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First and foremost, thanks again to Carp for giving me the opportunity to take his place in the lineup for this game.

There have been numerous occasions this season in which the Rangers goaltending has been the difference. Tonight, the tables were turned.

Semyon Varlamov was a brick wall in goal for the Avalanche and the result was a 3-1 victory for the visitors.  The Rangers, now 2-2 on their season-long seven-game home stand, fired 42 shots on net — their highest total of the season. But we’ve seen this from Varlamov before. Remember the playoffs a couple of years ago, when he was between the pipes for the Caps against the Rangers in the play-ons? Stood on his head then and he did the same thing tonight. Superb with the glove.

So here are my other thoughts on the match:

1) The top line bottoms out — No points for Brad Richards, Marian Gaborik and Carl Hagelin tonight. The line is razor-thin for the Rangers right now in terms of production up and down the lineup. Secondary scoring will be critical from here on in.

2) The fourth line steps forth — The John Mitchell, Mike Rupp, Mats Zuccarello line was strong on the forecheck all night — and arguably the Rangers best trio in this one. And it was Zuccarello with the lone Ranger goal. He can pass the puck a bit, too.

3) The defense didn’t rest — For the most part, the Rangers d-men did a fine job of keeping pucks alive in the Avalanche zone with timely pinches along the wall. This was an integral part of the team sustaining enough pressure to put 42 shots on net.

4) But while they kept things going in the offensive zone, something offensive happened in the defensive zone — twice…

5) Stewed Bickel — No. 41 got burned badly by Matt Hunwick on the 1-1 goal. He just didn’t look set on the play. And Mr. Hunwick isn’t exactly Mr. Malkinstein.

6) Boyled by the game winner — Brian Boyle, Brandon Prust and Ruslan Fedotenko did a horrible job with their defensive-zone coverage on the Gabriel Landeskog goal that turned out to be the clincher. Nice deflection by the kid between Henrik Lundqvist’s pads. But there was nobody around him.

7) Hold on with that holding call! — And speaking of Landeskog — so Ryan McDonagh takes his hand off his stick for a split second and the referee signals a penalty against him early in the third, assuming that No. 27 is the guilty party. However, the right call was missed. In fact, it was Landeskog who was holding McDonagh’s stick. The reaction by Torts was priceless and totally appropriate.

8) Another power shortage — Zip for 5 on the man advantage. I won’t get into playing the role of tactician here. The Rangers just have to score some power-play goals. Period.

9) The hits just didn’t keep on comin’ — The Rangers were outhit 27-17 in this game. On home ice? Haven’t seen that happen much this season.

10) So now the Rangers are 44-20-7 and only two points ahead of the hard-charging Crosbys. Next up — they have to deal with the Devils Monday night as the home stand continues.

My three Rangers stars:
1) Mats Zuccarello.
2) Ryan Callahan.
3) Ryan McDonagh.

AP photos, above.

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  1. The way the Rangers are going and the way Penguins, Flyers and Devils are playing the Rangers could very well end up being a 4,5 or a 6 the seed. In which case they would probably have to play the Flyers/Devils or the Boston/Ottawa. Ouch. Seems like a tough first round matchup. So much for that presidents trophy and home I’ve advantage.

  2. Nice write up. Glad you mentioned the lack of hitting by NYR. I’d add our poor performance in the face off circle and how we turned the puck over about 10 times to that. don’t believe the misleading SOG disparity. We we limping around the ice, except for tiny Zucs

  3. Great write up. At least they shot the puck this game, huh? Seems the Rangers are running into hot goalies every game now. The only hot goalie they didn’t run into recently, ironically, was Thomas. Can the D-men hit anyone? Bickel…..I know some of you guys like him, but he stunk again last night. He got beat SO bad on that goal. All he had to do was stand up and take the body, but no, he sticks his stick out and gets skated right around. Dude, you’re a big boy, use your size. The Rangers as a whole just really look tired. Too many shifts where they don’t skate. Only Haglin and Zuc seemed to skate the whole game. Could this be a product of playing EVERY game like it’s the Stanley Cup finals and they are just out of gas? Not a great way to play to get ready for the playoffs.

  4. CARP:

    Ps. please raise the quality of the uploaded photos on this blog . The new iPad display now accentuates their lower quality.

  5. Sure, if Krieder comes in and is Malkin and Crosby all rolled into one. He’s a rookie, what are you expecting from him?

