It’s Go Time!


Game 71.

Ya boys have lost four of their last six. They play the fourth of a seven-game homestand (2-1).

Henrik Lundqvist returns from the flu and starts in goal. Ryan Callahan (foot) and Michael Del Zotto (hip) also return.

Tim Erixon, called up from Connecticut today, will play on defense. Artem Anisimov and Steve Eminger (both injured) will not play, and Anton Stralman will be prucha’d along with Jeff Woywitka and John Scott. Ruslan Fedotenko (flu) will play.


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  1. Evening gang!

    We ready for a drunk crowd at MSG? Hopefully they will lots to cheer about.

  2. McManny O'Astronomo on

    Brian O’Boyle’Fitz better have the game of his life. In honor of St. Patty’s

  3. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh !!!

    Serious question: Do they serve Guinness and Jameson’s (separately of course) at the sophisticated new MSG?


  4. JimboWoodside on

    >>>In honor of today, have some Flogging Molly:

    Wheee!!! I just got home from marching in the parade!

  5. Awesomesauce, ilb!

    BTW, been in the 80s all week and today it was 85 and so I went with shorts and sandals. ON MARCH 17th. Then it rained all afternoon after a sunny morning. Missouri weather, WTB is your deal?!

  6. An hour of Dropkick Murphys, Black 47, Flogging Molly and The Pogues has me pumped enough to take the ice myself!

    And I can’t skate at all!

  7. McManny O'Astronomo on

    Kind of some sweet justice that VarLAmov would be the best goalie on the caps (were he to have remained).

  8. Go Go Go Rangers! I wanna see big games from Captainahan, Boyle and McD! It IS their day after all.

  9. O'Jimbo MacWoodside on

    Mickey, if you were here, you could have marched as my guest! Maybe next year?

    Oh, God! Sam & Joe are slobbering over Landeskog now – does it ever end with these two!?

  10. O'Jimbo MacWoodside on

    >>>An hour of Dropkick Murphys, Black 47, Flogging Molly and The Pogues has me pumped enough to take the ice myself!

    I’d pay to see that!! ;-p

  11. Maybe, Jimbo. We’ll have to see what happens.

    HAHAHAHA, I would kill myself, since I cannot skate.

  12. Crosby on his couch for this Rangers goal.

    The Rangers are looking much better. Back to their old selves.

  13. it’s ok though because Bickel has been awesome lately, right? that was a sick move though.

  14. Bickel CANNOT get beat on that one-on-one. Of course, the MSGHeads will never say so. It’s always a GREAT PLAY by the other team’s guy.

  15. it’s a good thing DZ is back! we needed another guy that’s afraid to shoot the puck.

  16. If there’s any real difference in this last weak stretch, it’s been incredibly lazy passing in both zones. Creates bad turnovers in the d zone and gives up possession on O.

  17. i see Varlamov went to Fleury’s and Brodeur’s international school of exagerrated saves

  18. Agree, LW…Varlamov made a few very good saves. But the Rangers were much better team. By a wide margin.

  19. O'Jimbo MacWoodside on

    How in hell do the NYRs get shuffled off to channel 197/MSG2? Dolan owns the team *and* Cablevision!

  20. rangers dominate. bickel puck obsese for the 2nd time this week cost them big.

    bickel needs to play the man…………………..

  21. O'Jimbo MacWoodside on

    Oh, No!! Screaming Mimi Emrick will be doing the NYR-Devils game!? Another radio game-listen for me…

  22. talkin about not scoring on the pp and letting mat hunwick deke you out and score like that. thats what i mean. i agree we were the better team in most areas but this game shouldnt be tied.

  23. GySgt. O'Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    Instead of the Colorado Bigfeet’s going into intermission thinking they got out-worked and out-played — they’re thinking they won the period. That late goal really hurt.

  24. I had switched to NHLN guys for the intermission. Don Cherry was on, dressed head to toe in green, with a green plastic hat on. It was hilarious.

  25. he hit him in the back of the head and knocked him to ice…. that couldve been dangerous

  26. O'Jimbo MacWoodside on

    Sorry I missed Cherry – he cracks me up – even when I don’t agree with him.

