Rangers-Flyers in review; Live Chat at 2 p.m. today


First things first. Our live chat today has been moved to 2 p.m. so that those of you who are going to be trying to get playoff tickets when they go on sale at noon can do what you have to do. Then get back here and join us for a chat about the clinching of the division and the East’s No. 1 seed, about the season to date, about the playoffs upcoming, etc. Or else.


1) I doubt many people envisioned 4-0 after one period, 5-1 late in the second. But, seriously, did anybody still doubt that this team would play this way in this game, with what was at stake? We have (or should have) learned these last two season about the character of this team. That this team handles big situations in a big way. And, by the way, even during that “swoon” in March, they lost three in a row once and lost two in a row in regulation once. They bounce back as well as any team in the sport. That trait should suit them well starting April 11 or 12.

2) Hold your breath about Henrik Lundqvist’s arm. He was smiling and he doesn’t think it’s serious, but let’s wait until he goes through the swelling and probably an exam before we’re sure it’s minor. He certainly doesn’t need to play these last two games if rest will help him heal.

3) The Rangers need to win one of two to tie the team record for wins (52), and need three out of four points to tie the record for points (112), both set in 1993-94. They still have a shot at the Presidents’ Trophy. Those would all be nice, but not necessary to their success in the playoffs. That all said, I think the Rangers will play everybody who’s healthy the last two, and play them as if they really do matter, just because that’s who they are. That’s how they play.

4) Back to Lundqvist again. The Rangers went 6-0 against the Flyers, and Lundqvist was the best player on either team in the entire series. It has nothing to do with him outplaying Ilya Bryzgalov — that’s a humangous mistmatch — but he has just played sensational goal in the six games. And he did again last night. When the Flyers got back to 5-3, I understand that fans tend to get nervous. But really there wasn’t a chance in  Holy Hell that Lundqvist was going to give up six goals in a game (the Rangers have allowed as many as five in a 60-minute game once).

5) And let’s not forget how good a team Philly is. Against the rest of the league, the Flyers had a better record than the Rangers had.

6) That five-spot has to further worry those jackwagon Philly fans about Bryzgalov.

7) Looks like the Patrick Division is going to have four of the top six seeds, four of the top five records, and probably three of the four teams in the Eastern semifinals. Pens-Bruins start backups.

8) Someday, Peter Laviolette is going to wake up and realize the best game the Flyers played out of the six against the Rangers, Jody Shelley, Tostitos and Zac Rinaldo didn’t play. But he keeps putting those idiots out there.

9) Dan Girardi rightly wore the hat, I thought. On the first goal, all five Rangers on the ice had a hand in it. The one that got overlooked was the play Girardi made, at the red line, as the Rangers were changing. He banked a soft pass off the boards that allowed the Rangers to complete the change, and allowed Brad Richards to stay onside. Richards got it to Carl Hagelin, who fell and still dumped it behind the net to Marian Gaborik, who made a great pass to Ryan McDonagh, who read the play perfectly and jumped up and scored. Then Girardi made the pass up the middle for the Artem Anisimov goal. Not to mention that he and McDonagh did their usual job defensively.

10) I know this is out of left field again, but Anton Stralman had a second straight strong game against a very physical opponent. Could be a good sign for the tournament.

11) Good job by Brandon Prust going after that clown Rinaldo after he jousted with Marian Gaborik. That is the correct time to do something like that. It has to be dealt with immediately, and Prust dealt with it. Good for him. And in the game’s other bout, I wonder if Mike Rupp got hurt against Shelley. He didn’t play another shift, I don’t think.

12) The Rangers took too many penalties. And you can’t really argue most of them. The one that was somewhat stumping was the Ryan Callahan penalty early against Wayne Simmonds. Callahan went in with his arm up high, so if they think he punched or elbowed Simmonds, OK, no problem. But when Simmonds retaliates with a punch, that’s got to be called too. Right?

13) We talk a lot about the Rangers’ overall lack of skill, and some regularly rankle about their inability to make passes. But I’ve got to say, they pass the puck exceptionally well from the D-zone and out, and even better through the neutral zone, and the result is lots of chances off the rush. Or at least that was the case last night. And their puck-moving on the power play has become excellent, almost overnight.

14) How good are Hagelin-Richards-Gaborik lately? Through most of March, and now into April.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Dan Girardi.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Ryan McDonagh.
kenny albert rules!’ Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Ryan McDonagh.
3) Artem Anisimov.

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  1. WOOO HOOOO!!!!

    great concert by Guster tonight
    kept checking tweets to be updated on the game
    and celebrated midway through the show!!!!

    having a positive mindset worked. Tony Robbins would be so proud!!!

