NHL fines Tortorella $20,000


This, to me, is a complete joke. The NHL allows players to maim one another, allows teams to purposely start brawls, allows a player last night to effect a race for a division title by stopping a puck with his stick from the bench, but a coach can’t speak his mind?

IMO, Tortorella should sue the NHL for trampling his right to free speech. Asinine.

Also, IMO, what he said was absolutely true, every word of it, and has been true since Mario Lemieux came into the league.


From the NHL:


NEW YORK (April 6, 2012) — New York Rangers head coach John Tortorella has been fined $20,000 for comments following NHL Game #1204 at Pittsburgh on Thursday, April 5, the National Hockey League announced today.

The fine money goes to the NHL Foundation.

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  1. At best, this has been handled in a completely ham-fisted way by the league.

    On what grounds has Tortorellla been fined exactly? Swearing in public? Insulting another team?

    Even if you can’t stand his public conduct, even if you cmpletely disagree with what he said, there was nothing in his comments that questioned the integrity of the league or officials and nothing that was especially damaging to the league’s image. Particularly since the league was promoting footage of his comments on their website, which is a hopeless double standard.

    And if the league truly believed Orpik did not deserve any supplementary discipline, would it be that hard to at least make some sort of public comment that the hit had been reviewed and that no further action would result _before_ fining the opposing coach for some inflammatory words?

    I’ve no time for the conspiracy theories, but it’s just ass-backwards how the league makes themselves look with stuff like this.

  2. Was Tortorella on league probation, either officially or unofficially, after the post-Winter Classic fine?

  3. i think we can all agree that we are rooting for the Flyers tomorrow and in their series. it’s just absurd at this point. i hope Philly takes it to them.

  4. eddie eddie eddie on

    rule 23, section 45, page 12, paragraph 2 “no one will say anything bad about anything regarding the penguin team, or it 2 stars that share a queen bed on the road, skid, and magilla the gorilla malkin….”

    also, mario has a little pee pee

  5. The Other Tony In AZ on

    Really,did anyone expect anything different to come out of the orifices on Sixth Avenue.Well said LW3H,well said!

  6. repost:

    idk if anyone saw this on tsn, but there is a video there where reporters are asking crosby about the comments from philly and ny, and he a bit into the video. he basically totally admits to being whiney and hard on the refs early in his career. Even though we all know the bias still exists.

    Funny how ignorant he is. go watch it if you want its quite comical.

  7. WC was about him questioning the officiating…..As LW noted, this one had nothing to do with the league. Using foul language? Carp, any official explanation?

  8. Don’t think a fine would be justified for Byslma and Crosby either, but you could argue their comments today are not that dissimilar in nature (profanity and tone aside) – they are basically accusing the Rangers of whining and trying to game the officials too.

  9. Carp please tell me this is another one of your April Fool’s jokes. While Torts does not have “free speech” as an employee of an NHL franchise, a coach should be able to comment on the on-ice conduct of the opposition during a postgame interview. Maybe it was the curse that did it? Otherwise, it is crazy.

    Also, I really think the league should, as a rule, release a statement after all five minute majors (except fighting) saying they reviewed it and will or will not discipline the offender further.

  10. ThisYearsModel on

    This is incredible, really. How could the league not care about how this kind of action is perceived? The Penguins are clearly an NHL House Account. How can a professional sports league conduct itself this way? Unreal. Go Zac Rinaldo and Tom Sestito.

  11. Look, I can understand that Torts came on too strong. You can’t swear at a press conference no matter how pissed by an injustice you are. That being said:

    1. his fine is over the top compared to past precedent (excluding his)
    2. the NHL made NO comment about the Orpik hit which received a 5 minute and game misconduct.

    HELLO…uh…HELLO???? Anyone there manning the booth that can give us loyal fans some kind of explanation, Mr. Buttplug?

    Shanny had no idea going in that he would just be a mouthpiece for the Mario-led decision makers of the NHL league office. Stay tuned for Shanny’s ‘quiet off-season’ resignation which will also be plowed under the carpet…..

  12. imho. It will be penguins organization undoing. Mario and Crosby have sold thier soul to be handed things. There is just too many honest players in the league that won’t stand for it anymore, and he will be laid out, for good.

  13. eddie eddie eddie on

    maybe the league should, you know, maybe investigate its own practices and realize there are legitimate concerns being raised by coaches, players, and commentators around the league…

    also, mario has a tiny pee pee and little rasins

  14. eddie eddie eddie on

    cooke should never have been suspended for anything he has done on ice….

    also, mario has a tiny pee pee and little rasins

  15. eddie eddie eddie on

    how about the league enforcing some of its drug policies….Botox is a banned substance, yes? skid should sit for 3 years given what been shot into those blimp lips

  16. Gary Bettman on

    Eddie, you’re a total fool. Those lips are 100% REAL! Trust me, I “know”

  17. eddie eddie eddie on

    gary buttplug – are you sure?…i hear you wear a blindfold and like to be tied up with malkin’s silk scarves

  18. therealmikeynj on

    Now I really can’t wait.for.crosby or malkin to be concussed and permanently out of the NHL

  19. eddie eddie eddie on

    hope crosby grows that itsy bitsy porn mustache come playoff time…it is seriously manly

  20. Gary Bettman on

    I wouldn’t know, Eddie. I’m not allowed to meet such a legend in person, because I’m just not worthy. We communicate through letters. The Malkin story is not true. My preference is to be sedated. To each his own, right?

