It’s Go Time!


Game 69.

Ya boys no longer on a losing streak … and everybody but them looking ahead to Pittsburgh and Sid the Skid Crosby Thursday. So I guess this is not a Must-win game.

Henrik Lundqvist is down with the flu, so Martin Biron starts in goal and Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson dresses as his backup.

Ryan Callahan (foot) and Michael Del Zotto (hip) remain out day to day. Mats Zuccarello remains in, as the Rangers go with the same lineup they used Sunday vs. the Islanders. That means John Scott and Jeff Woywitka are prucha’d. Sean Avery remains soon-to-be-retired.

Marc Staal plays against his brother, Eric … yes, that’s his brother. And Jeff Skinner used to be a ballerina or figure skater or synchronized swimmer or gymnast or something. I forget.


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  1. >>…so Martin Biron starts in goal…

    Oh dear! I wonder how many pucks will go between the pads.

  2. Any thoughts on the idea that this -forced- break might help Lundqvist kind of reset himself and come back playing the way he can rather than the way he has been over the last couple of weeks? I don’t think we can beat out the Pens for the first seed without that…

  3. Good news for me: the game is on NBCSN so I can watch it on the teevee.

    Good news for some: Doc Emrick is not calling the game (I like him).

    Good news for all: no figure skating videos, since the game isn’t on MSG.

    Good news for Thursday: another game for me on the teevee.

    Bad news for Thursday: NBCSN is picking up the Pittsburgh ROOT Sports broadcast. BARF.

    Anybody watching Western Kentucky vs. Mississippi Valley Stae with Jm Nantz? HELLO FRIENDS.

  4. Charlie
    i’m more concerned whether it’s just a 24 hour stomach flu or regular flu
    that could leave him too weak on thursday and unable to play.

  5. Civil War night, brother against brother!!!

    ‘cept our Staalsie is #4 d man now and won’t be matched up against the Concussionator very often

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Lets go!!!!

    LETS GO!!!!


    Get this partay started!!!!!

    Game time!!!!!!!

    LETS go go gog og og og og ogo ogo go go go go!!!!!

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    Take this thang boys!!!!


  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    lets go go go go go go gog og go go go!!!!!

    Keep winning is all we ask….and to see RICHARDS , wake the firetruck up finally!!!!

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Lets kick sum azzzzzzz!!!

  10. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Ugh. I hate that Hello Friends. Nantz has no friends, so I guess he has to pretend that the viewers are his friends.

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    awwww no Hank!!??? whaaaaa??? aw come on!! Biron sucks ( hate to say) awww geeezeee man !!! Hank yells at players to get outta his way and all Marty does is “…ummm…excuse me ..uhhh ummm your blocking my veiw of the shot….”

    Hank tells the muthas to get the hell outta his way!!!

  12. Mike Francesa is his friend, Tiki. He was asking Nantz to invite him to Augusta National this summer. Barf.

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Im pUmPeD but scared to see Biron in net!!!!



    First place , we are NUMBER ONE!!!

    Rangers are the best…lets go out and prove it…EVERYONE ( team) gets up to play us…its like were the friggin Stanley Cup champs or something?

  14. >>LOL @ Sanguinetti and the bad footage of him with NYR

    Yeah, I was a bit confused by that video montage. I guess MSG wanted to show Rangers fans why they got rid of him?

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    What Sally said as well!!


  16. LW also said “Steve Holt”. Carp, you need to watch Arrested Development, the second best TV show of all time.

  17. Boomer Esiason and Phil Simms are friends of Nantz, too, but they are also co-workers like Francesa, so I agree that Nantz has no actual friends.

  18. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Ugh. I cant stand Francesa either.

    Saw the stuff earlier. ilb was so proud of me last night at dinner for making things right w you Carp!!

  19. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    And even the Mrs. knows about stuff on the blog. She really likes Miami Pimp and thinks his stuff really funny…

  20. >>… but I don’t think any of the GA went 5-hole last time.

    Well then, let’s hope he keeps the streak going. He’s also due for shutout.

