droves and needed the NHL to save them from ruin. The same loser fans who needed a possibly rigged draft to land Crosby. The same loser fans who boo a player like Jaromir Jagr who only ever did his best for that pathetic city.

    And yes, I am also hateful of the Pens because they’ve ALWAYS had our number. That makes it even that much more annoying.

  7. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    anyone wondering what the blowback from the league will be on the Flyers and, if pens beat the flyers, the Rangers? We thought officiating was bad during the regular season, it could possibly be MORE PREFERENTIAL in the playoffs. Ya gotta hope not, but I don’t trust it.

  8. CJP – great comment about Messier, I would like to see how he would have responded to that as well. I really liked Torts for saying it like it is.


  9. Just watched the hit on Youtube and Joe Micheletti says I don’t think Orpik stuck his knee out on purpose. I guess Joe wasn’t watching the play.

  10. nobody mentioning the spear on boyle? that play sure looked fishy to me! conspiracy!

  11. HageL…We all are well aware of how the officiating will ALWAYS favor the Penguins. It’s practically written in stone that they will get the benefit every single time.

    Add to that the fact that the league hates it when anyone calls out their treasured Penguins, it’s a recipe for a miserable playoffs officiating-wise.

  12. Im going to say steph will playin the first playoff game, just by reaction. I love the fights the hits and the toughness to this game. Who would have thought we would lead the league in points, hits and fights, its great. However the game moved pass Messier and his edge. We call it edge, a lot of knowledgeable people call it cheap. Orpick is right on the edge in this day and age, again it was close, bang bang. The point is Torts doing exactly what he should calling out a puke, whiny organization and rallying his troops, excellent work. Very confident going into the second season, who wants to play us? I thought we should have sat Gabby,Cally or Dan G. But I’ll go with the coach. BTW how about Biron talking tough and was going to lay a beat down on Orpik. Lol how about being a good water boy, cheerleader, and practice goalie instead.

  13. On the Boyle play…if that was Cindy who got hurt it would have been a match penalty. No doubt about it.

  14. Torts has brass b*lls, straight out. Love him for that. He said what everyone thinks.

    That f’in Malkin is even dirtier than Crosby. Ugliest player in the league.

    Watching them run into one another at 3/4 speed would be karma biting them both in the aasen.

    Sorry for the hate on Good Friday but those guys just irk me.

    Hope Stepan’s OK for next week.

  15. I was listening to the Penguins broadcast of the game in the 1st when Cooke threw a hit on McDonagh. And then McDonagh followed him a little bit after but nothing happened.

    The announcers said McDonagh needs to forget it and just play hockey. Cooke has cleaned up his act and only throws clean hits now. They just hinted that McDonagh is young and stupid and hitting is a part of the game.

    Funny how they have such a different view of Cooke. Are players supposed to forget about his past actions?

  16. I bet they will find a way to give more punishment to Tortorella than Orpcarcillo. How dare he not bow to the Penguins!

  17. I never thought there’d ever be a team I hated more than the Devils, but now, it’s the Pens.

  18. Who is that guy who is always standing next to Torts and players interviews ? Is he the Rangers pr buffer?

  19. DJK – I’ve been hating the Pens since ’92. When Adam Graves was branded a criminal for his slash on Lemieux. Lemieux who crumpled to the ice as if hit with a taser…Lemieux who was so horrifically injured that he miraculously returned for the next series no worse for wear.

    I also remember him keeping his “broken wrist” hidden from view of the cameras in the press box. Which tells me he exaggerated his injury knowing the NHL would call things in his favor.

    I’ve been hating them since their pathetic loser fans abandoned the team and had them on the verge of moving before the NHL stepped in to save their pathetic franchise.

    I’ve been hating them since we’ve had Cindy Crosby stuffed down our throats day and night as if he was the second coming of Wayne Gretzky (HE’S NOT, GARY!!)

    They play knowing that the league has their back. Tortorella hit it on the head with calling them arrogant. They are. Always have been. Mario has Gary in his back pocket.

  20. I can’t wait to watch the Philly/Pitt series. Gonna be nasty and entertaining with plenty of goals.

    Also can’t wait for Jagr to start trying again and dominating the first round. He and Simmons are going to have a monster series…

  21. Good morning, Carp! Sorry about the sangwich.

    Isn’t it more fun complaining about the Penguins than about our players?

