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1) So now it’s 50 wins, and all they need is to go 2-2 to tie the ’93-94 team’s franchise record of 52. That’s secondary. Their magic number on Pittsburgh is three. That’s any combination of points the Rangers get or Pittsburgh fails to get that equals three. Simpler: If the Rangers go 1-3, Pitt must go 4-0. Or, if the Rangers go 0-2 and Pitt 2-0 until Thursday and the Rangers win that game, in regulation, OT or breakaway contest, it’s over. There is also a magic number with Philly — one. The Filthy crud could still mathematically catch the Rangers if the Flys win all five of their remaining games and the Rangers go 0-4. That’s the only possibility. Philly hosts Ottawa today at 1.

2) I know it’s been three in a row against non-playoff teams, though I completely agree with the players and the coach who said that those games can be difficult against a team that has nothing to lose, nothing to play for, no pressure at all.

3) That said … if you’re looking for direction headed into the postseason, the Rangers are getting stingy again, Henrik Lundqvist is playing terrific in goal again, they’re getting PPGs all of a sudden, and secondary scoring all of a sudden, and offense from their defense all of a sudden. Plus, you have to like that the high battle level has come back into their game, the bite, the fight for loose pucks, the aggressiveness on the puck and in pursuit of it. The top players are all playing at or near the top of their games. It’s starting to look like mid-season again. Which, you know, was pretty good.

4) I liked that Lundqvist was mad at himself for allowing the one goal. He was really, really solid in this one. I think it’s really smart to ride him now. Maybe Martin Biron gets one of the last two if everything’s clinched. And I thought Marc Staal, off that dreadful performance in Minny, had back-to-back solid, physical, engaged performances.

5) If you’re still not convinced that you like Brian Boyle … well, maybe you never will … but if you like him a little, or just want to like him a lot more, scroll down and listen to him talk in the post-game interviews thread, when I asked him what it meant when office Steven McDonald talked about the admirable way the Rangers play during last night’s award ceremony. I first saw officer McDonald in 1988, when Phil Esposito’s regime founded the award, and his son was just a toddler. So nice to see him all grown up, a cop himself now. Also listen to Boyle talk about playing in New York, about Ryan Callahan, about how he’d be happy to sit on the bench when the power play is clicking without him … all that team-first stuff that makes him so valauble. Plus he’s been a beast physically.

6) I was trying to find a photo of the ceremony and thinking how much fun it would be to have a caption contest of The Captain, Mark Messier posing with The Captain, Ryan Callahan. So if you got one, throw it in the comments below.

7) Officer McDonald sometimes says some outrageous fan-stuff in these ceremonies. This time what he said was perfect. “Play like champions and we’ll see you in June.” And you could see the pride in John Tortorella’s face as McDonald spoke.

8) Before the game, I saw John Rostawanik. He’s the son of the late Old Coach, one of the great Boneheads who passed on last year. John Jr. is one of the coaches at Suffern High, which just won the New York State Division 1 ice hockey championship in Utica a couple of weeks ago. John Jr. is certain that his dad redirected a couple of close calls Suffern’s way in the championship game. Congrats to the Mounties, to head coach Rob Schelling and his brother Rich and the entire staff and players.

9) Again, it was Montreal, OK? But the PP scored twice, and it scored because it’s moving the puck, and because the players are moving their feet. It seems they’re playing more off the half boards now, and it seems that Brad Richards, Michael Del Zotto, Marian Gaborik and Ryan Callahan are playing as well as they have all season, individually and collectively. Derek Stepan’s looked good there lately, too. In case you missed it, the Rangers are 24-1-4 when they score a PPG. Though it’s crazy that they’ve only scored in 29 of 78 games.

10) Gaborik got No. 39, and he looked as if he won’t be satisfied with 40. Looked like he wants 50.

11) Carl Hagelin used his wheels more  in this game than he has lately.

12) I thought the new Brandon Dubinsky-Boyle-Callahan line looked pretty good. But I wonder if that weakens the third line. Or is it more important to have two strong lines? I just think that Boyle with Prust, or whomever, as a checking line, gives them more overall balance and makes it more likely that the ice time for the top two lines isn’t crazy minutes. But what do I know? This is the time to experiment, right?

13) I also think Thursday’s game at Pitt could be uglier than Tuesday’s game at Philly if it’s all settled by then.

14) Ira Podell of the AP told me yesterday was the anniversary of the Canadiens’ first Stanley Cup in 1916. I think that was Chris Chelios’ rookie year.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Michael Del Zotto.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Brad Richards.
Vibz’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Marian Gaborik.
2) Michael Del Zotto.
3) Ryan McDonagh.
Honorable mentions: Henrik Lundqvist, Marc Staal, Ryan Callahan, Brad Richards.

AP photos, above.

Here’s my column from The Journal News and LoHud.com today … on the Gomez for No Gomez trade.