  2. Look forward to the Caps/Cats game on Thursday night……..On Saturday, Caps play Rangers, Cats @ home vs Canes. In regard to Prez trophy, Canucks play Calgary and Edmonton to finish the year…….they can have that trophy because Lord Stanley is the only one we want now

  3. For somebody bemoaning the lack of erudite, hockey-related comments, former hockey player and happily married newbear’s entirely hockey-free comment at the end of the last thread makes next no sense at all to me.

    Can anyone translate into Europånsy for me?

  4. What a screwball game this was…even the Refs went nuts. I could not believe that Rangers were allowing so much time in their zone to the Flyers and getting so little in the other team’s end. I know that Flyers out shot the hell out of them. Why do they do this? And the continual lack of shooting on goal. They pull this in the playoffs and they’re not gonna go very far. Flyers looked really good there in the last period especially. They set up shop in the Ranger’s end, and the Rangers would make an occasional visit to their end. But not necessarily to get a shot on goal.

  5. Carp, when I fire up the computer in the morning after a game; this is the first place I go to read your review. Great Job this year and hope you are writing 18 more of them!

    Wow, for all the bitching and moaning about this team, they managed to accomplish something special. Hard to believe we beat the cryers 6 times. The depth on that team on the foward lines is scary. They are young and only going to get better. If they could ever get a real goaltender, ughhh, watch out.

    I am so proud of this bunch. It is the team I have dreamed of as a ranger fan. They care as much as the loyal fan base seems to care.

  6. Fran you think that would have happened if it were 2-2? Can’t rule out the mental state of an 0-5 team trying desperately to come back. Prust saying. They lose this one they go 0-6. In regulation. At home. After going down by four goals twice. They are professionals and have pride. Well most of them are. Bottom line their defense is shoddy and universe is out to lunch. We got these guys.

  7. weird ending to the game.
    anyone else notice Staal give Mitchell a face wash during
    on-ice celebration after the win?
    funny stuff.

  8. Fran –

    Yes the “prevent defense” mode has gotten tired and cost me ten fingernails, but I do think the Rangers have the confidence and ability to put the pressure back on if necessary against certain teams, especially the Orange Crushed…

    I think this was the first game I actually noticed Jagr play of the 6 ranger-orange crushed games..

    I love Girardi, but is now the time we finally acknowledge Ryan McDonuts is the team’s top defenseman?

  9. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Wouldn’t you agree that this team is just getting some humongous big luck from the universe? That Torts is really just an average coach at best?
    I think most teams are just letting them win cause a big team in a big market is good for the league…right?
    Cough cough I thought the Pens were going to catch the Rangers cough cough….bwahahaha!!!

  10. Carp – awesome job as usual – and since those of us in smalbany cant get the game on tv (although of course we have our choice of 3 other games to watch, most of which dont mean a hill of beans) I really rely on the review to help me get over my anguish and disgust of not being able to watch them destroy the flowers.

    BTW – Berbe’s comment on Skid the kid and Malik the beast are hysterical – someone shoud ‘run him over’ – the dirtiest players in game’ – love when the whinning begins!

  11. OK – best place to buy tickets for someone from smallbanny??? Stub Hub??? I still have to make mortgage payments, so I need some advice on not paying my entire check for some tickets????????

  12. Hags is a skating beast – I remember watching him with my 21 yr old son in September when they played the game v the Devs here at the Times Union Center. I told him them that that kid can flat out skate – said then he would be on the team by mid season and probably make a difference in some games.

    Boy did I underestimate this kid – wow he has turned out to be a difference maker in many shifts – hope we hold onto this kid for some time. Kudos to our Rangers organiation for scouting and watching him develop – those guys never get the accolades, but they sure have done a heck of a job over the past five to seven years haven’t they?

    My son’s comment “If I could skate like that, I wouldnt be stuck playing D3 college hockey – I would be getting a look at the ‘show’ – boy is he dead on!

    How many of you want Avery back now?

  13. Girardi deserved the star this time….yesterday no.

    A season sweep against Filthy feels freak’n awesome!

    Not sure what you put in the cool aid, but there are some here that can’t get enough.

  14. Stub hub or the exchange for tix. The phone # in the albany area should give you an advantage. Also, if you know someone,say in floridae, cali, eetc, call them and get the local ticketmaster number from them. Those lines will be less congested and you will have a better chance of getting in the que for tickets at face value.
    Carp, done with regular season games. Will be in VEGAS playing gold for the first two home games, see you at home game three.

  15. Didn’t get to see the game last night because Time Warner elected to show 2 other games that I didn’t care about! Congrats to the Rangers for clinching first place last night! Thanks Tiki for the updates during the game. ( :
    I am so proud of this team!!

  16. Stranger Nation on

    Great play vs Filth all season. Would be great if they knock off piss burg and then we sweep them to go play Fla in Conf finals.

