Rangers-Maple Leaves in review



1) They still have a bunch of stuff to clean up, and still plenty of time to do it. I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. But I have this feeling, and it’s just a feeling based on what I’ve seen from this team, and what I’ve seen happen to good teams over the years, that once the page turns to April 11, the 101-point Rangers are going to get a new start and it’s going to help them mentally. I think, even though it’s been mostly a sensational year, that the year has gotten long, and when that happens, maybe you need to move onto the next challenge. Maybe?

2) The out-of-town scoreboard was probably as good a watch as Rangers-Leaves.

3) If you ever need a reminder of how good you have it with Martin Biron, look what the Penguins’ backup did last night in Ottawa.

4) And, as bad as the Rangers power play has been this year, at times their penalty kill has been that good. Last night it was that good.

5) Brad Richards. That play he made on the third goal, that little spin to get his skates onside while getting the puck onto his stick, and then the saucer pass to Marian Gaborik, were about as good a play as you can see. And he has the very clutch goal in the BCATHGE (breakaway contest after the hockey game ends). But, man, he sure gave some back in this game, too.

6) That goal 18 seconds after Gaborik made it 3-2 was pretty much everybody’s fault. I know the Rangers want to be aggressive in all three zones, in pursuing the puck. But I don’t know if Tim Erixon running at the forward with the puck and sliding completely out of the play is the way they want their D-men to play that, and surely Richards and Gaborik need to be better coming back. And, because I really don’t want to coach, I won’t say that they should have gone right to a checking line after going ahead, but most times you do, or at least you make a player change, after a goal.

7) Like Richards and Gaborik, Brandon Dubinsky also had a give-and-take game. But you have to be a little bit encouraged that he’s getting some scoring chances lately, and that he’s burying one now and then.

8) Back to Richards, I was surprised that he was still in the BCATHGE lineup. But he finally made it pay off.

9) And since we’re talking about that awful way to decide a hockey game, and maybe playoff positioning, and probably ultimately jobs — how about the Captain and not only the deciding goal he scored again, but also the way he’s played lately. And I’m pretty certain he can’t possibly be 100 percent on that bad foot.

10) I didn’t think the Penguins would ever, ever, ever lose again in our lifetimes. And I’m sure the Penguins would think it quite an accomplishment to overtake the Rangers to win the Patrick Division and the Prince of Wales Conference, and would love to have that. But I’d bet you it won’t matter a bit, not even a little, to the Penguins if they finish seeded fourth instead of first. And that’s how the Rangers should look at it.

11) And while the Pens have that game in hand, the Rangers have control of the first tiebreaker (regulation/OT wins; 43-37), so Pitt needs to finish better than the Rangers, not just tied. That’s the equivalent of an extra point for the Rangers in the standings.

12) I know they didn’t get it done in the OT this time, but ya boys are really good during the 4-on-4, a situation that requires both aggressiveness and patience at the same time … patience because there’s so much room that you tend to hold onto the puck a little longer and make a play.

13) I just found out last night that my cousin-in-law’s father-in-law is Chris Kreider’s coach at B.C. Honest to God.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan Callahan.
2) Ryan McDonagh.
3) Marian Gaborik.
Spiderpig’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Marian Gaborik.
2) Brad Richards.
3) Derek Stepan.

AP photos, above.


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  1. I was debating my third star between Stepan and Callahan. I should have let the BCATHGE help me decide, but I didn’t want it to matter, not in a 3-3 game.

  2. It does matter who finishes fourth. It would be huge for philly and pitt to play each other in the first round.

  3. Bruins on the 1st and Philly on the 3rd should help restore some of the edge and snarl that this team has lacked lately…. look for those two games to help shift gears.

    My brothers , wife’s uncle-inlaw’s boss at work knows someone’s sister who knows the mother of Cally’s second cousin’s friend.

  4. Good morning all! LOL johnny! I know someone whose cousin-in-law’s father-in-law is Chris Kreider’s coach at B.C. Honest to God.

    It so stinks to be up this early on a Sunday, but paycheck duties call. LGR!!!!

  5. Any chance of scoring an interview with the newest member of your family or at least planting a seed that every bonehead is willing to pick him up and drive him to the world’s most famous arena?

