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Here’s the audio of John Tortorella’s post-game presser:

John Tortorella, courtesy of the Penguins, of all things.


Courtesy of the NYR:

April 5, 2012 (Game 81, Away Game 41)
CONSOL Energy Center – Pittsburgh, PA

1st     2nd    3rd     OT      F
New York Rangers                1        0         1        –         2
Pittsburgh Penguins             2        1         2        –         5

Team Notes:

– The Rangers were defeated by the Pittsburgh Penguins, 5-2, tonight at CONSOL Energy Center, and are now 7-3-0 in the last 10 games.

– New York is now 51-23-7 (109 pts) overall, including a 24-12-5 mark on the road.

– Tonight’s loss was only the second by the Rangers in their last seven games in Pittsburgh, dating back to a 3-2 overtime win on Feb. 12, 2010.

– The Rangers out-shot the Penguins, 37-32, including a 20-7 advantage in the third period.  The Blueshirts’ 20 shots in the third are a season-high for most shots in a single period.

– The Blueshirts’ power play was 1-6 (11:52), while the penalty kill finished 1-1 (2:00) in tonight’s contest.  The Rangers’ power play has tallied eight goals in the last five games (8-24, 33.3% over the span), and are 13-53 (24.5%) in the last 14 games. New York’s penalty kill is 50-57 (87.7%) in the last 19 games.

Player Notes:

– Brandon Dubinsky notched the Rangers’ first goal of the game, an even strength tally at 4:23 of the first period, and logged 17:22 of ice time.  He has tallied seven points (three goals, four assists) in the last 10 games, including two points (one goal, one assist) in the last two games.

– Artem Anisimov tallied a power play goal at 17:46 of the third period and registered three shots in 17:50 of ice time.  He has now recorded a goal in each of the last two games.

– Martin Biron stopped 27 of 31 shots while appearing in his 500th career NHL game, and is now 12-6-2 overall with a 6-4-2 mark on the road.  He became the 60th goaltender in NHL history to reach the 500 games played mark.

– Brian Boyle recorded two primary assists, including one on the power play, and registered three shots on goal in 16:02 of ice time.  His assist on Anisimov’s power play goal at 17:46 of the third period was his career-high, 15th assist of the season.  Boyle has tallied six points (four goals, two assists) in the last eight games, including three points (one goal, two assists) in the last two games.

– Dan Girardi tallied a power play assist and three shots on goal in a game-high, 24:36 of ice time.  He has recorded three assists in the last six games, including an assist in each of the last two games.  Girardi is now one point shy of his second straight 30-point season.

– Ruslan Fedotenko one assist and two shots in 13:01 of ice time.  He has tallied four points (one goal, three assists) in the last six games, including two assists in the last two games.

Team Schedule:

– The Blueshirts practice schedule for tomorrow, Apr. 6, is 12:00 p.m. at MSG Training Center.

– The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Washington Capitals on Saturday, Apr. 7, at Madison Square Garden (6:30 p.m.), in their regular season finale.  The game will be televised live on NBC Sports Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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  1. Carp’d!

    Matty….huh? I am all about Steppers…and Torts… .ask anybody here!? I was cheering Torts for his post-game hartnell you Pens comments…..swear….and we all will get carp’d soon…..

  2. JimboWoodside on

    Now that we’re in “playoff mode”, I’d be surprised if we get much (if any) information on Step’s condition, unless it is REALLY bad. We may know nothing until Saturday.

  3. it was a really dirty hit because stepan tried to avoid the head shot and he still got hit on the knee.

    orpik is a punk. blueline hit up by 4 ,game 81, really comeon guys….

  4. Didn’t doubt it for a sec, Mama. I can tell you bleed blue! No offense meant :)

    Step is such a good kid. So young. Does so much well. Having so much fun out there. Ya wanna pick on someone, go after an aged vet like Rupp, or Scott and pay the consequences if ya don’t knock him outta the game. I agree with Czech. Richards is small, and way too valuable. He did the right thing that a captain/leader does. A bit scary that no one else did. Kind of reminiscent of the Carcillo on Gabby last year and Girardi right there doing nothing.

