It’s Go Time!


Game 80.

You know what’s at stake. If the Rangers win or get a Bettman Bonus Point for losing, or if they even get to OT, they clinch the first seed in the Prince of Wales conference and the Patrick Division title.

Or they clinch if Pittsburgh fails to get two points in Boston, no matter what happens in Philly’s Arena That Changes Names Every Five Minutes or Citizen’s Bank Park or wherever this game is tonight. The Penguins-Bruins game starts at 7:30 p.m., features two backup goalies, and has no significance for Boston.

Other games of interest tonight, in terms of potential first-round opponents (assuming the Rangers do eventually tie up the first seed): Toronto at Buffalo, Carolina at Ottawa, Winnipeg at Florida.

Henrik Lundqvist starts his 10th straight in goal, against returning Ilya Bryzgalov (chipped bone in his foot). The Rangers go with the same lineup, which means John Scott is prucha’d … which makes sense since Tom Sestito Tostitos has been out injured for the Flys … though Jody Shelley is expected to play for the first time since March 18. The Flys are also without Daniel Briere, who was hurt (upper back) on the Dick Vitale hit that started the rumble on Sunday. D Nick Grossmann was also injured in that game.


Whichever way tonight goes, we’ll talk about it tomorrow with a Live Chat at noon. I am attempting to get some shrinks to join me in case people need to be talked off ledges. But I am presuming that we’ll instead be talking about the clinching, the events of the night, and the potential playoff matchups going forward. So join us. Or else.


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  1. anyone know the latest website where you can watch for free online (before it gets shut down by the feds)?

  2. let me be serious for a second…


  3. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    CARP!!!!!!!! could be a historic night in the history of the Boneheads Carpy! you ready for some massive numbers?

  4. Law of averages are working against Rangers tonight. I don’t have a good feeling about this one at all. No matter how I shake the crystal ball, I keep seeing a loss.

  5. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    NHL Network is going to show the subway car when they come back from commercial

  6. You were BANJing. … speaking of which, where is BANJ?

    Tony, I know you’re new here. We do a special game post called “It’s Go Time!” and that appears approximately half an hour before the game. Just so you know in the future.

    I think Rupp better earn his money tonight if Shelley or Rinaldo want to be idiots, and not let a Dubinsky fight Rinaldo and not let Shelley fight anybody.

  7. Too bad they can’t do a scratch N sniff on that Shuttle subway platform, because I’ve been there a lot lately and it’s rancidly putrid down there. I mean, eyes tearing, trouble-breathing, almost crying bad.

  8. Can Gabby, my hero, be more monotone in voice? Pu-le-e-a-se, no injuries tonight, I don’t care…but extremely nervous by some unknown reason…

  9. Subway cars look awesome….you’re right Carp
    I was down there a few weeks back…..pretty dingy.

  10. Bruins better give a good bear hug to Pissies, like choke’em until blue! Just for 1 game we gifted them this season.

  11. Am I the only one that is offended that the Discover Credit Card Company is raffling off a day with the Stanley Cup to one of its customers? Seems kind of sacrilegious.

  12. The closest association between the NHL and a Subway, since Brodeur bought the entire stock of one sandwich franchise.

  13. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Since this a must win – why isn’t Marty B. In goal tonight? Hank is exhausted.

  14. I don’t see Kreider on the ice, so forget it … I retract my earlier prediction and will now go with Flyers 14-0, Jagr with the elusive triple-hat-trick.

  15. Wave of goosebumps coming from heels to top of the scull. Game about to start, Season is almost over… I better start drinking…

  16. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Pimp, will he do the triple lindy before or AFTER the triple hat trick?

  17. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    It would be cool to see the NJ host the devils’ team. Only thing is no matter how big Christie’s office is, I don’t think Marty and Chris Christie would fit inside at the same time. That is one photo op that ain’t never happening.

  18. Manny,

    True dat.

    And that’s what Ovechkin will do to us this weekend.

    Enjoy the next two hours of amateur-hour, everyone.

  19. ibleedrangersblue on

    12 is a bad time to start your live chat carp, playoff tickets go on sale at noon!

  20. Guys! (especially, LW) This just in! *Tom Sestito* is out due to a *Groin* injury!

  21. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    hey ILBZO!!!!!!!!!

    were you mocking my Shane Churla aka Brian Boyle jersey earlier?