  21. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. Need points tonite….stay ahead of the Cindy’s…..Need big game from Biron……LGR

  23. This game could be so big if only the size of the space between Biron’s legs wasn’t even bigger

  24. LW, I haven’t posted anything in over 3 years, but that was the name of my livejournal.

  25. Let’s Go Rangers!!

    It would be nice to go into Thursday’s game with a six point lead on the Diving Cindys. I’m disgusted with the drama of Cindy’s big return.

  26. Evening gang!

    Staal brothers game= drinking game!

    May horselips get boils on his assen and not be able to play on Thursday.


  27. I’m proud of you, too, tiki. I just saw one of your best friends here at MSG.

    Sally, you meant B&B, right?

  28. what was the name of the guy who was the p.a. announcer at MSG before Tollesson and his dead eyes took over? I still prefer that dude’s voice.

    also, why is Uncle Junior singing the National Anthem?

  29. Carp, yes. I meant Beavis & Butthead. Best show of all time!

    Thank you, drive through.

  30. don’t know what the hell you guys were talking about, but that was Johnny Ola who sang the national anthem. He’s the reason Fredo went fishing and didn’t come back.

  31. Dear Rangers,

    You are playing both days surrounding my birthday. While I would LOVE all 4 points, I want 2 as a minimum. Preferably the 2 coming tonight.


  32. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Gaborik is SICK!!!!!!

    QUIK HANDS!!!!



  33. If that was Fedotenko’s stick that hit Jokinen, the league has already established that is not an offence.

  34. Too much time in the Ranger end

    Yippee…Bonus coverage on NBC….Cindy vs Rangers Thursday

  35. What? Crosby’s coming back? Is there a Stall on the Penguins? Is there one on the Hurricanes? Did Jeff Skinner ever do anything else but play hockey? Is Bobby Sanguinetti still a top prospect? Is Rick DiPietro playing anymore?

  36. jpg:

    yeah but I sort of thought anyone who claimed to know anything about hockey would know “flying” meant “skating quickly”

  37. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    wow, that’s a freakin circus clown tie torts is wearing ! if it was any bigger, it would be another shirt

  38. i have no idea why i jumped into the Lloyd (current) mess

    i just think they want to bust your cojones there Lloyd.
    use ice. it’ll help.

  39. This might be ONE time that I glad its an NBCS game so I don’t have the hear the Staalsarebrothers allllllllllll time time. Also, it’s saving my liver, lol.

  40. MickeyM
    i think the ‘cane defender tipped it.
    hoping that was the reason and not that Hags has Higginstitis

  41. they cut out the part where Tortorella said, “And they best way to showcase that is to line him up with Mike Rupp.”

  42. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Mickey, it’s either 2 points, 4 points, or shooting on net, you cannot have all 3 lol

  43. Blogmama – What’s NN?

    How come the Rangers don’t use a third “A” while Callahan is out? Girardi was an alternate while Staal was out, right?

  44. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    4-0 Lightning. I wish I was at that game. I couldve actually had Lightning fans on my side.

  45. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    thanks a bunch jpg!!

    Well Mickey, they are men, they can only give you one thing at a time lol

  46. Side note: It doesn’t seem like any teams have a different player wear the C while their captain is out. Have rules changed such that A’s are allowed to talk to refs and they don’t need to name a captain for each game? I thought it was cool whenever Leetch would wear the C when Messier was out.

  47. Almost as excellent as going to buy some presents with your homies or leaving the gate open.

  48. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    oh man, its gonna be all fuggin crosby all the damned time the next few days

    Zucca is gonna tap him on Thursday and sausage lips will be out for the next 3 months

  49. Does anybody know what happened to the dude who used to run this blog? I think his name was Sam.

  50. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    stealing it and using it to pay for drugs… i’m about to fall off the chair. That IS some expensive laundry detergent lol

  51. Hartford was no fun…limited OJ and no Wi-Fi in the lobby. Time for my next career move! Modeling, restauranteur, sunglasses spokesman – the sky is the limit!

