Home ice in peril for Rangers?


Because of Knicks games that can’t be moved in a condensed NBA season, a contract for a concert series which Madison Square Garden cannot break, and pressure from NBC Sports to alternate Rangers games and Flyers-Penguins games in the first round of the playoffs, word is starting to leak out of a potentially drastic step.

The Rangers are considering giving the OK to the NHL to start their first-round series with two games on the road, despite earning the home-ice advantage. The league and the Rangers are negotiating a scenario in which the Rangers would play the first two games on the road, then come home for three consecutive Garden games, go on the road for a Game 6 if necessary, and have home ice again for Game 7.

The league has spoken to one of the teams fighting for the No. 8 spot and of course has gotten the OK from that team, though it’s not clear if that was Washington, Buffalo, Ottawa or Florida.

More on this story later.

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  1. Just reported on WFAN, Sean Avery is coming back to the Rangers. Cally has been sent down to the Whale and Avery will be named Captain.

  2. Good ridiculously early morning all! I know some people (ahem, Carp) don’t think home ice advantage matters much in playoffs, but I say this hartnell’d up. I get so tired of this carcillo where the Rangers are concerned, especially if NBC is tipping the balance on this.

    Gee, guess the powers that be figured, heck, they’ll never be in that position, so no worries. I say, byfuglien.

  3. Hi all of you who are awake at this hour.
    It’s 12.30 where I am so I’m awake. ;)
    Watching the start of the devils – Rangers game with my son and two of his friends.
    one of the friends asks: “won’t the game be canceled now that there is blood on the ice? They can’t skate on that????!” He’s shocked! LOL! That’s a soccerkid for you!
    Can’t wait for the playoffs to start! LGR!!!

  4. Love you Krisy!!! Heia! Ha!, is Sondre setting him straight and bragging about being there?

  5. Too bad this isn’t true. I actually think it would have helped the Rangers to start on the road.

  6. Well, Mama, I walked around the yard with the dog for 20 minutes muttering under my breath about my hatred of Cindy before I realized, so he got me before my frozen fingers had a chance to post a little rant!
    I blame it on not having any coffee at that point :)

  7. In a prefect world, the orange crud beats the cindys today, Hartnell knocks Cindy’s block off, resulting in a playoff suspension for Hartnell.

  8. Well played Carp. You’d really have gotten me by saying that the road games were proposed to be played at the Nassau crapiseum…

  9. I heard the Isles offered to play all the games on the road and wait for all the Loggins and Messina concerts (Stone Ponies are th opening act) to pass at the Garden
    …and even play 5 ON 3 in exchange for the 8th seed.

  10. Got me. Ha! I hate cindy buttman 6th ave dolan nbc comcast snider flyers and the empire state building so it wouldnt have surprised me. I do like Kathryn Tappen.

  11. Brian Reichert on

    Here we go again. Rangers getting the shaft from the NHL, their own home arena,and a Knicks team that’s going absolutely no place. Always 2nd class citizens to the Knicks,who could only wish they were as good as the Rangers are.

  12. FashionForward on

    In other news, in the unlikely event of an early-round exit by America’s Team, the Rangers have agreed to immediately move to Pittsburgh and change their name to the Penguins. Season tickets will not be valid at The Igloo. The Garden will remain open during Penguins home games for prime rib sandwiches and beer.

  13. I thought the choice of where the Rangers play their playoff games rested with Joel Quenneville and Jonathan Toews?

  14. Got me on the first read through.. Nice one carp, good timing on a bleary eyed sunday morning..

  15. If NYR gets a point out of tonight, they clinch the East, right? Can’t believe they’re going to end up in first in the East, and maybe, at the very least, top three in the league. Truly unbelievable!

  16. @ORR…the magic number is 3. So a combination of 3 points is what does it. If Pitt loses to Phillly today, that’s 2. Then a tie for us is 1 = 3.

  17. I can’t believe that my tickets for tonite can’t sell on Ticket Exchange for my cost. Note being a pig and marking up. That’s when you know the market is telling all of us that ticket prices at MSG are TOO HIGH.