  22. I just got “no dinner” for roughing, 2 hours of silence for unsportsmanlike conduct and evening misconduct.

  23. great point, ibleed. I may have to change that.

    Sam’s already given us a “Scotty” when talking to/about Hartnell. His buddy.

  24. (Slides in really late. Stupid traffic on 270!)

    Evening gang!

    LET’S GO BOYS!!!!

  25. Rangers haven’t arrived in Philadelphia yet; they’re still on that shuttle Subway train.

  26. And Mr Irrelevelant? Too bad Tostitos is hurt, otherwise it would an official 3 ring circus!

  27. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    holy shut up! the man has not stopped talking since the game started.. i just turned the speakers up really loud and he finally got the hint! Maybe i’d stop interrupting him when he’s talking if HE’D stop talking while my game is on! SHEEEEEEEEEESH!!

  28. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on


  29. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lmfao NYR!!! that should be an official ‘thing we do’ when McMonster does something monstrous!

  30. You need some duck tape for him, Linda.

    Smells like someone is BBQing hot dogs around here.

  31. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Honestly, if we could go back in time I would not have traded Gomez, no Gomez for gabby, PRUST, mcD, et al. Gomez, no Gomez is a first ballot HoF’er

  32. *Scott* isn’t playing? What about *Sestito*??? I thought they were going to fight! Anyone have intel?

  33. Man, Prust has got to be the smartest fighter in the league. As soon as he felt his sweater starting to come off, he tied himself up with Rinaldo. Outstanding.

  34. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    no offence to captain cally, but your SMEAA winner just went to the box with another fighting major

  35. I hope Torts -comes off the bench with a stick and clubs the officials over the head, and sends a message to them for the playoffs- gives a mouthful to the referees.

  36. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    Simmonds punches Callahan. Callahan does nothing. Callahan gets the 2 minute minor.

    You can’t make this garbage up!

  37. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Carp, one of these days you need to let us curse in here!!! My head if fuggin exploding right now

  38. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    welcome to the figure skating league!!

  39. 4generations 4 cups on

    Whats been up with the officiating the past two games? I really dont believe much in referee bias but is this a joke? Last game the March-humping and now this Punching Simmonds crap?


  40. Colin Campbell just reviewed the tape and feels there was no evidence to suggest Simmonds punched anyone.

  41. Orr:

    Maybe he felt that power play wasn’t sufficient to get Philadelphia back in the game

  42. Man, I really wanted to go to the pub to watch the Sabres game (and hopefully this one on another tv), but I don’t know if I can drag myself away from this…

  43. my apologies Jbytes :)

    argh! hartnell you shelley!!! this game is killing me!!!! LGR!!!!

  44. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    I would have given john scott mitchell’s 40 seconds for the night

  45. that was about as dumb as Rupp fighting

    of course one is a hall of famer and the other is a ham and egger

  46. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, nice to root against our own guys and belittle them – nice “fan”….

  47. What? Not 2 minutes for Staal for falling down as jagr’s stick was wrapped around him?

  48. OK, I gotta order chow while watching so I pause for now…..hartnelling filthies!!!!! LGR!!!!

  49. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    The fight was going to happen regardless due to the irrelevant comment I am guessing

  50. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on



  51. 5 on 3???

    We were on the power play, so we should get 2 minutes and 4 minutes. A 5 on 3.

  52. That’s true, Tiki. We should have 2 minutes of 5 on 3 and 2 minutes of 5 on 4 (provided we never score)

  53. put this byfuglien game away. bryzgalov is looking for an early shower.

    yeah baby!!!

  54. SCOOORRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. JimboWoodside on


    Suck it, *MR.* Snider!!!!

  56. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on


    MY RANGER MEN TRIFECTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    if the rangers get another goal or two this game could get real ugly!!

  58. LETS GO RANGERS!!!! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Holy Hartnelling Cooke!! I didnt realize we were in Philly for this game.

  59. LGR!!! Hartnell you you hartnelling team! hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!


  60. JimboWoodside on

    How do you like THEM apples, you filthy, dirty Rat-Bastage Flys and fans!!?

  61. by the way, anyone that doesn’t think Sam Rosen is the best announcer in hockey after those goal calls should just become a Devils fan

  62. This is far from over. Rangers need to stay away from all the silliness Flyers will try. Stay focused and walk out of there with Two More Points.

