Rangers-Red Wings in review



1) This would have been more fun if they’d met a month or so ago, when they were both tearing it up. Would have been more of a measuring stick for both teams.

2) Would have been more fun for me, anyway, if the Rangers wore their traditional blue uniforms given how rarely Detroit is in here and how it’s Original Six and all. Not that it wasn’t a fun game to watch. The Rangers got caught up in a track meet for a while there, and that was the Red Wings’ doing more than the Rangers’. And, perhaps surprisingly, the Rangers showed a fair amount of skill during those moments. Though they need to hit the net a bit more.

3) How about the play Ryan Callahan made on the short-handed rush, where he made the belly-slide and knocked the puck loose, and the Rangers turned it up ice for a power-play chance? And how about the all-in sliding blocked shot? And of course he gets the goal to win it on his birthday. Kid is some kind of captain, isn’t he? Seriously, he is universally admired on this team, and he leads it.

4) How about the octopus being tossed onto the Garden ice? Wow. Never thought you’d see that, right? Peter Botte of the New York Daily News tweeted that when the Rangers score somebody should throw calamari on the ice, and asked if that would be Squid Pro Quo.

5) Henrik Lundqvist, who was pretty fabulous again, now has two power-play assists on Brad Richards coast-to-coast goals. I though it was interesting to hear John Tortorella talk about how the Wings took away Marian Gaborik on the power play, and that opened things up for Richards. I also thought, very seriously, that the PP looked really good all night — even if the PPG wasn’t one you draw up. I think they’re using more of an umbrella setup now, with Richards more toward the half boards. Don’t know if that’s a matter of taking what’s given, or if they’re trying something new.

6) And of course the Little Italian Kid from Norway has a lot to do with the way they move the puck now.

7) The Red Wings were missing some all-stars, including a Hall of Famer, but still showed why that’s a special team, a special organization … and has been since (ahem) 1993-94, when as the No. 1 seed in the West they got shocked by upstart San Jose in the first round. That No. 13 guy, he’s going to be pretty good someday.

8) As I wrote in my column today, I always think back to the back-to-back 8-2 and 6-0 losses the Red Wings handed the Rangers at the end of the 1999-2000 season, which directly and immediately led to the firings of feuding GM Neil Smith and coach John Muckler, and installed assistant John Tortorella as interim head coach. Which led to the start of the Glen Sather regime in June, and one of his first moves — giving Tortorella his walking papers.

9) If Brad Richards keeps playing this way, and if Brandon Dubinsky continues to come around, and then you add the way Mats Zuccarello and even Tim Erixon have fit in, the Rangers are sure going to look a lot deeper and more balanced and dangerous come playoff time.

10) A few guys had some bad cough-ups because of the way the Wings get on you, or because, maybe, of the ice. But I thought they all bounced back — especially Marc Staal, Michael Del Zotto and Brandon Dubinsky. I liked what all three did in the offensive zone most of the night.

11) Is it just me, or does anybody else wonder how Philly has had the season it has had, and lost all five to the NYR, and was just five points back before last night?

12) Abdelkader. I just wanted to say that.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan Callahan.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Brad Richards.
Yev Kessem’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan Callahan.

2) Brad Richards.
3) Brandon Dubinsky.

AP photos, above.

One more thing. We’re planning on doing another one of those crazy Live Chats Friday at noon. Can probably go an hour, maybe a little more, before heading to MSG to see the Buffalo Baby Buffaloes. Be there. Or else.



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  1. Well before he scored that OT goal, I had Cally in mind as the number one star. He was all over the place. Hitting, shots on goals, that great sliding blocked shot! What round was he drafted in? Wow!

    Because I was choosing the stars of the game for CARP, I was really trying to look at the game and the players critically. Sometimes I really question the stars chosen by the press at the Garden. (Whg were the stars of the game last night? you couldn’t hear on TV as they were interviewing Cally, who I am sure was the #1 star)

    What really was puzzling was the fact that this morning I saw Staal wearing the Broadway hat. He made a couple of good plays, but overall, I thought he was shying away from contact and using his stick too much. Didn’t think he had a great game.

    On the other hand, while people here during the game were blasting Dubi (eg. Dublowski), I thought he had a very strong game and was worthy of the third star. He did a great job rusing the puck on the OT goal and made a fantastic backhanded dish to MDZ once he brought the puck into the zone and drew the D to him.

    I really hope they win the conference!

    CARP, nice job on the radio last night!!

  2. 1 more thing. I thought that Erixon was solid and I love the way the kid moves the puck. He is a great passer.

    Can you imagine the D next year with him and god willing, a healthy Sauer?? Would there be a better D corps 1-6? And they are so freaking YOUNG!!! :-)

  3. Did Doc even MENTION Erixon’s name last night? I was wondering who the 6th D was, and instead of looking at my smartphone for the answer I waited. Sometime in the second period I saw a #53 flash across the screen. I will look later to see how many minutes he got. As a young Dman I guess that’s a good thing, but it concerns me that Stralman didn’t get the start. Detroit is a soft team. Stralman could have played.

  4. CW just because that idiot Doc Emerick didn’t mention his name doesn’t mean that Erixon isn’t playing well. In the minutes he has been given he has played well. His positioning has been good and his time on the PP is good as well.

    The PP seems improved. On the second unit, Tim has been good at moving the puck

  5. Cally was awesome last night , Richards was great also , Dubinsky looks like he is back playing the way we need him to.

  6. At the game last night upstairs. Enjoyed seeing the Red jerseys in the stands as long as they act in a mature manner, whatever that is (maybe Orr can clarify)

    One negative note that really needs to be addressed. Its pretty evident from his overall play in the 3rd period that MDZ is playing hurt. He’s been and continues to be a rime factor in the Rangers success but he was brutal late in the game last night the last play notwithstanding. His and the team’s priority must be to have him primed for the playoffs. Otherwise he will be a liability and his stellar season will be an afterthought.

  7. bull dog line on

    MDZ fought the puck all game, but he kept going. a sign of maturity. did not see the same bounce back from Staal that Carp saw. Dubi, and MZA have added some O to the team. I thought Dubi was skating real well again last night.

  8. Should not have been that close…

    NN says.. Hank let in another soft goal. Erixon looked out of place many times. If Boyle had any kind of scoring touch he would be scoring 40/yr, he controls the puck with some Malkiniese like moves at times. Pretty scary to be a one line team. Why would you try to play Detroits game when you can beat them with forechecking and physically wear them down….. and oh ya..Hank let in another soft goal , which come PO time =loss

  9. Erixon looked out of place? Really? I thought his positioning was EXCELLENT. He played a very good game and his puck movement was great. That first pass out of the defensive zone was crisp all night. Will he have rookie mistakes as he matures? Of course he will! But, last night he looked like he very much belonged.

  10. Agreed Cuz, original 6, should have had the traditional blue sweaters on. Being screened in the net and having the puck go by isn’t soft. Been there many times. Lunqvist will be fine.

