It’s Go Time!


Game 79.

As youse know, thanks to what transpired before the melee in Pittsburgh today, ya boys need only a win or a Bettman Bonus Point for losing to clinch the Patrick Division and the Prince of Wales Conference and the No. 1 seed on this side of the bracket.

How much do you love Tony Granato? If only he wasn’t in Pittsburgh, I guess. But I’m appalled at the Penguins behavior. Imagine putting your tough guys on the ice at the end of a blowout loss. The Flyers, bless their little caring hearts, would never do something like that. Poor darlings. Hope they behave themselves in the season finale and throughout their first-round series. Not.

The Rangers have won four in a row, six of seven. They are tied with the 1991-92 Rangers for the second-most wins in team history (50), behind the ’93-94 team’s 52, with four left including tonight. With 107 points, they are two behind the ’70-71 and ’71-72 teams, and five off the ’93-94 franchise record 112.

Henrik Lundqvist starts his ninth in a row. Same lineup otherwise, which means no John Scott for Milan Lucic duty (remember that Lucic suckered Ryan McDonagh at the buzzer in the last meeting. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if the next three games are particularly nasty, starting tonight.

The Rangers have won all three meetings this season against the defending champs, and have won five in a row and 12 of the last 16 against the Bruins.

To honor the Flyers for beating the Penguins, and to honor Mr. Snider, Comcast, NBC Sports, Dave Schultz, Peter Laviolette, Tostitos and Rinaldo, the Empire State Building will be lit in Orange Crud and Black tonight. With the NHL’s blessing, of course.


Tonight’s trivia question: In their 86-year history, how many times have the Rangers finished the regular season in first place. No googling. Put your answers below. No prizes.

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  1. Answer: Never

    Dingelberry is talking gibberish again. Not that I’m surprised…

  2. Not sure about the logic in anyone saying Scott should have dressed tonight to prevent stuff happening like happened in the last game against the Bruins. A game in which he was dressed for…

  3. Beautiful April Fools Post, Carp!! Thanks for that laugh!

    Watched the Pens-Philthies, today, and Crosby broke his stick on a slash, was carrying a stick without a blade, and they let him get away with it. This after getting away with another slash minutes earlier, a slash as blatant and much more severe than any I’ve seen called all season.

    Those 2 teams deserve each other–there is Karma (sometimes) in the NHL!

  4. Cindys reaction when he was cross checked by Schenn was textbook Cindy. Any other player would jump up, spin around and see who the h-e-double-hockey-sticks had hit him. But not Cindy, who slowly got up and looked at the ref the whole time.

  5. Carp, i had no problem with what the Pens did. 6-4 is hardly a blowout too. LW, because at least when the game ended and Lucic pulled a lucic and hit Mc.D, Scott got off the bench and was face to face with Chara, who did not back down. he wouldnt not have been useless in this game.

  6. Winston, cant believe im defending Crosby, but that was pretty cheap by the Flyers…although Crosby got away with about 5 slashes during the game…

  7. BTW, Carp. Read you 1st post of the day and you got me for about a minute. Then I realized what the day was. Kudos to you on that.

    LOL @ Hartnell’s Hulk Hogan routine. That was outstanding!

  8. ye, i figured once i typed that. im not good at figuring sarcasm out on the internet, sorry.


    did anyone bring tim thomas ray charles’ sunglasses for tonight?

  10. I agree it was cheap. But to me, his reaction is so typical Cindy. He runs his mouth but has always been incapable of standing up for himself. Even before his concussion.
    He should just shut up and play and people wouldnt hate him so much.

  11. JimboWoodside on


    www first row sports dot eu/watch/watch/116745/1/watch-new-york-rangers-vs-boston-bruins.html

  12. Our boys are well aware of the opportunity they have tonight. Torts will keep them focused on the task at hand which is to keep walking the walk. They’ll earn these two points tonight and share the Eastern Conference crown with the fans in our House. Then they’ll get a good night’s rest and start preparing for a filthy game on Tuesday night and be ready to do it again.