  63. This game worries me. It’s great the rangers are up 4-0 but if they continue to blow out the flyers this game is going to get nasty and knowing how the flyers play at there arena why wasn’t Scott in this game, stupid.

  64. We’re bending ’em over and giving it to ’em right up the MZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. JimboWoodside on

    If they want to make it ugly, our guys will accommodate them – one thing about this Ranger team – they truly do not back down from *ANY* team!

  66. “I have a feeling this is gonna get uglier than it already is.”

    Joey Shelley says -he- it can’t get any uglier.

  67. Now we’re saying Scott should’ve dressed because of the risk of what might have happened if the Rangers had a 4-0 first period?

  68. I agree with Staal, they’ve done fine without him all season so let em bring it, just more embarrassment for the Flyers

  69. NYR_FAN- good observation on AA, he was rendering Jagr useless all period. That’s why he shouldn’t be looked at as a productive forward. But he can also do what he did on that goal.

  70. Philly was tried to out tough us this arson and it didn’t work. Before the arrival of John Scott.

  71. JimboWoodside on

    Unless the officials are totally “on the take”, they know what is likely to happen, and they will probably warn both benches before the start of the next period – I wouldn’t be surprised if a call has gone to the officials locker room from Toronto already, telling them to keep this from being another ugly spectacle.

  72. As bad as the Flyers situation is, the Sabres are 3-0 down at home to the Leafs after one. Anyone scared of facing Ryan Miller now? Good, because it likely won’t happen.

  73. I forsee Bickel, Prust (again), Rupp (again) and knowing his penchant for doing dumb thing, Dubinsky, will all fight before this game ends.

  74. Bryzg universe tonight is a one big black hole. Hope, it will suck in more…But, please, guys be careful. No injuries, please.

  75. Lavi-eau-de-toilette might be the worst coach in the NHL (after Hunter and Boudreu). When is he going to learn? He constantly tries to fight the Rangers into a win. Every game he dresses some idiot goon and gets his players COMPLETELY unfocused. It’s insanity. He is horrible.

  76. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Philly was tried to out tough us this arson and it didn’t work. Before the arrival of John Scott.

    Autocomplete is a beeyotch!

  77. Lloyd is right. I really can’t believe *John Scott* isn’t playing. Torts must hate him! Fire Torts.

  78. Thing is, Laviolette basically had a completely non-fighting team in Carolina. The Flyers mentality can’t all be coming from the coach.

  79. JimboWoodside on

    Maybe Simmonds will try some more rough stuff, and one of our boys can make him a complete cyclops!?

  80. no one will admit this but John Scott was the primary reason the Rangers went on that skid a month ago

    Tortorella got some worthless goon, tried to ham fist him into the lineup, and the Rangers briefly played like they were in Slapshot. Tortorella realized Scott was a talentless goon, relegated him to the bench, and the Rangers went back to winning.

  81. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    I am a bit nervous just because of this…No way in hell do I not dress John Scott tonight. We DO NOT have a heavyweight in this line up (Rupp is a light heavyweight). Bad move by the coach IMHO. I mean if we ahd four lines that each played 15 minutes a night, I would understand NOT dressing him. It isn’t like if he played instead of mitchell we would be adversely affected by losing mitchell’s minimal ice time.

    If some cheap shot happens and we lose gabby or cally or brich (argue all you want whether scott would be a deterrent or not. If the coach puts him on the ice he IS a deterrent, If the coach just glues him to the pine he IS NOT) and our post season hopes go down the drain, going to be a lot of second guessing about john scott (or even the bahama bomba).

  82. Maybe not entirely LW. There are some chuckleheads in that room but how does it get this out of control? He chooses who gets in the dressing room and puts on the sweater. It always starts at the top.

  83. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    tonight the power play has to go absolutely apecarcillo every time these asshats get a penalty! KILL ‘ EM on the scoreboard boys!!!!

  84. Judging by the way the Rangers approached this game, I’d have to say Torts has done a dreadful job this year. How dare he?

  85. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    guess i’m just one of those old school gals though ;)

  86. Well, you’re wrong, Lloyd, but there’s nothing that has happened so far, and nothing that will happen later, that having Scott in the lineup will have/could have prevented. Shelley wouldn’t fight him. Nobody would fight him. He couldn’t prevent anything.

