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1) Mentioned this after the game last night. It’s getting late, and when it’s this late, a three-point lead is big. It’s even bigger when you have the tiebreaker in your pocket, as the Rangers do. So in effect, it’s a four-point lead on Pittsburgh with six to play. In other words, if the Rangers go 3-3 for 109 points, Pitt has to get 10 out of 12 points the rest of the way. And that includes a head-to-head game next Thursday.

2) Brandon Dubinsky got Clutterbucked in the first, then made about seven superb plays the rest of the period, including the shot off the post that led to Brian Boyle’s goal, and two plays that thwarted very good Minnesota scoring chances. Boyle was monstrous in this game, too, with some enormous hits, big draws … and the goal.

3) Watched some of Islanders-Penguins, because that game was just as important as the Rangers-Wild game in the race for the No. 1 seed and first place in the Patrick Division. First, Butch Goring is awful. God awful. But I rather enjoyed hearing him and Pat Flatley absolutely ripping apart the Penguins for their whining to the referees, and for their diving. Which, you know, has only been happening since Mario came into the league.

4) The Penguins completely overlooked the Islanders. Oh, and Matt Cooke was a total piece of carcillo again. Gee, what happened to that miraculous metamorphosis he made, when he supposedly changed from the dirtiest cheap-shot artist in the league into Tim Tebow?

5) Brad Richards continues to get better with the puck. He’s doing a really good job transporting the puck on the power play, too, even if the Rangers still don’t seem to have much of a clue on what to do once they get the puck into the offensive zone.

6) Marian Gaborik has had a lot of games like this this year, where he’s flying from the start and backing off the defense, and still getting his shots. The backhand/forehand play he made on the goal, off the Richards pass, was remarkable. He looks like he’s going to get 40. And the fact that he was booed. So what? Of course he was booed. He was a beloved athlete who left for the money.

7) The PP stinks. It moved the puck and it created chances, it really did. But honestly, you almost have to try to fail as many times as it has. And now the PK, too?

8) The PK troubles in this game were part due to some pretty cool puck-moving by the Wild’s best players. Part, though, is symptomatic of the problems the D-men are having in general — lots of stick checking around the net, lots of flopping and taking themselves out of the play, panic-type plays. This is not the way they played the first 60 games or so.

9) Artem Anisimov made one bad giveaway in the first, other than that, he played a really strong game in his own zone … he’s almost always around the front of the net when a D-man vacates, and picks up his man high.

10) But with the way he and Dubinsky are playing, the lineup that finshed the game is the one I think is their best: Dubinsky playing with Stepan and Callahan, Hagelin-Richards-Gaborik, Prust back up with Boyle and Fedotenko, and Rupp-Mitchell, with Anisimov by default. And though Fedotenko scored that huge goal, I think I’d try Anisimov with Boyle and Prust some.

11) Cal Clutterbuck=Beast.

12) Erik Christensen=Opposite of Beast.

13) Back to the ‘Peg tonight. Will be difficult. I expect them to come out with two points and be really close to clinching.

14) I don’t think I won any of the Garden of Dreams raffles. Darn it.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brian Boyle.
2) Marian Gaborik.
3) Brandon Dubinsky.
nyrmessier011’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Marian Gaborik.
2) Ryan McDonagh.
3) Brian Boyle.

AP photos, above.

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  1. first! yeah buddy. by saying you expect the jets to get two points, are you predicting the rangers to lose? how come?

  2. I agree with #8. In the beginning and middle of the season, our D was seemingly always in the right position, physical, and there was a lot of collapsing in front of the net. Now, there is a lot of scrambling and chasing and it’s what I think has made us look the most shaky as of late.

    Matt Cooke is the butt-crack of humanity. And once a butt-crack, it’s impossible to become anything else.

  3. i think its opponents playing up to us, Johnny. we’re the measuring stick most teams in the NHL have used to see how ‘far away’ they are this season.

  4. he expects the rangers to pick up two points and be close to clinching their seed, jason.
    Dubi-Step-Cally HAS to get going for the team to get out of the first round, and i’d like to see Boyle with Artie and Mitchell to see if those guys can start hitting some twine again goin down the stretch.

  5. Mitchell has been AWFUL lately. MDZ was TERRIBLE last night. I like him, and I think he has a bright future. But he is a DISASTER. Seemed like he played 45 minutes last night. Scary. Rupp isn’t much better. I am disappointed in Rupp. I thought he was a GREAT signing. The only thing keeping him in the lineup are his fists and the memory of the Winter Classic.

  6. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Carp.

