Lundqvist gets Garden of Dreams Hero award


From the New York Rangers:


New York, March 16, 2012– The Garden of Dreams Foundation announced today that Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist is the recipient of the 2012 Garden of Dreams Hero Award. The award, established in 2009, honors one person or organization annually who embodies the spirit and commitment of the Garden of Dreams Foundation, with active, on-going dedication to children facing obstacles.

The Garden of Dreams Hero engages in personal, sustained support of, or involvement in organizations and activities that directly enhance the lives of children and their families, while serving as a driving force and inspiration for others. Lundqvist has exemplified this throughout his work with Garden of Dreams, particularly this season.

After being named the official spokesperson of the Garden of Dreams Foundation in 2009, the three-time NHL All Star has worked diligently to help fulfill The Foundation’s mission to “make dreams come true for children facing obstacles”. In the past six months alone, Lundqvist has granted a special “wish” for a young cancer patient whose dream was to meet him, hosted a group of children for a special afternoon at Radio City to watch the Christmas Spectacular, participated in a team 9/11 memorial event for police and firehouses in the city, and donated game tickets for Garden of Dreams families.

In addition, this past January, Lundqvist commissioned an extra mask for the Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic, which raised $35,000 for Garden of Dreams. Later that month, Lundqvist unveiled “The Crown Collection,” a line of specialty t-shirts and hats available at The Garden, with proceeds from the sale benefiting the Foundation. Then in February, Lundqvist hosted the first-ever “Rock of Dreams” private benefit concert, with his band “Noise Upstairs,” at the Canal Room. With bandmate John McEnroe joining him on the stage and almost the entire Rangers team in attendance, Lundqvist raised over $48,000 for Garden of Dreams. This season alone, Lundqvist’s charitable efforts with the Foundation has totaled more than $100,000.

“All of us at The Madison Square Garden Company recognize that our work with the Garden of Dreams Foundation is perhaps the most meaningful thing we do – and no one has been more consistent or sincere in his commitment to the children of Garden of Dreams than Henrik Lundqvist,” said Hank Ratner, President & CEO, The Madison Square Garden Company and Chairman of the Board, Garden of Dreams Foundation. “Our goal is to brighten the lives of children facing enormous obstacles, through access to our athletes, entertainers and events, and to do that we rely on the dedication of leaders within the Garden community. Henrik epitomizes what Garden of Dreams stands for and is the perfect example of a world-class athlete who truly cares about helping others. We’re very proud to honor him with the 2012 Garden of Dreams Hero Award.”

Past recipients of the Garden of Dreams Hero Award include tennis legend Andre Agassi and Rangers great Adam Graves.

“I am extremely honored to have been chosen for this award,” said Lundqvist. “Garden of Dreams is an amazing organization that I have been lucky enough to be a part of for many years now. I look forward to continuing and expanding my involvement with the Foundation and creating more life-long memories with our deserving kids.”

Garden of Dreams works closely with all areas of The Madison Square Garden Company, including the New York Rangers, Knicks, Liberty, MSG Media, MSG Entertainment and Fuse. Since its inception in 2006, Garden of Dreams has created unique and unforgettable events and activities – often involving unprecedented access to MSG celebrities and athletes at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, the MSG Training Center, Fuse and the Beacon Theatre – for more than 200,000 tri-state area children. Nearly 175,000 tickets have been donated to organizations served by Garden of Dreams and more than 2,300 special events have been designed for children and families.

Garden of Dreams strives to be heroic, inspirational and unforgettable – all attributes of the children the Foundation has had the privilege to meet over the course of its history. Partnering with a diverse collection of outstanding children’s related organizations, including hospitals, foster organizations, homeless shelters and “wish” organizations, the Garden of Dreams Foundation has a singular goal each and every day – to utilize the power and magic of Madison Square Garden and its properties to bring joy and happiness to children facing devastating problems – whether they relate to illness, homelessness, poverty, foster care issues or tragedy.

This afternoon, Lundqvist accepted the Garden of Dreams Hero Award at the MSG Training Center in Tarrytown. For photos of Lundqvist’s involvement with the Garden of Dreams Foundation, click here.

For more information on the Garden of Dreams Foundation, the programs it run, and the children it serves, please visit



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  1. I wonder who will play the award party? Maybe he can get his band to play. Jon McEnroe and the Goalies

  2. Thanks, Carp. I don’t need authority. I think everyone is equal. I am happy to assist.

  3. Carp’ed:


    Their scoring has been adequate, probably even a little more than adequate, but they weren’t winning by blowing the doors off teams. They were scoring enough (sometimes a little extra) but doing an exceptional job of keeping the other teams from scoring a lot. Gaborik and Cally are kind of a class of their own on this team as far as their consistency goes. I think Richards recent revival is about him playing with Gaborik moreso than things finally clicking for him. I could be wrong though, @the contract is still worth it though@

  4. If they have Callahan, Del Zotto and Lundqvist back, I fully expect the Rangers to beat the Avalanche and the Devils…but I have no idea what’s going to happen against Detroit.

