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  1. The chat software is blocked by my work firewall so I’m literally and figuratively stuck in the dark.

    Does Carp post a transcript?

    I am praying for FL to fall to the 8 spot…

  2. Touche Manny! Though and I may bite my tongue here as well but we’ve remarkably few instances this year of making opposing mediocre goalies look like the second coming of Ken Dryden (perhaps just Mike Smith, but he’s playing pretty darn well right now).

    We normally have at least 6 a year.

  3. It’s true. God forbid whoever we play has to start a rookie! That would be a recipe for disaster.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, how would you sum up the personality of the team at practice and in the locker room?

    Also, any update on Lundqvist’s arm?

  5. Why didn’t John Scott play? Will he play tomorrow? How bad was the officiating yesterday? Carp?

  6. Carp what happens to the chat messages you don’t get to? In case you didn’t get my golf advice I tried to let you know I use an old 3-wood for my short game whenever possible. Just punch the ball forward. It works.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Doodie Machetto April 4th, 2012 at 3:35 pm
    Carp, how would you sum up the personality of the team at practice and in the locker room?

    Also, any update on Lundqvist’s arm?

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Comment From Heave Ho!
    Carp, having the access to the team that you do and your talent for evaluating the games, in a sentence or two how would you sum up the personality of this team in the locker room?

    Comment From Heave Ho!
    How would you sum up the personality of this team at practices and in the locker room as a collective group?

    Comment From Heave Ho!
    How would you sum up the personality of this team at practices and in the locker room as a collective group?

    Comment From Heave Ho!
    Carp, how would you sum up the personality of this team as a collective group at practices and in the locker room?

    Comment From Heave Ho
    how would you sum up the personality of this team as a collective group at practices and in the locker room?

  9. “@Hartsy19 @HLundqvist30 asked me if I tipped our last goal in. I said stop playing so good against us …”

  10. Good afternoon, Carp! Hope the live chat went well.

    Last chance if anyone wants to sponsor me for the BOWL-A-PALOOZA tonight! Money goes to a good cause – supporting LGBT youth. And maybe you’ll even get to see me in my zombie Catwoman costume… email me for more info: sallyher at

    Thanks to everyone that’s helped out already! I love winning!

  11. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Manny Cccp – I was only kidding re: the cocks over Torts. I just like typing anything B&B like..

    Ricardo – sorry to have missed the chat. I have a 6 year old with a 103 fever throwing up everywhere…

  12. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    I’m a little torn here guys – my wife says she is going to let her leg hair grow until the Rangers win it all or get knocked out

  13. Carp

    can you be more specific about whether Kreider is going to be here in the playoffs? What do u mean by no?

  14. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    I hope we play the Fla marlins first rd. Buffalo and the craps are at least capable of an upset. However, if Fla wins the division. I think NJ beats them in rd 1 which means we likely that the devils in rd 2. Then either bruins/Pitt/filthy for the right to play for the cup. My money is on a Stl – NYR final – we win in 6

  15. e3

    not in hockey. You can count on one hand how many teams win the cup without a dynamic offensive player. I don’t watch enough of their games to know whether its the system or the players, but I don’t expect Elliot or Halak to do what Thomas did

    Don’t be fooled by what the Bruins did last year. That was a statistical anomoly…

  16. Hank and Hartnell are having a very interesting conversation on tweeter / twitter

    so Carp… are we doing that beard growing thingy?

    Eddie said “cocks”…euh huh huh uhuh uhuhuhuh uhu huhuhuhuhuh

  17. It was me who went 8-for-8 in the first round predictions contest last year. But Doodie’s 7-for-8 was much better, apparently…

  18. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Oleo – respectfully, I disagree. The blues could be looking at 110 Pts. this season. They could come out of the west for sure. Hockey playoffs are about tight checking, good special teams, tough D, and winning face offs. Offense may be pretty but ask the capitals how far an elite O can take you. The wings are an example of not needing a world class net minder, but their back checking and D are/were world class.

  19. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    If I have said it once, I have said it 10 times. I hope Det and Stl meet up in the post season for the obvious reasons.

  20. Did anyone notice that NONE of NYC’s Daily Newspapers (Post Daily News or Newsday) had a picture of the Rangers on the back cover today? It was a picture of the Knicks losing again. First overall in the Conference, first place, just a small banner on each that they won. It really shows how hockey is # 4 in this town. I remember a few years ago when Rosi scored in OT in the playoffs and the lead sports story on the local TV channels that evening was the Yankees won a game in April.

