It’s Go Time!


Game 72.

Ten left after tonight. Can that really be? The Rangers can clinch a playoff spot with a point tonight, even if it’s a Bettman Bonus Point for losing.

Ya boys have lost two in a row, five of seven. They play the fifth of a seven-game homestand. And, despite all the panic in the streets, they still lead the Eastern Conference standings … the latest in a season that they have been there since 1993-94.

Artem Anisimov remains out day to day with a shoulder injury. Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal; he’s 24-11-5, 1.79, six shutouts vs. the Devils in his career.

The Rangers are 2-2-1 vs. the Devils, and have lost three of the last four meetings — one of those in a breakaway contest they hold after the hockey game ends.

The Devils have lost two of their last three.


Also, still looking for 10 volunteers to do the Three Stars for the final 10 games. If interested, e-mail me at

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  1. John Scott in warmups.

    LMAO, LW, from end of last thread.

    awaiting the answer, CTB.

    Does anybody know a site where I can find the home/away records of all teams during the playoffs last year, especially the first round? Because i’m spraining my fingers surfing the net trying to find it. Also the year before.

  2. This an excerpt from Billy Joel’s “Captain Jack.” I crack up every time I reach that portion of the song.

    “So you stand on the corner in your New English clothes
    And you look so polished from your hair down to your toes
    Ah but still your fingers gonna pick your nose
    After all,..”

    Who on the Rangers do you think of?

  3. What a disgrace Toronto is. I dont think theyll ever beat the Bruins again for the rest of time.

  4. JimboWoodside on

    The Torture in Toronto continues, Tiki – as lousy as it has been (at times) being a Ranger fan, those folks in Toronto really have had nothing to cheer about for a long, long time..

  5. Carp – I hope you don’t get too much spam when you post your email! Apparently, it’s a fallacy that spambots can search email address when they are posted normally like that because they don’t know about the at symbol. Anyway, I just sent you one.

  6. Some great analysis on Brodeur by J.R.: “I played against him and he’s really hard to score against.”

    Wow. Hope the Rangers scouts were listening to that.

  7. My analyst of J.R. is that he got hit in the head with to many punches and hockey pucks.

  8. who is the weasel with Roenick and Jones? made a completely asinine point about Lundqvist not getting the rest Tortorella promised earlier in the season. thankfully Jones pointed out that Lundqvist has only made 52 starts.

  9. I wasnt there, Jimbo! But Mama got the scoop on his health. At least he’s progressing. Hopefully, he’ll be back by the start of next season.

  10. Evening gang!

    We ready to kick some Devil assen and clinch a playoff spot? I sure am!

  11. JimboWoodside on

    My God! 4-0 B’s over Leafs in the first period- horrible showing by Toronto…

  12. JimboWoodside on

    I hope you’re right, Tiki – I’m surprised that Mama couldn’t get a lead on what he was buying, though!

  13. Good evening all! LGR!!!!! Fozzy and I just had the most awesome random meeting with Sauer at my local Best Buy!!!!!

  14. JimboWoodside on

    I am, Mickey! I wish we could do to the Devils what the Bruins are doing to the Leafs tonite – total annihilation….

  15. JimboWoodside on

    >>>We have a winner!

    Thank you, Thank you! I’d like to thank the Academy….

  16. pretty happy with these lines. I still think having Dubinsky with Stepan is like putting a silk hat on a pig but as long as Dubinsky is on this team, we’ll have to deal with ham-fisted coaching to try to precipitate his hugely overrated skills

  17. Yeah, mam, we already got the scoop….And the picture. Which I emailed to Carp already.

  18. Lloyd,

    I agree. Hard to have a liking for someone who called both Flyers and Devils games.

  19. Latona:

    And will be salivating all night long over Martin Brodeur as he’s done in every game he’s called for the last 17 years.

  20. I’m seriously considering not watching the rest of this match. I’m all for fighting when needed, but this is absolutely barbaric.

  21. Bickel didn’t get in anything, maybe the ice did.

    It’s fun because of its scope, but it’s ridiculous.

  22. duck the bill on

    i thought was the bickel punch that did the damage, ilbster

    OLD TIME HOCKEY!!! Eddie shore style!!

  23. WTF?? Can they please get rid of this premeditated fighting right off the face off? It’s friggin’ dumb if you ask me, and a huge waste of time. The Rangers need to find other avenues to pump themselves up like will, determination, and the thrill of competing.
    They don’t have the depth to afford another player going down with a hand, head, face injury, etc.