  6. billybleedsblue on

    nice write up.

    powerboat is maximal.

    power play is a d I s m a l.

    good job HP tablet, which by the way seems to display the blog just fine.

    please end this slide immediately, thank you.

  7. Remember when we didn’t want to kill the chemistry trading a boatload of stuff for Nash? I wonder how good his secondary scoring would look about now…..just saying…

  8. Nice Review.. Good job!

    only got to watch a little of the game…

    Very interested to hear what people thought of Tim Erixon????

  9. I don’t think we should second guess not dealing for Nash. They were asking for Del Zotto or McDonagh! AS IF!!!!

    BTW, congrats to Chris Kreider and the BC Eagles for winning the Hockey East Championship. They have done it three years in a row (which just happens to coincide with Chris’ tenure at BC) and this is the first time in history that this has been done.

  10. CTFitzBlueshirt on

    The outhit stat is probably linked to them out shooting the Avs. Tough to throw hits if you’re the one with the puck most of the time.

  11. Stranger Nation on

    For those harping on the D, the challenge is O. Scoring 1 goal ain’t going to get it done.

    Give me Bickel over Em any day of the week.

    Thought Avs had fresher legs.

    Big game on Monday

  12. Since he is coming back from a serious leg injury, this was very nice to see!

    RT @zwintho: @TheProspectpark Jesper Fasth scores twice in the 5-3 away win for HV71. His return has inspired both Krog and Joensuu to improve their game
    3 hours ago from Twitter – Comment – Like – Share

  13. A loss is a loss, but it’s beyond me how anyone could attribute last night to the Rangers being “out of gas” or the Avs having “fresher legs”.

    Wouldn’t the fresher (more gassy?) team kind of demonstrate that by not getting outplayed and heavily outshot?

    Maybe the Rangers are tired (though it seems to be a convenient narrative for anyone who still doesn’t really like the coach), but of all the recent games, last night’s was probably the flimsiest evidence for it.

  14. McManny O'Astronomo on

    The HP tablet displays the pictures fine because the resolution is crap. The iPad has crystal resolution which makes low quality pictures look pixilated because of the high resolution.

    Just backing up my boy, Miami. Mr. Positive.

  15. Manny Astronomo on

    LW is right. VarLAmov was fantastic. He stole a game for the Av’s (Feet). A game in which they were vastly outplayed.

    The only thing you can blame the Rangers on was their PP being <20%. We had 5 of them. Come on guys.

    And you can blame Bickel for getting beaten on a bad, bad defensive play. He seemed to learn from it though and just take the man out after that.

  16. LW3H:

    Is it possible that the AVS were the more “gassy” team due to their pre-game meal of corned beef and cabbage?

  17. Devils next, Detroit after that.

    I agree with Vitaly, 4-5 or 6 seed.

    I’d sit MDZ til the last game of the regular season. He should have sat for at least 3 weeks. When the hip injury happened, one of the Ranger commentators (a former player, can’t recall who) said that type of injury requires a lot of time to heal. MDZ missed one game and went back to play. *Then* he sat for a few games. On his first shift last night MDZ got nailed. I’m telling yas, after the playoffs we’re going to hear that the hip didn’t heal in time. So I’m going to blame the medical staff on that. He had 4 or 5 weeks to recover. Same with Callahan. Again, back too soon.

    All that being said, thank goodness we built up all those points before this crazy month.

  18. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Ben..
    On GWG it was as much Staal’s fault as it was Prust’s and Co….

    Bickel made a mistake, and he will learn from it. Remember, this is the first time in his career he is playing some meaningful minutes. He, IMO, should be resigned to play on 3rd pair.

    I liked the way they played, in general. Dominated most of the game. Earlier in the season they would’ve won this one. They need to feel encouraged and carry that through the rest of the home stand.

  19. iDoodie machetto on

    I think with Callahan back they should go back to their old lines. Reunite GAS and put Cally with Richards and Hagelin.

  20. Erixon ( someone asked) played well I thought. Tried to stick to a simple game, but made some good offensive moves, including showing his ability to move along the blue line while avoiding the opposing player, and he can pass.

    BANJ, Duguay said that…Hip pointer is nasty and takes time to heal. He didn’t look comfortable after he was hit and banged his right hip against the boards.