  21. e3

    what they have done in the regular season is very impressive, however, playoff hockey is a completely different style of play than regular season. You can’t rely on hustle and grinding. You have to be able to score against the best teams in the league and I don’t see how they can go and beat Vancouver or Nashville.

    St. Louis struggles to score and offensively challenged teams don’t do well in the playoffs. Obviously you have to be solid defensively, but offense is the one thing that a team must have…

  22. Good evening all! Stall, I was thinking the exact thing today. Unbelievable.

    Any news on Hank’s arm?

  23. eddie eddie eddie on

    oleo – the blues flat out destroyed us,,,,they arent high flying, agreed, but they play a very physical game and can wear down any team they play in a series,,,,Van. was a better team last year imo. Nashville is a good team and i wasnt surprised at all last year. I wouldnt call them an offensive juggernaut tho…they play great with a lead, granted, but not as well when behind….

  24. Devils won all those cups with what 50-goal scorers, exactly? Philly reached final two years ago with what dynamic offense?

  25. e3

    you cannot look at how teams did vs. each other in the regular season. Its a completely different game. Usually in the regular season, the team that plays harder or with the most effort wins.

    Playoff hockey is different because both teams almost always show up with maximum effort so that advantage is gone. Games are usually lower scoring as the defensive game is much tighter. That is why offense is so important b/c the top players find a way to score regardless of how great the defense and goaltending is.

  26. Carp

    I’m not talking about 50 goal scorers, i mean the 30-35+ guys. In 00-01 the Devils had 3 of em and Mogilny and Elias both had 40.

    The Blues rely on low 20 goal scorers which just wont cut it in the playoffs as you can’t win 2-1 every night.

  27. JimboWoodside on

    Stall, it is what it is – this is nothing new, and I don’t ever expect it to change. New York sports writers and media types either dislike or simply ignore hockey stories, unless they can exploit the violence aspect of the game.

    You can take the very obvious attitude of someone like Mike Francesa, who *boasts* about his ignorance of hockey, and just basically assume that most NY sports media types (with a few exceptions) feel the same way.

    To them, hockey isn’t an “American” game, nor is it fashionable like soccer sometimes becomes when the World Cup comes along every 4 years. This despite the fact that more and more Americans are now in professional hockey. To these enlightened sports gurus, the game is full of Canadians and Europeans, and is a “niche sport” that deserves little coverage. Some suspect that it is even racist, despite the league’s efforts to make the sport more “inclusive”.

    If you want to see hockey stories on the back page of newspapers, I think you’ll need to move to Canada, or maybe Minnesota or some other northern-tier state.

  28. Halak took the Habs to the conference final a few seasons ago, and the Habs were not that great a team. I think they were 8th place. Blues are *much* better defensively. They’re not highly offensive. They only have one 20+ goal scorer, 50 point guy, which is Backes. Oshie is not far behind him with 19 goals, 40+ points. They have a good team. They can definitely go all the way if Halak plays the way he did the last time he was in the playoffs.

  29. Orr

    that’s the thing though. Unless Halak/Elliot plays like Roy in his prime, I don’t see how they score enough to win 16 playoff games.

    They are going to be a dominant team down the road though once they sign an impact player (I think Parise is perfect for them) and once Tarasenko comes to North America…

  30. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Oleo – again, I respectfully disagree. If you at teams over the last 30 years that won the cup, you will not find a one of them that didn’t play excellent defensive hockey. Name your game, but good pitching beats good hitting is not just s cliche.

  31. Yeah, I agree, they’ll definitely be one of the top teams.

    One player they have, who’s supposed to be one of their top goal scorers, is Chris Stewart. He’s having a Dublowsky type season. Last two seasons he’s had 20+ goals. Only 15 this year.

  32. Doodie, no clue how my multiple attempts at posting one lousy question at work during the chat today ended up under your name.

  33. Under-the-rug-swept.

    That’s what will happen with this no-good, pedestrian-level, two-bit, amateur-hour, clown-like, bush-league “team” come mid-April.

    Sweet dreams.

  34. eddie- “the blues flat out destroyed us”

    The Blues were on 5 days rest, Rangers were playing their 5th game in 8 days after traveling. Yeah, they took it to us good but they also caught the Rangers in a pretty favorable spot.

