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1) Things got awfully simple thanks to Philly yesterday. Would have been more simple, obviously, if the Rangers had been able to finish things off. So they go to the final three games — at Philly tomorrow, at Pitt Thursday, home against Washington Saturday — needing a point, or for Pittsburgh to lose a game in any manner. I know, this is way better for the Rangers and for you guys. The final week of scoreboard watching and all the crazy possibilities was kind of more fun when they were fighting for a playoff spot. For me, anyway.

2) Though watching the eighth-place silliness could be fun this week. That was a gigantic point picked up by Florida in Detroit yesterday — in keeping with the Panthers’ season, which is built almost entirely on shootout wins and Bettman Bonus Points for losses. Otherwise, I think the Capitals would have had a great chance to not only knock the Panthers out of third, but for Buffalo to knock them into ninth, too. Now I think Florida makes the playoffs, and Washington still has a chance to win the division and the third seed with that head-to-head game Thursday.

3) Marian Gaborik … it’s really not shocking he scored 40 again. It is shocking, maybe, that he’s been so healthy for three years. That was the big part of the gamble with him, remember? The big worry. Could he stay on the ice enough to earn his paychecks. He’s played all 79 this season, and 217 of 242 since he signed, after playing 17 games the year before he signed. Guy’s been money this year again. He’s only the third Ranger ever to score 40 more than once (Jean Ratelle twice; Mike Gartner three times). Good for him. He deserves it.

4) Speaking of 40, this loss might have cost Henrik Lundqvist a chance to get 40 wins … He was looking for a career-high 39th. He’ll probably start the next two, I would think, and get Saturday off if the Rangers have the conference title clinched. Maybe he can go 2-0 here and get it.

5) Answer to last night’s trivia question. The Rangers have finished in first place six times in their 86-year history. That includes three times in the Original Six-team league (’27, ’32, ’42), the two Presidents’ Trophy years (’92 and ’94) and the division title in ’90.

6) I saw where Peter Laviolette called Dan Bylsma gutless after the game yesterday.  Yeah, that Laviolette is a real tough guy. And Philly has never done anything like that before, right? Laviolette and Tony Granato, who were screaming from the top of the benches toward one another, were  Rangers teammates for Laviolette’s entire 12-game NHL career, which I covered, by the way. (Jaromir Jagr’s take on the shout-down by Laviolette: “Too much coffee.”). Isn’t it great when both Philly and Pittsburgh go away crying? … by the way, that Dick Vitale hit on Daniel Briere, which started the whole fracas, was as good a clean, hard check as you can ever see. The cross-check by Braydon Schenn on Skid Crosby, a little bit earlier, not so much.

7) That 1993-94 team was great, and it became even more loaded with the trades during the season — Larmer, Kyrpeos, and the deadline deals for Matteau, Noonan, MacTavish and Anderson … But that team didn’t have to work this hard. It had a lot of nights where it was just the better team and able to pummel the opponent, and it had more gimme’s in an expansion era. This Rangers team has done it on a much more difficult road, and with less talent or experience on its roster. A lot less.

8) Speaking of which, good to see the great man, Sergei Nemchinov at the game. I’ll never forget how hurt Mark Messier was when the Rangers traded Nemchinov.

9) Anton Stralman spent almost the entire night matched up against Milan Lucic, and I thought he was physically and positionally solid. Good game by him.

10) So it’s 2-1, end of second, and to entertain the crowd they showed a Bobby Orr feature on the big board? What? Really?

11) So, Michael Del Zotto’s little take-out bump behind the net was a game-deciding penalty, but Zdeno Chara breaking his stick on Brian Boyle’s back, behind the play and not five feet from ref Don van Massenhoven, is not a penalty?

12) Is there anything Tim Thomas does that’s not annoying? He’s banging his stick on the posts all game long — picked up by the mic behind the net. And he’s wearing those long black stockings behind his pads — not the team uniform, so it should be illegal, right? What a jackwagon.