  11. I agree, erixon looked good. Wasn’t caught out of position and made a couple of really nice passes. What really is incredible to me is how good Bickel is. He doesn’t do it pretty but he almost always makes the decision. More than than he makes some nice passes out of the zone and pinches. I always wait for him to blow up but it doesn’t happen.

  12. I thought the Wings goal was soft on Hank’s part, but he played well the rest of the game, and we won, so I’ll forgive him. I think he’s still shaking off the effects of the flu. He wasn’t great against NJ.

    I thought the D as a whole played well. Yes, even Bickel. I still would rather see Stralman than Bickel, but I can’t quibble with last night.

    Cally played like a man possessed. He sure wanted to give himself a nice birthday present, and he did. It looks like they have a good second line now, scoring wise, which is important since the Richards line was shut down pretty much (PP goal notwithstanding).

    My son and I were talking about the unis, and I said that the Rangers normal blues should have been worn, since, to me, that’s the traditional Rangers uni I have grown up with since the 60s.

  13. Good morning all! What a win last night!!!

    Two seats down from us, a Red Wings fan kept yelling “interference” practically every time a Ranger sneezed on a Wing. Tiki says to his buddy, says “Does he even know what that means.” Finally, guy in front of him turns and says, “Will you please learn what that penalty means.” Everyone around him cracks up.


  14. I thought this was one of the ten best games they played this year. Detroit, even in their depleted state, is a talented, smart, hard playing and well coached team.

    With Torts constant emphasis on play away from the puck, I’m paying more attention to this as I watch. The Rangers were quick and hard on the puck when Detroit had it and we had extended possession in their zone at times.

    Did anyone notice Conklin trip up Gaborik w/ about 7:30 left in the first? He made it look accidental but no doubt in my mind he put his stick between Gabby’s legs and dragged his stick along the ice as he turned to face the puck as it went into the corner. Gabby dropped like a bag of pucks.

    Dubi is flying! MZA is impressing every game making smart plays on both sides of the puck. Oh Captain, my Captain! Talking the talk and walking the walk. Not to mention hitting, blocking, shooting and SCORING! Happy birthday Cally!

    LOVE this TEAM! Buffalo meat for dinner Friday.

  15. I know the pizza guy was liked in the locker room, but Callahan shows how the team captain is supposed to play the game. I don’t know about all the other stuff, but Cally is the best leader by example that the team has had in a long time.

    Some of you guys pay attention to Doc Emrick? Oh….then maybe you know WTB it means to “filter it in.”

  16. I don’t think people realize just how dangerous Philly will be in the playoffs. I would rather play any team (expect Pittsburgh) instead of them…

    They have more offensive weapons than maybe any team in the NHL…

  17. Nows THAT’s more like it.Their passing seems improved somewhat, and the kids really make this team purr.

    I can’t get over that little proton that skitters around the ice and makes himself a potent little devil to deal with.

    Wings are a potent team, make no mistake about it.
    yes that was a soft goal by Lundqvist and every one knows it, but don’t want to admit it.

    By the way, what do folks in Detroit do for entertainment? Where do they go? How come no one never hears about taking a vacation and going to Detroit? What are some of the more historic places
    to visit there….do folks even bother bringing cameras with them when visiting there? ( IF they visit.) Now
    Chicago I know very well and it’;s a great city to visit. I lived there a year and had one of the greatest years in my life. They have EVERYTHING that NY has, only somewhat more subdued…but not by much. Winters must be a real drag…only thing they have to look forward to are Wings games and watching the lake freeze over. When’s the last time you ever heard songs about Detroit? No “Give my regards to
    Broadway- remember me to Herold square” I;ll bet Cohan never got within 200 miles of Detroit, nor Irving Berlin either. I suppose one of their greatest sight seeing spots is at the Statue of the immortal Auto
    Union Legion’s statue. Ah well…so much for whimsy.
    Have fun guys.

  18. Personally, I didn’t think the goal against was that soft. The replay clearly showed that the puck dropped quickly and I think Hank was expecting that to hit him in the chest, which is where it was initially heading. How nice is it that we’re talking about the 1 soft-by-lundqvist-standard goal against while we win and he posts a .963 save percentage?

  19. This farce of a team got lucky.

    Any other “NHL-quality” squad would have obliterated Coklin and won by at least 4 goals in regulation.

    But, no. We need OT.


  20. Sioux-per-man on

    Morning Boneheads!!!

    Captain Cally should have the Broadway Hat for that performance last night. Overtime game winning GOAL!!! Play of the week!!!!

    Everytime I see Lundqvist in the assist column on tv it makes me chuckle. Nice to see our power play quarterback go coast to coast again!!!

    This team is looking playoff ready. Can’t wait for Tuesday. Tickets right next to rangers bench!!!

    Just keep winning and Pittsburgh will never catch us. Stay healthly my friends!!!

  21. and don’t get me started on our supposed-Captain Callahan, who if he had any skill would have scores a hat trick last night.

    That’s what real men / captains do on their birthdays ,,, score hat tricks, not lucky OT goals against a third-rate goalie.

  22. Good morning, boneheads!

    Lol, Miami…Keep going, it’s working!

    Nitpicking ( soft goal or not, depleted Detroit, not finishing enough, back up goalie, etc…) aside, the bottom line is this team is officially out of that slide they’ve been having for a few weeks. Ready for the playoffs, IMO. It’s up to Torts now in terms of judging how much they want to sacrifice in order to keep up with that fast moving wracking train called Pittsburgh.

  23. Not to disagree with the stars from last night, because those are the guys that got us the W, but I haven’t seen anyone mention his name yet and I thought Anisimov had a VERY strong game.

    I also think that the fact no one heard Doc mention Erixon is because he played well. As a young defenseman, the best thing an out of town commentator can say about you is nothing. It means he doesn’t know who you are, but didn’t have to say anything negative and I’m fine with that.

    I can’t believe I just defended Doc. I hate that loser.

  24. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    I was at last game at the Garden in which the Rangers beat the Wings… back in October ’03. One of the fun things about going to games pre-lockout was the array of colors the visiting teams would wear. Now we’re stuck with the opponents in white… every single night. I miss the red of the Habs and Wings, the blue of the leafs, even the orange of the Flyers. I still haven’t gotten used to the home blues. Just another Bettmanization that pisses me off.

  25. as a guy who doesn’t comment on this blog much, I have a question….what is Miami Pimp’s deal? is he a Devil fan? a guy who just likes being sarcastic? or an idiot?

    way to go Captain Cally, continues to lead by example. nice to see that even the idiots on NBC acknowledge that there is somebody good on the Rangers!


  26. I’m a truth-teller who knows that this Mickey-Mouse team is beyond amateur-hour.

  27. Dubinsky played well last night and I think he needs to stop trying to be a physical player that he is not and just let the game come to him. I think he gets in trouble when he tries to play too physical and be a tough guy. Just be who you are …. a finesse / power winger with skill and you’ll be all set.

    Really glad Tim Exiron is showing coach something. The fact that he is not mentioned is a positive b/c it means he didn’t do something drastic, which he doesn’t need to do.