  24. DeBoer’s a meathead for continually starting his meatheads, but Tortorella doesn’t have to indulge it either.


  26. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    GREAT START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LETS POUND THEM! LETS KILL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. “Ah but still his fingers gonna pick his nose
    After all,..”

    I’ll take the 1-nil.

  28. BANJ – terrible sound here on NBC Sports Network, the new home of the MLS.

    I thought I heard something yesterday about the playoffs being on more than NBC Sports Network and NBC. Is that true, and what other channels will they be on?
    Cablevision, of course, doesn’t give us the NHLNetwork without paying extra, what a joke.

  29. that was such a nice play by Stepan. basically shanked the first pass and then got a guy into an even better position after that.

  30. I wouldn’t call what we got a scoop, but he was super super nice…..this game is going to give me a heart attack

  31. I’m no Allaire brother, but why did Brodeur try to stop Dubinsky’s shot an inch or two off the ice with his -blocker- WAFFLEBOARD?

  32. Martin Brodeur, a man who’s built an entire career by flopping like a dying seal

  33. Parise may be good, but my memory is telling me that getting stars from other teams in the Patrick is a bad idea.

  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    KEEP IT UP!!!!

    GREAT TEMPO!!!!!


    Lets go go gog gog og gpoggog og!!!!!

  35. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    two straight games and no call on the goalies….

  36. Can we sign Brent Johnson for a game to clock Brodeur with a left hand? The Penguins aren’t using him (though he might be injured).

  37. so can the Devils just not get a penalty in this game or what? that’s about 5 penalties they’ve gotten away with so far.

  38. Is it just me or is this one of the most exciting games of the season so far?

    Rats, PP. Do they get to decide if it’s 4 minutes or not?

  39. By the way, for anyone who doubts Incarcerated Bob, he called Broncos as the favorite for Peyton Manning before the weekend, and broke news of the signing last night.

  40. that Pierre Maguire really is a MENSA candidate, isn’t he

    just said, “Clarkson really needs to be harder on the puck.” Emrick asked him what he meant by that. his explanation was, “Clarkson went soft on the puck. He needs to be harder.”

  41. Carp, or anyone who can help please….

    How do the Blues compare to the Rangers? I know we have the better goalie, similar in goals against per game, but in terms of talent and skill players, how are the West leading Blues?

  42. Feel good for Dubi, dude is the biggest punching bag for a coach and fans I’ve ever seen

  43. Blues, IMO,are the one team that has consistently manhandled the Rangers the last two years. Men against boys.

  44. LW3H – Have you not seen the other commercial with the confidence tail that was on during the Super Bowl? Actually, I like them.

  45. JimboWoodside on

    I really would love to see that, Miami – if I was the coach, I’d put a bounty on his aasen…

  46. I doubt Incarcerated Bob.

    My audio is ruined by an almost constant high pitched screech. Gets unbearable every time the puck hits Brodeur for some reason.

    Of course, the picture quality on my TV remains unsurpassed.

  47. it is amazing how a crow seems to get close to the mic whenever a Devil does something

  48. Sather on trading for Scott:

    “Well we’ve got a lot of games coming this month against some pretty rugged teams, and I think he’s a real good factor to stop any of that kind of fooling around that happens in this time of year. He can play forward, he can play defense.”

    He protects our guys against rugged teams in warmups quite well.

  49. Chris f. You did see the replay of Bickel connecting right.?

    Hi gentleman and ladies, quiet in here huh?

  50. Don’t care about Carter since he busted Dubi’s nose. Ya gonna talk about that one, ehh Pierre??

  51. Carp, thanks. I see they have trouble scoring too. I take it they are more of a grinding, hard working team then, instead of skill players. I know some of their player’s but never see them unless they’re on NBC.
    Any word on what channels the playoffs will be on besides NHL Network and NBC Sports Channel?

  52. that John Scott deal is only a success if we never see him play another game in a Ranger uniform

  53. Gmen, they’ll be on the local nets for the first round unless NBCS decides to take an exclusive game.

  54. and there it almost was … a near fight with all these blue shovel guys on the ice. going to be a disaster when it happens. Not if.