  27. Irish line of Boyle-Prust- Fed O’tenko is looks like they’re ready to score a couple.

  28. O'Jimbo MacWoodside on

    Sam & Joe sound like dirty old men when they talk about Landeskog…. :-(

  29. London Bridges falling down, the party’s over. What a tired disfunctional team – need four balanced lines a weeks rest and Lunqvist playing God

  30. he made a save with his head and shoulder that he did not see.

    dominating put this team is a bunch of plumbers led by boyle and dubi….

    plug away, keep on shooting….

    2 chances all night and the avs have 2 goals……..

    bickel play the man…………………………

  31. I think it went in from the D-man stick, quite honestly….Girardi should get the goal

  32. GySgt. O'Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    Horse-chompers looks like he’s gliding alot to me. Anyone else?

  33. Boyle obviously tossing his cookies drunk not able to do the between periods interview.

  34. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    Since the trade deadline this team has been lackluster

    The pedal to the metal is to blame in my opinion.

    Dubi is totally lost… faceoffs ok physical presence ? well lose a fight or two score zippo goals and assists and you have a shell.

    They do lack a legit power forward..
    Zuccarello on the Pens would be great.


  36. ok eric now youre just getting on my nerves. that pp looked exactly how it’s supposed to look. Varlamov has been lucky/great whatever. another pp coming.

  37. Gotta admit, that is a weird call. Then again, after the damn throwing the stick penalties recently, nothing surprises me.

  38. lev

    you need to produce we are 0 for 4 the game is on the line find a way . so sick of hearing about puck movement

  39. well for once you didnt need to hear about the puck movement, you could see it. we hit a post and he made 3 saves on that PP

  40. i never understand why teams don’t pull the goalie down a goal with less than 5 min to go and on the PP.

    I mean what are the chances a team finds the empty net down 2 players?

  41. azucarnutello on

    but you always sound like a baby cry…maybe use the Johnson & Johnson’s shampoo? No more tears? hai capito?

  42. Orr

    you are going to pull the goalie a minute after the penalty ends so might as well do it so you have a 2 man advantage.

  43. lev

    if yo dont think playing wash or winn and finshing 1st then 4th or 5th and playing flyers or devs is big diff your lost

  44. you pull the goalie for that PP. The odds of you scoring vs. giving one up is tremendously in your favor…

  45. eric,

    If you don’t think the Rangers played a good game tonight, it’s your loss.

  46. The game they should’ve won. Hot goalie. Hank stole a few for us this season too…Relax everyone.

  47. O'Jimbo MacWoodside on

    Well, there goes first place – they are officially in another March swoon…..

  48. GySgt. O'Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    Tough loss tonight — this hurts more than losing to the Pens.

  49. And good night all. I can’t stay and argue with all your negative folks. Advice: JUMP. NOW.

  50. i dont give a rat’s tuchus who we play in the first round because i think we can play with anyone. do i want to win the East and have the best record in the league? absolutely. am i going to cry about it and irritate tens of people on a friendly blog and god knows how your family handles it, absolutely not.

  51. at 3 pm tom we will be tied and if not the flyers will be 3pts back for 4th spot. at this rate finish 6th and play florida.

  52. when was the last time a team down 2 men actually had the puck long enough to control it and fire it on goal???

    Pull the goalie with 4 and a half left gives u a better chance than waiting until the last minute…

  53. Irish Ewell Folkyerself on

    “at 3 pm tom we will be tied and if not the flyers will be 3pts back for 4th spot. at this rate finish 6th and play florida.”

    Who are you? Nostradumass?

  54. That was the best they played in a couple of weeks. Including the way they moved on PP. I thought Erixon looked steady too.

  55. the rangers did play well but the bottom line is they lost and there pp was 0 for 5. hot goalie or not its about results at this time of year.

  56. and if the pens hadnt won 11 in a row and we still had 5-6 pt lead i wouldnt be bitching like this.

    also by finishing 1st you prob avoid the pens to conf finals

  57. go smother yourselves with your brandon dubinsky pillows and henrik lundqvist bed spread.

