Rangers-Baby Buffaloes in review


Good to see that, after two pretty good wins over two pretty good teams, all it takes is a game in which a couple of mistakes turn into a loss against a desperate team playing well in front of a good goalie to return the panic level. Blame, blame, blame … backing into the playoffs … blah, blah, blah.


1) Is this 100-point thing going to be like Alex Rodriguez going for his 500th home run … you know, might take a while?

2) With 99 heading into the three-game road trip the Rangers need a win or a Bettman Bonus point for 100. They hit 100 points exactly in 2005-06, and went over 100 in 1991-92 and in ‘93-94, when they had a franchise record 52 wins and 112 points — oh, and won a big prize at the end. They also had three straight 100-plus point seasons in 1970-71, ‘71-72 and ‘72-73.

3) All that said, as you well know, they need some points to hold off the Penguins … very well-informed and highly analytical statement there.

4) I know Mats Zuccarello is still a questionable NHL player, and was a minor-leaguer all season, and he’s a restricted free agent July 1, and maybe this was his last hurrah here anyway. But, man, it sure looked like he had the power play finally looking like a power play, and I think that season-ending injury is about as big as one could get for, you know, a guy who barely played. Just not sure who could help the PP now.

5) Or maybe this injury, combined with John Mitchell’s benching after his goal and assist for the Sabres, combined with Ruslan Fedotenko’s struggles, will be that unforeseen circumstance, the perfect storm, that gets Chris Kreider a look without any pro experience? I doubt it, but stranger things have happened.

6) Gotta say, the atmosphere at MSG was pretty darn good throughout the homestand, fans making a ton of noise at the right moments, showing some hockey sophistication.

7) … until the booing at the end of the second period. Seriously? That I don’t get. Does this team have to go 82-0 to make some people happy? Or is happiness just that fleeting?

8) Stu Bickel is getting really good at taking the man around the net. Some of his buddies could take note.

9) The Rangers sure had chances to tie (and maybe win) this game. Ryan Miller was good, got two remarkable saves by defenseman Christian Erhoff during that mad scramble just before the 3-1 goal, and I thought the Baby Buffaloes did a really good job getting their sticks on passes and shots. They were only credited with 17 blocked shots somehow.

10) And the odd thing on the Rangers’ stat sheet: One giveaway. I don’t imagine that’s accurate.

11) Wait, I think we just missed another Tyler Ennis-Drew Stafford 2-on-1.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brian Boyle.
2) Dan Girardi.
3) Ryan Callahan.
True Fans Bleed RW&B’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan McDonagh.
2) Brandon Dubinsky.
3) Ryan Callahan.

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  1. Until goal #3, I was totally convinced the Rangers were going to tie it and win the game in OT. Boy was I wrong. What a bummer. It sure would be nice to finish 1st, but maybe a scrappy team that has nothing to lose would be a tougher opponent than the 5 seed? Maybe we would be more motivated in the first round against the Devs of Flyers than against the Jets or Sabres etc?

    I want the playoffs to start already. I agree with Carp. Now that TLIKFN has gone down, there is a better chance of Krieder getting a look even if it is in the playoffs.

  2. Bye-bye first place. Pens are not simply on a 12-game win streak. They are crushing opponents by a 2+ goal differential. So, by Monday, we will be in 4th place most likely. We’re what, 4-6 in the last 10? Sorry Dubi, since Carter broke your nose you’ve been better, but you still freeze up in prime shooting positions. Love Boyle, but despite all his charming ways, ans size, he is so slow and ungainly opponents still can skate right around him. We cannot break a neutral zone trap yet. I mean, it’s not our year in a long playoff campaign, it’s Pitt all the way. Start planning for next year. These boys just don’t have enough firepower, they’re worn out from the reg season. If I was Torts I’d damn sure be rolling 4 lines for entire games from here on out if we’re to have a chance in hell to make a deep run. Staal is a shadow of his former self, but god forbid anyone acknowledges that.

  3. 5) Or maybe this injury, combined with John Mitchell’s benching after his goal and assist for the Sabres, combined with Ruslan Fedotenko’s struggles, will be that unforeseen circumstance, the perfect storm, that gets Chris Kreider a look without any pro experience? I doubt it, but stranger things have happened.