  22. Carp spot on analysis as usual. hopefully Shanahan will suprise you and give a real penalty for Orpik.

    rangers cannot play well at 80% effort not with their skill.

    i am not sure they play any harder on saturday, only reason they would is it’s a home game.

    kreider will be at practice on tuesday……

  23. Number one star and broadway hat goes to…Torts! Wow. I am beyond happy he made those comments. Absolutely awesome. Finally someone with the balls to speak up about that organization in Pittsburg.

  24. I know I will be watching the Pens/Philly game on saturday. There is nothing I’d like more than to see both teams destroy each other, and after their last game…It could shape up as a game not to disappoint.

  25. CJP, could not have said or added anything to what you so eloquently voiced. I can’t think of any team or their fan base that would give you two cents for Pissburgh! That’s why wherever they play, except their own arena, they are soundly booed and hated. For whatever reason, these sneaks are protected by the league.

  26. Kurt, That guy standing next to Torts is the PR director, John Rosasco. What a job he has, trying to keep Torts from throwing out the F bombs.

  27. Mike S is correct. Though, we have nick-named him “the rodent” for his small, yet snarky appearance.

  28. The best part of the Pens/Flyers series is that the winner, most likely, has to play Boston!

    If ever there was a year the Rangers could win the Prince of Wales, it’s this one…

  29. I’m gonna turn into a Flyers fan for that game….can’t wait (where’s Carcillo), tell the Hawks you wanna use him for one game….Rangers will pay all expenses for the LEND, and have somebody read to Carcillo what we want from him…..annihilation of Orpik and Cooke…..and we’ll give him an all expense paid vacation anywhere he want’s to go.

  30. I have a question about Kreider’s contract status. They say should he come out and plays just one game that he would automatically burn 1 year on his ELC, but is that the case?

    Brayden Schenn played 8 games in the NHL last season but he still has 2 more years left after this one. I’m assuming that the rules are different for college players?

  31. I’m not positive, but I don’t think games 1-10 are treated the same as 11-82. Its almost like a tryout period rather than an arbitration clock starter.

  32. Carp,
    I agree with your statement about stepan. it looked to me Orpiks knee hit him above the knee more towards the thigh which would be more of a charlie horse deep bruise than a knee. When the knee gets blown out it usually because the other combatants knee hits opposing players knee and the leg/knee bends the opposite way. stepan’s knee never bent the wrong way. I can’t believe I’m saying this or feel this way but Let’s go flyers. I hope the orange and black beat the crap out of Pukesburgh and there whinning thugs. I hope the flyers jackwagon thugs play dirty, especially to Malkin and crosby.

  33. Sioux-per-man on

    Good Friday Boneheads!!!

    Carp nice audio of Tort’s. ABSOLUTELY hit the nail on the head. Spoke the honest truth, from the heart. He shouldn’t get fined at all, not one F’n cent.

    Step – I hope it is just a charlie horse, and everything will be ok.

    Nice build up of hate, always nice to get the fire started before the playoffs. I thought Scott might get a game to rub someone out over there, since this game really had to meaning to the Rangers.

    I hope Philly knocks their teeth out, I would love to see their series go 7 games, and just maybe Cindy will get the same hit on him that Stepan recieved. Karma is going to be their bitch this year.

    Bright side, how about Kreider last night? That kid can fly when he has to. BC schooled the gophers last night, it wasn’t much of a game. But I watched Kreider the whole game and he looked good. As a Fighting Sioux fan all my money was on BC, to beat the Gophers.

    Kreider will be with the Rangers for the playoffs. He may be a healthy scratch the whole tournament, but I could see him playing if someone gets injured. The kid can score.

    Have a Happy Easter Fella’s!!!

  34. Great Post – Hopefully they’ll right the ship. Interesting last nite on the post game show how Maloney & Capt. Brian differed in regard to immediate justice. Tort’s , however, is right on with how the powers to be protect the Penguin wimps. Shanahan will come down light. What a shame.

  35. Carp forgot to ask. What’s the possibility of Kreider appearing in a Ranger uniform during the playoffs. Also, do you think the 1st game at the Garden will be Wed. or thurs.???

