Tortorella pre-game


Not even worth putting up the audio.

John Tortorella was asked if he can say whether Ryan Callahan’s or Michael Del Zotto’s injuries are getting to be more long-term at this point, and he said no. And he was asked if they’re both still day to day and he said yes.

This was one of those complete wastes of time for him to come to the pressroom. He had answered tons of questions yesterday after practice and so nobody had anything worthwhile to ask him pre-game (self included).

And since we already knew the deal with Henrik Lundqvist (flu) out, Martin Biron in and Chad Johnson up from Connecticut; and same lineup as Sunday — which means another shot for The Little Italian Kid from Norway — there sure wasn’t any news.

PS, TLIKFN (Mats Zuccarello) was absolutely mobbed outside the Garden a little while ago.


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  1. No impact, Bob. He was to be a UFA July 1, and his cap hit had already come off the books when he was Reddened.

  2. Thanks, Sally. We are enjoying it. Life is busy when you’re on vacation :-). Now mrs wants to go out, so I’ll be definitely watching DVR’d game. Let’s hope we see -5 hole- Marty tonight. See you afte the game, heads!

  3. I hear it gets 36 miles per gallon.

    I don’t know why these numbskulls can’t just go “no-touch icing” and avoid all the stupid penalties and injuries, and also — since the offending team can’t change players — avoid guys gassing themselves trying to get there and then being spent for the next faceoff.


  4. As I said in the previous thread: We either have to, (1) bring back the two-line pass and go with no-touch icing; or (2) eliminate fighting (which is a @red herring@) and solve no injury problems.

    No-touch icing is the only way to go here. Hybrid is stupid. Either leave it or go no-touch and save some people’s heads, shoulders, ankles, wrists and legs.

  5. This is always something I wondered. Considering that, unlike delayed penalties, icing is called or negated by contact alone, why don’t some players just sprawl out or dive towards the puck with their stick? I guess you run the risk of a tripping call or an injury, but you run the risk of injury every time you chase after an icing to begin with.

  6. Sioux-per-man on

    Zuccamania outside the Garden. Just don’t step on the little guy we need him tonight.

    You will have to get a picture of him standing next to Rupp and Boyle.

    Game day boys.

    Pretty excited to see Hags-Richie-Gabby. This line is going to be fast and furious tonight.

    Lets hope Zucc can power up the Power Play like the last game.


  7. I never buy shorts. I just cut off some jeans. Why pay for shorts when I can recycle some threadz?

  8. Hybrid icing is dumb. Either keep it like it is or go no-touch. If you’re a d-man and chasing after the puck what do you do if an opponent is right behind you? The same thing they do now! So, what good is it?

  9. The current situation is a major opportunity for MZA. If he can be a stimulant for the PP he can practically guarantee a spot on this roster, at least for the short term (season’s end). He increases his worth exponentially since a PP with some teeth is invaluable in the second season.

  10. I think if kreider signs torts goes with the 6-2 230 pounder with speed. Maybe he goes with both.

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