    It’s both, Johny, I think. They certainly aren’t spending us much energy as they used to. Not sure it’s by design, but I think it’s difficult mentally to continue the same level of “give it all out”, grinding game as they used in the midsession. Especially when you already are in the playoffs. And I think Torts knows, and only pushes the buttons to an extend at the moment. I think they’ll get back to it on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th of April. And the playoffs.
    As far as the opposition goes- some are clearly playing for their pride and next year contracts. In front of their home croud.

  7. Stranger Nation on

    Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga: Pop Superstar Is 26! Seems to be a popular birthday.

  8. *As much…..

    Is it me, or does Boyle hit with much more force as of late? At the beginning of the season his hits were of “sorry ’bout that” variety, but lately he’s been hitting and you see the opponents really feel it……

  9. Excellent review CARP!

    The PP is so key to Playoff success in my opinion for THIS rangers team. I know that Boston won the cup without it, but they also had more offensive talent up front than the rangers do. The Rangers struggle to score goals at times. In the Playoffs, the ability to score a key goal on the PP could be a make or break factor.

    I wish they would keep Tim Erixon in the line-up over Stallman.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Great pic of Boyle slamming into Clutterbuck – that is worth 1st star honors by itself.

    If you watched Clutterbuck he is always hustling, moving his legs on both sides of the ice.

    If Dubi plays like he did last night, he can stay on line 2, if he starts skating with his head up his assen and forgets his responsibilities, then we can slide Artie to line 2.

    Artie in particular had some great back checks in period 3, hustling back to squeeze rushing forward on to the side boards. Important, but overlooked, plays that help get you the W.

  11. I wish they would just call it quits now before they get swept in the first round.

  12. And as far as the Penguins go, they are whiners. Malkin is an outright scumbag. Sid cries. Cooke is just a creep. Sid is the best player in the league but he is impossible to like. I remember the slew-foot he put on Cally. Coulda SERIOUSLY injured Cally. But we all must bow to the temple of Sidney, and weep because he got a dose of his own medicine. Disgraceful. Like he NEEDS to work the refs and piss and moan all the time.


  13. Stranger Nation on

    Boyle has learned that most people do not like to get hit by a 6’7″ 250 lb man on skates and the more he enforces his will and drives through the man, the more likely they will back off and get rid of the puck early or pay the consequences (see picture above).

    Against the Debbies, their D is scared of him, quickly shuffling the puck anywhere as he closes in on the fore-check with a crushing check.

  14. Stranger Nation on

    Yev – I agree with Erixon – though Stallman didn’t play badly last night, this is a perfect opportunity to see what Erixon can give you and we have seen Stallman enough to know what his game is and frankly, in the playoffs, his inability to play strong by the crease will be a weakness because teams will be gunning for and running at Hank.

  15. I think Strallman has been OK, but even at this early stage, I would go with Erixon on the third pair.

  16. My thoughts:

    1) Nice road win last night, even if stretches of the game were boring (which is fine, it’s a road game).

    2) I said it before, I’ll it again – that pathetic PP will the Rangers PO undoing, especially if the they managed to get into the 2nd and perhaps 3rd rounds

    3) Totally concur BB is a beast – he’s got stone hands, but does so many other things so well it really doesn’t matter

    4) McDonagh is another beast – how good will this kid be when he’s 26/27? What an incredibly bad trade Bob Gainey orchestrated – even if you put aside Gomez’s ridiculous contract (who the hell would trade McDonagh for Gomez at the same salaries?)

    5) Gaborik and Richards are clearly the team’s most skilled forwards (I mean DUH!), but to me there’s a significant drop-off after that and it’s especially evident lately since the pairing of those 2 in that Stepan’s play, at least from generating offensive chances, has dropped off the map. We all know it, but when you watch the 2nd line after that 1st line has left the ice, it often becomes beyond obvious that finding another top 6 skilled forward this off-season should be priority number 1 for Sather.

    6) Marc Staal’s progress has well, stalled. What is going on with him? I can only assume in the back of his mind is the concern of re-concussing (is that a word?) – until this year, while he rarely tried to put guys through the boards, his style meant lots of physicality, especially along the boards. He’d use his size, strength and skill to win one on one battles against the opposing forwards – now I don’t see that much. Instead, as Carp points out, lots of poking at pucks with his stick. Think of the fierce one on one battles he had over the past few years with OV (and how he was so good at them, OV would often bring the puck into the Ranger end on the opposite side of where Staal was playing); when is the last time we saw Staal engage anyone similarly this year?

    7) Is Biron ever gonna start for the Rangers again?! ;^)

  17. “Sid is the best player in the league.”???? Could I throw in the name of Steve Stamkos? He just goes about his business, never whining, complaining or throwing a fit. He just keeps scoring. Glad they didn’t make him the poster child of the NHL or he’d be hated, like “hot dog lips.”