    According to Hank’s tweet … Zetterberg told him the day before he would score on him 5 hole and he did. I guess the Detroit Swede knows something about our Swede that others done. Besides that one play, Hank player terrific.

    2 more points.

  28. Man – that Detroit PK and PP don’t look to great, eh? Guess SKILL isn’t the answer.

    First time in 8 years and it feels so good! Suck it, Detroit.


  29. Hey PIMP – here is some awesome fact about the Acela – it ran through the Northeast Corridor which makes stops in New London, CT (my former hometown). Anyways, when they finally completed the new track system for it and had their inaugural run the train got up to full speed and ran straight off the tracks at the first turn. Since then, it’s been realized that the tracks cannot support and Acela train so it can’t EVER run at full speed. Instead, Amtrak rationalizes the extra expense by giving Acela priority and allowing it to pass other trains if it’s running late. Which it always is.

  30. Carp, just saw the stuff about your new BFF! So happy!

    Miami Pimp ain’t nothin’ but a bush-league, yellow-bellied, two-bit, cookie-cutter clown.

    Doodie & ORR, Cody Hodgson! I flat out called that. Buffalo Baby Buffaloes, you are welcome.

  31. PS My mom called when Cally scored in OT to tell me she likes the way Dubinsky has been playing lately. Also that the Rangers make her laugh. I think she’s going to out-fan me soon!

  32. It’s easy to understand Emrick’s “filter it in”. It’s what you do after you “knife it down”

  33. looks like the rangers are past the dog days of the schedule. Hopefully they can hang onto first place.

  34. 2 games with Emrick and I think I need a toss-up bag. Did anyone notice his comment the other night after the Rangers scored the second goal on Marty? It was his usual screetch even though it was an awful goal to let up, but when the Debbies scored, it suddenly became a “bad angle goal.” It will be nice to have Nosen back Friday.

  35. Doc Emrick is absolutely the worst announcer ever.

    Flip it back out, flip it back up, waffleboard, knife it down, AOOOOOHHHH and a shot by Boyle, two players cancel, etc…


    Also, he called Anisimov “Hagelin” MORE THAN ONCE (42/62 I guess) and he called Mark Stahwul “Gaborik” more than once. (18/10)

  36. Erixon wasn’t great this game, but he was solid. Looked much better last game.

    I thought they played very well. Mind you they sucked it up back at faceoffs, but they had the Wings pinned in their zone a bunch and they had trouble coming up ice thanks to the Rangers relentless forecheck.

    Yes the goal Henke gave up was pretty weak, but he was screened and it was a great play by Zetterberg to see that. A couple times they chased the Wings too much, but that’s how good the Wings are so you can’t really complain too much about it. Ice definitely stunk.

  37. Manny – From that press box, it’s not easy to see the numbers on the blue Rangers jerseys. Jack Edwards actually complained about it too.

    Sam even screws it up sometimes, but usually since him and Joe see the team every game, they know what the guys look like when they are out there. But Edwards had screwed up a few of the guys on the team a couple years ago and asked who’s idea it was to put red numbers on the back of a blue jersey (which he has a point about).

  38. Jack Buck was a great announcer. Met him once when he was a bit tipsy and talked baseball for a 1/2 hour with me. He’s from my nabe.

  39. He’s also by far one of the better announcers in the league for national broadcasts. You want your announcer into the game so that the fans watching the game are into it. He brings that excitement that not many announcers have. Is he my favorite? No. But is he exciting? Yes.

  40. Thanks Jonny. That’s interesting to know. I thought it was kind of absurd to get it wrong. My point is…I don’t really need the numbers to tell the difference between Anisimov and Hagelin but I watch the team daily and he doesn’t.

    I guess that’s fair.

    His commentary alone is enough to hate him.

  41. 4 O'Everangerhan on

    JackeyC and newbear,
    You, guys are either new here or there is no place in your body for healthy humor. Miami is our lucky charm, mascot, who does his job of keeping Rangers winning very well. Every time he’s trying to do any serious analyses or even positive note – team is losing. So, he learned his lesson. Keep going Miami – we need you, not to mention, that your ”miamisms-pimpisms” become a classic on this blog.

  42. Doc Emrick is the Joe Buck of Hockey.


    He’s the “nails on the chalkboard” of hockey, a walking example respect accruing to someone based on longevity.

    Yet more sashays and pitchforks and people being “up to the task” and the SCREAMING! My God, the screaming is an utterly obnoxious assault on the senses. Mercifully, there were no fights so we were spared his references to “the fistic arts.” When you reduce everything to canned soundbites and cliches, you tell us NOTHING.

    He belongs on NBC SN (or Versus or whatever) making a buffoon of himself for non-hockey fans who need his brand of schtick to manufacture excitement for a game they don’t understand… with Pierre McGuire babbling about where everyone played junior hockey and the utterly disengaged Eddie O wondering if he can get to LaGuardia in time for the next shuttle to Chicago.

    Dangerous Buffalo team coming to town on Friday.

    L G R ! ! !

  43. Can’t stand Doc.. the way he says “shot” and makes ever shot sound as if it is a legit scoring opportunity drives me nuts. Hit the mute and listened to Kenny and Dave on the radio. So much better than douche nozzle Emerick.

    Back to Erixon, I watched him closely and he had a very good game!

    I agree about bickel as well. He is developing into a good defenseman. It really is hard to believe. But, then again, Dan Girardi was UNDRAFTED and look where he is!

    Kudos to the Rangers scouting and development staff!

    Speaking of prospects. Andrew Yogan after being named player of the month (or was it week?) signed to play with Hartford. Michael St Croix made the 2nd all star team.


  44. great story Mamma,

    Just checking in and enjoying OT win, plus procrastinating. I should be writing. I have a new freelance job.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Doc is not the Joe Buck of hockey. Joe Buck is a robot. Doc is the opposite; overly excited about mundane things.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    NCAA hockey tournament starts tomorrow. Who else is hoping for an early BC exit?

  47. Just didn’t want you all to think I only show up during losses (Carp), I am here now.. I have to agree with just about everything you wrote, Cally is a beast and probably the reason we went on that little mini slump.. MZA coming up was huge as it brought everyones creativity levels back up. Erixon is whatever, he will get 12 minutes a night and play solid hockey, just not sure he will be what everyone thinks he will be, but time will tell on that one I guess.. BR continues to light it up, Gabby needs to wake up a bit, he has been a bit flat footed in these last two games, but he is still a stud.. If boyle could hit the net he could score 30, big if there, but the rest of his game makes up for it.. Great win, on to tomorrow night.. And I agree about DOC, he is annoying to say the least…

  48. Just a perfect day! Rangers win, Knicks win, Tebow to the Jets, the Wegians, the Fozzy, the Prust, the Bickel, the Carp, and the most beautiful woman in the world, Mama. Referees treated us very fairly yesterday.

    When I met Prust, I said youre really hot, to which he replied Thank You. And then I said I appreciate the effort you give every night for the Rangers and I respect you as a player!! And I owe yesterday to a very special friend of mine!

