Tortorella pre-game


John Tortorella spoke tonight about Dan Girardi being nominated by the New York chapter of the PHWA for the Masterton Trophy; about making the playoffs and preparing for the playoffs, about Artem Anisimov needing to learn to keep his head up:

John Tortorella:



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  1. MessierMagic on

    I heard on the radio today that Chris Drury had a thing for keeping jars of mayonnaise in his locker throughout his career, and he would dip his hands in the jar before slipping his gloves on every game. what a sick byflugien

  2. Seriously, judging by few latest games, I believe Feds is pretty beaten up, not to a degree that he is injured, but enough not to play a 100%. That would explain. Not good English, but you got a point, don’t you?

  3. MM,
    If it’s not a joke, it definitely the most disgusting thing I heard recently…and don’t tell me he licked his fingers after a game. Arghhh.

  4. Thank you for asking, Latona. I am well also.

    Jorge Posada used to pee on his hands to toughen his skin … he wore no batting gloves.

  5. Good evening, Sally! Did you hear the news about me and Tiki?

    Blogmama, tell Tiki that Don van Massenhoven is refereeing tonight with Steven Walkom. You might have to take up a collection for bail money.

  6. ilb,

    Mayo truly sickens me. I gag on sight. I can’t even consume melted white American cheese due to its resemblance.

  7. I don’t know any Joe Mayo, and frankly it sounds made-up.

    Voice, what, you’ve never peed on your hands?

  8. I think I’m going to pee on my hands tonight. I was going to use mayo, but there is none in the pressbox.

  9. Drury mighta been on to something.. mayo = clutch? he could of been using mayonnaise in the little league world series as well on his fast balls

  10. JimboWoodside on

    Well, if I ever get to a game at the Garden, I’ll be circumspect about meeting Carp and shaking his hand!

  11. Lloyd Braun,
    Ruslan is the guy who’s sleeping with your wife? Oh, that explains you hatred for him…

  12. Who’s the DeKeyser kid McKenzie’s tweeting about? Anyone familiar with him? Does he hand-mayo or urinate?

  13. Yeah, you have to excuse me, poor immigrant with no formal education…You know, bigot, my English leaves much to be desired. Also, sorry for your wife if you have one.

  14. The bradster on

    I heard Malkin bathes in a tub full of mayonnaise after every game. could be a connection between the 2

  15. 4everanger:

    That you’re making comments about my wife after what I posted was a line from sitcom proves you’re a piece of crap no matter where you came from.

  16. Wow, Lloyd, “Iuppiter iratus ergo nefas.. – “(do you need a translation?)
    BTW, what is your fascination with genome? Do you really know the difference between nucleotide recombinant DNA and chromosome transpozone genetic, that you keep asking me these silly questions in you rural English? Even James Watson would be ashamed. Don’t talk things you have no clue about, your, so called, hockey ponderisms here, are more than enough.

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