  52. “I thought he brought something we know he has, the creativity of the game. He’s very well liked in the locker room, very well respected in our locker room. He brings a creativity. He sees the ice. It’s a gift that he has.” Torts

    Torts hates Zuccarello…

    Zuccarello will never be a Ranger again…

    Zuccarello is a career minor leaguer…

  53. who was the dummy who said the Rangers were dominating this game

    Brian Leetch and Marc Staal who’s, you know, on the team, seem to feel otherwise

  54. complaint for first per we give up the blue line way too easy slow them down in neutral zone.

  55. NYR_FAN:

    Tortorella says a lot of things. He also said yesterday that he didn’t know if they’d be able to find a place him. Have to wait to see how things play out before reaching any conclusions. I happen to think he’ll find himself on the bench if he doesn’t play at an extremely high level.

  56. jpg's sister on

    carp, I’ve always wondered when players get the flu, don’t they get flu shots? If not, why not?

  57. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    So I guess since we got 3 power play goals last game, we wont be seeing a power play this game?

    That’s a good call

  58. AA just upgrade his status to “2 quarters-a-dozen”. Rupp still in a “junk bonds” status, Biron – “penny stocks”…

  59. i got a flu shot in october and got the flu a couple weeks ago.

    but i’m not the king, just a loyal subject

  60. jpg’s sister. they do get flu shots. ilb explained it better that I did earlier, that the flu for which you get inoculated isn’t necessarily the flu they get … which is sometimes a stomach virus that they call the flu .. or something. I don’t know. A trainer told me there are so many strains of flu that the shot can’t protect you from all of them. Again, I don’t know.

  61. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i hope there is a stream available on thursday because i do NOT want to listen to the lick and suck fest that the announcers on that game will be having

  62. eric:

    I guess. He looked like a tool on that giveaway earlier but he’s been better since then. I don’t think he’s been tested as much as the two Ranger lackey announcers would have you believe, but he’s been as good as he’s had to be.

  63. hey Linda!
    trying to decide whether to just stay in a movie theater all night on thursday
    or just down a bottle of Robitussin and wake up friday afternoon
    and find out the final score.

  64. agree Carp

    put the tv on mute and just blast some good music on the stereo
    (calming music)

  65. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lmfao you are most definitely correct Carpy!!

    jpg, pass on the robitussin.. just go to the movies without your phone lol

  66. Not sure of you guys heard this or not but Crosby is coming back on Thursday! I repeat – Crosby is coming back on Thursday!

    His has been a public service announcement.

  67. You know, if I hear one more mention of Thursday’s match against Pittsburgh, I will boycott it.

  68. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    this clap clap clap your hands tune sucks. it should only be played at Chuck E Cheese and basketball games lol

  69. I think the whole argument the NHL makes that fans want to see the league’s stars is so funny, because I’d bet a large majority of you guys would be perfectly happy if Crosby (and Malkin) missed Thursday’s game. Just like they used to cheer here when Mario was announced as a scratch.

  70. need to show a little more action in the canes zone.
    we’re in decent control in our zone but it would nicer if we were 172 feet away from Marty

  71. I will be at a bar for at least the start of the game, if not the entire game on Thursday. I’m ok with that actually. Saves me from the Crosby love fest

  72. Rangers haven’t done a whole lot in this game apart from the goal and the last few minutes of the first

  73. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Brad Richards, baby!!!! Welcome to NY!!!

    This is like an addiition at the trade deadline!!!

  74. Carp

    i’m sure you know some of the NHL guys see if they’d go off the record
    in regards to cindy’s absence.

    i think him not being around allowed soooooooooooooooooooooooo many other players
    to be promoted and in turn that helped the game.

  75. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    what a freakin fantastic time for our big boys to get going! Think HageMe needs to stay with them

  76. Wow, just found. *Lloyd*, what that personal attack came from? What do you know about my gene pool? I didn’t call you a clinical idiot…yet, which you obviously are. But it seems you are also a bigot.

  77. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Linda, one day youre gonna have to explain all your nicknames to me!


  78. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on


  79. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    4ever, just ignore Lloyd. If he knew the person you were and the intelligence that you have, he’d feel like an idiot for his comment.

  80. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    B Plus because carp said that on one of his recent radio interviews between periods.
    Mr. Edchards because of Mr ed lol
    SweLi short for Swedish Lightning

  81. i don’t even really blame Biron on that goal
    Girardi and Staal and (?) kept playing around
    and didn’t get the puck out.