  18. Butch Goring is beyond awful. I know we like to complain about Sam and Joe, but my god, we are lucky…

  19. If everyone loves Clutterbuck so much, why didn’t we get him at the deadline? Wasn’t he available. Didn’t everyone say he was too old?

  20. Carp…agree with you that Dubi should be with Cally & Step. I thought after Gabby, Dubi was the best forward by far. Hagelin has done his disappearing act again. He’s is so small and I wonder how effective he will be in the playoffs. Looked like a minor leaguer last night.

  21. Not that I want to perpetuate the Cindy discussions, but I too don’t understand how he became the face of the NHL? I know he came in as “The Next One” and at a very young age, dominated the game. But with that hype, came the pro sport athletes typical answer to the ordained “Next One” and that is, try and knock the carcillo out of him at every turn!!!! And that happened a lot to Cindy and instead of taking it like a man (and he was only 19 or 20), he became the poster boy for whining!!!! I truly believe if he went about his business, took it like a man, no whining, no diving, no slew-footing just playing great, Cindy wouldn’t be so universally hated by every NHL fan outside of Pittsburgh!!!

    Mitchell’s time should be done; he is no longer of value and should only get 4th line minutes. And this PP is maddening!!!!!!!! Surely will cost this team in these playoffs, regardless of what the Bruins did last year without a power-play.

  22. Great review Carp! indeed, Boyle and Dubi were beasts last night. Ickel on the other hand, was poor. He’s damn lucky he didn’t get called on the haul down of Heatley, as Gabby scored seconds later. His further fumbling really caused the Staal stick penalty. Which reminds me, why did Captain Courageous stay on the ice after breaking his stick on the PP, leaving the Wild with a virtual 2-man advantage? Get off next time and get a stick. On another note, can our D-men stop trying cross ice outlet passes through our slot please?
    Great win in what has been a brutal 30 days of games. Think we’ve played 17 in that span. Now Hank just needs a little lift, cause without him in top form, we may have a hard time beating Buffalo if Miller stays hot. (hope we don’t get Philly first though, as their physicality may take too much out of us in the first round).

  23. Well put, Jim. I agree with almost most of what you said. The exception being that Boyle is a dime-a-dozen, of course (how people can think that is beyond me).

    What you said about Stahul is really starting to annoy me. The guy has really taken a step back. Paired with Bickel it is just more apparent. I am losing faith in Bickel game-by-game (usually I am quite positive) and maybe, just maybe, Stahwl is having to compensate for Bickel’s never-ending minor mishaps.

  24. Hey Carp!

    I think I may have won the contest, I had Rangers 3-2, with Rangers shots at 31 (I can’t imagine anyone had Feds getting the game winner). I realized that my post in the contest thread had my old school email, so I’ve used my new current email address in this post if that’s something you need. Fingers crossed!

  25. It’s an ongoing blog joke, Jim. I love Boyle. I was saying that I disagreed with your praise of Boyle because he is a dime-a-dozen player. Just a joke!

  26. I hate pukesburg, Crosby is the biggest cry baby, whiner and malkin is a bake stabbing dirty player, Cooke is even a bigger one and Goring is the worst and most annoying analyst I’ve ever heard broadcasting a NHL game and is clueless. Is it me or does it appear the rangers d-men aren’t nearly as physical as they were when the rangers were reeling off wins and having that magical run. If the rangers ever got there power play going they definitely in my mind could make a serious run at the cup. That’s a big if unfortunately.

  27. speaking of the contest, I always get the scores correct but unfortunately it’s the other team winning and it seems if I pick the rangers to win they always lose so I will always pick the rangers to lose so they can win.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    I missed the game in its entirety last night, but I need a review that I can trust, not Carp’s anti-Avery/anti-Wellman and Pro-Torts/Pro-Boyle bias.

    Miami, how did they play last night?

  29. Leetchhalloffame on

    Love the way the league will have you believe that Cooke is now a Lady Byng candidate. What a joke.

  30. great review as aways Carp.
    Boyle is soo…how do you say…wellman…
    Who would have thought the fishsticks would beat the cindi’s last night?

  31. Did anyone have fedotenko in the ticket contest? I had rangers winning 3-2 and guessed both teams shots exactly.

  32. Stranger Nation on

    Doodie – apparently the experts on the blog have determined that only Gabby, Boyle, McD and Dubi played well last night.

