Rangers-Hurricanes in review



1) I could not have dreamed the Rangers would be where they are without Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik paying on the first line together all year.  Imagine if this works now? Imagine if the Rangers finally have that legit first-line with two proven first-line players and a rookie who’s playing lights out and brings such a dangerous element? And it might not. Let’s put it this way. The GAS line worked pretty well for a long while, and Carl Hagelin-Richards-Ryan Callahan worked pretty well for a while. Happens all the time. And you know that John Tortorella will be quick to break it up if it stops working.

2) But if it works, then what’s the second line? Artem Anisimov, Derek Stepan and Callahan?

3) Don’t discount Martin Biron’s performance. He was pretty damn good, and if the Eastern lead is really going to the wire, he will have to play well in a few more games. And say what you will about the way he played lately, but when you paint his whole season, it’s fairly remarkable.

4) I like Mats Zuccarello, I really do, but if Callahan comes back and if Chris Kreider is coming, I’m not sure there’s a place for The Little Italian Kid from Norway. I’d like to see him stick on a fourth line as a PP specialist, but I also think the coach has a lot of trust in John Mitchell and Mike Rupp (and he and Glen Sather sure went out of their way to sign Rupp) and I’m not sure Tortorella messes with that for a power-play specialist. Plus, if/when Kreider arrives, that’s another player in/player out decision.

5) Remember when, not really long ago at all, Stu Bickel couldn’t get off the pine in the third period? And now he’s playing top-four minutes and playing just fine. Better than just fine, actually. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles that against Pittsburgh. He played 21:54 last night — a career high, and was plus-2 (grain of salt) and handled everything he faced including the speedy ballerina or figure skater, or whatever he is, Jeff Skinner, one-on-one.

6) Speaking of which, I thought Skinner was one of several Canes who looked uninterested in competing with the Rangers in this game. And that’s part of the reason the Rangers didn’t have to be as nasty as they can be, and still had their way most of the night. The Canes let them skate with the puck, so they didn’t have to battle for it. I imagine that will also be different Thursday.

7) Kind of got a kick out of Ruslan Fedotenko not being penalized for the stick to the neck/head of Jussi Jokinen, who went down as if he was killed and miraculously recovered. I got a kick out of it because Brendan Shanahan has already deemed Fedotenko’s repeat offender stick to be un-suspendable this season, remember? Fedotenko also got whacked in the mouth with a stick and went down last night, almost the identical foul for which P.A. Parenteau earned the Islanders a four-minute power play Sunday. So I guess the rule is, if you draw blood, it’s four minutes, but if you don’t draw blood, then it’s either two minutes or four minutes. Or maybe they changed the rule Sunday and then changed it back Monday but didn’t tell anybody.

8) Just when I thought Marc Staal was coming around to being the player he was pre-injury, he’s had two games where he’s gone back to stick-checking around the net. The Rangers’ defense this year has been as good as it has partly because of the way it collapses in front, and takes the man and doesn’t fish for the puck. Staal fished for it on one of the quick Carolina goals that got the Canes back into a game they little interest in winning.

9) I don’t get why the NHL’s GMs can’t just go with  the no-touch icing rule if they’re really interested in reducing injuries, dangerous plays, and questionable penalty calls. Then again, look at what GMs they’ve thrown together to make this decision.

10) How about Johnny Ola singing the National Anthem? He’s the guy who was responsible for Fredo going fishing. Thought he did a good job with the singing, though.

11) Keep hearing about the renovation, and how a lot of the arena, when it’s done, is going to have city views. That will be spectacular, no doubt. We have a city view in the press room now, and it’s awesome. But, if they’re going to let people look outside on the west side of the building, I sure hope they’re going to get rid of that disturbing David Beckham ad that takes up an entire skyscraper on 8th Avenue.

12) Don’t look now ——> Guess who’s coming to town Thursday. The saviour. And half the hockey media in North America, like apostles.

My Three Rangers Stars (this was too easy):
1) Brad Richards.
2) Carl Hagelin.
3) Marian Gaborik.
Mister D’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Marian Gaborik.
2) Brad Richards.
3) Carl Hagelin.
4) Sean Avery.

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  1. Sean Avery's Skates Sleep with the Fishes on

    First! (Night shift ftw)

    Team didn’t quit when the chips were down. Traded a few chances, and got a little hairy. Exciting to watch, albeit nerve-wracking, particularly with Marty Biron’s Escalade sized 5 hole.

    Is it just me, or does this team have ZERO interest in scoring empty netters? They are content to ride the 1 to 2 goal lead right to the end.

  2. Carp…. Nr 12… I thought you were going to say the Norwegians!!!! ;-) We have tickets for the game with mama so see you there?

  3. HAGS!!! I just love that kid. While Krieder is as fast as hags north south, in my opinion, hags does something with his speed that Kreider can’t do because of his size. Hags is a wizard behind the net. He uses his speed to twist and turn behind the net and create. What a draft pick this kid was!

    I am getting the BARF BAGS ready for the Cindy Crosby coverage..

  4. I used to watch NYR with a 3 goal lead and sweat it all the way. I watch this team with a one goal lead and am confident they wil prevail.

  5. Hagelin is a smart player. Not only does he skate fast, he thinks fast.

    We really need to beat the Cindys tomorrow night. He has been such a drama queen with staging his big return. There are a few players I hope to see fail, and he is top of the list.

  6. Carp, don’t forget, Johhny Ola also shot Tony Soprano and got his hand caught in the garbage disposal. Also, the 17th is coming soon, I got your prime rib sangwich.

  7. 6) pretty fun to see what Gabby can do with time and space, something that will be in short supply Thursday.

    will we see Cally against Pens???

  8. And yes CARP, the Sicillian messenger boy did a nice job on the anthem last night.

  9. Speed kills. Agility with speed really kills. Agility with speed and smarts is a lethality multiplier. Hags has really become one of my favorite Rangers. I don’t ever see him as a 30 goal scorer, but he is one of those guys that makes life easier for the ones who do the scoring.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Hagelin (v)
    1. the ability to elude defenders while controlling puck
    2. maneuvering in tight spaces behind the goal
    3. continuously skating, never stopping or floating

  11. Stranger Nation on

    Feel bad for Step having to play with Dubi. His stats are going in the toilet.

  12. Both Torts and Richie mentioned that part of the reason for his improvement over the past couple of weeks is his “seeing the ice better”. Would someone be so kind and explain what exactly this means? Did he stop using that tinted visor?

  13. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Happy Day after a victory, day before a victory ‘Heads!

    Pimp, is that Cindy with a hat trick of hat tricks?
    Nice review Carpy!

    oy sangwich, are you guys becoming southern? between that, sammich and sammie, i gotta scream! lol

  14. Gotta say one of the more remarkable aspects of this season is the play of Hagelin. He’s rightfully gone from the 4th line right up through the lineup to the top line.

    A word of caution: Guaranteed the NHL is watching and his penchant for coming out for a wrap-around attempt (which clearly is working quite effectively) is gonna result, I fear, a big defenseman plastering him if he’s not careful (because watch him on those plays – his head is always down).

    And couple that with the way he straps his helmet on (basically he doesn’t, which is a significant part of the reason why we haven’t seen Michael Sauer for weeks and weeks) and trouble could be a-brewing, perhaps as early as Thursday when Brooks Oprick comes to town….

    I sure hope the coaches are cautioning him….

  15. Heave ho: It’s really called being more into the game. Richards is one of those cerebral players (ala Wayne Gretzky) and that attribute is both God given and requires one to concentrate – to be into it.

    IMO, the 2 games have clearly been Richards’ best. His shot we’ve seen on and off all season long – the puck distribution and quick little moves not so much. Don’t forget this guy historically has twice as many assists as goals, until this year.

  16. Sioux-per-man on

    Morning Carp!!!