  49. Doodie Machetto March 22nd, 2012 at 10:56 am
    NCAA hockey tournament starts tomorrow. Who else is hoping for an early BC exit?

    I wish they would lose to Air Force immediately. Chris has already won a national championship. Would love to see him for 6 or 7 games and see how his game translates to the NHL. I agree that there is no way, barring a bad injury that he gets thrown into the playoffs with no regular season experience.

  50. I met Prust, Carp, and Bickel outside MSG where there’s a walkway for players/media and a restaurant. Only bc the Wegians are experts at knowing which players enter MSG where.

  51. That’s not nice, guys. Let Krieder have his due in college. He has to win again for BC to help his on-campus rep with the ladies. He deserves to have his college years as his own.

    Also, when he is a bust in the NHL then we can say, “best college player of all-time.”

  52. FashionForward on

    I don’t understand why Doc feels the need to narrate every second of the game as if he’s writing a novel. And the weird hypothetical play-by-play he does. “A SHOT AND NO but that would have tied the game and set us up for an overtime and brought the Red Wings into a tie for fourth and I might be having steak for dinner…”

  53. Amen FashionForward (amazing) – It’s insanity. He just keeps on rattling away without any purpose. He might have a disease.

  54. I think Doc Emrick has a PhD in annoyance.

    He is like a combination of Suzyn Waldman’s voice and John Sterling’s annoying, never-ending commentary on life.

  55. The Carp guy was very nice. Talked some sports with him. He has lots of funny stories. He waved to us a few times at the game from the press box, and at one point I think between regulation and overtime, Laurel did some Arabian dance to him lol

  56. I am sure he got the idea, Sally.

    “Some girl just gawked at me for long enough to actually drool on the floor.” – Brandon Prust after meeting Sally

  57. czechthemout!!!! on

    Staal played less horribly than he had played most this season last night. That’s a far cry from where he should be. Hopefully, he gets there before the playoffs. Mdz did not have a strong game either.

    I thought Cally and Richards were great yesterday.

  58. Fran – I’ve been to Detroit several times. I always expect very little and it still manages to underwhelm! Very dreary and depressing city – downtown has so many abandoned buildings and just no one around for blocks that it feels eerie. Near Ford Field, there are painted store fronts and painted people on abandoned buildings that were painted to give the feel of a more vibrant city when the Super Bowl was at Ford Field. It’s very sad to see what is/was a very historic city in this country in that condition. But they do have a casino even though I don’t gamble.

  59. Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick = best announcing team ever

    Jim Gordon – “The puck is cleared but not out”

    Bill Chadwick – “That defenseman looks more nervous than a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs”

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    Scott, they were a bit before my time, but I think even if they weren’t I’d still go with Sam and JD. Sam, before he was blind, was excellent. And JD is probably my favorite color commentary provider, ever. OH BABY

  61. I feel like the best guys are always on the radio. The guys on TV have too much junk to deal with like spots and ad’s and Foxwoods final five, etc. Also, they have to be homers for their team that pays them.

  62. If you guys want to hear a hilarious radio call, listen to Kevin Harlan on the radio. On TV, he just calls the game like normal. On the radio, he describes EVERYTHING that goes on in-depth, since he knows people can’t actually see what is happening. It’s so weird when you are used to hearing his TV calls and then hear him on radio talking way too much.

  63. Bill Chadwick – ‘Gene Carr could not put the puck in the ocean if he was standing at the end of the pier.’

  64. Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick = best announcing team ever. Especially when the big whistle got a few beers in him.

  65. i like sam n jd the best too. i guess because i grew up with them. didnt know gordn and chadwick. i started watching in 1988. sam n jd were all i ever heard.

  66. Bill Chadwick interviewing King Clancy on a Saturday night from Maple Leaf Gardens on WOR Channel 9…the Big Whistle’s hand holding the mic shook almost as much as King’s head.

  67. One of my favorite play-by-play guys out there is Howie Rose. Mostly because of his ability to call MLB but he’s not bad at NHL either. Wink Wink.

  68. Grabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Loved and grew up with Jiim and Bill but the truth was whenever possible my dad would turn off sound and play Marv and Red Light

  70. czechthemout!!!! on

    Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick ” the big whistle” were the best. As a kid growing up, I found Gordon calling of Rangers goal the most exciting. Chadwicks honestly doing color was something you don’t hear anymore.

    Gordon also did a great job calling Giants games on the radio. Sam and JD were good in the beginning but then became shills for the Garden.

  71. howie got in trouble for talking about baseball during an isles game last year i think. it was supposed to go to commercial, and they recorded him saying “who cares about this game/ is it spring training yet?” or something like that

  72. Yea Grabby – it was the best. Right in the middle of the Islanders 20+ game losing streak or however long that slump was. I believe he kept going saying, “even the Mets are better than this.” Double Whammy.

    Then he had to apologize and say that everyone was just very upset with the state of the team and he is merely frustrated.

  73. NYR fan was here last night, Manny!

    And Doc is a true professional! Sam might be having his worst season. He’s been incredibly annoying. Joe Mich is always annoying. I think it’s time to promote Kenny and Dave.

  74. I think it’s time to promote Kenny and Dave.



  75. i was actually watching that game on hockeystreams when it happened manny. it was so damn funny too. it happened again during a kings game i watched the same season. the guy didnt say anything that bad but still it was hilarious listening to these guys “off air”.

  76. As much as he’s not as good as he was I think you have to let Sam go as long as he wants. I would have no problem with Dave for Joe though.

  77. except on the kings broadcast, every tv timeout u got to hear them chatting away on a blank screen. for almost the whole game they never went to commercials

  78. Grabby – I learned that if you watch the online feeds of the games you can sometimes get a feed that NEVER leaves the broadcast booth. It’s great. You can hear everything during the commercials.

  79. Manny, just like a told you yesterday, Tebow has said, he’s going to push Sanchez to be better. There’s no downside in having Tebow, even if he isnt a very good quarterback.

    I had this conversaton with Carp yesterday, and we both agreed on how Torts handles the team. Basically, an intangible of winning is team unity. By Torts having all the players dress in suits and ties, uniformly, he teaches discipline. Discipline breeds accountability, and when players have accountability, they have accountability not only to themselves, but to their teammates and coahces, and they play for one another, and they give their all for one another. Thats what this Rangers team does, thats what the Giants did in the final 6 games of the season, and thats what the Jets do not do. Hopefully, since Rex Ryan is a bum, Tim Tebow can come in and lead by example, teach the players discipline and accountability, and make all the players play for one another. The guy is a born leader and a winner. He also has humility, and places a strong emphasis on being a good person ad helping others less fortunate than him. That will rub off on his teammates.

  80. Tiki – you’re insane if you think the Tebow pickup is a good one. You’re also insane if you think that Tebow can lead by example or teach this team. Brett Favre couldn’t do it and he has credentials in the NFL. This is an absurd move. Tebow will be the starting QB. That’s why he is here. When Sanchez throws his first 3 interception quarter (probably game 2, 3rd quarter) Tebow will come in and never leave.