    Everyone else was a complete disaster, except for Feds who was lucky to score. In fact you can follow any game now, win or loss, with the following player rants:

    Stepan – cannot produce without Gabby
    Hagelin – disapearing act, too small
    Bickel – over his head, stupid mistakes
    Staal – playing like a weak kneed willie
    Stallman – 4th pair Dman – worse than Redden
    Prust – cannot pass or shoot, should be on 5th line
    MDZ – is a disaster of the highest order
    Rupp – should not be on the ice except for warm ups
    Mitchell – AHL bench warmer, why is he here?
    Artie – potential, posmentail – this guy is a bust

    Torts must be a Byfuglien genius to win with all these under performing players

    you get the drift…

  33. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    doodie, as eric so eloquently put it last night, they played so poorly that the noose is tightening around their necks

  34. You forgot that Lundqvist is falling apart and the Rangers are winning inspite of him.

  35. Let us take a minute to point and laugh at the Washington Capitals teetering on the brink of elimination.

  36. Yeah, things get nasty around here with the team only wins four out of five.

    If they were serious contenders with good players and a mediocre coach they’d have won 17-0 last night.

  37. Pimp, don’t you mean WELLMAN?

    Miami Pimp March 28th, 2012 at 9:08 am

    The ONLY answer for our PP woes is KREIDER

  38. Just because it’s funny everytime:

    @You see the difference between you and me, Carp, is that since this team came out and looked terrible and heading for disaster at this point, I have been the first one to eat my words and say I was wrong about Turderella and be disgusted that I was wrong.

    You, on the other hand, refuse to even acknowledge that there is a potentially solid playoff team here and that the pretty decent coach in charge might be implicit in what is happening.@

  39. Stranger Nation on

    Line of the night during game thread – “eric thinks the glass is half broken”

  40. Stranger Nation on

    Not sure – it was during game when the noose jokes were flying around – too funny – and the score was tied or we were up 2-1 at the time and Eric was bemoaning the team’s play and awaiting the upcoming disaster that was sure to happen

  41. nyrmessier011 on

    Jim– Unless it was announced otherwise, I’d imagine Biron has a good chance of starting tonight, no?

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Dale Hunter? You mean the past and future head coach of the London Knights?

    Must be hard to coach when there isn’t a Pierre Turgeon to cross-check in the head after he scores.

  43. MISSING! Marc Staal! Who is that imposter wearing #18? He was always alittle soft but was always positioned correctly and used his stick like a knife to take away/control the puck near his net. This year he’s flopping around and not making up for the soft play. Maybe playing not to get hurt?

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s like the 1 has been removed from his uniform and we have the former #8 on defense.

  45. A win is a win no matter how it gets done this time of year.. We will take the two points, hopefully learn from the multitude of mistakes and move forward from there.. Two more tonight will be icing on the cake and all 6 points out of the mini road trip… The isles gave us a gift last night and we all should be Isles fans for the remainder of the season, we took advantage of it, now lets go win tonight and friday against Montreal and effectively shut the door on Pittsburgh’s chances of 1st…

    Is anyone else hoping that Buffalo jumps Ottawa so we don’t have to see them in the 1st round???

  46. In fairness to Staal, he’s coming off a major injury that gave him problems for months. I’m sure no one here would be throwing themselves head first and assertively for awhile. I think it will be more telling to see how he responds next year with a full year symptom free under his belt.

    Obviously, that doesn’t solve the problem going into the playoffs. But, they are not a better team with Erixon/Woywitka/Eminger/Scott taking his place.

  47. E NO: Hell no I am not hoping that we get Ottawa over Buffalo. Have you seen our record against Ottawa? Even when we were flying high and had lost >12 games we had dropped 2 to them.

  48. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Its fun to laugh at the Caps because of the epic nature of their loserness. In the Ovechkin era, I believe theyve only bothered to show up and win 2 playoff series, both against us. Too bad they cant face us in all 4 rounds, those losers.

  49. You’re not!? OH then don’t give it to _that_ Jim. I was voting for it to be given to you.

  50. Obviously, that doesn’t solve the problem going into the playoffs. But, they are not a better team with Erixon/Woywitka/Eminger/Scott taking his place.


    I think if they coud use all 4 in the place of Staal and be allowed to have 8 skaters on the ice they would mildly effective.

  51. Are you sure CTB? That would, in effect, be an 8 on 5 powerplay, and we know how that goes.

  52. CT – you went and did it now. Laughing at the Caps has ensured that we will get swept by them in the 1st round,

  53. Stranger Nation on

    “The isles gave us a gift last night and we all should be Isles fans for the remainder of the season”

    that may be tough for some of us – one win against the Pens does not make up for decades of hatred. though, if La Flower was seriously hurt, that might change my mind a little – not that anyone here would want that to happen, but if it did…

  54. Stranger Nation on

    we could create a new Dman out of Erixon/Woywitka/Eminger/Scott

    Erixon’s offensive game, Emingers physical game, Scott’s size, Woywitka’s ummm, not sure what to take from him – ha!