  36. How am I gonna watch the Caps-Rangers game, the BC-Ferris game, and the Pens-Flyers game all at once? Maybe I need more eyeballs.

  37. Very interesting as to how the match-ups in our division have worked out. Could be a perfect storm. It could be ours to lose assuming we continue to play the way we have all year.

  38. I don’t know why people think Kreider is going to play in the playoffs. if i understood this correctly, if Kreider ends up playing the whole tourtament, which obviously he now will, that means he won’t be eligible to sign until late saturday or sunday which by NHL rules the rangers cannot give him a signing bonus. That means for the kreider camp there will be no incentive to sign now and another thing is I don’t see torts throwing a kid into the nhl playoffs when never playing a nhl game. I think people are going to be disappointed because I don’t think you will see kreider this year.

  39. tomg

    the Rangers got the league to make an exception for him, although you are correct as he is not playing for us this season. He was never going to unless he lost early on in the tournament.

    In fact, i would be surprised if he signed right away and played in HFD as I expect him to finish his classes and then play for Team USA and then come in for training camp…

  40. the worst part is that the Penguins aren’t some rogue outsiders, they’ve been stamped as the fabric of the NHL. that the league applies rules subjectively when the Penguins are involved is why their players are able to get away with crap like we saw from Orpik last night and then skate away as if nothing happened. they get so many free passes from the league that people have started believing that patently vicious and classless hits are ok. the Penguins actively attempt to seriously injure opposing players constantly and thanks to the NHL buddy pass they have, they’ll be allowed to keep doing that without serious repercussions.

  41. In honor of Passover and Good Friday, the NHL has decided not to suspend or fine Brooks Orpik, but instead, will crucify John Tortorella.

  42. was that the last game Sam and Joe call this year? MSG isnt televising the playoffs, are they?

  43. Hey Boneheads! I’ve been given permission to spill the beans…


    Her name is LITTLE HAMBONE WICKY and she was born around 6:00 this morning! She’s super cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  45. Word out of DC is that the Caps plan to tank the game Saturday. They want Henrik and the Rangers first round since thats the ony team they can actually win a series against in the playoffs. Oh, and the Caps fans are louder, which we know.

  46. There is a concert at The Garden Wednesday so game 1 will be Thursday. The Knicks play at MSG Friday And Sunday so I assume game 2 will be Saturday

  47. Good morning all!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Another wicky in the world!!!! Life is good! Congrats! Trademark that girl!!!!

  48. DC, the Caps entire history has been a “tanking.” They do not have the fortitude, drive, passion or heart to beat the Rangers. Indeed, if not for the Redskins and Wizards being so bad, that building would be empty.

  49. Oh yes, welcome NYRinChina!!!! CJP, tell us how you really feel :) LOL Sally!

    I think I’m making Torts my new ring tone.

  50. WICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MRS. WICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BABY WICKSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations, and welcome to the world, little baby Bonehead.

  51. FashionForward on

    This is an odd situation to be in, standings-wise. A win gets the Rangers the President’s Trophy and home-ice if we get to the Finals. A loss gets us Florida instead of Washington in the first round. I have confidence that we can beat Washington, but it certainly makes you think.

  52. Good morning, Sally!

    Lowell, I’ve been waiting for somebody to say that. Almost put it in the revew, then thought better of it.

    lone, yes, most probably Thursday-Saturday-Monday. Game 4 depends on the opponent, but it won’t be Wednesday if it’s Washington, apparently.

    I don’t think Orpik even gets a hearing. Maybe a fine. Tortorella won’t be fined, except perhaps for the F-bomb on TV.

    If there is a positive in this whole Orpik thing, it’s that it has brought out a lot of our regulars who don’t comment very often. good to see all of youse.

  53. Stepan not on the ice for practice today. Not surprised. even if it’s a minor charley horse he wouldn’t skate today.

  54. It can only help the Rangers that the Pens and the Flys will tear each other apart in their series.

  55. >>>Chris F. April 6th, 2012 at 11:48 am

    It can only help the Rangers that the Pens and the Flys will tear each other apart in their series.

    Plus an extra game for home ice between them on Sat. to boot.