  55. CNBC, Tiki??? That doesn’t sound right. Hmm, I’ll have to check with my sources. :P

  56. Thanks for the help. I didn’t realize CNBC would have games too – hopefully they’ll have a full lineup of games.

  57. True, Lloyd, but it will be worth it to see someone rearrange Rinaldo or Tostitos or Hartnell’s face.

  58. Carp – I think they did cut away. I didn’t see anything.

    The plan was to trade for Scott so the Rangers didn’t have to play against him in their second game against the Blackhawks.

  59. Tostitos might be dumb enough to do it.

    Missed the pregame, Tiki. So I will take your word for it :)

  60. “Playing like they want to clinch that playoff spot huh?”

    Still zero hits on Avalanche players in this period though, CTB. Inexcusable.

  61. JimboWoodside on

    Rupp looks a little like Graham Chapman of Monty Python – of course, Graham has been dead for years now…

  62. I wonder if Emrick’s wearing his Devil cheerleader outfit tonight. He and Chico got his-and-hers outfits years ago.

  63. JimboWoodside on

    >>>BANJ has the best theory.

    Maybe he ate out a Mexican restaurant before the game!?

  64. LMAO @ “Still zero hits on Avalanche players in this period though” AND “Marty farted the net off the posts”


  65. Czechthemout!!! on

    One freaking chance on the power play . Three damn seasons and the coaching staff still can’t get it going. It never change until they get someone who can shoot the damn puck from the point. It’s pathetic watching it already!!!!

  66. Lloyd, when you said his and hers, I thought you were gonna say the his and hers KY Jelly!! LOL

  67. zucc best ranger forward..

    prust does not look out of the zone when he has the puck on the wall in his own zone. he has to learn….

    should have at least 2 goals……………..

  68. Is everyone’s HD feed of NBC Sports just a joke. Need to listen to J Geils Freeze frame while I watch

  69. I think he tried to say raucous. Couldn’t quite get there.

    Richards can shoot it from the point. About once every five games.

  70. Czechthemout!!! on


    Good catch on Prust the sacred one’s bone head play! Then he took a stupid penalty on the same shift because the puck should have been long out of the Rangers zone.

  71. Tiki:

    Emrick and Resch have been on the business end of Martin Brodeur for a long, long time

    if you know what I mean

  72. Czechthemout!!! on


    Don’t laugh. At this point, he is the only damn on the team with an NHL quality slap. Not like the restof the pea shooters that play the point.

  73. Olga Folkyerself on

    Is going to the post office such a traumatic ordeal?

    Other than the occasional “going postal” employee…

  74. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Kudos to Torts for answering the Devils’ starting lineup challenge. Good stuff. If he hadn’t, it would have set the wrong tone.

    Don’t like the “staged fight” label that some want to condemn these very real battles with. So what if they’re not spontaneous temper tantrums? They matter. If they didn’t, Torts (or any other NHL coach) would have started his softer sort. Call them strategic fights instead.

    This is one of many reasons why home ice is important in the playoffs. Any coach worth his salt, wants the last line change during a game seven. Whether it’s tough guys vs. tough guys or checkers vs. snipers, match ups are one of the most important ways that coaches can actually affect the outcome of a game and series.

  75. iDoodie machetto on

    Best 1:15 of the season.

    Holy hell, how many onetimers were they going to let kovalchuk take on the PP before they covered him? infinity? Infinity onetimers?

  76. Czechthemout!!! on

    Carp is right mostly about home ice. But if it comes down to a seven games series, the home team has won much more than the road team. So even though no one expected the team to do as well as they have this season, that is no reason to accept a late season let down not just from a fans perspective, but also for the players.

  77. I’d argue that the ability to ensure a line brawl at the start of a game is probably somewhere near the bottom of the list of reasons why home ice is important in the playoffs.

  78. I don’t think anyone here is questioning what Tortorella did….He clearly showed he was upset, but had no choice. You want to play it hard? Stu Bickel will take the faceoff.

  79. yeah JBytes
    that was a check by Richards in the most general term
    bit of hook/hold in there too.

  80. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Haha! My mom called me to tell me the Rangers scored! She’s so cute!

    *YAY* for Mom!!! Wish mine was still around to do that!

  81. Don’t look now, but the eighth seed is gonna be tough. Well, unless Winnipeg can climb back up. Would still rather play the eight seed than anybody else, unless Rangers fall to fourth and Devils are somehow in fifth.