  6. Whoa, what happned? Rangers-Celtics on TV now and they’re playing on grass? Well Rangers lead 1-0. Lets Go Rangers!?!?

    There are eight million stories in the naked city Mama!

  7. Good morning, boneheads!

    Congrats on another (#7) 100-point season. Good review, Carp..
    Can’t say it was one of the better games they’ve played all season, for sure. But it was a better defensive effort than the night before. Got to love it that your most skilled players came through when needed. Both Richards and Gaborik showed on that play that there are things in hockey that you can’t teach. You either have it, or you don’t.

    Hank is still fighting it a bit, IMO. But he came through when it mattered….

    I saw a few posts last night blaming Bickel and Dubinsky on the goal. Respectfully disagree. It wasn’t Bickel’s fault at all. The coaches want the D-men to pinch in when the situation allows, they’ve done it all year. The mistake is to go in if all three of your forwards are below the circles. Bickel went in while Dubinsky was a few feet below the blue line. Dubinsky decided to go down low instead of retrieving to the blue line. Brain cramp on his part, nothing to do with Bickel.

    Lastly, I thought the game was called very well by the refs until they decided to jail Stepan for phantom tripping.

    Carp- so what did your cousin-in-law’s father-in-law say? Give us some inside scoop, we haven’t gotten any good rumors for weeks :-)

    Yev- BARF……

  8. And in regards to the tiebreaker the boys have 1 more W than the Blues, lets get another 5 points in march and then its on to April…go Devs and Cyotes(but just for today)

  9. I know ilb, rooting for the Dev’s makes me want to puke to. But, on the other hand seeing how we played against the Sabres and knowing how good Ryan Miller can be, maybe that 1-8 match is not what we want?

  10. Well, simple logic suggests the Rangers are going to have to play *somebody* in the first round. So I intend to enjoy the rest of the regular season, as opposed to turning into an emotional nail biter….I know, easier said than done.

  11. Carp, great review! Was thinking yesterday that Fleurie must be somewhat tired. Henry needs to get some of the cobwebs out, but he can’t say he’s physically exhausted…at least from playing hockey!

    Vitaly, thanks for the highlights. He looks like a man amongst boys. Hope he becomes a solid NHL’er.

    As a Ranger fan, I have seen so many propped up first round draft picks that have gone nowhere. Just yesterday, I was watching the Icelanders play and lose with their goalie, Al Montoya. Let’s see that was 2004, pick 6, 1st round. Great pick, Glen. Oh, and we had another first rounder that year. Lauri korpikoski, too.

    Then, was watching Bobby Sanguinetti, another nothing. That was 21st pick in 2006. Another great pick who was going to be the next Brian Leetch. Uh..huh.

    Dan Blackburn(“a top flight goalie”), Hugh Jessiman(“a great forward with great hands”), Ivan Baranka….need I go on? It’s sickening how much waste there is.

    So, as a fan of this team with an awful GM, that should have taken SO MANY good picks and done what the Red Wings or Devils have done (they had worse picks than him), I get jittery any time anyone hypes a draft pick.

    He does look pretty good, though.

  12. I liked what Torts did with Dubie last night. Of course, you have to be careful not to tire out all the other regulars, but Dubie deserved it. It was a bonehead play. For how long he has been here, for what he makes, you don’t mess up like that. There has to be accountability.

    It’s just sometimes there can be a lack of consistency. For example, can anyone tell me Staal isn’t coughing up the puck, making bad decisions 50% of the time he is near the rubber? I know he had a major injury he’s ‘recovering’ from, but at what point do you bench him? Perhaps some time off would help?

    Also, there are games Gabby and Richard simply glide around. I’m not the coach, just asking, do you bench them, too?

  13. Stranger Nation on

    Like having Artie, Cally with Step – Dubi is just too much of a liability when he has to think. sad but true.

    Bickel belongs, Erixon looked horrible on the Odd man rush – just horrible, but you need to play the kid through the mistakes to get him to learn the pro game.

    Capt Clutch

  14. Mattyboy:

    I don’t think Sather is very good in terms of evaluating young talent. But, I think you have to look at the Rangers picks pre Gordie Clarke and post Gordie Clarke.