  56. And you have to figure that the winner of that series will face Boston if the series were to be predictable (BOS, NYR, NJD advancing), dopplerbob.

  57. The league has probably reached out to both the Flyers and Pens warning them not to engage in anything stupid on Saturday.

  58. the $2500 fines and 1-3 game suspensions will continue …UNTIL a team gets so frustrated they retaliate and someone lays out Crosby or Malkin and THEN the NHL suits will come up with a huge push to remove this stuff from the game.

    I HATE the pittsburgh more then any 5 other teams combined. I’ve been watching hockey for 34 years and i never said something like this before but i would love to see someone hammer Crosby and knock him onto another planet…that how little respect i have for anyone on that org.

  59. There are too many whiners in the league. Period. Not just Pittsburgh. They are probably the worst, though. Torts is right. Players have no respect for one another and it’s sickening.

  60. These guys showed moments of working hard and playing well. But without any urgency, they weren’t winning this one.

    Orpik is one of the cheaper players around. He and Pronger same type, but neither drop the gloves. That’s the worst part IMHO.

    Carp…one request henceforth….if you get audio can you put a rating on it? Torts dropped a nice F-bomb as I just got finished telling my 4yr old it was Torts. I said, “Yes those silly truckers!” We’ll see if he bought it. LOL.

  61. we talked a bit about this a few months ago, where players now frequently respond to good clean hits as if they’ve just been the recipient of a cheap shit. I blame most of that on the league who’s made a habit of turning good clean hits into penalties, and worse, fabricating penalties out of thin air just for the sake of awarding a power play. the league has made officiating so heavy-handed that the players have adopted a mindset where anytime they’re hit, they assume it’s a penalty and respond angrily. this goes into overdrive when you’re dealing with a team like Pittsburgh who benefit from the cheapest calls in the league and are allowed to get away with a slew of extremely dangerous infractions throughout the course of a game. all of that is the “fault” of Crosby, ostensibly. so, you’ve got players out there knowing that any little bit of physicality will likely be viewed as punishable on some level, and also knowing that one team is allowed to get away with murder because the league’s poster boy wears their uniform.

    so, yeah, if Bettman and his regime haven’t ruined the game, they’re doing everything possible to get there.

  62. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    Morning ILB and all!! (and thanks to all of you who have kinda been up with the wicky clan all morning)

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of the congrats and well wishes from everyone here!!!!

    Just to clarify something here, little hambone was the name we originally wanted, but we were afraid it wasn’t French Canadien/europansy sounding enough, so we opted for Alexandrie Nicolette (sorry sallycrepes).

    No, she doesn’t wear a visor!!!!

    I also would like to bring to everyone’s attention that IF (big IF) the rangers happen to go really really far in the playoffs, we will NOT be having a baby right before the playoffs every year to ensure that playoff run!! Prust sayin’

    Ok, back to family matters and sincerely thanks again for all the well wishes!!

  63. Can we loan John Scott to Filthy?

    Best scenario would be Pens vs. Flyers beat the crap outta one another, then winner gets beat on by Boston for another 7.

    I think the Flyers would have to ask Pens if they can talk to Williams while under contract.

  64. Congratulations Wick!!

    Hopefully tomorrow a Flyer will cut Crosby,Malkin Orpik, & Cooke’s vas deferens so they can’t so their seed won’t polute the NHL anymore.

    Or since it’s Passover how aboot the 10th plague?

    It’s in the Bible:

    “ This is what the LORD says: ‘About midnight I will go throughout Pittsburgh PA. Every firstborn in Pittsburgh will die, from the firstborn son of Mario Lemieux, who sits on the throne, to the firstborn of their Captain Sidney Crosby, who is the biggest crybaby in the world, and all the firstborn of the Penguin fans as well. There will be loud wailing throughout Pittsburgh—worse than there has ever been or ever will be again.’ ”
    — Exodus 11:4–6

  65. Yay WICKYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And IF we win the Cup, you most certainly will be having a baby every year!!

  66. That makes me feel worse, Morg. Now Holtby can show up and knock us out; Neuvirth’s already done so.

  67. CLowe should be suspended for the stick on the ice from the bench play. regardless if it was seen by the refs. video showed it and if no punishment is given why not have another guy try it another time.

    that play is crossing the line. he should be suspended 3 games else the league is a joke….