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  1. “Or, if they both win until Thursday and the Rangers win that game, in regulation, OT or breakaway contest, it’s over.”

    Think you may have meant if Pitt wins out until Thursday and the Rangers lose Sunday and Tuesday, the Rangers could still clinch with any type of win on Thursday @Pittsburgh.

    Bc if the Rangers and Pitt both won their games until Thursday, Rangers would have gained 4 pts already and clinched. Sorry for bein a nitpicker.

    Will be interesting to see how the goalie situation plays out if they were to clinch before Tuesday with a win vs. Boston and a Penguins loss to Philly.

    All in all this is GREAT. Cant wait to open up a playoff run at MSG for first time since 96, going to be bonkers.

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp! Good stuff on Boyle, Steven McDonald and his son, I was emotional last night watching it. NY surely knows how to do it.
    RIP Old Coach. Was always enjoyable to read his comments. Happy for his son.
    Rob M- I’m sure that was exactly what Carp meant. They get 3 points whichever way in the next 2, and the game Thursday means nothing.

    Gotta go to work today, later ‘heads!

  3. Great Review Carp!

    When I saw Stephen McDonalds son Connor, it was amazing how long they have been doing this. He was a little boy when he started. LOVED what Stephen said about playing in June! Awesome! And so well deserved by Cally. The epitome of extra effort.

    Really like the movement on the PP. People skating around and switching positions ….. Good stuff and could be the difference in the Playoff’s.

    next three games will be a test to see if they are playoff ready.

  4. Denis Potvin on

    @Yev Kessem: “next three games will be a test to see if they are playoff ready.”

    They ARE playoff ready, Yev. Enjoy the games!

  5. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    Just make it into the playoffs injury free and the New season begins.

    They call Steven McDonald officer , but he wears a dectective shield , he ‘s a Dect.

    There are very few similarities between this team and the 94 team .
    If this team sets a team record for wins and points and doesn’t ride down the canyon of heroes in June are you still happy ?or happy with a * ?

  6. bull dog line on

    so the first 78 games did not show they were playoff ready, but the next 3 will?

  7. bull dog line on

    I also thought Staal was much better last night, they are going to need him to be the Staal of last year. that other guy though, well lets just say, I think I saw him once.

  8. ThisYearsModel on

    What a terrific season by these guys. Never would have expected this….was just hoping for a playoff team that did not have to wait until the last game.

  9. Czechthemout!!! on

    I have been very tough on Staal this season for his poor play. But last night for the first time all season, Staal started to resemble the player he was before the injury. He was aggressive, assertive and very physical. It was good to see. My three stars are

    Brad Richards

    Marian Gaborik

    Mike Del Zotto

  10. Our boys will not be looking past these next four games. They’re on top of the entire league and they talk about improving. This season has had some pretty high highs and the lows haven’t been that low. This season has been such a joy.

    One aspect rarely mentioned which is a source of pride for me is that this team plays HARD, but they’re not a filthy, dirty bunch of cheap shot carcillos.

    They’re also not a one and done team. Who doesn’t think they’re not going to be even better next year? The future is bright indeed!

  11. Czech, I agree. Me, too. I want to publicly repent for any negative comments about Staal. He’s had a good two games. True, against non-playoff teams, but he played the minutes, was more aggressive, and had less (but some bonehead, still) turnovers. He can still be a 2nd line defenseman, maybe.

  12. Carpy, nice review. The effort was strong against a ‘nothing’ team. These are the type of games you can lose.

    The kill was pretty good. Henrik (who had a ‘lull’ in games 55-75) was seeing everything and obviously working on positioning. He was terrific! (15 games ago, I did state here he was not as sharp: he is back!).

    Only thing that still concerns me is the PP. Can’t go all the way without it. Nice going 2 for whatever, however, its a last place team, and they did the one thing that the Rangers have responded to all year (was Montreal trying to lose???) and came up high. The point men know to send it low, grab a 3 on 2, and that works well for us. Not convinced on the PP. Let’s see how we do against good teams.

  13. Chellio’s rookie year! HAAAAA! The boy was thrilled to see you last night. Great article today on the trade that sparked this current good run. HAd 5 drunk young people, 2 girls, 3 guys behind us last night. What makes a 21 year old girl think that using the f-bomb every other word out of her mouth is attractive? Some of the ranger “fans” are as bad as the philly bums.

  14. Carpy, any word on Hags???

    If you didn’t see it, he went down with about 5 min to go awkwardly and his face looked really red on the bench, but I think it was his left shoulder/arm that got extended and then crushed when he went down.

    He doesn’t take pain like the older guys do, whines, etc., but he looked like he didn’t use his left arm/shoulder to get off the ice (and didn’t play any more shifts).


  15. Stranger Nation on

    Matty – hope that is not anything serious with Hags

    This team has been playoff ready since the holidays, just waiting for other teams to catch up.

