Individual playoff tickets go on sale Wednesday at noon


(CORRECTION: Tickets go on sale Wednesday. Had it wrong in the earlier headline. Sorry.)

From the Rangers:

Wednesday, April 4, 12 PM

New York, April 2, 2012 – The New York Rangers announced today that tickets for the first two rounds of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs will go on-sale on Wednesday, April 4th  at 12:00 p.m. Limited tickets will be available on, and Ticketmaster charge by phone 1-866-858-0008.

In an effort to make tickets available to as many fans as possible, a maximum of four tickets per person per game may be purchased.  All ticket orders are subject to service charges.  Please call the Madison Square Garden Disabled Services Department at (212) 465-6034 for tickets for people with disabilities.  For more information, visit

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  1. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    doing well BTW, thanks for asking!

    How YOU doin???

    Did we sign Kreider yet? LOL

  2. The best way to make tickets available t as many fans as possible is to LOWER THE DAMN PRICE on the tickets!!

    Unless I score more of those delicious free tickets (hey ilb! How are you?! ;}) I will most likely be watching the games from my brand new Suomo Sultan big bean bag chair!

  3. do you have to leave the Suomo Sultan to get your adult beverages, or do you have a George Costanza model refrigerator built in?

  4. Sorry…the bean bag is called a Sumo Sultan and is made by Sumolounge! That thing is amazing! Google it :)

  5. Much better, thanks Wicky!

    Did we trade everybody yet? Did we miss the playoffs yet?

  6. Johnny LaRue on

    You can sit in that chair and eat a piece of cheese the size of a car battery.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    I remember one year I got playoff tickets over the phone because there was a number for upstate NY and I used that one and got my tickets.

  8. CCCP,

    I Just googled that website….WOW!!! And I aint talking about the chair, which does look nice actually. Did you go with the micro suede or the corduroy?

    Has ORR seen this sight?

  9. You know, I bought that April Fools post hook line and sinker — forwarded it to my friend/season-ticket-sharer who is scheduled to be out of town. We sat down before last night’s Bruins game and drew up hypothetical scenarios of when and where the Rangers would be playing in light of this development, as tickets would need to be sold for X game, but she’d now be able to to Y game, etc. Anyway, damn you Carp but also, salut — perfectly played because of how plausible it was and how conditioned we, as both Rangers fans and hockey fans, are to being screwed over by the Dolans and media interests.

    Although, granted, not as screwed over as Knicks fans buying playoff tickets presupposing the participation of Jeremy Lin despite the Knicks having actual knowledge that he’d be sidelined for the season, as reported by the Daily News today.

  10. Dunno why my above comment is struck through but I’m unable to edit it. Despite its appearance, I meant every word.

  11. fixed it tikk. you need spaces around your dashes or it does that … strikes through everything up the next dash with no space.

    for the record, you’re not tiki, right? you’re tikk, as in tikkanen?

  12. “In an effort to make tickets available to as many fans as possible, a maximum of four tickets per person per game may be purchased. ”

    Maybe limit the tickets to 2 per person instead of 4. Anyways they’ll be like 4 tickets on sale anyway. There was barely nothing available through the season subscriber pre-sale last week.

  13. Have to dress John Scott sit one of 7 players. Remember when the fridge was running around slamming Jags and everyone else, we had Orr scratched, not to be trusted that orange crud. We did return the favor with the best knock out I ever saw live in the first minute, with the Fridge going out on a stretcher. Goon it up get a point and rest what would they do?

  14. I just want to see John Scott knock the Byfuglien-Carcillo out of Sestito. That would make me very happy and proud to have had John Scott on our roster.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    Briere out indefinitely with back contusion – these teams play each other again last game of reg season, most likely for home ice in first round.

    Gonna love to see the filthy crud and the pissburg crybabies try to out cheap shot each other. Everyone except Lady Byng himself, Matt Cocke, I mean Cooke.

  16. Briere is really out indefinitely? With a back contusion? How could that be an “indefinite” injury? Did they put that talented jerk on IR?

