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  1. ThisYearsModel on

    Well, that was ugly. We are lacking talent vs. PIT. Possibly vs PHL and NJ too. Get healthy and hope to win a round in the playoffs in the 4/5 series.

  2. Just back from the game. Going to watch in ’60’ later on. Couple of things were obvious:

    1. So glad that we did not have a full team, at least to start. Always better for the boys to look back and say we were shorthanded when we lose. That’s a good excuse. Good coaching. Again. Say what you want, but if it weren’t for Torts, this team is just above average, like fighting to make the playoffs.

    2. Our ‘d’ is wretched. They were built on the expectation of Sauer, Staal, Girardi, and McD. We lost the first and added MDZ and Staal is barely a 6 to me, right now. No one expected the MDZ to be good this year after last. While Bickel has tried, he is not a top 4. The others we have are vagabonds, just lucky to be in a good system. It ain’t enough for this year. The Phaneuf hit changed our year.

    3. Like everyone, I am enjoying the H-G-R line. The problem is that when G and R are split up, we have 2 offensive lines. With them together, we have only one very good one. Easy to key on, easier to play against. Again, we are not close to having the depth needed to compete on a high level. We have too many lead handed, shoot wide, non-finisher players. Pitt has so many finishers up and down he lineup I was wondering if we could borrow a few.

    Sather has had 11 years. To me, while we are getting better, I’d be ringing the Fred D’Antoni <>> on this guy. Enough already.

    4. Fleury was down by me when he made a few strong saves. He is seeing the puck well right now. I am not so sure Henry is seeing the puck as well right now and hope he wakes up out of what I feel is about a 2-3 week slump. No, even if Henry played, Pitt was too strong tonight. Nope, even Hank could not pull us up tonight. You could sense their depth and talent. We need all hands on deck playing smart hockey (oops, that wasn’t tonight) to stand a chance. Glad Marty played. Would have wasted Henry tonight.

    5. Injuries are mounting. Boyle looked awful sore. Anisy. Fedo took a nasty uncalled elbow. Plus the 3 that are out and Staal who hasn’t returned to what he was. Hate to be pessimistic, but we gotta heal pretty quickly and get our stride back or…….ah…don’t wanna say it.

  3. Ug to the lee.

    Lots of people not named Brian Boyle turning away from hits tonight.

    Pittsburgh was faster, sharper and more physical.

    Faster and sharper are to be expected. Pitt is much more talented than us.

    But more physical? That’s not acceptable. Not for this team.

    NYR better strap on the chin straps and get back to work.

    PS – still think Staal looks out of it. No confidence with the puck. Playing in anticipation of the next hit.

  4. If the powers that be in the Rangers front office don’t put a real time bug in the ear of Bettman and anyone who has access to, AND CONTROL OVER those so called “Impartial referees”, and start showing these guys up with film clips of their ah, performances when they run a Pittsburgh game, they ought tp go get a new job each and every one of them. Talk about Pansies.

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