    He learned from it. They all should have, I’d think?

  5. stars lose eliminated. kings and coyotes clinch a spot.

    last spot down to san jose colorado

  6. What I dont like is Pens fans using Rupp’s knee on knee collision with Staal, which put Staal out for 5 weeks, as a reason for why this hit was ok. Like I said, the hit wasnt as bad as people are making it out to be, he deserves a game or two if there were two games left in the season, but not a playoff game. My biggest hope after all of this, aside from Step being ok come next Wed/Thurs, is that the league starts paying more attention to the whiners now that two teams have spoken out.

  7. Right…a clean hit…I guess Torts, Biron and others just don’t see the game clearly…..they must have been watching the NBC Sports feed.

  8. Czechthemout!!! on

    Obvious dirty hit! Scumpik leaned over to his side and stuck out his knee. This clown has done this many times throughout his career. He is a good hard player but he is also been know as a cheap shot artist. In fact, that whole team is. The whining stars use the slew foot regularly. Matt Cooke has put out more players to injury than any active NHLer. Asham is another dirty classless player. And Torts is right. They whine all the time from their dirty arrogant owner, all the way down to their gutless coach and to the very last player.

  9. “My biggest hope after all of this, aside from Step being ok come next Wed/Thurs, is that the league starts paying more attention to the whiners now that two teams have spoken out.”

    And I believe in unicorns….No insult to you Lev….but holy hartnell!

    OK all, niters….we’re still number one!!!!! yay!!!!!!

  10. Sorry, Lev. I respect your posts. I just disagree. Step is a finesse player. Not a Rupp. Not a J. Staal. Plus, he’s a kid.

    You slow down the real, Orpik had him lined up. Step avoids and the goon puts his leg out. He knew what he was doing.

    Sure, they had a thing going all game. But if you’ve ever played the game, it’s ok to blow someone out with a big check. But when you see it aint happening, you retract. You don’t’ send your knee out on a defenseless good kid.

  11. the rupp hit on staal was knee on knee unintentional and therefore it was not a dirty hit.rupp did not stick out his leg in anyway.

    there is no correlation….

  12. colorado loses then sharks clinch. both east and west with have all 8 teams with west having more complicated seeding then 3 7 and 8 in east

  13. Matty, Staal is a much better player than Stepan, first of all, but that should not matter. Is a bad hit to a John Scott any more OK than a bad hit to a Derek Stepan? Is it worse? They should be treated exactly the same. Stepan being a kid should not matter either. WTH kind of reason is that. The hit was not clean, no one is saying it was. But it was not a Matt Cooke type hit, it was not Chris Simon type hit, not a Chris Neil cheap shot…. He should not be gone for what im assuming your looking for, 4+.

  14. Czechthemout!!! on

    Rupp did not stick out his knee on Staal at all. If he did, super whiner, Mario Lapew would have fired off one his idiotic letters threatening the league that he would no longer want to be involved in the sport again. Like anyone cares.

  15. Agree with the side that thinks it wasn’t good but not a major suspension a fine will come. Hurts that it’s late in the season on a nothing game that was over and a fan favorite. But let’s be fair. Where is the Carpmaster on all this?

  16. I can see Shanny now, “i hereby suspend Brooks Orpik for 50 games for hitting a “good kid.” Common now.

  17. I don’t think Orpik is a flat out dirty player, but he toes the line with his physicality and has been suspended twice before (there is still a chunk of Erik Cole’s broken neck embedded in the boards somewhere).

    I’m too lazy to check for this season’s precedents for discipline on knee-on-knee hits, but I can’t see a suspension coming. Meaningless, token one-gamer at most.

  18. Just caught up. I want to go punch an f’ing penguin, a real live penguin, over that. Like Torts said much more cursy than I did, the game is over, and it doesn’t matter anyway, so what’s the point? Before I wanted Philadelphia to take them out but now I sort of want them. Atleast now there would be an upside of losing a 2nd round matchup; knocking someone out.