    WOW what a first line. Tic-Tac-Goal. Goal. Goal. That was a fun line to watch last night. Hagelin was something else behind the net. That back hand no look pass to Richie could be my favorite pass of the night. Then to come out and stuff one in all on his own.

    I really liked Richie’s interview after the game. If he is going to play on the top line we are going to expect this type of play from him. His mentorship is priceless, well I guess it did come with a price tag

  17. Some thoughts….

    Looking forward to my section 115’s tomorrow. I wanna see Cindy and Eevie up close. These two teams are pretty closely matched up and what’s great is that they both can play wide open or shut it down. I’m thinking Torts asks our guys to play the same as the 13 shot gem allowed vs. the Dev’s. Pitt. have health and depth, but we have the final line change. No matter what happens tomorrow, it’s a nice ‘view’ on the east playoffs and a potential conference final match, but we need to nurse and get healthy and rest. They are.

    I am glad that Bickel provides some ‘stay-at-home’ d help. I am still hoping for a Beuke presence from someone…anyone..in time. For now, it is an unexpected surprise. However, that initial pass and outlet from deep in the zone scares me lots. Staal has become a poor puck handling bone head, nervous and stupid with the puck, making bad decisions all over the ice. Bickel is taking less risks and by the nature of his style, ‘smarter’. We are lucky MDZ has progressed this year as he has. Who woulda thunk it? With him out our 3rd pairing of whatever…Eminger, Strahlman, whomever, is a tad better than AHL’ish. Those guys are spending their 15-18 minutes yelling out to Henry or Marty ‘look out!’ ’cause they can’t stop anyone. A balanced team can run through them.

    Hags is sure fun to watch. Not granting Sather any room on a ‘great draft pick’ yet. Prove it over some time. Do well in the playoffs. We’ll see. I keep on waiting for him to get smushed by someone like a flea with a fly swatter. I hope he stays healthy and unhurt. And I do look forward to team speed and skill if Kreider signs when he’s done.

    If we do lose Thursday night, we are 4 points ahead in a relatively meaningly race. Yes, we could use a few banners up on our barren ceiling. Florida or Ottowa first round, especially the former, is a real prize. First place may be a ticket to the second round. No need, however, to risk health on that. Rest up boys. Hope it’s a long playoffs.

  18. Jim, agreed. It is great to see Richie Rich with his head finally in the game. He is so unimpressive physically that when he’s not really ‘there’ he’s so average. Against two non-playoff teams he has had some room and finally performed. That’s a lot of bucks for 14 games and the playoffs!. However, I look forward to him sharpening his pencil as these last few weeks progress.

    Then again, if all experienced players have been ‘laying low’ the entire season, waiting to spike it up the last 10 or 12 before the playoffs, we have a lot to fear. That means there are lots of teams that are in the process of waking up like he is.


  19. From the SI.com power rankings:

    Montreal Canadiens (27-32-11)
    It figures to be a summer of change in their coaching and GM departments. And there appears to be no alternative other than buying out the remainder of Scott Gomez’s onerous contract, too. The Habs can’t afford to go another year with Gomez (two goals, 11 points) gomezing through the motions like this. Last week: 2-1-1


  20. Dan:

    Great point about speed and agility! While Kreider is a GREAT skater and probably as fast as Hags and Gabby, he will NEVER have the agility and ability to twist and turn and use that speed in tight spots as Gabby and Hags do. He is just too big to do that!

    Hags was unbelieveable behind the net last night. That pass to Richards was a thing of beauty. And then he used the speed and agility to walk out from behind the net to score the 4th goal.

    What a draft pick!

  21. mattyboy: FLA will likely finish 3rd overall due to winning their division – the Rangers would have to finish 6th overall to meet them in the 1st round.

    If the POs started tomorrow, the Rangers would be facing the Caps. If the Pens were first, the Rangers would be opening their POs against the Flyers. The Devils, however, are only 2 points behind the Flyers.

    Right now, however, the Devils would be playing the Panthers.

    Finishing first in their division is a big plus for the Rangers – obviously.

    It will be interesting to see what impact Crosby has on the Penguins. As we know, Malkin has been superb in his absence – will he take a step back, as he’s done historically, if/when Crosby finds his game?

    Imagine a line with Crosby centering Neal and Malkin?


  22. So Hags is unbelievable. So many guys try that wrap-around on this team and usually they just lose the puck. Hags has now scored multiple goals using it. If that Gaborik-Richards-Hagelin line has some success…let’s hope it lasts. Many of these line combinations have been a flash in the pan. I hope this one rocks for a while. As Carp said, it’s LEGIT.

    If that line wasn’t so good I thought Biron would have been a star, given the circumstances. Maybe Benoit Allaire helped him out in the morning skate because I heard the announcers say that they were working together.

  23. I am not super concerned about Hagelin getting smashed. He is the same size as Steve Yzerman was when he played (both height and weight). He is a shifty skater, so most hits are glancing hits. He is the perfect support player for the stars on the team as he is the puck hunter that does a lot of the leg work and gets the puck in their hands.

    His best attribute is that he is versatile. He can be used from 1 through 3 and fit in most any role when needed. Great forecheck, can be a great penalty killer, creates room for teammates with his speed. I think a career year for him would be around 50 pts. He could be a 60 pt guy if he plays on the top line consistently (most of those would be assists for Gabby or whatever sniper he is paired with), and a 35 pt guy on the 3rd line. Either way, this kid is a legit player. 33 points in 51 games. 0.65 points per game. That rates to 53 points over a full season. He should be in the rookie of the year conversation.

  24. seriously sauer, I bang my head on my desk at work all day long, I take a long lunch break, and come right back to work… people get lit up in football every down… get the hell back on the ice.

  25. It’s official. Avery retired from hockey. Good riddence. I doubt we’ll see Kreider here this yr. Unless BC is eliminated early so he could get a “look” in the last few games.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    “He should be in the rookie of the year conversation.”

    I love Hagelin, but he really shouldn’t.

  27. Carp, thanks for finally making the connection for me between Johnny Ola and Uncle Junior! I never realized it before.

  28. @AdamRotter@ Do we have a consensus on a name for The Hagelin-Richie-Gabby line yet?


    Sounds like a job for Linda!

    HageLINRichardorik or something like that

  29. Sure he should. I don’t think he should be the winner, but he should be in the conversation. He is a top 5 or 6 rookie this year.

  30. I’m pretty sure that Torts loves Rupp, but for the life of me I can’t really see what this guy is bringing to the table. Maybe he’s banged up? He’s not fighting. He’s hardly hitting. So what exactly IS he doing? “Oh, he’ll be a great guy to have in the playoffs”. Maybe. Maybe not. I see no reason why this guy should be dressed in favor of Zucc. With the Rangers built the way they are, they have enough toughness to go around. We’ve seen why they need a guy like Zucc in the lineup. I hope he stays up with the team as long as he keeps looking like he’s contributing to offensive creativity – which he has been. What has Rupp been contributing? Please tell me.

  31. Not even in the conversation, Doodie? Agree he won’t and probably shouldn’t win it (and his age arguably makes his transition into the league a bit less impressive than others, not that his eligibility should be affected by that), but his impact isn’t a million miles behind that of the favourites for the award.

  32. If Hagelin works on shooting the puck, he could be an All-Star player for years to come.

  33. Calder is going to go to Adam Henrique on the Dweebils unfortunately. He probably deserves it.

  34. great win. finally richards is scoring some goals. just need hank to shake off the fe bad games and come back real focused for thursday cuz skidney will be here!! omg!!

    btw, lloyd, i notice u dislike torts alot and see ur initials are LB, are u secretly larry brooks?

  35. I’d choose Landeskog over Henrique considering Henrique plays with Kovalchuk and Parise.

  36. I thought Avery’s announcement really motivated the 1st line last night. Would have been a crime to omit him.

    (Thanks for the opportunity, Carp.)