  21. Didn’t the Flyers coaching staff say basically the same things the other day? Were there any fines handed out then?

  22. ThisYearsModel on

    Who called Torts to inform him of the fine? Maybe the NHL just had Mario make the call. Hard to believe the gutless puke Colie Campbell had it in him. First the absurd behavior by the refs at the Winter Classic, and now this. When Bettman hands the Cup to Cally, I hope Cally says, in the words of Sheriff Buford T. Justice……”Much obliged, now, F*** Off.”

  23. Penguins are a joke on

    As a Caps fan, I can chime in on this. Torts is so right on. Mario has gone public about how we need to protect stars, and cried about everything..taught Sid how to cry to ref’s ect. But if you look at the incidents, the garbage, the dirty plays, the Cooke incidents, Wrestlemania Asham, Orpik…it goes on…these guys are the problem more then they are the level headed solution.

  24. CAN I GET AN AMEN?! Seriously carp, couldn’t agree with you more. This supposed to be the “Summer of Torts!”

  25. Let’s call this fine for what it truly is:

    The league doing everything in it’s power to protect the Penguins and to muffle any, ANY talk that Sidney Crosby isn’t the greatest, most unselfish, most talented athlete to compete in the 21st century.

    The Pittsburgh Penguins are the greatest franchise in NHL history…a model franchise for ANY sport.

    F*&# Crysby, F*&# Mario, F*&# the Penguins and the NHL.

    And for all of us who hate the Pens (EVERY OTHER FAN OF EVERY OTHER TEAM IN THE LEAGUE) This is just exhibit 56,149 that shows how biased the NHL is in protecting it’s favorite franchise.

    How pumped are the Rangers for the playoffs now after this BS?

    And how much fun is it gonna be to watch the Flyers hopefully pummel those punks?

  26. eddie eddie eddie on

    torts trending #2 on yahoo website

    also, mario has a tiny pee pee and little rasins

  27. So basically Tort’s fine proves his point…nice job!
    I can’t remember a day that this league looked more like a bunch of fools than today…
    Between this, a knee on knee hit, and Clowe’s cheating…wow…idiots!

  28. If my calculations are correct (Eddie?), since Orpik was fined nothing and Tortorella $20,000, the ratio of the two implies the league thinks that Tortorella’s words are literally infinitely more damaging than kneeing.

  29. who’s kidding themselves. Torts isn’t losing any money. just think about it, and if he did. he will get it right back.

  30. eddie eddie eddie on

    LW – you are correct….and infinity is a humungously big number….on a related note, its also inversely proportional to the size of mario’s tiny pee pee and little rasins

  31. eddie eddie eddie on

    the limit of torts’ fine as it approaches infinity is overshadowed, however, by the speed at which skids lips are puffing up….it is only a matter of time before skid’s lips explode like a ballon being pumped with too much air

  32. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – if you are able, post some pics of skid and magilla the gorilla malkin holding each other at nite nite while on the road

  33. eddie eddie eddie on

    Kelly kraft, according to jim nantz, graduating with a degree in sociology from SMU, but will be turning pro……….well, the option is prolly working at burger king

  34. And the general concensus last night was no fine or $2,500 tops. This is beyond absurd.

  35. You do know that the NHL is not a government entity, correct? You’re not guaranteed to not be fined by a private entity for making ridiculous comments–particularly when that private entity is your employer. Therefore, Mr. Tortorella cannot “sue the NHL for trampling his right to free speech.” Your assertion that he should is actually assinine.

  36. It’s hard not to see that Tortorella has a point after the NHL’s actions and inactions today. Pray for a first round knockout by the Flyers. Or just a beating that leaves the Pen()s bruised (limp).

  37. Does Malkin have Down syndrome? I mean no disrespect, but he gets away things that remind me of the kid that had to sit in front of the bus and threw his snot at everyone else. It’s almost like he had some hockey skill but he was slew footing and doing his usual stuff ever since the Special Olympics and nobody wanted to bother correcting his garbage behavior, or they figured it was just a lost cause, so they let him graduate and ascent to higher levels.

  38. I Rarely Speak on

    appreciate the Constitution lesson emily.. now you can go hurry back to the pens blog

  39. I know it is, emily, but this whole thing is asinine. And there’s one s in asinine. So your assertion is assinine.

  40. I would enjoy watching a Cindy Sausagelips career ending injury. I would watch that video again and again and again and enjoy it more and more each time.

  41. Pens expecting a battle and are protecting Cindy by bringing up Big Mac from SWB baby pens for the Philly game!
    That just proves more hypocrisy! Hope Philly brings up Sestito and whoever else they have in the AHL .