  13. JimboWoodside on

    JimboWoodside Your comment is awaiting moderation. April 1st, 2012 at 6:54 pm

  14. LW things got nasty at the end of the last game against the Bruins and there wasn’t much Scott could do besides take a number for next game…which is useless now that he is scratched. Having Scott does not 100% prevent all funny business, but he is a deterrent and will be there if things get crazy, which I think is enough to warrant a spot on the fourth line.

  15. Strader is definitely tolerable, Mickey. I’d take him over most other non-Canadian broadcasts.

  16. I hope The Captain will stay the hell away from Chara’s slap shot tonight. Having him for the playoffs is more important than these two points.

  17. hello all
    better but still a bit under the weather
    so Mama and all
    may not get much of my

    still what’s more important is playing the Right Way
    Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  18. JimboWoodside on

    Listening on the radio tonight, even though we aren’t being subjected to “Screamin’ Doc Hockey” on NBCSC!

  19. LW, Lucic didnt lucic anyone until the game was over… after he did lucic someone, Scott was there (game was over and Torts had to hold him back)….

  20. LW because people still drive drunk, should we tell our police to stop looking for drunk drivers? Because people do sometimes get weapons on planes should we get rid of metal detectors?

    Scott will not prevent all shananigans, especially at the end of a game when the opposition knows he is on the bench. But its been obvious people don’t want to fight him, and that is enough to make many players think twice. And if nothing else, Scott can at least be there to counter Chara, who dwarfs out tough guys.

  21. Hey Lin! And now, Switched to shorts an long time ago, lol!

    Crowd sounds into it early!

  22. can the camera be any further away from the ice? perhaps the angle from Maine would be ideal.

  23. JimboWoodside on

    Wow – the radio feed and the TV feed are so far out-of-sync that I can’t figure out which one is ahead of the other!

    It’s like they’re doing two different games!

  24. I guess I’m saying that the Bruins will drink-drive and get weapons on their plane, regardless of Scott’s presence, if we’re using those analogies…

  25. YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OHHHH OHHH OHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HEY!!! HEY!!! HEY HEY HEY!!!!!!

  26. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    HELL YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jpg – marchand’s nose wouldn’t fit on a drive in movie screen much less my 68 incher

  28. People who are not as old as I am need to understand how fantastic, unusual,
    wonderful, spectacular it is to have a NYR team that is this committed, hard-
    working, spirited and dedicated as this one. A whole new movie for this old
    fart — with a couple seasons’ exceptions. Trust me.

  29. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    they seem to be totally primed for this game tonight! FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Ok, I’m watching on a bad feed so it’s hard to see the details sometimes.

  31. Really nice play in his own zone by Rupp and pass out was a little far, but still a nice lead pass that almost turned into something.

  32. was it me or did that last bruins rush look offsides?
    i’d like to see another angle because it looked
    as if Hank may have had the puck under his glove
    and it got knocked out due to no whistle

  33. They are also dominating them physically, Carp….Interesting game, indeed. All business.

  34. Bruins must be dead tired if the Rangers are flying around them since they have been worn down by their playing style.

  35. hey Carp
    Engblom got more than 12 seconds in the interview
    Andrew Gross must be so envious

  36. Do you guys hear that annoying sound? Like someone is constantly hitting the crossbar with a stick…wtf is that?!

  37. Hearing the constant whistling for the Potvin Sucks chant is so annoying. How bout focusing on the game and the task at hand… Never paid attn to it before, but I wonder if they do it when we’re down in a playoff game in the 3rd period.

  38. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Carp, he must be doing morse code to order his between periods cheeseburger

  39. Remember when the Rangers getting caught by the Penguins wasn’t a “if” but “when”…..”inevitable” supposedly? Lol

  40. check in the previous thread, Lin. Maybe he’s still there?

    seriously, though, where in Holy Hell is he?

  41. Or he’s doing it to make sure they are still there since the lighting is SO poor at MSG.

  42. Would Chara even be an average player if it weren’t for his size and extremely long hockey stick?

  43. Johnny LaRue on

    What kind of stupid show is this… hey that’s that idiot who took all my records.