  68. league announced they are doing carcillo to Clowe

    another joke from a joke league

  69. as stated the league is a joke. a guy not on the ice got involved in the action. video showed it and the league did nothing.. in OT, kings going in on a semi breakaway, san jose received no punishment. this is more then gamesmanship this is out and out cheating and laguhing about it……..

  70. If Clowe broke up a Penguins odd man rush rest assured he’d be sitting for 3-5 games for “assaulting the integrity of the league”

  71. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Carp so what do you think will happen tomorrow if the the flyers & pitts game goes to overtime or TBCATHGE since its on @4:00 on nbcsn and the Rangers game is scheduled for 6:30 on that same crappy network? Will they delay the start of the Rangers game ?

  72. I’m still surprised to this day that the Rangers never went after Mallin following that last game a couple years ago where he slew footed Mara and had another really dirty play.

  73. Ria, two and a half hours isn’t enough time even if the game ends in regulation … plus add on another 10 minutes for the fights at the end and the coaches screaming at each other while NBC is showing closeups of somebody not involved … I wonder what time the Rangers-Caps game will actually begin.

  74. Obviously the players have to police the games themselves.The Flyers cheapshotted us the other night .Pens came in and did the same thing.It is about time the officiating makes the calls or we just start policing the games with goons.Nhl wants to get rid of fighting and goonery but doesn’t do anything to warrant teams to stop dressing these type of players.Typical Nhl.

  75. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    So I guess then the Rangers game will be “joined in progress”?

  76. i hope skid crosby swallows his toungue on the ice next time hes hit.


  77. I’m gonna get lambasted for saying this, but, no one stood up for Step and that is disgusting in my mind. I know it’s the end of the season, blah..blah..blah, but something should have been done.
    Say what you want but #16 would have .

  78. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    What do you guys think of Dubinsky moving up to play in Stepans place?

  79. LOL BANJ. All you got do is put html code with nothing else like

    with no spaces at all among any of that gibberish.

  80. Avery’s Twitter-shot at Torts today?

    Sean Avery ? @imseanavery
    Relax “little man”……….:)

  81. Just like the goons in SJ. the Sharks are the dirtiest team in the west.. They are the reason that the Hawks don’t have Toews playing.

    Last night they went after the LA top dman, Doughty, and punk Joe Thornton beat him up, just like he went after Toews with a sucker punch.

    Not to mention the dirty play by Clowe, who reached from the bench and knocked the puck off the stick of Stoll while he was on a 2-on-1 rush. he should be suspended for that, it was like a football player coming off the bench to tackle a guy. And the refs did not even call it, even though thousands in the crowd and everyone on TV saw it.

    talk about integrity of the league. if Clowe is not suspended, then it is even more of a joke than ever. you can’t reach over from the bench and punch guys, but breaking up plays is ok?? no, this is a major incident that is equivalent to leaving the bench to get into an altercation, getting involved in the play from the bench. hell, let’s give Torts a stick, so he can pokecheck Crosby from the bench.

  82. except that No. 16 wouldn’t have been on the ice. Did you see who was on the ice at the time of the incident?

  83. Stranger Nation on

    the hit was borderline – if they look at their other hits during the game, you could argue it was intentional as they were banging each other through out. When a D-man is moving forward at a rushing winger (bad form in general) and misses – that kind of play can happen, if the guy is cheap enough to do it.

    Was most surprised at LeTang who played like a Lecheap little Lepunk. The little Lepunk is playing with fire as he is as important as the other two whiners for Pissburg to go far in second season. Malkinstein and Skid both cross checking Dan G behind the net at different times as well.

    this is why the POs is special – you get to watch the same players over a number of consecutive games to get a good healthy hatred developed.

    Chance to win Presidents Trophy – wow, what a ride.

  84. Penguins are complete amateur-hour.

    Someone needs to paste Cindy and Malkina, it’s the only way to quiet those slew-footers.

  85. Miami right on. What does giving a face wash to Orpick accomplish? Give their skill guys a going over…..2 hander on the ankle if necessary.