  17. Carp, I’ve been sitting in section 317 since 1992 and wearing a signed Tikkanen jersey there since early ’94. So yeah, been going by ‘tikk’ online since the mid-90s. Long time reader and appreciator of your postgame wrapups, first time (I think) commenter/bonehead. Love your ability to pick up on minor otherwise undiscussed details (e.g., Stralman handling Lucic last night) to the bigger picture stuff.

  18. I don’t think this Pitt/Philly thing could be any better for us. They beat the crap out of each other and then meet for 7 games in the playoffs to do it again?

  19. Ha! Joke, you liked that model, eh? Yeah she’s pretty… She is new, too. They used to have a really gorgeous redhead…she was pure fayah! ORR, google Sumolounge.

  20. not really seeing the Flyer-Penguin thing being a huge advantage for the Rangers since the Rangers have had to grind their butts off nearly every game for the last 79. they’re obviously good at what they do, but it’s so hard to imagine they won’t hit empty in the playoffs. so, yeah, unless the Flyers and Penguins manage to cram in about another 70 games against each other this week, I don’t think it’ll matter very much.

  21. Yeah, she is very nice…I especially liked the memory foam bed shots ;)

    Orr, sounds like you found the site??

  22. CCCP,

    microsuede or corduroy?? I really do like the looks of the chair…but $250 is a little steep for me at the moment.

  23. I dont think it will either Lloyd, for the reasons you stated. And when all is said and done, every team shows up and manufactures the energy and desire against New York. I do disagree with us bottoming out in the playoffs. If we lose in the playoffs, it will be because we lost to a more skilled team with good goaltending like Pitt or Boston. They will fight to the very end, and I think that end will be with celebration in mid June.

  24. Just took a mean dump at Warren 77 and did not flush! LOL

    Sorry for graphic images! That one was for you, Manny and for that time when they didn’t want to put on the Rangers game!

  25. Matt L. On the today show asked Sarah what newspapers she’s reading to prep to host the show. Lol

  26. still bothered by that point florida got last night otherwise caps could have won out and won div

  27. I don’t know, eric. I guess most Rangers fans don’t really care which of these drek teams wind up eighth. Or maybe they don’t care until the Rangers officially are first.

    It’s funny, though, how certain people disappear during four-game winning streaks and show up within minutes of a loss.

  28. buffalo home vs leafs at phil at bost. the game in phil could be real hard for them. that bost game on the last day u may see turco in goal and chara rested

  29. maybe i am selling florida short i just dont see them beating anyone in series no matter who there opponent is. 24 games this year of there’s have gone to ot

  30. i just looked at schedule if its rangers caps in 1vs 8. the rangers have to start thurs april 12 followed by sat april 14th. game 3 probably be monday april 16th in wash but game 4 may be the next night in tues april 17th because the washington wizards nba team has home game wed april 18th.

  31. Carp, great review this morning.

    Love how Gaborik is surpassing expectations. He is already in some elite company among the all-time great Rangers goal scorers…

    And, I also thought they played a great game. Despite the loss — by 1 goal.

    I do agree with eddie^3^, it’s still mathematically possible for the Rangers to slip in behind the Isles. Fail for Nail?

  32. Pittsburgh doesn’t have an NBA team to cause conflicts with their home game schedules…Bettman will have all games in any Pens series to avoid potential conflicts.

  33. will have all games in any Pens series *played in Pitt*

    sorry, watching the Bolts-Caps while typing

  34. if its phil the sixers have home game tues april 17th. they end season 6 of 7 on road so there should be no conflicts with flyers series

  35. Carp agreed about the NNs showing up milliseconds after a loss. Lol. I don’t post as regularly as I’d like to due to the superstition of posting in general and on gamedays in particular. But holy hartnell do the lloyd brauns pop out with their nonsense the minute our boys lose. As if the penguins and the flyers destroyingbeach other for six games won’t impact the teams later on in the playoffs. Thus benefitting any team let alone the rangers. I still think Lloyd is Sean Avery anyway.

