It’s Go Time!


Game 73.

Start of the Foxwoods Final 10 … ooops, sorry. The sixth of a seven-game homestand (3-2 so far). Ya boys have won one in a row and three of the last five, but are 3-5 in their last eight.

The Winged Wheels are winless in five (0-4-1) and are 1-6-1 in eight.

The Rangers haven’t beaten Motown’s finest since 2003, when Mike Dunham did it, and since Mike Richter’s 3-2 win in Detroit on Jan. 30, 1999, the Rangers are 1-11-1 against the Red Wings. Henrik Lundqvist, who starts in goal, is 0-4-1 against Detroit.

Artem Anisimov (shoulder) returns to the lineup, so Ruslan Fedotenko (along with John Scott, Anton Stralman, Jeff Woywitka and Steve Eminger) will be prucha’d, as Mats Zuccarello has done enough to remain in.

Goalie Jimmy Howard is out with a groin injury, so Ty Conklin and Joey MacDonald are handling the goaltending for the Red Wings.

In case you missed it, Dan Girardi has been nominated for the Masterton Trophy by the New York chapter of the PHWA. Also, interestingly, Matt Cooke and not Sidney Crosby was the Pittsburgh chapter’s nominee. WTB?


I’m going to be a first-intermission guest on the radio again (Bloomberg radio) with Kenny Albert or Dave Maloney, I think. Give us a listen if you can.

Also, still have a few openings for Three Stars volunteers for the final five games or so. Interested? E-mail me at




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  1. been looking forward to this game all year. My two favorite NHL teams. should be a good one. i went over to the Red Wings blog and was glad to see their fans, most of them, respect our team and many of them said that the Rangers are their favorite Eastern Conference team… just like Detroit for many of us is our favorite in the West…. two teams that play the right way….of course Detroit has been far more successful. should be fun!

  2. That record against the Wings is pathetic..Time to make some changes in it. Although, last year they played a very close game until Datsyuk scored one late….LGR!!!!!

  3. BANJ, I don’t know when they’re going to play it … otherwise I would.

    maybe you can go back to the Devils game thread and tell me what time I posted it in the third period … then I can be somewhat ready for it.

  4. I had the pleasure of meeting Carp earlier, spoke w him for sbout a half hour. A very nice man. I’m glad that we both now have a liking for one another. All the great things mama and ilb and everyone else has to say about him are true

  5. Blackhawks are good. Three years in a row as lottery draft pick is real hard to do.

    Its hard to suck that bad

  6. Tiki, I told everybody on the previous thread … also warned you through Mama: tonight’s refs: Don van Massenhoven and Steve Walkom. Please don’t get ejected from the arena :)

  7. If u hear anyone yelling at the referees, u can be sure its me. I’m not too far away from the press box.

  8. JimboWoodside on

    Dreadful record against the Red Wings – that has to be the worst record that the Rangers have against *any* other team in the league.

  9. listening to Keith Jones talk about the Rangers
    it sounds as if he’s a little sad that he’s not playing for Torts right now.

  10. My last house was two blocks from Service High School. Conklin’s. woo effin hoo right?

    It got me excited.

  11. LIN! I can’t remember why, but we really needed you to comment on something the other night. damn memory loss.

  12. I just got fired today. I have lots of free time. dont know how long I will have internetthough.

  13. Linda! Hey!

    Sorry to hear about that tomb, hang in there.

    Carp- Marty’s arm flab?

    Datsyuk is back. That’s both good and bad.

  14. These idiots at the NHL Verizon app thing understand that if you were positioned IN the ice you wouldn’t be able to see much if anything

  15. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    sorry Carpy! My uncle passed away and things have been a bit crazy with me trying to see if i could fly up and be with the family, who all told me to NOT spend the money for the flight. Been a crazy few days, but i missed you guys hugely, and i want to thank everyone again for their support on FB.

  16. Uh oh. Edzo just complimented McDonagh for doing “the little things”.

    Only a matter of time before his game dwindles into a mayo-handed, pant-ripping, clutch-dumping charade.

  17. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    ILBZO!!!!!!!! MICKEY!!!!!!!!!!!! tomb!!!!!!

    FIRE SATHER {{{{{OLGA}}}}}

    Happy Birthday Captain Callahan!!!

  18. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    FlaRanger, after the love fest sam and joe had for Crosby 2 games ago, i’d rather hear doc lol but NEVER TPCH!!

  19. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Mickey, I want this jersey so badly! I’ve told the man, i’ve told the daughter.. gift idea baby lol! Imma get it my freakin self

  20. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    oh shoot tomb! sorry to hear about that!!! hang tough bro, something better is on the horizon!!