  19. Czechthemout!!! on


    Orpik’s hit was dirty and his hit may, I repeat may causec Stepan to miss significant time in the playoffs robbing them of the chance to compete for the cup significantly. He should be suspended
    based on how long Step is out.

  20. Rangers West on

    So Kreider won’t be done until after the regular season is over. Any bets (non-monetary ) on him ever seeing a playoff game this season? Also, what are the chances that the Rangers get any of these guys to camp next year: Pashnin, Baranka or Heikkinen? I would imagine that zero would be too optimistic.

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Penguins are a bunch of bottom feeders that got big by eatting scum off the bottom of the standings.

  22. jpg's sister on

    well if he Orpik has been suspended before, precedent for longer suspension, IMO

  23. Rangers West on

    I would imagine Shanny will suspend Step for at least four games for running his body into Orpik’s knee. The league does not like anybody messing with their baby, the Pens.

  24. Just counter point, Lev. Again, I do respect your posts and after all, we are fans of the right team.

    But, yes, it is different. Staal being better or worse than Step has nothing to do with anything. But I would argue that Staal means about the same to his team as Step does to ours. And with our lack of depth, if this is a 5 week injury (gotta hope and pray it isn’t) that’s one nail in our coffin for the playoffs. It kills a line, our PP, etc., and teams will be able to key more on the our #1 (which scares me because after #1, we don’t have all that much anyway).

    This was different than Rupp’s hit on Staal which was during the course of offensive play and not open ice. Orpik’s hit was knee extended, open ice, which is akin to premeditated. Rupp’s was during offensive play. Yes, they are quite different.

  25. suspended for # of games you cause injury = nonsense. So Phaneuf is still supposed to be suspended for giving a clean hit on Sauer? If we go back to that thread a bunch of people here said it was dirty. It was pretty much as good clean hit as you can get.

  26. Shanahan will go soft again. $2,500 couch-change fine. Maybe one game suspension. Not a chance he gets a playoff game.

  27. Czechthemout!!! on


    You said it in your last post ” clean hit” on Sauer= no suspension. This was an obviously dirty hit.
    Orpik has been suspended before for dirty hits.

  28. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Can’t wait for the flyer game saturday.
    guaranteed cindy and malkin sit it out.
    philly will take a piece out of pittsburgh in the playoffs

  29. Matty, believe me i respect you a whole lot too, thanks. I AM NOT SAYING THAT THOSE TWO HITS ARE ALIKE! In fact i said they’re NOT alike and i hate how the Pens fans are comparing them. But what I am saying is that while this hit was bad, it clearly was bad and illegal, it was not horrendously horrendous. It should not be in the game, that’s for sure. But by current rules/precedent he should not get more than 1-2 games, that’s just the way it’s been handed out this year. And do you really think Shanny takes into account how deep our team is? How it will affect our PP? He’s not a fortune teller. He shouldnt even bother looking at those factors. Judge the hit by what it was and base the punishment on the precedent. Unfortunately the precedent is 1-2 games while I’d make it 4-5.

  30. Carp, have been wondering. I know our BB’s and Dubli’s are starting to get a bit of scoring going, but the Hag’s line puts our two best forwards together. Beyond that, let’s face it, we don’t score much.

    Won’t other teams key their ‘d’ on Hag’s line, big time, in the playoffs?

  31. O-prick = the new CarcilloCookHartnellKulleta.

    We need a Reggie Dunlop bounty on the whiners head.

  32. Czech, so who determines if the Sauer hit was clean? If half the people said it was dirty and half said it wasnt who decides? Who decides if this one was clean, accidental, bad, very bad, outrageous? So if Savard never plays another game (and probably wont) should Cooke not play anymore? What if Gaborik gave Savard that hit?