  21. I don’t know what you all saw in that game last night that had any positives at all to it, save for the play of the little guy and his merry line mates. Way way too many giveaways of the puck and wild misdirected passes winding up on Av sticks…..this is getting to be an imprimatur of this team.)

    Even when they get in close to getting a shot on goal, these are mopey river hockey type activities and are
    too often misdirected and lacking authority. There’s a difference between shots on goal and SHOTS ON GOAL!….and no where near the lasers thrown at Lundqvist..In short they looked like amateurs, despite the numbers……

    ….and it’s happening too often lately.

  22. Doodie, AA may not be back that soon, looked like his shoulder was injured, not his hand.

  23. Leetchhalloffame on

    Time to prucha Fedotenko; Dubinsky is stealing money from the Dolans; Boyle on the power play shows just how inept this team is with the man advantage; Henrik has hit the wall; the D is Dead tired; Torts is out of magic tricks – no more rabbits in that hat.
    And we’re free………free fallin’ yeah.

  24. no way we hold off pens at this point finish 6th and play florida. besides will be home games down in south florida anyway with all new yorkers.

    phil wins today they are 3 back for 4th.

  25. I like Torts, but the team looks tired. Half the team is not skating, the D looks like they don’t want to hit anyone anymore. They’ve gone back to the habits they had in years past and they try and stick check everything. As for Bickel, I don’t get the love. If you truly think this team has a shot at the cup, you can’t forgive mistakes like he made last night. And it’s not the first time. Erixon, it’s a similar situation to Bickel, but the man is about 3x more skilled than Bickel, and maybe he gives us something on the point in the PP.

    That all said, I still say they are a year away. And maybe they learn from this. The season is starting to remind me of Ranger teams from the 70s and 80s where they were great for most of the season, and then injuries set in and they lost whatever mojo they had. Think about this, two years in a row that Cally got hurt down the stretch, just when he was playing his best hockey. And that hurts us more than anything. He looked a bit rusty last night. Hopefully, they can right the ship and got hot for the last 10. Just need some mo going into the playoffs.

  26. Rangers hit totals were lower than usual because we had the puck the majority of the game.

  27. The Rangers are not falling to 6th. Obviously the Penguins are going to win the division. We all knew it was a matter of time before Crosby came back.

    Although don’t underestimate the Flyers in the playoffs. Sure we have owned them this season but they are going to be extremely dangerous especially given how poor our defense has been lately and with Hank not playing at a Vezina level for a month now…

  28. I thought the passing looked great and we dominated most f the game…it is those isolated mistakes and giveaways that are starting to hurt big time. They need to stay focused, and part of it may be injuries and new roles thrust on some young players. Will be interesting to see if this keeps up once they are healthy. Agree that the hits were result of dominating play. They seemed to hit hard when necessary and were quick on the free pucks…too bad they couldn’t solve Varlamov and made those few fatal mistakes again. They need to stay focused out there, and part of that is Tortorella’s responsibility.

  29. Hard to really rip them when they basically dominated the game, but we saw the age old Ranger tradition of making mediocre goalies look like superstars, and not the first time they’ve done it with Varlamov either.

    Still, Zuccarello deserves a shot on a higher line, Dubinsky needs to be dropped down and Fedotenko is flat out a healthy scratch. 7 points in last 43 games, folks. It’s time to take a seat.

  30. Lloyd Braun

    I agree that Fedotenko and Rupp should alternate when Anisimov returns. I think its obvious to anyone who watches that Zuccarello is one of top 12 forwards…

  31. Numerology tells all:

    42 shots in a loss, #42 out of the lineup, out of first by 4/2, first round exit 4-2 games

    As for body language, watch the Cally interview. If you read between the lines of what he’s saying and observe his slumped posture, he’s telling you —season’s over.

  32. McEddie McEddie McEddie on

    The drama is being played out in real time…..better than any movie, play, or book…..let’s hope for the happiest of endings….

  33. guest bloggers stink on

    What do the last 4 guest bloggers have in common?