  21. Linda
    i’m unable to do ANTHING on fb other than login
    i offer my sympathies to you here.

  22. If you hate Doc as much as I do, the radio feed on 1130am is in perfect synch with TV feed!

  23. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on

    Still working and don’t want to read any of this thread due to spoilers, but caught up with the rest of them

    Congrats to tiki and carp and pics with the prust would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, I think Attila the Hun made his men drink their own urine in the field

  24. Carp
    you may care to ask what is wrong with Hank.
    he’s not playing as confident/aggressive as he was earlier in the season.
    tonight’s goal, devils 2nd goal (allowing short side opening again)

  25. i really really hope that we don’t take this game lightly
    and end up making conklin look like an allstar.

    based on history with backups i wouldn’t be surprised.

    hope i’m wrong.

  26. Anyone know what channel number this is on in Manhattan on Time Warner? I can’t find the game!

  27. That did start with an unnecessary icing by the Rangers, which they have done for much of the season with no direct impacts. They shouldn’t always be so content with chucking it down the ice.

  28. Historically speaking coming into MSGhas always been tonic for a slumping team or a backup minor league goalie needing a win.

  29. hopefully Hank gets his funk out of the way before the playoffs start or the rangers will be 1 and done.

  30. this team is going to get F-BOMBed out
    in the locker room because they are taking the red wings
    waaaaaay too lightly.

    red wings much too good even with a bunch of injuries.

    helps when you have players who skate and know what to do with all that speed

  31. Torts didn’t feel too worried. like the team’s forecheck.
    realized that detroit was going to play just as it is.

  32. it’s a shame that detroit comes in so rarely and the Rangers don’t wear their traditional blues tonight. IMO.

  33. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    once a year is not enough Carp! Rather see the Pens less and the Wings more lol ;-) oh to dream lol

  34. As I’ve been saying all year, why would you chase down an icing puck when you have to stay on the ice for the next draw? The Red Wings don’t chase icing pucks, apparently.

  35. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on


  36. oh wow there goes that bust again…stupid Drury 4.7, you’re not supposed to score ever



  38. JimboWoodside on

    What a beautiful rush!! Maloney on the radio called it a “Bobby Orr” style move!!

  39. i think Callahan Dubinsky and the Little Italian Kid from Norway have delivered body checks tonight. Maybe Boyle. That’s about it, eric.

  40. That’s the second coast-to-coast PPG he’s scored lately … which really aren’t, you know, PPGs in the true sense.

  41. I wonder if they’ll just decide to disregard that goal since the biggest bust in Ranger history scored it

  42. well Carp
    if that’s how we end up scoring our pp goals
    and it happens on a regular basis
    i can live with it.

  43. Lloyd, I know you’re taking shots at me there … that’s OK. I’ll just file them away for Years 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

  44. dang carp, i mustve skipped that part of the post. ’03 was the last year?? jeez. mike dunham the goalie!!

  45. anyone notice the clock slowing down and almost stopping at the 12 second and 10 second marks?

  46. Yup, Orr….Lucky to have it tied….Not enough intensity, though by the end they started to win more battles….

  47. if hank is in top form, its 1-0 game. yea i know he made huge save, but wheres the easy ones? hes had a crummy month so far. he has to be better so we can win a cup.
    hey, cool, clash of the titas 2. im gonna see that

  48. Grabby:

    That’s fair. The Zetterberg goal was soft and he hasn’t been great lately. But when you consider how many time he’s bailed out a lousy team in front of him, he’s allowed a few lackluster appearances.

  49. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on


    grabby, you’re on point tonight with your keyboard! LOL

  50. Stickcheck didn’t make my sphincter tighten up as much
    as his play did during game against nj

    (or maybe that’s my change in cereal…)

  51. gotta pull this one out against a 3rd string goalie..valuable 2 points

    by the way, did any of you guys hear on the radio today that Drury used to cover his hands in mayonnaise before playing? supposedly the guy always kept a full jar in his locker. pretty friggin’ weird if you ask me

  52. anybody watching this situation with the million hoodie march right now

    things are getting a bit tense

  53. i love hank. i want him to be the best cuz i love this team and wanna see him get the cup over anyone on this team besides cally. i want him to win the vezina too. he deserves it. i know hes just human, but i just want him to be where he was earlier in the season. this stretch of having off games is lasting longer than it should. just a little disappointing after how good he was. want him to finish great now.