  42. I didn’t think there were literate people on the pens blogs. Most anti-Torts tweets from last night, if you check out their twitter pages, are fulled with tweets about One Direction and Bieber as well.

  43. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – isnt that what malkin says to skid while on the road?….i want your azz at nine

  44. emily, there’s no free speech here, either, you crybaby fan. so you’ve been edited. I’d ban you, but I’d love to hear more of your typical Penguins crying.

  45. no idea, ilb. except what he said is what most people think about Pittsburgh, ever since Mario and Jaromir started diving all over the place in the 80s and 90s.

  46. i encourage everyone to let their angry voices be heard.
    here’s the info:

    National Hockey League Business Information

    Name: National Hockey League
    Address: 1251 Ave Of The Americas # 47
    City: New York
    State: New York, US
    Zip Code: 10020
    Telephone: (212) 789-2000
    Fax: (212) 789-2020

  47. By the way, this Minnesota clown Prosser, or whatever his name is, got one game for head-butting. He loses $3,800. So let’s see. A knee that injures an opponent: free. Cheating from the bench: free. head-butting: $3,800. Telling the truth about a crybaby, hypocritical organizatioon: $20,000.

  48. $20K for firing his team up…..He’ll take it. He knows there is a high chance the Rangers will have to go through Pittsburgh to come out of the East….Watch Washington getting a first feel of what this team may look like in the PO after he said it…

  49. eddie eddie eddie on

    dde – that was hysterical……he also said the torts’ fine is adismal

  50. I didn’t. But I mentioned before, I know him a little bit and he’s a huge Rangers fan and a good buddy of JD.

  51. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – i kept getting the red underline …i figured it was misspelled but it looked correct

  52. eddie eddie eddie on

    i do apologize…..i never advanced past 5th grade in some ways…seriously

  53. feeling a bit better today other than cough
    i picked a helluva time to visit

    thought the medicine kicked in and it was an April Fool’s Joke

    instead the joke is the NHL which is known in the office’s inner circle as the MHL mario hockey league.

  54. Carp, has the league ever spoken about/to a team that brings up goons from their farm system for a specific game ?

  55. don’t know, Johnny. I imagine there have been circumstances, and if so, this would probably be one of those.

  56. Is there any chance all the steam from this can continue to follow Sidney?

    From Milbury, Berube, now Tortorella.

    Now the baby goes after Callahan who I’m pretty sure is highly respected across the NHL. I know other teams and fans hate Sidney too but hopefully now he gets punished every time he steps onto the ice. Is this likely to happen or do you all think by next season it will quiet down and everyone will just go back to hating them amongst themselves?

  57. i would just feel better if before i die i find out that
    the pens (and steelers) are owned by
    or the Masons or something
    both get away with “murder”
    especially the pens

    being in NE Ohio i’ve (unfortunately) paid attention for years (pre-mario)
    the nhl draft lottery came about because pens tanked the season to draft lemieux
    mario was a whiner all the time
    he’d also cherrypick for numerous empty net goals
    if his wrist was so tragically broken how was he able to play with no problem
    in barely a week in the next series against boston?
    during the regular season there would be at least a stick length of room between
    opponent and mario. he would NOT be checked nor touched during the reqular season.
    the playoffs were different when teams like the islanders didn’t stand for that crap.

    he became owner because the team owed him so much money that it was the only way to pay him off
    then the nhl allow the pens to tank enough with players and salary that the team was able to draft at the top for years in a row.
    mario primed sid to be just like him — whining to the officials for every call, diving plus sid has a nasty side that doesn’t get called.

    ALL but Canadian media and pens fans seem to see this favoritism.

    now you get some slightly better understanding of why the pens were driving absolutely
    bat-carcillo crazy when they were on their hot streak and why they continue to do so.
    disgust me!

  58. ThisYearsModel on

    Nope. When they come from Pittsburgh they are Sidwagons and Sidwagonesses.

  59. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    What in Holy Hell?

    It can all be evened out with one well placed accidental hit to Sid’s head.

    Go Phoenix! 1-0 over St Louis

  60. I was driving home today and heard the fine on NHL network. It has to be connected to the winter classic where he called out the league. That’s the only rationale I can come up with.

    Also, I don’t think the hit was the same as Rupp on Staal (and I saw this was beaten to death in the other thread).

    Meh, what can you do. Graves got suspended for a love tap to Lemieux when there was CLEARY no intent to injure back in 92. Just more of the same from the league. Some else mentioned – wished Messier was still around, so he could high stick someone and give them “the glare”.

  61. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    They go for the knee, you go for the head. They put one on the IR, you put one in the dribble room of the hospital.

    It’s the Chicago way.

  62. Lundqvist snubbed for Vezina

    Tortorella doesn’t even get honorable mention… pathetic.

  63. If the Yotes win, the Blues drop out of the Presidents “Cup” race. Hopefully the Oilers can beat the Nucks, just in case NYR can’t beat the Craps tomorrow.