  33. I wonder if the league will make Tortorella apologize for criticizing the entitled one…

  34. Czechthemout!!! on


    My daughter is a competitive ice dancer at the junior level. She will skate for Israel in the 2018 Olynpics with an outside shot at the 2014 games( age ). Shanahan’s kid plays hockey over in the rink in Hackensack where she trains. I’ ve met and spoke to him two or three times. Nice guy. Takes the time to speak to many fans there. Once I asked him recently why after a pretty tough start on the players, had he gone somewhat soft recently. He said he was concerned about the pansification of the game. I am paraphrasing of course.

  35. This just in – Ray Shero has already contacted Shanny and told him that Cyndny will feel a little melancholy if Orpik is suspended. Shanny has agreed to do nothing about Orpik and will aldo pick up the tab next time he has dinner with Mario.

  36. Just watched the Torts presser. I’m ready to run through a (non-brick, hopefully plaster without any support beams behind it) wall. God I hate that team. I don’t even have any Pens fan friends and I f’ing hate them.

  37. jpg's sister on

    sad, shanny assumed punishment probably, true.

    NHL and @NHLShanahan should know how we feel, even if it doesn’t matter to them.

  38. Now that the seedings are set for Flyers/Pens, Saturday’s game really has no meaning for them, unless they want to establish some momentum, if you believe in that. Should be a nasty nasty game.

  39. Czechthemout!!! on


    Most of those questions you asked are silly. Come on. Gabby is not a cheap player and would nor has ever delivered a dirty hit. Phanuef’s hit was totally clean in every way. Torts was asked about it after the game and said so. And to answer your question on Cooke, no, he should not be playing because of the Savard hit. Because he is a serial repeat offender who has taken out a bunch of players in his career.

  40. kreider will be in Greenburgh NY on tuesday practicing with the Rangers.. It is going to happen. 2 national championships on 3 years, why would he stay in college?

    it is unbelievable fans cannot see past the laundry(uniform).. if a ranger player made a dirty hit/play etc. of course I will say if it was. the rangers generally speaking are a clean tough, honest team…. pittsburgh is not…

    orpik should get 5 games, hope Carp is wrong…………

  41. Czechthemout!!! on

    To echo your last point Stuart A, we had a dirty idiot on the team named Ryan Hollweg as I am sure you know who was a dirty play that constantly hit players from behind into the boards. Cost us game six against the Penguins several years ago. That was the game that Avery ruptured his spleen in.

  42. A few things

    1) Tortorella was absolutely right with everything he said. The hit by Orpik was dirty and classless. And the Penguins are an arrogant organization who hide beyond preferential treatment from the league because its golden boy wears a Penguins uniform.

    2) I think in some ways you can never really stop hits like that because it’s way too easy for some gutless piece of carcillo like Orpik to shift his weight so that he slams another guy’s knee.

    3) Hopefully, Orpik gets suspended but I somehow doubt it (see point 1)

    4) What’s this knee-on-knee hit involving Rupp and Staal that all the Crapsburgh fans are whining about? Does anyone have a clip of it?

  43. One precedent this year (might not be the only one) – Kevin Porter got four games for a knee-on-knee hit on David Booth. Can’t get a link, but the Shanaban video is still up on

    Specific reasons for that suspension were that Booth did not make any sudden change of direction, Porter had his knee stuck out for a decent distance before contact and the knee contact was not part of a full body hit. Booth also missed 18 games with a knee injury as a result.

    I reckon Stepan does make more of a lateral shift than Booth did, though the change in direction still wasn’t all that late or severe, but Orpik did have his knee stuck out and made no other contact in a similar way to Porter, if not quite as heavily.

    Orpik does have a suspension history that Porter didn’t.

    Still would be surprised to see anything at all for Orpik and no way he’ll miss a playoff game the way they’ve been backsliding on the suspensions. Severely doubt Kevin Porter is the only player to have hit someone with his knee across the whole league this year either.

  44. earlier in the season, Rupp kneed Staal. It was the same thing. Maybe slightly less intentional.

    The Sauer hit was clean.