    Hiring Clarke might well have been the BEST move Sather ever made. Clarke is the Isles guy who drafted Luongo, Bertuzzi, Chara et al.

    Look at our drafting and player development post Clarke. Look at the talent in the pipeline. It is quite an impressive job that has been done.

  15. Matty, forget ancient history. The Rangers drafting seems to be a lot better now. It’s so good they’ve got other teams drafting in the first round for them (Erixon)!!!

    Last night’s game was kind of weird. I thought the Rangers controlled the game for the most part, but when they screwed up the Leafs capitalized. None of the Leafs goals came off sustained pressure because there were very few times that they did. It was a 2-on-1 and a jail break off the face off after the Gabby goal. They should have won this game in regulation, but I’ll take a win any way they can get it – even during the breakaway contest.

    The Rangers 3rd goal shows you what happens when you have skilled players out there. A great pass by Richards and a just-as-good finish by Gaborik. That was beautiful.

  16. I only fear playing the teams I would hate to lose to. I know it’s absurd but a first round exit to the devils would hurt more than a first round exit to the capitals which would hurt more than a first round exit to the sabres.

    I know it’s pathetic. I know.

  17. Man that was a nail-biter for sure (that’s for you lb lol).

    Hard to complain when the team escapes with 2 points, but the holes in their game lately were still there – they played a lousy team had as much to do with getting those 2 points as anything else (Gustavsson is HORRIBLE in the shoot-out).

    So nice to see the Penguins get birded….!

  18. So, unless he has a fabulous PO, does anyone think Dubinsky will be back next fall?

    I sure don’t, although given his lousy year and fat contract, he either will be untradeable or will fetch very little.

    And to think he makes about 1/2 of what Rick Nash does…

  19. Am I the only person that thought Bickel was pretty bad last night? The goal against that the broadcast team blamed on Dubinsky was 60% Bickel’s fault and 40% Erixon’s fault with that absurd sprawl. Erixon needs to just take away the pass there and Bickel made an over-aggressive move to attempt to create a rush on net. Dubinsky got blamed but I don’t understand how it’s his fault since he is, you know, a forward and attacking the net is his job.

    Point: I think the whole “activating the defense” has gone a bit too far and people on this team, defenders mostly, are way too anxious to score goals and that has really hurt our defense-first mentality.

  20. Czechthemout!!! on

    It doesn’t matter who they play in the playoffs because sooner or later you have to beat the best to win the Cup. I only want home ice because in game seven, the home team wins a lot more then they lose.

    Tim Erixon played very well last night. He showed a lot of poise throughout the game. He made one mistake on the third goal but hey, that’s how you learn. I am sure Tort’s will point out to him what he did wrong ASAP. Perhaps most importantly to me, he showed that he has a good shot from the point on the one pp he was on. Almost scored.

    Though Bickel played very well except for that third goal as well. I think he is developing quite nicely and could turn out to be the tough dman this team needs.

    Boy I hope Staal can become Staal again in the playoffs. He has 7 games to regain his game. He was pretty brutal again last night.

    The third Ranger goal was great.

  21. Good morning, Carp! Four points closer to that sangwich!

    BTW, I am Kreider’s father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate. Honest to god!

  22. Yev, thanks, good read. No doubt, it has been getting better. It sickens me it has taken this long and it shouldn’t have had if Sather would have put aside his ego and brought someone like Gordie in years ago.

    Far too much waste for me. We have treaded water way too long.

    As for his free agent signings, they, for the most part amount to ‘who’s the best one out there?’ and let me see if I can swing it. The Gomez Drury smurf year was pretty indicative of this. He spent years backpedalling from those two mistakes alone.

    Sorry, 11 years is a long time for one GM. He may be learning now, but this organization is nowhere near where it should be considering how long it’s been. And you can’t tell me that Torts hasn’t done an astounding job given the level of talent he has.

    The future is brighter. Next couple of years should be really great.

  23. with Erixon, let’s remember he’s a kid. My gosh, he has some talent. I loved his assist and the shots he took from the point. Sure he’ll make mistakes. He could be pretty good, though.