    All blogged Ranger losses. There’s the problem right there. You want to make the playoffs?? End the curse and stop this nonsense <:0)

  34. McEddie McEddie McEddie on

    dde – exactly, i hired a professional body language exper and he said that the rangers gave thrown in the towel, sheet, blanket, and comforter…

  35. McEddie McEddie McEddie on

    i was also able to read torts’ palm at one point… clear as i could see…we finish 4th and lose in the first round……the palm by the way is the most scientific of all readings…

  36. That was a really solid if not spectacular effort last night which is good for us fans to see after the debacle of the Pittsburgh game. With that said, this team is starting to look like teams from the past few years. In the past few years they were able to outplay teams, keep it simple and get shots on net, I remember loads of games where they outshot teams similar to what they did last night, but we’re unable to convert any of those shots. Some of you think we ran into a hot goalie and yes he has been playing well of late, but as in previous years we have a tendency to make good goalies look world class. Varly made a few really nice saves, but the majority of the saves were routine in my opinion. Agree at MZA looked great, agree we need secondary scoring, agree that d played well with the exception of the two goals of course, and agree we need to get things going quick or we will end up in the 4,5 or possibly the 6 spot… Off to watch the Liverpool FA cup quarter or what they call the 6th round, so here is to hoping we can take out the devils tomorrow night.. Good effort last night lead to nothing unfortunately, but keep your heads up and fight harder…

  37. No “lasers?” What game were you watching. Sat right behing the av net and saw the goalie flashing the leather many times to meke great saves on rockets. Face it, the guy was great last night and they couldn’t buy one. Put 42 shots on net monday night and they win 5-0.

  38. Maclatona

    A good friend of mine is from Liverpool so I have become a bit of a supported over the past two years… Love Luis Suarez as well who just scored a beauty by the way..

    I just really like to see good games and I watch as much as I can… La liga, serie a , Bpl, some bundesliga, and of course all international competitions ….

  39. I wouldn’t consider myself a fan (the only team I am a true “fan” of are NYR) of any particular team, Tiki/E-no, but I follow Tottenham most closely and I enjoy their play. That was a great strike by Suarez.

    I try to watch as much as I can as well. I’ll pretty much watch any match that’s on, although I still find it difficult to watch MLS when we’re spoiled with the brilliance of the BPL and the other European leagues.

  40. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Thats cool Latona. I watch all the football you can imagine. Very sad what happened to Muamba yesterday.

    Suarez is very skilled and has a low center of gravity, like some of the greats, but he acts like a criminal. He pisses and moans about everything, shows no respect for the referees, dives around worse than any footballer Ive seen in the past 6 years, and is a racist. He admitted to calling a black player “Negro” during a game (which he said 9 times during the game), and said it was not intended to be racist, then upon his return from suspension, acted like he was the person that was wronged. Racism cannot be tolerated in any walk of life, imo.

  41. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Obviously, he doesnt have the talent around him like Messi at Barca (Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, the list goes on), but Suarez could potentially compare to Messi if he cut out all the histrionics, the disturbing behavior, the whining and diving, and just focused on football.

  42. I know someone acquainted with the team phrenologist and he’s confirmed it -no character and a low hockey IQ.

  43. Dear Flyers, Take out any two of the following: Crosby,Malkin or Fleury and I promise not to get too upset if you manage to get your one win against us this year on 4/3.

  44. E-no & Tiki, you guys hear about Gol-tv losing La Liga after this year? Al Jazeera TV won the rights for next year. Very little Messi and Ray Hudson for me.

  45. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    I guess you were serious. Thats terrific. It says Al Jazeera is only available in Arabic on DISH Network, and Im not getting DISH for one league, so now I have to wonder where Im going to get my Madrid and Barca games next year

  46. Tiki

    Suarez is who he is, all cultures are different and when you put people of different colors, cultures, societies together like they are on the pitch, crazy shit happens. I am sure it happens on the American football field, basketball court, etc, but we as athlete are told to leave it on the field… Evra is scum, what he did at the world cup in 2010 was egregious… We can pick at this issue forever, but there is no point.. He is a great soccer player and fun to watch.. I will end on this, the fact that he admitted he said something that in his culture in not a bad word, just a color, lends me to believe that he is not a racist. If you or I were a racist we would deny it to the death, hide it and keep in good standing, he said what he said and the FA simply overreacted to it… Can’t sit to see what happens to John terry if he is found guilty of racial abuse, but he won’t be because he is a white guy who is loved in England and Suarez was and is the new guy who was made an example….. Enjoy the 2nd half…

  47. Banj I did not here that. That sucks if it’s true, even thought I don’t get gol in hd so it’s hard to watch the games anyway… Gol will show more German football then…. I wonder if al jazzera got the rights because of barca’s new deal with the Qatar foundation?