  55. Manny – this Jim couldn’t use the tickets anyways; this Jim is in Southern Ontario (unless airfare and hotel accommodations are also included!)….

  56. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    ‘not that anyone here would want that to happen’ Speak for yourself Stranger! LOL! If Flower is out for a potential playoff series, we would have the significant advantage.

  57. The Caps might not make the POs anyways – lost 5 to 1 to the Sabres yesterday, putting the latter ahead.

    Nice clutch game by Hunter’s hacks!

  58. One of the Pens D crashed into him chasing Frans Nielsen down for the final Isles goal.

  59. Wow. Another player injured by their own man. That could be pretty, pretty tragic for the Penguins.

    I could do without his embellished saves though.

  60. Jim – if I win the Mega Millions jackpot I will certainly fly you in for a game or two.

    You wouldn’t be covered under my proposal to the Lottery board: Give $1M to every single person currently residing within American Borders.

  61. Good late morning all!!! Did Sally win the contest? Boyle = mama love. Dale Hunter = hartnelling carcillo cooke meat.

  62. What do you think has seemed longer to Dale? His brief tenure with the Capitals or his 21-Game suspension in ’93?

  63. I would say Jim is in pretty good shape for the contest. Len also had the right score and Rangers shots but needed the Wild to get one more shot to win. *Nobody* with any score picked Fedotenko. His name wasn’t even mentioned in the whole thread, including Carp’s post. Under the radar!

    Look at the real three stars. Home cooking. McDonagh from Minnesota is number one and two Wilds are numbers two and three. Should have been Gaborik and Boyle.

  64. Totally forgot Christensen was playing. No mention of him at all. Geez, if he can’t even make some noise in “The Worlds Most Quiet Arena”, well… he’s in trouble.

  65. Stranger Nation on

    Pee-wee had a great game – avoided any contact and didn’t have to shower after game – that guy is clutch!

  66. Leetchhalloffame on

    Maybe Dale Hunter will coach Les Can’t-nadiens next year. Does he speak French?

  67. czechthemout!!!! on

    This defense really misses Mike Sauerpower!
    In my opinion, when healthy,the second best dman on the team behind McD.

  68. This is gold, Doodie! Almost feel bad for the Caps fans:

    Put to the tune of Bob Dylan’s the Time’s They are a-Changin’ and enjoy…

    Come gather ‘round Caps fans
    Wherever you roam
    And admit that this season
    It is now blown
    And accept that soon this team
    Will be going back home
    If your sanity to you
    Is worth savin’
    The Caps never stopped losin’
    So in the standings they’re boned
    For this team nothing is changin’

  69. How did they play?

    CARP put it spot on: Any decent squad would have won by at least 17 against the barely-EHL-level squad we faced last night. Minny has ERICA CHRISTENSEN (from “Traffic and “Swimfan”) in the lineup, for goodness sakes.

    And, still, we give up 2. Although that squarely on the shoulders of Queen Henrika, who should be taking the Titanic 2 back to her Viking homeland.

    How did they play?

    If my “play” you mean “lay down like an injured dingo in the Australian outback”, then we played wonderfully. Executed every shift flawlessly.

    Particularly Strawman, who deserves to be in discussion for the Norris. His vision is uncanny. I haven’t seen anything like it since they combined Leetch and Lidstrom’s DNA in “Megaman III: Rise of the Offensive Superpower”.

    How did they play?

    So well I’m thinking of unsubscribing from cable and internet for the next 2 months and just picking up then … when I know we’ll be playing for Lord Stanley. I can see it now, “Strawman, come get your Conn Smythe”.

  70. Glasses applied. CT- I don’t know why I screw you over so much by not giving you credit for awesome stuff!

  71. Erica Christensen of the Minnesotta Wild (and formerly of the Mayan Astronomers) was on the cover of Vogue.

  72. @AdamRotter@ Practice: Martin Biron On The Ice This Morning on


    Guess Hank is just going to play the balance this year.

  73. Stranger Nation on

    torts wants to make sure Hank is getting back to prime form, I guess. Thought beer-on would get the call. heard marty stopped taking those yoga classes that made his 5 hole a ten hole

  74. Actually, this move makes sense so that Biron plays in Montreal on Friday. House of horrors.

  75. Good review Carp.
    The only other points I haven’t seen discussed on the blog are why NY Rangers insist on staying on the PK after they break their sticks. Cally even did this last night, and it created a virtual 5 on 3 for a much longer time than just going and getting a new stick would have.
    Also, Bickel is a bonehead. It was his cross ice pass through our own slot (why do we keep doing that?) that actually put Staal in a position where he had to take that stick penalty.
    It was also Bickel who should have been penalized for the takedown of Healey. If you recall, Gabby scored seconds after this. If that’s called, no goal for us. Not at that time anyway.
    It’s quite a mental monkey trick to psychologically be able to play at the exact same level regardless of the quality of your opponent. I just think it’s not really possible to execute that in the real world.
    So yes, I think we tend to play up to better opponents and down to lesser opponents, but not more or less than any other team.