    It makes ZERO sense and I will argue to the death that this move is nothing short of being a complete and utter joke. Like the Islanders trying to bring back Yashin.

  81. ORR said it the best yesterday – Tebow will be drunk and sleeping with strippers 1 day into his time in New York. The Jets players are already tweeting that this move is a joke! Tebow has ZERO credibility. He has done nothing in the NFL. No one here will listen to him. No one.

  82. My intro to Ranger hockey via the media was Win Elliot doing Saturday night games on WPIX Channel 11 in the early to mid 60’s. These were original 6 days and although the Rangers were mediocre (that’s giving them the benefit of the doubt), and in black and white you got to see some pretty good teams north of the border. I liked Win cause he was always positive and you could tell he enjoyed his profession immensely
    On Sunday night you could listen to Marv Albert on radio but only for the last 5 minutes of the 2nd period and all of the Turd period.
    I can still hear Marv now doing his commercial shilling for Polish hams (Krakas, Talla and Antelana???) and EEEEEEAST-ERN AIRLINES, before he told you the score., You could hear the ooooohs and aaaaaahs in the background and it would drive you nuts not knowing where the game was. Where was my smartphone and ESPN back then.

  83. Oh also – the downside to having Tebow is that your team is a joke. Tebow can’t function in this offense. Ground and Pound? With who? Ladanian Tomlinson? It’s utterly ridiculous. They have no RB’s. They went out and picked up a backup QB who can’t throw the ball in any sort of offense under which Sanchez can function. Tebow throws the deep ball and Sanchez has to throw underneath.

  84. The Jets have a lot of supermodel fans. Tebow wont be able to resist them. He will pop his cherry, smoke a blunt with Holmes, and probably be invited to Rex Ryan’s house to sniff his wife’s foot.

    Then he’ll realize he’s going to hell, and his career will never be the same.

    That’s how this story plays out!

  85. Best evidence – Jacksonville Jaguars did not acquire Tim Tebow. They said NOPE. And he would have started!

  86. Firemen Ed is going with a new personnae and chant.
    Next year, it’s Reverend Ed and he’ll be leading this:

    J – E – S – U – S, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

  87. Maybe this will be the best thing to ever happen to Drew Stanton. Maybe the Jaguars will pick him up to start!

  88. I can’t wait to see Tebow take over for Sanchez (the much better QB – who still isn’t that good) and try to score any points without Matt Prater hitting 70 Yard Field Goals.

  89. The Jets locker room cant get any worse. There’s no downside in bringing him in, therefore the pickup is a good one. Also a desperate one, but a good one. Youre quoting ORR, youve already lost the argument!! :) Timmy’s led and taught his entire life, so its insane to think he is going to abandon his values and sleep with strippers, hookers, etc just because of a change in scenery. Timmy isnt going to let a few tweets change his attitude, he’ll come in to that locker room and earn respect just like he has his entire life.

  90. LOL Manny. You obviously have strong feelings against the Jets and Tebow, which is clouding your judgments. The Jaguars were trying to acquire Tebow, even when the Jets deal was in jeopardy of falling through as of 7 pm last night. Dont let the facts get in the way of a good rant! :)

  91. Tiki you are 100% insane my friend. The downside is that you have TIM TEBOW on your team. The downside is that you just threw your FRANCHISE QB under the bus. The Downside is that you have NO CLUE what your offense is supposed to look like. You can’t have TWO offenses! You can’t have WR thinking…oh “ebow is in, he might underthrow/overthrow me” or “Sanchez is in. He might throw the ball 40 yards over me and to the left”

    The downside is that you just made everyone hate you. The downside is that your players are already revolting!

  92. Right but the Jaguars were not acquiring him at the cost. He would have filled their EMPTY stadium!

  93. 99 points with 9 games to go. finish with 112 points not bad.

    3 guys of any significance 30 or older(richards, gabby, and Henrik)….

    core growing, and more young talent on the way.

    ranger future loking good………

  94. If you cant have a discussion without calling people insane, Manny, then I think Ill have to end my discussion with you following this post.

    2 offenses. Sanchez will be the starting QB and Tebow will run the wildcat.

    There’s no downside to having a A LEADER, A WINNER, TIM TEBOW on your team. See, I can do capital letters too.

    The franchise QB hasnt been thrown under the bus. Tebow and Sanchez have been longtime friends. Sanchez just got his contract extended by the Jets, which also saves the Jets money. Again, dont let the facts get in the way of a good, but ill advised rant.

    The players were already revolting. Theyre not revolting w the addition of Tebow.

  95. Wildcat? You know that it’s essentially completely not applicable to the NFL anymore, right? And who are they going to run it with? A second string QB and a terrible running back? Oh boy. Watch out NFL.

    Tebow is not a winner. He got wiped off the face of the earth by Brady (a real winner).

    Namath agrees with me. He’s pretty credible. Kris Jenkins agrees with me.

  96. The Jets did this Tebow thing just to kick the Rangers off the back page . . . Or was that the Knicks firing their coach? . . . . Or was it the yanks bringing back Petttttttittttttte? or was it the Mets settling their madoff crisis?

    Oh well, hopefully there will be a day in June this year when the Rangers will get at least their ond day in the media sun.

  97. I hope they don’t get it by doing something like signing the hockey equivalent of Tim Tebow Ulfie.

  98. Don’t worry Kreider is only Catholic, not born-again . . . . although I am told is will be the Messiah and walk on frozen water in NY Sodom once the apostles of Air Force smote the heathen BC Eagles

  99. I hope they don’t get it by doing something like signing the hockey equivalent of Tim Tebow Ulfie.


    That would be Rocco Grimaldi

  100. LMAO at Namath being credible. hahahahahaha That was worth a good laugh. I love Namath, but he is a habitual drunk. I want to kiss you!!


  101. Stanton was brought in to be the backup. He wasn’t guaranteed the 2nd spot like he says he was, that’s why McElroy was there.

    He’s a clown and sucks anyway. Tebow will push Sanchez since he comes with the hype machine. If Sanchez can’t handle the pressure, then he needs to go anyway. He folded under pressure the last two years when fans/media got on him.

    He is not a franchise QB. I hope he does well since I’m a Jets fan, but if he can’t handle the negatives that come with being the starting QB in the biggest media market, then he needs to go anyway.

  102. I also love the Tebow move because it’s going to be hilarious. Between getting him and Landry last week, they better get Hard Knocks again. Going to be so funny.

  103. Manny – the Jags were actually paying MORE for Tebow since they were picking up that bonus he’s owed. So they did want him.

  104. Jonny, since you appear to possess intelligence, I read a study that a lot of the reason Sanchez struggled last year was the departure of Edwards and the addition of Plaxico. Essentially, having no deep threat. Obviously, that isnt likely to change this year, I dont think the Jets currently have a deep threat, but just the subtraction of Plaxico (whom I love) will be an addition. He simply doesnt have it anymore, being his age, and spending all that time in prison.

