Rangers-Devils in review



1) I have maintained that the synchronized fights are kind of silly and stupid, and most of the time they are. So I guess I’m a hypocrite and an imbecile … though I have also said that it’s different in a big rivalry game, and it’s different when there’s a score to settle. But, whatever, I think this staged line brawl had a major impact on the game, on the crowd. And I kinda really enjoyed it, too.

2) Especially the part where they moved Stu Bickel to center and he was credited with a faceoff won.

3) And, seriously, Pete DeBoer was right. John Tortorella pulled the same crap in Newark. How about Torts saying he didn’t make any remarks toward DeBoer before or after the line brawl? Haha. And they’ve had staged fights to start three of their games this year, and there was a bunch of bad blood from the Kelly Clarkson-Brandon Dubinsky stuff and the Officer Joe Boulton-Mike Rupp slash and Ryan Carter-Dubinsky, and Cam Janssen-Rupp, and John Scott-Janssen, plus Boulton goes after Brandon Prust every chance he gets. And somehow Clarkson once again escapes without fighting any of the tough guys.

4) NBC Sports was just awful on the replays. On the reviewed goal, they didn’t even show the actual shot that was reviewed. Missed so much stuff. But they got the closeup of the blood on the ice. Of course, the blood wasn’t moving.

5) Dubinsky has played two good ones in a row, folks. Maybe? This time? Maybe? Let’s wait and see.

6) On the Patrik Elias goal, another bad play by Marc Staal, and a bad play by Henrik Lundqvist, who lost his stick, tried to pick it up, and lost his post.

7)  The Sykora goal was worse. But the Dan Girardi goal against Martin Brodeur, a floater that might have gone wide, was worse still.

8) By the way, if Tortorella was so ticked off in the lockerroom when he saw the Devils’ starters — Lundqvist and a few others indicated he was — and he chose to not use John Scott (and I agree with that non-move), then it’s goodbye to Mr. Scott, right? I mean, he probably plays April 3 vs. Philly, and maybe if they rest a guy or two in the final week. But that’s it.

9) At one point, future Ranger Zach Parise blocked a Devils shot. I guess he was auditioning for Tortorella.

10) I thought Del Zotto skated pretty well with that bum hip.

11) This was before he scored the huge PPG, maybe a shift or two earlier. The Rangers had dumped the puck in and gone for a change. Mats Zuccarello went deep and rubbed out one of the Devils — not sure if it was Salvador or Volchenkov or Fayne — with a good hard hit. And I thought that he looks like he wants to stay. Maybe beyond this year. Then he scored. Maybe he has to stay this year.

12) These boarding penalties … either call them all, or stop calling them. Geez. It’s horrible. That non-call on Prust … Wonder what would have happened if he broke his neck there? Major and a suspension? But he didn’t break his neck, so no penalty? My God.

13) Speaking of interesting moments in officiating history: Jim Schoenfeld, Lou Lamoriello and Don Koharski were all in the building last night.

14) Bad as the Girardi goal was, Martin Brodeur made some huge saves. I loved Jeremy Roenick’s pre-game analysis, which was spot on, as usual, when asked about Brodeur: “I played against him and he’s really hard to score against.” That’s why you get the big bucks, J.R.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Mike Rupp.
1) Stu Bickel.
1) Brandon Prust.
John Milewski’s Three Rangers Stars (with commentary):
1) Brandon Dubinsky — big goal, big assist, big hits, big time in a big game.
2) Stu Bickel — tough from the drop of the puck, many great pinches to support the forecheck, solid throughout.
3) Mats Zuccarello — this guy simply creates scoring chances with regularity in limited ice time.
(Honorable Mention — The Captain was very good throughout as well… particularly on that last PK).


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  1. Sioux-per-man on

    Great game by all. Nice to see Bickel land a big one. His willingness to throw them hard is somethIng else. He played a solid 60 minute game.

    How do you not root for Zucc? The little guy has a big heart! A big hit! And a big time goal! He was a difference maker everytime he was on the ice last night.

    Dubi looking like his old self again. Nice to see him with the first goal.

    Parise is a class act. Everytime they interview him I have more respect for him. Future Ranger – so happy to have him over The Nash package.

    This was a big win. This was Ranger hockey. Was this the best game they played all year?

    Nobody beats this team in a seven game series if they play like they did last night!

  2. They didn’t call a penalty on the Devils when Prust was bumped and went into the boards because it wasn’t a penalty, genius…and I’m a Ranger fan, fyi.

  3. Awesome game to be at last night with my brother in section 407…home of “You Can Play Larry”.

    Quick story, there was a squirrely looking fellow in front of us alone. After a few drinks I asked him hey, “what side ya on?” in a friendly manner because he hadn’t cheered for anything. His foreign accented response”

    “Well, I’m not sure really….I’m just visiting. From Norway. The Rangers have a player from Norway, Mats Zuccarello….but it seems like they boo him here???” I filled him in, and a Ranger fan was born.

    Classic moment. Classic game.

    Staal just makes me nervous heading into playoffs.

  4. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    What ? Saint Stall have a bad game ? Why he’s a Staal !!!

    When the garden crew was cleaning the blood off the ice a new 7-11 slurpie flavor came to mind.