    Bring in McIlrath, Sauer back (who knows there?), and this really could be a good group of d’men!

  24. >>I only fear playing the teams I would hate to lose to.

    I know exactly what you mean. That’s why I want no part of the Devils in the playoffs.

  25. bull dog line on

    disagree about the Bickel pinch. he went chasing, not pinching. poor decision on his part. to me he seems to have started to be exposed. have not been impressed with his play lately at all.

  26. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp -as we have all descended from adam and eve, we are all related,,,,the human race in one giant incestuous pool of genetic hand me downs…..we are all bruthas and sistas….my brutha

  27. eddie eddie eddie on

    next 2 games are must win, have to have, need 4 pts, cant afford anything less

  28. Stranger Nation on

    Bickel pinch is a hockey play you make when all 5 players understand team play. Blame Bickel for not getting the puck.

    Blame Dubi for skating with his head up his assen. Quite an amazing feat when you think about it. Even Joe Missaplenty recognized it and he is never wrong…

  29. The Rangers last night had the peculiar effect that I have long ago termed the ” right back goal” phenomenon.

    It goes like this: Every team..no matter how good or bad, has this happen to them more often that they probably realize. It happens with the sudden scoring of a goal ( especially when it has taken a while for it to happen), and everyone cheers and 5 0’s but the seed has been planted for the right back goal.. Suddenly the other team rallies and scores a goal almost immediately after the original shot has registered. It’s due to a very subtle and almost imperceptible let down in thought and action of which the players themselves are unaware…they celebrate and before they have reestablished their game faces, the opponent has scored a responding goal. Rangers are just as subject to this as any team is.

    Here are the symptoms to look for………………..

    …A hard fought back and forth with numerous shots on goal saved by Goalie,or great defensive plays by the defending team, and elation on behalf of the scoring team,. A line change by either team, and a puck transfer by one team or another. The goal tender may still be recuperating from a tough assault, and is just getting his game face back on. Bingo- a reversal of fortune…the right back goal has been scored. Watch for it. It;s as much psychological as mechanical.

  30. man, that guy Gustavsson played the shootout like he was a soccer goalie

    just one of far too many young goalies who are so obsessed with the butterfly that they haven’t a clue what to do with an elevated shot.

  31. Will take the two points for sure, and the early easter gift from Ottawa, but I have to ask this to everyone. Is anyone scared of having to play Buffalo? They are just about the hottest team in the league with Pitts, having gottens points out of something like 13 of 15 and winning I believe 4 or 5 in a row.. Perhaps going to 4th might not be a bad thing.. HAHAHA.. Like carp said, lots to work on, but signs are there that we can score which is great… Who would have thought earlier in the year that we would be scoring 3 or 4 a game and giving up the same, strange… They do look tired and hopefully carp you are right that they will get that second wind come April 11th… Off to the boat show, rock on all…

    p.s. NHL network had the Canadian feed last night and in the top left hand corner near the scoreboard thing, a sign read #HNIC… I truly got a giggle out of that…

  32. Rumor has it that Cablevision has bought 3 schools of higher learning, Maine, Air Force and Minnesota Duluth and will be renaming the 3 schools Cablevision University. The first action will be to merge the ice hockey teams of the 3 schools into a single squad in an attempt to win the Northeast regional final game against Boston College.
    The Cable U model for ongong educational success is the dorm room. “The premise is that the student will not have to leave his or her room in order to learn”. Cablevision plans to install 55″ TVs in all newly cabled student dorm rooms and make them into virtual learnmg centers thereby elimimating classrooms and other outmoded gathering centers that can be effectively sold off.
    When asked if this had anything to do with getting Chris Kreider to the Rangers this season, something that could happen if Cable U neat BC tonight, Glen Sather, newly appointed Dean of Cable U, stated “Our first priority is our students”

  33. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on

    Agree with ILB, not bickel’s fault!

    Richards seems to be clutch

  34. PS. I just found out this afternoon that my niece-in-law’s mother-in-law is Chris Kreider’s agent. Honest to God.

  35. Big Mc still does give up the puck once to often. Almost cost us the game just prior to the shoot-out Don’t get me wrong he’s going to be great. Wish he would shoot more

  36. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on

    A totally off the cuff observation here, but OPG reminds me of malakhov when he fights

  37. The Bourne Identity is on … God, I love these movies.

    Can’t wait ’till The Bourne Legacy.