  105. cmon boys no fighting. were in first place! winning!! again. kicking assen. i dont like football much, so i cantgivea carpcillo about your debate, but you guys are my favorite turds. cmon. were all 150% insane here anyway. so whats another 100 %?

  106. You guys are delusional. Sorry about the “name calling” but there really isn’t ANY way to look at this move as a good idea. That is from a football standpoint. Maybe you guys aren’t interested in the game of football? I mean, the wildcat is pretty much a joke. I am trying to think of a team that won with it…oh wait…I can’t.

    Namath is a hall of fame QB and a Super Bowl Champion (aha aha i like it aha aha)

  107. oops, read wrong. just woke up froma nap. i guess i was still dreaming a little, aha aha i like it

  108. Sorry, Grabby. No more fighting. I like Manny, I think he’s hot, and I wouldnt expect him to resort to insults. I think we can both agree to disagree peacefully. And celebrate the Giants being Super Bowl Champions and the Rangers being Stanley Cup Champions in 3 months!

  109. I’m in the mood for a slice of baby buffalo chicken pizza. It’s been a while!

    Pretty big game tonight between my Celts and the Bucks. I might root for the Bucks, since they seem to be the only team that can knock out the Knickerbockers. It’s a win/win for me, I suppose, so I don’t need to tune into the 4th period.

  110. Namath is a hall of famer and won one of the greatest Super Bowls in history aha aha I like it aha aha!!! But he’s become a laughing stock over the years, like the Jets have.

    Of course youre not going to win just running the wildcat. That will only be an addition to the offense, it wont be the entire offense. The 2 years the Jets made the AFCCG with Sanchez as the starter, they had Brad Smith successfully run the wildcat when called upon. Look it up.

  111. tiki, i dont need to hear that one of my fave guy buddies on here is attractive in any way except for myself. ok pal! ha, j/k budy. hey so u and carp are bff’s now. pretty cool man

  112. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that your poor use of puncuations and capitalization is going to hold you back Grabby.

  113. Grabby, Manny’s hair is out of this world. Its so sexy in a Prustian sort of way! But theres no words for how gorgeous you are! If you were a NY athlete, Id make u mine!

  114. Yep, me and Carp are bffs! He waved to me throughout the game, according to Mama. I was too focused on the game and on the referees the whole time, so I only saw him waving once and waved back!

  115. i am too lazy to punctuate and capitalize. i occasionally use an apostrophe or comma, but yea, i know it lookslike crap. hey tiki, thnks bro., means alot. i’ll keep that in mindif i ever go ac/ dc one day.

  116. Hey remember when Dan Marino was in Ace Ventura?

    “You’re a weird guy, Ace. Weird guy”

  117. U.S. Under-23 Men vs. Cuba in Olympic Qualifying tonight, 9PM EST

    Next best thing to NYR games.

    Go TEAM USA!

  118. my daughters good tiki. u still on fb? i’ll tell u whats goin on with me on thre. dont wanna bring down the blog wth personal stuff. ttyl though guys. gotta go to work

  119. Pimp,
    On the bush-league Hockey rodent article. On whether anyone agrees with the no-opinion opinions or not. Here’s my take:
    Dubi – NO,
    Boyle – NO,
    Artie – YES,
    MZA – YES

    and, as a bonus, although you don’t deserve it since you’re so beyond being two-faced, I will say KREIDER is the answer, although you will throw it all back at him if he’s not inter-galactic

  120. Don’t worry, Manny. I still read everyday! Been so busy at work!

    But all I have to say today is this:




    I was at the game last night and me and my gf sat next to a Norwegian couple! The guy was wearing a Norge shirt and I said to him “Zuccarello?” and he gave us a big smile…

  121. Ranger brass all sporting crew cuts and Top Gun sunlasses as they head to Worcester with contract in hand

  122. “Yeah, he did it right… Is that why you fly the way you do? Trying to prove something? Yeah, your old man did it right. What I’m about to tell you is classified. It could end my career. We were in the worst dogfight I ever dreamed of. There were bogeys like fireflies all over the sky. His F-4 was hit, and he was wounded, but he could’ve made it back. He stayed in it, saved three planes before he bought it.”

  123. Rangers brass to Krieder: “Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash.”

  124. I thought he was supposed to make the USMNT into a non-embarrassing team in the global scene and invirograte the sport in the US market. Then like no one ever heard from him after he started playing in MLS. So they decided to try an actual soccer star in Beckham to make people care about soccer. Last I saw there was a huge picture of Beckham and his junk adorning the side of a building you can see as you’re taking the escalators up in MSG.

  125. Well, first off, the USMNT isn’t an embarrasing team on the global scene. They’re top-20 and they just beat Italy in Italy last month.

    Second, Adu is on his second stint in the MLS – after failed stints in several European leagues – and while he hasn’t become a great club player, he’s always been decent in a U.S. jersey and did invigorate the sport to a certain degree (although USMNT success will always be the primary “invigorator”)

    Third, the Beckham signing was intelligent on many facets. And the man finally won a championship with the Galaxy last year.

    Listen, I love the NHL … but there’s no question MLS will be a “bigger” league (if it isn’t already).

  126. So, my friend is a long time Bruins fan. He went out and bought himself a Callahan t-shirt last night! I’m trying to convince him to become a Rangers fan. Slowly but surely it’s working! ( :

  127. I will stand behind Kreider until proved wrond (whcih I don’t think is possible, in the long run) but YOU, Pimp. Who knows where and for what you really stand for, except for being flim-flam, and two-sided.
    Enough of your empty, see-thru accolades. Please focus on someone who befits your character, like Mitt Romney

  128. You really think MLS can get there? I always thought they just had aging and failed European stars?

  129. I like everything you said, Pimp, except the USMNT was ranked in the low 30s as recently as a few week ago, and only moved up a few spots into the high 20s w their win on Italian soil. And maybe you were joking, but football may be the most popular sport in the world, but Americans dont appreciate football and its hard to appreciate the level of play in the MLS. The MLS truly is amateur hour, save for a few players.

  130. Gene Carr was like a Ferrari that had reached top speed and then had the driver fall out.

    The smoothest player I can ever recall was Reijo Ruotsolainin. He movements were so smooth, and his shot was a casual launched missile, and all his on ice persona was unforced and as though he had a generator somewhere, but it was control control control.

    Who was the hard nosed Ref that was in the fold some years back who used to be a hard nosed player, and he took no gruff from anyone? His name escapes me, but the old timers know who I mean. (Always acted like he was ready to drop gloves.)

  131. Having written all that, I don’t particularly enjoy MLS matches. I used to have season tickets to the now-defunct Miami Fusion, but that was years ago …

    I’d much rather go to a NYRangers game …

    and this is coming from someone who’s orginially Brazilian.

  132. People, we WILL be Stanley Cup champs this year, guaranteed. . . . .but ONLY if the Rangers sign and play Kreider. Incredible? hardly. Listen up.

    If by some unforeseen and unlikely occurence of the Rangers being on the brink of elimination in any series, Kreider and Hagelin have the ability to skate with such velocity TOGETHER that they can replicate Superman and go back in time to be able to correct such an obvious egregious mistake.