    That game last night had John Scott written all over it. Rupp got ‘shelled’

  17. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Happy Morning After Clinchin the number one seed ‘HEADS!!

    revel in this a lil bit longer, the EXTRA heavy lifting begins next week!

    Great review as always Carp.


  18. When you think about what’s happened the last couple of years where the team had to go down to the last game just to make the playoffs. Then this! Clinched first place with 2 to go? Amazingly amazing.

  19. next two games are preseason game send hank to the carribean. no stress until next thursday.

    for me i want the caps to win out and florida to lose to carolina .

    we host florida.

  20. For all of you who analyze individual players under a microscope, I respectfully suggest you take a step back and remind yourself that this a team sport. It’s not the team with the best players but the team that plays the best. It appears to me that the Pens, Flyers and even the Devils can all be pushed “off their game”. How many times have we seen that happen to our boys? Torts has our TEAM talking and walking together in tight formation. Just one reason we’ve had the longer winning and shorter losing streaks throughout this season.

  21. Great win last night, but we’re all forgetting the most important thing…..Hank got hurt. Let’s hope it’s no big deal and he heals in the next few days. We could potentially give him a week off if need be, but if it’s anything significant, it’s going to be a quick April! Great win by the boys, Hankie was all world once again.

  22. Sioux-per-man on

    Great day to be a Ranger Fan! The sweep of the Flyers is just the cherry on top of a Great regular season.

    It’s a whole new season when the tournament starts. Looks like we get the caps at home this time. Tome for a little revenge from last

  23. nyrmessier011 on

    Congrats guys. It’s been a long time. Now I’d like to see us go after the prez trophy personally.

  24. Good morning all! I’m tried and have a headache and I don’t care!!! So happy to wake up number 1!!
    So mad I’ll miss today’s chat…..hartnelling iPad. Carp, can you move it to 5:30?

  25. Good morning, boneheads!

    Congrats on clinching the first in the East.

    Great review, Carp! No surprise here.
    Again, don’t be fooled by the way the last period unfolded. Philadelphia is one of the top teams in the league. They were about to get swept by their divisional rivalries, they were being embarassed on the score board at home. Of course they pressured. The bottom line- not much they could do at the end. No matter what they tried. I wouldn’t call last night a confidence builder for the Flyers.

    On #11, Carp, the reason Prust was able to do it because the coach deployed him for that specific reason. The moment Gaborik put his skates over the board, Prust was going right after Rinaldo. There was no question what was going to happen. That’s how it should be done.

    One thing I want to mention. We keep saying, probably because it’s been an issue from day 1, that this team doesn’t have enough offense. Don’t look now, but it may be changing. And there is no better timing for that. But our first line has been on fire lately. Both Gaborik and Richards are over a PPG lately. But most importantly, we are seeing some secondary scoring lately. Boyle knocked a few in from close range, ditto Callahan….And their PP now not only looks better, it’s starting to produce.

    Of course, everything is hanging on Hank’s hand/forearm. Let’s hope it’s minor

  26. llb, coming from you, one of the posters here that I respect the most, I’m glad you agree.

  27. Newbear- you want to say something, say it on the “live” blog, don’t wait for two hours after everyone stops commenting. I think there is an English word for that behavior, can’t find it. LW- mind helping me with your perfect Europansy vocabulary? :-)

  28. 8) Someday, Peter Laviolette is going to wake up and realize the best game the Flyers played out of the six against the Rangers, Jody Shelley, Tostitos and Zac Rinaldo didn’t play. But he keeps putting those idiots out there.


    Thank you, Carp. MY best man is a Phlyers fan. Last night I txted him and told him I wasn’t taunting him but I felt badly for him because Lavi-eau-de-toilette is a horrendous coach. I might even call him one of the worst. With the talent on that team, dressing these idiot goons is asinine! How he can constantly not understand or adjust to try and beat the Rangers is beyond me. As I was discussing last night with LW, I think he has lost control of the team and these chuckleheads (heartknell included and possibly leading) just don’t focus on the game and are so easily distracted by antics that it’s pathetic.

    Also, their goaltending is an absolute joke.

  29. Heave Ho! @ 8:15 A.M.

    Yup – that’s the thing. These other teams are so easily distracted and so easily concerned, personally, with how they are being treated. The Rangers are like a tough as nails bunch of NCO’s that just made it through Fort Benning in 1964. They are a solitary unit that is never rattled under pressure.

  30. Good write up.Great win.Officiating was ridiculous.The flyers got away with cheapshots on our better players all night.That was the dirtiest flyers I have seen in a while.I was not happy with all the liberties taken on our players.Luckily we didn’t come away with a load of injuries.