  5. Stranger Nation on

    Bickel deserved a better pic up top

    Cally was playing with an edge

    Debbies D is weak, they will have trouble in POs

    Did Kovi play last night? Didn’t see much of him out there

    Rupp best game all year

  6. Oh Salty

    I am with you about Staal. I haven’t been anything but uneasy for the past half dozen games or so by him. He doesn’t seem to make decisions that make sense, and he is often way out of the play when it is around his goal area. But I have to admit, I couldn’t help laughing out loud at that opening face off which was right out of that movie, Slapshot. It brought memories of that song, ” That’s entertainment.” Too bad about the kid whose face got smashed into the ice,….that was unpleasant to see.

  7. irish setter line on

    MZA doing what he does, Dubi was strong last night, played with a lot of anger.
    Staal. he cannot be kept in the lineup at playoff time, playing as soft as he did last night. he needs to find his game, now!

  8. Nice story salty.

    Im an hour away from flying to ilb country, home of lemonade and pickles!

  9. The Rangers haven’t played with much emotion the last few weeks. I think the Tortorella tirade at the start was more about getting the team fired up than being having a problem with DeBoer.

    Even in his post game comments, he spoke more about how his team handled it and refused to comment on DeBoer. I think he welcomed that start overall AND it backfired on DeBoer.

  10. Gritty game, and the Devils really came on strong in waves at times. Rangers seemed to adapt and kept them to the outside toward the end of the game. Agree that Staal needs some work to shed the rust off half a season in sick bay. Good to see Cally back and hitting again. Until a couple months ago, I didn’t know that he was mentored in Rochester by the same boxing coach that teaches the Eastman School of Music boxing program for student musucians…that cemented my admiration of the captain! Nice article today on NHL.com about the reasons our Rangers are the first team to clinch a playoff spot.

  11. I don’t think that Prust hit was boarding, but it was definitely interference. I’ve seen that exact play called a dozen times against the Rangers this year. There’s a big difference between getting body position and taking a guy out of the play before either of you get to the puck.

  12. Stranger Nation on

    Love that pic of Boyle up top. Me thinks the Debbies are intimidated by him. In a long PO series, those hits will be a big factor.

    If McIlrath can play a little, a Bickel/McIlrath pairing will reduce the need to carry a John Scott type player and allow keeping another skilled player on the front lines like Zuc.

    Stu Bickel’s fighting style of taking 4 shots to land one big one is a dangerous strategy in this league.

    Steps deflection was awesome, but he made another forced pass when he was below the circles. Shoot the puck please!

  13. Steeve you are so right.Interference is what it was.

    And there’s something wrong with these refs. They call it now and then and ignore it now and then, but it often is ignored when occurring against Rangers for some strange reason. I still cannot help thinking that there is an animus among the refs about Rangers teams.

  14. Lbert, thats like asking the sun to not rise in the morning. Did u hear how many times that senile emrick said that the devil that got bloodied was by the ice and not bickel? 5 times, and i think theyre wrong. Basically he didnt wanna concede that his devil got smoked by a ranger. I know thats what he was doing, because thats what id do if i were in his spot.

  15. Lol at your last line Fran.

    Forget conspiracies for the moment, this is what i dislike about all sports. ‘ most of refereeing is subjective, basketball is the worst. There’s a foul committed on every play in bball, a penalty committed on every play in fball, balls and strrkes in baseball, and a penalty all the time in hockey, its all just referee discretion, except for calls like delay of game throwing puck over boards. I like the non subjective calls.

  16. Good morning all! Salty, you’re Wegian certainly wasn’t related to our Wegians! And dang our Wegians……they (again) got to meet Zucc and his family after the game! Krisy’s 12-year-old spent most of the time talking to him about soccer :) One very happy kid!

    Man, I hate the Devils……LGR!

  17. LOVED that game. There is the Ranger team that has been missing for the last couple of weeks. If they play that way, with that type of emotion and attention to detail; they can beat anyone in the east and that includes the Pens.

    A key will be Dubi. They need him to play like that nightly. a second line of Step, Cally and Dubi, with a productive involved dubi could be a difference maker.

    The fact that Zuccarello is willing to throw a body check makes me love that kid. He plays a game amongst giants. To do so you need a giant heart and I think he has that. (and a great set of hands!)

    speaking of hands, how about that deflection for the last goal by Stepan? NICE!

    Yes, we hit a rough patch, but I absolutely love this team. What a regular season they have had. I agree with Carp that they don’t need home ice, but I sure hope they finish #1 in the conference.

  18. Still don’t know why DeBoer is upset at Torts for the opening line up. He chose to goon it up with that opening line, you think any coach with the chance to match that line is going to put his top line against that? Maybe put out 2/3 of a top line and a designated fighter but after seeing what Boulton did to Feds why risk having the same happen to any of the top 6 guys?

  19. Of course Torts started his 4th line against the Devils before. But the time before that was the staged double fight where DeBoer did it. But who cares, we need more fights anyway. Pansification.

    Glad Scott didn’t dress because there would be no fights.