  37. carp,

    i agree with your bickel assessment.

    i think you have to give credit to the coaching staff in NY and in CT. they keep taking these raw young dmen and making them into useful NHL players. or in the case of staal, girardi and McD they make them into all-star caliber players.

  38. btw, last night roenick called hagelin, “hagman” and he said carolna panthers again too. devs pulling the goalie with 5 minutes left he called a “deboer-ical” move

  39. Tony F.

    Mike Rupp…tough as nails, brings respect to the Rangers, and his name is on the Stanley Cup. He’s a gamer. That is why MZA won’t see ice time in the playoffs over Rupp. In the playoffs, space gets smaller, checking gets tighter, and physicality goes up a notch. MZA will be invisible. I am curious how this affects Hagelin actually. His speed is fantastic and he is shifty, but if they allow more clutching and grabbing in the postseason (they always do) it gets even harder to be shifty.

    Big test tomorrow night.

  40. I thought Strahlman showed some really good play when the game was all sped up last night.

  41. New Newman –

    I understand what you’re saying and I somewhat agree. I get the whole ‘toughness’ thing. I really do. But have we even really seen that toughness? Has he even been noticeable since the Winter Classic? Do you think the Rangers got the guy they thought the signed?

    I also agree with the assessment that MZA could more easily get lost in a playoff series vs regular season hockey. But you can’t underestimate what he brings to the table with regard to offensive ability, especially on the Power Play. The man advantage is HUGE in the playoffs. Games are so tight that sometimes the PP is the only chance where teams actually get time and space to make something happen. While Rupp is riding the pine, MZA might actually bring a skill set that Torts can actually use. That’s all I’m saying.

    When push comes to shove I do think MZA will not be on the playoff roster. I just wanted to make an argument that it shouldn’t be a ‘given’ that he gets sent down, that’s all. Especially when there are other guys on the team hardly getting any minutes and doing virtually nothing. If that’s the case then what’s the harm of keeping MZA on the 4th line with limited playing time and making him a PP specialist?

  42. Carp, Make sure you show those new “apostles” who’s boss around here and that the real story for tomorrow is the first place NYR! I hope our guys knock Cindy’s two buck tooth teeth out…

  43. Hags size could be a detrement in the PO. Carolina has thrown in the towell. I am not sold that he can stand up to the pounding that he will face.

  44. Sioux-per-man on

    Speed Kills. Boy oh Boy did it look alive last night!

    HaGaR Line……. hardly from Horrible last night. Carp this line could be as deadly as any line in hockey. It’s only 2 games, but it could be.

    We have momentum going into Thursday. Nothing better than beating Sid the Kid on Home ice.

    It’s a Blue Sky Day….. now back to work!!!!

  45. Stanger Nation on

    Stralman looked OK in a no-checking up and down game –

    Did anyone else notice Skinner watching B Rich when he came around to score the goal off Hags’ incredible no look pass? Just watched him float by and rip a shot as Ward and the D were scrambling in front.

    Hagelin = Hagman – new nickname: ‘JR’

  46. Hagelin will be fine in the playoffs. Yes, there is less room. He is a shifty skater who has a high rpm motor. He will draw lots of penalties.

  47. Stanger Nation on

    Cally on Boomer and Egghead Carton this morning. They gave him grief about PP clicking when he is out of line-up. Cally said now they know the real problem…

  48. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Hagelin, Richards and Del Zotto will be our best players in the playoffs. Who’s your three? (Besides Hank)

  49. Gaborik, Richards, McMonster, Cally

    Gaborik is a more complete player now than any other time in his career.

  50. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Are you serious with those Manny? I mean it is very possible considering role players usually step it up a notch in the playoffs but Rupp?

  51. I am not serious, Mike. I do think Rupp, Fedotenko and Richards all have a real knack for stepping up in big games but…it will be more like…

    Richards, Callahan and McBust (obv. Hank) Closely followed by: Gaborik, Stepan and Girardi

  52. Sioux-per-man on

    Do you think the Garden could get a Hagelin T-Shirt NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    The only thing my kid wanted when I was there. Nothing with Hags on it. You would think they order at the beginning of the year, and never again.

    Carp – Let me know when the Garden exclusive shows up I’ll send you the $$$$$$.

  53. Is that some sort of mean joke against Dubinsky, Siouxperman?

    I will say that Dubinsky is one tough S.O.B. Kid has a sore nose and some face issues and he still goes NO VISOR. How awesome is that? Learn a lesson you Europansies.

    Visors are for Europeans and soft guys.

  54. >>I don’t get why the NHL’s GMs can’t just go with the no-touch icing rule if they’re really
    >>interested in reducing injuries, dangerous plays, and questionable penalty calls.

    No-touch icing looks awful whenever I watch an international match. How about this for a new rule?If you injure a player on an icing play, you will sit for as long as the injured player is out, PLUS an automatic five game suspension.

  55. Carl Hagelin = Flying Monster.
    Real test will be tomorrow against Pittsburgh. I wish Rangers to win, but not died for it. They better have to prepare for play-off, stop to block all big shots and try to make some new combinations.

  56. JBytes – your Hammurabi code of Icing is admirable but it’s unrealistic. Either icing stays or the NHL goes no touch. I would prefer they re-institute the two-line pass and keep icing the way it is.

  57. i’ve been saying this all season, but the reason Richards has struggled to put up assists has predominantly been because of Ryan Callahan. Nothing against Callahan, but he and Richards were doomed from the start considering Richards

    Richards and Callahan are completely opposite in how they play their games and its a shame it took an injury to get them apart. Hopefully, when this line cools off, Tortorella doesn’t put them back together as they are just not compatable. Callahan will get his 25-30 goals regardless of his linemates because of how relentless he is on the boards/forecheck.

    Put Callahan with Stepan and Anisimov and this will be our 2nd line with Rupp/Dubi/Zuccarello/Mitchell all splitting time on the 4th line…

  58. considering Richards passing ability is effectively useless because Callahan doesn’t like to venture too far from the boards…

  59. Since Biron played last night do you guys think Hank starts on Saturday now? I had a feeling Saturday would be a game Biron would start to give Hank a rest with the Devils and Detroit coming to town next week. Does hank now play the next 4 games on Thursday vs Cindy, Sat, Mon and Wednesday before the back to back with Buffalo and Toronto next weekend?

  60. Richards has completely changed his approach since Callahan’s foot injury. Imagine Richards playing with Cally and going with a “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality. That could be quite the combo with Callahan fighting for rebounds.

  61. Manny

    This is the type of hockey he played in Dallas where he has time to skate and make plays instead of always being on the boards because that’s where Callahan is.

    I just hope Tortorella realizes this and doesn’t go back to putting them together once the line cools off as Richards will always struggle when paired with Callahan…

  62. it will be very interesting to see what new make up rules the zebra’s will have tonight to call against the rangers with the NHL’s darling franchise Pittsburgh Penguins in town.

  63. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny – agreed.

    Just a small poke is all. I like watching him keep the puck down low with two guys on him.

    It’s just that the top line stole the show last night. It was like it was the only line on the ice last night. I was on the look out for Zucc. To bad he didn’t bury that shot of the post. I like the TLIGFN, hard not to root for him and his reporter. HA.

    So my question is this. Do we still add a Kreider this year? He could be available if he doesn’t get his team into the Frozen Four. We would have him a week early. Or is it going to be an ATO offer for the Whale playoffs. Like Hags took last year.

    Thoughts Carp?

  64. Carl SWAGelin’s size isn’t a problem because he’s fast. That’s the difference between him and MZA (well that and a few inches).

    That move to get to the net on the 4th goal was due to his quickness and also the Canes being a bunch of pansies that were in terrible position. If Swags tries that on Thursday, Brooks Orpik might end his life.

  65. I think we absolutely add Krieder if he is better than: Zuccarello, Mitchell or any similar 4th line forward. Then we absolutely add him for youth and a spark.