  86. jpg's sister on

    Just want to say, thanks Torts and Carp for saying what all non Penguins fans know.

    Just curious, carp, why are the Pens and especially Sidney the darling of the NHL?

    Also, why is Sidney such a celebrity in Canada as opposed to someone like Stamkos who no one has anyhing bad to say about on or off the ice and he is gleading goal scorer in NHL?


  87. I wish Gabby would take fighting lessons and one day just unload on someone. That would be awesome.

  88. Sucks that tomorrow’s game is on OLNVERSUSNBCSPORTS. We get no post-game, or shirts off our backs.

  89. Lets hope MSG will replay the “shirts off our back” before the first playoff game in the pre-game show or something. It’s just not fair not be able to see that emotional event after watching every second of every game.

  90. jpg’s sis, because the NHL thinks it needs singular superstars to sell it’s product to the non-hockey masses. Idiots. And Canada embraced the Skid because of the Olympics.

  91. Crosby pointed to Cally as being a whiner in an interview today. Says he is over whinnig at the refs more than he is. WTB?!

    I hate Crosby even more now!

  92. On himself and Evgeni Malkin being called a whiner:
    I don’t know what he’s talking about. I mean, if you want you can put a camera on us all game, put a camera on (Ryan Callahan) all game. You’ll see who’s over there more. He should worry about his own players.

  93. Carp, we don’t have the tie breaker over St. Louis because of head to head right?

  94. Sidney Crosby has made pissing and moaning to referees an art form. In addition, the guy is about one solid check away from drooling in a dark room for the rest of life. He needs to shut his mouth.

  95. Senators would be lucky to win more than a game against the Rangers in a playoff series

  96. ThisYearsModel on

    Skid Crosby’s comments…………..another example of how truly arrogant this club is. They have an entitlement mentality. The NHL always has their backs.

  97. What an embarrassment Crosby is as the face of the NHL. He has a point about Callahan, Cally is with the refs a lot, but i dont see Callahan diving left and right, i dont see Cally begging for calls. Callahan usually goes over to the refs looking for explanations (Torts sends him out there as the captain).

  98. let’s just drop the Callahan horsecrap right now. Callahan isn’t a cheap shot artist. Callahan isn’t a dive artist. Callahan doesn’t receive preferential treatment from the league. Callahan doesn’t whine to referees whenever he’s checked, and Callahan doesn’t use his “pull” with the league to get referees to look the other when he attempts to injure opposing players multiple times in any game.

    Nice straw man, Sid, but it doesn’t wash.

  99. Looks like Bylsma’s a master of the straw man, too – not surprising, really, the guy seems like an utter fool.

  100. Carp, Just got on. Great review! Thank you and thanks for having this blog. It solidifies our feelings as fans of the best organization (sans Sather) in the sport.

    Torts through his comments has unified Ranger fans. I would expect we now feel what his players have felt all year. The fire in his eyes, his willingness to say what he felt and the manner in which he said it are all tribute to his great leadership skills.

    I am not one who thought a lot of the guy last year and before. I was upset with the way he handled guys like Avery, etc. But, he clearly has had a ‘vision’ for this team. And with little help from the front office he has brought the team there.

    The future in Rangerland is bright. His leadership is a big reason for it.

    Gotta love and admire our coach. And he’s the most humble one about what he does!

  101. Regarding the Clowe incident, how can you suspend someone for what would have been a 2 minute minor penalty if caught during the game?

  102. What kind of asshat clowen even does that carcillo!!!

    ORR, good point…..but I think the puck would just hit air.

  103. that’s true, dde, but it’s a really dangerous precedent if you’re going to “allow” players to interfere with play from the bench. Should actually be more than a minor … and a misconduct … and maybe they need to make it a suspension. That cannot be allowed to happen.

  104. Crosby’s comments just add fuel to the fire.

    Really? Calling out Callahan of all people? Ryan Callahan…one of the hardest working and honest players in the NHL? The one that Sidney himself slew-footed (and the refs called Ryan for a penalty!)

    Cindy…I hope a high hard elbow ends your playing career. You deserve it.