  20. Best Rangers game in awhile. They played with intensity throughout and hit, hit and hit some more. I’m with you Carp, I hate staged fights, but considering the circumstance, and that the Devils “started it” by putting their goons in the starting lineup, I had less trouble with it than usual, and it really got the team going. But, I expected to see the Hansen Bros. and Oglethorpe on the ice at some point…and Michael Onktean skating around in his skivvies.

    Dubinsky played his best game this season. He was a man possessd. And how ironic is it that we bring up Zuc, and we have NO shootouts since he’s back. But he’s definitely playing well. I thought the worst line last night was the big line, but Hagelin was good again. But they played a lot of the game against the Parise/Kovy line, so I guess it was a wash.

    Oh, and it was nice to get one when Hank wasn’t playing particularly well.

  21. Looks like our boys have started their PO beards with last night’s pre-PO game. GREAT win!

  22. Good morning, boneheads!

    I happen to agree with Scott in that it was more an attempt on Torts part to fire the team up rather than to go off on DeBoer. I’m sure he started it in the locker room, and continued on the bench. Remember last time they played Boyle mentioned the Devils wanted to kill the Rangers. Torts made sure the tables were turned. He succeeded.

    The best stat from last night- Stu Bickel is 100% on faceoffs.

    Kidding aside, that was a game won by a dime-a-dozen squad. Boyle, Prust ( even Pierre was praising him), Rupp, Bickel, Dubinsky and Co. And our finesse guys scored a couple when needed to. This is what will get them far this spring…

    I was watching Staal last night…Look carefully, folks. His mistakes are of similar nature. Tight spaces when someone is approaching fast. I’m afraid to say it, but I believe he is avoiding being hit. Not good. I suppose it may take time to be fully comfortable, but if it is the case, he will get exposed in PO.

    LMAO@ Tiki and Fran vibin’!

  23. Hey, GH, you can make your point without being obnoxious…..What Carp meant is that both Dubinsky and Prust plays were similar. You either call both or do not call them at all.

  24. Missed most of the first period so I didn’t get to see the making of Slap Shot III. What I liked about the game was the last 5 minutes mainly because the Rangers didn’t try to just sit on their lead. You’ve heard the old cliche about you’ve got to play a full 60 minutes, well the Rangers did just that.

  25. I dunno, CTB. Why not just put the whole top line out there at the start? At any other point of the game, the Rangers would love to have the first line out to face the Devils’ scrubs.

    Main issue I have with these fights is that, however dime-a-dozeny Rupp, Bickel and Prust are, they basically play a regular shift, maybe Rupp aside (and he’s not a flat out goon). Boulton and especially Janssen won’t ever play a regular shift unless the NHL expands to 300 teams, so why indulge them?

  26. By the way, the Devils were atrocious in their own end and if it wasn’t for Marty ( bad goal aside), and if Hank could stop 2 questionable goals, it would’ve been an embarrassing score at the end.

  27. LW- Regardless of how upset Torts looked, it was all by design. You want to goon it up? We can play that way too. Stu, go take the faceoff….

  28. Great #9 comment…lol. would like to see the same emotion in the game against the Red Wings. (I am sure not fights but big hits and speed)

    Keep Frotto in the lineup he is playing very well.

  29. Oh, I know it takes two to tango, ilb. The Rangers don’t have anything to prove by now on that score though. If DeBoer wants to throw Janssen and Boulton on the ice, let him do it. The more they play, the worse the Devils are.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Last night, during the second period, the guy who sits next to me saw his ticket rep walking past. The rep stopped and talked with him for a bit, and then gave him 4 tickets to section 105, row 7 to go watch the 3rd period. He took my brother and I down there with him. It was amazing to see the game from that close. It was so fast that it was almost hard to follow. But I loved being able to see the expressions on the players’ faces. During the late PK I could literally see Prust’s cheeks huffing and puffing as he sprinted around to kill the penalty. It was also fun to trash talk Kovalchuk as he lined up along the boards on those final faceoffs in the last minute. I know he heard me and that brings me such joy.

  31. Good review, and I agree that those fights set the tone of the game.

    Question, Carp: did Torts already commit to scratching Scott at the time when he first saw the Devils starting lineup? I agree that Scott won’t be seeing much ice except possibly against the Flyers, but I do think he could’ve been used last night and should also dress against the Bruins in a few weeks.

  32. If Scott plays two more games, I’d be very surprised. In fact, when AA comes back, who sits?

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    See ilb, you have to teach us all because we never know when we will come within ear shot of a Russian superstar with a delicate psyche.

  34. I’d also consider giving Prust a game to heal up…He doesn’t know how to play in low gear…

  35. Doodie, my Russian lessons on the blog would get me banned in a heartbeat, providing Carp uses Google translation. :-)

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, the Prust noncall happened not ten feet from my face. I thought it was a clean hit. They made contact with each other and he just got the much worse end of it. It wasn’t like he was just being driven into the boards.

    As for the high sticking penalty that NJ took late in the game, the ref that was right there was signalling that the stick hit Callahan in the chest, even though it clearly hit him in the face. That ref was even closer to the high sticking than I was to Prust’s board collision, so I could have just as easily missed what everyone else is complaining about.

  37. Stanger Nation on

    IMO – neither of the plays were penalties – Dubi hit him from the side and the player, not seeing it coming, went flying into boards. Prusty put himself in a vulnerable position – on PK for extended shift flying to boards and reach out for puck.