  76. By the way, the Pens conduct on the ice last night vs the Isles makes me want to crush them all the more. What a snooty, preppy, entitled bunch of they are.

  77. My favorite exchange from the Capitals blog that was linked earlier:

    “Look, McPhee is in an annual poker tournament with 30 players, some of whom start the tournament with more chips. ”

    To quote the immortal Kenny Loggins, “You’ve gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run…”

    -Kenny Loggins?

    -“He meant to say “Highway to the danger zone”.

    -Oops. I’m not feeling terribly well this morning. It was the one with the fried chicken.

  78. Great review.Look forward to your review every game.Can’t understand why you see the game the same as I do.Not many reporters come close.And also the fact that you tell it like it is.And yeah Cooke is still a dirty piece of Carcillo.He just doesn’t do anything that brings attention.I would like to see Scott grab him by the neck.

  79. Here is a chat from my buddy just now about my twitter incompetence:

    Matthew: jesus christ
    welcome to the 21st century
    we’ve got illiterate Arabs using Twitter to overthrow dictatorial governments
    and you can’t figure out the @ thing

  80. anyone else notice how Tortorella had Gaborik on the “2nd PP unit” last night.

    That’s just flat out stupid…

  81. Tortorella started every PP last night without Gaborik.

    It was Stepan, Richards, Callahan, Del Zotto, and maybe Anisimov or Stralman, I forget.

    The 2nd unit was Dubinsky, Boyle, Gaborik up front…

  82. The PP sucks. It doesn’t matter who is on it. It’s a HUGE weakness for us. I am not going to freak out about personnel decisions. It’s just time to make it work!

  83. This team is full of stupid, garbage, moron, scrub, bonehead, trash byfuglien idiots.
    If only they could be as pefrect as we are.

  84. Oleosmirf:

    I asked you a question in another thread and I am sure you didn’t see it. The other day you made a comment about the signing of Andrew Yogan. You said that he “was a project”. I was wondering what you meant by that and if you could elaborate?


  85. I, for one, wouldn’t mind seeing Hank play out the season until a playoff position is cemented. He needs to find his mid-season groove and he’s had PLENTY of rest this season. If the last game ends up meaningless against the Caps (ie: a win or loss won’t change seeding) I’d start Biron there.

    Reading about the Pens…there is VERY little to like about that team. A bunch of whiners, divers, cheap shot artists and prima-donnas who know they’ve got the NHL behind them.

    Sidney Crosby roomed with Mario for years and was taught the finer arts of whining and diving from the unquestioned master. Mario TOWERED over many players during his time, and yet he would collapse to the ice if you so much sneezed on him. I give Mario nowhere near the respect I reserve for Gretzky or Messier.

    For those who remember the “infamous” Adam Graves’ slash on Lemieux during the ’92 playoffs…I wonder just how bad that injury was when he “miraculously” returned for the next round looking no worse for wear.

    Malkin is among the dirtiest players in the league and Crosby’s slew-foot of Callahan is fresh in my mind as an example of what kind of player he is. That he wouldn’t even own up to it after the fact says volumes.

    Add in the Matt Cooke embarassment and a fan base that disappeared entirely to the point of the league having to come in and save their franchise…

    There is no team I hate more than the Pens. I think Philly fans are among the worst individuals on the planet…but I despise the Pens and their fans that much more.

    The fact that they’ve ALWAYS beaten us in the playoffs just makes it that much worse. (’89, ’92, ’96, ’08)

    That being said, why hasn’t anyone taken a good run at Crosby yet? To test that glass melon of his? I’m not saying a dirty hit…just a really good hard one.

  86. Tiki- I live in the city. Unfortunately, I am sick right now. I feel a cold coming on. Also, Friday is date night so I am with the wife.

    What’s the Haps?

  87. Don’t worry about it Manny. Maybe next time. Blogmama wanted me to meet the Manny!

    ilb likes the Twilight!!! lol

  88. There is no team I hate more than the Pens. I think Philly fans are among the worst individuals on the planet…but I despise the Pens and their fans that much more.


    That’s a great couple o’ sentences there, CJP. I couldn’t sum up my feelings any better.

