No Skid for me


Hey, I just want to check in because I’m sick of this whole Sidney Crosby thing already … and I just arrived at MSG.

But before I tell you how sick, for those of you who actually, you know, give a carp, here’s some audio from Sid the Skid this morning (hope this works). Acutally, I don’t give a carp if it does.

Tonight is a big game for your boys, who go in undermanned. So that’s on what I’m focusing. I’m treating this like another important game, not the return of the saviour.

I honestly don’t get the draw that has pulled the masses of media apostles to New York — other than the chance to get their outlets to pay for them to have a free night or two in the Big Apple, on their companies’ dime, in decent weather.

OK, “He” is coming back. He’s done it before, you know? Lots of superstars have come back from injuries. I don’t know why this one is more important. I’m being honest. I don’t get it.

This is how I’m looking at it. If Skid was coming back in New Jersey or Long Island or Philly, would I be there? Answer: Absolutely not. Or, if the state basketball final four was tonight instead of tomorrow, would I be here? Nope.

Another question, does anybody outside of Canada and Pittsburgh and NHL headquarters and NBC Sports give a rat’s tail?

So I’m treating it like a big Rangers game, in which the opponent is a red-hot team (nine-game winning streak) right on their heels, with its best player coming back, making it a formidable Stanley Cup contender, if not favorite in the East. And, frankly, I’m more concerned about Ryan Callahan and Michael Del Zotto and Henrik Lundqvist than I am about the saviour.

The Skid will be mentioned in my game story, and if he has a big game, that will be prominent. But this, here, is going to be about the Rangers.

Also, if I may say, I rather enjoyed hearing that John Tortorella was his usual self after the morning skate, ticking off all the foofs by sticking to his policy and refusing to talk about the opponent. Loved it, actually.

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  1. ESPN is saying Crosby expects to play about 15 minutes tonight. In other words, Brian Boyle minutes.

  2. He’ll get 25+ and score a hat trick , with 2 assists to boot.

    We’re going to sink tonight.

  3. I`m with you Mr Carp Not only dont I give a rats tail about the skids comeback, but I also dont give a rats tail about seeing Buttman in the stands looking like a pedophile in an elementry school boys locker room at shower time

  4. Sioux-per-man on

    Lyoyd I’m hoping Boyler checks him so hard his MOTHER feels it. It will have a playoff atmosphere tonight. Very little ice is going to be available.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  5. Who’s willng to bet me that Crosby uses tonight’s game to single-handedly take over the NHL scoring lead?

  6. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Thank you Carp for this post its the best one of the day so far!!! I’m hoping you top this later on this evening ;-)

  7. MiamiPimp-Sometimes you’re sarcastic and other times you’re just over the top. But you always crack me up.

  8. *Carp* March 15th, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    No chance he gets limited to 15.


    You mean Brian “dime-a-dozen” Boyle, Right?

  9. im nauseated just thinking about Cindy. hope the MSG crowd tonight is lively and into the game and not their phones. a nice “CINDY” “OVERRATED” “CRYBABY” chant would be nice.

  10. I misstated a bit…

    Bylsma’s actually the one who said Crosby’s playing 15 minutes. Make of that what you will. Could just be gamesmanship like when Sather called Pittsburgh the best team in the league yesterday.

  11. Always glad to be of-service … and to remind my fellow clowns on this full-service blog that our team is no better than the Suriname luge squad.

  12. First off, I’m a huge Rangers fan and a huge fan of Carp and this blog. But, as much as Carp can’t understand why so many people are exciting for Crosby’s return, I can’t figure out why Carp isn’t. He absolutely is a fantastic player and an exciting player to watch. When he came back last time he lit up the scoreboard just like his mentor did when he came back. I understand not liking the guy, but he is great for hockey.

  13. *AMEN* , Carp! I’m not even on the blog all day and I’m sick of reading his name. I’m much more interested how our boys are going to elevate their game while being shorthanded. This team showed all year they can take it up a notch against any top team, I expect the same this evening. Also, I’m interested to see who will be their leader tonight without Callahan.

    And everyone who tried to help me on the previous thread- thank you! I’m all set now. I doubt I’ll be able to watch it until after 9, so have fun all. And LGR!!

  14. Carp – I think there was a media hoard when Skid returned the first time, but that was at home in Pittsburgh.

    In case anybody was curious about the David Beckham billboard outside of the press room that Carp was discussing yesterday or the day before:

  15. davy, I didn’t say he isn’t great for hockey. He absolutely is. But he’s also not Gretzky or Lemieux, and his comeback for a regular-season game, to me, just isn’t the freakin’ Super Bowl of hockey that it’s being made out to be.

  16. Yea, davymax. Cindey did play well in his last comeback. He did score a few times.

    Doesn’t count. It was against the Icelanders.

    Tonight he plays a real team. Shorthanded, but real! Ain’t going to happen.

  17. To more important things….Carp, is there a TOTAL blackout on the injured Rangers? I mean, tell us something encouraging, can you????