    Prior to the Michael Boulton penalty, Rupper cross checked Jansen in the back of the neck when he was down on the ice – thought it may be matching minors – got away with one.

    Also Danny G (on a goal scoring tear now) slammed Parise on the FO when the real hockey game began.

    Oh – and watch the fight again and Stu crushes him with an overhand right after they stood up again which had Carter quit and fall to ice.

    Doc Emrick- professional homer

  38. The hit on Prust was NOT a penalty, Carp. Go back and watch that again. They both initiated contact and Prust just happened to fall into the boards. Dubi’s hit was kind of weak, but it by definition was a boarding call. They called the same call on Boulton when he hit Feds by the Devils bench.

    Those were both called correctly as boarding. Prust’s hit was just an unfortunate incident/result of two guys both fighting for the puck and one happened to lose his balance from the hit.

  39. Stanger Nation on

    Potential PO scenario if Pens continue to roll

    Pens/Baby Buffs – Miller steals a series? Please, Please…

    Bruins/Debbies – Bruins will pound that D and win easily, Farty swan song

    Caps or Fla/Sens – Sens are very underrated team

    Rangers/Filth of Delphia – we own those bastages this year. Cherry on the cake

  40. Also, while I don’t think they dominated as well as they did the other night against the Avalanche, they played very well yet again and got the two points they deserve.

    Just like I said, sometimes when you don’t play well and get points, it means a slump is coming and when you play very well and lose, it means a winning streak is coming. Not saying they are going to go on another run, but it looks like they got their feet back under them again.

  41. We did clinch a playoff spot last night. Let the playoff beards begin!

    Second- I didn’t think the hit on Prust was a penalty (when I watched it later). I was listening to the game at that point and Maloney thought it was a clean hit also. He was also mortified by the boarding call against the Rangers. He said that Dubinsky “leaned on him” at most.

  42. Stanger Nation on

    the #1 line is defensively challenged and Debbies put their #1 against it and had them pinned in many a shift. B Rich’s game seems more suited for Canes figure skating and weak D than Patrick Division brawling. Hope he doesn’t disappear when the going gets tough in the POs. We cannot afford to have that line shut out.

    Hags is amazing – just flippin amazing

  43. I want to ask all the fans in the Garden where that emotion is night in and night out. I know we have the best fans in the sport, some would argue against that, but man they were alive from the beginning last night. You can tell this team thrives off that feeling and really gets motivated by it. So I say this, since I am stuck down here in South Florida and I wish I could be at every game, please fans, bring that passion every night…

    On to the game, first of all as I have seen a few of you respond to the prust play although scary was NOT a penalty IMO.. Prust initiated the contact and if you watch it back you will see that clearly he leaned into Henrique and just got blasted out of the way, a good hockey play…. MZA on it again last night, man he is a tough little dude.. Dubi, oh please play that way the rest of the way and into the playoffs and we might have a shot.. Hags is a continued pleasure to watch.. I am personally a bit worried about Hank as he seems to be fighting it again, especially up high. He made a few great saves, but the goals were bad as carp states… All around good effort, and happy to get the much needed two points..

    Although like Carp stated it was fun to watch the MMA fights in the beginning, it was totally unnecessary… Torts could have and perhaps should have taken the high road and started a different line and moved the game on, but it did work out in our favor as it got the crowd and the team jacked up so no complaints here…

    NYC keep up the craziness for Wednesday’s tough game as the wings are coming in off a loss to the Caps and we need to keep that streak going… Here is to Two more tomorrow night…

  44. Stranger,

    As much as I’m not a huge believer in “clutch” and there can be an exaggerated effect on the perception of players being clutch due to the small sample sizes of playoff series, Richards is virtually a point per game player in his postseason career.

    Also, the Devils top line didn’t really do the damage last night (both the Rangers top line and the Devils top line had pretty bad negative Corsi differentials). It was the Elias line that burned the Rangers top line.

  45. On the plus side, Erixon had a +11 Corsi last night, pretty good for any player let alone a rookie D.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Miami, when won’t we get destroyed? Maybe if we were to play our own amateur-hour minor league teams, because those guys are so bush-league that they couldn’t even make this Mickey Mouse hockey club.

  47. Great game last night although I lost a little respect for Tortorella last night. That would be like if Broduer called out Lundqvist for a dive…

    Speaking of Lundqvist, he’s been struggling of late and needs to get his game back to where it was for the first 50 games of the season. We won’t be able to win a round if he plays like he has lately…

  48. oleo,

    Not sure what you mean regarding Torts? Yelling at DeBoer while the fights were going on?

    And you’re that worried about Lundqvist? I mean if there’s any player that deserves the benefit of the doubt for being able to pull out of a slump I’d say it’s him.

  49. Awesome game. Loved the opening face off scrum. Would have been nice if Scott was in a line up for that one. I bet there wouldn’t have been as many fights.

    I saw some of the game but not all of it. I saw that Tim Erixon played 12 minutes. How did he do? Did he look out of place?

  50. So uh, Lou if you want to send over some of that advanced money that the NHL sends you, just address it to Who’s Your Daddy c/o Madison Square Garden

  51. If the Caps playoff hopes come down to the last day of the season we could be the ones to knock them out. That would be pretty fun. Pretty, pretty, pretty fun.