  48. I agree on Suarez, Tiki, but I find a lot of his touches to be inconsistent. He’s fortunate enough that’s he’s agile enough to correct some of his trapping errors and whatnot. However, I agree with what E-No said about Evra as well.

    I don’t really watch enough of La Liga to complain about not seeing Barca and Real; I get my fill in the Champions League. If Bayern played like they did against Basel, however, I can see them winning the trophy on home soil.

  49. Not really wanting to prolong the *Eurosoccerpansyball update* on here, but John Terry is definitely _not_ loved in England. I’d guess the vast majority of non-Chelsea fans dislike him.

  50. Not sure about the Qatar deal E-No. German football is usually on when EPL is on. I’d rather watch EPL despite the talent drop.

    Did Crosby just slew knee Jagr?

  51. Good afternoon all! I am bush leagued today…..nice job Author….lol at Stewed Bickel

  52. McEddie McEddie McEddie on

    the pens are ahead of the flyers on my hate list too…never ever saw that coming

  53. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    So the admitted racist is who he is, and is misunderstood, and the FA simply overreacted to his racism, and the person that was racially abused is scum? Doesnt make a whole lot of sense. I think Ill side with the FA on this one.

    In a game of sport, in which a player(s) sits out, makes the player(s) scum? Again, makes no sense.

    I thought you were playing in a match right now, Luis. Are you typing on Rangers Report from the dressing room at halftime?

    BANJ, Ill figure out something so youll still be able to watch Messi. But it wont be live.

  54. Sits out because he didn’t like what the coach did… I am not defending Suarez, he is who he is.. The FA overreacts to everything as a matter of fact every league now a days does… It’s part of the society we live in, everyone is soft, deal with it and move on… Tiki go hang out at your tiki hut with tiki barber and chill a bit… Have a drink and enjoy sitting out and watching sport….

  55. Let’s get a win tomorrow night, it is much needed….. Signing off now from the dressing room at anfield defending my rights…. Hahahah

  56. I’ve been meaning to ask the blog. Does anyone have a copy of that Summit Series documentary that was on after the WC? I can’t find it for sale anywhere.

  57. >>Are you a Liverpool fan? or Stoke? or someone else?

    E-No could be a Man City fan. He might like teams that cannot hold on to division leads.

  58. Nice one, JBytes.

    I don’t care for either Manchester team, but I hate Balotelli. So I’d prefer ManU to take the title.

  59. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Sitting out is a part of sport. Players in all sports do it all the time. And it’s not indicative of a person’s character. And my handle is not an homage to Tiki Barber, but to my animal.

    BANJ, Ill just find someone in Europe that gets the games, have the person send me DVD copies of the games, which Id do anyway, and then burn you a copy each week of Barca and Madrid.

  60. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Banj, was it called “Cold War on Ice – Summit Series ’72?” I have it, and Ill ship it to you if you want it.

  61. I’ve said it before, Tiki, but I think it’s awesome that you record all this stuff.

  62. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    I probably still have your address on FB, but if I cant find it, Ill msg you for it again, BANJ. And I dont need blanks. Im happy to do it for you.

    Thanks, Latona. It started out as just doing my New York teams, and then it just grew into a hobby.

  63. Nice write up, Ben.

    Zucca was our best offensive player last night. His goal was a typical garbage goal. He actually had 3 scoring chances and setups that were better looking plays. Couple of sick plays on the PP. He cranked that one off the post off the faceoff. Nice shot… Varlamov was a monster.

    Lot of hockey left to play. Hope our boys aren’t too tired or banged up.

  64. JimboWoodside on

    Freakin’ Pens look unstoppable now – 2-0 against Flys, and not even giving up any shots-on-goal, much less goals..

  65. bickel has to play the man not the puck because of that fact hunwick was bobby orr on the play. he has done this twice recently.

    rangers dominated, play like that all the time and I will take our chances…….

    only way to beat the pens is to be physical and forecheck really hard…..

  66. I think I’d rather the Pens win this game in regulation than lose in OT. I think it’s worse to have a one point lead. At least with the two point lead, NYR win the tie break. Unless I’m mistaken, and they don’t win the tie break. It’s regulation/OT wins, right?

  67. Erixon — looked alright

    Bickel — learning bad ways from Staal and went with stick check and not taking the body.