  36. I really want the Rangers to have a chance to end the Caps season on Saturday. Gigantic failure for that organization to not even make the playoffs.

  37. That dropping the puck and swatting thing is going to cost Roloson at some point tonight.

  38. no doubt in my mind caps rangers caps need 2 points rangers will need 1 pt still come sat night. only fitting

  39. Rangers can still ciinch with a non-Pitt win in their games. And if you’ve seen their goals against totals the last week it’s very possible that Pitt drops at least another game.

  40. Long day for me…What’s doing? Have the Rangers been eliminated from the playoffs yet?

  41. so if the sabres get help tonite from tampa they should root for winnipeg to beat florida tom night so florida cant clinch tom before they play wash on thursday night.

  42. Tampa has broken a lot of hearts over the last two seasons winning the games that have no meaning to them….

  43. Boston-Pittsburgh is a potential second round match up, providing 6 beats 3, Eric. I don’t think they are going to play without passion tomorrow.

  44. It would be awesome to see the Panthers in the 1st round. Not a cakewalk, but it could be.

    ilb, Oprah tonight, right?

  45. NCAA Title game on right now. Kentucky team looks like theyre all business tonight. Very unique from a bunch of a teenagers in a championship game.

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Beware the wonky groin. Watch wusskie light us up in the series with punters.

  47. if caps get one pt tonite an florida beats winnipeg tom florida will need 1 pt in final 2 games either vs wash or carolina at home

  48. i want to be able to root for wash vs rangers on sat so they could drop florida to 8th so i hope we have this wrapped up by thurs

  49. They already blew the first game against Toronto, ORR. It could very well happen again.

  50. the caps go from an offensive zone faceoff to a goal 10 sec later. some things never change with this team

  51. That’s why Washington won’t go too far this year anyway….Their defense is weak and the goaltending is wanting.

  52. JimboWoodside on

    And he isn’t a whiny punk, either – why isn’t *he* Canada’s Golden Boy!?

  53. orr your wrong caps have 88 can get to 92 with 2 game left. buff has 86 win all 3 get to 92. caps get in. buff is technically down 3 not two

  54. The only comment that I have on the Travyon Martin story is that Spike Lee needs to be arrested for what he posted on Twitter. Dumbaasen.

  55. Anyone know Florida’s schedule off the top of their heads? I’m too lazy to check.

  56. Latona, agreed. And the fact that he thinks that giving the family a bit of money makes everything ok is just ridiculous.

  57. Oy vey. I bring up a serious topic and it gets turned into ridiculous comments. So be it.

    Sad story. I hope justice is sought against that guy.

  58. Tiki,

    I don’t understand what’s ridiculous about Spike Lee endangering an innocent old couple and an entire neighborhood.

  59. Evening gang.

    Watched the Caps/Bolts game. Pretty entertaining game. I sure wish that deal for Stamkos hadn’t been killed. Could you imagine him and Gaby on the same line? DAYUM.

    What the heck happened to Mike Green? He’s a shell of a the player he was.

  60. There’s a thousand topics that could be discussed about a tragic and unnecessary end to a kid’s life, and the one you choose is Rangers fan Spike Lee retweeting something, then later apologizing for it. No offense to u personally, because I like you a lot, but its foolish.

  61. Of course it’s tragic, and justice should be done, Tiki, but it’s a very controversial topic and I didn’t wish to engender anything of that sort around here.

  62. Well this blog really is not for that kind of stuff, Tiki. I have my own opinions about the case, opinions you probably wouldnt like very much, but quite honestly i dont exactly care. But i wont post them here because there really is no point in starting an argument over something that doesnt belong on a hockey (gibberish) blog and something that none of us here can control. As far as the Spike Lee thing, that was just ridiculous. He posts an address of a family with the same last name in the same city and assumes it is that family. Hell even if it was that family that would be pathetic on his part.

  63. Maybe youre right that it shouldnt be discussed here, since it is so controversial, but its a topic that Ive read a lot about, and I feel absolutely sick about.