    Classy move Devils!

  52. CTBlueshirt

    He made a scene about how the Devils put their goons out to start the game. Torts has been doing that all season and he is being a hypocrite.

    Lundqvist does get the “benefit of the doubt” but he is our most important player and without him playing at a Vezina level we are not going to win the division and thus, we wont beat Philly in the first round…

  53. I just met Cris Carter! I told him i saw the segment before the super bowl on espn and saw him crying about the hall of fame, and that i felt bad because he deserved the hall of fame. I asked him who he wanted to win the super bowl and he said giants!!!!

  54. Stanger Nation on

    CTB – hope you are right – B Rich is great with time and space, but for some reason seems stuck in second gear during some games.

    As far as prior PO experience, look at averages over last 3 yrs for more reasonable output, but when one does, there is not stats as Dallas not in POs with richards as #1 center last 3 yrs. Not counting on 2004 stats to show up in 2012, happy to be proved wrong however…

  55. That was the best game they played since the Boston game. Am I right? or am I right? r-r-right?

  56. Stranger,

    His previous 3 year average still makes him look pretty imrpessive. The problem is that he hasn’t been in the playoffs in 4 years. Here’s to hoping he can have a couple of “clutch” goals in the spring as he’s manged to score in the regular season.

    Like I said though, the small sample size of playoff rounds can artificially enhance or tarnish players reputations. Drury was a pretty reasonable playoff performer in his career before the Rangers but had only 8 points in 21 games with the Rangers.

  57. Doodie u just got goaded into a scrum with Miami. He got the initial penalty but you retaliated. Boo!

    There has been a lot of bad blood (pun intended) between these two teams for the past few weeks. Even in the papers this week there had been this, “They wanted to kill us. They hated us from the open faceoff last game. Etc.” So when DeBoer put his animals out there, that was the sign. So Torts could have either turtled and ran away or made a stand. On my count, the Rangers were at least 2-0-1 in those fights with Prusty getting a draw. Rupp used his left jab at least 10x on that guys face and Bickel got tagged early but finished with a TKO. And the Rangers scored 90 seconds later. Let’s get physical.

    Notice that the hitting and the speed and adrenalin running through the Rangers was so apparent after that. Even one of the announcers other than Doc was saying, “Rangers just look faster, more energized, all over the place.” This team has to out hit and out hustle. As my buddy said last night, “They brought their lunch pails and hard hats.” That is the way we play when we play our best.

    BTW, anyone see Staal’s unadvised cross ice pass inside his zone to the opposite side redline? Easily picked up and nearly caused problems. Is anyone telling these kids that those passes, esp this late in the season heading into the POs, are verboten? I mean what the heck?

    Hank looked a bit soft last night. Is he getting fatigued? I mean in March we’ve given up 3.2 goals per game (32 in 10, en included btw.) In Feb it was 1.84 (24 in 13). Is it Hank or our D getting sloppy, tired, injured? Maybe it’s a combination of all 3 plus? But we need to tighten up in our own zone. It almost seems to me we need to dial it back a bit and ice the puck more or go up the board more than going up the middle. But the instability is apparent. Anyone else find it interesting that Emminger, Stralman, and Woywitka have been supplanted by Bickel for sure and now Erixon?

    No rest for us though as Detroit in town tom’w. That will be another test. BTW, my brother was selected to shoot the puck in between one of the periods. Root him on!

  58. Differential between the shots your team attempts (not the player individually) and the amount that your team allows. It has a wider definition than just shots on goal. So the fact that Erixon was on the ice for 11 more shot attempts for the Rangers than what the Rangers allowed while he was on the ice is a good sign that the Devils weren’t taking advantage of a rookie D. Of course it’s a bit without context in that I haven’t looked to see who he was matched up against while he was out there. It’s a little less impressive if he’s getting matched up against the Boultons and Janssens of the world vs the Kovalchuks and Parises.

  59. was that invented by the Buffalo goalie coach, Jim Corsi — you know, the guy with whom I almost dropped the gloves in the pressbox last time the Baby Buffaloes were here?

  60. The players don’t feed off the fans, it’s the other way around. The players got excited because of the intensity the game started with. That also happened to excite the fans. Even in games that the fans consider boring, they don’t get going until the team does.

    I think fans want a way to feel important, so they think if they are loud that the players will feed off of that. Anyone who played knows that you don’t even notice it when you are out there.

    So the fans react to the game, not the other way around.

  61. Stanger Nation on

    CTB – if he can play effective on PP, not be a complete defensive liability, and contribute some clutch goals; he earns his keep. Not trusting stats from over 3 yrs and a concussion ago.

  62. Another view of the Henrique non-call chack on Prust. This is one of the greyer areas of the rule book. Two guys coming together at a puck that neither of them have possession of. For me, in an ideal world, both players need to defend for contact and play the puck, not each other. My take after watching it a few times is that Prust’s intent was going for the puck and positioning his body in such a way to defend his position BUT was not looking to initiate contact as in throwing a check. Henrique on the othe hand appeared to be totally disinterested in the puck and was focused ONLY on checking Prust who did not have the puck.

    That is classic interference whether Prust hits his head into the borards or not.

