Rangers-Islanders in review



1) I did a lot of kidding the last few days about “Must-win” games and I really don’t believe there are any such things until you get to a game you really must win, like Game 82 the last two seasons, and Game 5 against Washington last spring. That doesn’t mean last night’s game wasn’t important. It was. The sooner they got a point, then two, the better. I don’t think this team, the way it plays, the way the players approach games, will really ever go into a downward spiral, though.

2) I know that a lot of you didn’t like the way the game was going, or the way it went, but the Rangers really did dominate the game by a large margin. Other than, you know, the goals. And let’s be honest, two of them were kind of fluky — Girardi banks one off Tavares’ glove; Moulson scores that one off the top of the Green Monster —  and the third comes off a deflected pass and a breakaway out of the penalty box. They really didn’t allow much more, and Henrik Lundqvist, who actually laughed at the way he played in the first two periods, didn’t have to make a whole bunch of big saves.

3) He sure was big, though, in the third and OT. Wasn’t he?

4) I can’t imagine what the referees saw that allowed them to call the four-minute penalty on Derek Stepan for a stick that didn’t draw blood (that’s not the definition), but certainly didn’t cause an obvious injury (causing injury is the definition).

5) The penalty on Brian Boyle for boarding Tavares? Pansification. If anything, I thought the Anisimov hit on Okposo was closer to being boarding. But I don’t think either should have been a penalty.

6) PS, in case you wonder why people, especially teammates, like Boyle, it’s because of his willingness to do things like get hit with pucks in all three zones — standing in front of the net on two goals last night despite being all banged up. And in case you wonder why the media likes him, it’s not just that he’s bright, always available and thoughtful and pleasant. It’s because he says stuff like “I think we hate to lose more than we love to win.” That might be this year’s “It’s Just Pain.”

7) Mats Zuccarello. I enjoyed the part where John Tortorella said the Rangers hadn’t seen some of the passes he made, all season, and that some of them surprised some of the players. But I don’t know if he’s staying when Ryan Callahan gets back. I don’t know who he replaces. I think he ought to get a shot to stay, though … make a decision, give him a look on the PP again. How could it hurt to take out one of the fourth-liners? Plus, if you get to one of those silly skills games, he can be a weapon. TLIKFN looked really funny next to John Scott and Mike Rupp in warmups. Like somebody threw a toy on the ice.

8) The Rangers were really, really good and patient with that winning 4-on-3 power play despite the idiotic chant in the building which grew: “Shoot the puck! Shoot the puck!” That’s one time you don’t want to just fire it because there’s so much time and space. Officially they were 1-for-8 on 4-on-3 PPs before last night, so I’m going to have to go back and look. I thought they won at least one other game during a 4-on-3 in OT (in Boston on the Ference penalty maybe?)

9) By the way, I was told definitively that the spotlights in the renovated Garden have not been changed, that they’re the exact same lights they’ve always had. I thought I’d noticed more glare on the ice, but it could be because of the different angle of the new pressbox. And if I was wrong, that’s totally different — because, first, I didn’t complain about it, and second, it doesn’t matter if I did. But Tim Thomas? Just shut up.

10) Are you guys glad you don’t have to see the Islanders again? Imagine. Most teams would be happy to have a few games left with them down the stretch. John Tavares=Monster.

11) Worst stat in sports: +/- … Five Rangers were -1 … Girardi, Staal, Gaborik, Boyle and Zuccarello. All the others were even. Five Islanders were +1. All the others were even.

12) I can’t for the life of me figure out why the Islanders didn’t trade Evgeni Nabokov before the deadline.

13) Not saying X+Y=Z. But Brandon Dubinsky misses virtually all of three games, and the Rangers go 0-3 and stink in third periods. Dubinsky comes back, the Rangers win with a strong third period. But boy, oh boy, do they miss the captain.

14) If Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik could both play like that the rest of the way — and Gaborik has all season — watch out.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brad Richards.
2) Brian Boyle.
3) Marian Gaborik.
Cindy Crosby’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brad Richards.
2) Marian Gaborik.
3) Brian Boyle.

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  1. Just drove like Senna from Manizales to Bogota!
    6.5 hours of mountain hairpins and passing trucks on winding roads at night
    Amped and extra happy with a ranger victory!

  2. Ah, Septemous….

    Now you know how it feels having to drive down storm king mountain in a semi with glare ice in patches on the curves in the road and looking down at the Hudson, as a reminder of where you could wind up with the slightest mistake.

    At times the little guy resembled a crazed gerbil out there,dashing hither and yon.

  3. Carp, love your reviews. Sooo glad Zucca is back, hope he stays for at least 5 more games so we can see him play. I’m bringing Norwegian chocolatehearts for you so hope to see you at MSG.

  4. This is why I kept harping on the team to bring up MZA and give him a real shot. He can provide a spark as we’ve seen last year, but now he has to get his confidence up and start to take shots. I remember him having a pretty good shot last year, and there were a few examples last night where he needed to shoot instead of make the extra pass.
    Like Carp said, when Callahan comes back, give him a chance and sit a 4th liner. The guy has some skill, and he’s only going to get better and gain confidence by getting more ice time. Unless he starts making egregious turnovers and takes bad penalties, he should be given regular shifts.
    And who cares about his size….there are plenty of smaller players in the league making a difference.
    In the 2nd period intermission, he looked focused and humbled to be up with the team again. Take advantage of this Zucc!

  5. Was at the game last night. So much easier to evaluate a game live than on TV. Great review as always CARP!


    1. I had a great view of the Boyle hit on Tavares. That call was NONSENSE! It looked like Tavares might have gone down without Boyle even touching him.

    2. PA went down like he was shot with a bullet. Saw no blood on the ice and had now idea why the rangers got a double minor.

    3. CARL HAGELIN: Whoever is responsible for drafting this kid deserves a bonus. SPEED is a great weapon in the NHL and the kid creates something almost everytime he is on the ice. He is amazing using that speed in tight spots, like behind the net. He will spin, accelerate and skate out in front and create chances. Nabakov had to make a great save on the breakaway. The breakaway was as a result of Hags putting on the Jets!

    4. There has been a lot of complaining about him, but Stu Bickel is a solid NHL defenseman. He had a very good game last night. His positioning is good and he is tough. Another find out of no where by the Ranger staff.

    5. I would have gladly suffered through the worst season in Ranger history for a chance to draft John Tavares. he is indeed a MONSTER. Unfortunately, I think this is the tip of the iceberg and h will only get better. He will be considered one of the best players in the league in short order. Can’t believe he is an icelander.

    6. I agree with CARP. The Rangers DOMINATED this game. Unlucky bounces on all three Islander goals, especially the first two.

    7. What a relief when that puck went in the net! I was dreading a BCATGE!


  6. Carp, serious question, u say ur not a fan or emotionally invested but when the Gardens rocking or loud like when they score in OT u dont get a little excited or amped up? I cant imagine being there for so many games like that and not going a little nuts for an OT win….i was screamin where i was and the game was on mute in the bar lol….and btw love Zucc goin back at the dudes tryin to bully him in front of Nabokov….kid got heart

  7. Sioux-per-man on

    Top 10 !!!

    Gabby game winner in overtime!

    I really liked what Zucc brought to the table last night!!!

  8. I also like what scotch brings to a night out, but that doesn’t mean this bunch of clowns is winning even one game in the playoffs.

  9. Didn’t look good against a team that they should be beating by 3 goals every time.

    Chara and co. had the perfect day for taking out Malkin and missed. — Will post link for difibulater offer for Thursday game.

  10. Now that the bleeding has stopped we can take care of the Canes tomorrow. The then end jump on Pitt early and often. They’ll be coming off 3 days rest, so maybe they’ll time to get their legs. (I always happens to us). And make 87&71 miserable.

  11. Good morning all!

    I am with you Banj, I would like to see a strong game Tuesday and see what we can do with a Pens team playing very well. It sounds like Crosby will play so it will make it that much tougher.


  12. Good morning all! Let Zucca play!!!!
    I thought that game was crazy !!! Had I been there, I probably would have been arrested for throwing myself on the ice and tackling Gabby with glee for saving us from the BCATGE. Super excited to actually be at games Tuesday and Thursday!

  13. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    They did exactly what I said they needed to do the other day on the power play to be successful — hold onto the puck and draw players to you. Three days ago I said they should call Zuke up and that if Brad Richards starts playing with the puck more we would have a good power play and there you go.

  14. Hey Carp, who is the CINDY CROSBY THREE RANGER STARS under your 3 stars of the game? It may be an inside thing but I missed it.

  15. Good morning, boneheads!

    I have to be on the courts in a few, just checking in. Good win last night. They were a better team, but had to play against all the bad bounces, questionable calls etc.

    MZA should stick around, IMO.
    Again, Bickel is making his case to be considered for the contract. Strongly.

    Most importantly, don’t look now, but Brad Richards….Shhhhh….

  16. Artie, each game Carp is letting someone else name the three stars of the game to compare to his.

  17. About Zuccarello….. I like the kid and he was useful on the PP. But, I think to play in the NHL at that size, you have to be a special talent like Marty St. Louis and I don’t think Zucc is that guy. He is tiny. when he was lined up next to Boyle it was hilarious. He doesn’t belong on the 4th line like some have suggested.

  18. Carp,
    I told you last night the 3 stars were 1. Richie 2. Gabby 3. Hags unanimous. Boyle did play well though, still not a big fan and he did blow the game against Chicago.

  19. Torts has to give a bit of a jolt to their d now…bring erixon up…eminger sat out the entire 3rd period and bickel is not going to be very effective in the playoffs…

  20. Thanks, Blog. And I found myself saying at the TV, pansification!!! All calls, the ones that we got and the ones that they got, were pretty pansy-ish!!!! The Tavares call against Boyle was a joke and I think players, now, instead of jsut whipping their heads back when sticks come near them, will call out the trainers to attend to them so the refs’ thinkthey’re hurt and call a4 minute penalty. Oh, and then, before the puck is dropped, go to the locker-room to make it look like I need medical help!!! PA the puddy-cat!!

  21. I don’t care what line Zuccarello plays on or how small he is. The Rangers scored 3 PP goals last night and he was on the ice for all 3 of them.