  58. Irish Ewell Folkyerself on

    The negative nancys are parking lot fans, Lev. They’re the ones that leave a game with 10 minutes left so they can get to the car and beat the traffic.

  59. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    what you want is consistency..

    I don’t care about the pens going on a tear now when its not the playoffs.
    conversely the rangers total game is off.. they didnt hit in the 3rd period
    Dubi was bounced by the 6’5 guy a few times..and he skated away..
    0-5 on PP ? pulease

  60. rangersw been bad for awhile now. i dont think us getting frustrated a little should start a war here.

  61. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    what you don’t want is a Losing effect if the pens beat ’em out….
    that can effect the playoffs.. they need a come from behind win to se them thru the palyoffs.

  62. Czechthemout!!! on

    What can you do? They didn’t play badly at all. Had a number of quality shots but could not score. What did them in is once again their garbage pp. no shot from the points is killing them. They can’t and shouldn’t give up on the conference. Who ever wrote that earlier is silly! What do you propose they do? Stop playin to win? Stop the nonsense. That last game against the Pens is shaping up as a huge game!

  63. I am utterly miserable. I am a ranger fan. My family is utterly miserable because of me and my DNA. My wife from Lexington Kentucky (whose cats stand a decent chance for victory) knows what her sentence is. My poor hockey loving son is in misery. My daughter who hasn’t realized what makes her miserable is uupsyairs being miserable. This is how it’s supposed to be. Excruciating. Exhausting. Exasperating. I am so sad on this wonderful day. 42 shots. Really. That just happened

  64. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    meanwhile Carp is still marching in the parade albeit in a circle

  65. ThisYearsModel on

    The sky is not falling…..but the playoff seed is. Losing games to teams like this is inexcusable. Really is a bummer to lead the league all year and crash in the last month. Good thing Tortorella sat Stralman and dressed Bickel.

  66. Irish Ewell Folkyerself on

    John. buy a half gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream and tell everyone to cheer the hell up. There is another game on Monday.

  67. they have to get a killer instinct back

    what frustrates me is that Bylsma of Pens says they are definitely striving for first place, while Torterella is always with this BS line of, “Just another game…we don’t look at the standings.” Well, start looking, because everyone is roaring past while you’ve been standing still.

  68. just like the post lockout collapse from div and the result lose in 5 in first round to devs that year. this year is no diff. some of us take losses harder then others. doesnt make me wrong or any less of a fan then any of you. i pay for season tix go to like 15-17 games would go to more if i didnt have one year old i expect results and a pp that isnt miserable and go 0 for 5 most of the time

    carp write the script now.

  69. How can losing this game be “inexcusable”?

    The Avs are basically a #7 or #8 seed or as near as makes no difference. So anything less than a first round sweep if the Rangers finish first would also be inexcusable?

  70. again if wash or winnipeg isnt a better mathcup then phil or devs i must be missing something.

    cant the lose to anyone yes but on paper when you try and analyze what would better for them its winning the div and being 1 not 4th/5th

  71. Agree that winning the division is preferable, Eric (though you had the Rangers losing to Winnipeg in five games a couple of weeks ago…) but I just don’t see the disgrace or choke job of being passed by a team on an 11-game win streak, who are considered by most to be a better team. And I hate the Pens as much as you do.

  72. Would be interesting to see how much of an overlap there is between the “I don’t care how good the performance was tonight, winning is all that matters” group and the “even though the Rangers won, they look like garbage” group from most of the season.

    Where is CTB with his Venn diagram?

  73. I am reading the doom and gloom here having just gotten back from MSG.

    I think its going to be a dog fight until the end of the season but the sky is not falling! Even if Pitt beats Philly tomorrow and we’re tied going into the last eleven games of the year, so what?

    If we’re going to go anywhere, we’re going to have to win big games and fight through adversity. Is this game tonight any different than us beating Boston in Boston on Feb 14 when we get outshot 33-17 and get totally outplayed except for in net?

    We were far and away the better team tonight for 60 mins, Bickel got turned inside out and Staal and Prust were caught napping on the second goal.

    These games are going to happen and now we have eleven games to end the year, Hank is going to play most of them, perhaps Kreider is brought in to provide a spark but this is the team we have, warts and all; and Pitt is not going to finish the year on a 23 game winning streak, I guarantee it.