  82. Jimbo, my mom (from Queens, btw) only started caring about hockey in the past month or two. She likes Bickel!

  83. Carp
    don’t know if it was on purpose
    but the ugly Girardi-Staal pairing is on ice
    for the devs goal.


  84. Staal BEAT again for a goal, this time by the old man, Sykora. Hit the weights Staal, that was embarrassing to get beat by Sykora.

  85. JimboWoodside on

    That’s very sweet, Sally – when we won the Cup in ’94, my mom was watching the games in another room, cheering them on, just for me, because she knew how disgusted I would be if they didn’t win it all that year…

  86. Czechthemout!!! on

    Staal and Bickel are killing this team. Their decision making with the puck is on an AHL level. Absolutely brutal.

  87. again
    i’m glad that Staal is feeling good and playing
    but he’s just GOT to play BETTER than he
    did from last year.

    Girardi has WHEN he’s not paired with Staal.
    how in the hell can Torts/Sully not see that?!?!

  88. btw on the Devils goal….we’ve scored several of those types of goals, most memorable was Callahan this year…. so that was a sick shot by Cally, but when it’s against us Hank is supposed to stop it? it was perfectly placed off the shoulder.

  89. you knew that Devs would come out with more intensity towards
    actual playing
    how in hades did the Rangers not come out ready to match it?

  90. ZUC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OUR POWER PLAY HOBBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Finally, he’s getting a chance to play….Zucc, that is. Even though it’s a real small sample size, I’m happy for him.
    Who cares if he’s small….so is Tyler Ennis and quite a few other players.

  92. the Mike Emrick supporters here have missed their true calling as Martin Brodeur fangirls

  93. Now they have like an Irish version of R-A-N-G-E-R-S song.

    Ya boys are winning a lot of the battles tonight.

  94. JimboWoodside on

    My internet connection tanked just as Zook scored! Must be a Devils fan working at Time-Warner Cable!

  95. Czechthemout!!! on

    Seriously, Ramsey needs to give Staal some smelling salts to wake him the EF up or bench his ass.

  96. Carp
    if Staal doesn’t get Stiff the rest of the game
    do you have the cojones to ask Torts
    if he sits next game and Stralman comes back in?

  97. jeeeeeeeeeeeeeezus Hank!!!!
    bye bye Vezina!

    Benoit better give him a visit in the locker room.

    so much open on the short side.


  98. that was a major league Gaff by Lundqvist, hopefully he gets those out of the way in time for the playoffs.

  99. ThisYearsModel on

    Henrik looks completely uncomfortable on every shot against. This game should be 3-0.

  100. Sitting in section 307. They better get their heads out of their tuchis real soon. All of a sudden they are looking sloppy.

  101. I’m happy the Baby Buffaloes are winning but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tokarski and I feel bad for him right now.

  102. Jbytes – IMO, it’s not about them giving up another goal. It’s about them focusing on getting a few more goals. The can do that on Brodeur, tonight.

  103. Czechthemout!!! on

    Hank struggling all of a sudden this period. Allowing rebounds by the bunches.

  104. >>…This game should be 3-0.

    Actually, just 2-0. It can be argued that Rangers would not have scored that third goal had the Devils not made it 2-1.

  105. JimboWoodside on

    What the hell is the matter with these officials!? Devs commit a bunch of non-call offenses in the first and no calls, but they have a thousand eyes to see fouls that the NYR do not commit!

    That hit was from the side, not from behind!

  106. first goal against just a bad play by staal. no reason to try to beat sykora inside. staal had another bad trunover but his stick made the play.

    henrik does not look unbelievable tonight at all.

    staal needs to stop the turnovers….

    as i stated after the first zucc is playing over mitchell when AA gets back, you need to score on occasion and mitchell does a lot right but the guy cannot score………

  107. that penalty call on Dubi was from/for the NN’s. go on, use that bs call as ammunition.

  108. the dubi call was a penalty he needed to take 1/2 stride more before he hot ponikorovsky……..

    dubi needs to be smarter………….

    henrik needs to get it together…..

  109. What is with Roenuck dying/tinting his hair? Be a man already….wow! To use a word from “Superbad” – what a faggle JR is.

  110. Stranger Nation on

    StuArt – spot on, another stride and he hits the guy with no call. At least he was aggressive. No harm, no score. Debbies PP looked familiar

    Need to pound their D this period

  111. JimboWoodside on

    >>>What does it say on Peggy’s table hockey game? In Russian.

    Where’s C3? Or ilb?

  112. JimboWoodside on

    Man-oh-man! Do the 2 teams play each other again this season? That game-start might be ugly, too!