    He stays on the PP until further notice and if that means putting Mitchell (whom I like) in Prucha land then so be it…

  22. Really glad that Torts realized the passing skill that the ^hobbit wizard^ brings to the game. It even surprised me to see some of those tape-to-tape passes he can rip off. Nice to have some skill added to the team and man-oh-man does he add more depth to the team than John Scott.

    Boyle, who is a dime-a-dozen, was really something on the PP. Parked in front of the net and using those “horrible hands” that he has.

  23. Amen, oleo. I like Mitchell as well. I don’t know if he’s the guy to sit when Callahan comes back but honestly, why rush it? If Boyle is banged up give him a night off.

    The ^Hobbit Wizard^ played 3 games in 3 nights.

  24. It’s true about Brad Richards playing well. If he continues to go with a “shoot first, create later” mentality…that could be great for us.

  25. Yes, Zucc was on the PP and he helped. It is my opinion that he won’t end up playing with this team in the long run. But, that is just my opinion. I would never tell anyone here that they don’t know what they are talking about or don’t understand the game if they disagree with me. I thought the key to the PP last night was Richards. If he plays like that, the PP will be better with our without Zucc.

  26. I have to share my Boyler moment. My friend and I helped the Rangers warm up before the Valentine’s massacre in Boston. OK, so this consisted mostly of Sylvia sitting in the goal-judge chair taking pictures while I yelled at them to hit the net, both of us flinching with the barrage of pucks banging the glass in front of our faces (hence, hit the net). The onslaught had stopped and most of the guys were doing 2-3 man drills. Syliva was looking back through her pictures. Boyle skated up on net, tried some moon-walking, forward-backward, trick shot that missed and thunked the glass smack in front of Sylvia making her almost fall out of the seat. Boyle noticed and met my eye with the cutest smirk ever as I laughed at her. It hit me right then what a sweetheart he is, and how personable. He chose to acknowledge a moment with a fan and made my century. I have no doubt that everyone adores him.

    And, I knew we would win that game when the buzzer rang for the end of practice. All of the Bruins were already back in the locker room but the Rangers didn’t want to get off the ice.

  27. When the fans started chanting “Shoot the Puck” I almost turned off my TV. I love my fellow Rangers fans, but after having season tickets for 6 years, I quickly realized that they aren’t necessarily the smartest fans in the world.

    They don’t realize that in those situations especially, when you have that type of advantage, you don’t just want to shoot the puck as much as you can. You want to move the puck around get the d out of position and get the goalie off his line. In that situation, if you shoot and miss the net, the puck is almost a guarantee to go out of the zone (different than a 5-on-4).

    Plus, the Isles were blocking all the shooting lanes. I’ve never been a big proponent of just shooting the puck on PPs since you have more time to move it and guys at the NHL level block a lot of shots. You want to move it to open up shooting lanes so you can get a good shot with your own screen in front.

    I’m glad to see Richie, Steps, Gaby, and MZA kept with the plan of just moving the puck, being creative, and opening up those shooting lanes.

    Also, MZA showed creativity that not many on this club have. Not saying he should stay, but he reminds me of when Zherdev was around and would make passes most of his teammates (specifically Dubinsky) weren’t ready for. Seemed to have that confidence and creativity to do it.

  28. Up until this season I had never been to a Ranger game where they won in OT. I had been to games where the opposing team won in OT (including the sole loss in their last series vs the Devils in 2008). Now with last night’s game the last 2 games I’ve been to have both been Rangers wins in OT.

  29. Good points on Zucc. He may not be suited for a long season but he can help is a short stretch, especially to fill in as guys are banged up. Keep him here for now. When all are healthy, fouth line should be Dubi, Mitchell and Zucc. Gives you flexibility on the PK and PP with Dubi and Zucc, and adds a skilled shoot out guy if necessary. Rupp should sit IMO except for games like Philly – he’s going to play fewer minutes anyway from here on out. Scott is useless and should not see any more time (can’t skate, no one will fight him).

    I think the skill you gain from Zucc more than makes up for what you lose by sitting Rupp. Prust and Bickel can handle the rough stuff, especially if they learn to just say no to staged fights for no reason.

  30. Did anyone see Malkin’s hit on Boston’s Boychuck yesterday? If I had to guess I might say that he could be suspended and unavailable for Thursday’s game against the Rangers. It was a pretty brutal hit from behind. And if we don’t see Malkin then we’ll DEFINITELY be seeing Crosby.

  31. Thanks Carp, didn’t get to watch the game yesterday. Don’t forget the prime rib’s on me on the 17th. OR, do you think any of the garden cullinary institutions will have a corned beef special that night?

  32. Oh, and as far as Zucc goes… I hate to make this more than it might actually be but did he or didn’t he look like the missing ingredient on the power play? I mean, you get one guy who can pass the puck like that and all of a sudden the Rangers look like a team who might actually scare you with the man advantage. Who woulda thunk it?

    Not to mention, Torts keeps Zucc out for the PP in OT… for the ENTIRE PP. How do you send this kid down? I really think you can’t. And if you do while the power play looks like it MIGHT be coming around then you look like a dope. If the PP stumbles again, though, then that’s when they may send him down.

  33. Orr – He won’t be suspended because…

    a) he’s Malkin
    b) it’s too critical a time in the season
    c) it wasn’t an illegal hit
    d) it was an illegal hit but it wasn’t dirty enough to be suspended for
    e) all of the above
    f) none of the above

  34. So the Pens have won 9-in-a-row. I bet the last thing they want right now is three days off. Let’s stop that streak at 9!

  35. Zuccarello showed a lot of poise on the Power Play….gotta love the comments from Torts about Zucc…

    Love Live the Hobbit!!!

  36. Amen – he is easily the best passer on this team. That should get him ample ice time. Especially on the PP.

  37. It was hard to tell live and I haven’t seen replay’s of the goal in slo mo, but that last Islander goal at the end of the second sure looked mighty close to being offsides? Was it or wasn’t it?

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Must day at practice today. More muster a game tomorrow.

    …I’ve got a pretty girl who will live me till the end, thru thick and thin she will always be my friend…..

  39. Manny, that’s right. We gotta show these fools who the real Beasts of the East are!

    Penguins, *no email*

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Yev – it seems like a lot of goals should have been negated for offside. Last week against Boston, their last goal was clearly offside and no one said boo about it. The goal you refer was very close and I couldn’t get a good freeze frame…

  41. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Nice stat on Dubi. Is it just me or is Dubi one of the best at keeping possession of the puck in the offensive zone. It’s almost like he took a page of our Jagr’s book and never gave it back.

    Zucc does he stay or does he go? Is our team that deep that we can’t make room for an AHL ALL STAR that has 35pts out of 36 games.

    Or is it just me that roots for the underdog, to make the team? He will have to score points to stay I’m affraid. Torts loves him, but he just doesn’t have the grinding size Torts likes to wear other teams down with. But Boy does this kid have skills!!!

  42. carp could not agree more. what about the prust slashing call!!!he did nothing to Nabakov accept absorb a blocker to the head.
    ref’s assume certain calls all the time.

    if paranteau missed the rest of the game it could have been a 4 minute call but he was back in 3 minutes.

    islanders did not trade nabakhov because they are in the endless cycle of teams in the 7th thru 11th postion fantasizing of making the playoffs. Yzerman did not delude him self about that.

    i sit rupp or scott against Carolina if Cally is healthy and try to give MZA another game. they need skill they do not need beef or tougness….

  43. so malkin got off with no penalty or punishment for his shenanigans. shocking the cindy’s get a break. WOW did not see that coming….

    you know the big city rangers get all the breaks!!!!!!!!!what a joke……

  44. Manny = Monster

    BANJ, nothing more satisfying than destroying penguins, amirite?

    Nom nom nom.

  45. Nothing Sally, Nothing more satisfying.
    When you’re right, you’re right.
    and you?
    You’re always right!

  46. Is anyone else horrified that Callahan had to go back to being scratched? I don’t like when people come back to play and then have to sit out again. Bad sign.

  47. As someone pointed out last night, if you’re going to only play again a handful of minutes anyway, it’s better that it be Zuccarello than John Scott. You could also interchange Scott with Rupp or Mitchell, they’re all equally useless.

  48. Me too, The Dr. He is one of the few people that actually MOVES without the puck. Behind the net, side of the net, front, wing, high, low, etc. (those are my interpretations of his moves)

    Callahan’s injury (as well as Del Zasters) is a MUST HEAL

  49. I’m sort of enjoying the belief that Brian Boyle had ever had any impact on the power play.

  50. Manny, I’m not sure I understand your interpretation of his moves. Maybe you could show me in some kind of interpretive dance?

  51. oh yeah we have a real problem on our hands! we have so many borderline 4th line players that we dont know who should sit out of them in favor for a more offensively gifted player like MZA! Hilarious, i tell you!

    oh and Carp… i was thinking the same thing about your X + Z = Y formula… i mentioned something similar few nights ago how important Dubi to this team but some people laughed at me… oh well.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Thursday is a much more important game than any of the past week. It has a major effect on the division (and conference) standings, which could have serious home-ice implications for the 2nd round of the playoffs, since the Rangers and Penguins are likely to finish 1 and 4. It’s just which one is 1 and which one is 4 remains to be seen.

  53. I’m not a Bickel fan, but I thought he played his best game as a Ranger last night. He played the puck well, hit people at the right time, made short crisp passes, and kept it simple. If he plays like that, I’ll turn around on him.

    Zucc. I am short so I like little guys. I hope he sticks around. He’s got skills but his problem to me was he was always too easily knocked off the puck. I did see that happen once last night, but if he breathes new life into the PP it will be worth it. I was just about to say that it’s ironic he gets back in the lineup just in time to get into a shootout, and they score the late goal.

    On PA, I thought the Isles training staff and PA should get an academy award. First the trainer dabs multiple times on his face in hope of getting some blood (there was none) and then, PA spits multiple times hoping for blood or a tooth to come out….again nothing. But it was enough to fool the refs.

    I’m convinced that Scott has no real value to this team, and I hope Zuc gets his chance at his expense. Scott is just a big goon with no hockey sense, and the team already has guys who can do what he does with more skill.

    Mitchell. I love his game, but someone needs to take him to some barn somewhere, to see if he can hit the side of it. If the guy learns how to shoot straight, he can be a REAL asset.

