Post-game interviews


First of all, Brandon Prust is fine, John Tortorella said.

Don’t have audio of this, but Pete DeBoer said: “I guess in John’s world you can come into our building and start your tough guys, but we can’t do the same in here.

“He’s either got short term memory loss or he’s a hypocrite.”

Tortorella, ahem, denied that he had words with DeBoer before or after the synchronized fighting.

John Tortorella:


Brandon Dubinsky:


Mike Rupp:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Mats Zuccarello:



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  1. Dubinsky can play like that all the time. 4 or 5 shots plenty of hits, this guy should not be a stiff….

    erixon is looking pretty good, he is another keeper. the guy is 20.

    mitchell sits when AA comes back or Rupp…

    MZA is going no where…

  2. Jimbo, I lost my contact with a radio engineer a few years ago. Now, the tv ones, I know plenty of them.

  3. Latona … you can’t put multiple links in a comment … it goes to spam … if I approve it, it will appear in the last thread at the time you posted it …

    so if you want, post it again and I’ll approve it so it shows up here.

    but let me know when you do.

  4. No big deal, Carp. Thanks anyway.

    I think you’re just trying to use it as a ploy to start something.

  5. iWicky "If you don't stop flapping your jaws, I'm going to knock you out on national tv" on


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