  66. Krieder is not coming to the Rangers this season. End of story…

    It’s not even worth talking about since Tortorella would never play him unless the team becomes decimated with injuries…

  67. Sioux-per-man on

    I’m thinking the same thing. That and we get a discount for the first 3 years of his Entry level deal. We are deep with prospects, and to add another to the Whale team could be a big help to there playoff push towards to Calder Cup. Wouldn’t that be the sh*t if Both teams won the Cup this year?

  68. Heave Ho! March 14th, 2012 at 8:06 am
    … his improvement over the past couple of weeks is his “seeing the ice better”. Would someone be so kind and explain what exactly this means?…
    It is simple to explain, like in a play of chess. Some can see just 2 moves ahead, some more. Besides, the same player, in reading others parties plays and playing more (ice time and experience with skilled partners) start seeing not only much more moves in play development, but also sees better figures’ layout on court in their constant movement. Hags is not only fast on skates and thinking, he’s also a quick and willing learner.
    Ask Triple Eddie – he is our chess King and hockey aficionado.

  69. Avery’s Skates … it’s just you.

    AnthonyM, LMAO at that poster.

    JBytes, that sitting-for-games-injured will never work. First of all, you’re going to allow all blatant penalties that don’t result in injuries? second, supposed for example Ovechkin injures Mitchell. Do you think the Rangers would make Mitchell “out for the season” to keep Ovechkin out?

    oleo, I am 100 percent convinced Kreider will be here if BC doesn’t play in the final four.

    Sioux, you mean in the playoffs? possibly.

    Good morning, Sally! Happy 26th, Mickey!

    cgiacomo, the 17th isn’t going to work. but thanks, cuz.

    Krisy, I will be there tomorrow.

    no idea who Uncle Junior is … until somebody told me last night. He’s Johnny Ola to me. And he never got out of Hyman Roth’s apartment, did he?

    Lin, my grandma used to say sangwich right here in NY. She’d make salami and eggs sangwiches, and of course meatball sangwiches.

  70. oleo:

    very good points, especially about Richards improving when not playing with Callahan. Callahan plays the grinding game and does have some offensive skills. but he doesn’t have the speed and awareness that Hagelin has. and given the game Richards plays, the quicker guy is going to work better with him. I said during their first shift last night that Richards, Gaborik and Hagelin is an awesome combination because it adds so many of the things the Rangers have lacked during the year, but more importantly, gives them something really important for the playoffs: a legitimately dangerous scoring line. as Tortorella himself as pointed out, their nice win-loss record doesn’t mean a damn thing if you can’t back it up for an entire year, and that includes playoffs. having a dominant first line gives you a better chance of backing it up than do the previous line combinations.

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Praise Jesus – crosby has risen from the dead – can I have an Amen – than you Jesus!!!!!

    4ever – when you look 2 moves ahead on the chessboard, you see the ice better at the rink both live and on television. When you are working out a tactical combination in chess it’s akin to working a play in hockey. As example, if I skate there and you skate here and the other guy gies that way and another guy goes this way and then I go the other way and one of the other guys goes a different way etc et. – soon everyone is in a different place on the ice, ergo the chessboard.

    Praise Jesus – thank you our father – Crosby has come to save mankind from all that is seen and unseen. The kingdom the power and the glory are yours – thank you Jesus.

  72. 1st line name: if you take 2 letters of their first names it will be *MACABRA* line. Have no idea, what does it mean, but association is with some mythological, monstrous animal.LOL.

  73. 3>Eddie,
    you described exactly what I mean, but in a better way (in right English, too).So, thank you.

  74. Jim and 4ever, thanks. But why has it taken Richie so long to develop his vision? Not complaining after last night’s game. I’m imagining how hard it would be to defeat our boys if we finally have a line that’s a real offensive threat.

    I’m nominating that our first line goes by “SPS”:
    S= Speed (Hags)
    P= Passing (Richie)
    S= Scoring (Gabby)

  75. Is Hernia Lundqvist better yet? Hope he’s not developing an allergy to us byfuglien fans.

  76. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Re: hags and size – you can’t hit what you can’t catch. Like trying to hit TGO in his day. TGO was such a slippery skater you couldn’t check him. Hags is almost as slippery but oh so much faster.

    Hags = TNGO – the next great one

    Praise Jesus – Crosby is back – hella Lou ya

    Amen – praise the lord – my arms be raising

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    4ever – I am still amazed that you grew up in Riga with the great GM Misha Tal. One of my favorite players ever. Such a creative genius.

  78. also, Mike Rupp now averages fewer minutes played than Sean Avery. I wouldn’t count on him to be a difference maker come playoffs.

  79. Hello kids, long time no bone heading. Where is Steve Eminger? I’m so out of the loop it’s sick.

  80. Sioux-per-man on

    Hagar the Horrible is still my favorite comic. Has been my entire life. On my desk is a comic – It has Hagar standing in front of this ship talking to the his mates that the oars in there hand. Along side him is a man in a black mask with a whip in his hand. Underneith is says, “Today ladies and gentleman we have brought in a motivational expert.”

    Ha – glue guy with tons of speed, sick passing skills, puck hound, Calder wanna be.
    Ga – Elite goal scorer, fastest man in the NHL, ALL STAR that shoots his Goalie :)
    R – Conn Smyth Winner, Stanley Cup Champion, Bringer of the Broadway Hat, GWG scorer, Mentor.

    I’m calling them the HaGaR line. It’s mine. You can call it what you want. I’ve wanted Gabby and Hags together all year. Speed kills. They will create so much everytime they step on the ice. Alls Richie has to do is “Keep Up”. (Great comment last night on NBC sports)

  81. Guys, I’m asking seriously: jokes aside, do you think Cindy’s second coming will be a factor, influencing referees and therefore Rangers players, like it did in my opinion in his first “coming back” game with Asslanders, where he scored unchallenged 2 goals to delight and rapture of NHL officials and around. I’m kind of nervous about this situation, not that much of content of game or even a result and will be disgusted if my suspicions will come true..

  82. Crosby played great when he returned earlier this season, I don’t think there’s any disputing that. But you have to wonder if the guy will be able to play his game after a pretty marginal impact took him out last time.

  83. I mean, if he’s not impacted mentally but his “fragileness,” I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume he’ll play really well again.

  84. In honor of last night’s game, Rodent called the first line the GAP line, goal-a-period.

    Bovada has some interesting prop bets for Crosby. Yes, it’s overhyped.

    Will Crosby score a goal March 15? Yes: even, No: -140
    How many minutes will Crosby play March 15? Over/under 14.5: both -120
    Will Crosby record a point March 15? Yes: -200, No: +150
    How many games will Crosby play this season? Over 21.5: -140, Under 21.5: even (He has already played eight games and the Penguins have 14 games remaining, meaning he would have to play in every game. Can’t see how you don’t bet the under here since they have three sets of back-to-backs.)

    Also, they added a prop for how far the Penguins will go this season. Strangely, first-round exit is the favorite. I would think, based on their standings position combined with the unpredictability of the playoffs, second-round exit should be favored.
    Do not make playoffs: 50/1
    Eliminated in first round: 7/4
    Eliminated in second round: 9/4
    Eliminated in conf. final: 4/1
    Eliminated in Stanley Cup Final: 5/1
    Win Stanley Cup: 6/1


  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on




    OH YEAH , WE WON!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Mickey!!!!!!! 26 ahhhh those were da dayzzzzz!!!

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Truth be told , It don’t matter what Crosby does , were the best , were in first place , COME AND GET US!!! Its all about us period.

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    We got a new ” kick azz ” line …NO WAIT , a ” kick mutha firetrucker line”

  88. well it would be that if it wasn’t for the 4th coming of Drury on there dragging Gaborik and Hagelin down

  89. Sioux-per-man on

    No Carp. In 2 weeks Rangers / Wild March 27.

    Lots of Prime Rib in the in the State of Hockey. It’s all they have up here is milk cows, corn, and hockey rinks.