    This is something we can probably all agree on. Another school shooting today, killing 7. When is the madness gonna stop? How many more innocent people are going to lose their lives before it stops?

  64. Propagation of false, highly threatening, and internecine information is not any better than bringing it about.

    Innocent lives, sadly, will never stop being lost, Tiki. That’s why we have hockey to make us feel better.

  65. CARP

    I just saw that tou used “amateur-hour” and “clown” in your morning review … yesssssssss!

    Made my day!

  66. Tiki, if you bring up stuff that’s guaranteed to polarize people, then you can’t be shocked when somebody takes a different view, capisce, BFF?

    And Spike Lee isn’t a Rangers fan. He’s a bandwagon fan. I’m sure last year he loved the Giants. I won’t be surprised if he becomes a Rangers fan this spring. Next year, maybe Jets. Or back on the Yankees bandwagon.

  67. Orr, yeah, Green is lost out there. Just watching him, he’s caught in no-mans land on every shift. Kinda sad, if you ask me.

  68. Ahmad Rashad interviewing Tiger Woods is embarrassing journalism at its worst. You don’t do a big blowout interview with one of your best friends. Puff piece.

  69. Last thing I wanna do is upset you, BFF, after the work Ive done to reconnect with many on here. So I have no problem letting it go.

    Spike Lee has been at Yankees, Giants, Rangers, and mostly Knicks games for forever now. A fan of the 4 major teams.

  70. JimboWoodside on

    Bravo, Carp – politics is not a great topic for the board – I noticed some swipes at political figures earlier today in an earlier thread, and they just don’t belong here, IMO…

  71. Kentucky looks poised to win. Cant count Kansas out yet, but this UK team is unbelievable.

  72. Sally, I was similarly surprised! He must have used the interwebs to look up such a fancy word!

  73. Steven Stamkos

    What a great kid! The best player in the world right now. Very hamble player…Always credits his teamates, coaches and the fans. Now, this is a likeable superstar! Live and learn Crosby.

  74. JimboWoodside on

    C3, that’s what I was trying to say earlier – I don’t understand why Stamkos isn’t the Canadian “Golden Boy” of hockey, since they seem to always *need* to have one.

    He isn’t a whiny, ref-pleading punk, he doesn’t cheap-shot opponents and then expect to be protected from retaliation by the refs. He doesn’t slewfoot opponents.

    He seems more deserving to me.

  75. Had no trouble getting 2 tickets to games in both rounds on the member pre-sale. just get there right at the on sale time and know exactly what you are looking for. The phone number didn’t work at all.

  76. Stranger Nation on

    Stamkos is very, very talented – unfortunately he resembles the love child of Getty Lee and Anne Hesche.

    Good thing for Bolts Melrose was booted prior to giving away the franchise

  77. Stamkos is better than Crosby.

    Yeah, I went there.

    And on that note, I’m out to bed. Night gang!

  78. JimboWoodside on

    >>>unfortunately he resembles the love child of Getty Lee and Anne Hesche.

    Well, I know who Anne Heche is, but you lost me on Getty Lee – I’m out-of-the-mainstream, I guess…

    Goodnight, Mickster!

  79. Narrative Management:

    Rangers have a line brawl with the devils leads to soul searching about the role of fighting.

    Pens have a line brawl (after a textbook Cindy dive) and all anyone wants to talk about is Schenn’s cheap shot.

    Cindy can keep his feet with the likes of Chara and Weber leaning on him and a 175-lb rookie gives him a shove in the back and it’s as if he’s been shot from a Texas bell tower.

    He hardly touched him.

  80. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Geddy Lee – Lead singer of Rush. They’re pretty old. 70’s band.

    Thanks, ORR – well, 70’s is more my style, but I was never a Rush fan, so I never learned the names of the bandmembers! :-)

  81. Its absolutely ridiculous to even suggest that anyone in the NHL is better than Crosby (no that’s not sarcasm).

    If he is healthy for all of next season he might get 150 points…

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