  31. great summation, Carp!!!! First thing I read on the ‘net each day!!

    llb, agreed, Filth is oh so talented. Should be finishing better. Imagine if they had Torts!!!


    Speaking of TORTS…..what an amazing job to him, the players, the whole TEAM!! Coach of the Year, with his hopeful Vezina Trophy goalie, and so many high achieving players having banner years…WOW!!! This is a TEAM working together to be a better whole. Each guy has a specific role they handle and do well for the general good. They ALL block shots (ouch!) and play ‘d’.

    Who woulda thunk it in October? I thought 8th/9th on a tight wire before the season. Every team member deserves to take a bow. You don’t do this without determination, pride, and extremely hard work. Cally, Henrik, Gabs, Richie, Girardi, what great leadership!!

    No, Sather. You just got lucky. ( :8) )

  32. How about our ‘d’?????

    Best thing Scotty Gomez ever did…and OMG… is McD gonna be a great 2 way ‘d’ man?? How was that first goal? Instincts, or what????? And the pass on the second??? And the huge hits all night (for a not-so-big guy???). Better as he gets more experience. Just where is the top end on him????

    I am impressed.

    Staal playing a bit better with more time. MDZ, great return year….great hopes ahead! Girardi smart as they come, rock solid. Gotta pray for Sauer. …….Oh baby, these next few years……

    And weez gots some new blood down below…the future is here and you gotta be thinking positive!

    Wow, the ‘d’ is alive and well on Broadway!!!!

  33. Still warm and fuzzy from last night.

    Curious that Torts sent Prust after Rinaldo considering Rupp was already on the ice. At least, I’m 99% sure I saw Rupp close by when the fight began. I think if Rupp is 100%, he’s the one to fight there. Most likely aggravated some injury fighting Shelley.

  34. First off, I’m proud as hell of this team. They’ve accomplished something, not what they want or anything that really matters, but something, by winning the Conference. Good job on an excellent season.

    That said, yesterday I said that this was a bad win, and I’ll stick by that today. This was not Rangers hockey, nor was it a playoff-style game where the Rangers could use it as a blueprint for success after the first 82. Some of my thoughts:

    -It can’t be ignored that this Flyers team is banged up. Their goalie is coming off his first game back after a broken foot. No Pronger or Briere, and their newest key defenseman in Grossmann is out too. The Rangers were going to get their chances no matter what. The Flyers D is their weak link, and last night was no exception.

    -5-on-5 play was good, not great. This is to be expected as well since the Rangers have been an excellent even strength team all year. It shouldn’t be ignored that the Rangers were outplayed for the first 6 minutes of the game and Lundqvist had to save their rear with a couple ridiculous saves. The score could just as easily have been 4-2 after the first.

    -I acknowledge that holding onto a large early lead is difficult and the opposition will press hard and try to open the game up. But the way the Rangers responded was unacceptable. If this game would have turned into a track meet, the boys in blue would have had chances later in the game. That wasn’t the case. Instead, it was 35 minutes of dumb penalties and one-sided attack while the Rangers went into their defensive cacoon. The Rangers could have buried the Flyers by playing full-strength hockey from the 10 minutes mark of the second on. Instead they did everything to give to the Flyers momentum back.

    -The lack of discipline was awful, and nopt justified. Aside from Callahan’s roughing call (which may have been a rough but should have coincided with a Simmonds minor), I thought all the calls against the Rangers were justified.

    -The Rangers beat opponents by outworking them, which was true last night. And while they definitely played a 60 minute game and I can’t argue with the effort, working smarter instead of harder might be more effective. Killing all of those penalties must have been brutal on those guys and it kept the Rangers’ top scorers off the ice. Bad move.

    -If the Rangers played this way against a better team, in tighter game, they would have lost. And that’s not how to win in the playoffs. So take the win and be happy with it, but they need to straighten up and play the right way to get in gear for the big show.

  35. just think, the phlyers and pengueens can beat the hell out of each other for 7 games and hopefully the rangers will advance and play a worn-out team and roll over them.
    Got a new Navy tattoo last night, if the cup comes back to NY, already designing a NYR tattoo.

  36. To be fair to Sather, those who killed him for the nonsense earlier in his tenure (myself included) have to give him some credit now. Even if the salary cap gets an assist, they’re not where they are without the trades/signings he has made (No Gomez).

    He has built a team that is that finished top in the East and still has a ton of prospects in the pipeline.

  37. Biron should 100% play against Pitt. Don’t need Hank to possibly get lit up especially with his hand now hurting.

    I would also rest anyone who needs it as these two games are now meaningless. Play Scott instead of Rupp, call up the answer and play Woywitka in the final two games.

    No reason to play banged up guys in meaningless games…

  38. Joe, the Flyers play the last half of the game is similar to a quarterback whose team is down 35-0 at halftime. The numbers are going to look bad on the defensive side, but the Rangers never really lost control of this game.