    Sec 115, Row 3, Right behind the blue shirts :) Bought them 2 minutes after the gates opened. It’s not the Delta 360 club but it will do. St. Paul’s a fun place to watch the Rangers play. Gabby tearing it up against his old team. I’m one of the 20 fans there with a blue shirt on, not the same when Gabby scores like he use to.

    I get alot of flack from my friends at work. I have Matt Cullen’s “Cully’s Kids” Shirt Jersey chair in my office. There’s a wistle that cost me of few bucks. One of His Stanley Cup Jersey’s in my basement. Just can’t wear his Jersey when the RANGERS are in town.

    See you there :)

  90. Eddie,
    thanks, but there is really very little to my credit, as much as would like to… It’s just happened this way, under circumstances – same town, friendship between our close relatives, etc. He really was different, one of the most interesting persons I met in life, even as a kid (“regular” touch of geniuses?), extremely passionate, slightly crazy, with a short fuse, but very kind and generous, when it comes to important things in not so easy life. My older brother, who himself is “touched”, had a long, warm friendship with him. I was just an observant.

  91. Carp the contract is worth it as long as I show up in his jersey and the Rangers win when I do. It’s happened 3 times already, what more proof do you need?

  92. Good afterhappynoon all! happy 26th Mickey!

    Carp, totally disagree with number 11. Ask CT, I almost fell back down the escalator last night :)

  93. perhaps it’s just me, but I kinda think the signature on that contract ends with a Drury

  94. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I hope Crosby has a good poop before game time because the NYRs are going knock the living carcillo out of him. And I say byfuglien great.

    Today, 3/14 is Pi day. Pi is one of the mist beautiful irrational and transcendental numbers in this or any other world….. I am about to go and give a talk about it now….. Peace out

    Recall avery

  95. Sat at ice level last night for the first time in years, makes a big difference in evaluating the individual players relative to my normal 400-level seats or TV.

    A couple of observations:

    1. Sorry Carp, I’ve heard Uncle Junior sing the anthem before and that wasn’t his strongest showing or even ‘good’.
    2. Whoever made the comment about wearing helmets correctly is spot on – Hagelin, Anisimov and even Staal don’t wear it that tight. I saw Hagelin and Anisimov both come close to having it pop off three feet in front of me.
    3. I never appreciated Bickel’s size until seeing him at ice level, big boy and he didn’t look lost at all out there.
    4. Speaking of big boys, appreciated Rupp’s ability to use his size to protect the puck and read the play to put himself in good position in the offensive zone.
    5. Zuccarello for all his skill in seeing the ice, while interesting to watch, is never going to work for Tortorella.
    6. There is no doubt in my mind that McDonagh is the current and future defensive star on this team. I like Staal, appreciate he’s working his way back but McDonagh’s skating, reads, and offensive ability are going to dwarf Staal if he keeps progressing//grows.

    On Zuccarello – I think its apparent that Tortorella wants players to grind it out in the corners as well as in front of the net and Zuccarello is just too small to be effective. He can’t win battles on the boards and away from the play he is easily boxed out. Sorry kid, its not going to work here.

  96. I have visions of suddenly finding some team that announced the hiring of Avery as coach……and their uniforms will be de Reguer, and their theme song will be ” Downtown”. Perhaps withoutPetula Clark.

  97. I’ve said that a lot about these guys not securing their helmets and it’s getting to the point where the league should do something about it if they’re serious about preventing concussions. No reason that one of the only pieces of equipment they have to prevent concussions should be worn haphazardly.

  98. The coaches and trainers should be all over them, too. Stepan’s another one, as bad as Hagelin with the useless strap.

  99. Staal. Agree with Carp about the stick checking. Disagree about last night being a regression for him, though. I don’t think he’s played well enough to seriously have a regression at this point.

    He’s got an incredibly talented stick in the defensive zone – those cute little plays he makes where he lifts the forechecker’s stick and goes D to D… or subtly pulls and taps the puck out of danger… They only work consistently when backed by a credible physical threat and right now, they’re not.

    He’s playing – not soft – but tentative. Makes me think his head is not quite there yet (not physically, mentally). I don’t blame him. I’m sure he’s got some scary thoughts rattling around in there about the next concussion… but he’s got to get over it. Hopefully soon.

    We still haven’t seen our top 6 all healthy and humming at the same time.

    PS – Gaborik shoulda been first star. It’s an absolute pleasure to watch him play these days and last night – to borrow a phrase – he was a BEAST.

    PPS – it’s been 30 seconds since the last Crosby update on NHL Network.

  100. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Chris, I have been watching NHL Network on and off for about 3 hours now. It should be called the Crosby Network.

  101. Saw a rumor that the owners want in the next CBA to extend entry level status so guys coming off their third year can’t be paid like group III UFAs, like Stamkos, Tavares, etc. So Kreider and his family might want him to sign an ELC soon as BC season ends.

  102. paul:

    is that another way the owners are trying to claim they don’t have the money to pay the players? the money I’ll spend on playoff tickets – more than the cost of the entire regular season package if they make it to the Finals – says otherwise.

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie, is Avery’s retirement official? He voids his contract apparently by retiring…If he had half a brain he’d wait till his contract is over in april.”

    He can announce he is retired now all he wants, but that money comes in until he files his papers. His papers will be filed after the season.

  104. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m calling the line Hagorich, with the “rich” pronounced like “rick,” like it was German (at least I think it would be like that in German. I don’t know German).

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    I hope Boyle, Prust, Fedotenko, and Dubinsky get a lot of rest and carboload for tomorrow. Gonna be a lot of penalty killing to do.

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey, interesting fact I just found out: Marc Staal and Jordan Staal are brothers. I wonder why I had never heard about that until just now.

  107. I’m re-watching “The Sopranos” right now on HBO Go… watching Junior sing the anthem was a good treat lol …i’m on the second episode of the second season. Love that show!

  108. Beats me, Lloyd.

    Jesper Fasth played his first game back with HV71 the other night. This fellow on Twitter had a few things to say about it. He also promises to keep the tweets coming for subsequent games.


  109. Doodie

    your fact is missing another fact: Marc Stawhl and Jordan Staallh have another brother Eric Sttoll! Bet you didn’t know this either!

  110. Judging by how many and often these, so called, Staal brothers are mention everywhere and, with different spelling, maybe they are brothers from another mothers after all (no offence to real mother)? Even fathers…

  111. the bad news is that if you thought a lot of b.s. penalties were called before to protect Crosby, how much worse will it be now that he’s basically a piece of glass?

  112. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    i think Stepan is having a worse season than Dubi.. Aside from a handfull of games, he has been invisible except when he throws a backhanded pass blindly into the center of the ice where there are normaly 3 or so opposition to thank him for the gift. I can almost always look at Dubi and say he worked really hard in that game. I just don’t feel Step is pushing himself. He hasnt developed enough to have a role…. He barely makes a difference either way. It’s like hes taking a nap. I hope he wakes up soon.

  113. Derek Stepan’s going to finish the season with over 50 points and has shown himself to be a legitimate 2nd line forward. There have been growing pains along the way, and he’s certainly had periods of limited effectiveness, but he’s in 2nd friggin’ year. Nobody thought the guy would put up 50 points this year.

    As far as Dubinsky, the only people he’s outperforming are the bottom 4 or 5 forwards.

  114. i have a perfect name for that line!

    *2 Fast and too Rich!*

    as in, two fast guys and one rich guy but also Rich as in Richards! clever, i know!

    you’re welcome!

  115. Orr:

    It took me a while to get on board with that ending but I actually think it’s perfect. I also think it’s intended to bring the entire thing to a close in such a way that negates any possibility for any sort of outcome for the characters beyond the temporality of the show, if you know what I mean. The ending is basically the plug getting pulled on the show and everyone in it.

  116. another thing about Stepan is that he’s starting his career stronger than any of the other Ranger products who’ve been here a while. 45 points in year 1. 50+ in year 2. that’s pretty damn good.