  38. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on

    Extended version?

  39. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on

    The extended version rocks

  40. on #13:

    Dark Helmet: Before you die there is something you should know about us, Lone Star.

    Lone Starr: What?

    Dark Helmet: I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.

    Lone Starr: What’s that make us?

    Dark Helmet: Absolutely nothing! Which is what you are about to become.

  41. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on

    Lol. Cccp

    So what did everyone think of don cherry’s comments during the first intermission about the elbows and the fights?

    I thought he was pretty spot on

  42. I agree with ilb regarding the Bickel/Dubi play. Dubi curled back into the zone while Bickel was pinching.
    Lombari wasn’t anchored on the boards but was moving towards the puck (away from Bickel) so maybe Bickel’s decision could have been better but Dubi has to stay high.

    As far as something I said during the game. I think Torts did a good job in making his point to Dubi while not taking it too far. I was concerned Torts might pin him to the bench. While Dubi’s mistake is unacceptable at this point in the season I thought it was important to not crush his hopefully growing confidence. Obviously we need him to get on track to have a successful playoffs. I may have misspoken in suggesting Tort’s had totally released him from the doghouse when in fact he had dropped to the fourth line, but that is far different than having him stew on the bench for the remainder of the game. Dubi responded with a goal and even saw substantial time in OT.

  43. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Remember when giardi was a wuss that didn’t defend gabby. Been a long time.

  44. C3, I beat you to it! Aha aha!

    Sally March 25th, 2012 at 10:55 am
    Good morning, Carp! Four points closer to that sangwich!

    BTW, I am Kreider’s father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate. Honest to god!

  45. Oh look! According to math, Rangers are not only still 1st in the East, but 1st in the league. Who knew?!

  46. So, Sally, that means were related?

    I can smell that sangwich as we speak.

    First in Patrick, first in Prince of Wales, first overall … but it’s just a matter of time before they’re fourth, fifth, sixth or worse, right?

  47. Yeah, Tiki (BFF). He wasn’t a wuss. He just made a terrible decision … don’t know if you saw the column I wrote about him early in the season. He promised that will never happen again.

  48. Yes! You are my former roommate’s cousin’s uncle’s brother’s son’s coach’s cousin-in-law’s son-in-law! I think?

  49. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – my brutha – your prediction – first or 4th? I say first in the east and bring on the saber cats…let Philly and Pitt play 7 34 OT games

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I dont thin that a team that wins its division should get the 2 or 3 seed by default. I understand allowing a team that wins its division to be seeded into the playoffs, but once the 8?teams are determined – then 1-8 according to points earned during the season. That said, if the rangers win first in the east, I am a happy clam to have filthy and pissburgh play in the 1st rd.

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You guys are not going to believe this… But I am the son of my uncles nephews cousins aunts sisters husband

  52. so are youse really going to root for the Devils tonight? C’mon Clarkson! Seriously?

    and i know you are still big Lightning fans from last year. The Bolts can lend another hand tonight.

  53. I don’t think I can root for them…..I’m going to try to root against the Pens pretending they are playing Detroit….

  54. Aw I love the picture!!! Carp & Tiki, BFFs! Warm, fuzzy feelings!

    Totally worth the distraction from keslurking videos. Okay, back to that now…

    Don’t know about the rest of youse, but I am most certainly rooting for the Devils tonight.

  55. Very important game for Florida..the way Bufallo has been playing, and considering that Washington is capable of winning a few, they maybe in deep trouble if they can’t beat the Fishsticks

  56. Hadn’t really thought about it this way, but here we go.

    If Pittsburgh loses to New Jersey tonight, they will be 3 points back of the Rangers with 7 games to play. But Pittsburgh has to come up with 4 more points than the Rangers do over those 7 games. So if for example the Rangers then go 3-4, then the Pens have to go 5-2 (or 4-0-3, or 4-1-2) to get the #1 seed from the Rangers. If the Rangers go 4-3 then Pitt basically has to go 6-1.