    This team is in a lot of trouble if replacing guys that get about 10 mins a game is the driving force behind them winning or losing.

  4. Totally sucks about Zucc. He may be lucky though that he doesn’t need surgery.

    FWIW, I broke my wrist a few summers ago in an ice hockey game. I needed surgery (plate + pins) to repair it. Had my arm in a cast PAST my elbow (to prevent me from rotating my forearm) for about 7 weeks. After they removed the cast, I had to do physical therapy for another 3 months in order to gain back 95% of my original strength.

    I’m hoping Zucc’s injury doesn’t require that sort of recovery. The kid can play. He’s small and can’t bang effectively like the rest of the guys, but he does take the body every opportunity he gets. Hope he fully recovers and get another chance to play in the NHL.

    Mitchell was TERRIBLE this game. He was so bad that it looked like he had money on Buffalo!

  5. #11 — priceless!

    Pittsburgh may very well pass the Rangers this weekend but it doesn’t mean that that can’t be reversed in the next couple of weeks. Keep the faith brothers!

  6. I had wondered what the coaching staff saw in Mitchell. Maybe he’s a practice guy – looks like an all-star in practice, but get him in a real game and he does nothing. I think if they sign Kreider and it’s prior to the playoffs then they should play him in the last couple of games of the regular season. What could it hurt? And, no I don’t think Kreider is going to come in and save the power play or something. It’s just that he can’t be much worse than Mitchell and, who knows, he just might do something offensively.

    There are some games I get the feeling that the Rangers aren’t going to score no matter what they do. I had that feeling in last night’s game especially after Gaborik couldn’t stuff it in with Miller out of position.

  7. I have to agree with Zubov above. I will add being in the bottom of the league in faceoff wins (25th) and power play % (29th) will make for a short playoff run.

  8. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Carp your “point” before your points is so spot on.
    I just don’t have the mental fortitude to wade through all the negative crap lately…Prust sayin’

  9. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Great review and thank you!!!

    The loss sucked, but one pt away from 100!!!

    Playoff spot clinched!!!

    Best of luck to mza!!

    I agree with carp about Bickel, great around the net…..some of the other guys a bit too soft!


    Off, to work, later aasens!!!

  10. I would NOT want to play that team shall they make it into the playoffs.. Man they are explosive, goalie is best in the league right now and they can defend. Does ruff get some votes for coach of the year?

    Tough loss, gabby should have stuffed in that goal, but it didn’t happen.

    Carp as for #7, I agree the fans in Ny are demanding, but I will say that our team, our boys have to do better then 4-3 on a huge 7 game homestand

  11. I really need you guys today! I am stuck in CLE (Continuing Legal Education) which is an 8 hour session designed to remind me why I hate being a lawyer.


  12. I don’t really care about goals 3 and 4. Both were pretty soft and neither should have been given up. I just don’t care because if we had tied the game at 2 a piece I think the outcome may have been different. I would have appreciated a point.

    Whatever 3-1 in our last 4. Bring on the Penguins.

  13. Good morning, boneheads!

    Not going to comment on negativity, I do understand why the fans are entitled to demand. But one can’t lose the big picture, just can’t. And whether they finish first is fourth, do you really think they will be an easy out? C’mon, they showed all year what they’re all about. Couple of saves that he routinely makes ( perhaps even one?), Gabby gets the puck over the line, a little better decisions with the puck ( by the way, Mitchell made a horrible mistake with the puck which led to an odd-man rush and goal, but where was the second defenseman-pinching in while all three forwards are deep?), and it’s a different game.

    Say what you want about Fedotenko, but it isn’t the first time the team looked worse defensively without him in the lineup. Their cycling isn’t as effective, for starters.

    MZA is done for the year. 6-8 weeks without surgery plus rehab. Too bad. It is what it is. On to Toronto..

  14. Pitt scares me in the playoffs, screw the rest of them, let’s see what the first round brings build some mo. and move on. Pitt is real healthy now may not last.

  15. czechthemout!!!! on

    Mitchell is a career minor leaguer who couldn’t make a woeful Mapleleaf team for years. I am not a huge fan of Feds but if given the choice, I would choose Feds over Mitchell every tome. It’s not even close. My biggest beef with Feds is not his hustle or his bravery or anything else. He is just slowing down as a player which is no fault of his. Time catches up to everyone sooner or later. That said, Feds on one leg is ten times the player Mitchell is.