    Any update on Noy-Vair? I haven’t heard anything.

  64. Why aren’t the Rangers appealing this?

    Anyway, each fan should bring $1.02 to the first playoffs game. That ought to cover the fine.

  65. The Other Tony In AZ on

    Tony From Az-Which game are you going to at MSG? We are heading up for game one and will look up Carp during warm ups.Let a fellow “no pants wearer” buy you a cold beverage.

  66. I said at the time of the Penguins-Islanders thing that got Mario all upset last year, I had no real problem with him using his position to speak out, even if I wouldn’t agree with everything he said, but also that it would only expose itself as being self-serving hypocritical whining if he then withdrew completely from the public eye again.

    Not heard a peep from him since then, so…

  67. I bet Crysby got to pick the amount of Tort’s fine. $20k should go a long way to getting him some even fatter lips.

  68. Wow Gary Buttman is so far over his head and a egomaniac to boot. This league is almost unrecognizable. I have been rooting since 1975, season ticket holder for yrs. Spent hard-earned money going to all sorts of games, bought merchandise turn every friend onto the game and it’s days like this I’m ashamed. No wonder people think it’s a low rent sport. Managed like shit from the top. Go win the trophy and tell Buttman on National TV in two countries he doesn’t and will never have a clue about this sport. A title yes, but not a clue. Torts will use it as a rallying cry you watch. I want the Caps, got tix in the house of Red

  69. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    2009/03/04 Phoenix Coyotes traded Derek Morris to the NY Rangers for Dmitri Kalinin, Petr Prucha and Nigel Dawes.

    Was that worth the 18 games + 7 in the playoffs Morris played for NY?

  70. ThisYearsModel on

    Should we begin referring to the commissioner as Gary Lemieux or Mario Bettman?

  71. As of now, it looks like it never happened, Izzy….Morris is back in Phoenix. Everyone else is gone…

  72. The Other Tony In AZ on

    Tony,Will do. Will be in the city starting on Tuesday and we will email you at your wife’s email. We look forward to it. LGR!!

  73. Hey, Tonys, bring at least one pair of pants between the two of you, will ya? It ain’t that hot in NY. And Tony, keep me in the loop ( mama), I’ll try to meet up with you…

  74. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Still a relatively expensive rental. How DID Sather survive the 2000’s?

  75. Carp killed me for my conspiracy theory after the Winter Classic but this just proves I’m right.

    The NHL front office is becoming a caricature of itself and is ruining the game that we all love.

    Bettman needs to go and needs to go now.

  76. not sure if this proves the conspiracy theory, Jayhup … just proves that the NHL is in love with Crosby.

    … and Bettman isn’t going anywhere as long as he has the owners in his pocket because he’s filling (most of) their pockets.

  77. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    That shirt. The World’s Greatest Dad. My son made it for me.

    The best in the world. Which means I’m better
    than just number one.

  78. Two questions:

    1. Never mind Dolan – how can we pay the fine? If each of 4,000 people gave just $5, or, well, you know the math – we could pay Torts fine for him and effectively flip off the NHL and Bettman.

    2. I thought Crosby’s remarks about Ryan Callahan were equally inappropriate. Where is his fine? Either the league is handling this or it is not. If they are, then Sidney’s response to all of this should be “no comment” or at least something as vanilla as Bylma’s respnose.How do I contact the league. I am not kidding about any of this.

  79. Mario to Betteman: “That’s not my pocket”
    Betteman: “Sorry”
    Mario: “Who told you to stop?”

  80. well, I wouldn’t be offering to pay any of the fine, Peter. Cablevision has plenty of money. I’m sure you wouldn’t have to dig too much to find twitter accounts or email addresses for some VIPs in the NHL.

  81. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Let Dolan give Torts a $20,000 bonus for finishing first.


    He can afford it. Why me?

  82. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    I always believed that Crosby was given to the pens to save mario’s pen’s from financial ruin..
    and the Adam Graves slash..?

  83. Is Isiah coach of the Knicks yet?

    Does the NHL make more money now or pre-Bettman. Right, so he isn’t going anywhere. Just time to start slewfooting everyone.

  84. Izzy is right. Dolan should pay the fine and simply add it to Torts’ salary. I love how the press release says nothing about why specifically. Bunch of bull%^&t.

  85. Carp, I know Torts and cable vision have plenty of money. That’s not the point. The point is that I will happily shell out 5 bucks to support my coach and the kind of statement that would make to the league. I mean, enough with the pens already. I will do some digging for the emails.

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The 20,000 came about via crosby. Skid determined that to be the number of transplanted hairs he would to have a more manly mustache.

  87. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    If you really want to rub the NHL’s nose in it, give Torts a $40,000 bonus. It will look like a reward.

  88. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Peter, just make your check out to Cablevision. They will appreciate the gesture.

  89. I understand you want to make a statement … but to me, shelling out money for the organization that hits you in the wallet every chance it gets isnt the way to do it.

  90. ThisYearsModel on

    Cablevision already collected the value of Tort’s fine from Ranger fans. Have you seen the playoff ticket prices?