    Sather is fully aware of this and as long as kreider can get to NY before the star of the playoffs the plan will go off without a hitch.

    Meanwhile Kreider’s and Hegelin’s contracts state they must accompany Sather when he plays golf over the summer and perform the same feat everytime he hits a bad golf shot.

  133. Pimp,

    I was exaggerating for effect, well some exaggeration but I’ve often wondered if the US can win a World Cup in our lifetimes. I think having an elite domestic league would help but until they raise the level of play in the MLS the alternative is having the best US players play in Europe (hey it works for the Latin American and African squads). I haven’t kept track lately but how many of the guys that would start for the USMNT play a meaningful role on a top flight European club? I know Dempsey plays a lot for his club but he’s not exactly a starter on United, Real, Barca or Juve.

  134. Ill agree that the MLS is average. I shouldnt have called it amateur hour. Ill take your word for the MNT ranking and the FIFA world rankings, Im not as knowledgeable on the world scene as I am on the club scene.

    I always enjoy watching Brasil matches. Are you a supporter of Brasil, or just USA?

  135. Tiki

    I’m one of the “odd” ones … TEAM USA all the way.

    I moved here when I was 8 and my parents are all about integrating into the American way of life … so I became a U.S. supporter very early on.

    I don’t really care if Brazil wins or loses.

    The really interesting thing is that, because my instinctual language is still Portuguese, when I attend U.S. – Brazil matches, I start rooting against Brazil in Portuguese … which throwns everyone off. It’s quite amusing.

  136. CTB, Dempsey is a real star. He could actually be a starter on a team like United. He’s a bona fide finisher and plays well in all aspects of the game, his style of play fits United. At the moment, though, United need midfield and defensive help. Donovan plays on loan at Everton when MLS is not in season, and he provides a real benefit to Everton. Howard could be successful for United, but he already failed in his stint at United.

  137. CT Blueshirt

    My sports dream is to have the U.S. win a World Cup in my lifetime. And I actually do think it will happen … I predict within the next 4 World Cups.

    We’re not that far away. All it would take is a good draw and knockout stage path … and some differencemakers (particularly at forward, where we haven’t had someone with skill in … forever).

    Dempsey doesn’t play at Man U, etc, but he’s very good. He could play for them IMHO.

    Noone of our other guys – with the exception of Donovan and Howard – could really play top flight.

    But I think we could win a World Cup in spite of this.

  138. Sorry, Tiki, I don’t think that Dempsey (who I think is better than Donovan) would get the nod over Rooney, Hernandez, or Berbatov.

    I do agree that he could play on teams above Fulham’s caliber, however.

  139. And nothing against Team USA, but I theyll never win the World Cup in our lifetimes, simply because Americans generally dont have an appreciation for football. Whereas, football is the most popular sport in every other continent in the world.

  140. I saw Howard and United play the old Giants stadium vs Mlian years ago. Unfortunately it was after Euro 2004 so most of the players I actually would have wanted to see were not playing.

    Sure, Dempsey could play on most EPL squads but if he’s just about as good as the USMNT has to offer it’s a far cry from the likes of Spain, Netherlands, Argentina and Brazil.

  141. I agree that we could, Miami, but I wouldn’t go as far as predicting we will. You don’t need as many bona fide stars in soccer as you do in other sports, IMO – but your depth players need to be considerably better in order to succeed.

    Look at the Croatian squad. Would you call anyone a true star other than Modric? Yet, they sit 10th in FIFA and Elo rankings. It’s definitely doable for the US.

  142. Latona, he wouldnt get the nod simply because of United’s depth at the front. Although, he could definitely start over Welbeck. However, if United lacked finishers as they do midfielders and defense, he would start. My point, he’s good enough to be a starter for United, given the right circumstances.

  143. What does “appreciation” have to do with it? All we need is 11 quality players on the pitch.

    When they win, whether or not people care is another story.

    And they would care. Americans love winners. People would jump on the bandwagon like wildfire.

  144. Not trying to say that Croatia will win a World Cup or even Euros (especially with their draw, although I can see them edging out Italy).

  145. It’ll be just like how people cared about swimming when Michael Phelps was winning golds.

  146. Or the US men’s hockey team when they almost won gold in the Olympics.

    It’s funny that for a country that as a whole has marginal interest in hockey, the Miracle On Ice is often cited as the greatest US sports moment in its history.

  147. Going back to the Rangers …

    Do you guys seriously think we’ll see KREIDER play this year?

  148. Appreciation and popularity have to do with it because the more popular the sport is, the more children will grow up playing football and wanting to be a footballer. And the more children that grow up playing the sport, the more likely youll end up with the Xavis, Ronaldos, Messis, Puyols, and Abidals of the world.

  149. any truth to the rumor about tebow and bo jackson coming to the rangers for a used puck bag?

  150. Yeah but Tiki a lot of kids do start out playing soccer in their primary years but then switch to other sports.

    I mean I guess what needs to happen is that kids would want to continue on in soccer and not be lured to play the other sports. And you’re right that popularity and recognition would help in keeping people’s interest in seeing/becoming a good soccer country. I still think the lack of a lucrative domestic professional league keeps that interest down. In the developing world the players go abroad for economic reasons. In the US the best athletes have many more domestic alternatives.

  151. Bo Jackson would be awesome. Nike re-issued the Bo Jackson trainers from the early 90s a few years ago, I bought 2 pairs.

  152. Why go back to hockey when the rest of us can get some zzzzz’s while Pimp talks ‘seriously’ about his favorite sport.
    That ‘futbol’ discussion almost had me longing for the days when we were BAD and the emotion of the boneheads was raw and imaginative.
    The Pimp montage has gone a little stale considering the success of the recent Ranger edition, so now you turn to Kreider for more of your games.
    My suggestion is that you should stay far away from that topic here and just let it happen with jaws dropped and eyes blinking.

  153. You hit the nail on the head with the lack of a lucrative domestic pro league and the lucrative domestic alternatives. Popularity could change that.

  154. And one other point about US Soccer in the World Cup that Im sure any US fan will agree with. Keep in mind, Im not a supporter of any National Team. The USA gets cheated by referees in the World Cup like nobody’s business.

  155. I cant believe i missed the discussion about Emrick whom i despise. I could actually live with waffle, but waffleboard is like from the Department of Redundancy Department. I also missed the favorite broadcaster discussion. Wynn Elliott: “Nevin centers to nobody…and nobody scores…”

  156. Shore:

    It sort of boggles the mind that there are people who describe themselves as Rangers fans and in the same breath talk about how great Mike Emrick is. I would imagine they are the same people who considered John Madden a great broadcaster and find Bob Costas insightful.

  157. Tiki – was gone all afternoon but I definitely agree with that. Considering how Sanchez is sensitive, losing that blanket on the outside (he already has Keller in the slot) hurt him.

    Manny – I love Namath, but the guy is out of his mind. Alcohol is a hell of a drug.