    Again, they are playing a team on the road with 101 points and, all things considered, beat them convincingly.

  39. Gravy

    You are exactly right. The game was over after the 1st period and the Rangers decided to stay on their side of the ice and protect the lead.

    Personally, I hate the prevent offense. You got a huge lead for a reason. No reason to change the way you play because of the score especially against such a high powered offense like Philly…

  40. R-cannot participate in the live chat today. Giving my daughter some driving lessons so she can attempt her 4th road test tomorrow. UGH.

  41. oleo, I hate the prevent D as well. But, if the only complaints that can be made is that they won 5-3 instead of 7-0, then things are pretty good.

  42. Yea – the Rangers never lost control. We even tacked on that 5th goal. That was fine. The Phlyers went crazy trying to net anything they could to cut the lead and they barely succeeded.

  43. That Larry Brooks article was stunning. I had to shake my head and ask if this was really my team that he was writing about!

    This quote says it all:

    “This was the team and this is the organization Rangers fans always wanted. This is the group whose Black and Blueshirt identity reflects the heartbeat of New York and the passionate following of the fan base that consists overwhelmingly of people who take the bus or the subway to work and work hard for their money each and every day.”

    When I had my season tickets in section 333 for 17 years, during the dark days post 1997, I would fantasize about a team that was filled with young homegrown talent and the right type of work ethic.

    I think that the SALARY CAP is the greatest thing that ever happened to the Rangers Organization.

  44. Jess Rubenstein does a great job covering Rangers and Islander prospects over at:


    I LOVED this quote from his site today:

    “But we should acknowledge that those 109 points the Rangers have is the result of the hard work behind the scenes people just as much as it is the players and coaches.

    Credit belongs to the CT Whale coaching staff who are developing prospects like a Stu Bickel, a Carl Hagelin and a John Mitchell so when they are called the prospects already know the Ranger system. And credit to Ken Germander and staff for continuing to win even after the Rangers take their players

    Give credit to Glen Sather whether you like him or not because Sather has let his staff do their jobs. John Mitchell is a Ranger today because Jim Schoenfeld believed he could help the Rangers and fought for him.

    And really if the Rangers are winning while their best prospects are waiting in the wings then what will this team really be like when the offensive firepower is added? What will the team defense look like when they add a Dylan McIlrath or Steven Fogarty?

    Like the team speed? Add Chris Kreider and a Jesper Fasth to that mixture and see what happens. This is just the beginning as tomorrow is going to be a better day.

    We know because we are seeing it happen today.”

  45. Manny, I think a large part of our success has been Tort’s insistence on OUR game and OUR ID. He won’t discuss other teams and I’m sure he won’t tolerate his players allowing themselves to be distracted from what they need to do. Last night’s game was a perfect example of their focus of doing what they needed to do to get those two points. This is something our boys have been practicing all season long and their mindset will be even stronger starting next week. My alias on this site came from the mantra of the ’94 team but applies even more strongly to the current team. No doubt Torts didn’t have to say one word to Prust last night when he was sent onto the ice after watching our #1 offensive threat being abused. Thanks should be sent to Filthy for providing some billboard material regarding comments that no way can we beat them ten times. Ha! They’re already looking past Pittsburgh?

  46. The Phlyers are so unfocused it’s absurd. Try getting a goaltender that doesn’t suck and then talk to me about how good you are.

    Torts for Jack Adams!

  47. I think Hank gets the Vezina and Hitchvock gets the JackAdams with Torts being in 2nd place.

  48. Never apologize Lev. Typos are part of the character of each post. Each post is like a snowflake

  49. Shoulda fired Torts when we had a chance! Now it’s too late! We are the best team in the East and there is NOTHING we can do about it! {Gun to the head. One shot. Blood everywhere.}

  50. Lev:

    You’re probably right about Hitchcock being a lock for the Adams trophy. The guy stepped in after the organization fired the previous coach a month into the season and got his team vying for a President’s Trophy in the final week of the season. That’s pretty damned amazing.

  51. Sioux-per-man on

    Nice Post Yev !!!!!

    Does Sauer make our Defense even better when he comes back next year? Will Kreider get a chance to win a Stanley Cup this year after he wins another National Campionship this weekend?

    What a fun season to watch the Rangers PLAY and win. Let the playoff begin. It’s a whole new season once the tournament begins. Personally I want the Capitals. I want the Rangers to send them packing in 4, and then get what’s left of Philly/Penguins team.

    It’s a great day to be a bonehead fan. We can enjoy it for a whole week. Then it’s a whole new “season” come playoffs.

    Great Job Torts. Coach of the Year in my book.