    And what’s the worry? Who’s going to beat up these Rangers? Rinaldo? Please.

  87. Awesome stuff as I am on a bar in Boston watching the rangers dominate and Cindy score a goal in the first. Comment from the guy next me, “that guy is a fag fah shaw.”

  88. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    I think torts has done a pretty good job this year personally, but just my opinion.

    I find a lot of solace in the fact that you disagree with me!! No offence

  89. Carp, dead on. This is ridiculous. People are second guessing a coach who put his team in a position where they had to play with aggression and grit or get spanked and they have responded huge. How can you question anything about this game so far?

    I mean I can be as much as a hater as the next guy, but byfugliening real.

  90. Does Rupp get credit for “firing up the team” and causing it to go from 2-0 to 4-0, or does that cliche only work when the score turns in the other direction?

  91. JimboWoodside on

    >>>guess i’m just one of those old school gals though ;)

    You can’t help it, Ms. Wick! “The Girl Can’t Help It, The Girl Can’t Help It!”

  92. Wait, wait. I don’t think *anyone* was serious about dressing *John Scott*. I wasn’t. That is for sure.

  93. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    I honestly don’t think anyone will get beat up in a fight from the rangers, I am more worried about a cheapie!!

    I’d like to see girardi and cally drop them with someone similar in their weight class

  94. We are kicking aasens, taking 1st and killing Philthy and some of you are beeatching???? WTB!!!!

  95. No, Lloyd, nobody would admit that because it makes as much sense as Pitbull commercials….

  96. Wicky:

    What “cheapie” is a guy who can’t skate and who no one will fight going to prevent

  97. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Laurel how the hell can you eat during this game? My diet cream soda is doing evil things to my stomach lol

  98. No Carp, the best place is Phil’s ….trust me. Ask Fozzy. And Geno is a pig anyway.

  99. Good point, LW. I didn’t even think higher than the stupid coach but you’re probably right.

  100. :0 Pissies. We have to stay in course. Torts strategically “overcoached” violent violet LaToilet, so far. Not only giving task of personal cover (Artie/Jagr) but better matching Philties shifts as he is pleased.

  101. If any of those Flyers even look at Gaborik or Richards the wrong way, Giroux’ head should become fair game.

  102. Lin, I haven’t had a chance to eat all day…..dying…..thank heavens for delivery…..

  103. Yeah Carp, Torts is just a terrible coach…He is of the “dime a dozen” variety of coaches…if you can pick up what I’m layin down.

  104. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    I love how this takes life, so ok…hypothetical situation (note earlier I said why I was nervous about the whole situation, that is all I said. But everyone selective read, that is fine) we are up 5-0 and mezaros cross checks brich in the head and scott, who just happens to be on the ice, knocks the carcillo out of him in the ensuing scrum…never said someone had to square off with him in a “fair” fight

  105. There’s no reason for Rangers to be exchanging chances with Flyers right now. Concentrate on keeping the puck out of our net.

  106. Wicky:

    I’ll make it simple:

    John Scott would make absolutely no difference in this game.

  107. miked:

    if the Rangers win this one, Biron should start the next game. no reason to have Lundqvist play every single game heading into the playoffs.

  108. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    no need to make it simple, but if that is what you feel you need to do, free blog and all go ahead.

    I can not speculate on anything that might have happened (scott is NOT playing) nor can I guarantee anything that could have or would have happened (no offence but neither can you my friend).

    Like I said, I WOULD have dressed him, the potential detriment to the team by having him dressed would have been minimal to the benefit of having him dressed. Just my opinion and clearly we are all very fortunate I am NOT the coach.

  109. Has Bickel healed properly? He may need to participate, if you catch my drift…..

  110. It’s amazing to me that the Rangers don’t get sucked into playing dirty like the Philthies. I mean if I was getting cheap shotted by my opponent, I’d be doing the same thing right back to them

  111. The real question is: What would have happened if we had been smart enough to dress *WELLMAN* tonight?

  112. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    I know, that is the point I have been trying to make, it was a hypothetical situation I was bringing up.

    No one, my self included, probably thought we would be up 4 nil at the end of one.

    I stated I was a bit nervous IF …some people just had to run with that, so whatever!!

  113. Wicky:

    John Scott is a minor leaguer. It was a mistake to dress him in the first place.