13) A couple of April fools at MSG asked me if the Rangers are really going to give up home ice in the first two games of the playoffs. And at least two other blogs picked up my “breaking news” yesterday. Which makes me really, really happy in a stupid, sick way.

14) I always think of Michel Bergeron (left) and Phil Esposito and that amateur-hour clown show on April 1, 1989. Which most of us thought, at the time, had to be a joke. My God.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Marian Gaborik.
2) Ryan Callahan.
3) Dan Girardi.
Alec Berg’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Marc Staal.
2) Artem Anisimov.
3) Either of the Ryans (Callahan or McDonagh).

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  1. Good morning ilb and any other earlybirds.
    Great review as usual Carp.
    I think it was my fault they lost actually… first time since I got home from NY I stayed up to watch a game. Might just sleep from now. :(
    until they win again, hopefully next game.
    Have a nice day everyone!

    Oh… we have a snowstorm here now, probably the most snow we’ve had all winter. Not what I wanted after getting springfeeling in the big apple!

  2. Stranger Nation on

    Aren’t Monday mornings great? Eh, not so much.

    1 pt, just get us one measly point, against Pissburg would be best.

  3. bull dog line on

    Alec Berg naming Anisimov as one of his 3 stars is funny. Anisimov has now gone 10 games without a goal. which, by the way, is not even his season long. that would be 17 games. mister consistency.

  4. Im not naming him the star of the week, month, or season, his move on the net and his shot that Thomas barely got were two of the best scoring chances of the game. He obviously was doing something right(or everyone else was doing something wrong) because Torts was moving him all over. Gaborik had a very good game but guys like him, Malkin, Stamkos should be a “star” every night…thats why theyre the highest paid.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    TIM THE TOOL THOMAS is a fool!!!

  6. Good morning everyone. Great review Carp. I totally agree with you on #11. What’s up with that???

  7. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    I’m sorry if you guys already beat this to death, but I have to get this off of my chest. Girardi definitely deserves to be credited with a goal on that giveaway…that was the cleanest assist he’ll ever have in his career. I know he’s been far better this year than ever before and he’s logged major important minutes, but I’ll never be able to embrace him as a top #1 defenseman because his giveaways have been so ugly over the years, and now that he’s already 27 it seems like an ugly habit that this puppy simply will never be able to break. Maybe the Rangers D problem has been that they are a bit liek Lord of the Flies…no grizzled guy with talent has been around the last few years to properly socialize these pups…I mean, what would Rod Langway have said to Scott Stevens in the old days after a giveaway like that…for Farg’s sake man, get that damm thing out of harm’s way by any means necessary instead of one of these stupid weak flips up the middle

  8. Girardi had many bad turnover yesterday, and was far from there best D.

    Pretty sure that was the most line combinations I have ever seen used. Like there was a lotto machine and what ever three numbers would pop up Torts would send out.

    Garden was loud…. because of all the Bruin fans.

  9. Good morning all! Carp, of all your fab reviews and amusing comments, #12 has to be the most tremendously tremendous!

    Krisy, looks like we got it backwards….I passed out early and never recovered. And woke up to an e-mail from my asshat Boston cousins. Oh well, payback’s a Thomas I guess.

  10. I was at the game. The entire building was begging for shots. They never came… just passed it around forever.

  11. They did not have the urgency. I think if Pittsburgh beat Philly, you would have seen more get up in their game from the beginning. The Hockey Rodent’s take on the game was the same as mine. They didn’t feel the need to play extra hard until there was about 15 left.

    The first 2 periods they were flat.

    Not concerned. Like Torts said, “If we play like this every night, we’ll win our share of games.” The question remains to me, “Can they just turn it on and off like a light switch?”

    We’re fine, btw.

  12. Agreed- Tim Thomas is a jackwagon. So is Lavi-eau-de-toilette. That guy needs to give it a rest. He acts like a jackwagon and the team responds and acts accordingly on the ice and thus, they are probably not as high in seeding as they should, or could, be. You know, if they had a good coach, like Torts.