  16. Nope, we are not pedestrian level. This is a good team that should get better next year. I just hope EVERYONE realizes that Torts has gotten EVERYTHING out of this team he could. No, they are not even close to Pitt. Who knows what he will get out of them to compete in the playoffs.

    The point is, that after 11, yes 11, years our pinhead awful GM has finally put together a group, that IF added to (a couple of snipers, a big stay at home on ‘D”), this team has a shot at getting to the big show.

    We fans owe Torts the season of hope, because were it not for him, we are in Buffalo’s position right now, playing for our lives hoping to get in. Instead, we can relax for a few weeks. We can be proud we have 99 with 2 weeks to go. Another coach with this mound of above average wouldn’t have done it.

    FIRE SATHER…and get a real GM.

  17. Oh I’m sorry. I mean, “Good morning, 20th CENTURY CARP!”

    Maybe you could teach my mom what twitter is so she can tweet Stu Bickel…

  18. That stinks you have to work today. I was apparently scheduled to be at my second job at 7:00am today. I found out when I woke up at 9:30 and had a ton of missed calls. Oops! But now I’m off the hook and get to GTL instead!

  19. I am sitting in this stupid 8 hour lecture about legal strategies watching skateboarding videos. KING OF THE ROAD!

  20. Didn’t see any of the game. Not ready to hit the panic button here yet. How did Hank play? Anyone?

  21. So which is the real New York Rangers – the one from the last 17 games (8-7-2) or the one from November to mid-February.

    Lilke it or not, logic says it’s the former and I base that on 5 factors:

    1) The team has several significant line-up holes that have yet to be addressed (no power winger, shortage of top 6 forward skill, premier offensive defenseman, top 4 bruising defenseman)

    2) The fact that the only player of note (and by that I mean proven player) added over the summer is Brad Richards

    3) No one, including the players and the coach envisioned themselves being first overall

    4) Most, if not all of us, predicted in the fall at best a 5th place spot in the east, but thought 6th was more likely.

    5) The team’s record the previous 2 years – this ties in with number 1 – there’s a reason they basically backed into the POs last year and a reason they’re now playing, as often as not, as they often did last year.

    I realize I’m breaking an unwritten rule that exists in here about being negative (yes I’m risking an eternaty in firey hell, but I’ll take that risk), but I think I’m simply being realistic.

    This is a good team but not a great team. The players thrive on hard work and sacrifice themselves time and time again for the good of the team. It’s admirable and totally cool to watch.

    All that said, because of that attitude and there is a great goalie there and some skill, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to hope that this team can make it to the final four – IMO, they match up to anyone in the east, except for the Penguins.

    IF THEY PLAY WELL AND HARD (and don’t face the Penguins in round 2)

    However, I think if they play as they did last night and as they have in most of the 7 losses (and some wins) since mid-February, they are looking at a potential 1st round exit.


  22. Carp

    Do I detect an unpleasantness creeping into this blog? A version of nastiness between several of the bonesters that I’ve never seen before. Perhaps I’m over analyzing, but there is a chill in the air between several of the posters that was only seen in places like the NY Post
    blogs, and they never got better..only worse, and the invective was really unpleasant. …………..Just wondering.

  23. Definitely Fran. I heard there is a huge beef occurring between Miami Pimp and this Newbear guy! Also, LW has become a crazy Punk.

  24. Not entirely without truth, Jim. But not sure it’s “logic” to base judgement on a 17 game stretch instead of the whole 70+, unless it better fits your argument.

  25. Especially if you’re arguing at the same time that this is the same team that 164 games before this year showed us.

  26. LW3H: Well, discount the first 6 because of that inane opening schedule, plus there’s 6 left to play, so 17 is approximately 1/4 of the season and I think a big enough piece to warrant consideration.

    If you don’t understand my point about the previous 2 seasons, so be it.

    What I think gets lost in all of this is that the organization is progressing nicely and whether or not the team ends up in 1st, 4th or 5th (in the east) is irrelevant.

    The need to add a Parise (or Nash or whoever) remains crucial, IMO, to get the team to the next level quickly.

    Either way, we shall see soon enough, starting tonight against the Leafs.