  82. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Youre a genius Linda! :)

    I dont understand what just happened. Effing A. We just allowed this to become a game again.

  83. sheeeeeeeeeeeshus!!!!

    3 on 2
    bad coverage and Biron bending
    (bad luck of where tipped puck went)


  84. did you really expect this to be easy with Biron? MZA is probably on his way to CT now…. he better hope for like 5 PPs in the 3rd to prove himself…

  85. for all you MZA supporters his mind less penalty has turned this freaking game around. 200 ft from his net. bench the kid

  86. yeah Carp

    nhl brass probably are pro-cindy
    that’s why i mentioned if you knew someone that would be little more forthcoming
    especially off the record.

    and if they can’t see that cindy’s absence hasn’t allowed those interested in hockey and even casual fans to grasp more (to love) about the nhl
    then they’re just pathetic morons.

  87. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Guess we’re not gonna get anymore power plays…

    I dont know what these 2 bums are talking about, we get more power plays than our opponents on most nights. Ill look it up, but I doubt it. And even if we do, its only because they know we cant score on it.

  88. With all seriousness you can’t blame Marty for any of this two…
    He was good so far, IMO.

  89. Honestly, the NHL should be selling a guy like Lundqvist, who is as good a spokesman as there is, does tons of community work, gets it in every sense, and, oh yeah, plays in the media capital of North America.

  90. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    ok, that guy toweling off the stick … that belongs on pay per view

  91. Olga Folkyerself on

    Lloyd is just a bored islander fan. He’s had nothing to do since late October.

  92. Carp
    why you blaming the goalie?
    i mean there was a
    a goal-mouth deflection and a wide-open rebound.

  93. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    yea, i’m chilling with the HD feed tonight,and his stroking motion was very highly defined lol

  94. Carp
    agree about promoting Hank
    and i’m sure that there are 28 other players that could be promoted
    some of which actually did get a bit of a boost this season
    due to talking about someone else in the nhl.

  95. Can’t even really get on Biron for those goals

    It’s just like Drury 1.5 is having the fluke game of his career and the Rangers have dominated every second since the opening faceoff

    Crazy stuff went on

  96. “for all you MZA supporters his mind less penalty has turned this freaking game around. 200 ft from his net. bench the kid”

    Blame the refs… Give me a break….

  97. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    So we have 230 power play opportunities to 218 power play opportunities against.

    The Hurricanes have 247 and 202, respectively.

    So we get a couple more, but the Hurricanes likely get more than their opponents in most games.

  98. Olga Folkyerself on

    Fedotenko would have drawn 4 minutes if he could make his eyes bulge out like Parenteau did.

  99. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    ilb, if you read this later on tonight…

    I know exactly who to blame for the 2 Hurricanes goals. It was Blogmama. Once we went up 3-0, she probably told CT this game’s over, and thats bad luck. And I always warn her about it too!

  100. Boom Boom thinks they should have pulled the goalie in the first period. where did he go? guess he got mad when I called him a floppy-footed clown and a racist.

  101. Brad Richards on

    Love this little guy who keeps getting me the puck. He does all the work and I get to snipe.


  102. Rollin Dubious on

    Agreed Eric. Why can’t I have a bowl of ice cream in peace for once in a3rd period…

  103. Intermissions are borrrrrrrrrrring.

    That call on Zucc was horrific. Hell, the reffing in the league is horrific over the past few months

  104. Linda – I tried to get the master of animated GIFs (no pun intended), bubbaprog on Twitter to make one for the towel-stick motion, but alas he had the game in SD as well and couldn’t do it. :(

  105. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    aw damn!! it was hilarious and would have been well received on the BH FB lol

  106. Time for Feds to start scoring a little. This team needs secondary scoring to finish teams.

  107. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i did not contribute to the afternoon hijinx, just busted my gut laughing at what Manny and Sally were posting up

  108. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    No stoppages for the under 14 TV timeout, so we’re gonna have 3 tv timeouts in the final 9:41 unless there’s a lack of stoppages.