    MDZ has played much better over last five after sitting a Couple out with hip injury

    Bickel > Stralman in POs

    Boyle > monster, man has he really become a ‘huge’ asset.

  16. Great to hear about Suffern doing well. Rob Schelling was my old coach in the house league at Sport O Rama in the 80’s when he just began to coach. Cool story, thanks for sharing.

  17. Staal, two weeks ago, he got with a shot. He made it look like he was out for the season. Torts commented, “Hags needs to learn how to take shots a bit better”.

    That’s how.

  18. It was indeed a really fine game against a team that for some strange reason always gives them problems.

    I had happened to watch the scene when the Pens were playing somebody, and the camera stopped at the Somebody;s goal, and there was little Lord Crosby standing all alone in front of the net, just him and the goaltender. All of a sudden here is the puck at the little Lord’s feet and it startled him so much that he swatted it like it was a mosquito, and bingo . into the stunned goalie’s net for apparently the winning goal. Oh the clamor and the carrying on…you’d have thought it was final cup winner. What a performance.

  19. Good morning, Carp! Great job with the Boyle interview yesterday… loved what he said.

  20. So I’m curious, does John Scott get in the lineup vs. Boston, Philly or Pitt to control possible rough stuff or is it too much of a gamble altering our lineup here?

    And has Prust gotten the memo not to scrap Lucic?

    I want the team to keep rolling but also hope there are no injuries here the rest of the way.

  21. Stranger, agreed!!

    Boyle is so important and makes such great team comments. Can only imagine that he’s a great guy, but his use on this team is so important in kills, even on some pp.’s. He is using his size more, too.

    MDZ. OMG. He is showing signs that he could be a serious Zubov-type player. Negative me, I thought after last year, he was no one. What a great surprise is his play this year. OMG!

  22. Matty
    I thought Torts was referring to being in proper position to block a shot, not take pain from blocking shots better…Prust sayin’

  23. This team Iis garbage. Giving up a goal with less that 3 minutes left is a clear indication of a team on the downside.

  24. great summary carp. with the new lines AA is getting buried. i like boyle with feds and prust.

    need to get aa going.aa on the 4th line is a waste of his skill.

    mdz with 10 goals, wow… torts has decided 2 main d pairs and bickel and stralman will get 10 minutes or less per game when it counts. big 4 get 25 per each pair.

  25. i got the game on the nhl network since I am not in NY, did not get the mcdonald presentation. also the nhl network has crap scrolling on the bottom the whole game, it actually affects viewing of the game. the puck is usually at the bottom of the screen.

  26. HageLinMcCalPrustBoylahan on

    stuart I HATE THAT!! it’s so frustrating trying to watch games now with all the carcillo on the screen. First row actually had an MSG link, so i finally got to see the ceremony. Always classy.

    Like I said last night, Hank is dialed in. He’s got that look in his eyes again, he is going to be STELLAR for the remainder of their season. The boys also seem to have regained their battle level, and their November/ December mojo.

    What an incredible season it’s been.
    still love typing that!

  27. I was at the game and the most hilarious parts were when the crowd was mockingly chanting the Habs goal song “ole ole ole ole”. Then when they finally scored and Habs fans acted like they tied the game the crowd started changing “last place!” and “your seasons over!”

  28. Joekuh - playoffs.........you wanna tallk PLAYOFFS???? on

    it was mentioned in the nhl network broadcast that montreal’s pk is one of the tops in the league, as is ours. i think they said they were ranked 2nd prior to last night’s game. dont think that just because a team’s having a bad year means that they aren’t good at anything. see marek malik as example 1 of misleading stats.

  29. Staal, I guess you could ask Torts on that. The way I heard and read it was that he was a bit like todays athlete’s that drop dead on the floor and then realize it ain’t so bad and get up and walk away. I’m not saying he’s cowardly, just from Tort’s comment as I read it, the kid could react in a tougher way to pain. Perhaps I am wrong.

    Girardi and Callie get hit more in one game than he does in weeks. You often don’t even see them even react. Carmello gets bumped and he’s out for a month. Hockey players are a tough breed. Especially those that have been around a while. My interpretation was that the ‘kid’ needs to toughen.

    On the bench he was writhing in pain, head down. He is such an important player, but it happened late so one could argue he didn’t miss a shift, so it was hard to tell how bad it was from a fan’s perspective. He did not go back on the ice except to raise sticks. When he did it was his right hand he raised his stick with, high, like everyone else, but his left arm/shoulder was not moved. Also, when he left the ice, sometimes skaters will use a hand to steady as they get off the ice. His left arm was not moved.

    Fingers crossed. He is an important part of the mix that makes this a good team. Depth we don’t have.