  27. fran: I think part of the problem here with the unpleasantness is that the optimist patrol, led by the Carpfather and his many disciples, sarcastically respond to the negative posts.

    That in turn, gets the ire of the negative nellies.

    Interesting how I rarely, if ever, see the negative nellies reacting similarly to the optimistic orvilles….

  28. Of course we are not making the playoffs. Once we lose tonight, Torts will announce that we forfeit our playoff position.

    If you thought that last night was bad, watch Biron get lit for at least 8 goals this evening.

    sweet daydreams, ladies and gentlemen.

  29. Good point. I forgot Biron was playing this evening. The Make Believes can score a ton of goals. What’s your predictions Pimp?

  30. Manny: If you’re talking to me, I don’t mind it at all. It’s part of the schtick in here.

    As I said, it seems it’s the optimistic orvilles who get unglued by their counterparts in here, not the other way around….

  31. I predict we get run out of the building with our tails between our legs.

    8-0 Maple Syrups. GWG: Mitchell (own goal)

  32. Thanks, Jim!

    I just try to stay positive. I get pretty negative during the games (which is why I refrain from posting during them). I take out my negativity on my closet door and usually whatever pair of glasses I am using to see the game.

  33. Im sorry Czech that you were getting called a rapist last night. I hope you take it from the source, an immature child with no understanding of the severity of the word rape.

  34. Hart: I, too, feel bad for MZA, both for him (that kid would have no luck if he didn’t have bad luck) and the team.

    I was really hoping his presence would help jump-start the offense and because he’s relatively unknown, he might have helped make a difference in the POs.

    Now the big question is will the Rangers offer him a contract this summer? He’s a RFA and well paid at that, so it won’t be a slamdunk decision for management….

  35. That happened!? Someone got called a rapist? That’s pretty insane. Speaking of people who might not understand sexual boundaries…what happened to Buff and his Doctor friend? Is he in prison?

  36. Czech: Thanks, but which post? I’ve been especially elegant in my wording this morning after all!!


  37. A rapist? LOL…now that’s going over the top. So let me ask this: Was the accuser a negative nellie or optimist orville??

  38. Manny: Ahh, you must be young (breaking things because the Rangers are frustrating you).

    I’m gonna really really REALLY date myself, but many many MANY years ago, I used to break transistor radios because I threw them across the room when the Rangers would blow games (usually against the hated Bruins)….

  39. Highlight of my day was being with Jul Fozzy, seeing Carp again, and meeting Steppers, Staalsie, Anisimov. Jul definitely had an adventure, Carp. Refs cheated us. Also, dont know where the puck was on that 3rd period scramble aroudn the Buffalo crease, but we’ve been called for 2 penalty shots this year when we laid on the puck in the crease, once in the Winter Classic. And on that play, they had 2 players in the crease, but i couldn’t see on replay on the big board where the puck was.

    Anyway, walking out of game, Im angry, and I see a loser w a Rangers shirt and a Bruins hat on, so I say to his friend, why is this loser wearing a Rangers shirt/Bruins hat. Then the loser with the shirt/hat combo says what’d did u say, and I repeated You’re a Byfugliening loser. And then he says ‘you wanna go?” And I just kept walking bc I didn’t want the young Fozzy to see me get my Aasen kicked!

  40. I’m not on optimist patrol. I just don’t get the jump-off-bridges stuff … as if no good team ever has a difficult stretch in a season.

    and I never get the blame game. Like Lundqvist gave up soft goals? Um, a Ranger kicked one in, one was a 2-on-1 dunk, two were 2-on-1 wrist shots in close. Maybe he makes those saves at other times, and he definitely wants them all back, but those ain’t soft.

    You can be as negative as you want. But in some cases, it’s just ridiculous.

  41. You know, Jim. I grew up a Whalers fan. The Rangers were always the other team I rooted for. Then the Rangers were ripped away from me and I became a full time Rangers fan. I was used to play that was so not even close to anything resembling an identity, strategy or winning attitude.

    But my passion was arisen by this team of youngsters that I like to root for.

    I am 26 but I was born in 1981.

  42. Anyone else wish the Rangers had made a move for Cody Hodgson? I don’t mean just based on his play last night or anything. Just reminded of it last night.

  43. Oh, and czechthemout, if you want to pull that bullcrap from last night, there are plenty of blogs that are not policed, where all the internet tough guys can go threaten each other. I suggest you find one of those.