  44. “Would Chara even be an average player if it weren’t for his size and extremely long hockey stick?”

    Yes. John Scott is big and has a long stick. Hasn’t worked for him.

  45. >>Hearing the constant whistling for the Potvin Sucks chant is so annoying. How bout focusing on
    >>the game…

    How about focusing on the game, rather than that whistling and chant?

  46. jpg's sister on

    Garden should have played “40” by U2 when Gabby scored ir Bono’s line, “This is forty”


    Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

  48. jpg's sister on

    cccp, I keep hearing the sound of the pick hitting the post and the play is nowhere near there, What is that?

  49. The Potvin chant is completely fine. A relic from the past, a reminder of the franchise
    history. I was at the game against the Habs Friday night —- it happened twice. A non-
    issue if there ever was one…….

  50. And if it’s a netminder, the clips are of them making saves against the Rangers.

  51. Why is Thomas allowed to wear black socks while the rest of this teammates wear white socks? Isn;t there a rule against that??

  52. Hospodar, I have more issue with people who complain about the Potvin chant. I don’t understand what the big deal is, really.

  53. Why is it a 40-goal “plateau” for Gaborik, Mr Strader? Doesn’t that word imply no further growth?

  54. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    he shouldnt be allowed to be all black back there… refs are confused about the puck enough

  55. Id love it if Torts sent John Scott into the crowd to -bludgeon Bruins fans with his skates- greet the Rangers fans, since he wont be doing much else for this team!

  56. JimboWoodside on

    There were more Bruins fans in the Nassau Mausoleum the other day than there were Fishies fans – that isn’t so difficult, however.

  57. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    you would have thought their camera positioning would have improved with the might NBC/COMCAST taking over… wth, its worse that it was when they were OLN

  58. ye i know Carp, just havent heard them that much… when they scored it sounded like it was a home game in Boston. that just sucks. i hope Dolan heard that.

  59. JimboWoodside on

    *Mr.* Snider only allows good camera work to be done at his team’s games..

  60. What bothers me in this goal, that Hank wasn’t even screened and saw it at open…
    Bruins looks like by far more dangerous in offence than Rangers.

  61. And there it is. They’ve let lots of stuff behind the play go and they call that.

  62. Yea, Carp, thats wat i meant lol….some people just dont want to be happy….as if finishing fourth would have been the end of the world anyway

  63. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    so all the hooking and tripping earlier was ok? asshats

    chode jigglin

  64. Thomas’ black socks are really bad.. they definitely shouldn’t have been allowed.


  65. Adversity! I welcome it! I sneer at it. I mock it! I revile it.

    Not to worry — the Rangers are better than the B’s and will beat them
    in the tourney if it comes to that!

  66. Czechthemout!!! on

    What waste so far. An absolutely brutal period and an absolutely bad game after the first five minutes. I expected more especially with the chance to clinch home ice and the conference.

  67. This game really means nothing in the grand scheme of things. We just need 1 point to go our way out of a remaining 5 games after tonight, 3 for us, 2 for Pens.

  68. Chara broke his stick on Boyle’s back right in front of the referee, and no call. Then Thornton comes off the bench and goes right after Boyle.

  69. Great response after the 2 goals against. I expect the same ferocity in the 3rd period.

  70. Jimbo, none. He’s never gonna score. And he only has two emotions: confused and pathetic. He’s my little sweetie.

  71. I have a feeling the rangers are going to have a very good third period and pull this game out to clinch first over all in the Eastern Conference.

  72. JimboWoodside on

    Carp, Dave Maloney was flipping his lid over the non-call on Chara, and the make-up call against Thornton…

  73. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    you can now break your stick cross checking someone in the back guys, it’s all good.

    effin asshats

  74. Czechthemout!!! on

    They are not done. Far from it. There is still a period to play and they are down by one. But in order to come back, you have to first show up. They finally did in the last two minutes.