  113. Sorry, went to talk to mrs, boys. It’s gibberish, guys…A few Russian letters and numbers. Nothing cohesive….

  114. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Thanks ilb, missed opportunity by the director.

    Sloppy continuity staff – it’s not like there’s nobody around that speaks Russian!

  115. Yes! You told me to email it to you so you could translate it!!

    “Swaggers on through” This guy is such a fool.

  116. Carp

    maybe you get one of the newbies to ask that Staal/Stralman question, eh?

  117. he didn’t separate them. Gaborik was on early. Rupp went right off, Richards and Hagelin came on with Gaborik.

  118. Where’s Linda to comment on Brodeur’s arm fat?

    I’d ask it if it were a legit question. Staal, bad as he is — and he is — is still better than Stralman and Eminger.

  119. carp

    your right kovalchuk is the one that got away. every shift out there hes a threat. now that hes bought in def well worth the money

  120. Ahhhhh! My table ripped my pants and then my laptop battery died! Did I miss anything???

  121. MickeyM

    awwwww, hope all is alright.
    she sounded so upbeat the other day with her Harley ride.

  122. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Ahhhhh! My table ripped my pants and then my laptop battery died! Did I miss anything???


  123. JimboWoodside on

    I think the Dev fell down all on his own – I didn’t see a NYR player near him when he fell..

  124. JimboWoodside on

    >>>does anything EVER come easy. put the puck innnnnn

    *NEVER* with our Rangers, eric – never!

  125. I don’t believe a stationary wooden object can cause ripped pants anyway. He got the equipment manager to do it for him.

  126. JimboWoodside on

    >>>speaking of ref/conspiracies, Don Koharski and Jim Schoenfeld are both in the building.


  127. apparently the rangers don’t trust themselves in shooting the puck. Delzotto walks in one on one with fatso and he passes cross ice, unbelievable.

  128. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take that you steaming piles of carcillo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ballgame OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RANGERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lets show the Red Wings on Wednesday what we’re gonna do to ’em in the Finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring the pain!!!!!!!!

  130. Right before Stepan scored Marty gave him a shot with his stick. Scoring is the best revenge.

  131. JimboWoodside on

    >>>I love beating the Devils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Helmut nuzzles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to your Mom, Sally – she helped!

  132. JimboWoodside on

    Hey, if Farty doesn’t get signed again by the Devs, and if we don’t face them in the playoffs, that might be his last game in the NJ nets against us!

  133. Jimbo, I thought she turned it off in the 1ist intermission, but right when the game ended I got a “Who’s number one!” text from her! So sweet!

  134. orrsy- when u gonna get on fb bro? ad let me know when ur playing nhl 12 onlin ok. cccp kicked my ass but ive ben practicing.

  135. Jimbo, she lives upstate now but grew up in Astoria & LIC. I still have family in Bayside.

    Grabbynuzzles :)

    Ilb, LMAO @ “Oh good”!!!

  136. i’ll definitely miss brodeur. even though hes a hated rival, it was always great games when we played them. he realy got blasted by us fans bigtime every home game, but i’ll stil miss us playing against him.

  137. Czechthemout!!! on


    I agree on Mza not so on Prust. Way too many bone head plays tonight. Sorry.

  138. JimboWoodside on

    Oh! OK, Sally – she’s still a Queens mom, though!

    Bayside – that’s on the other side of the borough from me – but OK!

  139. Orr:

    If Emrick stepped in front of my car, I’d step on the gas and turn on the wipers

  140. Thank you for the honor Sally!

    It feels great to beat the Devils and clinch the playoffs in the same game.

  141. cant wait to finally meet ya sally. gonna be fun!! if i send ya money, can bring me some ny pizza?

  142. JimboWoodside on

    >>>If Emrick stepped in front of my car, I’d step on the gas and turn on the wipers

    Now, *that’s* cold!!!

  143. Grabby, I live in Buffalo… but I guess so! You might prefer a Buffalo baby buffalo wing sangwich?

    Jimbo, yeah Bayside is weird.

    Mickey, nuzzles for all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Tiki:


    Like, I get ripped on for criticizing Rangers players, fine, sure

    But if you actually enjoy a Mike Emrick broadcast, I’m pretty sure you’ve got at least one Brodeur jersey in your closet.