  54. tomb,what email? i only check it once in awhile. i am sorry bro, not ignoring you at all. havent seen ya in H streams

  55. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    wow, i just read about the hammer coming down on the Saints! BANJ, TEBOW LOVES YOU

  56. Missed most of the first period. Looks like Rangers aren’t getting enough shots on goal, as usual. Glad to hear JR has his facts wrong, as usual. Said Conklin hasn’t been playing, but he played 12 consecutive games in the AHL.

    Tebow=laughable insanity.

    My dad and uncle are at this game. Wave!

  57. rangers arent into it really. cmon guys dont wait to get scored on to start getting aggresive

  58. I forgot to tell you guys, I was in downtown Stamford today, where the NBC Sports HQ is located, and guess who I saw jogging into a Starbucks completely miscombobulated and in missaray. it was adismal.

  59. Carp – Since you mentioned NBC, I’ll say Milbury.

    BTW, not sure who my dad and uncle root for, since they were born near Detroit and live in NYC now. No more ties!

  60. can boyle finish. he may not hit 21 goals the next two years combined after last year season

  61. I think the door was open because of the weather. sadly. I would have loved to see him handle the challenge of the PUSH or PULL sign.

  62. I don’t even think Tiki could argue that call. I’m looking at him right now and he seems resigned that one of these refs actually made the correct call against a Ranger.

  63. Roenick during intermission: “Wings need to slow the game down.”

    Babcock during game: “We’re just trying to play as fast as possible.”

  64. Don Lagreca tweeted: “Jumbotron at the garden showed Rod Gilbert. The entire red wing bench stood and banged there sticks on the boards!”

  65. Justin Tuck is here in a Lundqvist jersey, and Tiki is jumping out of his seat. Tuck’s a pretty cool guy.

  66. “Red Wings stood and banged their sticks on the boards when Rod Gilbert was introduced. Very classy.”

    Deserved kudos for breaking the Rick Nash trade.

  67. I think Dubi is having a good game? Don’t understand why people get on him constantly? He is playing much better in the past 3-4 games.

  68. well if we do get a pt if pitt wins tom we stay ahead based on more reg ot wins so yes must pt minimum

  69. Spider, the Mets couldn’t afford any of those animals. Heck, they could just barely afford the rings.

  70. Yev, Dubie is rounding into form. He played really well on Monday and the game before. Dunno if you were there, but I was, and to me, he got the hat because he deserved it. He’s fine. You can see he is more on the puck and shooting. Sure, he can be a bonehead, but he’s important to this team, especially it’s captain.

  71. he doesnt score yev. nobodys getting on him for his play except when he misses the net constantly, and just not scoring in general

  72. Should put Mitchell, Dubie and Boyle on a line together, the MTN, line:

    Miss The NET (all the time)

  73. To be fair, Dubie does a lot of important other things on the ice. He is doing all those. They don’t go into stats, but the help the team do better.

    And I am not a big Dubie fan.

  74. Yea, hopefully our wretched “it took 11 years for this” GM will find it in him to realize we could lose a not net hitter and use a sniper or two.

    Doubt he can figure that out, though.

  75. Rangers miss the net sooooooo much that Emerik is going to have to come up
    with new words for it.

  76. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i swear i think my husband is allergic to hitting the net… sheesh!

  77. What the hell is that Staal falling asleep? Maybe that’s why his play is so sub par.

  78. If I remember correctly, when Torts took over for Renney, didn’t he spend the first practice teaching the guys to hit the net with their shots? Maybe they need that practice

  79. Great play by Callahan….PP. Got to connect here…..They win more and more battles, but the faceoffs are killing them

  80. watch del zaster will be open to shoot and will make the extra pass.

    come on boys get it done

  81. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    anyone who thinks they are in Italy eating a little bit of ‘meat’ and a whole lotta bread from Subway is out of their effin minds!!!!

  82. duck the bill on

    zucc is a lot harder on the puck this time around…seems much more difficult to knock him off the puck and when he hits opponents its with force.

  83. duck the bill on

    i have a confession to make..sometimes i subliminally root for the other team to score just so the negative nancies blow a gasket.

  84. If we do go to overtime, I think we may have the better goalie in here….if he’s awake.

    Let’s make it clear. He’s not getting as many shots on him as he did in previous years. So he may be a bit sleepy.

    Staal is a different issue.

  85. Carp – There was one NBCSN game a few weeks back when Doc said nub four or five times. As in, the pucks is nubbed ahead. See also: skittered.