  52. Kind of fun reading the posts this morning. A lot of unbridled joy is evident! Im really happy too, but I know what comes next, significantly more blood, sweat, and tears… and a few more years off my life!!!


  53. Hey does anyone know, if I buy a playoff ticket for home game 3, and there is now game 5 (AKA Rangers sweep series) do I get my money refunded?

  54. Yes, you do Lev. You get a credit for every game not played. I had a half season pack this year and I alternate home games each round (2, 4 round 1, 1,3 round 2 etc).

  55. Thanks ANF, meant to say NO game five not now, but looks like you understood the question anyway :)

  56. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Recall Avery – we will need him next week. Avery for Nash talks heating up again according to my sorcerers (sic)

  57. This Lloyd guy is funny. To him Hitchcock, who preaches pre-lockout suffocating trap hockey and who one can argue has a bit more of a talented team than the Rangers, is a genius! BUT Torts who has his team with less talented line-up sitting on top of the league (where they’ve been since December 30) is a moron who should’ve been fired last year, according to Lloyd! Is grass really more green on the other side?

  58. I agree @CCCP@ – I don’t really understand how Torts, who made a group of players completely overachieve through mere believing, dedication and defense-first hockey isn’t a top candidate for the Jack Adams.

  59. I don’t find him funny at all, C3.

    If Torts doesn’t win it will be in part because of the way he treats the press. Broadcasters vote on the award.

    Hitchcock, though, is a deserving candidate. And people are talking about Dineen in Florida — who’s done a good job, though winning that division with all those shootout wins and Bettman Bonus Points, and with Washington throwing up the white flag early, isn’t such an achievement. Other coaches have also done a good job. So it won’t shock me if Tortorella doesn’t win. But if he’s not on every ballot, first, second or third, then there’s something wrong.

  60. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    One of my favorite things from the game also was hearing the Rangers fans at the game chanting “LETS GO RANGERS” followed by them singing the Rangers goal song after they scored! I hope they had security around them when that was happening.

  61. ps, Tortorella, the Rangers interim head coach at the time, wanted the Rangers job in 2000 and was told to get lost. Hitchcock wanted it in 2002 and lost out to better penmanship. Instead, Low and Trottier were hired.

  62. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Carp just for you i’m going to go out now & do my errands so I can be back for the chat.

  63. Apologies in advance for the lengthy comment. But here’s an example of the thinking, from ESPN’s hockey experts:

    Jack Adams Award
    (Voted on by selected members of the NHL Broadcasters’ Association)

    BURNSIDE: You could make a case for 10 coaches to be honored with the Jack Adams, but that’s not how it works. So while we tip our cap, as always, to Dave Tippett in Phoenix, Barry Trotz in Nashville, John Tortorella in New York and Alain Vigneault in Vancouver, the Jack Adams really deserves in only one man’s hands, and that’s Ken Hitchcock. The Blues were 6-7-0 when Hitchcock took over for Davis Payne, and they have played themselves into an unlikely Central Division title and were in the hunt for both the top seed in the Western Conference and the Presidents’ Trophy. In spite of injuries to key personnel Andy McDonald and Alex Steen for much of the season, the Blues are the leading defensive squad in the NHL. Perhaps more important when we consider the possibilities for the Blues this spring, he has fostered a culture of winning where there was none.

    Winner: Ken Hitchcock

    LEBRUN: Names I believe that should warrant consideration for the NHL’s coach award are Dave Tippett, Dan Bylsma, Ken Hitchcock, Barry Trotz, Alain Vigneault, John Tortorella, Peter Laviolette, Paul MacLean and Kevin Dineen. There’s always an incredibly long list of names that all deserve this award. How can you ignore what Tippett did with the ownerless Coyotes again this season? Or the fixture Trotz in Nashville who incredibly has never won this award? Bylsma, last year’s winner, who again keeps his team in contention without Crosby for most of the season? I sense the broadcasters in the end will end up with Hitchcock, MacLean and either Tortorella or Trotz as their three official nominees and there’s no arguing here. But Hitchcock has to be the man who claims his first-ever Jack Adams this year. The Blues were one game under .500 when he took over in early November and rose to meteoric heights with Hitchcock behind the bench, winning the tough Central Division and challenging for the Western Conference lead; this with a team that missed the playoffs last season.

    Winner: Ken Hitchcock

  64. Carp

    I meant i find him funny in a none-funny kind of way ;)


    i hope that isn’t true, too!

    wow Hitchcock took over the team when they were A GAME bellow .500! How unheard of! I think coaches like Hitchcock have no place in the new NHL with their “defensive” scheme of trap till your head bursts! I hate Hitchcock!

  65. Hard to dispute Hitchcock. Also, Torts has the best goalie in the league, a very good defense, and Gaborik, Richards, Callahan, and play in a conference in which the loser Florida Panthers are a division winner.