    Any word on Sauer? I think the team has been missing his toughness over the last few games. Girardi and McD look a bit tired, and they don’t seem to be hitting with the same authority and they aren’t taking out their men and relying too much on their sticks.

  54. thanks to last night’s win, Thursday’s game means a whole lot more to Pittsburgh than it does to the Rangers. if the Rangers win tomorrow night, Thursday doesn’t mean a damn thing to them.

  55. ” if the Rangers win tomorrow night, Thursday doesn’t mean a damn thing to them.”

    Yeah…if that happens then Thursday game is a MUST NOT SHOW UP GAME…extra band practice for Hank!

  56. Yup – might as well forfeit.

    It is incredible though. A win tomorrow night puts up +6 on the Penguins again. A win against the Penguins and we are +8 again. That’s a pretty comfortable area as long as we keep on keepin’ on.

  57. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – given your x + y = z formula implies that z is a function of x and y indicates your willingness to tackle the third dimension. Interestingly enough, I have been looking at some 5th dimensional manifolds lately and I came to the conclusion that – When the moon is in the second house, and Jupiter aligns with mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will rule the stars…if you decode this message from the beyond, it is clear as the nose on marchand’s face – Tuesday is a must win game.


  58. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This is the dawning of the age of aquarius, age of Aquarius, age of Aquarius – AQUARIUS!!!!

  59. Septemous, you are a loyal Bonehead! Bless your little hairpin-turning heart.

    Good morning, Sally! If Dubinsky is the answer, what’s the question? Also, do you get lunch points for Penguins?

    Scott’s already out of the lineup, folks, and once Callahan returns, Zuccarello will have to replace Rupp or Mitchell. I just don’t think it’s a slam-dunk that that happens. Then what about Kreider? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for giving him a fair shake, even if it’s only six minutes a night on the PP.

    Yes, tomorrow is a must-win, must-play game.

    Of course, we have to have the obligatory back-handed, agenda-based, and uninformed shot at Boyle’s contribution on the PP, even as Richards, Gaborik and the coach all praised him.

    Thank you, Krisy! Hope I can be at one of those games to see you.

  60. Bickel was great last night. That’s why he was on the ice in OT. Eminger was essentially glued to the bench around minute 18 of the 2nd period.

  61. But Carp, there’s something noble about keeping up the agenda even in the face of a great game. So what if he’s matched up against top lines and was a factor on two goals? He’s Boyle. That’s bad.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I think Rupp is probably the guy who sits for a game. Bickell can bring the heavy fisticuffs in Rupp’s place. Make it a call based on the opponent. Against Philly, Boston, etc., Rupp is in. Against Caroline, Detroit, Buffalo, etc., MZA.

  63. Krisy, I didn’t see your post up there. YES I also hope ^Hobbit Wizard^ hangs around until Saturday. Can’t wait to meet you!

  64. CARP:

    See my post earlier in the day. I think Bickel was a stand out! He is strong and his positioning was very good. Like Dan Girardi, he seems to have come out of nowhere with ZERO hype. Props to the Rangers scouting and coaching staff for yet another good NHL quality defenseman.

    As far as Zucc goes, I would MUCH rather see him in the lineup than John Scott. I think the rangers have plenty of toughness without scott. They need a bit more skill and Zucc does bring that! I have an affinity for short people as I am one myself. But, I don’t play hockey for a living and I really think that Zucc’s size will hold him back.

  65. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    I wish Sauer would come back. Also I think these should be the lines going into the playoffs If we are playing let’s say the Capitals.



  66. MZA will be the new Parenteau. Go to a non-playoff team, get top 6 minutes, score 20 goals, know it would never translate on a top team.

  67. I am not going to lie, that Hagelin-Richards-Gaborik line looked pretty playoff worthy last night.

  68. Pretty sure Sauer is going to miss the rest of the season.

    And I still don’t get how people can hate on Boyle. Especially when you look at where he came from when he first got to the league with the Kings and how he’s matured into a solid NHL player. It’s just funny that people who play the game all say how solid of an all-around two-way player he is yet at this blog people seem to think he belongs in the ECHL.

    Would you rather have Ryan Hollweg, Blair Betts, Jason Ward, Marcel Hossa, and Colton Orr running our 3rd and 4th line or a guy like Boyle who does it all and sacrifices himself for the better of the team? The fact he’s playing as beat up and hurt as he is and is still effective is impressive. Shows he’s not only physically tough, but mentally tough as well.

  69. Spot on Carp (especially #9 haha!). So what was the exact ruling on that bogus 4 minute penalty? Does anyone know? Is it, in fact, causing “injury” and not “blood” in the rulebook?

    It was very refreshing (like this weather here in NYC today) to have Zuccarello in the lineup. I thought he did a great job, and Torts certainly gave him a fair chance. I think it’s time to send “Bon” Scott to the “Prucha Bench”. He’s completely useless IMO.

    One more thing: Welcome back Broadway Brad! Quote of the night: when asked if he felt different on the ice at all last night, he responded, “Well I scored some goals. That was different.” Haha. This guy’s alright (when he shows up that is).

  70. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Bickel, mcd, MDZ, staal, girardi, are 5 very good Dmen. It is a shame that M. Sauer isn’t healthy – could be the best 6 in the game today.

    I don’t get any of the anti Bickel posting. He plays tough, is very calm with the puck, makes good passes and has some offense to his game that hasn’t been Kathryn tapped into yet. I have a feeling once he really feels and believes he is here to stay, we might see some O creativity from him.

    Stu = Norris winner

  71. bickel is a NHL d man they got for Nigel WIlliams(I think). he when he does not take to many risks is strong in his own zone, has a nice little outlet pass etc.

    He is also 25 so he is a legit NHL asset in my opinion.

    mza should get to continue his tryout and see what happens. he played in 4 games so far this year at the nhl level. sitting mitchell or Rupp is not exactly heresy…mitchell cannot finish and rupp is as slow as scott……play rupp on thursday against the penguins but carolina is not a physical team.

    the cally in the lineup out of the lineup is definitely not a good sign….

  72. boyle is fine on the 3rd line but on the 4th line of a great team would be optimum..

    he cannot score that is the bottom line but he hits, great on pk, pretty good on faceoffs etc. BOyle has value but 6 goals is not enough production to be a 3rd liner on a great team. he needs to get 15 to 20 goals and then he would be a great value…..

  73. Stuart- Boyle netted 21 goals last year. So he can’t score? He has 6 or 7 this year so far. If he finished with 10 we call is a regression and realize he’s a legit 15 Goal guy at the NHL level.

  74. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    The Euler-Cauchy second order differential equation becomes one with constant coefficients after the ingenious change of variables when substituting x = ln (t). Some of the prettiest mathematics this world, and any other, has ever seen.

    It all points to a must win vs the shuga canes.

  75. “boyle is fine on the 3rd line but on the 4th line of a great team would be optimum.”

    4th line minutes would sort of erase a lot of the value of his matching up.

  76. Staal:

    What’s your proof that Brian Boyle isn’t a dime-a-dozen player? I mean aside from the fact that he’s a Ranger.

  77. Here is the proof, Lloyd – WAIVE BOYLE. Go Ahead. I bet 29 teams put in a claim on him within an hour.

  78. well, stuart, he draws the job of checking the opponent’s best line for one of the best teams in hockey … so … I think he can be a third-line center on a great team because he has been. Make sense?

    Staal, thanks. I forgot that the answer is Wellman.

    That Wellman trade was one of Sather’s best if you think about it.

    Yergs, he also said, and I paraphrase, that “I feel that I’ve been better lately, except for the Jersey game — I sucked in that one.” Gotta appreciate that kind of self-expectation and honesty.

  79. I see Tortorella’s got Zuccarello and Scott rotating on the 4th line in practice.

    And the big question is: WHY

  80. Manny:

    That doesn’t mean a damn thing. So another team would use him, big deal. I’m not disputing that he’s an NHL player, just that there are heaps of other NHL players who could do exactly the same things he does.

  81. The bottom line is that this team is complete amateur-hour without Kreider in the lineup.

  82. paranteau would not produce like he has on the rangers. wolski is playing fine with florida also. the ranger grind and forecheck style do not fit guys well like christenses, wolski, and paranteau who like to float stay out of traffic etc.

    paranteau also is rewarded by playing with 2 very good forwards top minutes. he is a good player on a lousy team.

    boyle on a great team playing 4th line minutes could be on the pk, forecheck, and hit. craig adams on pittsburgh is a smaller even less offensive capable Boyle……..

  83. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Lloyd – I like big John Scott – I have a sneaky feeling that he is going score some huge goals down the stretch – call me crazy – but believe it and it will happen.

  84. wonder if Wolski would have similar numbers if playing with Tavares. Or, dare I say, Dubinsky playing with Tavares?

  85. OK – I am not going to argue with you guys. Boyle is a 3rd line Center on a great team. He has been. He will continue to be. He’s young, he’s big and he has scored more than 20 goals once. I hope he never leaves the Rangers because I really like what he brings to the table.

    The point about him being better than PA Parenteau is that if Boyle was on the Islanders he would be playing the top line in his place.

  86. haha that’s great Carp. Didn’t know he said that. I can absolutely get on board with that honesty.

  87. carp you have a point on Boyle. They need more scoring to win it all. the ranger top 2 lines are good but not dynamic enough to allow their 3rd line to produce so few goals. that is my opinion I hope I am wrong and they make a run in the playoffs as is.

    when the ducks won with a similar set up as the rangers on how they use their lines their top 2 lines scored more then the rangers top 2 lines. I hope I am wrong. again no disrespect to the effort boyle, prust , and others give it is just the goal production is not enough…

  88. ok, so obviously the Penguins get preferential treatment from the league but I’m just not seeing the big deal idiots like Brooks are making about Malkin’s hit on Boychuk. When he’s going at Boychuk, Boychuk as his shoulder facing Malkin. As Malkin gets closer, Boychuk turns his back to Malkin and gets driven face first into the glass. Fine, call the penalty, but this crap about “wrapping the guy up” that Maguire, who I swear is even dumber than he looks, and Olcyzk were harping on, why even allow hitting at all. Just say that when a player turns away, the attacking player needs to know how to sprout wings and fly up to the rafters.

  89. my prediction if paranteau gets mucho dinero next year and leaves Tavares he will be a huge bust….

    even Dubi could score on that line!!!!!!!!!