  117. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – I was thinking to myself. Self – what is this team going to look like next year with Parise & Kreider coming to town?

    Holy Moly Ole… how many cups would we win?

  118. That’s actually quite good @CCCP@

    Which reminds me…..ORR, the Bruins are just a @RED HERRING@

  119. Here’s a comparison of Brandon Dubinsky and Derek Stepan since December 1:

    Stepan: 11 goals, 22 assists, 33 points, PPG 1, PPA 7
    Dubinsky: 6 goals, 10 assists, 16 points, PPG 0, PPA 0

  120. Stranger Nation on

    How many left handed shooters can a team have if the Second Coming and JPP Jr join?

  121. Stepan hate? really? Not a factor? really? Don’t remember the OT heroics. Or the shootout goal, even? Or that this kid was asked to center the No. 1 line? And he has more hockey IQ than a lot of his teammates. Is a great passer.

    And he’s a kid.

    Holy cow.

  122. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    I havent been excited about a hockey game in a long time. But this game tomorrow is a real test for us. The Penguins will be our main competition in another month, and I hope we make a statement to them. I hope we physically dominate them, legally go after Malkin and Crosby and Neal, and punish them. Make them wish that they dont face us in April, May or June.

    Id like to win the game too, in regulation.

  123. Sioux-per-man on

    Hags is close to being in the top 5 in scoring for this team. 3 more points and he passes Del Zotto.

    More points than Dubi, McD, Anisimov,Girardi,Boyle, Prust, Feds, Del Zotto. Didn’t see this coming. I’m all for Bickel and Mitchell on this team, but Hags has to be the story of the year. Don’t you think?

    He could easily hit 50+ points this year, with 17 games played for the Whale.

    Crazy first year for the kid. If he ends up in the top 5 scoring.

    Step-last year
    Hags-this year
    Kreider-next year.

    The future is so bright …. got to wear shades!!!

  124. so glad that Matt Cooke has turned his life around and cleaned up his game.

    can’t wait to hear that pile of crap again tomorrow, too.

  125. Carp,
    Shame on me, but can you, please, remind what was the *exact* cause or reason for Rangers to call Hagelin from Hartford (after 17 or so games)at that time?

  126. You think Carl Hagelin is going to “easily” put 17 points in the last 13 games? I like the kid but I think that may be a stretch.

  127. Stranger Nation on

    Re Dubi – it has reached the point that if he doesn’t make a bonehead play or get his assen kicked there is a sense of relief.

    Lack of back checking after Step’s pass by Dubi resulted in that goal.

    Kid can skate but is sharp as a mashed potato sangwich

  128. Sioux-per-man on

    Tiki – How sweet would it be if we steam role them like we did the Flyers this year?
    Light them up like a XMAS tree, and nock them out like Tostido’s teeth.
    It Could Happen…..

    Cally will be back for this game no doubt about it.

  129. Sioux-per-man on

    Lloyd I’m thinking he will get a few points in the playoffs, I know they don’t combine them on the stat sheets. But just think if he had 17 more games to play…… How many would he have?

    Pretty excited about the HaGaR line. How many points will they put up together the rest of the year?

  130. Richards and Gaborik finding chemistry together and making each other better is a legit game changer. And if Hagelin continues his remarkable play with them, forming a true no 1 line, then there’s no limit how far they can go.

  131. Sioux-per-man on

    CARP – YES.

    Everyday, and twice on Sunday.

    To bone or not to bone is the question?

  132. Sioux:

    Oh, well if they have a deep playoff run, I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all that he could put up 17 more points. Regardless, based upon average, he’s basically outscoring all but two players on the team. Great year from a guy no one thought much of.

  133. As much as I’d love to see Callahan back on Thursday, I don’t want to see him on a line with Gaborik and Richards.

  134. Stanger Nation on

    Carp –

    on the ice – not a complement

    on the blog – definitely a complement although context is important

  135. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Coach Lloyd, Im pretty sure Torts will give this top line the opportunity to continue being effective. Callahan will not be on the top line when he returns.

  136. Sioux-per-man on

    Lloyd not after last night. Perhaps we get the Cally / Dubi magic back. With either Step or Artie. The cards will shuffle that’s for sure.
    Zucc-Step- Feds could be a small stick of Dynamite.
    Dubi – Artie – Cally

  137. Most people would consider Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov to be the three best forwards the Rangers have produced in recent years, right.

    Here’s a comparison of point totals in each of their first two full seasons with what Stepan will have done through his first two full seasons:

    Callahan: 08-09 season: 40 points; 09-10 season: 37 points
    Dubinsky: 07-08 season: 40 points; 08-09 season: 41 points
    Anisimov: 09-10 season: 28 points; 10-11 season: 44 points

    Now here’s Stepan (with projected stats for this year)

    10-11 season: 45 points
    11-12 season: 53 points

  138. hey oleosmirf,

    you have some inside information on kreider. “end of story”? yeah, i mean why would the rangers want to add a 6-3 230 pound speedy winger who can score and hit? if he decides to come out, i bet he does play. tort’s system isn’t exactly rocket science. it’s about defensive disipline and simplicity.

  139. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, I wouldn’t consider Anisimov or Dubinsky to be better forwards than Stepan. But Callahan absolutely is.

  140. I’ll defend Stepan as well, but “nobody” would have predicted him to get 50 points this year, Lloyd? He had 45 last year, as you’ve mentioned. Hardly a massive leap of faith.

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    If you told me before the season that Stepan would center Gaborik this year, I would’ve told you he would finish with at least 55 points. Part of the reason I was so against signing Richards was because I believed in Stepan.

  142. Stanger Nation on

    regarding Hags – here is the link to a draft profile from June 2010


    One highlight picked out for those who do not want to read it all:

    “He’s a high-energy player that is a tremendous skater,” said Rangers amateur scout Larry Bernard, who has watched Hagelin at Michigan ever since the Swede arrived on campus. “Right now he’s scoring a lot of goals, but he’s also a very dangerous penalty killer. I project him at the NHL level to be a third- or fourth-line energy player that will be a tremendous penalty killer and also a threat a man down.

  143. Doodie:

    Well fine but no one had him ahead of Dubinsky until Dubinsky crapped the bed. And many people who also thought Anisimov was turning the corner after last season – this blog was full of people singing his praises earlier this year. With the exception of Callahan, who’s been around a lot longer and only has 3 more points, Stepan’s blown by all of them.

  144. Stranger:

    Yeah, I mean when he was called up, no one spoke about him like he’d wind up outscoring most of the team and be a top line forward. It was all, “he’ll give this team some speed” and that was it.

  145. Stepan is a very good player with a huge hockey IQ. the kid is 21..

    jan levines column at hockey buzz was over the top on the new whipping boy Dubinsky. Yes he has massively underachieved. the guy hit the post last night. is he clueless with the puck? often yes…

    dubinsky is better then mitchell and rupp and others drunk………….

  146. Depending on when Cally comes back Stepan could hit 50 points for the first time in his career before Cally does in his.

  147. Step’s biggest leap should be next year. It is usually the third year that the biggest jump is made.

  148. yes, Dubinsky is better than Rupp, Fedotenko, Mitchell, Prust and Boyle…

    the problem is that Dubinsky’s 2011-2012 salary is about the same as Mitchell, Prust, Boyle and Fedotenko’s combined.

  149. When Cally gets back he and Stepan need to be given a chance to gell and form a strong 2nd line. With either Dubi or AA on the left, with the other skating with Boyle and Prust.

    Along with Richards-Gabby-Hags, that’s your top 9.

    Then 4th line will probably be some combo of Fedotenko and 2 of Rupp, Mitchell and Zucc. Maybe Feds gets in top 9 depending on slumps and injuries.

  150. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Yeah baby!!! More hope for NY! Bring in Jackson or Jerry Sloan! And this is will be a contender next year!!!!!