  30. Great review, Carp!!

    Check this out:

    John Buccigross ? @Buccigross Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Mike Del Zotto is the first Rangers defenseman to score two third-period goals in one game since March 8, 1988, (James Patrick)#elias

    LOL! Mike Del Zotto…Buccigross is a jackwagon. But that’s a great stat…

  31. rangerbill

    Captain’s Courageous!!! Do you recall that great B&W movie from the 30;s with Spencer Tracy and Eward G.
    Robinson..oh, and Freddy Bartholemew..great story and acting….and the action.

    Some wonderful movies were made back then, not the explosions and cars flying thru the air, and everyone with guns in NY flying from one building to the next and firing tons of small arms ammo without ever hitting any one important…you’ve seen one and you’ve seen them all.

  32. The team is clearly focused on getting the ship battle-ready for the POs. You can just see the way they are playing together, starting to know exactly where everyone is and is going on the ice, etc.

    The last 3 teams we beat are golfing in 2 weeks, but we needed to beat them and we did it quite convincingly. Now the tougher tests come. But if they can keep that snarl, that cohesion going, we’ll be in good shape.

    McDonagh continues to improve every night. Is it me or did something just click on his offensive side in the last 6-8 weeks? Scotty Gomez….hahahaha.

    Our leaders are doing it too. 24 and 30, but also 10 and 19 and 5. 18 still has a few gears higher I think which will come as he strengthens. He’s getting there though.

    17 and 22 getting in playoff form too perhaps.

    If the PP can just get 1 per 4 or 5, we’ll be tough to beat.

    And yes, the Pitt game might be nastier than the Philly game.

  33. Most all players performed up to or better than expected. Not to be negative but maybe the guys who were off are: Dubi big time, Biron second half, Boyle slightly, Staal slightly, Feds, AA maybe, Richards first half, but that says real lot about the rest of this team.

  34. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Super review, thanks!!!

  35. Carp,

    You know that if it had been I who pointed out the scenario Rob did, you would have accused me of starting trouble.

  36. Do you guys remember when Callahan was taking all those really unnecessary penalties early in the season? It was like he was trying was trying to be chippy…what was that all about? Establishing himself as Ranger captain?

    Now, he hasn’t taken a single penalty since February 24 against the Islanders…

  37. HageLinMcCalPrustBoylahan on

    Carpy, in the article you said only six remain, but named only five ;-)

  38. Here’s the rest of the lineup from that final playoff game in ’09:

    Wade Redden, Nik Zherdev, Sean Avery, Scott Gomez, Fredrik Sjostrom, Chris Drury, Paul Mara, Lauri Korpikoski, Michael Rozsival, Aaron Voros, Derek Morris, Nik Antropov, Markus Naslund and Stephen Valiquette.

    oops again, the rifelman was riding shotgun between Prust and Shelley the next year.

  39. HageLinMcCalPrustBoylahan on

    Ah the Bearded Wonder and namesake for our beard contest!! the HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Antropov! My first team in the Bonehead Dysfunctional Family!

  40. If you have to be hypercritical of all my posts, why don’t you just go ahead and ban me?

  41. NEW YORK BLUE & NYC FINEST Both on and off the ice last night. Lets get 53 and make this teams foot print last a life time.

  42. Jokinen was post-Gomez for No Gomez, since they got him for Higgins. Didn’t they sign Fankist the same year they signed Gaborik — Torts’ first off-season as coach?

    you’re banned, Latona :)

  43. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    you ok?? LOL

    I am in the minority here, but I hope john scott plays tomorrow against the bruins and just starts pounding on lucic at the end of the game like lucic did mcdonut!!!

  44. Good morning all! Great column Carp. Please don’t ban Latona! I have plans for a good lunch today!!!!

  45. HageLinMcCalPrustBoylahan on

    and Blair Betts! he got destroyed in that game and then signed with the carcillos in the offseason

  46. I think an important thing to note is that of the Rangers’ 50 wins, only 4 came by shootout. So, even if you strip away the skills competition, 46 wins (with 4 to go) is still very impressive. That’s a legit first-place number.

    Also, it looks great compared to Jersey (12), Pitt (9), Boston (8), among others. The Rangers had 9 last year.

  47. i’m good, wick. you?

    i’d be tempted to dress Scott for revenge on Lucic. I don’t think they will. besides, lucic won’t fight him.

  48. Has anybody heard what the 1st round schedule will be? My brother will be in town from the 12th to the 16th, so it would be awesome to try to catch a playoff game (assuming we can get in the door for under $7,000).

  49. according to Zip, there’s a concert at MSG 4/11 and Knicks 4/13, so he’s speculating 4/12 and 4/14 for Games 1 and 2. that’s speculation, though. depends a lot on what NBC (and Comcast and Mr. Snider) want.