  158. Kreider = Crosby . . .without the concussions.

    Okay, okay delusional (for now) but did that at least wake everyone up, or does nobody care about the Second Koming

  159. Tiki – I will agree with that comment about US Soccer to a certain extent, but it’s not just the US. It depends on where the tourney is held. The US got a ton of calls in 94 that went there way. That 1-0 Brasil game shouldn’t have been 1-0.

    We’ll never be that good at football (errr, soccer, sorry) because we have the system backwards. The United States is the only country in the world where you have to pay to play soccer at a high level. It makes sense since our country is so big, but every other country just finds players and signs them to their youth squads where they get proper training.

    That’s why we’re so good at football/basketball/etc, because money doesn’t talk up until a certain level.

  160. When (not even a question of ‘if’) Kreider gets into nthe lineup, maybe people will begin to notice the issue on D, mainly MDZ playing hurt. I know I’m repeating myself from earlier today, but IMO his hip is still impacting his play and if he continues to play like he did in the third period, he risks further more permanent injury and he also jeopardizes the rangers chances of making a deep playoff run.

    Cally rested, why not MDZ. Why not play Woywhatever or some of the young studs?? from Hartford with a few games.

    Don’t even think about May w/o any of our 4 top D in the lineup. There I said it again. Any responses??

  161. Doc is a true professional! Even the Blogfather thinks so! End of story!

    Notice how he didn’t even mention that he was nominated for an Emmy, so that guy Liam Mick-You did it. Nothing but class from Doctor Emrick!

  162. jpg's sister on

    when jpg and I were first learning about hockey I vaguely remember a Bill Chadwick book on hockey rules. What is our Uncle’s?

  163. There is a reason why Emrick is only doing national games now. The guy is great for the casual fan. He’s exciting, he’s unique, and he’s able to capture the interest of the casual fan.

    All this complaining and you guys probably don’t watch half of the teams in the league and their terrible announcing crew. Try watching a Columbus game, or Pittsburgh, or Colorado, or Tampa, or Florida, or Nashville, or Philly, or Washington, or even New Jersey now with Cangelosi who always screams “SCOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” in the most annoying voice ever.

    Emrick really is one of the better PBP guys out there and I know most Rangers fans hate him because he was the announcer of the Devils for so long and his voice isn’t necessarily the most soothing, but the guy is entertaining and can capture the game extremely well for the casual fan.

    Best crews are Chicago (Foley/Eddie O), LA (Miller and Fox just because Miller is a legend), Isles (mostly because of Howie Rose), Boston (say what you want about Edwards, but the guy knows his target market and Brick provides great insight), Phoenix (Strader is one of the best in the game), and a little biased here but our Rangers too (Sam and Joe, even though Sam in his prime with JD was better).

  164. Jonny, I appreciate that. Emrick is exciting to listen to, but he makes every play seem like its a scoring chance. That said, he’s unprofessionally anti-Rangers and thats why I despise him.

  165. Agree with your post, Jonny, but disagree with Boston and LA. Personally, the LA announcers are very dreary. I normally listen to music during Kings games. With Boston, they’re just too biased for me to handle.

    Despite what some seem to think, Emrick is not biased at all. He calls the game fairly. Which is why he’s a true professional.

  166. Doodie Machetto on

    I am bored at work and was watching some Winter Classic highlights when I came across this:


    Looks pretty similar to what happened to Prust late against the Devils. I didn’t have a problem with it at the Winter Classic, and I didn’t have a problem with it when it happened to Prust. If either of those gets called: pansification.

  167. Dan Kelly and Gus Kyle for the Blues in the ’70s and ’80s were an amazing tandem of announcers on KMOX in St.Louis. Dan Kelly, “We’ve got ourselves a barnburner!”

  168. ULFIE

    the Pimp is never stale … he is raw to the bone

    And his predictions of the demise of this utterly-dull and disastrously-bush-league team will come to fruition, don’t you fret.

  169. for soccer the olympics are completely different than the world cup. Its an under 23 tournament (with each team getting 3 overage players). The top teams in Europe don’t even allow their young players to participate in the tournament, so the better countries usually don’t win the youth tournaments.

    The US is actually one of the favorites, should they qualify…

  170. I recall the play by plAy of John Sterling with the Islanders, and he was annoying even then. He’d yell out ISLANDER GOOOALLL, ISLANDER GOALLL ( 3-4 times sometimes even if it was a rather ordinary goal play. I still believe that THE best pbp man in hockey radio or TV is Chuck Kaiten……..I remember from the original Whalers teams, and he knew every single player in the league and the background, and his strengths and weaknesses, and he could insert them in ordinary speech that every one could follow and he also did a lot of his own color. There was never anything cutesy about his deliveries.

  171. Ha, great question …

    The closest translation would be: “jogo de várzea” or “varzioso” …

    Which in English would be “game played by amateurs” and “amateur-hourish”

    The two phrases are actually used quite frequently.

    I guess for “bush-league” we could use “jogo de mato” … “mato” meaning “bush”.

  172. You guys are awesome.

    One of my favorite moments with Tiki yesterday was when he looked me in the eye and asked me why I never banned him … and I had no answer. :)

    Good evening, Sally!

  173. JIMBO


    You know very well that I’ve taken over this blog and turned this into a US Men’s Olympic Qualifying Soccer” blog!:)

  174. JimboWoodside on

    Sorry, Miami – I knew it would be out-of-place today, but I figured that someone might care. ;-)

    Pens look scary-good. I hope they cool down soon.

  175. I say it a lot, but I’m a firm believer. Penguins are a great team, but they almost ALWAYS catch opponents on off-nights of their own.

  176. I asked that Carp because I always feel bad when I upset you, I used to say to myself “I manage to piss this guy off constantly, and yet he never bans me.” And sometimes you can be not nice to me, but Ive used language that youve repeatedly asked me not to use, and ive been unnecessarily rude to you. And in the end, as Mama always says, its your house.

    But anyway, I thought it was great to finally meet you. I think you were smiling the whole time lol, and the picture came out great. You are an awesome guy, as ilb and Mama and Sally have said all along, and the community you grew here is like no other.

    By the way, even though the referees were fair yesterday, I manufactured my anger anyway, because I always wanted to yell in front of home fans, “Kill the Referees” so I did. Did u hear that?

  177. Carp, now Tiki’s in on the conspiracy too? But I’m no fool! I’m still not sure you exist.

  178. Sally, I can’t be 100 percent sure, but I think I do exist. If I eat a Baby Buffaloes chicken sangwich, does that prove it?

    Tiki, when Zuccarello took that penalty last night and it was so obviously a penalty, I looked over and you weren’t complaining, so I told the Boneheads that it was such a flagrant penalty that even Tiki has no argument.

  179. it’s kind of saddening to think that the Pens can easily score 4-6 goals every single game when fully healthy, and yet we have to grind it out to get 2-3 goals.

  180. Good evening all! For a moment I had to check which blog I was on….soccer?? Anyway, I heard a lot about that this week with the little Wegian….he actually gets coached by some famous guy….I don’t know who.

    Sally, do any of us really exist?

    Geez, Carp really does see all, don’t he?

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