  5. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Carped Repost:

    N.CountryNYRFanMarch 16th, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    The top two teams in the league right now, the Rangers and the Blues. Goals for 194, and 186 respectively. The top team in goals for isn’t always gonna be the BEST team, so I don’t care if we win everygame 1-0 as long as we win which we have done a lot more than lose this year. I am not worried as much about the scoring as some are hear, it’s about winning. When our defense is bad we don’t win, not because we don’t score enough. Our team is a defense first kinda team, when that breaks down we are in trouble, as it has from time to time this season.

  6. Also, if the Rangers win the next two games, I think I might start Biron against Detroit on Wednesday and then bring him back in Toronto on Saturday. It’s the only game you’ve got against a non-conference opponent for the rest of the year and why not get Lundqvist another game off.

  7. When Sam Gagner had his eight point game, somebody pointed out the day after that one assist was somewhat bogus. Wasn’t the NHL’s line that the official scorer’s decision was final and that there could be no review?

    Now awarding points the day after the game is legit all of a sudden?

  8. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Just imagine IF and when all our players return from injury, along with our acquisition at the trade deadline, Richards.

    Obviously, nothing’s happeneing with Sauer, so aside from him.

  9. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    I feel with those players, we’re the most balanced team, with goaltending, defense, scoring, penalty kill, and team toughness. Only thing missing is the power play, but my hope is with a new Brad Richards, our pp might improve.

  10. so will either the Flyers or Devils beat Pittsburgh this weekend? because if not, it could be a while before the Penguins lose again.

  11. I interpreted Tortorella’s jab at the Boyle line as being more (although not solely) about a drop off in their defensive game, than expecting them to score more, nice as that would be. Getting back to being more solid defensively is a lot more achievable than that line scoring every game.

    I thought they were a bit more noticeable than normal offensively last night if anything, but clearly, if they are coming out having been on for two or three goals against night after night, then not doing their primary job isn’t balanced out unless they are chipping in more often offensively.

  12. Right, CT. Lidstrom too. Those are big concerns for Babcock. And with them being in the Winter Classic next year I assume they would just rest those guys up for the WC.

  13. Carped post:

    There is one reason why they love Skid so much… they feel he is the only marketable person they have. Especially now with all of the Manning new, NBA gossip with the Knicks and the Magic, and the NCAA tourney. They are trying to manufacture some hype to try and grab at least a little TV time. Ovechkin was always the more interesting person to market. They are trying to pass off Skid as Wayne or Mario, and he is not close to either.

    As for MZA and putting him on the top lines, I would agree to a point. MZA is super creative, but he only works well with space and he is not the kind of player who can make his own space. You need to pair him with someone who creates space for others to make him succeed. The guys who make the most space for others on the Rangers are Gaborik and Hagelin. Step and AA don’t create space for others, so putting him on a line with those guys is useless. I would be hesitant to break up the first line because they are doing so well. Cally is really the only answer on that second line. The biggest problem with having Step and AA on the same line is that neither looks to shoot first. Step needs to have shooters with him, and he needs to be willing to shoot more and let some rebounds create some chances.

  14. Anyone looking for two tickets for the Devils game on Monday email at
    Section 426 Row C right off the aisle. These are my season tickets but I’m not going.

  15. His point was that if that line isn’t going to score, they can’t be bad defensively…and they were very poor defensively (particularly Prust who looked terrible most of the game and was a stronger player offensively last night). I don’t think he’s expecting them to become goal scorers, but in games like last night, it becomes pretty obvious that you’re not getting anything out of three of the four lines.

  16. Carped

    E NO
    “Did anyone Notice how Dan Bylsma kept switching Sid on lines opening up crazy matchups for the other potent lines. I am by no means a pittsburgh fan, but man he is a good coach. He totally outclassed Torts, but let’s be honest that is not too hard…”

    What else does Torts needs to do for some people to realize he is a great coach.
    The season is almost over, the team is in first place. That’s a good sample size to think it’s an accident. Give some credit to the man.
    He has top 2 D-men out, Cally out our MVP out. And still getting the best possible matchup.
    Bylsma is excellent coach, but just switch top 2 centers between this teams and see how we do.
    I think we can beat them if we have home ice. We need first place.

  17. Lloyd, lmao, no idea what’s going to happen with Detroit. Agree again … but for the last two decades we knew exactly what was going to happen with Detroit, and it wasn’t good.

    off topic, did everybody see ‘Melo’s chocolate milk ad in S.I.? He says that after he’s given 110 percent he drinks chocolate milk.

    so I’m guessing he doesn’t drink much chocolate milk. Or that 110 percent is him giving 10 percent in 11 consecutive games?