  18. This Rangers team is the best I’ve ever seen. It’s not even a question as to whether they’ll win the Stanley Cup. GUARANTEED.

  19. Hahah – had me for a second too… was thinking “ok, that’s not so bad…”

    Nice one!

  20. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Excellent one, Carp. I actually texted a buddy … and then read Ilb’s post and checked the calendar (wonk…).

    Good laugh, another great post.


  21. Good one Carp. We’re so conditioned to the underdog role that I believed you. However, my blood pressure never waivered as my faith in this team is so strong that I thought starting on the road would work to our advantage. It would also be great to see a clinching game played at MSG. If memory serves me correctly, we won the first two series on the road in ’94.

  22. I also heard that the Rangers were considering forfeiting the cup, Miami Pimp style, to the Penquins.

  23. if this idea about starting on the road for playoffs is true the rangers are first class morons. what a pathetic group it they indeed do this.

  24. the knicks play at home friday april 13th and sunday afternoon april 15th at 1pm and tuesday april 18th.the playoffs start april 11th wed. what is going on in the garden on wed april 11th and thurs april 12th for them not to start at home. they could play thurs and sat night especially if its ottawa for hockey night in canada. what about sat afternoon april 14th for game 2 on nbc. to me this ia freaking joke and i blame the rangers not the league for this crap.

  25. I heard they’re just going to have to give up the seeding too, due to some weird provision in the NHL bylaws that the higher seed hosts the first two games. So if this happens the Rangers need to accept the 8 seed the rest of the playoffs. UNBELIEVABLE.

  26. i just google concerts. wed april 11th some spanish group is performing. as far as i am concerned nothing i saw is going on thurs april 12th and sat april 14th in msg. i looked at concerts in tri state are and nothing pops up. no reason not to start at home.

  27. cam bam connor on

    eric, you should be the 1st to write to the nhl office. send it off today, so they see your concerns today!

  28. obviously the Canadians are behind this!! Bieber is probably prob a Sens fan. he clearly knew that they would end up in 8th thus facing NYR in 1st round. it all makes sense now

  29. Good morning, Carp! You had me for a second! I started feeling really bad for my favorite couple from AZ, then I figured it out.

    *No sangwich* :(

    Miami, “good one” for you, too. Now please take it back!

  30. i will be at game tonight getting there early and will shoot whoever agreed to this crap

  31. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    LMFAO CARP!!! such a sneakster!!!

    i’m just mad the game was moved to 6 CST!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET THESE 2 POINTS!!!!!!

  32. I am glad that EC is getting some recognition at long last, for he sure put up with a lot of abuse while he was here. I tried at times to point out some of his positive attributes but it was usually laughed at. He is certainly appreciated by the folks he is with now. No small part of his growing success is his ice time with them.

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    The NHL has a web portal for complaints, they go directly to Colin Campbell. Well written ones with legitimate complaints get forwarded to Bettman. You should draft something and post it here, we’ll help you edit and get the best possible complaint into Bettman.

    This is the portal: http://www.nhl.com/ice/feedback.htm

    I won’t stand for this!

  34. Hey, thank goodness MSG was smart enough to not allow games that were schedule even on back-to-back days for the Knicks in April. Looks like Rangers will get a Wednesday-Saturday or Thursday-Saturday start, especially if the series is against the Crapitals.

  35. I take it back. It’s almost certain for Thursday/Saturday because of something called Mana playing on Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:00.

  36. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i swear spider i thought our game was originally the 1230 EST game. i’m going to go out and enjoy the absolutely amazing day while the those two sewer dwelling teams battle each other out. Another game that i wish the earth would open up under the ice and consume both teams. When I come home, I fully expect the Rangers victory over the bruins to be their clinch moment! And i get to share that with youse guys ! What a glorious day this could be!

  37. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    we need to summon the sinkhole with various tasty vittles and beer!!