    I think we have played really well against the Bruins this year and I didn’t think we played that horribly last night. Hank got screened and that was really the game. Aside from that absurd stuff in goal off the Girardi give-away. Ouch. On the season series we have been competitive.

    I would LOVE to clinch against the Penguins. How sweet would that be. Even to just take them to OT knowing that we clinch right then and there.

  13. Sioux-per-man on

    Good review Carp.

    Mondays just aren’t as fun after a loss. Another close game, a couple of bang bang plays they get a goal, and our luck jumps over Stepan’s stick late in the 3rd with the open net.

    The Rangers didn’t have any flow to their game yesterday. Not sure if you give Boston credit, or if it was to much East – West hockey, instead of North-South.

    Hank made some great saves, but the 2 he let in? Usually he stops those – or am I wrong on that?

    Anyone else chuckle at the Pit/Philly game yesterday? Coaches yelling at each other, Sid getting cross checked in the Back and no call. What? Then I think to myself, how much fun is it going to be watching them play against each other in the 1’st round. Just the thought of that gives you the feeling of a new pair of gloves…..or is that just me?

  14. rangers lose if they play like this. they need more offense and mr king needs to stop with the bad goals.

  15. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    who was it on the blog last night that said the Blueshirts should have gotten whistled for “too many third liners on the ice” – that shiznit was hilarious

  16. If ever there was a “good” loss, this may have been it. The way the R’s dominated a top team like the B’s in the third was inspiring. And the play of Staal was just exceptional especially his offensive aggression. Three solid games in a row for him. Bodes well for the playoffs.

  17. Last night not withstanding, how many first time shots beat Henke? So I say stop looking for the perfect oppty…just get the freaking puck on the net and go for the rebound….is this thing working?

  18. This is a fun team to cheer for, that’s for sure. Enjoyed the third period and wish Artie could put away that feed from Cally in the last minute.

    I’m not someone who likes to look past the now, because I am enjoying watching this team play hockey. But there are too many players not pulling their weight; Anisimov, Mitchel and Dubinsky come to mind.

    If Dubi has a poor playoff he will be gone this summer. In his place will be Kreider hopefully.

    Anisimov I still think has a role, because he can skate and forecheck, Dubinsky and Mitchel bring nada to the ice.

    I would hope Mitchel would be replaced by a veteran UFA. Everyone on the bench has to do something each time they hit the ice. Too many times I don’t see enough from the $4 million man.

  19. Hey Carp, #7, great point. Which is why I love watching these guys. theyplay like I do, scrap for everything along the boards. But, I do that because I can’t skate and have to lean on them.
    one for Kramden, two for Kramden, three for Kramden…”it’s a landslide!”……..

  20. no doubt in my mind rangers will be playing caps on saturday still needing that point. the pens bost game tom is useless for bruins clinched div and cant move from 2 seed. then head to head vs pitt. getting a pt in phil and pitt will be extremely difficult. nothing ever comes easy for our boys. its not meant to be that way

  21. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    I hope your wrong eric maybe for once you could try being a little more positive?

  22. Don’t the Penguins play the Bruins on Tuesday? I don’t think that game is a gimme for them. The Bruins will play that game tough.

  23. czechthemout!!!! on

    Don’t know what Torts is talking about. They did not play well for over half the game yesterday. No one carried or tried to pass the puck until the third. They were playing hot potatoe with it for two thirds of the game.. if they played the first two periods like they played the third, we would all be celebrating today.

    I thought the first Bruins goal LQ should have stopped because he saw it all the way and a goalie of his caliber shshould never give up a goal from sixty feet if he can see it.

    I thought Girardi had a brain cramp on the second Boston goal.

  24. Not to defend the Flyers or Schenn, but don’t forget what started that. Flyers were going after Crosby, Malkin started playing chippy and hitting guys high, then Crosby retaliated and slashed Schenn in the leg, so Schenn cross-checked him.