  18. cup94, especially since most of us are agreeing here today that the Rangers lack the skill of almost all the other contenders.

  19. cup94:

    Honestly, the more I watch this team, the more I’m convinced that Tortorella is actually skating on three of the four lines.

  20. Carp,
    To shut up the voices of inconsistency and underachievement…. Ain’t Rangers make today a new organization record of staying *1st* in the East the longest? It was March,15, if I remember correctly. (We would be even better if Duby’s talent “sleeping cells” could wake up earlier this season and maybe not worried too much about Pens till PO).

  21. so, yes, I’m willing to give Tortorella about 85% of the credit for the success of this team

  22. 85% or 50% or whatever.
    Just realize he is as good or better then any coach in the NHL.
    He is gotten the best out of this group of players.
    I don’t think anybody else would do much better.

  23. If he scores the Cup winning goal, Rupp should be the first to get the Stanley Cup.

  24. Yeah, I think it’s just a loop of Rupp’s GWG in 2003. No more clips of Messier from Game 6 or Lemieux abusing the North Stars or Kane’s mystery goal, just Rupp.

  25. the good news for Rupp is that if he manages to get three more points this season, he’ll have the same number of points he had the year he single-handedly won the Stanley Cup.

  26. Rupp has done enough scoring for the season Lloyd. He’s resting up for the playoffs. He’s got moves like Jagr.

  27. Yeah, I think it’s just a loop of Rupp’s GWG in 2003. No more clips of Messier from Game 6 or Lemieux abusing the North Stars or Kane’s mystery goal, just Rupp.


    “History will be made”

  28. Don’t forget about Fedotenko too. I think he’s resting up for the playoffs. He’s working on his Cup winning goal celebration as we speak.

  29. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    You gotta really admire that guy that now plays for that team, the one that won the Stanley Cup Game 7 with his team’s only 2 goals a few years ago against that team from the West.

  30. Also, I can’t even get on Rupp. The guy plays like 50 seconds a game and can barely skate.

    But check this out

    As of January 2, Mike Rupp’s career-defining moment (other than when he carried the Devils to a Stanley Cup 9 years earlier):

    Mike Rupp – 3 goals, 1 assist, 4 points
    Brandon Dubinsky – 3 goals, 5 assists – 8 points

  31. Every moment that Rupp steps on the ice is a career defining moment. History might be made. Torts knows this, that’s why he only doles out precious minutes to Rupp.

  32. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Anyone have 2 reasonably priced tickets to the Red Wings game on Wednesday? Id like to go to a game with Mama, and with the Wegians.

  33. Yay Hank! Good for him……aww tiki, that’s sweet, but let’s not blow dough…..

  34. what an unbelievable move! he intentionally chopped it off Alzner’s shoulder and then mind-controlled Ovechkin to just barely influence it with his stick. what a play!

    5 points in last 25 games.

  35. the double OT loss in the game after Dubinsky made history was one of the most demoralizing Ranger losses in recent memory

  36. Afternoon, ‘heads!

    Congrats to Hank! That’s a big award to win. It’s unbelievable what the Garden of Dreams does for those sick kids. Touché!

    Not fully back from vacation till tomorrow, so can’t fully participate. But I read almost every post today. A lot of doom and gloom, indeed. Most was discussed. It’s true, we got outplayed, but predominantly because our defense stunk. And as good as ( surprisingly ) Bickel has played, it’s too much to ask him to play second pair minutes. Everyone has to improve their defensive game, and I believe they will. Even with our great equalizer, Hank, they’d lose it last night. Maybe with a different score because Hank might’ve saved one and, perhaps, controlled some rebounds better. With MDZ and Callahan back, Hank in net, and the defense playing the way they could, I’ll take my chances against the Pens in best of 7.

  37. Which reminds me, Lloyd – remember when Dubinsky scored to tie up a recent game for us and then we lost in OT? Dubinsky scoring doesn’t seem to go well for this team. Maybe he should stop trying to score…..

  38. Anything on AA? The shoulder didn’t look good. He is a big loss, from a defensive point of view for sure.

  39. Manny:

    Would you drop Dubinsky to the 4th line for a game and let Zuccarello have a shot with Stepan? Hell, even for half a game…

  40. lol. you’re probably right

    why is everyone getting along so well today? I hate all you guys and your pollyanna Ranger attitude blah blah blah


    (I ruined the whole thread with that long thing going out to the right over ther e—>)

  42. you know, in my defense, I think I get a bum rap here sometimes. granted, I think Tortorella is the spawn of Satan and I wish Sean Avery were still on the team..

    but, I posted this long thing a few days ago about how I’m hypercritical of this particular squad because I don’t want to fully commit. my reason is that I know as soon as I fully invest, this team will savagely break my heart the way they’ve had for all but one season I’ve been watching them (about 26 years). but yeah, everyone just gets on my case because I’m not all Ra Ra Rangers or whatever, but that’s a brief explanation of where I’m coming from

    also, Dubinsky sucks.