    For Philly at 5 points back with no games in hand it’s nearly impossible for them to catch the Rangers unless the Rangers lose out which aint happening and if it does I doubt any of this matters anyway.

    So the idea that Pittsburgh catching the Rangers for first is inevitable is rather inaccurate, especially if they lose to New Jersey tonight. And the Rangers are very unlikely to lose home ice, at least for round one.

    Not that it matters, I know, but for this teams psyche I dont think being overtaken for first in the last week of the season and the type of poor play that would lead to such a scenario would bode well.

  57. MLS teams are just the sort of two-bit, third rate operations that would struggle to compete in the lower echelons of the leagues run by the Bangladesh Football Federation.

  58. I can’t believe there is a team named the “red bulls”


    Why not? They named a team the Mighty Ducks!

    No matter who the Rangers play in the playoffs it’s going to be a tough series. I wouldn’t be surprised to see any of the 8 teams from the East in the finals. All it takes is for a goalie to get hot and a team to get scoring from one of their role players and a team like Buffalo or Washington could do it. Wouldn’t it be funny if Washington makes it to the finals as an 8th seed when they couldn’t do it as a 1st seed?

  59. JimboWoodside on

    I’m rooting for our future star Parise to score an early hat-trick against Fleury, causing said goalie to get so pissed off that he injures himself while acting out due to his frustration in looking so bad. This will cause him to miss the playoffs and the rest of the regular season.

    I’m also rooting for Maaaaarty to strain his back while reaching for a dozen donuts and hotdogs.

  60. JimboWoodside on

    With the way that the Sabres are playing, Craps may not even get in….I’d hate to get Miller as our opposing goalie in the first round.

  61. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bill Peedo on NHL channel – gives me the creeps – I doubt he wearing pants under the desk

  62. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    I wasnt saying I thought Girardi was a wuss. I was taking a jab at other Rangers fans that branded him a wuss. And yes, I believe I do remember your article, I think it was “5 Girardi Way”

  63. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jimbo – I was watching highlights on NHL channel… I think the pecker plays later today

  64. >>1-0 Pens already

    Do the Devils hate Rangers more than they do Penguins? Yes!

    Would the Devils like to stick it to the Rangers? Yes!

    Will the Rangers division lead be reduced to a single point at the end of the night? Yes!

    Am I a pessimist? Well, yes!

  65. JimboWoodside on

    Oh, that one, E3 – OK – we’ve got to keep our peckers in order!!

    Parise!! Our future star just got one goal back!

  66. JimboWoodside on

    That was a joke, C3 – not picking on you – I have no idea what you just asked, though! ;-)

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  68. Jimbo

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    Thanks ilb! I remember i was talking to someone about it just couldn’t remember who, though…

  69. oh yeah that is right… i did see it on your iPhone, ilb

    i need something to boost up that crappy iPhone battery…hopefully that juice pack will do the trick.

  70. Kovalchuk was gliding that whole shift. He’d sake like a man possessed if he were playing the Rangers.

  71. JimboWoodside on

    He fell down earlier in the period – I thought Chico was gonna have a miscarriage – maybe Kovy hurt his aasen!

  72. JimboWoodside on

    If you say so, ORR – I never heard of them, but I’m older than dirt…. ;-D

  73. Manny Astronomo on

    Saved by the Bell.

    Zak Morris baby. That is how I got the nickname “Preppy” throughout my life.

  74. Manny Astronomo on

    Bwahahaha. I actually love that guy! Mark Paul Gosseler. He was in “Dead Man on Campus” which is a truly terrific movie. Very funny.

  75. do they really pay Chico for his stupid comments? Brodeur makes a routine save on Crosby, “he knew it was Crosby, he (Brodeur) wasn’t taking any chances”.

    Really, Chico. I thought he was going to step aside.


  76. Byfuglien Swamp Rats can never do anything right. I hope they go bankrupt!

    Oh, wait, aren’t I supposed to root for them? What with my being a Rangers fan? Fishsticks too?

  77. I want THE KREIDER to be a winner, but I’m rooting for Minn-Duluth.

    Let’s see the savior … come … now.