  50. HageLinMcCalPrustBoylahan on

    yea carp and then slats had the brain fart and signed pillow hands

  51. Carp, great article. Nice comparison!

    Just can’t get enough of watching the youthful ‘d’ men we have. McD and MDZ are standouts. To have received the cap reduction we did from getting rid of one of Sather’s many mistakes (Gomez) was enough (what was Gainey thinking????, then again, what was Sather thinking when he signed Gomez and Drury???), but to consider that we got McD and Prusty out of it is awesome.

  52. and Gaborik …

    Hagelin’s apparently on the ice at practice according to the widget ——–> everybody’s on except Sauer and Eminger, obviously.

  53. what was Sather thinking when he signed Gomez and Drury???)

    Gomez was supposed to be the setup man for Jagr. They envisioned Gomez carrying the puck into the zone and dishing to Jagr and lighting up the scoreboard.

    Drury? Mmmmm….Sather likes Little League baseball pitchers?

    Actually, with Jagr supposedly going to score so many goals I guess he thought that they needed a clutch performer for the playoffs, since it was now clinched with the signing of the two $7 million wonders.

  54. and let’s not forget how many fans thought it was a superb day in Rangers history when they signed both of those B-listers for A-list money. not to mention Redden and Rozsival.

  55. Filthy Crud down 3-0 to Ottawa already, in the first period in Philly. Mr. Snider’s fans must be going nutso.

  56. My Caption for the Captains photo. Callahan to Messier:

    “This one’s for you, Pop! It’s Go Time!”

  57. Yeah, it was quite a bit a magic that Sather pulled off to sign the two $7 million wonders.

    I didn’t know all that many people that were thrilled with the Redden signing or Rozsival either. And, when they re-signed Rozy for $5 million a year there was a collective head slap all across the country.

  58. Mighty Isles tied with Boston, 1-1 after one. Boston doesn’t have much at stake, though Ottawa could close to within four this afternoon.

    also, did youse see that Nick Backstrom is coming back for Caps. That makes them considerably more dangerous, IMO.

  59. 2-1 Bruins over Fishies….. i REALLY think that Washington can get going at any moment (more so with Backstrom back now)…i hope they get into 7th place…. or that they take 3rd and Florida falls into 8th with Ottawa getting the 7th. or Florida 7th and Ottawa 8th. dont want Buffalo to make the playoffs.

  60. If the Flyers lose today (regulation, OT, SO), the Rangers can not finish lower than 4th….

  61. I play Scott the next 3 games…. Carp why do you think the Pens game may be ugly? wouldnt both teams want to just get it over with and perhaps even rest some guys?

  62. And also, if that happens, the Flyers will be in foul mood tomorrow against Pittsburgh…

  63. Maybe you’re right, Lev. I just think they both might want to establish some growl for later on … figuring they’ll meet eventually.

    I don’t think Scott will play tomorrow.

  64. Flyers better hope that Universe is good to go for the playoffs… (never thought id say that)…. otherwise Pens will destroy Bobrovsky in the playoffs

  65. Flyers can match the Pens offense, though.. and Fleury can be equally as bad as Universe..

  66. “… though the trade of Huggy Bear and his cap hit was fairly brilliant.”

    Todd White still has not been adequately replaced.

  67. ridiculously annoying listening to the Philly announcers yelling at every shot Philly takes. but it’s an awesome feeling when they dont score and you can tell the disappointment in the announcer’s voice.

  68. ye Devs/Panthers (if that is the case) will be the worst playoff series in a while. sucks that Devs basically get a free pass to the 2nd round.

  69. That will be, ORR. I think the Panthers can beat the Devils, because KovalCHOKE probably won’t feel any urgency against them.

  70. Flyers score, perhaps. ref calls it no goal, ottawa player knocked the net off though…. call on ice is no goal. announcers obviously saying it’s a goal.

  71. Lev, there is no ‘free pass’ to the next round.
    Bet the Panthers play them hard , if they play each other.
    Remember the year that Montreal as #8 beat the #1 & 2 teams ?
    New season starts in 2 weeks

  72. Sioux-per-man on

    Great review Carp. The wife has a crush on Boyle so he gets watched extra. He has become a very good Player for Torts. Nice to see him help this team win, even if it’s not always on ths stat sheet.

  73. Tony was that when Halak played on his head basically? I dont expect Threeormore to do the same.. Fuggin flyers just scored again. 3-3….

  74. I’m hoping the Caps make it to the playoffs because I have a daughter in DC and she’ll go to the games wth me.

    I went up there a couple of years ago when the Rangers were up 3 games to 1 and the Rangers absolutely stunk the place up in that 5th game.

  75. JimboWoodside on

    Ottawa blowing the lead, with help from the War Room and a probable call from *Mr.* Snider….

  76. JimboWoodside on

    Interesting that the HNIC crew member said that they were given extra views of the goal by the *Comcast* crew….probably not unusual, but I thought it was interesting that they mentioned that.

    Maybe the Canadians are annoyed that their whole game has been sold to a non-Canadian company?