    The refs did a poor job of keeping control of that game. They let little things go, but some looked like the crossed the line. Vitale’s hit was a beauty (NU alum!) but I knew that was going to start up a huge ruckus.

    Scotty Hartnell taunting “Malkinmania” (that’s the guys nickname in Pittsburgh) was funny. Apparently this isn’t the first time they’ve gone back and forth at each other. It’s apparently in good fun though.

  25. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that coaches would probably prefer their team to continue to play well going into the playoffs rather than slack off. Case in point the Bolts last year on the last day of the season who had nothing to play for vs the Canes who had everything to play for.

  26. Vitale’s hit was clean but it’s sadly commonplace for people to start brawls based on good clean hits these days, especially when the target was one of the team’s better players. We’d expect the same if Gaborik, Richards, Cally got hit like that.

  27. Regarding #3, I hope you didn’t jynx it Carp!

    Everyone’s talking about the Philly/Pitt fight, but fail to mention the damage it must’ve done to Pierre McGuire’s delicate sensibility.

  28. I am one of those people that think losing the next three is entirely possible…Philly is due; Pitt will be playing at home and revved up; Washington seems like the easier one, but Biron might be playing and Ovechkin could go to town…

    C’mon! One freaking point!

    So is Philly basically out the running for the top spot? Even if they win all three, they would be tied with the Rangers, and the Rangers would win the tie break?

  29. Stranger Nation on

    Are you guys serious? still doubting this team after all they have shown you over the last 6 months?

    The NY Rangers are *FIRST* in the conference and lost 2-1 to a good team on a BS goal. They were not outplayed. Thought both teams were off a bit, but cmon give these guys a little credit, I mean, maybe just a little…

  30. I am really, truly not trying to put a positive spin on this, but the Rangers played a near-perfect first period, were somewhat outplayed in the second, and dominated the third against a really good team that’s been playing well. The result had NOTHING to do with urgency. But, please, go ahead and panic again.

    Girardi didn’t cough up the puck, it was stripped by Seguin, who made a really good play.

    no, boog, Philly can’t win the division.

    Good morning, Sally!

  31. Don’t sugarcoat it, Carp. They were eliminated from the playoffs last night. Time to rebuild. And according to some great hockey minds from last night, “Henrik Lundqvist allowed an absolutely atrocious goal”.

  32. Carp-great review as always. Was the firing of Bergeron Paramount’s last straw with Espo? Also, did the media covering the team then feel that the franchise had really hit rock bottom?

  33. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Carp – didn’t walt pudubbney score 40 goals twice? I am too lazy to look it up…

  34. Agree on the panic/urgency front, Carp (hell, I’m the poster boy for pollyannas…) and I don’t see the glaring deficiencies in Girardi’s game that others do, but I’d still say he coughed that puck up.

    Yes, he lost the puck due to the stick contact, but he delayed too long and tried to make a short pass when he had time to clear it down ice.

    Absolutely atrocious, inexcusable, burnt out etc etc…

  35. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Last I looked, the islanders can surpass the rangers … The season is fast becoming titanic like

  36. in two seasons as a Ranger, Poddubny had 40 and 38.

    ANF, I think that was the next-to-last straw. When they then lost the remaining two regular season games, and then got swept in the first round by Pittsburgh — a series in which Espo used Vanbiesbrouck, Froese, and then a rookie who had never before played an NHL game named Mike Richter — then when Espo held a press conference to announce that Bergeron was really fired because of insubordination … those were the last straws.

  37. E3, I think they MUST WIN the next two. Anything less than five out of the next six points is unacceptable.

  38. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Montreal media is reporting that the Habs could edge the rangers for the 8th spot if a lot of iffs happen

  39. More importantly, Eddie, is there a formula for determining the rate of decrease in the vertical depth of Doodie’s salad when eating from a semi-spherical bowl?

  40. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Amazing – going from one point to clinch the east to missing the playoffs entirely. Talk about a Greek tragedy.

  41. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    LW – I think there is a hyperbolic cosh wave that models that ….Let me put on my aluminum face shield and run the numbers.