  86. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    carp, a few games back, Doc kept saying NUBS using it as a verb… we just loved it, right Spider

  87. bertuzzi — cripples someone for life
    cooke — gives someone headaches for life, kills career
    Avery — says some naughty words equals Most Vile Player in Hockey

  88. Gee, slight difference in the effort of this captain of the Rangers vs. our last one. Damn cripple. Great signing, Glen.

  89. That chick in the purple sweater has been banging on the glass all night. Love to be sitting near her all game.

  90. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahanUBS on

    glass bangers…. if they are not kids, i’d like to use their face AS the glass

  91. JimboWoodside on

    Jpg, thou shalt not cast aspersions on a Canadian puck-bunny movie “star” – it is grounds for hockey excommunication!

  92. The bad clears, bad first pass, and lack of a power play will be tough to overcome this year. However, the future is bright in Rangerland.

  93. U kidding me? on

    Rangers fans cheer for Henrik after one goes off the bar? What a joke…you guys are looking ripe for a 1st round disaster filled with Torts choking a child trying to give him a high-five in the tunnel.

  94. So many poor puck decisions tonight. We actually win a faceoff, so we give it back to Detroit.

  95. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahanUBS on

    they must have said Cally’s name a hundred times tonight … what a game

  96. U kidding me? on

    everyone wants the charity point…Rangers are all about the tie…like kissing your sister…

  97. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahanUBS on

    it happens all the time… are they stopping time or fast forwarding time? It messes me up lol

  98. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahanUBS on

    does zetterberg have big teeth?

    LMAO MICKEY! I will drive to Nashville and buy my Weber Jersey this weekend!

  99. Like that play in the corner, Callahan, why? Just seems like they’re making weird decisions tonight.


  100. that was beautiful. worth the wait. first sice 03!. go cally.!!! great plays duby n mdz. hank with a huge game!! awesome

  101. Grabby, can’t agree more. Great plays by all 3 on ice. Love to see MDZ join play in OT. He is coming around. Dubie, great play. Took up the ice. Callie, great shot!!

    Thank the lord, Mitchell, Boyle, or Dubie didn’t have to can that one.


  102. i think our boys have won like 6 or 7 games like this this season. what a game. hate the shootout. speaking of, we havent been in one in a long time.

  103. babcock was correct in his interview about this being a game of mistakes
    we were fortunate because the red wing dogged it or was cherry picking
    as he stood by the blue line
    watching Cally skate by.
    he didn’t react til Cally had the puck

    it’s what happens and glad it worked for us tonight.

  104. yes matty. i love duby and he plays hard. i get on him alot for not scoring but hes a ranger. hope he gets some goals soon he deserves it.

  105. I get it, Grabby. I don’t love him myself. But for is 8 goals, for the last 5 games, anyway, he has done a lot more. Earlier on he plain sucked.

    JR should suck it up and say he was wrong. Go Keith!!!

  106. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahanUBS on

    what a game!!
    Cally gave US a gift on his Birthday!!
    Thanks to his parents and their night of loving 27 years and 9 months ago!

  107. Man, you look at the highlights they just showed on Callie’s game. WOW. amazing effort.

  108. How much would the wings have won by if they had their REAL team? I guess 3 or 4- just hoping this game was a reaction to an overemotional win vs. Devs- I thought it was one of the worst games of the season. Still, I’ll take the points. Someone do me a favor and count the giveaways- see if its a bigger number than faceoffs lost.

  109. But anyways, really good game. Not like the other night, but still pretty good in its own right.

  110. I’m a big Torts fan, but regardless of whether the Blues finish 1st or 2nd in the league, I think Hitchcock should win the -Jerk- Jack Adams. They finished 11th in their conference last season, and are now 1st, and probably will remain in 1st place.

  111. That shot that hit the crossbar might have been a winner if not for a Rangers player that slid to block it. Looked like they caught enough to deflect it slightly upward.
    Was that Hags?

  112. Cam Fowler: 36 minutes in penalties in nearly 2 NHL seasons and 14 in one OHL season.

    Dylan McIlrath: 576 minutes in penalties over the same 3 years.

    Nuff said….

  113. sorry Olga, normally id be happy about the Hawks winning, but what Keith did was disgusting. Anyways, AWESOME game!! by both teams.

  114. LOL what did Staal get the hat for? for not taking a penalty? for not getting injured? for not having a brother on the Red Wings?

  115. That was a good win, but I wonder how this would have turned out if Franzen, Lidstrom, Howard, and the depth players were in the lineup. That’s why I was looking forward to this game. I wanted to see how they matched up against the Wings. This wasn’t the real Wings team.

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