  77. JimboWoodside on

    I’m standing in for Tiki as resident conspiracy-theorist this afternoon… ;-D

  78. Lev, I think the Panthers are a chance. Broduer has choked the last few seasons. The best was against the Canes two years ago. Epic game 7 collapse in the final minute.

    The Sens are fading. I wouldn’t mind going against them in the first round.

  79. carp nice article in the Journal News. The swede retiring from the Canucks and saving the Rangers $millions also helped a ton.

    the gaborik signing has turned out to be 1 of the few FA signings that works. He has basically been worth the investment with 2 years left on his deal and he is only 30…

    mdz, staal, girardi, and mcdonut best young core d group in hockey!!!! Sauer if healthy would give them a great top 5 and erixon is 20… really the riches on the blueline for the blueshirts is sick….stralman i 25 and not a bad 3rd pair guy. mcilrath in the wings a year or 2 away also…..

    just need more forward depth, guys who can score 20. … playoffs battle of attrition and a injury upfront and the rangers are screwed.

    zucc and kreider around for depth.

  80. Ottawa’s passing on that last PP looked like they can barely compete with the middle school girls team from Juarez….

  81. That was great, ORR. Jussi Jokinen’s game winner with less than a second left is awesome too. It always cheers me up when I’m feeling negative.

  82. Interesting stuff the Cap Geek just tweeted. Basically, Stu Bickel will be a UFA not a RFA at the end of the year, as he’s over 25, has three years as a pro and won’t have played 80 NHL games.

    Not necessarily anything that would tax the Rangers front office, but he’s probably earned himself a nice raise from somebody.

  83. I’m gonna watch it again, Latona. It just never gets old.

    I also love watching the end of game 5 when NYR eliminated them in 07-08. The way Chico whines aboot how the Rangers fans took over the building. Hilarious!

  84. JimboWoodside on

    Hahaha!!! Latona, that was a marvelous occurrence!! Almost made up for Zelepukin – almost, but not quite!

  85. Jimbo,

    Doesn’t Matteau make up for Zelepukin? I get chills every time I hear Howie Rose make that call..

    I just watched the video, too, ORR. Classic. I was at that game 5.. the Devils fans started pouring out once Dubinsky scored the empty netter.. I had to step over some of the hats they threw to the ground in shame.

  86. JimboWoodside on

    I could see the Fishsticks picking up Bickel – they like signing our UFAs…. :-(

  87. JimboWoodside on

    Matteau’s goal definitely did remediate what happened with Zelepukin, but I nearly blew a gasket when Z’s goal went in, and if I would have croaked right then, I wouldn’t have seen the Matteau heriocs! ;-D

  88. Lev, what have you got against Buffalo? You don’t want Carp to get his Buffalo baby buffalo wing sangwich??

    I didn’t know we could make hearts here! <3

  89. Dangit! YOU are posting comments too quickly. Do we really need to go over this again???

  90. JimboWoodside on

    Fishies *officially* eliminated from playoff contention! I thought that happened a month ago!

  91. Oh ORR ? :p

    Hey Jimbo! I’m feeling a little better, thanks! Still in my pajamas though. Spent all day listening to records & daydreaming about living in the woods.

    Lev, that’s fine, I’m just curious!

  92. JimboWoodside on

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better, Sally – what’s this about the woods, though? Last night, loving on the mooses, and today the woods – are you a Paulette Bunyan!? ;-D

  93. JimboWoodside on

    Charlie, I really thought the Fishies might make 8th spot this year, like ORR – they can play a good game every once in awhile, and Tavares does look like a good player – their first line is good, offense-wise.

  94. JimboWoodside on

    Neither can I, CCC- I really hold a lifelong grudge against that franchise – but they do have a few players that perform well. They’ll probably lose them in the off-season, though – they always screw the pooch with their incompetent front-office.

  95. Oh, that pointy finger is good for references to the widget, too. I might have to put you on the payroll, Code … if, you know, I had a payroll.