    Czech, Shanahan is a good, decent, well-spoken and even charming guy. His hands are greatly tied by the board of governors and GMs who don’t ever want their guys suspended and who complain loud and long to him whenever he suspends somebody.

    stuart, yes, you are correct. I think Kreider will be at practice Monday. It will still take unforeseen circumstances for him to get into a playoff game.

    Unless Stepan has his leg amputated tonight, there’s not a prayer Orpik gets five. I don’t think there’s a chance in Holy Hell he gets two.

  45. So basically it is going to be either Florida or Washington for us, right? Dont mind either one.

  46. I love John Tortorella. That is all.

    So nice to have a coach who doesn’t give a carcillo and says exactly what he feels, rather than spouting a bunch of cliches or nonsense, and who isn’t afraid to call out the league on some of their bullcooke.

  47. calgary 3-1

    rangers clinch pres with win sat or they could lose and perhaps get florida

  48. Can’t wait for the media coverage about how “classy” Bylsma and Shero are when they respond in a mild-mannered fashion (wearing a Milbury skirt, no doubt) tomorrow.

  49. Lev:

    Thanks for the link. I think that’s a dirty hit, too. Plus Rupp has a tendency to throw in some dirty stuff (usually with elbows) that go unnoticed.

    Regardless, that’s a hit from three months ago. (These Pittsburgh tools made it sound like it happened tonight. ) And Rupp, scrub that he is, isn’t half as dirty as those cheap shot artists on the Penguins are – Letang, another cheap shot specialist was basically trying to saw through Gaborik with his stick. If their idea of getting retribution was to target Derek Stepan three months after Mike Rupp put a knee on Jordan Staal, so be it, but it blows the notion of “accident” completely out of the water.

    Anyway, the league knows this team is dirty and the reason they are is because the league protects them. Orpik should get a lengthy suspension because his actions could have cost a guy about a year of his livelihood. That won’t happen because the NHL governs the Penguins according to a different set of rules.

  50. if Florida manages to lose to Carolina then im actually hoping we lose against Washington. Not only would that gives us, by far, the easiest opponent, but I would be able to attend either game 3 or 4!

  51. JimboWoodside on

    That Cammalleri can sure score – I wish we could snag him from the Flames….

  52. Never thought Torts could outdo his Winter Classic post game speech…but this was brillant….we are with you Torts! Just a little steamed Lev….nothing personal…never thought I would ever root for the Flyers….but for the next few weeks I am gonna enjoy the ESB lit in black and orange.

  53. to hell with Philadelphia btw., if there’s a way they could both wipe each other off the map, I’m all for it.

  54. Czechthemout!!! on

    Wow! Chance to win home ice for the playoffs on home ice no less. I hope Stepan is ok, otherwise that will diminish what should be a special evening!

  55. JimboWoodside on

    He’s had a bad year, but I remember a few playoffs ago, when every puck he touched went into the opponent’s net – I’d like to have him here.

  56. JimboWoodside on

    I hope Hank is well enough to play on Saturday – he would be going for his 4-th win, and we would be playing for the President’s Trophy..

  57. Since my moozicks question was misleading, and for that I apologize, I have a riddle for fifty lunch points.

    The man who made it sold it, the man who bought it didn’t use it, and the man who used it never saw it. What is it?

  58. JimboWoodside on

    Latona, I meant to ask you about that question/answer – “Love is a Battlefield” – really? No other video before that ever had a spoken word in it? I don’t remember spoken words in that song, but it’s been a long time…

  59. Orr:

    I’m sure that’s precisely the crock of b.s. the league will use to justify its lack of action against Orpik for what anyone who’s played hockey somewhere other than a video game knows what was a gutless move.

  60. i can’t listen to bylsma and his nonsense.

    again a ranger do that Torts will call him out plain and simple.

    the hit was dirty Orr, not even close…. it wasso dirty orpik could not get his head shot so he settled for a knee/hip shot on a guys leg. he is filthy.

  61. My aunt is a huge Pat Benatar fan, and a great music buff in general, and the fact that “Love is a Battlefield” had the first spoken words of any music video had been drilled into me since a young age. Wikipedia asserts this as well, Jimbo.