  78. JimboWoodside on

    Me too, Latona! Get out of our territory, you underfunded and unexciting slugs!

  79. We should covertly infiltrate the Devils, Jimbo. I always did have a feeling that, during our years of wallowing in the muck and mire of fail sauce, there were some secret Devils agents undermining the organization. That was my rationale for the Holik contract!

  80. JimboWoodside on

    Yes, Latona – you’re right! And Johnny Mac too…..and Bruce Driver – My God, *what* were they thinking signing him!?

  81. JimboWoodside on

    Verbeek was pretty good for us, though – and I guess Johnny Mac wasn’t awful, until the last year or so that he was with us…

  82. Kovalchuck could have sat on a beach chair and had a cocktail while scoring that goal!!

  83. JimboWoodside on

    Fatso doesn’t mind looking crappy if it affects the NYR’s in a bad way….

  84. LOL Marty gives up 4 goals including basically an own goal on the first one and Chico is saying he’s had a marvelous game.

  85. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on

    Sorry it took me a while to respond. Yes, I was. I actually wish he would fight occasionally. It was just a random thought by me and I remember when he thumped Hartnell that time. Kinda reminds me of malakhov, who didn’t fight a lot, but was a handful when he did!!!

    I remember when malakhov fought Horton and handled him pretty well and I think mess said after the game that malakhov is a guy you really didn’t want to tangle with

  86. Yup, I saw Malakhov beat up Joey Kocur when the Rangers tried to start a game on Long Island the way the Devils started the game at MSG on Monday.

  87. Kreider just got hip checked and flipped aasen over tea kettle -lucky he didn’t get hurt.

  88. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on

    I like the pens better than the devs (when the rangers are not a factor). There are a few players on the pens I like and none on the devs that I can think of.

  89. rooting for the devils stinks! Carp, again. who won the gravy and meatballs?
    “first in war, first in peace, and third in the american league.”
    Old Cap…”Stymie, what is the father of all rivers?”
    Stymie..”I don’t know Cap.”
    Old Cap..”the mississippi.”
    Stymie..”uh-uh. you must mean MISTERsippi.”

  90. JimboWoodside on

    Boy, the Devs don’t play Pitt with the same intensity that they play the Rangers – where is that idiot Clarkson? Is he even playing in this game? He’s frickin’ invisible!

  91. I will say this; if the much-touted Consol Energy Center sounds like it has the majority of tonight come playoff time, it isn’t going to do the Penguins any favors.

  92. The atmosphere mimicked a library. Then again, it might be part of their plan.. lull the opposition into a false sense of security with the lack of intensity..

  93. JimboWoodside on

    Oh, now I understand what you were saying – yeah, they were pretty “reserved” tonight, probably because the sleep-inducing Devils were on the ice…

  94. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Spanky : want to try an artichoke?

    Stymie: it may have choked Artie, but it ain’t gonna choke stymie

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stymie’s mom: (screams) Stymie!!!!

    Stymie: here I is

    Stymie’s mom: well, you come away from where you is, to over here where I is.

  96. i think Gabby is going to have a big game against Minnesota.. he’ll be pumped up. Biron will probably start in Winnipeg. or maybe Torts will start Biron 2 games in a row to get Hank like 5 straight days off and fully ready for the last stretch + playoffs.

  97. Speaking of random fighters…who remembers Wade Redden (Larry Brooks made a joke callin him Golden Gloves Redden and Torts called him on it) knocking out a Capital (cant think of who) with one shot?

  98. Good night, gentlemen.

    I won’t sleep well knowing that Kreider is still a dream.

    Prediction for Minnesota: Wild 8-1, GWG: “former Mayan Astronomer” Christensen.

  99. I am Kreider’s son, back from the future to warn him to stay in school. If not he’ll never meet my mother and fall in love with the woman who does Barry Melrose’s hair instead. Then again with that kind of talent can you blame him?

  100. eddie eddie eddie on

    barry melrose has some serious hair………better than that werewolfe from london

  101. eddie eddie eddie on

    for dinner baked chicken having marinated/soaked in italian dressing, garlic, pepper, salt, and basil……mashed potatoes, and an assortment of vegetables cooked in olive oil

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