    Zuc — played Stiffest on team. his playmaking deserves time on 2nd line especially with
    Stepan looking ineffective out there after a couple games where he used his laser shot

    still need to page Tony Robbins or Deepak Chopra or Joel Osteen or SOMEONE to encourage them that their teammates will still like them if they take the shot on goal.
    i’m sorry but at this point of the season with it costing us games
    Torts, as much as i like him, NEEDS to put his and Sully’s ego aside and ask Messier and/or Leetch to come to practice and go over powerplay video with the team. maybe a couple of Hall of Famers will get through to them.

  68. JimboWoodside on

    Any way this game ends, we’re closer to being out of first – I’d rather one team win it in regulation.

  69. JimboWoodside on

    Who would have believed that Hartnell would get 34 goals at the beginning of this season!?

  70. btw,
    the powerplay had some good moments
    i think it was the last one where they held on to the puck, got off a few shots, got the puck back for more shots…
    still doesn’t excuse not getting 1 out of 5. shameful!
    it’s possible they could do more like that if it wasn’t for the awful way they bring the puck into the zone.

  71. and as far as all the talk of varlamov being SO great last night.
    nearly half of the shots were one timers that he could easily see
    and/or from angles that were more in the goalie’s favor than the shooter.

    i believe there were only a couple sequences where he had to scramble around in front of the net for the puck or deal with rebounds.

  72. I’m hoping we finish in the top 4. I need home ice advantage. I made plans to be in NY for the first round. I’d hate to be in NY & the team in on the road

  73. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Hartnell has 34 goals?! I thought Giroux was the good one and Hartnell was the hartnell.

  74. Yeah, as long as they get home ice, I’m happy. Obviously first place would be huge. It would be great to have home ice throughout the playoffs, and possibly the Cup Final, if they go that far!

    Flyers PP coming up!

  75. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Excited for my NY trip in less than 2 days. Sad Im gonna miss you and Rose by 10 days.

  76. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    That couldve been a major penalty there. How does Hartnell get the same as Kunitz? He basically had his head intentionally grinded into the ice.

  77. Imagine the last game of the season against the Caps comes down to us winning 1st in conference and them making the playoffs. Would make for hell of a game.

  78. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    afternoon ILB and all!!!

    I think the goal was more captain stick check’s fault than it was the boyle line forwards fault (I think ILB and jpg said as much)

    Speaking of capt stick check, looked like bickel had been taking a few lessons on the hunwick goal!! Bickel is still a pleasant surprise this season and should have earned a spot in the top six.

    Looking at the line up, I think dubi should be on the 4th line instead of zuc.

    Do we see john scott tomorrow in the line up for someone??

  79. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Holy carcillo! Doc just went nuts! Gotta appreciate his enthusiasm for the game.

    At least they only got a point.

  80. JimboWoodside on

    35 goals for Hartnell – does he actually get 40 this season!?

    Well, we’re still in first place alone!

  81. listen glad flyers won in ot but the 3 pt game is the killer here.

    pens 1 back flyers 3 back rangers game in hand.

    the ot was killer today.

    if we end up in 5th this collapse is pathetic and inexcusable

  82. I Rarely Speak on

    eric.. im just cuious how does it feel to be constanly negative forever about everything.. doesnt it get tiresome after awhile?

  83. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    other than the match up itself, I really don’t care where we finish in the standings as long as it is the top eight.

    our road record is just as good as our home record, or close enough any how!!

    anyone have a vid link to the kunitz/hartnell rudy pooh?

  84. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    still rather have iggy or nash than parise (not sold on the former devil trend)

  85. good review authoprben. i think we had less hits because we controlled the gamefor the most part. when youre in possession of the puck alot, ur going to be be in the o-zone alot and not hitting as much. teams without the puck spnd lotsof time chasing and hitting. i guess that showsjust how much our team lacks in the puck possesion/passing dept.

  86. Sometimes I wish I’d get into broadcasting just so I could oppose the livestock who swoon over him.

    Did they show him on the bench, or even better, on the ice, after the Philly goals?

  87. Now I’m upset that I missed it!

    Is it just me or do the Hawks score very early on in many of their games?

  88. Evening all,

    Thanks for your kind words regarding my blog post.

    And thanks again to Carp for giving me the opportunity.

    Hope this week brings all of you three Ranger victories.