  91. Rodent collected some money for Torts’ previous fine. Torts ask it be sent to his and his wife’s charity.

  92. Billybleedsblue on

    Don’t forget who was top 2-3 in penalty minutes and fighting majors last season… Way to go Mario.

  93. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Izzy – you did hear about the contest between Mario and the ant? The ant said go first, and I will pull out enough to win.

  94. Herr Goebbels, er, I mean Bettman has spoken and there is no speaking against the Reich, er, I mean cindys.

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – big rumor coming out of pissburgh is the NHL will fine you for reporting the truth. Open your wallet my brutha.

  96. Right you are Carp. Truth is as usual living well is the best revenge – or just winning. Maybe this adds more fuel to the Rangers’ fire.

  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Someone needs to post a pic of a dog doing tinkle on mario’s statue.

  98. jay riemenschneider on

    The NHL is a WWE style soap opera, a “reality” show if you… it’s scripted to the core. Fortunately the league is getting greedier and their techniques for guiding the direction of the season are becoming more and more obvious (Winter Classic anyone?) with each passing season. Unfortunately, most people don’t seem to give a crap. If they did, why on earth would they be watching shows like Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of Timbuk 3.

  99. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Izzy – did I ever mention that when I lean forward I resemble a tripod?

  100. So hungry! I’m lucky this Good Friday bidness only rolls around once a year.. to think, Latona not having any lunch!

    Blues just blew a 5-on-3. Glad we’re not the only ones who suck at those.

  101. If the Blues game stays the way it is then all we have to do is *win* and we get the President’s Trophy. I think this is a *must-dress* for *John Scott*! What do we say!?

  102. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    If they didn’t play Scott against Philly or Pens, then he might as well go out and look for Avery.

  103. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    AP release: 4/7/12

    New York: The NHL is reporting that the incredibly handsome, funny, and debonair owner of the greatest blog in the history of blogs, Carp, was fined $100,000 for daring report the truth.

    Carp said “no worries, I light my fireplace with bigger rolls than that.”

    In other news, you know who still has a you know what.

  104. Holy Hell. Watching the Rangers’ 1991 outdoor game in Vegas. Seeing all the guys who would be traded for Messier later … and also getting a kick out of some of the names. Remember Rick Bennett? He was like the Hugh Jessiman of that era.

  105. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What an embarrassment to be a fan of this league.

    Outside of going to the occasional game, I wont ever buy a piece of NHL paraphernalia or support them in any way. Ok, maybe one shirt if it comes to that soon down the road, but that’s where I draw the line. Seriously.

    This league is a good ‘ol boys union and the perfect antithesis of objective, fair, and judicial in its process. It is a mockery and I am infuriated that I have invested nearly an entire lifetime watching and learning a game that is now so classlessly marred by the antics of one pathetic organization that, at the end of the day, has had more issues sustaining itself than it has helped to run this league. Good day, NHL. I hope you’ve chosen wisely because you’re about to lose me.

  106. just got back from a seder, still disgusted about this fine. Hope Bettman choked on gefilte fish at his seder.

  107. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    I was in Vegas about 12 years ago and for kicks I was watching a roped off high roller’s craps table and I saw a guy drop about $100,000 inside of 2 minutes, my jaw dropped – he looked at me and winked… For him it was like me losing $5 I imagine.

  108. jpg's sister on

    carp, thanks for your reply for why Sidney is such a big deal and Canada and with NHL Central Office. I missed your reply, jpg told me you had answered me.

  109. jpg's sister on

    Have a Good Passover, lev. and Happy Easter to others

    I can’t believe that Torts would get such a large fine without potentially coming to fisticuffs with Tony Granato.

  110. haven’t read the whole thread yet, but just have to say, I am so hartnelling mad right now….I want to hit, throw, punch, scream at something. WTB!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Sigh. I do not feel better

    Why was he fined, and that much? 20K for an f bomb? for telling the truth about the Pitts?…

    seriously…..I would like to know the idiocy behind this idiocy. HARTNELL!!!

  111. put this up earlier and will continue to do so.
    let’s flood ’em with calls and faxes!!

    i encourage everyone to let their angry voices be heard.
    here’s the info:

    National Hockey League Business Information

    Name:National Hockey League
    Address:1251 Ave Of The Americas # 47
    City:New York
    State:New York, US
    Zip Code:10020
    Telephone:(212) 789-2000
    Fax:(212) 789-2020

  112. see Mama
    you wonder why the pens drive me so crazy
    imagine living nearby and knowing the whole
    history from mario on….?

  113. huh?
    you need my email

    btw, sorry BANJ that i haven’t got back to you.
    been sick and drugged out (but not in a good way…well, sort of but…)

  114. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Everyone should also boycott the nhl.com website . You can find anything you want on some other site especially on RANGERS REPORT & at least we get the truth here Carp doesn’t speak with forked tongue he tells it like it is! Also does anyone own a bull if so could you please save its carcillo the next time it goes & send it to the nhl offices att: bettman

  115. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I still remember Catechism. My favorie story was about the Bear that couldn’t see straight. We sang about him. His name was Gladley I think.