    The line is “If you leave this house now, you can just forget about coming back!” spoken by Pat’s father.

  62. nah Bylsma, Stepan should not try to get out of the way of a hit!!!!!!he should just take it.

    the BS coming from this guys mouth would make a politician smile……….

  63. also, hard to love Tortorella more than I do right now for calling out the obscene double standard the league applies to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    if anyone has any doubts about the protection this crew gets because of its butt boy Crosby, head over to YouTube and check out some Evgeni Malkin’s “greatest hits.”

  64. Playoffs are a battlefield… also killed the radio star.,…niters all…mama love.

  65. >>*meant to say Jumbo Soft-Shelled Shrimp.

    I’m hoping they get fried in the playoffs.

  66. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Latona – thanks! I don’t remember those words, but again, it was a long time ago, and I wasn’t a totally crazy Pat Benatar fan anyway – not that there’s anything wrong with her! ;-D

    Well, if Wikipedia says it, it *must* be true! ;-)

  67. Orpik made a decision to shift his weight and turn his leg. That’s what guys do when they want to take out another player’s knee. They don’t put up a big sign that says, “Hey, Orr, I’m taking this guy’s knee out. Watch.”

  68. >>My aunt is a huge Pat Benatar fan

    I’m a huge fan as well. They just don’t make female rockers like they used to.

  69. Olga Folkyerself on

    The user tried to set the “buried alive record”.

    So far, he’s got it….

  70. Wasn’t she a classically trained opera singer, JBytes?

    You never have to thank me Jimbo, you rock!


  71. ThisYearsModel on

    I am now officially a fan of Shelley, Sestito and Rinaldo. Do your worst in Round 1 boys.

  72. Add me to the LOVE TORTS bandwagon tonight. The Pens organization has been coddled and protected by the league for years now. EVERYBODY knows it. Every other player and coach in the NHL KNOWS it.

    Now we’ve got two teams calling them out for what everyone has seen with their own two eyes for years now. Bylsma can call it gamesmanship all he wants…he’s got one of the dirtiest teams in the league that operates without any fear of reprisals because the NHL will always protect them.

    The NHL is Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Everybody else is a supporting character in their one man/one team play.

    I hate the Flyers. Can’t stand them. Can’t stand their fans. But I will be on my feet cheering them on to not only beat the Pens in their playoff series but to leave a couple of Pens on the ice New Orleans Saints style.

    Orpik’s hit may not be in the league of a Matt Cooke elbow (and I hope the league chokes on their “Matt Cooke Reborn!” storyline. He’ll show his true colors soon enough) but it was dirty enough.

    Losing Stepan would be a crippling hit to our team. And that is reason enough to wish the worst on that frakking team. I wanna see Cindy drooling in the corner after a high, hard hit. I wanna see Corky choking on a stick lodged in his larynx. I wanna see Matt Cooke put through the glass.

    So after this I’m thinking Orpik gets a 2,500 fine and an appearance in one of Shanny’s Greatest Hits videos where he desperately tries to explain why he’s so inept as a disciplinarian.

    And I’m thinking Torts gets a 10 – 15 K fine for daring, DARING, to insult that fine organization in Pittsburgh.

  73. crap like Orpik pulled tonight is every bit as dirty as anything Cooke’s done because it’s actually fair easier to do (and conceal) than people realize. head hits have drawn more scrutiny in recent years, but tear one or more ligaments in a guy’s knee and you’re ending his season. moreover, you’re hindering his career.

    screw Orpik and the Penguins

  74. Or rread what Mcdonagh said.

    he said once he saw he could not ge tthe shoulder shot you would hope he would not stick his knee out etc.

    sure Orpik did not have minutes to plan his move but he thought it out… this guys make decisions in .5 a second, he intentionally stcuk his knee out to hit stepan. how complicated is that……it was intentionally that is the key point. it was not an accident………..