  96. Rick Rolled………………………………………………………………„-~~”””’~~–„„_
    …………………………………………………………………….’|:::::|: : : : : : : : : : : : : |,’
    …………………………………………………………………….|:::::|: : :-~~—: : : —–: |
    ……………………………………………………………………(¯”~-’: : : :’¯°: ‘,: :| : :°-: :|
    …………………………………………………………………….”’~-,|: : : : : : ~—’: : : :,’
    ………………………………………………………………………..|,: : : : : :-~~–: : ::/
    ……………………………………………………………………,-”\’:\: :’~„„_: : : : : _,-’
    ………………………………………………………………__„-’;;;;;\:”-,: : : :’~—~”/|
    ………………………………………………………__„-~”;;;;;;/;;;;;;;\: :\: : :__/: :’,
    ……………………………………………„-~~~””¯;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;’,. .”-,:|:::::::|. . |;;;;”-„__
    …………………………………………../;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,;;;;;;;;;\. . .”|::::::::|. .,’;;;;;;;;;;”-„
    …………………………………………,’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;\. . .\:::::,’. ./|;;;;;;;;;;;;;|
    ………………………………………,-”;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;\;;;;;;;;;;;’,: : :| ¯¯|. . .|;;;;;;;;;,’;;|
    …………………………………….„-”;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;’,;;;;;;;;;;;\. . |:::|. . .”,;;;;;;;;|;;/
    ……………………………………/;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;;;\;;;;;;;;;;;\. .|:::|. . . |;;;;;;;;|/
    …………………………………./;;,-’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,;;;;;;;;;;|. .\:/. . . .|;;;;;;;;|
    …………………………………/;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;”,: |;|. . . . \;;;;;;;|
    ………………………………„~”;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,-”;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;\;;;;;;;;|.|;|. . . . .|;;;;;;;|
    …………………………..„~”;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,-’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;’,;;;;;;| |:|. . . . |\;;;;;;;|
    ………………………….,’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;/;;;,-’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,;;;;;| |:|. . . .’|;;’,;;;;;|
    …………………………|;,-’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,-’;;;,-’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,;;;;| |:|. . .,’;;;;;’,;;;;|_
    …………………………/;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,-’_;;;;;;,’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;|.|:|. . .|;;;;;;;|;;;;|””~-„
    ………………………./;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;/¯”,;;;,’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,;;| |:|. . ./;;;;;;;;|;;;|;;;;;;|-„„__
    ……………………../;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,-’…|;;,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;| |:|._,-’;;;;;;;;;|;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;”’-„_
    ………………….,’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,’……/;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;|.|:|::::::::::::::|;;;;;’,;;;;;;;;;”-,: : : : : :”’~-,:”’~~–„
    ………………,-’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,’……../ ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;|:|:|:::::::::::::::|;;;;;

  97. Maybe one day we will have no need for words on this blog, just a series of symbols, and everyone will understand.

  98. clinch home ice vs phil if comes to that. i wouldnt have minded phil winning today because eventually we would have gotten a point or they would have lost one. i want them to have home ice vs pitt and us to play sens

  99. JimboWoodside on

    Code, I’m not seeing the characters you’re sending, except for the pointy finger and the playing card symbols – what are you sending?

  100. JimboWoodside on

    Dammit!! Enough playing for me – it’s costing me a lot of quarters to Carp!!

  101. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on

    Sorry it took me so long to respond, working!!

    I am well though, thanks for asking! As far as Scott goes, I agree about lucic not fighting him fair, I would just have Scott give him as much a fair chance as he gave mcdonut!!!!

  102. So our last game of the season will determine if we get the Caps or Buff Hun? Hoping selfishly for the Caps because I can see them at Verizon plus no Miller. I think it comes down to that last game with Biron in net and nothing to lose. Am I right Carp?

  103. duck the bill on

    Most people like to toot their own beak’s, but the duckbill is a believer in self-deprecation, humility and selfless behaviour. AS such, he must once again owe up to his sentiments last year that Del Zotto was not going to be a factor at the NHL level due to the seemingly slow choppy strides. The Duckbill is wrong, and happy to fess up to his errors. That is all!™

  104. Columbus has beaten the Red Wings and Florida in back to back games…. both at home though… hopefully they can win in St. Louis tonight.

  105. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Isles hit the wall against Boston…

    >>>It’s all downhill from here…

    Can they help us anymore this season? If not, byfug’em!

  106. what we have to hope for is the caps to go 4-0 and florida 2-2 florida is in detroit tom and also plays in wash thursday. if that happens rangers florida assuming we hang on to 1. it would be the 1vs 8 matchup and plenty of ranger fans will be invading florida

  107. caps have mon at home at tampa florida at home at rangers(obv we hope to have wrapped up by then)

    florida at detroit home winnipeg at wash home carolina

  108. billybleedsblue on

    Jimbo, I gotta say i’m somehow proud of the isles 2 straight seasons for dealing with the pens the way they have…

  109. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Jimbo, I gotta say i’m somehow proud of the isles 2 straight seasons for dealing with the pens the way they have…

    Agreed, Billy! – they did more for us than I ever would have expected that was possible!

  110. And the Craps blow a two goal lead against an equally pathetic Canadian team. I’m not scared of either of these teams! If they’re struggling to beat those two teams, then they’re not going to go far in the playoffs.

  111. JimboWoodside on

    Miller gave up a few very unspectacular goals tonight, too – and now a PP for Leaves.

  112. JimboWoodside on

    Looks like they’re in a boatload already – Caps already have one point, working on getting the second in the SO..