    Gladley, the cross-eyed bear… I forget the rest of the words.

  116. I’m here, Tiki. Enjoying the pictures of the new wickster. The last one is of all 4 girs, right in the middle of the nursery. Two girls in Rangers jerseys……Priceless.

  117. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Is Gladley the Bear Catholic? Does the Pope carcillo in the woods?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  118. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Wow ilb wish I could see that picture. Happy Passover to you & yours.

  119. eddie, Im in so much pain. I just feel like sticking a knife right in my neck and cutting out the pain.

  120. eddie

    vicodin would probably be a relief sometimes
    but when the sinus pressure headaches get real bad
    i’m into a combo of decongestant, multiple pain reliever
    loooooooooooong hot shower or using the heat from a blow dryer to
    dull the pain.
    much of it is to stop the throbbing as well as stop it from becoming
    full-blown migraine.

  121. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I also liked the story where Jesus Loafs and Fishes and gets enough food for the multi-dudes.

  122. eddie eddie eddie on

    tiki – you need some of my killer chronic – you only need look at it and it knocks you into the stratosphere

  123. NHL Tonight coming on now
    will be interesting to see how they address Torts fine
    as well as if Don Cherry covers it tomorrow

    i imagaine the jackwagon TSN guys will just laugh it off and do
    all they can to brown nose sid

  124. Jpg- you’ve been suffering from that sinus headache for way too long….There are a lot of options out there…Have you heard of ballooning? Minimally invasive and pretty effective.

  125. eddie eddie eddie on

    jpg – i hear you…there is nasty crap going around here too…lots of strep…..my lil one has been sick all week with a awful virus….three days of vomiting and 5 days of an oscillating fever

  126. no ilb

    i’ll look into balloning

    had a CT scan done and was told there were no obstructions in sinus cavities

  127. eddie eddie eddie on

    izzy – did ever see that Bass fishing contest on ESPN that Jesus won?…..he was reaching in and pulling out bass like a grizzly would salmon…needless to say he won the $800 first place prize

  128. The new NHL, NATIONAL HIDEOUS LEAGUE and bettman wonders why the nhl is the least popular sport league in america and losing by the year.

  129. actually eddie
    never did
    never will

    don’t need extra energy that bad
    and always felt it would be my luck
    and i end up being the next Len Bias

  130. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Did you know Jesus was well endowed? It’s true! He was hung like this… (arms stretched out wide to each side).

  131. eddie eddie eddie on

    jpg – me either….well, not in a long long time, and besides, crack is wack

  132. eddie eddie eddie on

    izzy – you are naughty

    jpg – i heard that was the FIRST time lenny bias actually did coke,…..he did a few big lines….and it was mega pure….and the whole ticker just short-circuited…..very dangerous drug….

  133. Since its doctor time… ilb, is there a numbing agent or OTC numbing cream that I can put on my neck to take away the tension and pain?

    The CVS pharmacist gave me Zostrix, an arthritis cream, and not only did it not work, I burned myself even though using it as directions said.

  134. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I always liked the bible story of Easter. Where Jesus was crucified… Although I could never get the Nuns to tell me why they thought THAT was a Good Friday. And then he was placed in a tomb for three days. Then he rose again, rolled back the stone from the tomb opening…

    Then saw his shadow, and we got six more weeks of winter.

  135. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Tiki, my mom used to use something she called “disappearing cream”. Then my dad got a hold of it and disappeared for a year.

    Actually, 8 months, with good behavior…

  136. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    Keep up the Blasphemy of the Lord.. remember the playoffs are next week and when you scream “please let them win God, I’ll be good , I won’t beat my wife , my kids, I’ll pay my taxes , I won’t cheat “.. Jesus will just have the puck hit the post.

  137. that’s i heard too in regards to Bias.
    poor guy

    i kind be pretty hyper energetic so
    i’ve always wondered that that could happen to me.

  138. btw,
    this may have been covered
    based on his tweets
    is Christian Thomas now playing with the Whale?

    any other info other than him being on the roster?

  139. I like the giant story Crosby gets on NHL.com in which to defend himself. What other player is afforded something like that?

    In it he, of course, whines about Ryan Callahan. Fine worthy?

  140. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Should I sing an Easter Song?

    “What a friend we have in Jeeee-sus.
    Christ Almighty what a pal…”

  141. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I won’t beat my wife any worse than the Nuns beat me… They’re why I hate Penguins so much, you know….

  142. eddie eddie eddie on

    jesus is just allright with me
    jesus is just allright with me
    i dont care what dead men say
    i dont care what dead men do

    jesus is just allright with me

  143. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    eddie eddie eddie April 6th, 2012 at 10:23 pm
    onecup – what wrong with beating your wife?