  43. Duly noted, Lloyd. That’s awesome. I am hesitant to believe in the team but I am also defensive of the squad. Love these guys. Probably my favorite team I have ever rooted for. Just a great group. Easy to get behind.

  44. Interesting concept, Lloyd. Not blaming you since its a personal choice. But it sounds like for you the best best way to not get hurt is not to commit. Are you married ? :-)

  45. Lloyd.
    It seems the amount of time you spend following the team and emotions involved you are committed.
    Even if you think otherwise.

  46. cup94:

    you’re absolutely right, but I’m talking fully believing that this team can win a Stanley Cup. I can’t let that happen until they get to at least the conference semis.

  47. Lloyd
    Almost any team in playoffs can win it all.
    A lot of luck involved.
    And if you think NYR don’t have any chance then you should stop following them.

    Rangers can win it all.
    Hank can get really hot and with few timely goals can put them on his back and pull to the end.
    Ice chickens or any other team can sustain key injuries and be out in the first round.

    Will they win it all is a different story.

  48. And before we surrender the division, if the Rangers go 6-6 all the way, the Pens need to complete a 8-4-1 record. Is .500 for NY optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic?

  49. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers in 60 on for those who want to start feeling green early this weekend.

    Boyle really screwed up on the 2nd pens goal, why is he on top of McD?

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  51. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    Anyone else not getting the college hockey game on NBC/Versus – but getting some lame movie instead?

  52. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT

    that would mean the game is blacked out. idk what channel they play on locally, but that means the game is televised in the NE area…

  53. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    We haven’t had a 4 million dollar 4th liner since you know who left

  54. That is hilarious, Orr. What a joke the NHL Officials are becoming. *Huuuuuuuge.*

    LMAO at the ‘Rupper Poster’, LW!

    Rupper is not a good line mate for Zuckerella. Prust sayin’!

  55. eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp – I brought in an expert on body language and in his professional opinion, the rangers threw in the towel last night, were widely inconsistent, and were out coached……he is a true professional and i am inclined to believe him……..

  56. eddie eddie eddie on

    lloyd – i have your back….i think that you make many valid points…….and when you have the three eddies in your corner…it is a crowded corner

  57. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Hawks – 2 goals in the first 1:18, their first goal was at the 10 second mark.

  58. Sally is doing the happy dance in my house after printing out her tix for tomorrow. She is kinda excited.

  59. Just so we’re clear….Sally is at my house :) and Tony….she is pantsless…..with a Dubi shirt on … awesome!!!!!!

  60. Back from dinner….Going home tomorrow, will finally watch the game with you….

    Mama, you have a picture of Sally dancing? :-)

  61. Dang ilb….didn’t think of that…..could have some money off that bribe…..oh well.

  62. Evening gang.

    So are we all done jumping off the bridge? And is anyone else’s NCAAA bracket totally dead thanks to Mizzou and Duke? GRRRRRR.

  63. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    ilb! Have a safe trip tomorrow! I really regret not coming up to NY sooner and missing Hambone as a result.

    Man, the Knicks look like a completely different team the past couple games. They may not even go .500 in their remaining games, but its really nice to have hope for the future, and the team has performed the past 2 games as if they now have hope for the future, being rid of that non coach.

    And ever since ORR started rooting against my teams and cheering teams from that unnamed state, everything seems to be working in my favor!!! Thanks ORR!!!!! I knew all along you were trying to jinx them and help us!!

  64. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Rumour has it Sally dances just like Elaine….little kicks

  65. rather amusing situation with the Rangers standing. There is absolutely NO need to kill themselves to get any points in the remaining games. One has to be completely blind or intellectually dishonest not to recognize the fact that the Penguins are going to pass the Rangers for the conference lead. This leaves the Rangers with 90-95% probability of playing NJ or Philly NO MATTER what happens in the remaining games for all these 3 clubs. i don’t believe that the home ice will play any significant role in this case. All of it means that there is only one objective that that should be considered by the Rangers now: stay as healthy and fresh as possible. Don’t play the guys with even slightest injuries; don’t kill first liners with crazy minutes; play Biron as much as possible; ultimately, treat this last stretch as a kind of “per-season” for play-offs.

  66. Looking like first round will open at home vs Flyers.

    No knock against the great season our boys are having, just Pens are on a roll.

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