  90. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Manny – given that one hour = 3600 seconds which =’s 3600000000000 nano seconds – it seems Boyle would go unclaimed for quite some time – winner by TKO – Lloyd

  91. CARP

    Any chance Redden is called up if we lost all defensemen to injury?

    Or we would then just as rather sign someone from a local pick-up league?

  92. Staal:

    do you really think there’s only one guy in this league who can kill penalties and score one a month? what I will say is that if Boyle could ever play his actual size, his value would increase. my biggest problem with him is that the majority of the time he plays small, and I think he’s a lot softer than a 6’7″ 250 lb guy should ever be. most of the time it looks like he’s not particularly comfortable with his size and tries to shy away from confrontations that he should get the better of. aside from a few opportunistic hits, I don’t think he’s a particularly “tough” guy.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I think MZA has a finite number of games to convince Torts about that way of thinking. It was clear last night in the presser that Torts has already been surprised with how well he played. If he keeps it up, it will be hard to take him out.

  94. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Lloyd – even worse re: Pierre, is when the camera zooms in and the ceiling lights hit that shiny dome if his …. I swear I was blinded for 20 minutes and had to switch to the radio feed.

    On the other hand, knowing how brad Boyle scored on his spelling exams in 4th grade is not exactly common knowledge and that is what pierre brings to the table – the most important facts about every player.

  95. Agreed Doodie. It’s up to the ^Hobbit Wizard^ how long he is in this lineup. I think he has to play himself out at this point.

  96. I have criticized Boyle for playing smaller than his size but as of about three weeks ago I had to take that argument off the table because he got a lot more physically dominant especially in open ice.

  97. well that may be so about Zuccarello, but I also think that number of games is going to be preciously small if there’s any drop in his play at all, especially once Callahan is back in. I don’t think that’s fair either – he’s a better player than Mitchell, Rupp or Scott, so he should get a shot. But I’d be surprised if he didn’t find himself out of the lineup after even an average performance.

  98. Lloyd, so you want him to be Rupp, who you think is useless?

    He doesn’t play small. That’s garbage. He’s not an elite skater, and he doesn’t fight well, but to suggest he’s soft or not tough is crazy. Or is that a lot of gum?

  99. and Zuccarello is going to have to play an an unfair level partly because his play got luke-warm recommendations from his own coach and GM, apparently, in Hartford.

  100. Manny:

    I don’t hate Mitchell, but he’s not better than Zuccarello. When the debate was between Mitchell and Scott, obviously, Mitchell should be the one playing.

  101. This is what I hear: “Boyle sucks (Avery), Rupp is awful (Avery), the coach messed up (Avery), Prust is dime-a-dozen (Avery), Zuccarello isn’t getting a fair shot (Avery), Mitchell is a minor-leaguer (Avery), the Rangers are in a death-spiral (Avery).”

  102. Just checking. I hope you remember that, because of the cap, no team can have four “first” lines. You have to have a 3rd and 4th line and those lines have to be stocked with talent accordingly.

  103. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    I like BB. Of course we all wish that he scored more, skated faster, and the like, but this team is the sum of its parts and that sum is first in the east as we speak. It all points to a must win tomorrow.

  104. “do you really think there’s only one guy in this league who can kill penalties and score one a month?”

    This is great. Its like summing up Willie Mays by saying he was a really good defensive CF who ran the bases well.

  105. Manny:

    I have no problem with that, I just think that if you’re going to only play guys a handful of minutes a night, at least give yourself the people to make the most of those minutes. Mitchell I think does that. Mats Zuccarello does that. John Scott doesn’t. Rupp, well, I guess Rupp may have been effective in previous seasons, and maybe he is hobbled to an extent this year, but I don’t see the guy doing anything now.

  106. That’s pretty good, Carp. The best part is that if Boyle plays small for his size and Avery plays big for his size then they really meet in the middle and it cancels out.

  107. I don’t know if that’s fair, Rob. If he plays well enough and wants to come back, I imagine they’d try to re-sign him. But he thinks he won’t be a regular here and wants to go back to Europe, that’s his call.

    I don’t think, though, that he’s ever going to be a regular on their top three lines, which are only going to get better by the start of camp next year. So, maybe it is fair.

  108. someone just compared Brian Boyle to Willie Mays

    you’re not talking about Wesley Snipes, right?

  109. Not defending Rupp to any degree, because he is what he is as a fourth-liner … but part of the thing that impresses and worries opponents about the Rangers is their size.

  110. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Carp – ok – you wanna go there with the Avery talk? I have a question for you then…. Where were the rangers when Avery was on the team? Answer first place. Now tell me, where are they now????? Exactly!!!! Bottom line

    Recall Avery

  111. Wait, now Wellman’s the answer again? I thought it was Dubi today. Wellman’s had his day.

    Big Trouble, Little ^Hobbit Wizard^

  112. Staal:

    Look, I don’t know what’s so unreasonable about claiming the guy is an average player. Is he fine for a third or fourth line forward? Sure. Is it a joke that he was centering the first PP unit last night? Yes. It doesn’t mean the guy should die horribly because he’s an average player, just that he’s not this force that deluded homers are making him out to be.

  113. “someone just compared Brian Boyle to Willie Mays”

    Someone made a simple analogy about the ridiculousness of summing up a player and leaving out his most valuable skill.

  114. agreed carp…would imagine the rangers would want to keep him but in reading some of his soundbites over the last days, seems he is getting restless….

  115. Well, Lloyd: As I think you mentioned a killer for the Rangers on the PP was losing faceoffs. Boyle actually wins faceoffs. He’s been pretty solid. So you put him out there to win the offensive zone faceoff and then park him in front of the net.

    How can it be a joke if it worked?

  116. by implication you’re saying Brian Boyle has any skills as rare and elite as Willie Mays. unless you’re a member of the Boyle family, that’s borderline insane.

  117. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Funny enough both 16 ( Sean Avery) and 24 (Willie mays) are both divisible by 8 (The PRUST)…. PRUST saying

  118. He might be a member of the Boyle family….it’s huge.

    I didn’t read it as Boyle = Willie Mays = Dime-a-Dozen. It was just saying that you left out his best traits.

  119. “by implication you’re saying Brian Boyle has any skills as rare and elite as Willie Mays. unless you’re a member of the Boyle family, that’s borderline insane.”

    My god are you terrible at arguing. Absolutely terrible.

  120. Has anyone even seen Brian Boyle play baseball? Or Willie Mays play hockey for that matter?

  121. Mister D:

    Do I need to point out how hypocritical that last post was?

    And while you’re at it, enumerate Brian Boyle’s elite skills for me

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    E3, I thought at even strength he got lost out there, but you can see that he is a gifted offensive player on the PP. I wouldn’t mind him being in the lineup as a PP specialist over a guy like Rupp, depending on the opponent. Plus he is more valuable to have in the BCATHGE.

    I listen to the Puck Daddy Podcast that he does with Jeff Marek of Sportsnet (hence why I hype Marek). They had Theo Fleury as a guest last week and he said something that really applies to MZA and to Boyle (his long-term career, not this season). “A small player has to prove he can play, while a big player has to prove he can’t.” Boyle, for all intents and purposes, looked like a draft bust through most of his early career, and even in his first year on Broadway. Last year things clicked for him. MZA has to really prove he can stay, or he is headed back to CT (and probably to another franchise next season).

  123. Doodie Machetto on

    By the way, that ridiculous Shoot the Puck chant; not shooting and then eventually scoring was the perfect riposte.

  124. Doodie:

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think Tortorella particularly wants Zuccarello here. Added to the fact that he ran him out of town at the beginning of the season, one of the beat reporters tweeted yesterday that Hartford’s been less than complimentary about Zuccarello’s level of play this season. I’d say the guy has the deck stacked against him in so many.

  125. I really thought it was a simple analogy, Lloyd. Let me spell it out for you. Summing up a player with his B and C skills while ignoring his A skill, especially while on a weird crusade against that player, reeks of bias. I’m sorry I didn’t go even more simplistic by using whoever you’d consider to be the direct MLB comp of Brian Boyle. Maybe J.J. Hardy? Would that make it easier for you?

    … like summing up J.J. Hardy by saying he’s got some pop and has a better than average strikeout rate …

    Is that really easier?

  126. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – I agree … If the PP heals thyself as a result of tlikfn then please keep him here… Given his first game back, 3rd in 3 nights, different league helps explain him being lost … I have not been a fan, but if he makes plays, then we must keep here on the pp at the least.

  127. A small player has to prove he can play, while a big player has to prove he can’t.


    Let me submit exhibit A: John Scott’s breakaway

  128. This is starting to sound like an arguement between a husband and wife where the wife brings up some unrelated thing that the husband said in a conversation about 20 years ago.

  129. Doodie Machetto on


    Lloyd, I definitely think Torts was not expecting much from MZA. He has said as much. But if they just wanted a guy that can play 4th line minutes, they could’ve just sent up Newbury. This was seeing if MZA could add some offense. If he does, I think he stays.

  130. I think people also forget that Boyle got hurt in the 3rd week of the season and has been playing with that ankle injury as well as a busted up arm pretty much all season. Not sure if anyone here ever tried playing hurt, but it’s not easy, especially when it’s an ankle and you play the way Boyle does.

    Last year he wasn’t getting knocked down as much and his hits were much more effective. This year he can’t get that extra leverage.

    Not saying if he was healthy he’d turn into Gretzky, but I think that injury has effected his offensive output since he can’t get to the spots that he wants too. Prust has been hampered by his shoulder again all year this year.

  131. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    As a master debater, I must say both Lloyd and Mr (Joe) D make a hard argument.

  132. And I’ll tell you why he’s not a dime-a-dozen. Boyle and Prust have both proven to be mentally tough. How many guys in the league can play on one leg or one arm yet still be focused enough to shut down the opponents top line every night?

    As much as I respected Blair “Bunions” Betts when he was here, there is no way he would’ve been that mentally tough to keep fighting through those injuries for a full 82 game season.

  133. I hope so. I’m glad Tortorella acknowledged Zuccarello’s talents. There were just so many comments in the past about how Zuccarello “needs top six minutes” and about the coach being “unable to find room for him,” that you had to wonder whether the guy would get a shot at all. To an extent, I do think he’s squandered by being on a line with guys like Mike Rupp, but he’s certainly a better option that Scott at this point.