  113. JimboWoodside on

    Miller did not look very “unreal” tonight. Maybe he’s tired from playing all the games down the stretch…

  114. and florida now has a big game in detroit tom otherwise 2 pt lead 3 to go play thurs in dc caps have tiebreaker.

    i want florida for the rangers

  115. JimboWoodside on

    I really was hoping that the Caps and Ovie would miss the playoffs – guess that’s not gonna happen now.

  116. caps essentially have 3 pt lead with 3 to go over buff by having the tiebreaker. buff may be done

  117. Byfuglien thought it was icing. You could hear him hollering at the linesman. but the Jets were clearly distracted by that and not paying attention to Stamkos. Shame on them for that.

  118. JimboWoodside on

    I think Buffalo knew that they were in deep doodoo when they left the ice after the game tonight…

  119. JimboWoodside on

    I missed the end of that game, Carp – but man, that Stamkos – can we steal him somehow? An Original 6 Clause of some kind…?

  120. by the way, when Byfuglien was yelling at the linesman — you could easily hear it — the word he was using wasn’t byfuglien.

  121. it really is unbelievable that Nashville was able to get this Radulov at this stage of the season without waivers. Wow.

  122. JimboWoodside on

    I haven’t given a lot of thought to Florida, eric – yes, I suppose so – they don’t seem like they are a very good team. I’ve been more concerned with our “natural rivals”, to be honest with you – the teams that always give us fits in series.

  123. JimboWoodside on

    How did the league (and the teams that would have claimed him) let that happen, Carp?

  124. Carp,
    you should’ve take off my emotional response on that jerk too, because now it looks really silly, like I’m addressing it to some of my fellow boneheads. Sorry, for my expansivity and intemperance.

  125. So forget the politically correct answer . It’s the last day of the season. The Rangers have clinched the east and the presidents trophy. Caps have clinched eighth but a win gives them the se crown and the 3 seed and gives the rangers the panthers in round one. Now I know no way does torts rest anyone or play it this way, but what would youse do?

  126. JimboWoodside on

    Well, I’d play Beer-On in goal – not sure about the rest of the lineup, though…

  127. JimboWoodside on

    Florida has been completely off my radar for nearly the whole season – I know they started the season good, but I can’t name a player on their team to save my life!

    How did we do head-to-head with them this season?

  128. maybe id play Biron and put Woywitka/Scott in only if one of the D and/or forwards needs a rest..but i dont take Gaborik, Richards, Cally, Girardi, Mc.D out just because we have everythign clinched.

  129. Jimbo: Wojtek Wolski and Jose Three-or-more. that’s all you need to know about the Panthers.

  130. JimboWoodside on

    EC got first star in the game tonight against the Kings – a goal, an assist, and a SO goal!!

  131. JimboWoodside on

    Lev, you make a good case for playing them – my only fear is that Wolski would become Bobby Orr for the only time in his life against us!! ;-D

  132. JimboWoodside on

    Now. who would the Craps be playing if we gave them the third seed? I’d like to get the Debbies eliminated from the division before we move on to another series..

  133. JimboWoodside on

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm………….that sounds pretty good, ORR – maybe eric is on to something here…

  134. Panthers signed/acquired a lot of overrated 3rd liners. Vertseeg, Bergenheim, Goc, Fleischmann, Kopecky, Samuelsson, Sturm, Wolski, Upshall. They signed Brian Campbell, Jovo, Three-Or-More. I’m surprised they will make the playoffs with a roster like that.

    They should really be in 7th right now.

  135. Looks like the Canucks will get the President’s trophy. Not because they deserve it but because they have the easiest final four games.

  136. Records are meaningless in the playoffs, no matter who you play. Anything can happen.

    I sure as hell wouldn’t purposely lose just to play a certain team. I’m pretty sure that team will be aware of it, and will only motivate them.

  137. 3 of the Nucks final 4 games are against their Canadian rivals and even though Edmonton and Calgary are out, those are not automatic wins…. and Anaheim wont just roll over either. is it easier than Boston, Philly, Pens, and Caps? sure. but im not giving them the trophy just yet.

  138. JimboWoodside on

    Fleischmann always plays well against us, though – especially when he was with the Caps..

    I guess I’m just being overly cautious – many times in the past I’ve wanted us to play a certain team in the playoffs, only to find that it did not work out anything like I had hoped it would!

  139. JimboWoodside on

    EDM and Calgary would like nothing more than to impede the Canucks – they can’t stop them from being in the playoffs, but any damage they could do to their seeding would be enjoyable for them.

  140. Hell, I just want the kitty cats in the 1st round so I can go to a game here in South FL. It’s been since 94′ that ive seen a playoff game…. 1st game vs the devs when Richer roofed it over richter in OT, but we all remember how that year worked out for us…. Bottom line- When I see Rangers playoff hockey live, we win Stanley cups ;)

  141. Anyone watch the Kansas-Ohio State game? That was definitely the most poorly executed final 10 seconds of a basketball game, by both teams, that I’ve ever seen.

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