  151. if D’Antoni was forced out, I tend to think they’re looking to do something before next year

  152. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Woodson is the interim, but Jackson or Sloan has to be the target. I wouldnt mind JVG, but Billy Madison Dolan doesnt like JVG.

  153. Sioux-per-man on

    FYI – looks like Hockey East will be on Versus this weekend. So you can DVR at least 2 Kreider games. Then the following week the Fighting Sioux will probably bounce his team out of the playoff in the first round of the Sweet 16 regional games. So he should be ready to go come Rangers/Wild game.

    I did get to see him play agains the Sioux early this year. He was the best player on the ice. He’s ready to make the jump. He has all the skills Hagelin does, and a little more size. We will need extra scoring in the Playoffs. So it wouldn’t bother me one bit if Sather gave the kid a chance to help win the Stanley Cup this year. Not sure who he bounces out of the line up, but he would be an upgrade on the bottom two lines.

  154. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    This year has been perfect!!! Now I know for certain we’re winning the Stanley Cup!!!! Cant wait!!!

  155. As much I knock Tortorella, it’s situations like what has gone on with this clown Carmelo Anthony that Tortorella is fighting tooth and nail to prevent.

  156. What if Torts coached the Knicks? That would be hilarious. Half those guys would be in for such a rude awakening. The team would definitely tank with all of those egos in the room.

  157. fchamps March 14th, 2012 at 2:08 pm
    hey oleosmirf,

    you have some inside information on kreider. “end of story”? yeah, i mean why would the rangers want to add a 6-3 230 pound speedy winger who can score and hit? if he decides to come out, i bet he does play. tort’s system isn’t exactly rocket science. it’s about defensive disipline and simplicity.


    Oleosmirf talks about Kreider as if he knows all! Not as if it is HIS OPINION!

    After listening to that interview with Sather on NBCsports, it is MY OPINION that if there are games left in the regular season, and Kreider turns pro, he will get a chance to play with the Rangers this year.

    If BC goes to the Frozen four, it is MY OPINION that the Rangers wouldn’t throw Kreider into the playoffs.

  158. They could let Spike Lee coach. He’s good for a few technicals a game. Might take the heat off of Tyson Chandler for a bit.

  159. Also rumors abound of a trade of: Dwight Howard to the Knicks in exchange for Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler.

    I know you guys *love* basketball!

  160. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Haha!! Mama just called me to tell me the news, she knew Id be excited!! Gotta hope to keep losing the rest of the year so there’s no chance the idiot Dolan keeps Woodson on. It would a dream to if Jackson comes to us next year, wins a title and further cements his legacy as the greatest coach of all time!!!

  161. Carp wrote: “also, Zuccarello isn’t helping himself by taking needless slew-foot penalties.”

    Don’t let Dave Maloney hear you say that about MZA’s penalty. I still think is flipping his Byfuglien wig over the call. To say that he was going bat-carcillo crazy would be an understatement. Odds are he is still livid about the call.

  162. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    I like Chandler. A great guy, leader, defender. We’re not getting Howard, anyway, and nobody is taking Carmelo. He’s gonna have to be coached by a real coach that can demand respect, like Torts.

  163. Sioux-per-man on

    Knicks should give PHIL JACKSON a call!!!

    Knicks could probably win if they had a little Fighting Sioux Spririt in them!!!
    Phil played his college ball for the Fighting Sioux.

    Had Miller not tanked on the Sioux Program, the Rangers would have had some in the wings.

    I guess they will have Parise next year. Right Carp?

  164. this is what happens when organizations pay a guy who isn’t a winner like he is, and allows that guy to run the team.

  165. hey folks, I just wanna play Debbies advocate here for a moment on a hockey-less day. What do you think the Rangers would rather have
    a) 1st place in the conference and play Washington (a team that’s knocked us out of the playoffs our last two trips there) in the first round or
    b) have Pittsburgh pass us, finish in 4th and play the Byfuglien Flyers (a team we’re 7-0 against the last 7 meetings, dating back to last year).
    what’s your pick?

  166. Sioux-per-man on

    Beuk – 1st Place and bounce the Caps 4-1 in the 1st Round.

    Let the Philly beat up on Pittsburgh, and maybe kick them from the tournament!!!

    Let’s face it. The Rangers are the TEAM to beat. #NOTgoingDOWNwithoutAfight.

  167. ok back to hockey

    I’d rather not play the Capitals in the first round. Sorry, but the amount of talent on that team frightens me. I expect Washington to win their division, so as long as the Rangers stay where they are, playing the Capitals in round 1 shouldn’t even be an issue, but it’s not a matchup I like at all.

  168. I can tell you what Tortarella would think of Carmelo Anthony’s reality show with his wife “La-La”

  169. put on the Sports Blimp for some insight on the D’Antoni story

    and he’s talking to the coach of “VCU”

    I have no idea what that is

  170. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Dont know what makes you say that, Lloyd. He won a Nat’l Championship at Syracuse. He alone had the Nuggets in the playoffs every year, and George Karl had nothing but praise for him as a player and teammate until his trade demands last year. At least try checking your facts, as you often dont do regarding Torts…

  171. I am not one to assume we are in the playoffs yet, further to assume 1 and 4 seed are the only options. I will say this…the Caps scare me because of last year but I think we match up well against them and their awful goaltending. The Devils scare me MUCH more because they hate us and Kovalchuk already injured one Ranger.

  172. Manny:

    4 points away from locking up a playoff spot with 26 possible points left. I think you can assume the Rangers will make the playoffs.

  173. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    For that matter, Lloyd, you could call Lebron James not a winner, because he’s never won anything. You probably thought Dirk was not a winner prior to June of last year, and you probably still think Lundqvist isnt a winner. You’d be wrong on all 3.

  174. Tiki:

    Um, the reason Karl didn’t rip on Carmelo Anthony until after the trade was that he was the star player on his team. Do you think the head coach should come out and shred his star player? Come on now.

    Once he was successful in dumping the guy off, you’ve heard the truth about how he felt about him. Did you watch the All-Star Game this year? Anthony is a cancer.

  175. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    I saw the Nugs get pounded in the first round without him last year, and Ill see the same thing happen again this year. They wont be making it to the West Finals as they did in 2009 with him.

    You cant learn anything from an ASG.

  176. Karl didn’t rip him after Melo left either. He just said he wished the rumors and all that noise wouldn’t have been such a distraction. He did say he enjoyed coaching him and was sad to see him go.

  177. Staal:

    Yeah I actually feel kind of dirty for talking about basketball. Sorry about that.

  178. MZA didn’t really slew foot him. He got bumped, lost his balance, and due to him losing his balance, his leg came out and caught the d-man from behind. So I guess it was a slew foot, but not one that looked like it was done on purpose.

  179. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    What did he say, and a link please? And whats Karl supposed to say? They had a nasty divorce because he demanded a trade.

  180. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Thanks Jonny. I didnt think Karl did. I guess its just Lloyd being Lloyd, making stuff up to suit his arguments.

  181. Basketball talk is boring. But talking aboot the Knickerbockers losing, Aha, Aha, I like that.

    I remember MZA in one of the games in Europe took a stupid boarding penalty. I wonder if he takes a lot of penalties like that, and the one last night, in the AHL.

  182. Carmelo Anthony on

    Cancer? Me? That is tough man. I just want the rock.

    Now go back to talking *hockey* before you put this blog to sleep from boredom.

    Oh yeah,D. Aunt Toney is a quitter – ha, I said it!

  183. Honey, please play better so you don’t get traded. I don’t want to leave New York. New York is one of the few places where I can get away with such a dumb name!

    Also I’m enjoying -ogling- watching the New York Rangers.

  184. My joy at finding out that my car was not actually stolen was quickly killed by having to shell out $136 bucks this afternoon for a tow. Thank you hartnelling scam and I’m sorry the line at McDonald’s was too long that I went down the street for a drink.