    Do you think if Zuccarello plays well he gets moved up? And if so, who does he replace?

  134. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – the little Italian kid from Norway. Did it come out as TLIKFN? My bad if not… I am a a byfuglien iPhone

  135. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t think he gets moved up. I think the best he gets is PP specialist/extra forward in case someone gets hurt. Too much depth on the wings in the top six for him to get a shot. He probably doesn’t even get in the lineup if Kreider signs.

  136. “Ok but what comprises Brian Boyle’s elite skill set?”

    Nothing. No one said he’s “elite”. A skill being someone’s personal best / most valuable does not make that skill elite. And there’s an ocean between elite and dime-a-dozen.

  137. If a small player has to prove he can play, while a big player has to prove he can’t, what does Marty Brodeur have to prove?

  138. I think that’s where the disconnect in where people stand on Boyle is. I get why people don’t think he’s anything special. Talent wise, he’s an average hockey player. But there is a mental aspect of it as well. With how this team plays, you need guys who are mentally tough.

    I actually think Boyle is more important to the Rangers than he would be on most teams in the league. If he was on Toronto or even New Jersey, I don’t think he’d be that important of a player because of how their coaches are and how their teams work. Having Torts preach sacrificing to win and Boyle doing it night after night helps the rest of the guys follow. It’s the same with how Callahan wouldn’t be that important to many other teams, but he’s by far the most important Ranger.

    It’s like we used to say about Graves. He wasn’t the best player, but he was the best Ranger. There is something to be said for that.

  139. Ok, so my point is that, overall, Brian Boyle is an average NHL player. What are you saying exactly?

  140. Not huge on Boyle but he does fit in the system and this team. However to what Carp says the Rangers size sets back opponets, I think its more their speed that rattles the opposition plus the fact that we finish our checks that have made it hard playing us. Can you believe we are talking about the NY Rangers in these terms? fun

  141. Adam Graves did everything Brian Boyle does (less the faceoffs, obviously) and could put up 60+ points. Brian Boyle will never score 60 points in the NHL. Graves also was a far more physical player than Boyle despite giving up half a foot and 50 lbs to him.

  142. I would hardly say the Rangers have good team speed. Outside of Gaborik, Hagelin and McDonagh the rest of the guys are middle of the pack speed.

  143. LW, broduer just would have to prove his gut is bigger than the entire small player and at least half of the big player…

  144. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, I agree. That’s part of the reason that teams that transition well with speed give us fits (Ottawa, Chicago, NJD).

  145. Lloyd – I’m not saying he would put up 60 points. You are missing what I’m saying. Plus Graves didn’t put up anything close to 60 on the other teams he played for and only did it 3 times on the Rangers, but that’s not the point.

    Was Adam Graves important on San Jose, Detroit, or Edmonton? No, not really. Yet in NY, he was a first line winger that was probably the most important guy on the team. He fit into the system and was mentally tough. He helped set the standard for what the team was about both on and off the ice.

    On every other team he played for, Adam Graves was an average hockey player. On the Rangers, he was one of the (if not the most) important players on the team.

  146. Nice to be back in the W column. Love that play where Richards flips the puck ahead and Hagelin gets behind the defender. Once he learns to finish consistenly, he could be a 30-35 goal scorer.

    At least he already has more goals than Rico Fata had for them.

  147. That’s why I was comparing Boyle to him. On most other teams he would be rather unimportant. But on the Rangers, he is much more valuable because he fits in with the system and helps set the tone for what the team is all about.

  148. the Rangers are grinders but they’re not goons either. something I said last night that I’ll repeat here is that the reason the Scott trade to me was a bigger problem than people made it out to be was because it represented a very brief attempt at bringing a thug mentality to the team. this team doesn’t play that way and isn’t successful. they use good skating and hitting to wear opponents down. playing goons doesn’t accomplish that. you use goons when you have a lot of scoring depth and not to protect those players. the Rangers aren’t in that position. to play with guys who can skate and work hard is what makes them successful. the Mike Rupps and John Scotts of the world don’t do that. Rupp was less of a problem before Scott showed up because he was really the only below average skater on the team. When Scott came in, Tortorella started coaching with this mentality of having a line of bullys to go out there and torment the opposing team. It didn’t work.

  149. Doodie Machetto on

    Johnny, Graves is a bad example. Graves was just breaking into the league/past his prime on the other squads.

  150. Lloyd – Average? You said that we should, “prove he isn’t a dime-a-dozen player”

    Now you claim he’s average?

  151. you’re playing a semantics game. dime-a-dozen means there are plenty of other guys who can do what he does in the NHL. that doesn’t mean they’re all goons like Scott, nor does it means Boyle is an AHL player. it means that what you’re getting from him, you can get from a large number of other players. I would like to see some proof that he couldn’t be pretty easily replaced.

  152. Average > Dime-A-Dozen

    That’s your semantics. I would never call someone bad average and I would never call someone average dime-a-dozen. If Average was dime-a-dozen the talent level in the NHL would be putrid.

  153. ok, whatever you say.

    regardless, the vast number of arguments here in support of Brian Boyle suggest that he is anything more than a lukewarm talent. I don’t see that. if people just said, the guy is a good penalty killer and will score a goal every month, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

  154. “the guy is a good penalty killer and will score a goal every month”

    The guy is matching up against every opponent’s top line on the best goal prevention team in the East. You really think Newbury or whatever “dime a dozen” player that’s readily available to move into Boyle’s role will provide that?

  155. Lloyd – while I agree some people over sell him, would you agree that you can see why people think you undersell him?

  156. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Hey Heads! Just wantes to thank youse guys again for your suppoet where my daughter waa concerned! She finally learned today that the biopsy results vame back benign! NO CANCER! Thanks for your prayer and thoughts and wishes! Love youse guys!

  157. Guys, Lloyd doesn’t understand a lot about what makes up a team and roles players play. And he has an agenda.

    He also doesn’t understand that this team has to win, and has won, on defense. And that means … I’ll go slowly here … that some guys have to play defensive roles. And those who do it best are … again, I’ll say it slowly … valuable players.

    Love the way sending a guy to the minors because he’s not ready to play an NHL game, or because he’s not playing well enough, is being “run out of town.” Because, if I’m not mistaken, McDonagh, Sauer, Del Zotto, Bickel, Hageli, Mitchell were all “run out of town.” So ill-informed.

  158. “Lloyd – while I agree some people over sell him, would you agree that you can see why people think you undersell him?”

    There’s also the issue of Boyle’s main contribution being immeasurable by current stats. You can see exactly how many goals he is(n’t) scoring but you can’t really quantify how many he’s helping prevent.

  159. Wicky©Not giving Dolan another dime, getting rid of my season tickets NOW!!! on

    Hello ILB and all!!

    been very hectic here lately, so a short hello and LGR!!

    Boyle has been physically intimidating out there this season….glad to see many of you coming around on bickel…unless there is an injury, no way rupp or feds sits on any given night…mitchell on the other hand (although I don’t think he has played his way to the bench at all, just a numbers game and he would sit before the other two)…not sure how it goes if mza is still here and they try to get kreider in the line up (if that happens).

    I thought the hit on okposo was more of a boarding than the one on tavares…just my opinion though and I wouldn’t have called either one…PAP looked like he was shot…

    later aasens!

  160. Stranger Nation on

    Boyle’s contribution more on Defense than Offense. Covers opponents’ top line which is why his TOI is so high. Torts wants them to possess, but not take risks offensively which cuts down on scoring chances.

    He has done a much better job finishing checks. If he scores 10-15 goals a season, but helps keep the opposing top center in check, he has done his job.

    That and the Austin Powers inspired jacket he was wearing at Casino Night.

  161. Carp, do you think that they would play Zuccarello over Scott in a series against the Flyers? As far as size goes, is it possible to be too big (see 1996 when Rangers bulked up to play Flyers, who crushed them in 1995, but got ran over instead by the 1996 Pens)?

  162. Jonny D:

    That’s fair enough. I get a little annoyed by the people who can’t stop going on about him like he’s some star but I won’t deny the guy’s impact defensively and on penalty kill.

  163. That’s why +/- is such a BS stat. You might not score, but you could shut down the other teams opposing players and have not stat recognition for it. Only way to measure are faceoffs and takeaways vs. giveaways, but the latter are questionable since it’s all based on the home statistician.

    There are other metrics out there that are coming out that prove how when certain players are on the ice, they lessen the scoring chances of opposing players, but they aren’t too consistent yet.

  164. Lloyd – the way I look at it is for NBA fans out there, guys like Bruce Bowen or Shane Battier. Or MLB fans, Omar Vizquel. Nothing special, nothing that will make you say “wow”, but they get the job done, do the dirty work, and do it effectively. There are guys who can do what they do, but aren’t nearly as effective.

  165. ANF, this is my opinion, but I think Scott plays April 3 against the Flyers, maybe a game or two the final week if things are all clinched, and never dresses as a Ranger again. Definitely not over anybody, even MZA, in the postseason.

  166. Jonny D, you think Brian Boyle is one of the best defensive players in NHL history??? You must if you mention Omar Vizquel!!!

  167. I think I’d be pretty unhappy to see either Scott or MZA dressed in the playoffs.

  168. Jonny D:

    put that way, I have no argument at all with what Brian Boyle does. well said.

  169. a few things:

    great article on chris kreider: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304450004577275872109720192.html

    john scott out, MZA in….we 1 foot smaller, 2-3 PPG taller

    1 of 3 Isles’ goals total fluky BS (moulson). one was 4 guys deep, not watching the penalty clock expire (macdonald), bad rangers play. first goal of all by tavares, what did that hit? sure wasn’t his stick. somewhat fluky.

    i thought we totally outplayed them. but at least team grinded it out and fought back.

    over this last slide, we have continued to beat ourselves on most goals against. keep the faith.

  170. Doodie Machetto on

    Kreider will probably start on the 4th line to get his feet wet. Then I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as a top 6 LW.

  171. LUNCH:

    Dozen of fresh hama-hama oysters and a dozen of fresh cherry stone clams with a few glasses of a delicious Chateau Monbousquet Blanc 2005!

    This is how we get down in Brooklyn, New York!