  44. Where the hell is Johnny LaRue to cheer me up, especially with all those Sabres references: Stafford, Sulzer, etc?

  45. Kudos, Carp. I take back what I said about you.

    “I caught my first tube today… Sir.” – Johnny Utah

  46. I like your use of the word “supposedly.” Supposively I am a lawyer. That means i have a doctorate. Isn’t that hilarious? If you meet me (when you meet me) you will finally understand what a joker I really am in life.

  47. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    HOLY HELL! what is wrong with everyone after midnight?! lol calling people rapists, then wanting to fight… you guys are OUT OF CONTROL late at night after a loss!

    John Mitchell meet press box tonight…. horrible game by the kid.

    Obvious statement but these 2 points tonight are HUUUUUUUUUUUGE! Hockey night in Canada, so we’ll have that to contend with. Hope i am NOT stuck with that!!

  48. Jim

    I don’t disagree with (or misunderstand) most of what you said and I’d put you as a realist rather than especially negative based on that, which is probably where I sit too.

    Like you suggest, I wouldn’t see falling all the way to 4th seed (realistically 2nd in the conference and only by a few points) as any huge failure or choke job. The team has overachieved some already and the standings aren’t so skewed that a first round exit would be unthinkable.

    I just don’t really agree with saying a 17 game sample is better than a 70+ game sample for evaluating a team. At the same time, this isn’t the team of the last two years.

    And if we’re separating into two camps (not that we have to), the “negatives” most definitely snipe at the realist/optimist side too.

  49. Of course, this one had to appear last night (and got lost among the internet tough guy act):

    “I mean there are two reasons John Mitchell is on this team.

    1) They have no better option
    1a) John Tortorella hates Sean Avery’s guts”

  50. Jim, good post, indeed. And a good response, LW. I’m a realist as well, Jim. And whatever you said in general isn’t necessarily a revelation. You don’t have to convince anyone that this team has overachieved, and still lacks deep talent, and a few other pieces. But they overachieved not because of pure luck, but because of hard work, playing their hearts out and giving up their bodies. And because their coach knows how to motivate. So what’s mindbugling to me is how can one be so down on that team? The team that leaves everything on the ice almost every night. What else do we want them to do? And that’s why, IMO, positive people get upset when someone mentions this team, or so and so, “stinks, period!”

  51. Don’t generally have a problem with pessimism (Hi, Eric!) or post-game venting.

    I’ll admit to being less sympathetic towards the “this team stinks/chokes and I’ve been waiting all year for something to validate my opinion that this team stinks/chokes, but perversely, I’ll still be the most upset about the team stinking/choking despite believing that they stink/choke all year long” end of the negativity spectrum.

    Same with reactions to any defeat that the team didn’t put any effort in or certain players “quit” when there is scant evidence to support it.

  52. MZA’s qualifying offer is reasonable at under $1mm…it’s a no brainer to qualify him…

    He looked like he belonged here…He had a great AHL season…

    I’m just happy I got to see him play in person against the Wings!!

    Manny, NO EMAIL.

  53. Problem is that they lost their ‘jam’ weeks ago. Desperate teams have been out-jamming us. Question is if we can get it back for the playoffs. If yes, we can make a run. If no, we may be out early. It’s all about the jam!

  54. Good point, Scott. JAM is the answer.

    “Jam…it ain’t…it ain’t…too much…to…JAM” – Michael Jackson, R.I.P.

  55. NYR: as the kids say, O.M.G. I freakin’ loved StarFox. I only liked a few games but that was one of them. I just did a ton of loop-dee-loops and yelled “bogey on my tail!” Great game.

    Also good: Mario Kart 64, Bomberman 64 and Bond

  56. Atta boy, Tony!

    NYR_FAN- MZA’s qualifying offer would have to be $945K. I agree, no reason not to qualify him. The question is whether he accepts it, since it’s a significant pay cut for him. Either way, they should do in order to retain his rights next year even if he decides to play in Europe.