  75. How about Crosby today with two brutal slashes right in front of the ref and no call. Also the pens got away with three blatant slashing the stick out of the flyer players hands and no call. Than Malkin while he tackles Giroux and laying on top of Giroux twice punching Giroux in the back of his head. I can’t stand the pens, they get away with so much nonsense and to top it off all you see is Crosby crying to the refs the whole game.

  76. That PP goal was all on McD. He tried to make a cute play out of the zone on the PK by looking for an outlet pass. Bad move. He got picked and Hank wasn’t expecting the stuff in, nor should he have been, since the proper play is to just hammer it as hard as possible and try to clear the zone.

    Rangers need to pick up the physicality and forecheck and they can win this game. Cut out the cute BS and get back to kicking ass.

  77. I *love* those Bruins’ Bear commercials and, now, the tv show ones. Can we please kidnap their ad folks & make them work for us?

  78. great 1st period, not so great 2nd period. I expect a Rangers comeback in the 3rd to at least get the game the OT and clinch the #1 seed…

  79. I anticipate a good third period from the boys. You could tell that they got it into a third gear at the end there.

  80. Those are the types of plays that never allow me to fully appreciate Girardi.. I know it’s probably unfair, but they bother me SO much. His mistakes are almost always glaring.

  81. Probably fairer in previous years, Latona. But how many mistakes like that has he made this year? Can’t think of many.

  82. I don’t know if that’s a make-up call. I mean, you have to call it when a guy jumps off the bench and skates 150 feet after an opponent to try to start a fight. Right?

  83. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    you would think so Carp, but in bizarro bettman world, ya never know.. depends on who the teams are

  84. Girardi has always been by whipping boy, so you’ll never get a truly unbiased opinion about him from me. He’s been spectacular this season, LW, but they still stand out to me.

  85. well obviously we wont be winning this game with any help from the PP….grind it out boys.

  86. I kinda agree, latona. I always dislike the sliding out of the play play. Now he’s got McDonagh doing it sometimes. … like on that goal.

  87. Dumb pass by Girardi there. Why not throw it back to McDonagh to avert the penalty call?

  88. JimboWoodside on

    I think Carp is trying to get you aggravated by agreeing with you, Latona – he’s obviously trying to play with your head! ;-D

  89. JimboWoodside on

    Tiki, both Potvins are in town today – they were at the Fishies game this afternoon, since Denis works for Ottawa – maybe some fans saw him and just had to serenade him while he’s in town!

  90. these announcers make it sound as if we are a desperate team fighting for a playoff spot

  91. We havent gotten a goal with our goalie pulled this year, I think. Maybe tonight’s the night…

  92. Look at the fight of this team. Just look at it, and know theyre going a long way in the playoffs.

  93. well,
    pens still have a chance to catch up.


  94. ilb2001 April 1st, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    It’s alright, they can always try and get in the playoffs next year…..

    Line of the night!!! LMAO!!!

  95. JimboWoodside on

    Bah! Next game vs. Flys in the snake pit – we didn’t sweep the B’s, and now we have to try to sweep the Flys in Filthy – not happy about this…

  96. Rangers effort was great in much of 1st period
    even when bruins got more into the swing of things playwise
    we continuously regressed as far as our skating
    and making plays in the offensive zone

    way too many shots in the goalie’s chest.
    even I could stop those since i just have to exist in order to stop ’em.

    sigh. oh well, worried about flyers having same intensity as bruins tonight
    because they don’t want to be skunked by us
    which will then bring us to the pens game
    if the refs don’t bother to call any penalties on cindy for obvious slashes today
    then we better get our PK in PERFECT form for thursday cause we’re going to be
    shorthanded all night long.

    i’m off to chug some cough syrup.

    hoping we get our carcillo together.

  97. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    must remember to NOT eat before or during the games from this point on. That little bit of dinner i had is doing evil dancing in my stomach

  98. JimboWoodside on

    Good luck with the cough syrup, jpg – hope it is stronger than Robitussin – I could use a shot of Codeine after that game, myself.