    But if it makes you feel better, he can play 15 minutes in each of the remaining games after this one.

  114. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    on a side note, did you guys that play NHL12 see scott’s overall player rating

  115. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    MMAKE IT COUNT!!!!!!!!! let these asshats continue to take stupid penalties, and may ’em paydamnit

  116. Is there anything sweeter than the sound of dejected Flyers fans? Sweet, sweet music.

  117. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    I bet there are a lot of guys playing in the minors that would say that john scott is a NHLer and THEY are minor leaguers, but whatever you are soooo smart!

  118. Wicky, go change a few diapers, bro….I’m sure you’ll enjoy that much more than continuing this conversation.

  119. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    thanks, I find this convo very enjoyable, but you are the captain.

    later aasens!!

  120. Scott’s anything but a minor league player

    Comcast had Shelley giving the Jäger salute playing over and over and over….. There lone highlight

  121. Olga Folkyerself on

    You don’t dress Scott because you think there will be a 4-0 lead. You dress John Scott in the event that Philly wants to send a message to the Rangers for the playoffs. Or if their goons begin running Richards, Gaborik, Callahan…

  122. ilb and Sally, laughs…..I am so over LOL

    what is with the negativity and debates here??? Be happy!!!!!!! Good Adam Gravey!!!

  123. Mama, for some reason Lloyd has shown up trying to stir the pot and rain on a *potential* happy exultation tonight.

  124. JimboWoodside on

    OK – good kill – now, get out of the period without giving up anything else, and taking no more penalties!

  125. @Lloyd Braun:

    The NHL is begging for the Flies to get back in this game – it will keep the Cinderella’s alive for first overall…

  126. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    A POINT is what we neeeeeeeeed !!! POINT POINT POINT POINT!!!!!


    lets go gog ogg og og go go gogogogo!!!!


  127. BTW, sorry I haven’t been here more often. But right now the GF is in the US so I got a good case when switching to US time here in Europansyland

  128. tiki, I’m begging off here until it’s time to exult….my only regret….wait for it…no stick salute!!!! I may have to forgo rent for a ticket to Saturday’s game….then again, there’s Bruce money….oh dear.

  129. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    MAKE IT COUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cromagnon in the box.. LETS GO

  130. The only thing that would make someone tire of punching Rinaldo’s face would be if Talbot’s face showed up within arm’s length.

  131. JimboWoodside on


  132. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on


  133. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    POWER PLAY!!!!!!!!!! POWER PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POWERPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. I’m kinda worried…will we win, will we get the point to make first? Oh noooooo Mr. Bill!!!

  135. Gabby’s shot is nuts. It’s like he can gently pick up the puck and just place it in the net whenever he wants.

    Also, in watching the Flyers this year (against the Rangers, at least), it’s like they get too caught up in the talking, fighting, showmanship, etc. and forget that the goal in the end is to still outscore the opponent.

  136. I’ve figured something out about this team.

    They are great with one goal leads.
    Even better with two goal leads.
    They are also great with three goal leads, not playing back or letting up.
    But give them a four goal lead…disastrous.

  137. I hate to admit it, I know Scott wouldn’t make much of a difference in the outcome of this game, but I’d prefer him to be in the lineup. Shelley has been going after Butt-Chin, Boyler, Step-On. Rupper isn’t in his league.

  138. refs will use every possible opportunity to put the Rangers in the box in the third. Rangers have to play smart.

  139. JimboWoodside on

    Tiki, Sam was surmising that Hank got hurt on that last flys goal…his hand…

  140. They should start Biron for third and next game against Pens just to be safe. This team has a legit shot at cup. no reason to blow it on regular season games.

  141. 5-2 …

    The Flies are gonna swarm like flies on Carcillo in the third period…

    I hate prevent defense!

  142. “playing ranger hockey, north, south, nothing to pretty” gotta love that

  143. RangerSwede, if you don’t let me know and get in touch…well, I don’t want to say! We have no ice bars here, but plenty of bars with ice :)

  144. JimboWoodside on

    Tiki, he looked OK after a little time to rest – it might not have been anything serious.