  109. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    sheesh Orr, they were up 4-1 at one point, did they pull the goalie for 30 minutes?

  110. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on


  111. Tiki XLII XLVI on







  114. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lmfao Spider
    MIKED!!!!!!!! Long time buddy!!

    Rangers fans, you’re new numbah one line! The Slovak Leprechaun, Mr. Edchards, and HeMan Hagelin

  115. basically
    there are spots in Staal’s game that i wasn’t happy with last year
    and i’m happy that he’s come back but there are still certain decisions
    that he makes that cause me to pull out what’s left of the hair on my head

    there were a couple incidents tonight but i can’t think of ’em now.
    i know it’s a game of mistakes but it’s as if Girardi has improved when he was split
    from Staal yet Staal is still stuck in the same mental zone as last year.

  116. jpg, I completely agree with you. I just didn’t get the reference. I mentioned that he’s in love with the stick check in front — in other words, that he was at fault on the goal.

  117. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    linzo, the carpster made the beetle bailey reference earlier in the season

  118. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    McBain, that name just cracks me up! So close to the drummer for Iron Maiden

  119. Lin, I’m glad you busted your gut. I had fun with Manny. Worked a 10-hr day and got NOTHING done. Success!

  120. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Skinner makes me think of the simpsons lol
    and we have a state senator here named Cam Ward.. just cracks me up

  121. I don’t know about you guys but when I see Brad Richards, all I can think is Chris Drury part 6

  122. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i gotta go back and read the rest, i had to get back to work so missed the rest of the hilarity

  123. how d-baggish of nbc. didn’t bother to wait for the game’s number 1 star.
    of course it would never do that if it was………

    oh Linda!!
    i think it may be a movie and Robitussin!!
    i wonder if Fantasia is playing in the area.

  124. Biron played better when he didn’t think he was going to play.
    hmmmmmmmmmm…..maybe Torts and Sully should keep that in mind.

  125. Give Biron a credit (whiteeyed eagle won you 12 games), no, really he was very good and solid today without any reservations.

  126. I’m thinking we might need to capture jpg and keep him locked up in a dark room for Thursday, with no internet, no tv, no nothing.

  127. Linda, I been here everyday. just not commenting as much. what it do?
    Not much reason to riot this season hahaha

  128. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    he’s forbidden mickey! told him 2 days ago, no phone, no tv, no radio, no wife, no sister, no blog, no tin foil hat… dark closet with earmuffs on for 3 hours

  129. Why doesn’t MSG hire Brian Leetch full-time? The Duguay and Pidto experiment is not working out.

  130. I Rarely Speak on

    no way Leetch wants to do this full time.. he is by far the BEST analyst on the network.. and probably one of the best analysts in the whole league

  131. Whew! That was good win! Scary moments with that Staal breakaway post-hit, though. Thought we had a tie game.

    I’m away from home, and couldn’t comment during the game, but I was watching and wishing I could participate in the banter here.

  132. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Hagelin is looking awesome lately, maybe I was/will be wrong with about him.

  133. Stanger Nation on

    Does Cally play with Step and Artie when he comes back? tough to break up B Rich/Gabby/Hags

  134. Anyone get the feeling Dubinsky is not long for this team if he doesn’t get his butt in gear?

  135. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Andrew Gross:Torts, though, still not convinced in long-term future of Hagelin-Richards-Gaborik. “I don’t know if it’s going to work.”

    sERIOUSLY? that has to be sarcastic lol

  136. I really hope Cally can play on Thursday! I’m gonna be at the game and wan to see him score a few on the flower!

  137. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    vogs, after hags scored and he was sitting on the bench next to dubi, i was thinking, dubi must be a lil jealous lol

  138. Tortorella was serious when he said that, and also basically gave himself credit for putting them together after he was the one who refused to play them together for nearly the entire season. Has to remind everyone he’s the coach lest you had a moment to forget it. Stuff like that is what bugs me about Tortorella.

  139. Stanger Nation on

    Iona was up by 28, now by 15 – still first half – more run and gun than tonite’s hockey game.