  38. eddie eddie eddie on

    i think the battle of the cocks, bab vs hitch, in the west will determine who the rangers play in the finals

  39. @NYP_Brooksie: NHLPA source: League looking to reach out into China with Rangers 1 likely team due to Jeremy Lin connect

  40. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    Idk. The way those teams are playing, both of the ‘cocks are hard to go up against this year. Maybe a Jack Johnson hip check or the wrist shot of Semin will take them down.

  41. Lol, I can’t believe how many people you were able to fool, Carp! I was hoping not to ruin it for you, Carp, and it looks like I didn’t. I think this one could be even better than the one from a couple of years back about the generator in Tampa….

    Mama, you can rest assured I read your post to mrs, she had a good laugh. She attributed it to having too much sangria by you last night :-)

  42. only this one didn’t get a reaction from the Rangers like the one about the Islanders forfeiting those two points, or the one about the generator. And I don’t know if it got re-tweeted in the media like the others did.

  43. eddie eddie eddie on

    stranger – the rangers need to a get a grip on their PP, against either of the cocks come the finals

  44. eddie eddie eddie on

    i went to bed wondering what tom foolery would appear today,,,,still as i read it, i fell for it…

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    the cock in st. louis has really grown on that team…they are playing hard…

  46. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Got me too Carp after spewing a LOT of cursing LOL this is one of the reasons I ♥ this place!

  47. I fell for it too! It wouldn’t surprise me, though, the way hockey/the Rangers are treated in the sporting world…

    Thanks Carp for this blog and all the work you do! I’m new to this blog… Am a father of 3 kids ranging from 9 to 2 and have been out of the loop until my older son finally took an interest in hockey last year… At 39 I started playing along with my son and this blog has been a daily read for me. Really enjoy it! Keep up the great work!!!!

  48. I love the smell of April 1st hijinx in the morning…. smells like………… playoffs!


  49. I was really angry until I saw them selling unicorn farts on the Internet and then I remembered. Good one carp. I think it fell apart when you said pressure from NBC sports. Oh you mean the network that throws in bits and pieces of hockey in between a block of 2.5hours of commercials and is crushed in the ratings by infomercials? Like they have any pull. The best part of the playoffs is when they switch to the CBC feed.

    No one cares about colleges Pierre!

  50. Nice 3 mph goal allowed by Bobrovsky.

    Yes, Mzev, please join the hilarity more often.

    Sally, last year I got some emails that had been forwarded to a whole bunch of email addresses to all the execs at MSG asking if anybody had heard anything about the Islanders forfeiting those two points to the Rangers.

  51. You know what’s going to be fun? Florida at Washington Thursday. It’s possible Washington wins the division and Buffalo gets eighth seed and Florida goes from 3rd seed to ninth place.

  52. If/when the Flyers and Pens meet in the playoffs, as much as I’d prefer for -a meteor to obliterate the building they are in- the Flyers to win, it’ll still be funny to see them completely unravel against the Pens like they always do.

  53. I don’t know if the Flyers will ever unravel against a skilled team with that Grade A goaltending they always have.

  54. ilb!!! How about the fact that I had to get up at 3:30 this morning! Dang man!!

    Um, Sally, speaking of putting the joke out there, are you forgetting to tell Carp something? :)

  55. what a disgrace by NBC missing that entire scrum at the end of the period, which was pretty obvious to everybody … instead showing us closeups of one goalie, then the other. Idiots.

  56. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    I would love to know the secret of all the symbols form the last thread!!

    Hilarious my friend…HILARIOUS!!!

    I don’t think the rangers let bickel go, just a hunch but he seems to be on good terms with the coach and I would expect the rangers to re sign him despite all of their D depth!

    speaking of bickel…not sure if everyone saw this on woywitka—> earlier, but great article and also good on clutterbuck at the end of the article

    Do we have a line up yet for tonight?? c’mon john scott!!

  57. “anybody surprised that the NHL has only one assist credited to Skid in this game?”

    Wait until tomorrow, Carp.

  58. I heard from my friend’s uncle, that if the Rangers go far in the playoffs, they’ll open the 12-13 season at the izod center, due to the second phase of the construction at the garden this summer.

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