  42. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Lw – it looks like the angle of the dangle is equal to the heat of the meat. Seems we need the blues’ and wings’ coaches to weigh in on this.

  43. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Speaking of Greek, one of our dogs was named play dough after the great Greek philosopher

  44. Latona, basil pesto chicken on grilled focaccia, with mozzarella, pesto aioli, and sun-dried tomato spread.

  45. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Cheerios banana and cold milk – scalding coffee with coconut creamer

  46. ?@jessespector: Subway shuttle from Grand Central to Times Square will have a train decorated for #NYR playoff run. Messier & Graves unveil it tomorrow.

  47. I was going to post news about that … but Dancing Larry is going to be there … and I was on that platform yesterday and it absolutely reeks of human excrement … so I decided to stay away from it.

  48. We agree on something else, BFF. I hate dancing larry. What a complete fool he is. he dances around like a brainless wonder, then gets popularity out of it, and then because of the undeserved popularity, he gets attitude and thinks he’s better than people. My left nut has more intelligence, beauty, and fandom of the rangers than that dancing fool. He makes a joke of all rangers fans, especially the ones that cheer him. sort of similar is fireman ed, but i dont mind him so much, bc he tries to pump the crowd up and help the team.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    Rangers advertisement is underground on two subway platforms, while Flyers orange was put high atop the Empire State Building.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I took a video last night during the second intermission. A Rangers camera crew was filing a fan for a playoff promo, presumably one of those “get loud” types, for use in the playoffs. Except the “fan” they were filming was actually a Bruins fan with a Lucic jersey underneath the Avery Heritage jersey they had him put on. I shot it on my iphone but forgot to turn the phone sideways so the video is sideways on a computer.

  51. The Rangers didn’t play the full 60.The 1st and 3rd periods were good.The second period lacked a lot.We don’t have the offense to take a period off.Thomas was good but not exceptional.Our PP is pathetic.

  52. >>The cross-check by Braydon Schenn on Skid Crosby, a little bit earlier, not so much.

    When it’s Skid Crosby on the receiving end, it’s always clean as far as I’m concerned. Here’s hoping he gets a lot more of that special treatment in the playoffs.

  53. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    so far I have seen nuts, excrement, pollyannas, glaring deficiencies, the Lenin (not Lennon)Mausoleum, and “tGe leading shot Blogger” (ok, I added the last one for Todd White) on this blog…LOVE IT!!!

    I also think the shot by schenn was retaliation for something that had happened seconds before. Good for schenn (not because it was against crosby, but because that is hockey). And good on the refs for not calling anything.

    Clean hit by dick vitale (loved that carp). I have no problem with rudy poos after big hits, if the passion is there, let them go!!!

    Thought the game last night was a bit passionless for large stretches. I think we have said before we need to have a rougher game to play better, so make it a bit rougher boys!

    thanks for the write up!!

    I always love it when folks who work jobs that have “normal” hours and days (M-F, 9 to 5) always talk about “hating Monday mornings, loving Friday nights, and looking forward the weekend”. YOU PEOPLE crack me up!!! It is just time and days folks, time and days!!!

    John Scott anyone??

  54. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    I think dubi is gone unless he scores 40 points in the playoffs (and maybe even then) in order to make room for (both salary and forward spot) Nash or the overrated devils guy, or maybe even ryan or my personal fave to add IGGY!!

  55. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    kinda quiet in here must be the BOO HOO it’s monday crowd…AHA AHA I LOVE IT!!!!

  56. Did anyone actually watch the game. They played well in the first period, OK in the second (Henke gave up a bad goal otherwise it was a 1-1 game), and completely dominated the 3rd. They played the 2nd best team in the East and lost a close game after coming off 4 consecutive wins.

    They aren’t going to win them all, even when they play like they did last night.

    People forget the Boston game we stole up in their place when Gaby scored that OT goal. Last night, the game could’ve gone either way and the Bruins got an ugly goal to win it.

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