  172. ok, don’t really get the point of playing him on the 4th line but so be it. and if he gets moved up, who gets dropped down?

  173. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, the point is to get him used to the speed of the game and his role within the Rangers’ system.

    Once he’s up, probably one of Anisimov or Dubinsky slides down.

  174. Stranger Nation on

    Taveras goal was not fluky, was off rush where rebound was not controlled and taveras bulled his way in. The second was on the tail end of the 4 minute PK where PAP was smeared and the Isles OBGYN said PAP’s jaw hurt and was experiencing bad cramps.

    3rd goal was helped by Richards whipping shot at bad angle on PP and puck being gathered by PK while Icelander left sin bin

  175. well, I may be mistaken but Hagelin didn’t see any time on the 4th line when he came up (and neither did Mitchell for that matter). Tortorella had them playing decent minutes immediately.

  176. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, Hagelin was brought along slowly. Less than 12 minutes a game for 8 of his first 10 games, three of which were less than 10.

    Mitchell didn’t get any top 6 action until much later, and even then, only in a relief role.

  177. Pretty sure Hagelin did start on the 4th. His first 3 NHL points also involved Mitchell.

  178. Hagelin and Mitchell were playing on the same line when they first came up and they weren’t playing on the 4th line.

  179. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, Mitchell and Hagelin started on a line with each other, and I think Boyle was the third member. Not a top 6 unit by any means.

  180. also, I think Prust and Avery were the 4th line during that stretch…don’t remember who the third member was.

  181. Hagelin’s having a pretty awesome season. Dude is 7th on the team in scoring, three points back of Anisimov who’s played 17 more games than he has.

  182. Doodie Machetto on

    So they got their feet wet for about 10 games or so until their roles became more defined.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Hagelin spent a few games on the back in the bottom 6 after being moved into the top 6 to accomodate the GAS line’s formation and Dubi-Richards-Callahan.

  183. “Hagelin is not a 4th line player. His best attribute is his speed. Not his size.”

    This is more or less why I don’t see the point of MZA skating 8:00 a game with Mitchell and Fedo. Chances of giving up a goal have to be atleast as good as getting one.

  184. I would hope that Mitchell and Fedotenko make up for some of that defensively but maybe you are right, The Dr. I think of those two boys are strong defensively and then they can forecheck and pop the puck out from behind the net to Mr. Inventive there.

    Bad idea?

  185. If you can play Zuccarello over 10 minutes like last night, and granted some of that was PP, you can play him on a third line with a guy like Mitchell and can drop down Prust, Boyle and Fedotenko. they can still play more minutes than Rupp and co. play now. Really, you’d have those two lines splitting around 25 minutes per game, and it enables you to keep your defensive line together (although I don’t know what purpose Fedotenko serves) and you can have a somewhat responsible third line. Of course all of this means taking the immortal Mike Rupp out of the lineup but I don’t think he’d be missed at all at this point.

  186. Who knows. What if 6 goals over half a season like last year represents his actual finishing capabilities at this level? I just don’t see it being worth figuring out at this point.

  187. If we wanted an enigmatic potential scorer who doesn’t fit the makeup of the team, we could have just kept Wolski.

  188. Zuccarello had close to 60 hits last year and around 20 blocked shots. Are you getting that out of Wolski?

  189. Eh, I like the ^Hobbit Wizard^. He tries to check people and forecheck. He also gets into scraps and scrums. I think he fits he is just small. Also the dude plays with a HUGE stick. So you know, Walk softly and carry a big stick.

  190. C3’s a baller.

    I had a toasted raisin bagel with cream cheese, and half a cake donut. Keepin’ it real.

  191. Mitchell doesn’t have to stay in the lineup. Not saying he should or shouldn’t, but if Kreider is more effective, I can see Mitchell seeing the press box.

  192. I had a whole-wheat, low-carb, low-fat chicken salad wrap from last night. It was soggy by the time I ate it and most of the lettuce had wilted (a/k/a turned brown). I thought about foregoing the operation but I didn’t want to waste the food. So I ate it. Now I am either full or sick.

  193. Manny March 12th, 2012 at 3:01 pm
    Hagelin was sure strong on the puck last night, eh?

    Hags was awesome last night. The way he spins behind the net and can just go from barely moving to full speed is unreal!

    That is why that WSJ article can’t help but get you excited about Kreider.

    Kreider has speed on par with Hagelin according to Gordie Clark! WOW, and in a 6’3′ 225 pound frame…. Never know if prospects will pan out, but I think this kid is going to be very good!

  194. Do we actually think Krieder is coming up? Is that a done deal? I keep hearing you guys say opposite stuff!

  195. Hey Linda, I didn’t know what these folks were talking about it and assumed it was something minor until I scrolled up and saw what you wrote earlier. After reading that, I’m really happy for you (and your daughter), and wish you both the best of health in the future.

  196. “Zuccarello had close to 60 hits last year and around 20 blocked shots. Are you getting that out of Wolski?”

    Kind of. He’s averaging over a hit per game this year.

  197. some other Tortorella comments on Zuccarello:

    “I thought he brought something we know he has…” and “I’m not sure where we’re going to go with him.

    better play out of your mind tomorrow night, Mats.

  198. also, in response to the supposed mediocre assessment Zuccarello was given by personnel in Hartford that was tweeted yesterday afternoon, wasn’t Zuccarello the guy the organization was continuously trying to recall earlier in the season and Tortorella declined the offer?

  199. This is my buddy’s Facebook Question of the day: (pretty funny)

    what the higher number:

    Hits by Jeff Carter this season or Goals scored by Getzlaf….

  200. st louis best record in hockey called up jsut signed Jaden Schwartz who played on the canadien world junior team this year.

    why would st louis do this? because they think he may be able to help and they are not worried about his 3 year deal and other non hockey issues. If kreider is avaialble before end of season the Rangers should give him a look…..

    also gabby did the shot/pass thatled to the 3rd islander goal not gabby. if cally is back mitchell, feds, or rupp are the candidates to sit.

    if ranger team speed is an issue a guy like kreider would be even more valuable…

  201. Doodie Machetto on

    I mean, no matter what, he’s got the problem of just being behind too many guys in the depth chart. No way is he above Gaborik, Callahan, or Hagelin. And Fedotenko-Boyle-Prust is a shutdown/grinding unit. So basically he has to surpass one of Anisimov or Dubinsky to hold down a regular spot in the lineup as a top 6, or be relegated to 4th line with PP/SO specialist duties.

    Either way, I just don’t see him with a future with this franchise.

  202. zucc does not have a long future with the Rangers. With the talent on the way and already here I also do not see him being around long term but he can help this season possibly.

  203. That’s what I think too doodie. It’s not that Torts doesn’t like Zucc, it’s that he’s got more trusted or better suited players already in the slots that Zucc is bet fit for. Now they could go with 3rd line and 3rd line A type situation if they made a line of say Mitchell-Dubi-Zucc and Prust-Boyle-Feds where one is meant to be more offensive and the other is a shutdown line. But as long as Rupp is in the lineup they’re going to have limited offensive capabilities in their bottom 6.

  204. Doodie Machetto on

    As for the likelihood that he signs… I’ve read a lot of places about the extra classes he has taken, but I haven’t seen anything definitive on when he is eligible to graduate. I really think he graduates before he turns pro.

    Now if he can graduate by taking classes this summer, then I think he turns pro at the end of the season. Otherwise, he’s staying in school.

  205. Doodie Machetto on

    Well MZA is done purely based on his contract. It’s a Gilroy situation where he is RFA but making way too much money combined with a PA Parenteau situation of wanting to get an NHL opportunity instead of being in the AHL.

  206. Tortorella won’t scratch Fedotenko. If somehow Callahan comes back tomorrow, should Zuccarello play? Yes. But I think he’ll scratch Mitchell before he scratches Rupp, and Zuccarello will be scratched Thursday if he doesn’t have a superb game tomorrow.

  207. Oh wow, CTB basically said the exact same thing I said as far as lines, though I didn’t have Dubinsky with Mitchell and Zuccarello. That’s probably the way to go, though – I just didn’t know who to slot in there.

    Either way, Rupp gets a seat in the press box.

  208. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, I think Rupp gets scratched long before Mitchell. Mitchell is a utility forward that he uses in every situation. Against Carolina, they don’t need Rupp to serve as a deterrent for anything. Bickell can cover any heavyweight fighting, not that I think Carolina even has a worthy combatant.

  209. So Fedotenko gets promoted to our shutdown line in order to build a workable MZA situation? Yeah?

  210. Doodie Machetto on

    Yes. He likes Mitchell. He had Mitchell centering the first PP unit only a couple of games ago. Rupp serves a role that isn’t needed against Carolina. Jay Harrisin leads them in PIMs with 56. As a team, they have 16 fighting majors on the season. Prust has 18 by himself.

  211. jpg's sister on

    Carp, Agree with everything you said about Brian Boyle, though I dcn’t know firsthand about his dealings with the press. I like him a lot, too.

    The spotlights did seem different on the ice. much brighter on TV at times, like the seat lights were dimmed and a couple of seconds of three spotlights on the ice. then they would disappear.

  212. Look, I hope you’re right, but I also feel he won’t want to scratch all of the large 4th liners, especially if he’s going to have 5’7″ Mats Zuccarello playing.

  213. Doodie Machetto on

    To be clear, I don’t think he scratches Rupp over MZA, just that he would scratch Rupp over Mitchell. I think MZA is going to need to have an impressive game or two before Callahan comes back for Torts to even think about making room for him in the lineup against less goonish squads like Detroit.

  214. when did Mike Rupp win a second Stanley Cup?

    and again, I know he scored the cup-clinching goal and all of the illustrious company he’s in (all-timers like Maxime Talbot, Frantisek Kaberle, Ruslan Fedotenko, Travis Moen, etc.) but the guy played 26 games in the 02-03 season, and 4 playoff games. I kinda think the presence of a bottom tier NHLer didn’t make or break their season.

  215. Assuming a healthy compliment of forwards I’d go with:

    GAS line

    It wouldn’t hurt having one of the bottom 2 lines have players that are naturally inclined to produce some offense. Just give them roughly the same amount of even strength time per game. Lately they’ve been going more power vs power in terms of which line they put out against the opposition’s top line so the Boyle line and the Gaborik or Richards lines can split duties against the likes of Malkin, Tavares, Kovalchuk’s lines.