  75. JimboWoodside on

    Orpik will get his – eventually. Just like Scott Stevens had his career ended by a concussion, which he gave out far too many of during his cheap-shotting career…

  76. Reginald Dunlop on

    atta boy Torts………………..hoping Flyers sign Chief Berube for one game to come from behind the bench to dress for Saturday………..maybe Ross Mad Dog Madison and Poodle and even Ogie Ogelthorpe……… Orpik glues his gloves on, need a sandblaster to get them off, he won’t drop em and wants to play that way, hence a punk…….. can’t wait to see Torts fine for criticizing the Pens………this time I will contribute to his fund……..

  77. JimboWoodside on

    I’m really going to enjoy watching the Flyers-Pens series, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the league will be warning both teams not to engage in any vicious behavior, knowing, of course, that *anything* bad that the Penguins do will be ignored anyway – thereby putting all the onus on Philly if things get out of hand, and penalizing them accordingly.

  78. Porter clearly went for the shoulder and missed, Orr. Shouldn’t even have been suspendable, right

  79. I can just see the Shanny video now. No, not the orpik one, but the Tortorella one, with Shanny at the end pointing out all the salient points with bullets:

    “1. We see clearly that Tortorella makes no attempt to dodge Rosen’s questions.

    2. We have the dropping of an f- bomb in addition to the reference to mssrs. Crosby and Malkin as “whiners” which is specifically prohibited by addendum 68 which was implemented to protect the Pengiuins organization.

    3. We also have the use of “arrogant” to describe said organization.

    For these offenses, and because he is a repeat offense, Mr. Tortorella is suspended for 5games

  80. JimboWoodside on

    I wish Rinaldo knees Skidney in his head! And that Shelley learns how to throw a Hilliard Graves-style double-kneebuster hip check into Geno Malkin!

  81. Time for the Broad Street Blowhards to goon it up. Hoping for a down and dirty, hard hitting 7-game series. Then we can sweep the Flys in the 2nd round, since they can’t beat us.

  82. JimboWoodside on

    I don’t know about the Flys goaltending, though – I think Fleury is a much better goalie than the tandem that Philly has – Pitt may have too many “guns” for Philly…but I hope they all kill each other! Both teams sure can score a lot.

  83. no Orr your psychic that Orpik was not targeting Stepans knee.

    your the only one that can read someones mind.. seriously think of your logic. read what mcdonagh said, he knows he is a d man.

    orpik lined him up for a shoulder/chest/headshot and when Stepa avoided it the guy stuck his knee out intentionally.

  84. JimboWoodside on

    Look, folks – the officials *ON THE ICE* called Orpik for a 5 minute major penalty for kneeing – now, we know that the officials don’t *ever* go overboard in calling major (or minor!) penalties on the team of the Golden Child, so if they called Orpik for a major for kneeing, you’ve gotta think that there wasn’t any doubt in their minds about what Orpik intended to do!

  85. Jimbo, it was definitely the right call on the ice. Intentional or accidental, it’s a five minute major. I, personally, don’t think it was intentional.

    And the game does have major significance. The Sharks won in the shootout, so both teams are tied for the division lead. LA wins the tiebreak.

    It doesn’t matter what McDonut said, Stewie. What is he Orpik? Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and my opinion is, it’s not intentional.

    It’s easy to watch something in super slow motion and say he had all the time in the world to do this and to not do that, etc. Easier said than done.

  86. RangerJay314 on

    Hard to say it wasn’t intentional when Orpik clearly opened up his body, from knee to shoulder, to certainly catch a piece of Stepan.

  87. Sioux-per-man on

    “I wonder what would happen, if it happened to their two whining stars?”

    I wonder if Philly will get Philthy with them on Saturday. They will have to knock someone out to have a chance to beat them in 7. Don’t forget the barn burner of a game the last time they played, coaches getting fined. This game and series is going to be one to watch that’s for sure.

    Torts will have the team fired up for Saturday. Go out on a Presidential winning streak!!!

    Have a Happy Easter Boys!!!

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