  66. he also plays in a division with four of the best five teams in the conference, and has to be given some credit for developing that good defense out of youngsters, and for getting a guy like Gaborik to buy in AND still score 40+.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    I tried to buy tickets over the phone. I got through and tried home game 1 for series 1. I tried to buy 2 tickets. I was told they only had individual tickets left. I then tried to buy individual tickets and they were sold out.


  68. Carp,

    I saw you mentioned “next Wednesday or Thursday” as opening playoff night for the Rangers.

    As I mentioned last week, it is almost 100% sure to be Thursday night/Saturday afternoon (3pm on NBC) as there is a concert booked for the arena on Wednesday (some band called MANA) and then the Knicks are at home Friday night and Sunday afternoon (Rangers could play Game 2 Sunday night as well if MSG does a Knicks/Rangers double)…

  69. Doodie. It is bait and switch. I’m a half season subcriber and almost all of us and the full season subcriber’s bought the tickets in mid-March. They only had scattered seats left

  70. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    morning ILB and all!!

    I agree with many others here, when I get the mac fired up, this is always the first stop and deservedly so! Thanks for the great write up yet again!

    Sorry about all the jackwagons!

    Sucks about rupp being injured and he was out there while prust was fighting rinaldo. Not sure if he was out there before it started or not but he was out there while it was going on.

    any chance we see any guys from the minors in the last couple of games?? Just curious is all.

    I would certainly rest rupp the next couple of games and play the bahama bomba or John Scott!

    Off to work, later aasens and have a first in the east great day!!!!!

  71. Do teams actually sell non-season ticket tickets to StubHub and ticket brokers “off the books”

  72. here’s a question for you diehards. I just noticed in the picture on top of this post that the jerseys aren’t cut straight across, but rather dip in the front and back … check it out. How long have they been wearing those? I don’t remember ever noticing that before.

  73. CCCP:

    You’re drawing conclusions based on things other people claim I’ve said, not anything I’ve actually said. That’s downright lazy and, frankly, a little embarrassing.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d rank Jack Adams as:

    1) Hitchcock: turned them into President’s trophy contenders

    2) Maclean: Took a team that almost everybody has finishing in the bottom 3 of the East and made them a contender for their division title

    3) Torts: Took a team most figured for a bubble squad and clinched East and may win President’s trophy

    4) Dineen: Took ragtag squad most picked near the bottom and (probably) won their division. Drawbacks are that it’s a weak division and a lot of SO wins.

    5) Babcock: Continues to get so much out of his aging squad. NHL record for consecutive home wins.

    6) DeBoer: Strong performance in tough division for a team with no real defensemen to speak of.

    7) Trotz: Always doing more with less.

    8) Vingeault: Somehow managed to navigate Luongo/Schneider problem well enough that
    they might win President’s trophy.

    Honorable mention to Sutter in LA if LA manages to win the Pacific, but the sample size is just too small for him to get any serious consideration.

    Nobody else to me deserves any consideration, whatsoever. Bylsma doesn’t get credit for Malkin being an absolute beast. Tippet gets no consideration for taking his bubble team and keeping them a bubble team in a division that was weaker than everyone imagined it would be.

  75. Lloyd

    i read your posts everyday (mostly for the giggles) and i know where you stand. Denying it, is embarrassing.

  76. Also, whether Hitchcock actually deserves it over Tortorella is probably immaterial since Tortorella treats the press like crap – although I think for the most part, the press don’t deserve anything better than to be treated like crap. Hard to imagine they’ll vote for the guy who displays pretty abundant contempt for them.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, the Rangers jersey have been like that ever since they rolled out the “Edge” designs by Reebok. It’s to simulate a straight hem as opposed to the more obvious tails that every other team in the league has.

  78. Ditto to all the positive comments today. Keep them coming! As far as awards are concerned, I think it would only be fitting of this year that the Rangers get shutout in all individual ones, wether it be coach-of-the-year, vezina, etc., yet manage to win that all-important team-one sometime in June. That’s the only one that will have lasting memories.

  79. CCCP:

    You find me the post where I said John Tortorella should be fired. And feel free to ignore all the posts I’ve made in the past couple of months where I’ve given more and more of the credit for this team’s success to him.

    And that means my actual posts, not posts from idiots on here who get pissed at me when I make them look foolish.

  80. Carp,

    I think 2007 was the first year the nhl jerseys were cut that way. The Rangers were actually the only team that hemmed the front and back to be straight. The reason I know that was because I got Maras jersey the last game of the season that year. The following year they made all teams have the “dip” as you called it.