    Nothing , as long as you don’t leave any marks

  144. if anyone else is still here
    they’re gonna talk Torts on NHL Tonight
    after the commercial break

  145. PLEASE!!!! Please help me!!! Its times likes these I wish I had substances to abuse, eddie!!!!! :)

  146. eddie eddie eddie on

    women folk need a good beating to let them know who is the head of the household

    i will be right back, the wife is yelling at me to do something

  147. eddie eddie eddie on

    onecup – that is why i do all my beating with a boxing glove on…stick and jab

  148. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

    Nothing. You told her twice already.

  149. eddie eddie eddie on

    tiki – when the agony becomes too much to bear, i simply crush 3 or 4 ambien and snort them…i am asleep within minutes….all pain disappears

  150. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    My wife said I could beat her… She also said if I do, “don’t ever fall asleep”.

  151. Billybleedsblue on

    Sid says he doesn’t talk to the refs as much as some certain other player… What a joke, on so many levels…

  152. Thanks jpg’s sister, you too if you’re celebrating. Soooo on stubhub Rangers playoff tickets start at $150….Devils start at $47. sigh.

  153. eddie eddie eddie on

    billy – skid also poops in his hockey pants…he isnt one to talk about anything

  154. eddie eddie eddie on

    izzy – after a good wife beating…i woke to see her with a chainsaw at my you know what……when the chainsaw broke, she realized i wasnt one to be messed with KABOOM

  155. I dont have any byfugliening ambien… I only have trazadone, and i dont wanna go to sleep. i wanna fix the pain!!

  156. eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – as my Dr. if you were to write me a prescription for extra strength vicodin, i promise i would not OD and thereby get you in trouble for being a naughty Dr. :)

  157. So Keenan doesn’t think Torts should’ve been fined, and thinks that he was trying to fire up his team. Milbury, pretty much said what he said before, just used different wording this time…Should get interesting.

  158. Isnt that supposed to be hope? Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies!

  159. hey Sally
    jpg’s sister got it wrong
    according to recent nbc sports plug
    the flyers/pens games is 3:30

  160. eddie eddie eddie on

    sally – as someone who was raised on the 3 stooges and the honeymooners…..i apologize

  161. Sally, thinking the same thing…..sunday newspapers and a hartnell you to you….not funny

  162. obviously by the jokes going around tonight
    the room is filled with nice Catholic boys
    who went to a nice Catholic school
    and got beat up by nice nuns

  163. I actually got a chair thrown at me by a nun when I was 10. They sent her back to the convent. I always was an agitator.

  164. eddie eddie eddie on

    JPG – what was worse, knuckles on the head, or ruler on the hands?….i opt for the ruler every time

  165. hello….it’s 2012 not 1912….grow some del zottos and be a real bonehead, not a (can’t say it here) nozzle

  166. Thanks jpg & your sister – ESPN scoreboard says 4:00. Hmm…

    Hope everyone had a good 1st night of Passover. As usual, I ate too much matzo ball soup. It was marvelous!

  167. eddie eddie eddie on

    i was always the 2nd man in…very rarely did i start it at St. Michael’s…but the second kid in WHAM

  168. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Ruler first. Knuckles next. Then progressing to banging the head on the wooden desk.
    I think there’s a little flat spot there still.

  169. Czechthemout!!! on

    What the league did today is an absolute disgrace!!! If I were Torts, I would reiterate everything he said yesterday stad by every last word.

  170. i don’t know Sally
    jpg’s sister said 4
    you found 4

    nbc sports says 3:30 unless that’s pregame

  171. eddie, I once had this nun as a Spanish teacher. I asked for a tissue in class one time, she made me look like a fool in front of the class, yelled at me that she had no tissues and to bring tissues from home. So the next day, I got Mcdonalds napkisn in the morning, stuck them in her desk and her gradebook, then during class, asked for tissues, she said she had none. So I got up, went to her desk, opened up her drawer and said Are you lying, Sister? Here are tissues!! She was furious. Then, at the end of school, she’d stay locked in her classroom, so I stuck tissues in the doorknob hole thingy during the day, and after school, I pulled her door open and she says how did u get in here, and I take the tissues out of the doorframe hole and yell Tissues!!! Well, she ended up leaving the next semester for a 3rd world country, “where students would appreciate her” The moral of the story, never deny a man tissues!!!!!

  172. oh yes indeed
    from nuns

    got hit by ruler on hand
    yardstick on hand and body
    pointer on body
    had to stand at chalkboard with my nose against a circle drawn there
    there was Sister Mary Therese i think her name was
    who would use her hands and fists as well as anything else around
    threw a friend of mine into a piano (shocking to a 2nd grader, funny now)

  173. Whoa, ESPN is wrong about the starting time of a hockey game? They don’t even know all of the teams. True story: when the Islanders beat the Pen()s 5-3 last week, the highlights on SportsCenter included three Penguin goals and Crosby getting hit in the face with the puck. Notice the lack of highlights from the team that actually won the game.

  174. HA! It does look like NBC Sports is pulling our Chad Johnsons. Yahoo scoreboard says 4:00 as well. But the crack against ESPN stands.

  175. Love you Sally!

    No spanking…if you ask for it, doesn’t count…..you just get paper….Hartnell…..tired and pissed…til tomorrow all. TA!