  140. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Lloyd, that’s crazy that he was serious. Wasn’t Richards brought here to be the pp savior and to play with Gabby? The whole Gabby experiment didn’t work because they couldn’t find the proper 3rd wheel. Well, lets give this trio a few games to see what happens.

    dwarf lord lol

  141. “I would look to trade Hagelin to say Detroit or Minnesota for a 2nd round pick. We simply have too much depth and too many better prospects and veterans in AHL, he will just waste away here.”

    “Hagelin doesn’t impress me at all and if we can get a 2nd or 3rd rounder for him we should move him.”

    “Hagelin is 23, but looks and plays like he is 18-19. I thought he was going to be a lot more like Stepan or Mike York and look really ready for NHL, but he isn’t and we need to get a draft pick in return for him or it is going to be another wasted asset.”

    “Hagelin totally lacks physical game. You can’t bea 3rd or 4th liner in NHL if you don’t hit. Also a 3rd or 4th liner needs to be stronger on the puck, better along the boards and protect the puck better. I don’t see him as an effective NHLer on a good team. Maybe on a bad one where he is on top 2 lines and on PP.”

    Bob’s pre-season pearls of wisdom…

  142. Linda:

    Dunno but he’s been opposed to them playing together for the whole season. Now that they’re having success together, he doesn’t have much of a choice but to keep them together. The way he tried to spin it is that Hagelin is the reason the line is so good, which I guess is his way of reminding you that ultimately Tortorella is the reason the line is working. But yeah, he loves to hedge when situations like this occurr and has to say things like, “well, it’s working now but we don’t know if it will continue to work.” I don’t think anyone is under any illusions about the permanence of anything in this life, let alone the first line putting up 9 points in a game. You’d think it would be enough to say they played well and move on.

  143. LW3H:

    I don’t know who Bob is but I don’t recall anyone projecting Hagelin to be anywhere near the player he is when he was first called up. It was more like, “here’s a guy to give the team some speed.” No one who said anything about Carl Hagelin at the time, including all the so-called experts and the Rangers organization said they thought they guy would wind up on the first line in four months.

  144. Only saw second half and Hags looked liked the best player out there and our Staal was scary, no?

  145. yes but let’s not forget that bust Brad Richards, he was terrible but scored two goals


  146. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Lloyd, hopefully they will have the opportunity to play more than a few games together and continue the success they had tonight. We definitely need to roll 4 lines from here on out, and if these guys have some magic going between them, there’s no reason to split them up. Richards seems to have broken out of his 3 month slumber in a big way, and as someone mentioned earlier, with Hags speed and willingness to do the dirty work, he’ll be dishin to both Richards and Gabby.

  147. Not to throw water on the fire, but I’ll be much more convinced about this R-G-H
    line if they do well against a good team. I’m not thinking the Icelanders and Carolina are much of a test.

    I just hope that Boyle, Prust and Fedo, who were average tonight, took a night off. They could use it.

    Staal keeps on making bonehead outlet passes and turning the puck over. Yes, he is playing a lot of minutes, but I would think his brother saw a very different Mark then when he played before his brother-induced concussion.

    I keep on wondering it they’re all just trying to lick their many wounds and , oh yea, if they can finish first, fine. But, if not, fine.

    With Washington moving up to 1st place in their division shortly and either Florida or Ottowa in 7th or 8th place, it gives new meaning to finishing first.

  148. I like the 2 points in the bag! Thank you Rangers for getting those. Now time for some victory ice cream

  149. Exactly, 4ever.

    Also, what’s the coach supposed to say? Yes, they will be together forever, and from now until the end of time? Jeez, do two games against awful teams — one of which mailed it in — really make you go gaga over a line? Can you say Czechmates?

  150. Orr Staal had a bad third period, don’t know about the first two, but he is progressing nicely for the run.

  151. Stanger Nation on

    Watching Staal and Girardi on the PK in that sequence really makes one appreciate McD

  152. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Carp, it has to start somewhere. I don’t think they’ll crap the bed Thursday… maybe not get another 9 points between the 3 of them, but i’d say six could be possible. :-) And i am convinced that they will NOT lose to the pen()s

  153. To clear up the flu discussion above, the vaccination is against the influenza virus, which is referred to as the flu for short. The actual influenza virus, when you get it, is very nasty. – severe headaches, muscle fatigue and achiness, fevers and mild congestion. Can take a week or more to get over, so if you can’t afford that kind of time in your life like the rangers you get the shot.

