Don’t forget, Live Chat Friday at noon


Just a reminder. Be there.

I’ll remind youse again in the morning. Unless I forget.


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  1. It finds me in a quiet, non-combative mood. Typical of myself, as is evident through the blog archives. Have anything planned for the weekend?

  2. Blogmama March 22nd, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    Good evening all! For a moment I had to check which blog I was on….soccer?? Anyway, I heard a lot about that this week with the little Wegian….he actually gets coached by some famous guy….I don’t know who.

    Sally, do any of us really exist?

    Geez, Carp really does see all, don’t he


    I sometimes think the entire world I live in is one elaborate creation of my mind.

    Anyhoo, yeah I remember sitting in my seat after the Zucca penalty thinking ‘damn it, i have nothing to complain about.’

    And Krisy from Norway’s son is coached by Man United legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer! They told me theyd introduce to me to him when me and Mama visit them in Norway next summer!

  3. Carp, never apologize for a big new important post! If I’m lucky, and I hope to be, I will be here for chat.

    Latona, I got stuck having a Subway sangwhich for lunch. You can either subtract points from me, rightfully so, or give me at least .5 out of pity’s sake.

    Niters all…LGR!!!!

  4. Oh, good, I’ll be able to make it tomorrow at noon. I think…

    Nashville looks pathetic…Including their goaltender. He looks more like Swiiss than pecorino Romano cheese.

  5. Baby Buffaloes don’t have to worry aboot a tie break now. Just have to keep winning, and they’re in.

    I’d love to get revenge on the Craps, but I’d *really* love to get revenge on Miller and the Baby Buffaloes. That series in 07 was an absolute heart breaker. I can’t confirm it, but I may or may not have cried when NYR were eliminated!

    That game five in Buffalo! 7.7 second from taking a 3-2 lead in the series, and going back to MSG where they’re undefeated.


  6. Latona, thank you!!!! Don’t ever let anyone say anything bad about your point system….it is wonderful!…

    and a double wicky….hartnell….

  7. Hugh Jessiman ? @HugeSpeciman Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Hey twerps check out this video my buddy put together for Jeremy Lin. It’s called Super Lintendo! #linsanity


  8. EJHradek_NHL For those asking, Calder race still too close to call. Landeskog, Henrique, RNH, Read, Faulk among top candidates

    Is this idiot serious? Justin Faulk, who has 8 goals, 19 points in 58 games, but he doesn’t mention Hagelin?

    Hagelin has played aboot 10 less games than all of those players, and nearly has the same amount of points. Where’s the Swedish love?

    I think Nugent-Hopkins should get it. He has nearly the same amount of goals/points than Henrique and Landeskog, and he’s only played in 40+ games. Missed a lot due to injury.

  9. Man, can the Rangers keep pace with the Pens from here on out? Are the Pens ever going to lose again. Sure, when healthy, they’re probably the best team in the east…but it will still be really annoying to have them snatch first in the conference with less than 10 games left to play.

  10. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on

    Are you going to do another live chat anytime soon?

    I’d vote landeskog personally

  11. Dear new iPhone,

    I hate you with an alberkading hate.

    Like I was saying earlier, would have loved to be in that Usmnt football discussion. Still in shock that there are some football fans here. Definitely will be here for the live chat tomorrow.

  12. Hat trick! Btw, any march madness fans here? Florida Marquette has been a good game so far.

  13. lol SCX

    yeah that’s what happens when you play like swiss cheese for most of the season…but he’s been playing a lot better lately…another team to worry about

  14. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    Beatles Bailey seems to have taken Haguelin and Del Zedongo under his toothalage.

  15. Sharks beat Bruins in regulations! Kings-Blues going to a shootout 0-0. Rangers will have 2 games in hand on the Blues and may only be 2 points behind for #1 in the league.

  16. Kings win!!! Richards and Carter with the goals hahahahahahahaahahahah. through the 5 hole. Elliot opened up Biron style.

  17. Hey Carp, You guys just posted the news about my friend from high school Tyler Rush passing away. Just wanted to let you guys know, that’s not him. can you guys fix that?

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