  216. CTB:

    As I said earlier, you can split around 25 minutes of ice time between those bottom two lines, and yes, have more offensive capability out of all the lines and omit guys with zero offensive capability entirely.

  217. Lin, Very glad to hear it. Very glad. All the best, including a lunch point.

    CCCP, I don’t like seafood and I don’t advocate afternoon consumption on non-holidays. No points for you.

    Manny, wraps are just pathetic. No points for you.

    Sally, duckbill, you guys receive the points the above two failed to achieve.

  218. Latona

    keep your points. I’ve had a great time eating my lunch! so…bite me!


    i went up by 100 points on your list? How low was i on your list to begin with? lol :P

  219. And last, I’m aware. They’re a better unit when he’s not there and we got with 3 top lines and a 4th rather than all 4 with an 3 / 3a. Fedo is fading.

  220. if you’re looking at the absolute bottom of the Rangers depth chart in terms of forwards on the roster right now, you’ve got these names:

    John Mitchell
    Ruslan Fedotenko
    Mike Rupp
    John Scott

    I would place Zuccarello above any of those four. assuming you have to scratch two forwards when Callahan returns, Rupp and Scott should be the odd men out.

  221. believe me, I have no love whatsoever for Fedotenko, but I’d absolutely take him over Rupp and Scott.

  222. That’s what they all tell me to do when they fail at mealtime, CCCP.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it though. It sounds like something I really wished I would like, but I just can’t.

  223. Agreed on the bottom 4, bottom 5 if you add MZA in any order. Which is why it seems really counterproductive to move Dubinsky off the Boyle-Prust line. Whatever is supposed to be gained in balance is lost in giving more minutes to lesser players.

  224. Some folks are pretty sold on the idea of Brandon Dubinsky as a first or second line forward. John Tortorella is one of them.

    Personally, I think that’s insane and agree with you that Dubinsky should be lower down but yeah.

  225. Doodie Machetto on

    Dubinsky has the potential to be a 2nd line winger. He showed it last year. If he can get back to that level of play, it would be a tremendous boon for the team.

    I would do CTB’s line, except swapping Dubi for Fedotenko and making Dubi-Boyle-Prust the 3rd line, with Fedotenko-Mitchell-MZA the 4th. Two utility forwards and a PP specialist.

  226. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Radulov back to the Preds seems imminent? That’s not fair…

  227. What Doodie said. I think there’s a pretty strong demarcation line between our 9th and 10th forward.

  228. Doodie Machetto on

    NHLPA is putting in papers to waive his waivers to help facilitate his return. They want his money in their pool. Would be a major, major coup for Nashville to get him back.

  229. Some folks are pretty sold on the idea of Brandon Dubinsky as a first or second line forward. John Tortorella is one of them.


    Except for the fact that the GAS line and Hags-Richards-Cally have consistently been the lines since Hags started getting top 6 minutes.

  230. Latona, thanks pal! I’m not sure I earned that win, but that’s never stopped me before…

    I agree that seafood is icky, but I enjoyed picturing eating clams wearing his big fur coat, sitting on top that pile of money.

  231. agreed. between Boyle, Prust, Dubinsky, Mitchell, Zuccarello and Fedotenko, I think you can scramble those six just about any way you’d like and you’ll still wind up with serviceable lines.

  232. CTB:

    Oh so you’re saying Tortorella wants Dubinsky on the third or fourth line then

  233. Lloyd,

    No, what I’m saying is that Torts has put together a top 6 of the players that have been most playing like top 6 players this year. Although there have been long stretches this season where Richards doesn’t deserve as many minutes as he’s gotten. It’s the same issue with Zucc, he might fit in well with one of the top 2 lines but the guys that are getting those minutes have by and large done what you want to get out of your top 2 lines.

  234. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d say Anisimov is the guy that I most want to move out of the top 6. I would love to leave Hagelin with Gaborik, but I don’t like Anisimov with Richards and Callahan and Dubi has not been consistent enough to warrant moving Anisimov down to a 3rd or 4th line role. So, the lesser of two evils is to leave GAS together and keep Hagelin with Richards.

  235. As Doodie said, if Dubinsky was having a year similar to last year you’d definitely see him in the top 6.

  236. any opportunity he gets, Tortorella moves Dubinsky up. that includes the game after he threatened to scratch him for having not done a damn thing this calendar year. while his performance may have necessarily limited his role, there’s little doubt that Tortorella views Dubinsky as a top 6 forward.

  237. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, it’s because out of the guys who are not GAS, Richards, Hagelin, or Callahan, Dubinsky has the most likely chance of performing like a top 6 forward. He’s already done it.

  238. Doodie:

    I think Anisimov had been fairly disappointing in 2012 as well, but his 3 goals in the last 8 games would basically be equivalent to the best goal-scoring stretch Dubinsky has had this season. It’s hard to find a justification for giving Dubinsky more playing time unless you base it purely on prior years.

  239. that includes the game after he threatened to scratch him for having not done a damn thing this calendar year.


    He got 12 minutes that game and was moved up later in the game when Dubi was skating his butt off.

  240. so is Radulov’s contract from ’06 still intact because he’d didn’t play the final year?

  241. ‘Scuse my ignorance, Doodie, but why/how does Radulov returning add “his money to the pool”?

    Players get a fixed percentage of league revenue, no? So why does his (currently entry level) contract make a difference? Apart from him maybe selling a few more tickets in Nashville.

  242. bull dog line on

    If MZA is to be in the lineup at playoff time, I think it has to be at the expense of Mitchell. Rupp size is to important during the playoffs. its about wearing down the D of the other team, and size will help with that. having said that, I’m not sure you can afford to have a power play specialist in the lineup during the playoffs. MZA will need to bring more to the table.

  243. Doodie Machetto on

    Although, I thought he had signed a new deal prior to defection. And the Russian team claimed he signed a deal with them before signing his deal with Nashville.

    And it helps the NHLPA because eventually Radulov will get serious money. He is the best player in the world not currently playing in the NHL.

  244. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh wait, it wasn’t a new deal he signed, it was a new deal that IIHF and Russia signed.

  245. He is the best player in the world not currently playing in the NHL.


    @Is Radulov Russian for Kreider?@

  246. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I get where you’re coming from, but Rupp isn’t wearing anybody down. He’s just too slow.

  247. Doodie Machetto on

    Ha, what’s funny is that some people would actually have you believe that Kreider really is. Which is ludicrous.

  248. I remember when the Flyers said that Jiri Dopita was the best player in the world not currently playing in the NHL. That was good for some laughs. Tough to get too high on a guy who’s nickname was Dopi.

  249. why do you argue about third- and fourth-line players with a guy who dislikes all of them and the coach who uses them and the team that employs and appreciates them?

  250. Doodie Machetto on

    Nashville still has his rights. Even if that contract is deemed to have expired, they still have his rights. I’m pretty sure though that the final year of his contract would count though.

  251. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I would much rather argue Anisimov’s role on this team. If Dubi could just play like he did last year, I would say Anisimov should have a nice spot on the third or fourth line.

  252. Doodie:

    Ah, ok. Thanks for clearing that up. What had me a bit confused about the final year of his deal was that according to Wikipedia, Nashville suspended him without paying for that season. I assumed that meant the final year of his contract took place but they essentially disciplined the guy. When a player comes back in, would Nashville have to (or even be allowed to) sign him to a lucrative deal now or could they just pay him the minimum for the remainder of the 2011-12 season?

  253. I believe I saw the name Wellman appear in the above commentaries,….hoo boy.

    I got the same feeling about this that a comic, possibly Woody Allen, when he appeared on a bike, with a large plastic helmet on his head, and some one asked him if that was his CRASH helmet….he responded rather shakily..”ooooooh ……I HOPE not”

    My feeling about a WEllman inserted onto this team.

  254. Pretty sure it’s agreed that Radulov has to come back on the last year of his entry level deal. Presumably if he comes back now, that would use up the whole “year” then?

  255. fran:

    I don’t think anyone here could pick Wellman out of a lineup, let alone be serious in wanting him on the team. Pretty much all of that talk is just screwing around.

  256. Doodie Machetto on

    Honestly, I don’t know. It’s such a unique situation that I can’t say for sure.

    What I do know for sure is that he hasn’t acquired UFA status, so at best, he would be a RFA whose rights are owned by Nashville.

  257. re: Radulov, I found this:

    “TSN.ca’s Bob McKenzie says that based on his understanding, Radulov would be eligible to play for Nashville in the regular season and playoffs, pending approval by the NHLPA, because of his existing contract.”

    and this:

    “Another fact, according to Predators GM David Poile, who’s in the camp that believes Radulov to be the best player not competing in North America: The remaining year of his contract would be fulfilled once he plays for the Predators. To put it another way, Radulov would be free to sign a new contract with the Predators or any other NHL team—like any other free agent—should he, say, play a few postseason games in Nashville.”

  258. Doodie Machetto on

    I would think that if Radulov is coming off his ELC, then he would be a RFA, no?

  259. Doodie Machetto on

    Isn’t the rule 27 or 7? He hasn’t done 7 years in the NHL and he isn’t 27.

  260. Doodie Machetto on

    If Radulov returns, who becomes the best non NHLer in the world? Maybe Tarasenko or Kuznetsov can claim that mantle next year. Or maybe Semin leaves the NHL and he takes Radulov’s place.

  261. Wicky©Not giving Dolan another dime, getting rid of my season tickets NOW!!! on

    You guys are off your rockers if you think mitchell plays over rupp!! Have you not watched any of this season with our team? Other than injuries, can you name one time mitchell has played and rupp hasn’t (thus mitchell being chosen to play over rupp)?


  262. Wicky©Not giving Dolan another dime, getting rid of my season tickets NOW!!! on

    I just voted for the extra effort award, and I wrote in avery in honour of lloyd!!

  263. that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t, nor does it mean Mike Rupp doesn’t absolutely suck.

  264. I have good news and bad news, and start with good one.
    As a Rangers fan I am very happy for the team to win and stop their losing streak, also important that they scored 3 power goals. They are almost guarantee to be in play-off.
    But bad news is to compare their last game to Penguins vs. Bruins, it is like compare AHL to NHL. Pittsburgh and Boston both show amazing game.
    I think Penguins right now show the best play in the NHL league with fast speed and nice combinations, but they can be tired at play-off time.