  57. Zuccarello has earned a spot in the lineup next season, even if he is on the 4th line as a PP specialist.

    That’s a huge loss, although I think the Rangers ran themselves out too early in the season. Tortorella has to find a way to get the team to win with a less demanding style as they’ll last this long…

  58. ilb, from what the Wegians told me, Zuccs didnt get his full salary when he was down in the minors. I explained to them that it didnt matter if he was down in the minors, bc his 2 way contract was all guaranteed money. Not the same, but similar to Redden, Avery, etc. Am I right that he got all his money even while being in the minors?

  59. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on

    I hope we dress John Scott just to see the blog traffic spike

  60. Tiki, I think he made an AHL salary (Like $65k) but also got a $800k bonus earlier in the season…

    It’s a huge drop off from his NHL cap hit of $1.75M

  61. Good point, Wicky. Tortarella has not been concerned enough with this blog throughout the season. Torts hates Carp.

  62. 2 way deal indicates the difference in payment between NHL and AHL, so if in fact he had a 2 way deal he’d be making less in the AHL.

    In the same vein (and not directed to Tiki but to clear up a general misunderstanding), a 2 way deal has nothing to do with his waiver eligibility. The EA Sports games have twisted the definition of 2 way deals in order to make it simpler for roster movements and I think this where a lot of the misconception comes from.

  63. czechthemout!!!! on

    Hey Carp

    You are right I may have gone a bit too far but maybe you can control your keyboard warrior pal Orr. I said nothing to him or about him. I posted an opinion about a couple of the players and their performance in last night’s game. For that I was insulted and ridiculed. I didn’t appreciate it. Especially coming from the resident punk of this blog. Jim’s point about the sarcasm is spot on. No one can ever post here any critical comments without being mocked or ridiculed by the polyana patrol. Yet their sunshine and unicorn posts are hardly if ever responded to the same way by posters who don’t share their view.

    As for my posting here. I don’t need to do so anymore if you don’t want me to post here or if you think I am too provocative. Like you said, there are plenty of others out their like blueshirt nation that I can post on as well. So no big deal either way.

  64. Thats correct, he made $67.5K in AHL salary for most of the season plus bonuses. Drop off from last year. I think he can make more than $945K next year in Europe, though…

  65. Hey, any guy who is as little as MZA and plays with the heart that he does will always have a soft spot with Ranger fans.

    But, if we sign Parise or make a trade for a Nash or Bobby Ryan type player, and we are adding Kreider, where would MZA fit in?

    I really like the little italian kid from Norway, but I don’t see him on this team next year.

    GO AIR FORCE! ;-)

  66. Thanks NYR, CTB, ilb. I dont play the video game, I just naturally thought a 2 way contract meant a guy did not have to go through waivers to be sent down to the AHL or be put on re entry waivers to get back up the NHL. Good to know. The Wegians were right and I was wrong!

  67. He’s a tough kid. I think his toughness and skill is what makes him special.

    He suffered a brutal concussion from cheap hit by Adam Mair earlier in the season. He also broke his ankle twice.

  68. NYR – didn’t the ^Hobbit Wizard^ also sustain a broken hand in the AHL from a check into the boards?

  69. The idea that nobody can post critical or negative comments on here without being ridiculed is nonsense.

    Some comments that are ridiculous do get ridiculed. And it’s probably a natural consequence of the team being in first place that your average ridiculous comment is more likely to be a negative one than a positive one. Just as had the team been in the toilet all year, positive comment would be more likely to stand out as ridiculous.

    Main point is that most people (not everybody) on here probably have relatively moderate views on most things about the team. Doesn’t make much sense for anyone to paint any different opinion one way or another as being extreme (e.g. those who fall somewhere short of the team being garbage, first round exit fodder being called pollyannas).

  70. Unfortunately, the Rangers are starting to look like a tired, burned out team, which may be understandable considering their style of play all season. What bothers me the most is their seeming lack of hustle at times in the defensive zone. They have started to show their old bad habit of gliding after the puck and stick checking, while the other team skates hard after it.

    I hope that they can turn this around, starting tonight. If they don’t, I’m afraid I’ll be watching baseball sooner than I wanted.

  71. duck the bill on

    tiki, why would you instigate to these drunken fools that go to these games? Are you aware that not everyone is as civlised as us boneheads? You’ve been a good boy of late, so I am going back to worrying about your well being. I am saying many prayers for you tonight, and will no longer begrudge that cat that kept dragging things in.