  18. Hey ManBearPig – how did you get that pic? I don’t know if I could have taken that in public! Nice job!

  19. I think it’s because hockey is generally ignored, so this is a good story they can run with. But yea, I get your point. LGR!

  20. matty, can’t help ya. They’re tight-lipped about those two injuries. Encouraging? Lundqvist should be back Saturday.

  21. I usually don’t bring this up, but can we just acknowledge for a minute that calling you-know-who “Cindy” and comparing him to ladybits is fairly insulting to people with ladybits? Aren’t there better ways to insult someone than by calling them a woman? Prust sayin’…

  22. With all that “Hot Dog Lips” has done for hockey I think the Rangers should help him out tonight by seeing if he is really ready to return.
    I think the Rangers should kick the Carcillo out of him tonight. You know, just to see if he’s ready !

  23. I do believe that pressure is much bigger on Pens and their alpha-male, then on Rangers, so, let *them* worried about it. Again: increasing success by lowering expectations.

  24. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    You are wrong on this one. Plain and simple. Crosby is not Gretzky or Lemieux from a historical perspective. But he IS Gretzky and Lemieux from a current perspective. Prior to his concussion, he was currently the best player in the game. Will he return and be the best player in the game again? It is a huge story not because he is Pitt’s best player, but because he is the NHL’s best player (or was for his short few years he has played).
    Hey, you know I bleed true blue and want to win and hope Crosby is a minus -3 tonight. But as an ice hockey fan, I hope he is all better

  25. Meanwhile, I prepare foot pan for violent barfing tonight. From other hand, if I will have a drink or shot of vodka, every time, name Crosby is mentioned, I’m afraid, I wouldn’t last even till first intermission, despite all my lifetime training…Better to turn off sound and save on my home bar.

  26. i personally call him jack(insert other name for donkey here), so not calling him Cindy is fine

  27. Paul in sunrise on

    I saw lozo or Rosen on twitter ( guys) say they are doing a shift by shift tweet. I read it fast and swore they said a sh*t by sh*t tweet. But that’s basically what it has been. Let’s go rangers.

  28. jay riemenschneider on

    Let the hockey loving minions (who only love hockey once a year—ordinarily when there’s a game played outside in a stadium where nobody can see anything from the stands, the ice is terrible and the refs do their best to make sure the home team can get a win) get half excited, for half a night, when the divine being comes back to resurrect the sport from the small intestine of second tier cable, to the large intestine of second tier cable. I’m sure Buttman watching from the stands will be great motivation for the ice constables to make sure that anyone considering taking a breath of air near basement boy—I mean, the divine one—gets 2 for coughing, 5 for looking and a 10 minute misconduct because the now clairvoyant Crosby (don’t let the media fool you, he had a very rare brain surgery completed that allows him to really SEE the ice now) was pretty sure he was going to be checked at some point.

  29. Circumstances find me at the Nassau Colesium tonight. Can you believe that? On the plus side i dont have to listen to all the Cindy crap. On the minus side this place is disgusting. Your shoes actually stick to the floor when you walk. Lets Go Rangers!!!!

  30. Actually, Crosby is the best player in the game the way Jagr was the best player in the game post-Gretzky, and the way, maybe, a Marcel Dionne or a Guy Lafleur was the best player in the game pre-Gretzky.

    Not the same as Gretzky or Lemieux, though. And I’m not denying his impact on the game.

    I just don’t give a crap about him.

  31. and, yes, I hope he never suffers from this injury again. I really do. I hope he plays 15 more years. I just don’t think he’s deserving of the attention he gets.

    and I don’t give a crap.

  32. I could give a flying….. about Skid! As soon as I heard he would be back for this game, the bile rose into my mouth.

    I agree CARP, much more concerned about the fact that 3 of our most important players are out. VERY concerned about the long term health of Cally and MDZ. Cally’s injury has hairline FX written all over it. This is a bad thing. MDZ, who knows.

    But, the truth of the matter is that if we are going anywhere this year, we need them both at 100%.

    Can they freaking develop a KEVLAR uniform, skates and gloves for Cally. I know he is the heart and soul of this team, epitomized by his shot blocking……. BUT, he does us no good if he is going to get injured EVERY YEAR blocking shots!!!!

    I am usually optimistic about this team, ESPECIALLY this year. But, this one has disaster written all over it..

  33. not much of a revelation here but if the Rangers can be strong defensively and that means keeping Pittsburgh’s shot total down and not hoping Biron bails them out, they can win this game. I’m not sold on Pittsburgh defensively, nor do I think Fleury is nearly as good as some claim he is. That said, he’s certainly better than Biron, so you don’t end up in a situation where you hope your goalie beats their goalie. I think the Rangers are capable of clamping down on this team, they just need to be hyper-vigilant, especially with the surge they’re likely to encounter from a red hot (and rejuvenated) Pittsburgh team.

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