  74. its just the fact that we are going to blow this div that gets me pissed. i know the pens are better and no matter when we play them they will end our season.

    i dont think the rangers need this going into playoffs the fact that they blew it.

    what do i know im the moron who roots for this sad franchise that had two cups in 72 years and one playoff series win in the last 15 years.

  75. What do we do or where do we go now Carp. The stage coach is turning into a pumpkin. Earlier cracks in the foundation were ignored

  76. Remaining Schedules:

    NYR (11 games): NJ, DET, BUF, @TOR, @MIN, @WPG, MON, BOS, @PHI, @PIT, WAS (so we get no team more than once, have two games against non-playoff teams (@MIN and @TOR)

    PITT (12 games): @PHI, WPG, NSH, @OTT, NJD, NYI, @NYI, @BUF, PHI, @BOS, NYR, PHI (so 3 of 12 versus Philly, one versus NYR, only games against teams not fighting for playoffs/playoff position is the home and home with the Isles)

  77. Eric, perhaps i’m just more of an optimist given the make-up of this team but I think its no worse than 50/50 that we’re within 2 points of the division going into the penultimate game of the season at Pitt.

  78. Who cares about a regular season division title?

    If you don’t think the Rangers are good enough to beat the 5th seed then they sure as hell aren’t good enough to beat the Pens.

  79. The Rangers have more then proven themselves in the regular season this year, all I care about is how they do in the playoffs at this point and that they stay healthy getting there.

  80. “CCCP’s coat has 3 sleeves= Chernoble”

    LOL! Thats good…i like!

    It has 3 sleeves and two feet! Damn mutation!

  81. Was in one of those new ice level suites tonight. Interesting is what I’ll say. It’s like you have a luxury room to go to in between periods. Cool but not as awesome as you would think. Either way that was the highlight of the night. Can’t believe the Rangers played so hard and still lost that game. Ughhh I’m in such a crappy mood now. I guess it’s good they played well but come on guys let’s put the puck in the damn net for a change. And stupid penalty by McD at the end there on that penalty and Stall is back to playing a step behind after having a few real good games. He was soft on that first goal. On the flip side I think Gaborik is still playing some great hockey.

  82. Evan, Being the better team for sixty minutes means nothing when you only have one line that can score and for the most part the whole team can hit the side of a barn. The pressure is really showing. Playing all out in many of their games has really taken it’s toll. Slightly over-achieving for most of the year has also affected this team. Tort’s needs to go back to some of the earlier line combinations to obtain more scoring balance. Also, needs to roll four lines with shorter ice time. Unfortunately Henrik needs to excell in every game. When your running fast without swagger and energy you’re just about always going to be passed. never fails. We could drop as low as 3th place within a couple of weeks. Poor Dubinsky really been screwed with.

  83. “When your running fast without swagger and energy you’re just about always going to be passed. never fails.”

    My thoughts exactly.

  84. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    I just hope the jockey didn’t take the horse out too fast in the first 6 furlongs. The Belmont is a mile and a half.

    What we need to hear down the backstretch is the call like we heard in June 73, “and Secretariat is moving like a tremendous machine”

  85. Not the only problem, but, putting your only 2 top 6 forwards on the same line means with this edition of the Rangers, you have 3 3rd and 4th lines.

    It is what it is….

  86. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Did someone just refer to the Rangers losing this game as a collapse? Maybe it was about something else, I dont go back and read the comments.

  87. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    At least the Knicks won tonight and continued to provide hope that all was needed was the riddance of Antoni.

  88. There is no choice but to continue letting step, cally and dubi figure it out. When they start putting in a few it will make a big difference. That being said I’ve resigned myself to 4th place and am totally fine with it.

  89. Doesn’t matter, we’re gonna make the playoffs and it won’t depend on what happens during Game 82 involving games not involving the Rangers.

  90. Maybe it’s time to reunite the Pack Line?

    He-Man Horse-Teeth Butt-Chin

    Doobie Artie Captainhan

    Boyle Stepan Zuccarello

    Rupp – Feds – Prust

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