    FYI: remember the game where jagr dislocated his head and arm when he was tapping Scott BLowmez during that playoff game? Well, many disgruntled Rangers fans instigating some Jersey Hillbillies. The result was one of the most violent fights I had ever seen at a stadium. Was disgusting…in this crazy city you never know what nutbag you might encounter. Practice prudence, dear. (No Beatles)

  72. duck the bill on

    Hopefully this won’t sound so harsh, but the negative nitwits are morons with a capital ‘n’. I also noticed many of them are poor practitioners of syntax and grammar which makes them vile creatures. BYFUGLIEN them!

  73. Thiessen inbetween the pipes for the pens… we might get a reprieve.

    MALKIN WILL GO OUT WITH A KNEE INJURY TONIGHT!~ was on a fortune cookie I had at lunch.

  74. I’d place more credence on the “team is tired and burnt out” argument if anyone said it after they won a game. They never seem to look as tired then.

    And which are teams that have got to or near the top of the standings _without_ working hard and expending a lot of energy over the year so far?

  75. i’m not going to mention how bad they looked in winning two of the last three.

    czech, I didn’t say I don’t want you here. I like your comments, and you’re pretty smart about your team, even if I don’t always agree with you. But the internet tough guy stuff doesn’t belong here, simple as that. I don’t care who started it.

  76. Just a theory. But I’ve been going to games as a season/partial season ticket holder since the 70’s, started out in the blues. Been watching the Rangers blow big leads and chances for a long time. Maybe some of the negative people here are just expecting them to fold in the late going or early rounds and can’t appreciate that we have the best or one of the best teams in the league. They just want to be able to say “I told ya so” if the Rangers do anything less than bring the Cup back to NY. I prefer to keep cheering them even when they throw up a stinker and hope I will be in the building in June when they hoist the Cup. Just saying.
    I was a bruins fan before going to rangers games, loved Cheevers and his mask and the fact that Esposito was Italian. When the B’s are in town, I usually wear some type of Bruins paraphinalia along with my Messier jersey. Never had a problem.
    As far as fighting rivals in the stands and outside, if you want to fight, enlist, put on a uniform and fight for something meaningful.

  77. Five logical reasons why the Rangers from last nights game are the ‘real’ Rangers:

    1 The Rangers didn’t make the playoffs from 1942 to 1947
    2 The Rangers didn’t make the playoffs from 1950 to 1954
    3 Jabba the hut hurt his right ankle on a trampoline
    4 Stan Fischler thinks Sean Avery will be the Rangers playoffs MVP
    5 I’m a Rangers fan damn it! It’s my prerogative to be a, woe is me, negative nancy.

  78. Tort’s “Shot Blocking ” Brand hockey sure is sure taking it’s toll on this team. Poor Zuccy, he was doing so well. Henrik is no longer playing like God. But you know what this was a MUST game for the Sabres and they did play with desperation. This team needs a lot of rest. Too many games in too few nights. We’re still a team, totally banged up with little gas left in our tank; the cracks in the foundation have gotten larger. Perhaps Kreider may help

  79. Also, it’s possible that the second round in the playoff may be beyond our reach.

  80. biron in goal tonite geez just end the misery now. go air force. hey if we win tonite at least we keep first for one more day

  81. root for Air Force against BC today…

    my point on Mitchell as I posted many a time is he should have sat before last night.

    Feds and Zucc are better. RUpp sucks but TOrts likes him for the toughness stuff. In the playoffs that nonsense matters less and less.

    Zucc will be back in about a month… Need another skilled forward unless dubi and boyle can score some goals.

  82. I think he doesn’t play Tony. I hope he does really well in the BC tournament and his legend grows. A win for BC is a win for the Rangers.

  83. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on


    No no manny, thank you!!

    I think tonight is the perfect time for one of my favorite orrisms….game over season over!!! LOL

  84. eric,
    pls. stop it! It is just so self-distractive. Your kids, existing and future, need you being mentally healthy. Besides, constant and un-based stress seriously affects your future reproductive ability.
    (Unless all this stuff is pure performance to stir blog pot and generate traffic to help Carp).

  85. Pen for Kreider to sign his ELS after BC loses today? -$2.50
    Private jet rental with landing clearance in Toronto this evening? – $2,500
    Dressing as #20 and scoring a 3rd period hat trick? – priceless

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