  89. Yev

    must have got lost in the contest thread. I’ve never seen Yogan play but allegedly he is hard to handle. He also lost pretty much the entire year to injury last season and when he did return, was basically held out of the lineup b/c he was in the dog house.

    He was supposed to be a top 50 pick but slipped in the draft due to work ethic and character concerns plus inconsistency and injuries.

    Hopefully he gets his act together because he is very talented but he has work to do, so it seems…

  90. “Also, Friday is date night so I am with the wife.”


    But keeping my eye out for the latest issue of Buttman in a subway station newstand.

  91. *CT* (see how I have my glasses on) – Butt-Man only displays the most full and beautiful bottoms on this planet. You cannot behold the entire beauty with one eye. You must keep both eyes out at all times.

  92. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    pretty sure I won the ticket contest!

    great review, thanks!

    regarding staal, I (sadly) think he plays better with bickel than anyone else right now.

    Didn’t torts say he was trying to figure out his playoff d men, apparently the 6th spot….eminger,stralman, erixon, woywitka all vying to be the last missing piece to that puzzle?

    what happened with the caps other than the loss? something I am missing?

    Has anyone seen the hunger games yet??

    These dime a dozen players with GWG’s……..

  93. ilb – absolutely, the clueless coach who never gets it right -103 points later and counting

  94. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    Due to teammates colliding on the ice during games we are going to talk about eliminating fighting because we are stupid and actually think it is a bad thing for the league to have fighting in it and will use any stupid excuse to talk about getting rid of it!

  95. bull dog line on

    Staal and Hank are the keys to any kind of long playoff run. right now the Rangers have one D pair worth anything. if Staal can find his game he will make whomever his partner is better. the other Dmen are not going to make him better. Hank may have to steal an early round while the D figures itself out. I think you are going to have to pair Staal with MDZ, and if healthy Emminger needs to play with Erixon. I have no faith in Bickel, and Stralman is very iffy to me.

  96. I’d go with scoring being pretty important too. Seeing as their last couple of series they’ve put up less than 2 goals per game. Whether it’s Gaborik-Richards staying hot or the secondary scoring picking it up regardless of how Henrik and the D play they’re probably gonna have to do better than 2 goals a game.

  97. bull dog line on

    don’t disagree CT, but if the D is suspect, its not going to matter how much they score.

  98. bull dog line on

    to me, I think they need to play either Buffalo, or Florida in the first round. I think they can handle both teams, and they would be the least emotional of the possible first round match ups. it would give them a series to get there feet on the ground.

  99. We just have to outscore the opposition 4 out of 7 times. Defense first. Safe plays. Score early.

  100. Oh yea – and get that silly PP thing in order. And don’t forget about the PK because it looked horrendous last night.

  101. A 150lb brick wall. They are scary. I think it’s the addition of Hodgson that put them over the top. Very smart trade.

    Sens are equally scary. We stink against them!

  102. bull dog line on

    isn’t Hank the best goalie in the league? why worry about another teams goalie when you have the best.

  103. if we could go 3-2-1 over the next 6 then the pens would have to be 5-0-1 to pass us. you would think the pens would lose one more game in regulation.

    tonite will be tough. that building is loud and raucous the jets last hope in there minds i do believe there done and the fact that the rangers must have got to winnipeg at like 3-4 in the morning makes this a tough spot.

    with that being said 5-1 jets.

  104. Sure he is, bull dog line, but…

    Miller has Vezina

    Lundqvist has gold medal for Sweden…

    what’s better?

    Plus, in order to advance, your team has to score more goals than the team they’re playing against… i am pretty sure you know that. Miller is a great goalie and having to face him in the first round could spell the end for us.

  105. Stafford’s going through another stretch of “let me score almost half my goals on the season in the span of a dozen games”.

  106. last night was bigger for sabres then caps. caps have 5 more reg/ot wins so if they end in tie caps get in. so we basically have 4 possible playoff opponents.

    1 vs 8 play buffalo

    1vs 8 play wash

    1vs 8 play ottawa

    4vs 5 play phil

    i want 1 vs 8 vs washington. avoid miller in net for buff

  107. KREIDER is the only hope we have of scoring on Miller.

    Disagree and you’re a two-bit clown.

  108. bull dog line on

    the Rangers are flat out better than Buffalo. Hank plays well, it won’t matter how well Miller plays. I would be very confident in a series against Buffalo, or Florida.

  109. Another day, another 2 points.

    I hope Gaborik gets 40 goals especially after some people wanted to run him out of town last year. It’s obvious that he wasn’t 100% last year.

    I would also like to see Cally get to 30 because ….. it’s Cally.