    The reason I’m interested in this is my son was involved in something quite like this at the Bantam level a while back and received a concussion (since recovered) for his efforts for playing the puck while the opponent, with no intention to play the puck, got away without a call.

  63. Carp, I agree with you on that Prust hit. I’ve been saying it all year. If the NHL REALLY wanted to get rid of hits like these and headshots and whatnot, they would. But their refs are so incompetent, the Shanna-hammer is more like that little reflex hammer doctors use, and I think the NHL almost likes the drama and publicity they get out of it, in a perverse sort of way.

    First thing they need to do is either replace all these idiots in stripes, or send them all back to school and get them really grounded on the rules.

  64. Stanger Nation on

    Does Corsi take into account PP time – cause Timmy was out there for a shift or 2 on the PP

  65. Yes it was actually. Akin to how a .200 BA in baseball in the Mendoza line.

    Ah, so that’s who you were talking about at that game about a month ago? I thought it was a couple of fans getting into it with him. I think if you got Gross to join in with you it would’ve been no contest. Gross already has the playoff beard going.

  66. Jonny D,

    Oh they don’t hear the fans when they cheer, but conveniently all of a sudden hear them and get down when the fans boo?

  67. Sorry, misstated myself. The rule book is quite clear – You don’t have the puck and you get checked you get called. The grey area is the referee interpretation of that contact.

  68. No, Corsi is even strength with the goalie in net. Most sites keep track of 5v5 and 4v4 non-OT, but since 4v4 non-OT is so rare and takes up such a small amount of time per game, it’s kind of inconsequential.

  69. I’d actually prefer if Richards stepped up his even strength play more. Realistically if he gets 18-20 mins a night, most of those will be at even strength the same goes for almost any player.

    Rangers might have a poor PP but their goal differential at even strength is what’s put them where they are.

  70. wait, so that’s really the guy who invented the Corsi thing, CTB?

    if it is … now I really dislike him. And I get to see him Friday.

  71. Just to clarify … I’m not sure the Prust-Henrique thing was a penalty. But they call stuff softer than that all year long, and Prust could have been injured there, and if he was I’d bet there’d be a major and a suspension. That’s what I’m saying. It’s all ass-backwards because they can’t enforce a rule that is so gray.

    For a century that was a hockey play … maybe interference, but as somebody said, you have to allow a guy to brace for contact in that situation.

    I just think we’ve seen boarding calls for a lot less than that.

  72. “The statistic itself likely comes from inside the Buffalo Sabres organization, and their goaltending coach, Jim Corsi, has received credit for it.”

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    Jim Cerny should fight Jim Corsi in the battle of the Jim C-vowel-consonant-vowel-consontant-E sounds from letters other than E.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    correction, battle of the Jim C-vowel-consonant-consonant-Esounds from letters other than E.

  75. Wow. First, now I place even less credence in such an idiotic sabermetric stat than I did before, which was zero.

    Second, I’m going to throw that in his face Friday … that maybe if he spent less time crunching insignificant numbers that don’t take into account the thousands of random other things that happen during a given shift and more time coaching his goalies, maybe the Baby Buffaloes could play four games after April 8.

  76. Yeah, that’s true Carp. I agree. Consistency in officiating has always been a huge problem with this league.

  77. Bwahahaha. 4 games after April! Good one, Carp. Don’t get your sinuses broken in please.

  78. Carp, you may also want to tell him to start using the Fibonacci numbers. It makes it more compelling…..

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I agree with your recent statement about the boarding as far as having called softer boarding penalties this year. What I disagree with is this culture that has emerged of injury warranting penalties/suspensions. I’m not saying that you are wrong about the reality of it; I think you are totally right that if he had been injured there very likely could have been a penalty (possibly a major) and even possibly a suspension. I just hate the injury requirement for discipline. Either a play is dirty or its not. Just because it happened to “It’s just pain” Prust, who skates away, as opposed to, for instance, “I’m made of glass” Tim Connolly, who would miss time, doesn’t make it more or less worthy of suspension.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I buy them dinner, slip a roofie into their wine, then have my way with them.

  81. Stanger Nation on

    One factor on the Prust hit was his skating full speed toward the boards hoping to swipe the puck on the PK to clear the zone. Attribute his lack of regard and sense of body position on being tired during a late game PK when he had already been on ice for a bit. Henrique realizes this and hits him when off balance which led to the dive head first into boards.

    The way he went into the boards was scary, but reports are that side board had to be replaced and he is ready to go…Prust saying…

    Question – if they are lining up on the opening Face-off – why is Prust with Boulton? I would have had rupper face off, Prust line up with Jannsen and let Bickel tangle with Boulton.

  82. I have stated many times that I completely agree, Doodie. If you wait until somebody gets injured before punishing for such hits, then you’re pretty much guaranteeing that somebody will eventually get hurt.

    But I don’t believe the referees or Brendan Shanahan think that way.

  83. Doodie brought up a great point: that we could possibly beat our Mickey-Mouse EHL affiliate … possibly.

  84. Stranger, Rupp switched sides twice to get Boulton for two reasons: Boulton had been chasing Prust around the ice for two seasons and Boulton slashed Rupp and injured him in one of the early games in Jersey.