  99. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i should have known better Mickey, this time of year is either eat way before the game, or after. now i need a sedative and there’s no alcohol in the house and the diet cream soda is NOT gonna do it

  100. Chaotic offence in desperation. Lack of concentration and connection between players, all of the sudden. Team looks (in PP in particular) like again on a start of the season.

  101. JimboWoodside on

    They tried to mail it in against the Fishies, but Turco went and beat them! Go figure!

  102. did everything but win.

    girardi tunrover on the PK, hurt but mistakes happen and when you only score 1 what can you do.

    i guess the lighting at MSG was turned on brighter today for tea party thomas.

    staal best ranger on the ice. prust with 5:29 of ice time….

    seemed like Torts mixed up all the lines during the game, did not see cally at 1 point for a while. boyle only misses 2 goals tonight, 1 post and etc.

    close games anything can happen….intensity was good but not playoff level. wanted to end things tonight.

    gabby and richards 23 + minutes. thought as the game went on Gabby’s play went down hill…

    mdz needs to just shoot the puck on the PP, magical plays do not happen to often.

  103. JimboWoodside on

    Dubi was pretty invisible tonight – not sure who he was lined up against..

  104. boston will mail it in on tuesday. they have absolutely nothing to play for……

  105. JimboWoodside on

    Really, Thomas has played a crapload of games in March – if they started Turco, I would not be surprised.

    Our only goal tonight came from a busted play by a Chara shot – not too impressive.

  106. only other negative of the rangers play tonight was the faceoffs. man they are not a good faceoff team. bergeron schooled them that is huge on the PP or the PK……

    boyle is our best and that is not saying much………..

  107. Are we forgetting that the Bruins are just as stingy as us on defense? Cause they are!

  108. i dont think Dubinsky’s name was mentioned once today. although that’s been the case most of the season. oh well, im surprisingly not that upset by this loss. it would’ve been nice to sweep them, but c’est la vie. Flyers game will be totally different. wonder who will be scratched once Scott plays. does Torts bench Dubinsky or does he go the likely route and scratch Mitchell?

  109. This collapse into 4th place will be the biggest Rangers collapse since the one that saw them collapse into 6th place last week.

  110. he will scratch mitchell over Dubinsky because Mitchell sucks period. Dubinsky just cannot score a goal, mitchell does nothing. mitchell is a younger faster model of RUpp.

  111. Yeah, was thinking that the third period looked quite a lot like it must look like for other teams when a goal down to the Rangers in the third.

  112. One thing that can be relied on when Rangers trail late….they will still keep on passing the puck around instead of taking shots from anywhere on goal.but nope..they will keep on passing the puck around, even with the clock running down, pass pass pass, instead of shoot shoot shoot,,The Bruins instead took way more shots this entire game than they did..but NY sure put on a passing clinic. And you just know that Lundqvist loves these.

  113. JimboWoodside on

    Torts had very little to say after the game – said he liked the way that the team played, and that Thomas looked very good.

  114. SEASON OVER TRADE EVERYBODY THEYRE GONNA GET CAUGHT BY PENGUINS AND SWEPT!!! (obvi sarcasm) so they clinch on Tuesday now no biggie

  115. Can’t even see a compelling reason to play Scott against the Flyers. Tostitos is hurt and Shelley has played once in the last 10, while they’ve been winning (go figure).

  116. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    we’ll just have to reconvene Tuesday and get those 2 points then!

  117. Now he probably doesn’t play Scott. Tostitos isn’t playing lately. They don’t need Scott for Rinaldo and Simmonds and Hartnell.

  118. Although giving Scott a shift in the final minute will be worth it just to see Laviolette climb the boards and jab his finger at Mike Sullivan…

  119. fran,

    Aren’t you the one who always complains about the Rangers NOT passing the puck?

  120. rangers had 19 shots in the 3rd and out shot the bruins by a bunch on the game.

    # of shots is a overrated stat it is scoring opptys. philly got outshot by a 20 today by pittsburgh….

  121. Boston has a fourth line that can skate very well…Scott would have a pinched nerve in his neck from looking at people skating right by him….

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