    Anybody they play in the playoffs is going to be tough. Washington might look like an easy target, but if they get Backstrom back for the playoffs they could be dangerous.

    You know what? The Rangers are in first place. It’s the other teams that should be worried about playing the Rangers in the first round!

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    I buy salad from this place and the bowl they serve it in is a mystery. I attack the salad ferociously and after like 5 minutes, it looks like I’ve barely eaten a third. But then in the next 3 minutes, it’s all but three bites left. I don’t understand!

  111. So now you enter the lunch contest after we’ve usurped Latona as judge/jury/executioner.

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve been jonesing for some felafel for like two weeks. And I’ve satisfied that urge, several times. Yet I still want more felafel.

  113. Am I missing something, CT?


    Huge draw for the FA Cup. London and Merseyside derbies at Wembley.

  114. “Zucc could be one of the Lannisters.”

    Watch it, CTB. He could cast a spell on you, even with a broken wrist….

  115. Im very happy for Gaborik and the year he is having. Especially after the TOUGH summer he had, losing 2 of his best friends. It’d be nice if we win the cup and Gabby dedicates it to Boogy and Demitra.

  116. Doodie

    If the diameter of the bowl is wider at the top than the bottom, then the depth of salad will reduce at a faster rate as you eat more, no?

    Similar to the phenomenon of toilet roll seeming to run out faster as you get to the end.

    Eddie cubed must have a formula for it.

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    LW, I definitely took the conical nature of the bowl into account, but I’m talking about VANISHES at such an exponential rate. It’s much more than it should be, even factoring in the decreasing diameter.

  118. I would much rather have to play Ottawa instead of Buffalo and especially Washington. Ovechkin still scares the crap out of me.

    Ottawa is not a real threat to beat anyone and while Buffalo has the goaltending, the rest of their team is nothing special…

  119. Oleosmirf:

    Thanks for the Yogan info! Can you imagine someone with a poor work ethic or other “character” problems lasting on a Torts team? I think not.

    Hope he gets it together. He is another Big forward who will fill out more and be probably 6’3′ 215lbs. He seems to have a scoring touch as well.

  120. Yev

    well given how they shipped out Werek for those reasons, i’m assuming either Yogan is considered a better player or the problems aren’t that great…

  121. I’m amazed Clutterbuck wasn’t driven to suicide as a child with that name.

    When his ancestors migrated from Europe they decided to go with “Clutterbuck” over “Oomplaloompa” for the family name because they thought the latter sounded a bit too “high-society”.

  122. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Im amazed eric hasnt been driven to suicide with the absolute pathetic bush league performance of the Rangers this year.

  123. bull dog line on

    I don’t like the Ottawa matchup. Neil running around hitting people, taking the Rangers off there game. and more importantly, the officiating in canada will leave us all scratching our heads.

  124. Carp,

    Have you played National? Amazing old CB Macdonald course that is right next to Shinnecock?

    Reminder: It doesn’t matter whom the NYR draw in the first round. If Hank
    is Hank and they score 2.5 goals a game, they will beat each likely opponent.

    Second round? Admittedly a different story. But not so different when you think about it.

  125. Never played there, Hospodar. Don’t really get out that way very often …

    ps, if I were you guys, I’d want Florida. The Panthers’ record is a complete sham with six shootout wins and 15 other Bettman Bonus Points for losing.

  126. bull dog line on

    I would prefer either Buffalo, or Florida. I also think they would handle the Caps, but would prefer if they did not have to.

  127. I don’t know about that, Carp. Even at our best this season the Sens got the best of us twice. Once when we came back down to earth.

    This is the point about hockey – it’s a crap shoot. Every team is good. Every team can win.

  128. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    I think this team handles anybody in the 1st round. Best 4 of 7. No team in 1st round is gonna outwork, outhustle, outskill us in 4 of 7 games.

  129. “NYR_FAN isn’t around all day then a Zucc comment et voila.”

    I am always @lurking@

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    “ps, if I were you guys, I’d want Florida. The Panthers’ record is a complete sham with six shootout wins and 15 other Bettman Bonus Points for losing.”

    Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be feasible option. The Caps have squandered too many games to catch them. Of the three 7-9 teams, I would rank the order I would want to play them in thusly:

    1) Washington
    2) Ottawa
    3) Buffalo

    But in truth, they all worry me. We match up so much better against Boston and Philly, even though those teams would take a lot out of us for the second round.

  131. The way Buffalo is playing is a little scary.But if we could play our “A” game we should beat them.If we have to play Philly or the Devs,we will probably win but be beat up for the second round.I pray we finish first and beat whoever is 8.Then we have a chance to go deep.

  132. Haha, miami. I hadn’t seen that. Pissed i missed the end of that game. Description please.

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