  145. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    it makes me sad that Mako is missing sharing this with us.. grrrrrrr

  146. if we get this point biron plays thurs hank play half game on sat then biron for rest of game

  147. JimboWoodside on

    They won’t try to play a “prevent defense”, I don’t think – Torts knows better than that. I would not be surprised to see them doing some of their 3rd period “trap with a lead” play, though…

  148. RangerSwede….:) too bad you weren’t here last month….you missed the Wegians!

  149. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    your post at 8:48pm is exactly spot on, agree 100%

  150. Be prepared for a period long siege. Test on defensive panic. If I’m not getting another 5-6 shots of Grey Goose, I will probably get another heart attack before the end. I smell it…

  151. the way you police crap like this is to hit Giroux. and if Prust or Bickel want to fight Rinaldo again, no problem with that, either.

  152. Mama… yeah, I heard. you know I’ve got my daily soccerpansy work….otherwise I’d be there… probably for ever… need to find myself a soccerpansy job in NY….

  153. even we get this point root hard for bruins. i want phil to finish 4th and have home ice vs pitt

  154. wick, ORR, disagree….still don’t get the behind the scenes reason for Scott, but he’s not been needed and we are beating them just fine…proving that you can try but can not hartnell with us!

  155. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    you guys with your flyers player love today just makes me feel like i need to be deloused! CUT IT OUT LOL

  156. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    it’s ok right now Wicky, but who knows about tomorrow!
    thanks for asking !!

  157. It’s probably better that the Flyers scored because it gives them less time for thuggery if they think they’re in the game.

  158. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Sather keeps Keenan around just to give Torts something to think about.

  159. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    at least it wasn’t 7.7 seconds

  160. “even we get this point root hard for bruins. i want phil to finish 4th and have home ice vs pitt”

    I going to root hard for Pitt just to torment you, eric

  161. RangerSwede, well at least come be a pansy for a week here….what about the gf??

  162. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    ok kids, here comes the most anticipated 20 minutes of hockey since opening day!

  163. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    the mrs and I were wondering with all the other weather news going on today if you were ok

  164. “How the Byfuglien did we give up a goal w 7 seconds left?”

    Nylander lost a faceoff, the D left the most clutch player in history alone by the net…all over. Bad memories…

  165. JimboWoodside on

    OK – Giroux laid a tough hit on Artie – now it’s his turn to get hit….

  166. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    i don’t even know who to “root for” in pens vs flyers…I actually like more players on the pens than the flyers, but I would rather play the flyers I think

  167. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    wick, its probably heading this way, taking it’s damned sweet time. had some thunder issues before.. it’s been in the 80s to almost 90’s for about 5 weeks now.. so we’re kinda expecting stuff.

  168. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    wholly crap on the heat lin, waaaayyy too hot

  169. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    its brutal wick! and i refuse to put the AC on in March/APril… INSANE!

  170. ORR, I am all about doing whatever it takes to control that hartneller….never liked him here, hate him even more now….

  171. 5 on 3 pp for Cindy’s…

    They score! 3-2 lead,.

    The NHL Bettman’s are getting their way vs boston

  172. Not saying Bickel should have done that, but, Simmonds seems to have a lot of leeway from the officials, no? First Callahan, now this?

  173. RangerSwede, thought I still had your number from Sweden, but don’t :( get in touch with me at…..if you don’t, I shall fly over with lots of newspapers :) then visit the Wegians….

  174. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    cindu isn’t related to mannu is he?

  175. Wow, that’s like the second time someone’s said that to me tonight, Linda. Nobody EVER agrees with me around here! Is it happening?

  176. 4-2 Pittsbirgh going into the 2nd intermission…

    Rangers need to avoid penalties and get the luck deep and forecheck…

  177. JimboWoodside on

    There’s that bush-league aasen-hole announcer calling the power=play again! What an idiot!

  178. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    isn’t voracek the guy that got kronwalled recently?

  179. Don’t worry guys – we had to practice the PK as much as possible. It had really slipped lately.

  180. Time for the young Rangers to learn how to win big games.. It starts with this penalty kill!

  181. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    chance for cally to get an empty netter

  182. Sam: “i think Giroux will get an assist on that goal!” = “and Crosby on the ice for the goal”. barf.

  183. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    do NOT expect another flyer penalty for the rest of the game, it’s open season now

  184. Mama-> She’s in Minn. doing some concerts. I’ll be there, hopefully this season! :)

  185. dan o rourke and pochmara should be demoted come playoff time. they have no control on this game

  186. If the Rangers win this game, it will be the worst win of the season. They have played like crap for substantial portions of this game, trying to withstand pressure as opposed to pressing on offense, and giving all kinds of momentum back


  187. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    thanks, I hadn’t seen him

    Does anyone know if the rangers have ever lead the league in fighting majors??