  265. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Some people see things the way are and ask why, I see things that never were and ask why not.

    Conversely, always know when to say when.

  266. bull dog line on

    by the way,
    Mitchell is playing the same exact role, and producing about the same as one of the blogs favorite players. Eric Christensen.

  267. what’s worse is that Christensen now has more goals in the last two months than does Mitchell.

  268. Tough to catch up with your posts, but I did. You are having a great day, I see… Carp called it an asshat festival a few days ago…

    LINDZO! FB message, girl!

    Doodie- I don’t think NHLPA cares about Radulov’s money. In fact, it increases their “pie” in 57% percent. And even though he may dilute the escrow, it won’t be by much.

    Mrs and I are about to leave for dinner with Tiki and his brother. The guys are driving for two hours each way just to have dinner. How’s that for real boneheads?

  269. Doodie Machetto on

    Wicky, in fairness, there haven’t been many times when either guy has sat, when healthy. By my count, just once for Mitchell and that’s it. So there hasn’t really been a pressing concern to sit either. But if you just go by TOI, you’ll see that Rupp serves a very specific role, one that will be of little use against certain teams (Carolina, Detroit) and in the playoffs, while Mitchell is a decent utility player.

  270. has Rupp been scratched at all this season? I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been scratched since returning from injury.

  271. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, he will help drive up player prices when he signs a fat contract. Plus, he will have to pay into the escrow like everyone else.

    Enjoy the dinner. I might be moving to your neck of the woods at some point this year. We should get together if that happens.

  272. Hey Carp,

    I enjoy reading your blog but can can do me a favor? Can you block every stupid post from these people when they talk about Avery. It is played out, mindless, and idiotic. Avery tenure with the Rangers is OVER and people need to move on already. Thank God he will not be in the organization next year so this pathetic conversations will mercifully come to an end.

    I do give you credit dealing with this babble and actually responding to their posts. But for the love of God please end this misery for these delusional fans.

  273. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey Mike, I’ve got three words for you:

    *WE WANT AVERY!* clap clap clap-clap-clap

  274. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp loves the Avery talk. A lot more clicks for anything Avery-related. He used to bait posts with little Avery mentions earlier in the year.

  275. Doodie Machetto on

    We’ve talked about this in person. I’m from New Dorp originally. I might be moving back there for about 12-18 months. I won’t mention where you are at on this public forum, save to say I’ll be pretty close.

  276. to come back to the Dubinsky,-Mitchell-Zuccarello and Prust-Boyle-Fedotenko discussion earlier and other possible permutations, would folks be in favor of slotting in Krieder over Fedotenko? I ask only because I’d think if Krieder were to be called up, Zuccarello would be the guy to sit.

  277. Fair enough, very close indeed.

    Mrs just asked what she was wearing… Anyone who’s married should know that phrase, lol….Which means I got 20 min.

  278. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, I would rather have Dubi in with Boyle and Prust and play that as a third line, then Move Feds with Mitchell and MZA. If Kreider comes up, I’d have MZA sit for Kreider for a couple of games, and if Kreider could hang, I’d move him up to play with Gaborik or Richards and put Anisimov down on the 4th line.

  279. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, when my wife aks that, it usually involves a fashion show of her trying on several outfits and then choosing the opposite of my suggestion.

  280. MZA has to make it before he sits. Not sure Torts is sold on him. And do you keep him just for PP during the PO? There is no SO in April. I think, unless he does something amazing along the way, he may not be around for long.

  281. LOL, ilb., I thought, at least while traveling, you usually have limited wardrobe…

  282. Talk of Kreider replacing MZA is so premature at this point…

    Kreider has yet to play a professional game or graduate from college! Pretty sure those two things should happen first. I don’t buy Sather’s comments about Kreider joining the Rangers this year. Pretty sure he wants Kreider to sign ASAP so they can have the team pretty much constructed before the summer meetings. I’ll believe Kreider is a Ranger when I see it….

    Can we just please try and let Zuccarello’s play dictate where he will end up…some of you seem to have a problem with him making a name for himself as a Ranger…Is there an agenda? Is he taking Avery’s spot?

    Zuccarello isn’t a 4th liner. So, he’ll have to replace someone on the top 3 lines…

    Some of you just can’t admit he was a catalyst on the PP last night. I can’t understand it…it’s starting to make me wonder if people are actually fans or just like to see their words on the screen….

  283. NYR_FAN:

    I agree with everything you said but I think it’s going to be so hard for Zuccarello to keep his spot on this team. Now, on paper, if you look at the guys who he’s theoretically competing with for ice team, he should have a leash about a mile long. But the fact remains that he’s small and hasn’t been a part of the team for 99% of the year. If he doesn’t perform at a superlative level, which will basically force the coach to play him, he won’t be playing. I would go so far as to say there’s a better chance of Krieder playing with the Rangers this season that Zuccarello remaining in the lineup.

  284. Lloyd – Larry Brooks hit the nail on the head yesterday and its true.

    The Rangers are a team constantly in search of pace and creativity with the puck because they don’t have enough of such skill in their lineup. Zuccarello is a guy that gives you that…and should play so long as he gives you that…unless of course, he just can’t play in the NHL (which I find hard to believe).

  285. The problem with Brooks is that he hates Tortorella so much he’s going to automatically side with anyone that isn’t one of Tortorella’s favorites. I think Zuccarello should be here, and should have been here a while ago. When you consider that a guy like Ruslan Fedotenko has 7 points in the last 40 games he’s played, there’s no reason Mats Zuccarello shouldn’t get a chance. I just think the bar is set a lot higher for Zuccarello now.

  286. I’m not picking on Torts or Feds…that’s all you…

    I think Torts likes Zucc a lot…I just think Torts so wrapped up in the team concept and getting his team to play a certain way and he tends thinks Zucc can’t play that way….at least, not yet…

  287. If Kreider comes out they’re going to sign him and he’s going to play. It would be nuts not to put him in the lineup. Put him on a line with dubinsky and one of the dime-a-dozen defense-first centers and you have a legitimate third line for other teams to worry about. Torts will never trust mza. And I don’t dislike him but he did nothing yesterday to earn praise. Boyle standing in front had a lot more to do with it imo.

  288. Talk about the great out of touch….

    here I’ve been seeing Avery’s name constantly showing up now and then, and I thought it was all about a long….lost…character, that every one used as a wise crack, and not even being aware that he was still playing
    hockey…straighten me out….is he really still playing with the whale?

  289. fran:

    Nah, Avery was told a week ago not to show up anymore and hadn’t played a game with the Whale since the end of January. That’s the end of him.

  290. And there is zero chance the hobbit signs next year. Rangers have a ton of choices — unless the guy has some miraculous playoff run with the rangers he’ll be in Europe or on the islanders or some similar bottom feeder.

  291. KIng of the Geats on

    Did you read that puck daddy article about the sharks? the ny rangers were the softest team in the nhl according to joe thornton. I still get my chuckles with that one. I wish someone would bring that up to thornton at a post game interview.

  292. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Avery might be done as a whale, but that don’t mean he ain’t ready to be no ranger.

  293. I wish I could have been a porn star, but god had different plans for me. Mza can’t play in this league. He can blame god or Darwin or undersized Vikings, but not torts.

  294. NYR_FAN:

    Why is it a b.s. question? Fedotenko has 7 points and is a -11 in his last 40 games played. Is it unreasonable that he take a seat to give someone else a chance?

  295. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Fchamps – you should see some of my old movies. Does the name long dong silver ring any bells?

  296. My view is: let Zuccarello’s play dictate where he goes in the lineup…he has to earn his way up…and other people may have to lose ice-time….we’ll see

  297. Congrats to Saku Koivu on his 1000th game tonight. Remarkable stuff considering his battles with cancer. Even though he was a Canadien I always admired him, he is a true role model for the game and a pretty damn good player too. Happy he gets to do it with one of his best friends in Selanne on his wing.

  298. Stranger Nation on

    Yeah, the NEW YORK Rangers got some great breaks this year. Especially in the WC.

    Oh, is this a NY sports team blog? Some people can’t tell…

  299. Stranger Nation on

    Sorry I was distracted watching a replay of the Super Bowl

    Did you say something junior?

  300. Stranger Nation on

    I like watching the two Super Bowls where they played each other. Saves more time.

    BTW, Gmen have won 4 Supes. You can look it up because you may not have been born yet.

  301. Buffalo gets lucky. Montreal ties game with 5 seconds left, but Myers scores in overtime for the win.

  302. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Just stopping by to thank you guys again! I really appreciate your friendship and our dysfunctional family bond that we can always count on in good and bad times!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!! 2 big points tomorrow… against the brother and the figure skater.

  303. Back to Kreider for a second … if he skates as advertised, how silly could a Kreider-Richards-Hagelin line be (if one of them can handle RW)? Keep the GAS line together, the new Richards line as the speed line and have a shut down and now much more dangerous Dubinsky-Boyle-Callahan line matching up against the other #1s. Seriously legit 3 lines plus Prust rotating in where called for and fresh on the PK.

  304. Good evening all! Quick pop in before the early morning bell….

    too much to respond to (very quick read) but I’ll say this….looking forward to next two wins when I’ll be there!!!! Let the gerbil, toy hobbit play!!!

  305. Orr: When we win the Cup with my new speed line, I’ll celebrate with you without ever mentioning your initial dissent. Promise.

  306. if the rangers wait for kreider to graduate they are screwed. he is a junior.

    if he goes back to school next year there is something seriously wrong… no friggin way.

  307. carmelo and amare cannot or will not play d and rebound.

    they should be moved, when are the patients going to stop running the asylum???????

    you pick the wrong guy (Carmelo) you are screwed for years. he is a scorer only, a better Marbury.

  308. So far I identified the two public service emploees offering their comments on this “public forum”. My interest is in the semantic behavior, and I have vast experience in profiling bloggers of all sorts, as they nowadays propose to be the anonymous “public” citizens. Would you like to know the relationship between Doodie and Ilb ? So coy……”we’ll be close again”. Mystified, anyone???

  309. newbear

    I’m more interested in the relationship between me and the universe…are you up for it, chief profiler?

    last last last.

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