  105. ThisYearsModel on

    Watch hockey at all levels because I have kids that play from in-house to tier levels. I have never seen anyone miss a guy poke checking the puck from the bench. How can this league, with 2 referees each game, miss that call? It just seems unbelievable. BTW, that was a very entertaining game. Breakaway contest for a 6-5 final. Joe Thornton in a fight. Good stuff.

  106. ddebened:

    according to the standards of this joke of a league, no, it shouldn’t be suspendable. but the bigger picture issue is why has said joke of a league determined players on the bench interfering with the play is only a two-minute infraction. imagine in football if an offensive player standing on the sideline, saw an opposing wide receiver streaking down the sideline, clear of defenders on his way to the end zone. the offsenive player says, what the hell, it’ll only be a 5-yard penalty anyway, so I’ll tackle the receiver. then imagine Gary Bettman runs the NFL.

  107. I can’t stand Crosby, and I don’t want to wish harm upon him, but it sure would be nice if he were removed from the game without any life-impairing deficiencies.

  108. Personally, I think Clowe should get a one game suspension for that.

    That was a pretty stupid thing to do. His team’s fighting for division lead, and he nearly puts them two men down late in the third. He’s lucky they got away with it.

    Since the refs didn’t call it, is it safe to assume the refs protect Clowe?

  109. “I’m sure he’ll apologize today” Crosby says of Tortorella.

    That’s right, Cindy. See? He knows the NHL is looking out for him. He knows that Milbury, Lavlioette, Berube and now Tortorella have to face the music for DARING to complain about the mighty Pittsburgh Penguins. For DARING to complain about the preferential treatment of Malkin (one of the dirtiest players in the league) and Cindy (who’s done nothing but whine and dive his entire career)

    God, I hate this punk. If I see him get laid out in the Flyers series I just might jump through the ceiling with glee

  110. Latona, I’m with you….off to have spicy maki combo for late lunch soon. Early points?

    Interfering with a game like that is unconscionable. Player should be kicked from game at a minimum. Can you imagine what Torts would do if one of our players was that stupid? I’d fear for the guy’s prusticles :)

  111. Orr, that happened in the middle of 2010, and then FOX unveiled video of the Patriots coaches doing the same thing in Week 2 of the season. :)

  112. hey blogmama,

    just so you know there’s been a recent salmonella issue with spicy tuna rolls on the east coast.

  113. Really? Had not heard that. Is it the tuna or the spicy causing the problem? Dang! Now if I get the slightest pain I’ll think I’m dying…..may have to change plans. Latona, put those points in reserve please.

  114. yeah I tried to post two articles so you could read about it mama but it says they are awaiting moderation, whatever that means

    can someone approve my post so the person who is about to eat sushi can read about the salmonella outbreak?

  115. Lloyd, you can only post one link per post otherwise it says awaiting moderation.

    Mama, please dont eat any sushi at all. And.. now I think Im suffering salmonella from all the sushi I ate w u last week. LOL

  116. Had to work all day – imagine that ! How dare Rose make me work instead of posting !
    Wickys – congrats
    Banj – welcome home
    Torts – love ya man !
    Tiki – what’s up
    Now – LUNCH !

  117. I just googled and read about it. Byfuglien. I don’t know whether to thank you or be mad for the tip Lloyd!!! Thanks Latona…..now I don’t know what I want and I’m really hungry!

  118. Don’t have the sushi Tony :)

    btw all, how freaking weird is it that next week I’ll be hanging out with TWO Tonys from AZ???? I would have thought one was more than enough :)

  119. Just kidding tiki….thanks Lloyd….

    btw, what the heck with the post at 3:31 tiki???? For a sec I thought my computer was messed up when I F5’d

  120. I tried posting a picture of Jaromir using html code. It didnt work. It said awaiting moderation, so I figured, no harm no foul.

  121. The sushi sickness has me thinking of my last game at MSG:

    Hunting down the Carnegie Deli stand I found the ONLY place in MSG where you can get a knish. All my life it’s been a footlong hot dog and knish combo at a Rangers game.

    So I’m finally in my glory, wearing my Charlestown Chiefs jersey (left my Messier jersey at the wife-to-be’s by accident) and a pair of hipsters walk past me with plates of sushi.

    An older man standing opposite me at the condiment table looks at them, looks at me and says

    “Sushi at a hockey game. Another thing I thought I’d never see in my entire life. Things sure have changed around here.”