  188. JimboWoodside on

    >>>I noticed the refs are trying there hardest to get philly back in the game, joke.

    Noticed that, eh? Why Am I not surprised?

  189. I hate the Byfuglien PrEVENT defense!!!

    It’s like trying to kill an 8 minute power play –


  190. RangerSwede…I hope so!! Hey, if she needs a crash pad in NY, send her my way….:)

  191. Torts might hate Avery but he just took a page out of Avery’s book of annoyance and stall tactics

  192. Joe

    Not picture perfect by any stretch, but all teams play defensively and get outshot when up by four goals after one period.

  193. Disagree Joe DE,
    Rangers not so bad at 5 on 5 at all. 7 pk killing everything, mostly rhythm of the offence.

  194. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    foxwoods final five???


  195. looks to me like Jagr hasn’t broken a sweat the whole game. I mean, he’s done some cool things with his great hands … but he really hasn’t tried in all three zones.

  196. come on winnipeg i want florida bad. if jets win and caps beat florida on thurs. fla be ahead by pt going into last game. caps need to beat rangers fla has to beat carolina

  197. >>don’t forget, it doesn’t matter even if Philly ties it … the Rangers just need a point.

    I wouldn’t be too happy about that. A tie would not be good for our confidence.

  198. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    does that honestly shock you in the least little bit??

  199. Good thing about the game getting close is less time for Laviolette to put his goons on.

  200. Cant the rangers ever win a face off in this game?? Clean loss after clean loss…

  201. Sorry guys, this is a crap game. Sure, the 5-on-5 play has been good, but when have we played at even strength? I can’t even say the penalties have been terrible, they’ve been legit calls. Despite their best efforts, the Rangers are still winning this game

  202. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    one of the many reasons you are the almighty wise and all knowing!!!! (bowing repeatedly)

  203. Carp, hope you have lots of psych guys for tomorrow…..the ledge is full….why, I don’t know why. I am joyous…..

  204. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    well our boy Hank wouldn’t let that happen!!

    Sheesh potvin! i haven’t had em for about six weeks lol!!!

    gotta move on to pretzel sticks or something lol

  205. You guys who are in panic mode … are you serious? they have given up five goals in a 60-minute game once. ONCE.

  206. I dunno how the refs saw the puck on that tying goal by Buffalo. Bad night for refs everywhere?

  207. Oh my Avery!!!! We are on the edge of the bestest best in forever and I am listening to whining!!! REALLY!!!!!!!!! GOOD ADAM GRAVEY!!!!!!!!!

  208. As I said they would earlier, officials doing everything possible to hand the Flyers this game

  209. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    EASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHODATHUNKIT!?????

  210. Ill tell u this guys.

    Expect the Rangers to get cheated like this in every playoff game.

    The referees = the great equalizer.

    Gonna be tough to win being cheated like this on a daily basis.

  211. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    simmonds will be having hankmares for a lot of nights

  212. Joe, you say it’s a crappy performance because of the lack of offensive pressure, then say the 5-on-5 play has been fine. As they’ve scored three PPGs, are you therefore complaining about the lack of offence on the PK?

  213. Olga Folkyerself on

    “This Simmonds guy is becoming quite a pain in the neck.”

    I have an even lower opinion about him.

  214. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    No offence NHL but what a joke, let the game end how ever it should!!

  215. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on


    CONGRATULATIONS BONEHEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. Just a heads-up, changing the time of the chat to 2 p.m. for those of youse who are going to be trying to buy playoff tickets at noon. I’ll remind youse again in the morning. Live Chat at 2 p.m.

  217. BFF, I didnt see much of the 3rd period, so I cant really say with any accuracy, but, from reading the comments here, it seemed like they didnt get called for penalties they committed, while we got called for every possible penalty. IMO, no way did the “Philthy” Flyers not commit any penalties in the entire 3rd period.

  218. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    any chance you do a live chat again soon? Those are really fun!!

  219. Dave…..” what in god’s sake could they be talking about now….”

    I love this guy