  81. Torts has done SO much to keep the team young and has had such an influence on personnel.

  82. yeah Lloyd, you wait here while i go sort through every post of yours for the past 6 month… as if i got nothing better to do.

    Oh and being a season ticket holder does not qualify one as a real fan…

  83. All we need to do is go 16-12 starting next week. With our season track record it shouldnt be a problem

  84. Wicky

    The Rangers only get four non-emergency recalls until the Wolfpack’s (playoff) season ends and I think they’ve used two already.

    So not much point in using them up on giving the Bomber or anyone else a little runabout this week.

  85. Eric, 16-12 will surely result in a heart attack for eric, and most likely the death of me! Im looking for 16 wins, because thats all that matters, but perhaps a 16-7 record would be more beneficial to the health of all of us.

  86. You don’t, ORR? Thinks about how McEnroe feels! He just lost a lead guitarist for the big gig!

  87. CCCP:

    whatever, man. I’ll be the first to admit that I was hard on Tortorella earlier in the season, particularly when the team was in first place and many people were prematurely calling them the best team in the league (back in, like, December). As the coach himself said many times, being in first place doesn’t mean a damn thing. But to get a team there, particularly one that’s spotting a pretty huge talent edge to most of the other teams in the conference, and keep that team on top of the conference for most of the season is an impressive accomplishment. I don’t think Tortorella is the only coach who could have done it, but he’s definitely in rarefied air. I don’t know if it’s possible to maintain this level of success going forward, but to an extent, it almost doesn’t matter.

  88. I think he got Mara’s shirt at the end of the last game, when the players’ give the shirts off their backs to fans.

  89. Could it be that the Jack Adams comes down to whether the Blues or Rangers win the President’s Trophy?

    Also, bad move by me eating hummus for lunch with a dentist appointment this afternoon. Holy garlic Batman!

  90. Back in the 90s, there was a season ticket holder who wore a a Mike Eastwood jersey to almost every game. True story.

  91. Carps right. Got it at Blueshirts Off Our Back night. Names not Mara but am thinking of getting the nameplate taken off and putting our current #27 d-man. He’s just a hair better.

  92. Doodie Machetto on

    Ha, you should’ve asked Mara for some beard hair to go along with it.

    Or you should’ve asked him to have Lundqvist sign it.

  93. Actually he didn’t have the beard at the time. He started growing it during that playoff series. Lundqvist was right next to me so I should have asked him. Although you were given strict instructions before you went on the ice.

  94. LMAO, Carp! We’ve been talking about aprons since the new Reebok jersey came around. It’s been improved since, but I can’t believe it took you 5 years to notice…..I can’t stop laughing….

  95. I’m talking early 2000s Mara when he was actually a really good offensive d-man.

  96. honestly, I couldn’t tell you if they wore Reebok or CCM or Nike or any other brand. I’ve never even thought of owning a jersey, so I guess I don’t really notice such things.

  97. Very true. That back hem used to look like a cape when the players would skate up the ice

  98. Carp – ok now I am starting to worry about you . Since you finally have a team to report on that actually knows how to play hockey as a TEAM sport – you are starting to fall into the trap of looking for things other than play, records, points, hits, etc.

    If I see a post during the CHAT about Aves, I am gonna have to ask you to take a break from the blog and go outside for some sunshine !

    Yev – absolutely CORRECT – the men/women that are behind the scenes for this organization have done a TREMENDOUS job of preparing these players – Well Done! They deserve a round of applause –

    Of course, none of this season means a hill of beans in a couple days …… Back to square 1!

  99. chat coming up in 11 minutes. Please use screen names when you comment/ask questions. I tend to ignore those from “guest.”

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, here’s a list of players that have played for the team this year that would NOT get their name on the Cup unless they play in the Final or unless the team petitions the league for permission:

    1) Woywitka
    2) Sauer
    3) Erixon
    4) Avery
    5) Zuccarello
    6) Deveaux
    7) Newbury
    8) Scott
    9) Bell

    Of these, I think Sauer, Erixon, and Zuccarello are the only ones with a shot. Sauer by petition, Erixon and Zuccarello by playing in the Final.

    This obviously doesn’t Wolski and Christensen, who were traded.

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    That nhluniforms.com website is really fun to look through if you’ve got some time to kill.

  102. what trap, Coach? I don’t get it.

    And that hill of beans, I still think you should enjoy and appreciate these last six months, even if they go out in the span of six days.

  103. No chat for me. Wednesday afternoon is a bad day. Unless someone wants to give Cornell Medstudents a lecture on septic shock…..CCCP? :-)

  104. do you really think Tim Erixon will be back on this team in the playoffs? I liked him but I think he was viewed as a bit of a defensive liability. It’s hard to imagine that if the guys in place now stay healthy, and barring a miraculous comeback from Sauer, why Erixon would be playing.

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