  176. eddie eddie eddie on

    i was an alter boy and father O’Brien would smack your hands with a ruler, once back inside away from chapel if you folded your fingers in hand prayer position OUCH

  177. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Father Stutsko was pretty cool, but I bet he mentally sent me to Hell about once a week.

  178. eddie eddie eddie on

    the coroner’s report is back on whitney houston….lots of drugs in her system….to be honest, i didnt see that one coming…..i thought it was an accidental drowning in her bath tub…,,,,i mean, it happens all the time, its just not widely reported…

  179. Duckbill platterpus on

    Hope Pens beat Phlyers 4-0. Want the rangers to face Pitt at full strength when they do, so our victory will be even sweeter. Don’t way any excuses by Pens and I’m Elated that syndey is back both for his health reasons and for us to beat the best team they have.

  180. eddie eddie eddie on

    ducky – not me…..if skid got hit in the head with a LeTang slap shot, i would rejoice…..hope that doesnt make me sound like a bad person

  181. Just saw the fine that was levied and what BS! This league is so damn hypocritical it isn’t even funny. I never wish serious harm on anyone, but man, I hope a Flyer wrecks Crosby so bad he’s out for the next 2 years. Along with inflicting severe damage to those other crapassen whiny teammates of his. IOW, GO FLYERS!!

    And catholic jokes and abuse jokes? C’mon guys, you’re better than that.

  182. I actually punched my mom in the face though, Mickey. Total accident.

    I won’t have me any Catholic jokes, however.

    LGR! LGF (ugh)!

  183. did skid crosby swallow his tongue yet and gino malkin tear his acl. i hope both thos players career end as quick as possible.

    lets go flyers.

  184. How did you manager to punch your Mom in the face, Latona??

    I know, it’s weird to say GO FLYERS.

  185. The best part about Jaromir is he did nothing against us this year. And his team lost all 6 games. What loyalty!

  186. It’s shocking how little attention the other side of the coin is being addressed by TSN, NHL and other media outlets. The only thing being talked about is Tortorella’s comments and the fine afterwards. NOTHING about the reason for the comments in the first place.

    And like Katy Strang pointed out earlier this evening, odd how the NHL can fine Torts $20G and yet still advertise their product using his comments. Having their cake and eating it too.

    …and I believe the decorative-icing picture on the top is of Mario and Sid hanging laundry together in the back yard.

    What a friggin’ joke!


  187. Put Scott in the line-up for the standard 4 minutes.An opponent take a cheapshot or a late hit on one of our guys,next shift that player plays, Scott comes on and nails him to the boards and continues targeting that player until the shift is over.Not boarding shots,just clean hits.No fights unless necessary.He has to learn to toe the line,ie. Avery.If Torts is worried about his defensive game,stick him out there with some defensive responsible guys.Its high time to police because we know the league is not going too.The league stages it wants to get the goons and cheapshots out of the game but does not want to police the game correctly.Its a crock of Carcillo as you guys would say.

  188. Scott couldn’t catch anybody to hit them, and nobody will fight him … so what good would he do.

    … and here we go again with this stupid topic.

  189. Wow, I just fell asleep on the laptop. Yikes.

    Nice, Latona, real nice, lol. I hope she forgave you :)

    Ok, bed. See you all tomorrows!

  190. I won’t be at all surprised that Bettman’s latest asshat decision to fine Torts backfires on the NHL big time. Torts simply stated what the rest of the league already feels. Bettman may have just put bigger bullseyes on the whiners. Pens will be even more hated around the league, if that’s possible and there will be retribution. When the NHL cannot police itself…the players will do it for them. And the players around the league have had enough of the hypocritical BS that spews out of Pissburgh. It will be fun to watch the payback.

  191. Carp,he sure through Bickel into the boards pretty hard.I really didn’t think Scott looked horrible for a big guy that was thrown into a totally different system.Granted he is slow and you are also right that people won’t fight him.I believe I stated that I didn’t want him to fight[maybe I posted that on another site].But after the Philly game,then Pitt,there have been way too many liberties taken.The officiating is not doing anything.So what is the answer?

  192. So lets put him on the 3rd pair or D dressed as a 7th d.Play him when guys get nasty and when we cant clear the net.That clearing the net has been a problem forever.McD,Stall,Del Zotto and Girardi are all great D’s but they are positional stick checking players who lack the ability to clear the front of the net.W/O Sauer,Bicel is the only one capable of moving the big guys out.Maybe thats why we have to block so many shots.I have been hits by pucks no more than 70 MPH and it hurts like heck.

  193. just saw the Torts fine. Utterly disgraceful… What a friggin joke.. So Orpik gets high fived by his teammates the cindies laugh and Torts gets fined for telling the truth.


  194. I know lots of older guys complain about crosby saying he is a bad example for kids playing today and that kids are now screaming more at refs, taking dives, making excuses and things like that.

    for you older fans: has there ever been such a talent in the NHL that was so hated across canada and the united states?

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