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Some good stuff tonight. Not sure if I turned off the recorder, but after Henrik Lundqvist broke down the goal he allowed — I had asked him if Tim Erixon deflected it and he said he hadn’t — I then said, “Don’t you love it when you give up one and we ask you about it.”

He smiled and said, “That’s the world I live in right now.” He also said that the Rangers want to finish first.

The first question to Ryan Callahan was about him scoring a pair on his 24th birthday in ’09. He had no idea.

John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Ryan Callahan:


Marc Staal:



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  1. sit mitchell and put feds back in.

    erixon and mza are doing fine.

    overall good game. dubi had another good game…

  2. This team is done. Just tell them to roll over and pray that they don’t get swept in the first round.

  3. And Callahan is a one-man pansy … any other player would have scored at least a hat trick on his bday.

    Release this P.O.S. before he hurts himself.

  4. In closing: MIAMI PIMP has the freedom of speech and he knows it. But he has no idea what humour is nor does he appreciate the ice hockey. You, Miami Pimp, are a little off just because everyone ignores you, have you noticed? You can only live because the benevolence of others, and don’t you ever forget it, you unfunny Seinfeldian, you!!! A bit undereducated, are you ???

  5. I don’t find any problem with Miami Pimp.

    He is actually that voice crying in the wilderness. Think about it. You are in a hockey blog..a sport that you are absolutely clueless, and you want to make your mark with the vets, you can’t meet them suggestion for suggestion in the field of ideas…why not? Because you have none. You’re po boy in a lonley world that takes no prisoners…you either know what you are talking about or you don’t If you are posting just to let the vets know you are “with it” or you farce it. Actually it is quite a novel posture to assume…the literal voice of doom out of nowhere..aha ! That’s it!
    You wrap yourself up in the area pf preposterous that causes the real vats to say, with a verbal shrug of the shoulders.. WHA? And that’s where he strikes gold. He’s got your attention. Beyond that there is the void of cluelessness( and that could well be a word conjured up in my own cranium and has no relationship to real English). But I digress. Having him around is a form of main everyone else feel superior, and that is a true ego masseuse. Let him be.
    He is part of our wall paper.

  6. Please overlook the obvious errors in key striking here,
    I just got back from having a Cat Scan, and I’m a bit jittery, but carry on ( someone can let me know how to join in the Chats from way down here in FLA)

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