    He then gave me a thumbs up on my selection.

    BTW, if anybody was at the NYR-Buffalo game two weeks ago and saw some schmuck walking around with a Chiefs jersey. That was me. :-)

  122. eddie eddie eddie on

    is a …that whole team disgusts me…..i hope skid sneezes and blows his ear drums out

  123. I can think of two instances of Callahan “complaining” to the refs.

    One is when Crybaby slewfooted him and Callahan got called for a penalty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKr2Et0THzM

    or when he was closing in on the empty net in the Winter Classic and took a stick around the neck that he was penalized for holding.

    For Byfuglien’s sake, the entire league – players, coaches and broadcasters – all respect Callahan. Sindey Sausagelips Crybaby has no defense so he comes up with “I know you are but what am I?” Someone needs to Carcillo this kennedy’s piece of cooke’s career already.

  124. eddie eddie eddie on

    i am convinced that skid injects those blimp lips with botox – malkin loves botox as a result

  125. eddie eddie eddie on

    on the road with a day to spare

    Malkin: lets get you another shot in the lips, skid, i like more of a pillow feel

    skid: ok, honey

  126. as nauseating as Mike Francesa is normally, I feel borderline bed-ridden when he talks about golf.

  127. Freddy’s long-time former caddie, Joe LaCava, now working for Tiger, is a big, huge Rangers fan … and a good buddy of J.D.

  128. for me it’s tough call what’s better to watch, golf or curling. ill go with curling, at least the girls are attractive.

  129. So, let’s get this straight. Orpik goes out of his way to injure a Ranger player, puts him down in open ice, and the coach of that player gets fined for his statement afterwards.

    Penguins 0. Rangers lose player and coach gets fined.

    hmmmmmm. now that’s right. Justice, NHL style!

  130. eddie eddie eddie on

    gary buttplug is the worst CEO of any sport…and that includes the moron bud selig

  131. There are people that have real issues with the leadership of the league that don’t watch the sport anymore. Sorry, but it has to make you think. So many games the ref’s ‘even up’ the calls. There are clearly some teams and players that are ‘favorite’ teams. The fact that many calls in hockey are subjective is a fair comment, but the facts do pile up against the sport.

    The WWE may be officiated and governed better than the NHL.

  132. Here’s a classic from a Penguins fan.

    Someone was listing moments where he felt the Penguins were the victims of dirty plays and Pittsburgh said nothing. In response…

    “Because.. it starts with Mario. I don’t think Mario would put up with whiners.”

  133. so, this decision shows the NHL cares more about image than player safety.

    It is an upside down world, the NHL world. And hockey is already buried 20 pages from the back page in the NY Post? No wonder it keeps getting less and less publicity. This is a charade.

  134. At best, this has been handled in a completely ham-fisted way by the league.

    On what grounds has Tortorellla been fined exactly? Swearing in public? Insulting another team?

    Even if you can’t stand his public conduct, even if you cmpletely disagree with what he said, there was nothing in his comments that questioned the integrity of the league or officials and nothing that was especially damaging to the league’s image. Particularly since the league was promoting footage of his comments on their website, which is a hopeless double standard.

  135. ThisYearsModel on

    The “hits” just keep coming from the NHL office. What an embarrassment. Torts managed to prove that his and Berube’s comments were accurate by watching the NHL’s response. He did not take a shot at the officials. Maybe he should have written a public letter like Mario did.

  136. And if the league truly believed Orpik did not deserve any supplementary discipline, would it be that hard to at least make some sort of public comment that the hit had been reviewed and that no further action would result _before_ fining the opposing coach for some inflammatory words?

    I’ve no time for the conspiracy theories, but it’s just ass-backwards how the league makes themselves look with stuff like this.

  137. eddie eddie eddie on

    sam should pay hals the fun for asking the questions that led to torts’ outburst

  138. idk if anyone saw this on tsn, but there is a video there where reporters are asking crosby about the comments from philly and ny, and he a bit into the video. he basically totally admits to being whiney and hard on the refs early in his career. Even though we all know the bias still exists.

    Funny how ignorant he is. he may actually think he is an honorable player.

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