    However, people slangily refer to any sort of viral infection as the flu. So a stomach virus caused b an enterovirus is referred to as a stomach ” flu” but it is not in any way related to influenza. Similarly, when people have a really bad upper respiratory infection that’s not a clear bacterial infection like a step throat or sinusitis or pneumonia, it’s caused by a virus and so slangily it gets referred to as a flu. But it is not the influenza virus that you get vaccinated against.

    Make sense?

  154. word has it that Dubinsky was seen before the game schooling Mitchell, Prusty and Boyle, on shooting the puck wide of the net….Fedotenko and the Rangers defense (sans McD) joined in.

  155. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    Auto correct Hernia’s really mean the flu? So hip pointers mean boo boo knees?

  156. Lin, some people (around the NHL) are wondering if the Rangers should even show up Thursday, or if they will just rest guys since they have no chance.

    I think they’ll have a huge game … especially if Callahan somehow returns.

  157. Of course not, Lloyd. That would’ve been a stretch almost as big as construing a complimentary remark about Hagelin after today’s game into some sort of demonstration of the coach’s ego.

    Point is, it was slightly premature then (as a few of us pointed out) to write the guy off as a wasted asset when he hadn’t played a single game of pro hockey.

  158. Flames up 2-1. Iginla breaks the tie with his 30th. Go Flames!

    I really wish the Sharks wouldn’t make the playoffs. Jumbo Joe sucks! Soft!

  159. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    So mommy “I don’t wanna go to school today” is not the flu? Who knew?

  160. Carp, at what point, in watching a new line that ‘seems’ to have some chemistry, do you begin thinking it’s truly there? IOW, do Leetchie and Trautwig and so positive this is for real. Your thoughts? Think they are?

  161. Rick S wins in Al & MS it’s like watching a train wreck on Fox. They don’t know what to do. Fascinating

  162. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    Penny should sing soft kitty to Lundqvist. Wife might not like that though…

  163. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Carp, once again, you are correct! Screw everyone else. This team is gonna be balls to the wall on Thursday. Gonna have a great showing against the golden Kaletas. Gonna be a rough and tumble game, but I truly feel the Rangers will spite the league and win the game! Thus, making millions of people happy lol! And giving Mickey 2 belated birthday points

  164. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GySgt.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. I, for one, think that this Gaborik Richards Hagelin line is only the second line all season that Ive truly had 100% excitement and confidence in. The other line being the GAS line. This one is far better though. And dont ever forget who on this blog were 100% behind Richards signing up until today. Never falling off the bandwagon and calling for his head.

  166. great game. obviously the hagelin line was out of their mind..

    wow hagelin and mcdonut have been huge suprises this year…

    i thought MZA looked good tonight…all is good again in Rangerland… THe fedetenko interference was a joke call.

    yep why show up on thursday they are playing the greatest team ever created and the ref’s will be in rare form.. brething on cindy is a 5 minute major………

  167. Not for a while, matty. But it looks great now, and I could never have imagined this team being where it is without those two being together and playing like this.

  168. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao no doubt

    so, does sheldon cooper scott get a sweater Thursday to deal with that piece of carcillo cooke?

  169. Stanger Nation on

    Stuart = tru that – we will play four men down all game; 2 refs & 2 linesman. Tonite there were many missed Canes penalties and some head scratching phantom calls – MZA, Feds

  170. you know what?
    i don’t care if Gabby plays with Richards or Prust or Scott or……
    as long he continues to work hard, be responsible in the d zone and score goals.
    same with Richards

    and if that happens with the two of them on one line or two lines
    it doesn’t matter!!

    what matters are the results!!

  171. Congratulations, Olga. Chicago came from behind and won in toughest game. I was rooted for them.

  172. Great night! stick salute and Carp helmet nuzzles and grand fun with CTB!…life is so good…

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