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    Stranger, Prust WAS with Jannsen. Rupp was with Boulton. He wanted a piece of Boulton for the slash. Boulton has fought someone else instead ever since. Bickel and Carter were just who was left over.

    Too bad Big John Scott couldn’t have been there, but I understand sitting him in the game yesterday. If DeBoer managed to get Kovy and Parise on the ice for one shift with Scott, it would basically be a powerplay.

  86. Carp,

    The insult would mean more if it was his language. Just tell him that it was a big mistake to give 10 years and $40M to a player with a neutral Corsi rating (Ehrhoff) and how does it feel to trade for the 14th worst defenseman in the league (Regehr).

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, you’re dead on about Shanahan and Co. It’s not a proactive discipline system, it’s a reactive one. Useless.

    Also, why did Salvador get the 10 minute misconduct? If he’s the third man in, then it should have been a game misconduct. If he’s not the third man in, I don’t understand why he was penalized at all.

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    Miami, I think he meant practice for the Rangers’ opponents, since that’s all the Rangers are to all other NHL, AHL, ECHL, SEL, KHL, CHL, IHL, SML, NLA, DEL, NCAA, USHL, and most men’s league teams.

  89. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    First of all (and I have said this before) I have zippo problem with the staged fights and I think they all have a purpose….every single one of them. Whether we (as fans) think they have no purpose is clearly debatable, but i guarantee you that to the combatants they have meaning (and their teammates and coaches!!

    I love this game and I love the fights…all of them, fighting is part of the fabric of this game, staged or not.

    Glad to see the officials call the 10 minute on salvador, absolute right call!!

    I agree with staal having the yips a bit. I sit him a couple of games before the POs, see how bad and hard he wants to play after a couple in the press box!!!

    I also agree on Mcilrath/Bickel.

    I would actually liked to have seen girardi go with kelly clarkson!

    I think after hearing Rupp’s in came comments to clakson that pierre repeated on the air, Rupp’s jersey is the next get for the mrs…LOVE THE RUPP!!!

    I think mitchell sits at this point when AA returns.

    Also love doc’s (true professional) telling of gretzky’s comments about fights in the NHL right after all the fights had happened and they were cleaning the ice.

    I know I’m in the minority here, but not sold on parise (while a very good player). I would rather have iggy above anyone, I would rather have nash or ryan before parise. But all would be a good addition to the club.

    If you did not like the fights at the beginning of the game or thought they were stupid, my suggestion would be to watch golf! A game with a bit less passion and emotion to it!

  90. Stranger,
    End of diplomacy. When you don’t have the puck and you get hit, it should be a penalty. Prust had not reached the puck when he got hit. It’s a penalty, no way to sugar-coat Henrique’s intent terms of how Prust entered the contact since he hit Prust a step and a half away from the puck.

  91. Krieder isn’t enrolling in summer school so he can delay the inevitable some more? Kid is scared of the NHL.

  92. Stanger Nation on

    Understand why Rupp wants Boulton, but would have rather had Prust with Carter who at least is almost in his weight class. Seeing him hanging on to Jannsen was a little unsettling. Rupp could have found Boulton later in game.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    “Glad to see the officials call the 10 minute on salvador, absolute right call!!”

    How was that the right call?

  94. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    also, nice to see the rangers win a game when hank was not the best player on the ice or even close. This team has grown leaps and bounds since the dark (jagr) years!!

    Playoff spot clinched early…what will they do not having to fight until game 82??

    speaking of fighting and john scott…he might play two more if we play the bruins again!

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    Or I should say, shorter. They are in the same class. Prust is 6′, 195. Janssen is 5’11, 205. Pretty even to me.

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    Would love to be in a situation (although it seems impossible at this point) where we could help the Lightning get into the playoffs by beating the Capitals in the final game of the season.

  97. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    same class, but janssen has one serious screw loose

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    Wicky, then it was the wrong call. Third man in is a game misconduct, not 10 minutes.

  99. Doodie, I don’t think he was called third-man in because he really didn’t do anything. I think he got the 10 for not staying away. The referees wave the non-fighters away from the fights, and if they encroach they get 10. I thought it could have been a third-man in because he did come and try to pull Bickel off Carter, and I believe that would have been a game misconduct. But I didn’t have a problem with him just getting 10 for not staying on the perimeter.

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m just glad this game was decided on it’s merits, and not because of a *BRUTAL CALL!*

  101. >>Parise is a class act. Everytime they interview him I have more respect for him.

    I was thinking the same thing during his pre-match interview. He’s the only player on that team I can’t find a reason to hate.

  102. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    do you see what I am saying or is it just carp?? ;)

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, those are the Official stats on the players from NHL.com. I can’t imagine the Devils would endeavor to make Janssen smaller. Maybe the Rangers puff up Prust like they used to for Prucha (6′, 175 my Aasen!)?

  104. Sioux-per-man on

    Good Question on Salvador. He must have said something to the Ref, to get 10 minutes.

    What a game. Had to be one of THE most exciting games to watch this year. I’m telling you, if the Rangers play this type of hockey in the playoffs. They will be VERY tough to beat.

    Tickets in hand for the Game vs Wild, right next to the Rangers bench.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    Wicky, I saw what you said, but your explanation just fed into what I was saying about it being the wrong call. Carp’s explanation opened the avenue for a different penalty to be called.