    Take care.


  89. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    anyone taken the time to see what the standings would look like if we didn’t have the stupid bettman bonus point?

  90. Wicky©No pears, No apples, Where's my pineapple?! on

    I still say if they are going to keep the stupid skills competition crap at the end of the games they should make the point system as follows….
    reg win 2 pts
    ot win 1 pt
    reg or ot loss 0 pts (a loss is a loss folks)

  91. I would prefer the Jets to get in. Nothing to do with matchups, I just don’t like Washington, and those players deserve a little something after suffering in Atlanta!

  92. Anyone see Keith Jones on NBC Network just predicted that the Rangers will win their division? (Roenick was salivating and predicting Pitt. will). Jones said the Rangers are healing and coasting, not hitting, not blocking as many shots, etc. He intimated that they are not playing like they know they need to and will turn it on for the playoffs pretty soon.

    Hmmmm……they sure have a strange way of looking like division champs, right now!

  93. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Made 61$ tonight off fantasy hockey and 110$ for the week. come lose money to me everyone!

  94. MichaelDelZotto Flipping bad and forth between Superbad and inside man. Love Denzel. Haven’t seen safe house yet though, worth seeing?

    @DEL ZASTER@ waiting to happen!

  95. Exactly!

    But seriously, I like Del Z a lot, I’ve never doubted him, but NYR could have drafted Jordan Eberle.

    Sophomore season, he has 32 goals, 70 points in 68 games. I have a feeling he’ll be another one of those guys that we cry aboot, somewhere down the road. That would be some nice secondary scoring.

    Oilers are getting another top pick in the draft. Either one of two overall. Renney is going to have himself a pretty damn good team in a few years, if he doesn’t get fired.

  96. azucarnutello on

    me just perlare one a ting…eric and his banda of negativo nancies…this a equipo going to make a nice in playoff…byfuglienculo a tutti qui no recordoro questa…hai capito?

  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers 23
    Devils 1

    Gwg John paul George and ringo Scott

    SOG – rangers 124

    Devils 8

  98. >>I don’t care for either Manchester team, but I hate Balotelli. So I’d prefer ManU to take the

    I root for Man City because I’m tired of both Man U and Chelsea winning the EPL.

    As for Balotelli, I do not care for his thug-like ways, but I do enjoy watching him play; he is very talented. I cheer for him because he takes quite a bit of abuse from fans, including supporters of the Italian national team who don’t want a black player represent their country. The kid [only twenty-one] is really going through a lot at such a young age. Again, I do not care for his shorts-on-the-bum style, but I do want to see him succeed.

  99. There’s no denying his skill, JBytes. If he were to succeed playing football without the fooldiggery, I would appreciate what he brings to the sport much more.

  100. Apologize if this has been mentioned previously but still trying to catch up from my 12 days out of the country.
    I’ve spent a good portion of the afternoon, beyond being bored out of my mind with my job, reading the HFBoard ‘All Chris Kreider’ blog ( that opened on 2/12/2012 and is still going strong after 800+ comments. Took a while to go through and wouldn’t normally talk about another blog (in this case apples to oranges – THIS BLOG RULES) but there are quite a number of meaningful comments on the subjects addressed periodically on this blog while being able to keep a focus on Kreider that is only gaining momentum: 1)whether he should sign and be played this year (AHL and/ or NHL), 2) ELC trade-off, 3) overall expectations and comparisons, among others.

    I agree with Carp that he probably will be sign soon after his 2012 college season. My concern with the signing is NOT whether he plays this year for the parent team, but rather how the signing decision is being made. My issue is I would want Torts, if he gets handed this kid after he signed, to have bought into the possibility that he will play, even if he has not had a chance to acclimate to Tort’s system. If management signs him W/O the buy-in and expects him to play we may have a bigger issue on our hands than the players on the ice.

    I give quite a bit of credit to Tort’s leadership and decision making for the results on the ice this year. It’s hard to know what the upper management impact is but it certainly appears that Torts and his staff have had total control of player selection (e.g. – Avery). I would hope he is not forced to accept something which challenges his authority and control of the product on the ice, leading to unnecessary distractions.

    All signs seem to lead to an early signing. IMHO ‘ideally’ Torts needs to accept that probability, access it as quickly as possible and be able to make a decision with or without upper management (Sather / Dolan) consent.

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