    Still, it was only 2-1 after 2 periods, then a fluke goal that deflects off of Girardi’s shoulder and over Hanks. Add EN goal. 4-1.

  35. They dominated us like any of our potential opponents will dominate us as if we are an EHL team … which we are.

  36. JimboWoodside on

    What about the South American women’s team, Miami!? I can’t remember which country you mentioned! ;-D

  37. I can see this horrendous monstrosity called “Marlins Park” from my balcony … what an obscenity.

    And what the #$@#(*@# is that ridiculousness in the outfield? Can anyone explain it to me?

  38. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Any South Park fans here? Check this out…

    *WHOA!!* I’m not a South Park fan, ORR – but of that picture’s subject, I am most definitely a fan! :-o

  39. My goodness this city is third-rate … reminds me of a certain team called the Rangers.

  40. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    DDE – while the score was 2-1 at one point, I thought the rangers were horribly flat, clearly out hit, out hustled and outplayed. Excuses can be made, granted, but that was one terrible game.

  41. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Moreover, more times than not, it is the team WITH all that rest that usually craps the tent.

  42. Actually, all kidding aside, I quite enjoyed my trip to Asuncion and Cuidad del Leste. I mean, it’s obviously not a rich country (sucks that it’s landlocked), but everything is so cheap, it’s relatively safe, and the people are super friendly.

    Plus, all Coke products are served in glass and are made with sugar cane. Anyone who’s had that combo can never drink the corn syrup, can version again.

  43. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    DDE – the main point re: the blues was whether or not they are worthy of a deep run – and whether or not a team needs big horses on offense to win a cup. Where are you on this argument?

  44. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Pimp – nothing beats high fructose corn syrup. It’s delicious, healthy, and an important addition to any good nutritional plan.

  45. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Pimp – in fact, a bowl of high fructose corn syrup is the new breakfast of champions.

  46. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Gabby could get 50. Four against the pens, and 5 vs the defenseless crapitals.

  47. Uggh I hAted that blues game. But I for one will not quake in my carcillo filled drawers should we. Meet them in the finals. Is lloyd Braun David oshie?

  48. eddie eddie eddie on

    Ricardo – since you will be traveling for round 1, should the rangers meet the sharks o open the playoffs, i know some great seafood places…my treat

  49. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on

    From last thread
    Not yet, but yes another girl!!

    Thanks for the info on the call ups.

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    some great games this last week of the season…watched the sharks/stars last night…amazing the urgency some teams are playing with…not that we dont know same

  51. DarrenDreger Lundqvist is obvious vote for Vezina. Quick and Smith deserve attention. My vote for Fleury based on keeping Pens in hunt thru injuries.

    Such a stupid reason. Not taking anything away from Fleury. He’s been good, but Hank’s been better.

    Hank – 61 Games, 39 Wins, 22 Losses, 8 Shutouts, .931 Save %, 1.93 GAA

    Fleury – 65 Games, 41 Wins, 21 Losses, 3 Shutouts, .909 Save%, 2.63 GAA

  52. THE KREIDER is going to lead the Rangers in scoring … in the 4 games they play.

  53. a bunch of NHL “stars” could learn a thing or two from Datsyuk on how to be a professional and a star at the same time

  54. Evening, everyone.

    Anyone generated the correct answer to my question for maximum lunch points?

  55. Can NBConwhatever (Versus) get any more pathetic? is this what will happen during the playoffs? cut off from the action just to get to some stupid show.

  56. Lev

    Its Costas Tonight, with the great Bob Costas. Did u see those action shots of him, deep in thought? A true professional right there…

  57. eddie eddie eddie on

    bob costas in under 4 ft. tall, dyes his hair, and has had several face lifts…..aside from that, what’s not to like?

  58. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    IF you are out there I have a question since I was at the spa for the live chat….

    If you could add any one of these guys (I understand some would require a trade and parise is a potential UFA) for a “reasonable” price, who would it be, why, and in what order would you rank them?

    Iginla, parise, nash, ryan, or someone else?


  59. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    thanks for responding!!

    I appreciate it.

  60. Eddie etc.

    I sure that we will handily beat the Florida Marlins, after all what baseball team can stand up to a hockey team, on or off the ice hmmm? Besides I hear that Reyes is not so good on skates.

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