  145. sally, its all good. i’ll try the sangwich, and just cuz ur you, i’ll send u pizza rolls in the mail ok. its an iowa specialty

  146. JimboWoodside on

    Bayside and Fresh Meadows really should be in Nassau County – they’re too suburban to be part of Queens.

  147. can’t believe you stuck with Emrick
    even though it was a few seconds behind i listened to Dave Maloney
    for 2nd and 3rd period. much more enjoyable.

  148. JimboWoodside on

    >>>I am both ‘ewwwing’ and laughing at that Lloyd

    Me, too!!! And no freakin’ way!!!

  149. JimboWoodside on

    Jpg, same here – I did not listen to ONE SECOND of the TV feed – it was Kenny and Dave all the way! Why should I subject myself to that abuse!?

  150. jpg:

    two things:

    1) my radio is nowhere near my TV and I really hate that the two broadcasts never sync up
    2) Maloney repeatedly saying “Zucccarella” has him about half a notch above Emrick in my book

  151. Jimbo

    any idea how to get radio and tv to be in sync
    sometimes it drives me crazy when it’s not

  152. JimboWoodside on

    I wish there was some sort of a cheap device that could delay the video just a few seconds so that I could listen to the radio feed more often.

  153. Lloyd
    i hate that radio broadcast rarely syncs up — either 5-10 seconds slow or 3 seconds ahead
    but still worth it sometimes.

    if you go to
    you can click LISTEN to radio broadcast on your computer.

  154. JimboWoodside on

    Hahaha! You just asked for what I was wishing for, jpg!

    In the broadcast industry there are devices that can do that, but they are way too expensive for us mere mortals!

  155. kind of odd that beat reporters have barely tweeted anything post-game

    only thing so far is Pat Leonard saying that devs coach
    whining about Torts yelling at him.

  156. JimboWoodside on

    Theoretically, it should be much easier (technically and economically) to delay the audio feed, but in my experience, the audio is usually ahead of the video, for some reason.

  157. JimboWoodside on

    Felt even better knowing that Looie-Lame was in the building to see his team lose.

  158. Pete DeBoer:
    “I guess in John’s world you can come into our building and start your tough guys, but we can’t do the same in here….”He’s either got short term memory loss or he’s a hypocrite.”

  159. yeah but MickeyM
    my radio broadcast online is usually 5-10 seconds slower than tv broadcast.

    i think it’s ahead of tv broadcast at very beginning of the game until first commercial

  160. Finished late, great win. If Rupp played like this every night I’d never have a complaint.

  161. JimboWoodside on

    It’s the relative bandwidth that slows the video feeds down, Mickey – and the incredible amount of processing, and also all of the analog-to-digital conversions going on – that slows down the video more, too.

  162. god would it be awesome to see the Devils drop to 9th place. Ottawa has a high chance of passing them and push them down to 7th….if only the Jets and Craps can go on a nice streak

  163. JimboWoodside on

    >>>DeBoer might be getting a visit from the tanned Mafia at some point.

    Hahah! I hope so!

  164. Carp,

    Can you put my comment through, or is that not your job? I just posted links to the three games at the Rock to make DeBoer aware of the NYR starting line-ups.

  165. “I only signed up cause Manny wanted to show me something.”

    Manny uses that line on everybody -at the subway magazine stand-

  166. but Jimbo
    i’m watching the tv feed via cable television
    not online
    and listening to the radio feed online via cable modem
    i’m still behind the play

  167. Special firetorts playoff-clinching edition:

    “Ad the difference between me and you carp, is that if this team came out and looked great, i would be the first one to eat my words and say i was wrong about turderella, and be happy i was wrong. You,n the other hand, refuse to even acknowledge that there is a potential Ranger disaster here, and that the clueless coach “in charge” might be implicit in what is happening, or more accurately what is not happening.”

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  169. Not sure what the issue is then, jpg. I’m not an engineer, even though I know plenty of them

  170. JimboWoodside on

    Mickey, you get that answer for us from one of them, will you? ;-)

    At TV transmission facilities, they can delay the audio and/or video feeds at will, and to almost any extent – but having the equipment in one’s home to do that would be prohibitively expensive.

  171. JimboWoodside on


    Snickers like the 12 year old I really am.

    I thought that only MEN were eternally 12 years old, Mickey!! Some women are, too!?

  172. Latona, if you post too many links in one post it won’t go through…..try spreading them out.

    OK, thoroughly exhausting but great day and gotta rise early…..niters all!!! LGR!!!!!

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