    C3, you get to treat me tomorrow as a result :)

  185. Sioux-per-man on

    Rangers / Penguins or Fighting Sioux / St. Cloud 7:05 pm Thursday.

    This is March Madness at it’s finest. Can’t watch both at the same time.

    Not to worry. The buffalo is shot, and ground. Making Swedish meatballs for the BIG GAMES!!!

    Hank and Hags should have it in the Bag.

    The Sioux will role the Huskie’s. Then gut the Gophers. DU will be a good Championship game for the WCHA title. If not we will get shipped out EAST to nock Kreiders Eagle’s team out of the tournament. so we can have him in time to play the Wild on Tuesday the 27th. It could happen.

    What’s with everyone talking Basketball in March…… when there’s hockey to play!!!!

  186. The only thing Karl said about Melo when he left was that he was probably tired of him and that while it’s not personal, from a basketball perspective it was probably better that they parted ways.

    Other than that and the comment about how he hated all of the drama that came with the trade last year, he had nothing bad to say about Melo as a person and a b-ball player.

    His comments had more to do with the media’s handling of the situation rather than Melo himself. He even said he respected the fact that despite all the drama, he came to practice and worked hard every day.

  187. Hi – haven’t checked out what’s going on here today.
    With the season they are having, expectations have obviously changed, so for people to say this is much more than what we expected, that’s true, but after 69 games, expectations become greater, based on 69 games of results. I don’t think it’s fair to give them a pass if they don’t finish anywhere less than 4th in the conference.
    IMO, I hope they finish 1st in the conference. I could care less about the President’s trophy, and I know #1 seeds haven’t fared well in recent years, but I’d rather see them play Florida or Washington in the 1st round (my best guess right now) than either NJ or Philly. Sure, Tampa or Buffalo could sneak into the 8th spot, but I’d still rather see them play any of those 4 teams in the first round.

    How much do you think they will be affected by the referees calling a tighter game with miss cry baby back in the Pen’s lineup?
    They obviously cannot get into a shootout like they did at times with the Hurricanes last night, because they’ll get blown right out of MSG if they do.
    As Carp mentioned in his review, their D needs to take the body more, especially Staal – not necessarily shouldering guys but using their upper body strength to stand guys up and push them off the puck.
    Probably getting too picky here, but do you think Staal has to add some muscle? He doesn’t come off as the toughest guy, and when you’re not tough, I want to see more offense (which they expect more of from him), so hopefully he will round into form by the playoffs.

  188. no inside information, i’m just going off what I know about Tortorella.

    I know what everyone is saying but I just can’t see him taking out Rupp, Mitchell or Fedotenko in favor of Kreider…

  189. oleo, does that mean you won’t name your non-existent source!!!!????

    sorry, I shouldn’t have done that….bad mama, bad :)

  190. Potvin Rocks on

    CARP, et. al.:

    How much affect does the presence of Wade Redden in Hartford have on the young Whale/Ranger d-men have?

    How much coaching are these kids getting from Wade Redden, former all-star nhl-er playing alongside them?

    Sather’s signing and then “banishment” of Wade Redden may have been a BRILLIANT move, (not as brilliant as the Gomez for McDonuts heist though!!)

  191. I think the quality is fine. I’ve never seen a ‘real’ one. But at $41 a jersey i have no complaints.
    Sown on name & numbers, not plastic printing. Even has a fight strap.
    One thing though, they don’t come in S,M,L,XL, etc. they come in sizes 42,48,54, 58 etc.

  192. I think Wade Redden is the secret weapon. Probably responsible for the Defense, Ocho Cinco and Hagelin.

  193. Oleo…totally agree in re Kreider

    I just think is so against type for Torts to rush a kid, even one as talented as Kreider, who doesn’t know the system and who would have so much unnecessary pressure placed upon him that if it doesn’t work out, it might stunt his development a bit.

    Torts has always been willing to keep the future in mind when it comes to the kids and not rushing anyone even if it might be in the team’s short-term interest (e.g. Erixon staying in Hartford these past two weeks).

    I would be shocked to see Kreider get major minutes at any point this season including the playoffs. I think in terms of offensive spark plug, TLIKFN is the only one who is going to get a real shot.

  194. Evan

    not to mention he’d be playing strictly on the 4th line and the PP during the playoffs like Zuccarello is now…

  195. eddie eddie eddie on

    2 things:
    1. you leave town now. you stay gone, you be gone. you lost your LA privileges.
    2. you dont tell no one about this, this here is between you me and soon to be spending the rest of his short assen life in agonizing pain rapist here…..its no else’s business

  196. eddie eddie eddie on

    mr wolfe: (on the phone) what’s the address?….(scribbles) ok, that is 30 minutes away, I’ll be there in 10

    car screams to a stop 9 minutes 38 seconds later

  197. eddie eddie eddie on

    vincent vega: Is that the chick with all the carcillo in her face?

    Lance: no, that’s my wife

  198. eddie eddie eddie on

    Mrs Mia Wallace: are you telling me that my husband threw tony rocky horror off the 4th floor balcony because he massaged my feet?…when you guys get together, you’re worse than a sewing circle. Fact is, the only ones who know what happened up there were marcellus and tony….

  199. Tony heading to Phoenix next week to hit the ball around, what’s with the cold weather coming?
    March- Phoenix=perfect. Maybe to a coyotes game, non sell out as usual

  200. Thanks for the birthday wishes gang!

    I had a great day- flowers from my niece and nephew at work, breakfast from my team at work, then a great dinner with a friend.

    Also, I got an email at work announcing that NBCS was picking up tomorrow’s game and I was shocked, SHOCKED, I say, that nothing was said about it being picked up because Crosby was coming back. I thought all things to do with the game had to have a Crosby mention.

  201. I get tired of this Cross(by), badly animated character, already. Hard to imagine how noxiously bad it will be tomorrow. Ouch!

  202. Thanks, Latona!

    Can I get lunch points for my awesome dinner: Grilled shrimp bruschetta, caesar salad, lobster bake with lobster, scallops, mussels, shrimp and linguini in a garlic white wine sauce, cheddar bay biscuits and chocolate cake with ice cream. And sangria :)

  203. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=390354

    So Carp, what does this mean for the Rangers schedule for next season (assuming there is one on time) and the MSG renovations? Thought that was the same deal again next season. Does this mean that the team will play their first load of games all over North American instead? Interesting scenario now.


  204. William, I read somewhere that the Rangers would start the season on the West Coast and slowly work their way back east at the start of next season. Not sure how accurate it is, but that seems to make the most sense.

  205. Yeah I assume they would have to do that…. would be in their favor either way. Some West Coast games and plane rides out of the way early!


  206. DUckbill Plat-y-pus on

    I LOVE THE strife going on in knicksville! Melo extremely disliked at the garden and LALA looks horrific without tonnes of makeup. The only thing that is better than the current maelstrom is watching replays of Jon Starks’ classic 1994 Game 6 choke-a-rama!

  207. Fire D’Antoni!!! errr…wait….

    Great move! Fire a good coach because the carcillo-y ball hog is whining! Makes sense, right?

    I smell championship! For the Celts, that is!! Bwahaha!!

  208. Carp, there is still no guarantee that Kreider is going to be an NHL player that can make an impact now. None. Scouts and Sather can say whatever they want. Fact is, he is still a prospect with zero pro experience and a guy who has been reluctant to turn pro.

    While Mats Zuccarello is making things happen on offense (for a team that has problems scoring), he has to be kept around…right? Is the risk that great?

    I mean, what if he plays really well? He can earn Torts’ trust and stay for the long haul…

  209. “I remember MZA in one of the games in Europe took a stupid boarding penalty. I wonder if he takes a lot of penalties like that, and the one last night, in the AHL.”

    LOL! Softie Shanahan suspended him for that! That was one the first SHANABANs given out!

  210. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Landeskog should be hands down rookie of the year!!

    That is all!

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