  106. Let’s start with that same lineup every conference game, until we lose or someone really gets hurts, regardless of the opponent, but mix up the positions each game to keep potential fight matchups unknown and fresh.

    The only thing these staged bouts do for hockey is get those carnivorous fans into their seats earlier. Garden should love it if it translates into more beer sales.

    I’ll sheepishly admit that I made sure not to miss the opening puck drop for last night’s game considering what’s gone on in the past games between these clubs this year

  107. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    I love bickel taking the faceoff!! LOVE IT!!! AHA AHA!!

    I am watching the game again just for the rupp comment!!

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Damn, Sioux, what do those run you?

    The upgraded seats I was in last night normally cost $270. And here I was, complaining about $234 tickets for the Final.

  109. It’s funny that Salvador got ten minutes though since we learned in a Lightning game way, way back in the season that you are allowed to leave the bench and jump into a scrum.

  110. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    ok, so that is a no…fine. Carp really said what I meant to say, obviously he explained it better (that is why he is the blogfather and I am a meathead)!

  111. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    again, kinda my point that the officials technically got the call right with salvador. I just gave a really crappy explanation as doodie pointed out.

    speaking of jumping in, anyone remember when churla game back from an injury with the rangers and got into a fight with (grimson I think) someone and was getting bloodied and messier screamed at guys on the ice to jump in??

  112. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on


    too many concussions have made me a meathead!!
    always proud to be a bonehead!!!

  113. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    for everyone’s sake, I hope not. Best way is just to get to be a bonehead!

  114. Doodie Machetto on

    Interesting. Looks like Fedotenko is the odd man out. I think that’s fair given his play of late, but surprising since I think he has a lot more value in the playoffs than Mitchell does.

  115. Wicky – I was in no way directing that at you. Just remembering that a player came off the bench and jumped into a scrum without any sort of punishment.

  116. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    no worries bro!

    agree 100% re feds!

    AHA AHA just heard the rupp comment again, LOVE IT!!!!!!

  117. >>The frustrated Devils even left one of the locker stalls in the visiting team room damaged

    They should be billed for the repairs. Oh wait… They wouldn’t be able to pay since they’re about to go into administration.

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    Jimmy Howard’s groin is acting up again. Detroit’s injury list reads like an All-Star team:

    Lidstrom, Howard, Franzen, and Datsyuk just came back two games ago and looks like he’s playing hurt.

  119. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on


    Rupp told clarkson if he didn’t stop flapping his jaws, he was going to knock him out on National TV!!!! Pierre repeated it right after he heard Rupp tell him that on the ice!!


  120. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    pierre said it with 2 minutes left in the first on the VSNBCOLNNHL feed

  121. Yergs – they don’t pay attention to that either. As I said, fans play no role in the actual game itself. They react to the play, not the other way around.

    And Prust did try to hit Henrique. They both tried to hit each other and Prust happened to fall.

    Carp I think you are digging for a reason to complain there. The result there was worse than most hits we’ve seen, yes. But you aren’t reffing the game based on the result of a hit, but rather the hit itself. In that case it was both guys initiating contact. In Dubi’s case (and Boulton on the Feds hit which was also kind of weak), it was one guy initiating contact from behind. Hence why they were called penalties, even though they were weak.

  122. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    ooh ohh ohh, another JRism in the first intermission…the building was “ruckus” after the fights!

    silly me, being a meathead, I would have thought it was “raucous”

  123. Sioux-per-man on

    $217 total. Bought them the first day they went on Sale :) Bought 2 tickets. Face value is $95. You guys should fly out here and go to games. Sure beat the $1,000 to sit in the Delta 360 Club tickets.

    Just bought tickets to the First Round of the NCAA Western Regionals 4th row off the glass for $100. Had to make it a Family weekend at the XCEL, I’ll be there 3 out of 4 days this Sat. Sun. Mon. Tues.

    Sioux to the Frozen four, just to square off against Kreider and company :) Unless they get upset this weekend. He could be available on Tuesday :)

  124. again, when was the last time Mike Rupp knocked anyone out

    the news about Fedotenko wearing the orange jersey is almost too good to be true

  125. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    is there a rangers radio feed replay anywhere out there to listen to now?

  126. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    I hope you do not take everything quite so literal that you hear

  127. wicky

    I sure don’t. It’s why Rupp’s statement was about as meaningful as if you said it.

  128. >>…are you an Englishman? In ‘Merica we call it bankruptcy.

    I can only say that I like “Englishman in New York,” but love “Russians” more.

    And by the way, this is the ‘Net, not ‘Merica.

  129. My spies are saying Air Force breaking out stealth jerseys this weekend. Cost of operations being handled by MSG slush fund.

  130. Sioux-per-man on

    Thanks Ulfie…. they’ve had our number the last few years!!!

    Can’t wait to get this weekend started!!!!

  131. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    be careful, my caps lock key has been known to drop people in their tracks!!!!

  132. >>The on-ice jabs between the players are quite funny.

    I enjoyed them quite a bit. I thought Pierre McGuire did a great job relaying them to us last night. This is as close as we’ll get without HBO’s 24/7.


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